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Santa Ana River Trail (SART) Shuttle

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sweeper04/28/16weather was awesome 
MTB Fiend06/24/13It's been over 10 years since I returned to this trail. It has not changed that much, still lots of exposure. I don't much like exposure and was in "pucker mode" for most of the ride. The fast, fun, flowy sections were a blast to be sure, but then it's back to pucker mode. At least for me, it is. Especially the last 2 lower sections. Did not really have any close calls, but was overly conscious of the possibilities. But I survived and picked up some new skills (if not pedaling or back of the saddle - always keep your inside pedal up, and usually it is better to roll through than start dabbing). What a beautiful day up there too, no bugs, cool/warm/cool brezes prevailed. Good times with good friends. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej06/23/13TB. Second ride of the camping weekend. Got to show some friends/wife the whole shuttle today. New dirt sections for some. Again, had the whole trail to ourselves. Saw 3 riders on the way up Middle Control Road, but that was it. Trail was in really nice condition. Always forget about how rocky the lower 6 miles of the ride are. Bugs were not bad at all. Breeze blew all day.....sometimes warm, sometimes cool. Been a few years since I had done this...still think I prefer to climb up. Good ride for sure. 
FRANCHI06/18/13Manual posting because I forgot to press the start button on my Garmin. Very hot up there. Good ride! 
mark189010/11/11sat ie/oc group ride,too much fun.. 
Hammertime10/11/11great ride with everyone... especially the "double nickle" no bad crashes or big problems, fixed them all the night before. 
sweeper10/10/11awesome ride with the I.E and the O.C. guys and it was nice to meet some new people. 
benito10/09/11Awesome ride and perfect conditions with the IE and Sat Crew. Thanks Jr and Mark for showing us the way on this super fun trail. 
goldrunner10/09/11XLNT ride with all the OC/IE crew, have to get out and do that more often for sure. Don't think there were any crashes, at least nun that were witnessed ; ] Two flats,1 for myself & 1 for Trobe who brings the entire garage. Why should I bring all that $&^t when somebody else already has it.. Thanks Daniel for being the Gopher.. My Tubeless valve stem was on there tighter than tight. 
ThinkFast10/09/11Perfect weather for this one. Great company too - Jr. Munoz, Daniel, Sjon, Mark, Mark Jr., Ben, Vickie, Frank, Tom, Brian, Matt, Ben, Travis & Eric. 
Despacio10/09/11Ditto !! 
GoneRiding10/08/11Great group ride today - 15 of us - always great meeting up with the I.E. boys for a ride. Today's group included, Jr. Munoz, Daniel, Sjon, Mark, Mark Jr., Ben, Vickie, Frank, Troy, Brian, Matt, Ben, Travis & Eric. Good Times! 
suchafingahole10/08/11Thank-you Jr.and the rest of the I.E boys for the good times, and what Tom said... 
OTB_again10/08/11Singletrack heaven with the IE boys...between the post-rain tacky hero dirt and perfect weather, we couldn't have asked for a better outing...the pops were cold and delicious back at the ranger station. Thanks Junior & crew for the local knowledge! 
nuts4mtbikes10/08/11Lot more fun this time riding this, and on my geared bike :-) Great riding with the IE guys again, and some OC guys this time too.....thanks for letting me hang with you all :-) fun times for sure. 
flyingbrian09/18/11Did the KIA yearly group ride . The weather was great, but some of the guys got swarmed and stung by bees early on, and joey went off a cliff on an exposed section. Lucky he was ok, and we had rope with us to pull him back up ! 
Despacio08/22/11excellent ride with Mark,MJ,and Ben! a couple of pinchflats early then one for me later but in between it was fantastic ! another good energy day and no bad crashes except a couple of otbs. for the whippersnapper (; good times ! 
goldrunner08/22/11Oh' Yeah! Good times w/ Mark , MJ & Jr. 
