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Trabuco Creek Road (to trailhead)

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dandrews07/24/18Holy Jim firetruck was outside, ...should have taken a pic. 
dandrews05/07/18'some people' using Trabuco creek road as a dumping site, two huge piles of crap, ...the 'real' dump is not that far away. 
dandrews04/22/18BEWARE: Trabuco Creek Road (gate at 2 mile mark), Holy Jim Trail, Trabuco Trail all closed to hikers and bikers till May 18th. They are removimg various dams. They have signs & fines posted. Aborted our Holy Jim - Trabuco ride, bummer. 
dandrews04/18/18good ss ride 
RollnStone05/26/17Dusty but not too many vehicles. 
dandrews03/15/17good ss ride 
dandrews12/12/16always fun passing 4x4's as they have to slow down for all the pot holes. 
dandrews08/30/16a little night ride action 
dandrews10/12/15could have used lights at the end. Road is getting chewed up again. 
dandrews10/11/15evening ride, nice and cool 
dandrews09/21/15I should probably try something new. 
dandrews05/16/15motos and trucks enjoying the mud 
dandrews01/20/15Got within about 10ft of a skunk in the HJ parking lot. He acted like he owned the place, ...and I was okay with that. 
Old&InTheWay12/13/14Late afternoon start. Road in much better condition than it had been in the morning.Lots of people.It wasn't there on the way up but comming back down saw a truck off the road, down the creekside and embedded ia a bunch of trees. About 1 1/3 mi. from Holy Jim Parking. 
Old&InTheWay12/05/14Moon and clouds put on a good show. Water running in the creek. County brought in a caterpillar and cleaned up the mess. Nice ride. 
dandrews09/06/14Caught up to a minivan leaking oil past half way. Told them and they turned around to avoid getting stranded. Looks like they made it out. I usually see at least 2 or 3 leaks every month up that road, often with a stranded vehicle. People drive their vehicle up the road without enough clearance. 
dandrews06/02/14Finally getting over a cold and back on the bike, feels good. 
Keith B03/15/14Rode past the end of the trailhead to pretty much where West Horsethief starts. Kelsey had gone out on a hike with some co-workers and got temporarily lost. Found them all happy and well and dropped them some Gatorade. Glad they were safe. 
dandrews11/05/13Extra fun, getting caught riding the rigid in the dark with no light. Sounds like bonus time. 
dandrews10/17/13Been slackin, need to ride more. 
dandrews09/28/13They've been working on the road with new gravel, it's a bit slower. Saw two cars that had bottomed out on their oil pan and lost all their oil. Could be a costly adventure for them, bummer. 
grimix09/12/13was in the hood and thoughts of getting up in the Santa Anas were in my head. But could only lick it around the edges when the flies attacked at trabuco trailhead and I realized how likely I was to tweak my knee up there. Felt smart turning around but there is a big ride still inside me waiting to get out. 
xhuskr04/06/13Rode up to vq/cc aide station to help out n watch 
dandrews08/11/122nd ride today, cooled off nicely 
dandrews07/25/12evening ride, 1 flat 
dandrews06/07/12Felt surprisingly good, after not getting on the bike much lately. 
dandrews05/16/12Always enjoy this ride. 
dandrews05/11/12At home found a tic on me and was checking it out, dropped it in the carpet, doh! ...brown carpet 
dandrews04/18/12Trabuco Creek road is returning to it's old self, pot holes slowly forming everywhere, some big ones to watch out for. 
mtbfan04/03/12Just a nice stroll from home to get the legs spinning. Feeling a little under the weather. Beautiful out there with the water running in the streams. Too much traffic, though. 
gmann03/26/12tried to find a place that was dry. saw 5 groups of people fishing the creek. 
grimix03/19/12had a moment to kill in the area for some cheap (and mud free) bonus points 
dandrews01/28/12The bee sting I got yesterday, now the side of my face is all swollen. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport. 
dandrews01/25/12Planned to ride much longer but felt really bad, no energy. Maybe too much salad at souplantation. 
TomG01/21/12No its not dry yet 
dandrews12/19/11Tried to beat my best time but couldn't do it, even with the new faster road surface. I think my wind breaker slowed me down, ...yeah that's it. 
ocbiglar10/18/11trabuco to horse theft trail then back to Oneil Park 
dandrews10/13/11Was nice meeting you Rafael. Sorry you have to work so much you that night riding is the only option. At least it's cool! 