Despacio07/20/11Excellent ride with Grinding and 1890. almost ran into a lady hiking and almost tipped over on another when my buddy stopped on a hill at the worst time !! this trail is a blast (: 
sweeper07/17/11a great ride with mark and ozzy who tried to take out 2 women hikers at 2 different places on the trail.i got a flat tire at the same place i had got 2 a couple of weeks ago and my spare had a whole in it also,so mark came through and gave me 1 of his.all the glory to our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 
mark189007/16/11another great day on sart.. 
sweeper07/04/11great ride with joe,rob and jeremiah who ran over some kind of animal on the upper half and lucky he didnt wreck.everyone had a great time especially joe on doing this route for his first time. 
mark189006/29/11another great day in the mts.rode with jr,mj,danimal and sjon-wa.next time need to remember to bring some cheese for sjon-wa's whine.geez/ 
Hammertime06/29/11this was the tough part with no rear brake... there should be a bonus or catagory for this type of handicap... work on that staff! great ride with sjon mark, mj and dad...no falls flats or bonks...great day 
Despacio06/29/11Just about as good as it gets ! Riding with Hammertime who somehow rode the whole route with no rear brake ! also fantastic riding from Mark 1890,MJ,and Sjonwhaaaaa. No falls or bloodshed from anyone despite a agressive pace and lots of fun ! my trail karma rides are working for me So Far ! (; Tree tunnel on Lower part of bottom section was really low and Thinkfast would probably love it !! (; 
Sjon06/29/11Fun day at SART. Rode my first 29er HT for the day cause somebody sabotaged the epics rear brake. Outstanding riding from Daniel who rode the whole course at near "hammertime" speed with 0 rear brake!! Amazing! Thanks for the day Mark&son, Oz, and wonderboy! 
Zachariah05/07/11Don't fall for all the hype, about this trail. This ride is a LOT of work. The 19 fallen trees we encountered here was draining all our energies, momentum and ride pace. The massive snowfalls this year really brought down many old-growth trees. The brushy overgrowth is also downright scary, as you gotta consciously dodge them on the technical DH sections...or else they will knock you down. This year, the ride is about 60% DH and 40% not steep, but grinding climbs. Bring as much energy snax and fluids as you can possibly carry. Air up your tires to at least 33psi, as the rock gardens will constantly bang your rims and try to rip your tires wide open. Mother Nature was NOT good to SART this year. Lets hope some trees/brush/rock can be cleared, making this trail the great epic ride it once was again. 
Zachariah05/07/11Logged 27.2 miles today. 
slow up08/23/10Previous reviews weren't kidding. Great, long singletrack ride. But don't forget to bring a topo map & directions... gps waypoints were confusing, we 2nd guessed, got lost, made this a 30 miler, & came out in the dark... 
RYAN FOREST07/31/10Awesome trail! 
goldrunner06/27/10(29-S) Ah! Ticks every where. Most excellent adventure with ALXNDR, Ray, Agitate, Jr., Uphillrider55, & HAMMERTOE. Good job lugging that tank around Ray. Two flats & Zero crashes for me : )Yes, I said ZERO : )~ 
mark189006/27/10what a great day,7 of us,inclu ding 3 sart 1st timers.lots of smiles,no ticks,lots of other bugs.no major crashes,a great outrigger demo by oz,lol.thanks men,i had a great time.. 
UphillRider6506/27/10Thanks Mark for Scheduling the ride, it was great fun. Nice meeting ALXNDR and Ray. Ben you need thicker tires. 
Despacio06/27/10Good to finally get back out on this fantastic trail ! even better to spend the day with good peeps including alexander,ray,craig(uphillman),Mr Agitate,ben (sirflatsalot)and Hammertime who managed not to crash today (: No whinning today-No getting lost (: where was Sjon ?? 
STEVO CARRILLO06/12/10Well, gave this one a shot. Delt with a stomach virus and thought I'd man up and ride this thinking how bad could it really be..... Well, I'm a fool! Had to cut out 16 in, thanks to Terry B. for guiding me out. I'll make up the difference on a return quest due here pretty soon. 
Ben Boronow06/06/10Epic Saturday ride with the Chupacabras, Terry & some new friends (11 of us in all.) Perfect weather for the start. Got pretty hot toward the end. Very few problems and some good luck in the middle. What a beautiful ride. I was pretty tired but made it. 
tweasol06/05/10Epic ... Rode with some really cool guys. Nice to meet you all. This trail was mellow, but in one word, phenomenal. The high elevation was tough sometimes. Big props to Stevo for making it out of there after dealing w/ some serious pain. Almost all of us were out of water by the end, sketchy.. Went swimming in the river after with Brad and Christophe, that felt AWESOME... 