Shigalert08/25/11Small group tonight, just me, myself and I. 
gmann08/01/11started a 4:30pm. the heat was there but was very comfortable under the trees. a family was swimming in the creek. wanted to join them. 
Hammertime06/26/11this was supposed to be a long ride, but due to some flats killing the motivation, this is what Doug and I got 
dandrews06/17/11quick evening ride 
dandrews05/10/11bontrager tires, first ride 
Congo Kid04/02/11Rode up to Horsethief/Trabuco trail fork to meet my son who was doing Vision Quest. So did some extra credit. I was only 20 min. behind him at the cutoff and he had HAB up Horse Thief for 1.5 hours. Spent a lot of time with Barry and Keepswhathappens of the Warrior society and a bunch of flies and bees. Support for the final 7.5 miles to the finish. He did it! Not bad for 17 years old! Cool and overcast most of day so perfect riding weather. Thanks to Warriors Society on a great race event. 
dandrews03/25/11Pretty dry overall. Some puddles. 
dandrews03/10/11Road is in great shape now, bridge and all. 
Ladera Dave03/05/11nice work on the water crossing, the road was in perfect shape 
Shigalert02/21/11Solo ride. Just me a couple of MTB’s, 200 vehicles and 300 walkers/day trippers. First time on TCR since it’s been scraped. The good news is you don’t have to worry about loose fillings falling out your mouth on the way down any more. The bad news is its opened the road up to ordinary cars so there’s a lot more traffic some of it traveling way too fast. I estimated almost 100 cars parked just before the closed gate at the Forest boundary. Past the gate it’s business as usual, though many more walkers than before. Ran into Rumpled (again) who was in his truck at the closed gate. I think he let me beat him back down the hill. 
dandrews02/17/11Road is starting to return to it's old 'bumpy' self. 
dandrews02/06/11A new gate at the first water crossing, closed to vehicles. 
dandrews01/06/11In much better shape than a week ago. 
MCAFS12/30/10What a war zone. 
KeepsWhatHappens12/28/10Major damage to Trabuco Creek Road east of the model airplane field. 3rd crossing in USFS is washed out and not passable by vehicles. See my pics on STR. http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/trail-conditions/55401-santa-anas-trail-conditions.html#post799966 
dandrews12/27/10Took this picture of the damaged bridge today. Quite a mess up there. 
mtbkel4411/30/10missed the turnoff for HJ. Ended up at Trabuco/West Horsetheif and had to back track. I thought you knew the way ChrisTA... Could do without this horrible bumpfest, but now that would be impossible wouldn't it... 
dandrews11/07/10evening ride, renegade and crow tires 
Ladera Dave09/26/10Thanks for all of the clean up support. Nice turn out for my 7th season. 
TomG09/03/10Up to Holy Jim from home very hot. 
Red Ryder05/31/10Crazy day to do this route with Shorty and James. Lots of traffic, hot and dusty. But as we started the ride in Oneill Park we saw a Golden Eagle. As we were finishing up, we saw Doug (zunGu). We did a loop in Oneill to end the ride where we saw a deer. 
Shorty05/31/10Good ride with Red Ryder and James. It was so neat to see the Golden Eagle. There were two crows that were trying to bombard it. 
dandrews05/31/10Busy. Good to see Shorty and Red Ryder! 
mtbkel4405/29/10this section is a necessary evil. no fun at all but gets you to the HJ trailhead. 
flanneryd05/28/10Rode Trabuco Creek Road to Holy Jim Trail; Holy Jim Trail to Main Divide; then back down. Really clear out and pretty views. The trail is really groomed, in preparation for the Toad Ride. Lots of colorful flowers. Downhill was a singletrack blast - really fun. My Intense handled the switchbacks nicely up and down! Whohoo! I can ride switchbacks now! 
dandrews05/16/10Saw 20 boy scouts that had hiked to the peak. Good job, beats playing video games, ...well most of them. 
angry red squirrel05/05/10just plain spooky solo at night enough said!!! 
Quikflip2704/24/10En route to trailhead. Met a guy that started at 6:00am and hiked up cadillac, Joplin, bagged the peak and headed down HJ. Impressive. 