Lonnie06/05/10Epic ride with a great bunch of guys. Mike V, Todd, Christophe, Tweasol, Stevo, Ben, Terry, Dave, and Ben(2), Stevo was feeling very bad and was strong trooper to hang in there. This ride was spectacular and for me more of a challenge than the statistics show. I can't wait to do it again. 
dandrews11/10/09One flat, fun day! Took a wrong turn mid way through and ended up on the fireroad instead of the singletrack for a mile or so, turns out it's a 5 minute or so shortcut, oops. From the playback it looks like alot of people are going that way. 
Johnny Dirt11/07/09Hell Ride 2009!! Started at South Fork and rode all the way down to Redlands. EPIC. 
Johnny Dirt11/07/09 
Phishin Paul10/18/09Great day on SART with Graham, Dave, Jeff and Eric. Eric was not feeling well which made for a much longer ride but still a great day. 
Sjon10/13/09Had a blast with the I.E. crew. Kept a fast, steady pace all the way down the mountain. 
Despacio10/10/09Second part of ride today with the boys ! 
Hammertime10/10/09Fun ride with Ben and Dad on the old farts B-DAY ,with Sjon ,and mark ! bad skills day for me and got a stick stuck in my arm.....whaaa 
mark189010/10/09the trail was in great shape,thanks to whomever cleaned up the bottom part.to much fun... 
goldrunner10/10/09Good stuff once we figured out were the BEEP we were going. Like we have never been here before. Maybe it an age thing :P 
sweeper09/26/09awesome ride and weather today. 
luskie09/08/09Rode the entire trail 33.4 miles, post office to middlie control rd was loose in the corners but in good shape. the rest was is great shape 
luskie09/08/09Epic ride a must do. rode the entire trail 33 miles. outside coners a little loose, along with the brush on the coners, would push me off the line. 
jpotts07/18/09great ride with geritt and jon. although no shuttling...we rode it all. 
smarcoly07/07/09This was first time riding SART. Rode with 4 other guys and we did some sightseeing on the way. Made one wrong turn and did about 20 minutes of extra credit. 
Diesel07/06/09Actual time is proably 10 minutes longer. Paused my GPS and forgot to start it back up. 
Gerry Lattimer07/05/09Really fun singletrack ride through the forest. It started getting hot towards the bottom though. 
slamcam06/20/09Rode with Grinding and 2fast2cramp also did SART Baracuda 
sweeper06/20/09great ride with my brother-in-laws. 
BetF05/31/09Actually, started higher, than this route AND had an unexpected ride extension somewhere midway through the route, so all-in-all did more like 37 mi. and approx. 3500 ft. But the Garmin bonked, so we don't have the actual ride recorded... Was fun but grueling with the add-ons (I guess I need to do more "high altitude" riding, so I can be better prepared). Saw beautiful couple of western tanagers, the male in breeding plumage. Lots of great plants in bloom, too. 
sweeper05/30/09another great ride with jeremiah who made it 3/4 of the way up due to back problems and i continued on and met him on the way down.saw 1 baby rattle snake and 1 garter snake never thougt i would see snakes up there,good ride due to last minute decision and thank you to our LORD JESUS for another great day. 
ErikMM05/30/09Long day w/ Bet F...got back to town as fast as possible to catch Propaghadi at SOMA. Rocked! Did the Jenks lake climb and descent, but lost it. Greg and Warren did the 1 track out at the bottom (near the lookout), but Bet and I took the fire road down... 
Despacio05/27/09repost from monday ! 
mtnbikej05/25/09Good ride today. Only saw 2 other riders. Upper trail was in great shape. Lower trail needs to be brushed......buck-thorn is rediculous. 
GoneRiding05/25/09First time on SART for me. Awesome trail! Great ride w/ Jr. Munoz, Goldrunner, Grinding & Craig. Thanks for showing me the way guys. My legs were not into most of the ride, maybe because of the altitude??? But the downhill singletrack that finished off the ride was exciting. Lots of overgrown brush that made most of us bleed and the edge of the trail has many soft spots. To top off the day Jenson was open on the way home and I was able to p/u some much needed parts at great prices! 
RockHopper0905/10/09Nice ride. My first long ride. Can't wait for my next! 
SlowClimber05/09/09Wow what a Trek... First successful ride on the trail and we had a good time. The only OTB ws me - I guess I should jump the logs not go around them as that didn't work. Brentrim and Lowtech also enjoyed the day. we will do this again and next time have more time to run further down the trail. Ran into John from UCI for the second time this week. 
dkthree05/07/09WOW. What a ride. First time riding it and it was well worth it. Followed Geoladder directions and they were fairly accurate though a little unclear without having GPS. Follow the tracks and you'll be fine though. 