Shorty04/18/10Lots of fun with Red Ryder and James. We saw lots of wildlife and had one of the best fun rides ever. Good way to end the weekend! 
Red Ryder04/18/10Fun late afternoon/early evening ride with Shorty and James. We got back in the dark. Lots of wildlife, including deer, a hawk carring off a snake, a bobcat, and a slow moving baby rattler,and some bats. 
Quikflip2703/20/10Started wantin to photog. the CC/VQ riders, but helped out at the aid station instead. Great to see all of you out there! Spotted Terry (TBest), Josh (tweasol), Tom (trobe16), and talked with Doug (robbiesdad) for a bit. Great day! 
ZipsBiker03/19/10Good warm up, tough cool down. 
cilantro1303/19/10Ride with JL, TL, ML, TC. 
dandrews03/18/10Wet feet for Saturday's race. 
singlespeedrider03/18/10Great start and finish to a awesome night ride up Holy Jim 
angry red squirrel03/04/10light traffis-no baja 1000,a few 4x4,mtrcycls,bikes,not muddy or bogged down,just a few deep puddles,stopped and talked to an ol timer fishing at the 1st creek-as i crossed the creek caught a 5-6 fish in my front spokes-half a revolution fish popped out and down the creek that was f-ng weird!!!typical fish tale-huh-the 1 that got away 
dandrews02/03/10Found a nokia 110v charger by the Trabuco entrance. I have it if it's yours. 
STEVO CARRILLO01/29/10Solo late afternoon spin. O'neill, is still closed!! I checked with the ranger and she thinks it'll open up Saturday... Headed over to Trabuco Creek and did this. Put in a little extra credit up Cadillac about a 1/4 mile or so, just wanted to check it out.. I think the steep stuff was just around the conner. Beautiful sunset coming back home 
Red Ryder01/17/10Fun late afternoon ride with Shorty and James. We had planned on riding up Trabuco Trail, but the drizzle turned to rain drops. By the time we got back we were wet and cold. But it was beautiful in the canyon with the rain drops. 
Shorty01/17/10Fun stuff with the drizzle then rain. James had a flat tire at about 1 1/2 miles toward the end. Some how it eas still fun to get caught in the rain. Good ride with the boys. 
moose knuckels12/23/09could have done without this part of the ride 
redbaron12/18/09Solo evening spin on the 29er single speed. Lots of off roaders on the trail blasting through the enormous puddles from the recent rains 
Twitch10/26/09Quick ride with redbaron. 
redbaron10/26/09Nice late afternoon ride with Twitch. 
STEVO CARRILLO10/01/09Morning solo. Decided to do only this part instead of inclueding lower Holy Jim, couldn't find any takers for the whole route...Caution on my side. Head wind was a killer. 
Hermit09/27/09Started HJ-Joplin with the geo-gang but my rear hub "popped" as we approached the Holy Jim switchbacks. After that it would just spin when I pedaled. Guess my legs are just too powerful! Ended up cutting my ride short and coasting back to the car. :-( Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! 
mark189009/27/091st part.this rd is not fun,altough talking it up with markw made it more enjoyable,thanks mark.nice 1st place jersey matt. 
Maneux08/28/09Morning ride to beat the heat. Not the most interesting route but it got better further into the canyon and it is close to home. There were only a few cars that came along but I imagine the dust would be pretty bad on a weekend. 
Eyeball08/08/09Trabuco Creek to West Horsethief 
Eyeball08/08/09Modjeska to Flag pole 
RollnStone07/19/09Hot and bumpy...with lots of bugs. 
Buffalo07/03/09I was going to ride Holy Jim/Trabuco, but had to go back due to cutting my leg open on my own chainring, felt like an idiot. Thanks to the two riders who stopped and offered first aid supplies. Note to self: don't forget first aid kit. 
UphillRider6506/30/09Lot of traffic on the road today, needed a dust mask. 
dandrews06/16/09Saw 2 helicopters landed, 8 trucks and 20 or so fireman grouping at the remote control airport. Looks like they were flying in the bell ridge or bluejay campground direction?? 
House05/31/09Was going to do a long one, but I forgot my chain lube and had to turn back. 
angry red squirrel03/26/09I claim this ride.hotter than hell on a sunday mrng,sucked down my water like a cambodian refugee,ya it aint p.c,but its ok im 50% injun from the slapaho tribe,trbcu closed 2 miles n,back track up caddishack(aka cadillac)if your a 2 wheel mt goat or a masochist u should be able to clear 2or3 mile steep climb,if not it will at least put hair on your chest.r at sst to ol camp,bckdwn 2gauntlet(luge)lft on 2 pvmnt to trbcu,seen a 2ft snake and 2 bikers trouble / rooster w kasey kasem top 40 tunes 
angry red squirrel03/23/09perfect day,rode single speed today,easy pace plus some hiking on side trails for the heck of it 
angry red squirrel03/10/09got my trusty side dh bike(ricochet)-ya so what i named my bike-out of the shop for a solo night ride-one word sums it up "SPOOKY",think i watch too many movies-kept on thinking of ichabod crane- "sleepy hollow" 
tweasol03/09/09Just the road en route to Lower Holy Jim route (Which should include this it seems like)... hate it as usual. Only tracked the way there so I guesstimated the total time ... 
KeepsWhatHappens02/18/09Good ride with Brenda, Kristine and Rich. Nice to see Margo and Craig out there too! 
spicolli197601/31/09Not sure on my numbers because I lost my glasses somewhere after Yeager and put my Garmin back in the car. This was a waste of time because I never found my glasses :-( I hate riding this trail. 
TD801/17/09My buddy Shane almost had a heart attack on this ride. He's gained like 40 lbs, and really shouldn't be on a bike. Or maybe he should! 
RollnStone01/11/09Still some mud that is unavoidable. 
Ladera Dave12/19/08Wet ride 
STEVO CARRILLO11/29/08Needed to get out of the house.......Was going crazy ! Picked the closest trail to my house. Lots of people out today playing in the mud. 
tortoise11/08/08Left from home by RSM lake, Wasn't feeling too good today but decided to do a little bit of Holy Jim since I was their, met up with CalEpic from STR just past the start of HJ and rode 4 or 5 switchbacks with him then I turned around. Great weather. 
GoneRiding11/04/08Was going to ride this morning w/ Roy but cancelled due to rain. Came out here in the afternoon. Saw Bobby (singletrack) in the parking lot and we rode together to the end of the road. He had more time and continued on. First half of road is completely dry. Some puddles farther on up but still not bad at all. 
Keith B10/26/08Heading in to ride HJ with Ian, Jeff & Ryan. Doug was waiting it out for Manny - about to commence the SJ Super Loop #2 with one bottle of water (!) 
GoneRiding10/10/08Pretty quiet this morning. Maybe a total of 3 cars. Saw one rider coming in as I was heading out. Road is real bumpy right now. - Yokota 
Jake c('.'c)09/24/08Lots of South OC teenagers getting wild in their parents' SUVs today... 
jpotts09/21/08cycle crossed it.. 
GoneRiding09/20/08Trails4All's project - 12th Annual "Inner-Coastal & Watershed Cleanup Day - filled up a trash bag of bottles and cans all the way back at the turn around. Saw John (KWH)on the way back and ended up getting stung by a bee. OUCH! 
jpotts09/08/08rode it twice with jon and ron 
Holy Roller09/05/08Nice foggy ride with Jon, Marcin & Eric. No view from top, too foggy, but a nice cool ride. Luge is over-rated. 
Jake c('.'c)08/25/08I hate to sound like a whiner but the only good thing I can say about this road is that it leads to Holy Jim and Trabuco. Rode with Rushak today. 
Keith B08/16/08Forgot how much I hate riding in to the HJ trail head. 1st time back on the Enduro in a while - felt like a battleship after the Epic. 
EK-RSM08/06/08RX: solo ride with Karen, Patrick & Gail. 
Tim Andrews06/23/08Super hot out. Nice easy ride after yesterday's race. 
Spartacus06/12/08Wow!Dangerous road today. Almost got run over by two different wanabe 4x,s. School must be out. 
Huntington94906/03/08This ride made me realize why it's good to have a FULL suspension bike, as opposed to my hardtail. The trail is VERY rocky and beats on you pretty hard, but it's a lot of fun. 