Cycling Escapes05/04/09Awesome ride with Doug! 
dandrews05/03/09Trail is in pretty good shape, a number of downed trees on the second half. Plenty of fun regardless, thanks for the ride Rich! 
Hal04/29/09Thanks for the ride, guys. 
Despacio04/28/09this a repost due to change in point rating for this route ! anyone wanting to do this route will just love it if you like all sgltrk through forest kind of stuff ! a few creek crossings and trees down but its a great trail !! 
goldrunner04/27/09Nice to get on some flowing Single track for a change. Kinda burnt out on all the fire road training for the Traverse. Thanks, Jr., Hal. 1890. 
Despacio04/22/09excellent ride with perfect temps and a cloud cover to boot! craig and I each had one flat and no crashes but got close a couple of times ! water flowing pretty good so didnt clean the big crossing ! thanks for the laughs rhino the rodent and chris !! good times (~: 
mtnbikej04/12/09Great ride....temps were perfect. Only saw a few other riders. Must add to my favorites list. 
mikeh04/02/09This is my VQ ride time on March 7. 
mikeh04/02/09This ride was done at the 2009 Vision Quest ride. Late entry. 
jmckellips12/01/08Great meeting up with you Hammertime and Jr. Munoz! We would love to get in another ride soon! 
Hammertime11/30/08good ride with dad,jeff and patrick, hope to ride with them again sometime soon, 12 year old Patrick would have kicked our flakey friends butts today, if they had'nt flaked out! 
Despacio11/30/08father and son ride today ! met up with Jeff and patrick from santiago canyon and the kid was awesome on his first try on that great trail ! pm me soon Jeff and we will do it again ! one flat and one tick digging in my thigh! and also a good video of daniel on his back at the scene of my last superman attempt (~: love it !! 
Hammertime11/22/08great ride with dad and frank, good footage with the helmet hero too! 
sweeper11/21/08great ride with larry and curly(the munoz boys) and larry had 2 mechanicals what he does for a break. 
Despacio11/21/08excellent ride again with mr pickles and dino (~: ginding and hammertime ! snapped my chain early then later had a flat but it was still awesome out there today ! did our first hero cam movie and it came out nice for first time ! more downed trees to deal with also ! 
jpotts11/02/08great ride - perfect conditions. rode with geritt, jon, paul and barry 
Hammertime10/27/08Good ride, got lucky today to not get really jacked up, fell down a cliff about 30 feet and cleared out some bushes all the way down, but only got some cuts and bruises! 
Manuel71410/26/08Buddy Steve convinced me this was a great ride 3-4hr ride. Good ride, made one wrong turn, turned into 6hrs. Completed with Steve, John, Rick, Bill. Lots of arm whacks from overgrown bushes. 
sweeper10/25/08great ride even with the shifting problems. 
Despacio10/24/08what a blast on the best trail around ! daniel did a superman near the end but not hurt too bad and frank rode with a bad drivetrain and powered his way through it ! great day with the boys ! we all were in trouble with the wives after this long day (~: 
goldrunner10/24/08Very Epic ride! 
sweeper10/20/08great ride with mark,ozzy,craig,danny and tim,way to stick with it tim,all in all a good ride with great weather and company. 
ridnsolo10/19/08great ride w/ all the guys ozzy,mark,danny,frank,& craig. perfect weather great singletrack.i appreciate the patience for waiting for me. will have to ride this route again soon. 
Hammertime10/19/08Fun ride with Grinder,Righty,Tim,Craig,and Lefty! no one got hurt or broke anything, so aside from our legs being on fire and being mentally exhausted...successful trip! 
Despacio10/19/08another great time on sart ! thanks for the fun mark,frank,craig, hammertime,mr ridnsolo (tim) ! way to hang in there tim as its a doozy of a ride ! the weather is awesome right now after the previous windy stuff ! dan and craig did some unbelievable trail maintenance and we watched (~: best trail around ! 
mark189010/19/08great day,cool temps,fall colors and good co.good to meet craig and tim.thanks for the red elephant hammertime,of course i couldn't do this ride without a slo-mo otb,stick got stuck in my front wheel.sorry mr. sheriff no data for this part.... 