GoneRiding05/31/08Early morning start - nobody else out there at 6:15am - did this along w/ Holy Jim up/down. 
5Large05/28/08Went up Holy Jim in lieu of Trabuco Creek singletrack. 
oc_laske05/26/08Memorial day ride with Shine & THanson. Rode trabuco creek road to get to holy jim. 
Royster7105/26/08Well this is a dissapointing post. I was hoping to include Holy Jim, But my rear shock decided to take a dump. Sorry to call it short Trobe. There was a huge STR group up there today. Ran into Chris thanks for letting me use the shock pump. 
trekstorm05/06/08Part one of two. Did as a warm up with a friend from work. 
jpotts04/19/08did it twice for fun...it was a little cold this morning though 
northshore04/08/08After work...gloomy day. 
rushak04/08/08Garmin stopped in the middle of the ride. Rode with Jake and Doug. 
northshore04/05/08Quick ride after work. 
RollnStone04/04/08This road is no fun after riding all day. 
northshore03/31/08Quick ride after work. 
Code_Blue03/19/08Rode it in and out to get to HJ 
ThinkFast03/19/08Solo. Did some trail work part way up the road on my way up. 
northshore03/17/08After work ride... 
northshore03/10/08Tried something new in the neighborhood since we have more sunlight! 
Congo Kid03/09/08Rode with my son. Made a few stops, but made it all the way up. Parked near the fire-station. 
Shorty03/01/08Rode up with up with Nann(Dusty) to meet Red Ryder coming down the CC, he missed the 2nd cut-off time. So we rode back down to pick him up at Black Star. He still did 40 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing! 
DONALD JACKSON02/11/08it was busy out here on a beautiful sunday 
RollnStone02/02/08More mud than I though since it hasn't rained in a few days. 
GoneRiding01/27/08Started raining hard at the turn around. At that point I didn't care about getting wet or muddy and had a fun fast ride out. You should get bonus points for this ride on weekends dealing with some of the vehicle traffic you have to deal with. Lots of 4- wheelers out today. Not to mention the two guys shooting a gun and drinking Bud's near the last house on the left before the end of the road. Didn't notice any current in the creek yesterday, but it was flowing pretty good today. 
kayaspeed12/25/07Second time up this trail. Did it the day before on cyclocross bike. 
ZULU12/21/07nice ride, windy this morning and no traffic 
GoneRiding12/20/07Wanted to ride where it was legally open and wouldn't leave ruts. First 1/2 mile in was ok but it got muddy for the next mile up to the model airplane airport. After that it was fine. Never had to get off the bike. Just some big puddles to avoid. Real quiet back there on a weekday morning. 
RollnStone12/16/07Still muddy in sections. 
trekstorm12/08/07First of two trips. Great fun ride with all the mud. Did have the hike-a-bike section by the remote airplane airport. Tried to ride but too much sticky mud piled on my bike. 
trekstorm12/08/07Second trip. Stopped before the airport for my turn around, Rode up Holy Jim a ways to make up for some of the mileage. Lots of huge puddles and wet mud. Lot's of fun getting muddy. 
trekstorm12/04/07Part one of two. Did Blackstar Later. 
shleppy11/22/07Quick solo run before heading over to oneil for a loop 
cdemeis11/18/07How many people can say they went mountain biking with their mom? 
shleppy11/03/07End of the road was still closed due to fires and I was chewed out by a local Holy Jim resident. 
Shine10/18/07Nice recovery ride with a newbie, followed by a nice Mexican dinner at a local hangout with the families. 
shleppy10/12/07Solo ride on the 5.5. Arrived home just before dark. Gonna need to break out the lights soon to do these evening rides 
quad damage10/10/07Night ride with Matt to get to Holy Jim. Actually rode to the start of Trabuco to make sure we did the official route. 
Hermit10/09/07Rode with Ryan. Went all the way to start of Trabuco Trail, then we doubled back and did Lower Holy Jim for a combo night ride. Still hate this fireroad. 
shleppy09/29/07Solo spin Monday after work 
Everett5609/27/07Just a casual cruise. 
Everett5609/11/07All I wanted to do was a quick up and down before work. I Bif'd it on a lg. rock in the lower parking lot. Tweaked my Rt. wrist and shoulder. Then I went thru O'Neill but the upper gates were locked. So I went down the creek to Santa Margarita. On my way past the gates on the bike path they were now open. Oh well. Maybe I need real lighting on my bike in the mornings. 