One Flew OTB10/13/08Took the day off of work w/Old Crasher, who lived up to his name, and MRauls. Not John's day - flat, crash, busted chain, and smacked his head on a tree limb. Still we survived another epic day on the bikes. Thanks guys! 
Despacio10/11/08exceptional ride yesterday with hammertime ,mr pickles(grinding),floyd palin (you know ),and craig the beast ! good times and perfect conditions (~: happy bd goldylocks !! 
Hammertime10/10/08Great ride with Frank, Ben, Craig and the birthday old fart! NO falls this time, or Komic-ozzy's but still fun! 
goldrunner10/10/08Fun stuff. Good riding with Frank, Craig, Larry and Curly. Happy Birthday Curly. I had NO steam today : ( Still a great time at SART with the other IE Rednecks. 
sweeper10/10/08great ride with ben,danny,craig and the birthday boy ozzy. 
Ladera Dave10/04/08Thanks Ben for the weather report, mid 50's some rain on the way out. Great riding. 
goldrunner10/03/08Very fun, cool temps and a great show put on by " The Flying Munoz " needs to work on the landing though. I wonder what hurt more? The landing or the scalding. Thanks Frank, Daniel, Ozzie.... 
sweeper10/03/08great ride today with ben,dan and ozzy "superman" munoz,but he has to work on his landings.thank you jesus no serious injuries just his pride and some cuts and bruises,all in all a good ride and a awesome trail. 
Despacio10/03/08another good ride with grinding,goldrunner ,and hammertime! grreat ride until I made a bonehead attempt at a stream crossing launch at pretty much full speed and didnt turn out well)~: oh well ,thank God it was not worse (~: time to get horizontal ! 
Sjon10/01/08The sweetest trail I've ridden thus far. Need more pratice on the stream crossings. Eggbeater sliced out 3" of right shin. Good times! 
Hammertime09/25/08Awesome ride with dad, frank, frank, and ben...just a couple of small falls, not too much blood donated today! 
sweeper09/25/08great ride with ben,frank,danny and the oz.a few spills but nothing serious,what a great place to ride. 
goldrunner09/25/08Always a good time riding w/ Jr. Munoz, Frank & Daniel, had an additional Frank but this route was too much for him and he cut it short, wise decision. Had some issues w/my Magura brakes? The front pad kept coming out of the rotor,seams like one side lost its magnetism, so I had no front brakes the last 5 miles to the camp ground interesting. Duct tape was a great temp, fix. Thanks Jr. 1 OTB for me that was not brake related. Also got to witness a few other spills : ) 
Despacio09/25/08fantastic ride today with mr goldrunner ,hammertme ,frank,and ffrank ! alittle much for ffrank but he is a gamer ! we all had some spills or slidouts but what a blast ! some clouds and perfect temps along with busy flowing trail make this my new favorite (~: I got the mcgyver award today with my well stocked seat pack !! 
mark189009/22/08great ride with jrmunoz.only took about 45 mins. for me to go otb into the bushes,laughed my a$$ off.saw a bobcat.great day.. 
Despacio09/22/08great ride with mr owens (1890) witnessed his gymnastic skills as well as sense of humor (~: and again its just the best trail around ! one bobcat and two other riders on the whole ride (~: getting cold to start now so better take advantage while its there ! 
sweeper09/20/08great ride with the oz,starting to feel alot better.forgot my cammelback at home so stopped at store by post office and got some water and had my mule carry it for me along with some gatorade.saw a coyote, and on the way back i decided to take a bath in the creek with a otb,thank you jesus for no injuries also met mark and a friend on the trail.thanks to my mule i had water and food,thanks again ozzy. 
Despacio09/20/08excellent ride today with mr grinding ! I am not sure but I think he found MONA today and I know he forgot his pack ! not to worry because he hired a mule to carry his provisions (~: really had it going today ! met gassertrucks on trail on his SS. thats crazy ?? great weather 
sweeper09/07/08great ride with mark1890,evilbawb,ozzy and danny and thank you mark for showing me how to do a otb without getting hurt or even a scratch and enjoing it all at the same time.thanks every one for waiting for me as i bonked 3/4 of the way through the ride and our lord JESUS for the ability to ride. 
Hammertime09/07/08rode with frank,mark,MJ,and dad ! great day !! 
evilbawb09/06/08great ride with ozzy,daniel,frank,and my dad.sweet singletrack but a little exposed in some places 
mark189009/06/08fun ride with the gang,trail was great,one slow otb into a nice soft bush,fuuun! 