Everett5609/06/07Geez the gnats were thick today. But at least it was way cooler. Might hit Peter's Canyon tonight. 
Everett5608/30/07Here a snaky there a snaky, everywhere a snaky snaky !! Nice and cool right now. 
Everett5608/28/07Ok I was pooped after doing Hal's place. adn I'm ugly. 
Everett5608/27/07Nice and cool and quiet this early in the morning!!! 
Everett5608/27/07I like this one before work in the morning. 
dandrews06/17/07Good spin. 
trekstorm06/14/07Too Hot! Couldn't muster anything more. 
lilmissholly05/27/07those water crossings are getting a little shaky...ah fun...good ride with the girls again. nice pace 
shleppy05/23/07solo ride thursday evening 
shleppy05/06/07Quite a few cars on the road today. Some pretty strong winds in the section where the canyon narrows about 1/2 way up. 
dubjay05/05/07Rode this into the Holy Jim trailhead. Lots of car traffic today. 
cdemeis04/29/07Ride 1 of 2. Rode just for the new ride bonus. haha 
trekstorm04/25/07Just a quick ride after my bowling league and right before sunset. 
DONALD JACKSON04/22/07All kinds of folks playing in the mud, 4 wheeling OC style. 
Garrett Garcia03/27/07First time on this route, road mtb and road bike today went all over exploring 
shleppy03/18/07Rode this route on my motorcycle and then headed home, grabbed my mountain bike and hit the same route on my mountain bike with my neighbor Ken. 
trekstorm02/13/07Nice casual ride. Saw many kids burning up their clutches in their trucks. One almost flipped his suv as they were tearing it up in the mud. 
Spartacus02/01/07Buuuumpy Riiiiide. Took two new guys back there.Watch out for the part time racers back there in there trucks and motorcycles. 
trekstorm02/01/07Wow! Actually found some mud and puddles. 
OCThrasher01/09/07Rode with trailblazer. Very windy and cold. Showed trailblazer a little bit of Holy Jim. Way out of his league, but said it looked interesting. 
tbowren01/01/07Wanted to start the year off right. I know I'll never be this high on the ladder again. 
ericfoltz11/30/06Game route 
RollnStone11/26/06Cold morning Ride 
CTrask11/25/06Had to bail on the Holy Jim ride after JeffK's Ellsworth Truth self destructed at the creek crossings..Sprinted back down to get the car. 
JeffK11/25/06Started off to do Holy Jim-Trabuco, but cracked my frame on Holy Jim. Oh well, got a few points anyway. Thanks Craig Trask for riding ahead to retrieve the car....I was getting real tired of walking! Hopefully, Ellsworth will replace my frame....... 
Cranx11/25/06Woke up with stomach problems so I didn't join the HJ-Trabuco group but, took some Tums, got a little extra rest and decided to try to intercept them on their way back. Saw Trask and JeffK on my way in, Jeff's Ellsworth was in pieces...literally...typical Ellsworth. 
quad damage11/21/06Heh. Doing this trail at night feels like cheating, but hey ... it's good points. Rode with Matt. 
Hermit11/20/06Easy night ride points. Ryan's idea! Actually it was pretty fun on the way back at night. 
Royster7111/17/06Met up with a guy at the beginning kept my pace up. Nice guy forgot the name. Mojo it wasnt as boring as you said it would be. There is actually a decent on the way out. Got another flat not sure were I picked up this flat Karma but I wish it would stop. Saw a possom.By the way they just graded the road so its in real good shape. 
shleppy09/24/06Solo ride Saturday afternoon. Almost no water in trabuco creek but it's all good because the bug count is low too. 
One Flew OTB09/17/06Combined this with Holy Jim, but still did entire route (turn-around at Trabuco/Horsethief trail head). 
tbowren09/04/06Big ride with Eric, Twain, Loren, Kevin, and Royce. Alot of starting and stopping. No water in the creek crossings. Saw a guy with a big shotgun walking at the end of the trail. Kinda freaked us out. 
xhuskr08/28/06Heading out to Holy Jim as part of perhaps the last longer ride before I return to the classroom.....gee, would mtn biking be a good field trip? 
shrek08/28/06Here's a comment for xhuskr. It was a nice ride but hot. 
lilmissholly08/07/06those creek crossing were nice. now i have to go and clean my bike and drivetrain. woohoo. it was fun though. def do this trail again. got some extra miles in. 
Keith B07/29/06Ride on the way into Holy Jim with the beginners from work. On the way back half a tree suddenly collapsed onto the road about 10yards infront of me!!! 5 seconds later and I'd have been crushed to death! The danger wasnt over as there was a wasps nest in the tree and I could see them all come pouring out - dramatic end to the ride! 
shleppy07/28/06Early morning ride. Stayed overcase and about 75 degress the entire ride. 
tbowren07/08/06Went with the 29er up front. ROLLED that fireroad up and down. Couldn't find a more perfect trail to show me what those bigger wheels make possible. 
RollnStone06/25/06Was going to go up Trabuco to Main Divide but the gnats were in force. After eating my share I turned around. Only the downhill speed would get rid of them. 
Twain05/30/06nice casual ride 
tbowren05/28/06Four of us went out for a fun Sunday morning ride. They left me in the dust going downhill. No crashes and great weather. 
TD805/22/06This is nature's version of a Spinning Class. Go fast for an hour, listen to music, and go home. May showers shut down plan A; Whiting Ranch. 
McGrunt05/17/06First time ride with my friends Jason, Jim, daughter Katie, and my wife. Great time with alot of laughs. 
GaryE05/17/06A nice singlespeed ride today. 
shleppy05/15/06Almost got plowed down by a speading yeahoo in a 4x4, but other than that had a nice relaxing ride. Even got Paige to join me.. booyah ! 
shleppy05/13/06Started out doing the holy him Trabuco route with a few other Geoladders guys and the Toad Festival crew, but my back had other plans so I had to double back on holy jim :-( -- I actually rode trabuco creek rd and part of holy jim.. but this route is the closest to what I did 
tbowren05/12/06Nice ride before work. Something about this route I really like (when I dont slip in the water crossings). Very peaceful but alot of rock gardens to keep me on my toes. 
tbowren05/06/06Be careful crossing the streams. I slipped and fell HARD this morning. If not for my helmet, I would have a serious head injury. Instead I have a sore hip and a fun morning. 
mtnbikej04/30/06Did this as part of the Holy Jim out and back. 
shleppy04/24/06Wow it's beautiful up in the canyon right now. Everything is green and the dirt is still tacky from the weekend showers.. dig it! 
OCThrasher04/22/062nd Ride with cousin. Getting better. Next time I'll show him what mtn. biking is all about. 
Golden Bear04/22/062nd ride with OCThrasher. Had to rest after two miles, but made it all the way to the gate. Better than last ride and only getting better. I never knew mtn. bike riding could be so fun. 
Red Ryder04/17/06Relaxing Easter ride with Shorty, and our son, and his girlfriend, her 1st time mtbing, she loved it! Our son took his fishing rod, we we made a extra few stops and he caught a couple of trout. A great day! 
K0KE04/09/06Rode this with my son. 
Matthew K04/08/06Riley Wildreness Park was closed due to muddy conditions so I rode this with my dad instead. 
Napoleon D.04/06/06Stream crossing had at least 3 feet of water. Got really wet today. 
KeepsWhatHappens04/01/06This is always n OK place to ride when it's muddy on the trails. 
KeepsWhatHappens03/23/06Not too much choice of where to ride today...pretty muddy everywhere else. 
shleppy03/05/06Quite a few cars on Trabuco Creek Rd playing in the mud in a few of the big puddles. Although there was some mud here and there, the road was surprisingly dry even though we just had rain a few days ago. 
shleppy02/21/06Late afternoon ride just before sunset. Man it's cold up in the canyon !! 
Shorty02/20/06Had a very fun, muddy ride with Floater and James. 
Red Ryder02/20/06Lots of traffic, water, mud, and fun with Shorty and her brother 
GaryE02/15/06Great looking canyon, pretty cold on the way back but a nice solo ride. 
shleppy02/10/06Another day with awesome weather! Quite a few people fishing along Trabuco creek due to the recent stocking with fish. Looks like the nats are making their yearly arrival in the canyon... had lots of them buzzing around my head on the way up. 