Despacio09/06/08great ride today with mr grinding ,mark 1890,evilbawb,and hammertime ! put in more than 30 miles and it was one of those days that I wish I had more often ! one with my rig and great company ! fantastic trail as always (~: no problem with trail closure as I had been asked ?? 
sweeper08/09/08great ride with ben the gas man extra gassy today,ozzy one with his bike and danny mr.mt.lion sighter.this route is awesome and a must do. 
Despacio08/09/08awesome day on my favorite ride south of mammoth ! grinding ,hammertime,goldrunner (gasman) made it a great ride on the trail that allows no daydreaming unless you like crashing ??? dan saw a mtn.lion,and I had a zorro dismount onto a log that was spectacular (~: no loyalty to my rig !! and I grew a golfball on another incident (~: the boys were shredding today !! 
goldrunner08/09/08Rivette's SART debout. Glad evryones rump but mine felt ok. Fast pace today with Hammertime, Jr., GRINDING and all the indians in the valley playing the war drums. Had a little Bear Buffet on the way out, they were great, wild black Berries, almost as good as the Acai.... 
halfasst08/04/08Great trail. Rode with Graham and Joe. Took a few wrong turns and the Garmin wouldn't turn on! 
halfasst08/04/08Rode our own loop from the Seven Oaks campground area. Garmin wasn't working, don't think we did the entire distance. Lot's of gnats out today! 
Hal08/03/08Great ride with JR and Ben. No wipeouts! 
Boerseun08/02/08What a spectacular trail!!! Did this ride with last usual suspects...RaulC, Steeleboat, Burgemeester, Slopush and ErikMM & BetF who joined in on their way to Flagstaff. While I drew first blood for the day, RaulC took top honors for whiping out over an ledge. My Edge only recorded 10mi of this ride and then stopped...did the ride last Sunday. 
Boerseun08/02/08An Epic must do ride 
tomallenrn07/30/082nd time doing this trail, much better this time, accept the bugs seem to be worse 
goldrunner07/29/08Just as fun as the first time I road this route, except I didnt get to see anyone roll down the mtn side :) Total concentration. Almost took out a mother Deer and her doe on the way back. Very fun! Also lost the coin toss, sorry :( 
ErikMM07/29/08rode w/ Bet F and a gang of others, to start off a mtb odyssey...thanks guys 
BetF07/29/08Met up with a bunch of fellas for a group ride. Great times and good company. Thanks, everyone! 
Despacio07/29/08excellent ride today with ben and hal ! we all had our moments but we had no mechs. and only a few scratches (~: a deer and its doe and a double clydsdale asking if the trail was tough enough for a full susp. ???? great time 
steeleboat07/27/08Another nice ride on one of the best trails in So Cal. We had 8 Geoladders crazies on the ride. 
Burgemeester07/27/08A superb ride with 8 in the crew! A special thanks to Boerseun, Steeleboat, Slopush and RaulC (the usual suspects) for making this even more rivetting along the way! Kudos to all, see you next time! 
RaulC07/27/08Whew! what a ride. Wouldn't be complete without a classic endo over the edge. Good news is I rode way from it . . . Thanks to the gang for setting it up & driving. 
Bruin07/27/08A tough ride with a lot of fallen trees in the way. Only fell once. 
slopush07/27/08What a great trail, great weather and most of all, great company. Steelboat, Burgemeester, RaulC, Boerseun, Justin, EricMM and Bet made the ride, with RaulC and Justin taking to the next level with some tuck and roll acrobatics- Way to keep it real boys! Don't know riding time since the Garmin shut off at the 25 mi. mark. 
Peddler07/04/08Nice ride with Jeremy. We took it easy for the first half and had 1 flat and I still did my fastest time. Next time will just have to go all out and see what kind of time I can do. 
surferguy24th07/04/08Great ride with Peddler and nice to be back on this trail. Now I am ready for San Juan tomorrow. 
Peddler06/28/08Nice casual ride. Trail is in great shape. 
bossvader06/22/08Fun Ride with the STR Folks 
KeepsWhatHappens06/21/08Great ride with the STR gang. 26 riders strong. Our route did not match this exactly, but my Garmin was DOA today. 
genusmtbkr506/21/08STR ride, 26 riders, Good times as usual 
Ladera Dave05/17/08Nice and cool, good choice Bob 
billstoudt05/10/08WOW this was a great ride absolutely incredible. I had a hard time finding the trail head. i would not recommend going alone there are some parts that are really exposed and you dont want to fall and not have someone there to help. I rode down to mentone and had lunch with my wife. A quick props to my wife for shuttling me back to my car. I would highly recommend this ride. 