Spartacus02/04/06Did this one as a part of Holy Jim. A ton of cars and boyscouts on the trail today. 
Murmur01/08/06First lap of an endurance ride. Nice and cool this morning. Lots of traffic on the road. 
Murmur01/08/062nd lap 
KeepsWhatHappens01/03/06Pretty wet still on the road...Rode up to W. Horsethief Jct. Trail was beautiful after the rain and in good shape. 
shleppy12/04/05The headwind was relentless on the way up the canyon, but a blast on the way out. Coasting at 20+ mph in silence (due to the tail wind) was a lot of fun. 
SingleTrax11/26/05First time doing this route. Very bumpy and rocky w alot of traffic. I am sore. I think I am getting old. 
trabuco scott11/25/05Watch out for the "sprint" dog at the second to last house before the turnaround. This ride should be called "Trabuco Roubaix". 
TD811/18/05Started with "TRB" towards Holy Jim - Trabuco. 3 broken spokes at the Fire Station, so I went right and TRB went left up Holy Jim. Slow ride with a broken bike. Ended up at Ladera Cyclery to get the bike fixed, great guys over there! 
shleppy11/14/05Solo night ride after work on Monday evening. Man it's dark and creepy back in Trabuco canyon at night! 
Spartacus11/09/05Quick ride before dark. Almost got locked in at O'Neil Park. 
Two Tired11/03/05Combined this route with Arroyo Trabuco-Live Oak by travelling through O'Neal Park and Live Oak Road. 
shleppy10/28/05Awesome day for a mellow ride. Trabuco Canyon fire road is much smoother than it was a few weeks ago. Creek has picked up some more flow with the recent rain/drizzle. Just about got plowed over by a guy flying by in a pickup truck on the way up. Saw the same truck on the way out.. it was spun out off the side of the road just about to tip onto on it's side. As Nelson from the Simpson's would say... Ha Ha ! 
kentonn10/15/05Second ride of the day. Rode with Scottster, meet Shleppy on the return ride. Fun ride on the way back. 
Scottster10/15/05Second ride of the day with Kentonn and met up with Shleppy 
Keith B10/15/05Aching limbs from this weeks crash. Not too many speeding SUV's today thank God. Model planes put on a good display at the airport. 
Spartacus10/09/05Lots of cars on the road this morning around 9am. 
Sky-King10/07/05nice mellow ride before night ride with manny and george, until justin got a flat and the fly's attacked us :) 
Sleestack10/07/05nice mellow ride with the Sky King. I flatted us out 1/2 way home. Sorry bro. I am known as Lord of the Flies. Bring your bug spray for this one. 
Red Ryder09/24/05Lots of 4WD traffic. The road is improving with last week's rain and lots of use. Shorty and I added an Arroyo Trabuco ride at the end. 
Red Ryder09/17/05Good afternoon ride with Shorty, we had a great time. But the road has been graded. So more rocks, more chewed up areas. Probably easier driving, but slowed down the riding. Not as much fun with most of the bumps taken down. Still, the upper part of the road is pretty to ride. We saw a lot of trout in the creek. 
Shorty09/17/05Had a wonderful ride with Floater. The oak and sycamore groves are beautiful to ride through. 
David Luna09/13/05Singlespeed Morning Ride.....no cars was great morning 
Spartacus09/04/05Casual Training ride for and with Stu42. 
RussJD08/27/05w/jcjacob. was a blast cruising down. 
Red Ryder08/22/05I almost missed logging this route. We parked at O'Neil and rode this with a side trip up Holy Jim and back. This was the ride I crashed on and broke my computer. This is a good warm up ride for Holy Jim and Trabuco trails. And it can be fun coming down, jumping the bumps, and banking on some of the turns. 
Spartacus08/19/05Glad to see this route posted. This is a good beginner ride to train on. Good father/son ride. This is a good route to ride if it's too hot out. It gets shady back in the canyon. If you get too hot, you can always take a dip in the creek to cool off. 
shleppy08/18/05Solo evening spin up the canyon after a brutal work day. Kicked back along the creek for a while and soaked in the mellow vibe of the canyon. Finished the ride as the sun was setting. Ahh yes... the perfect way to unwind. 

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