Quint Berkemeier05/07/08Ballistic, up in Lake Arrowhead. This course has fun downhill and steep climbs. Taking the road back up was hard, although. Riding a 40 pound bike up those hills with 2.5's on really hurts 
Quint Berkemeier05/04/08idyllwild spring challenge 2008 19 mile loop finished third! 
Quint Berkemeier05/04/08many challenges, mostly sigle track. alot of unsuspected turns and rocks 
osmarandsara04/28/08Rode it as out-and-back starting from middle control road to Southfork. Only two HAB's due to downed trees on this section (both before Glass Rd. However, lots of loose rocks all over the trail and a few very sandy sections. Detoured to Barton Flats Cmpgrd to get water because Southfork Cmpgr still closed till mid-May...a rider we met said post office loop is 100% clear of trees now. Thanks Reed, Andy and Candace for a great ride. 
P-Mac04/19/08Nice Ride with QB. Several Trees still down, lots of loose rock, and a few hike a bike areas where the trail have given way. 
SlowMo04/15/08Beautiful day for a ride on SART. Clear and warm, but not too hot. McGrunt and I took Tim, Dean, and Joe out for their first time on SART. Lots of trees down on the trail, but still a great ride. We will all be back to do this ride again. 
McGrunt04/14/08What a ride with Dean, Joe, Tim, and SlowMo. SART was tough with at least 15 downed trees- the only way to get past them was to literally climb over them. We ran into a group from Redlands that were chainsawing one spiderweb of tree branches and helped them for about a 1/2 hour. Had an OTB going through a stream crossing which broke my wife's camera that was in my pocket. (I haven't told her yet- should I?) Great job to Tim for making this tough grind. Joe and Dean- you guys smoked SART. 
Peddler03/10/08SART not ready for riding yet unless you like to carry you bike a lot. Trees down every where. Talked to forest dept. guys and they have a group of workers that will be clearing up the trails. Just not sure when yet. 
Peddler12/08/07Leathernuts, Warchuck and myself had a blast in the snow. Toes got a little cold but it was awesome. 
leathernuts12/08/07Very cold. Never rode in snow before. Toes did not get a little, but alot cold!!!! It was a whole new experience riding in snow. What a blast!!! 29 to 30 degrees. 
warchuck12/08/07Tires did ok in the snow but my toes did not! Still a fun ride with Dean and Clint. 
Peddler11/24/07Had a great ride with Dean and some fellow riders from Orange. had a great time. 
Burgemeester11/24/07Superb ride w/ Shine, Peddler and Leathernuts - if there's one trail in SoCal you could pick to ride, THIS would be it - a few uphills, fire road and a ton of awesome singletrack! I've almost overdosed on singletrack for the next month. Thanks lads! Simply epic! 
Shine11/24/07First time on the trail. Very cold in the early am, but warmed up later. Trail had many loose areas but made up for it with the scenery. Burgemeester & I followed our guides LeatherNutz & Peddler...thanks for showing us the way! 
Shine11/24/07The Good: Great views, loooots of single track, some areas are hard & smooth where you want to let go and fly. The Not so Good: Loose areas were more frequent than I expected, some places u just have to walk through it, a dozen+ fallen trees across trail. Overall...worth a trip to try it out. 
leathernuts11/24/07Rode with Peddler, Shine, and Burgmeester. Great ride and great group to ride with. Chilly in the am. More climbing than expected, but was a blast. More fallen trees than normal. Still a great route! 
Scabby11/19/07Bitchin Sat ride with the rest of THC (Team Hardcore Cornbread): Graham, Kyle, Paul, Jeff and Eric. What a SICK ride this is, it WAS soft in sections but makeable (if you're hardcore like us). We rode it first time about year and a half ago but only the top half, from South Fork to Angelus Oaks. Geoladders route description isn't that accurate, but luckily it's all intuitive. Not sure if it's the "best" singletrack ride in SoCal (Noble Canyon gets my vote for that) but it's a close second. 
Phishin Paul11/18/07Beautiful day for a ride on SART. Trail is a bit loose in sections. I hit a corner hard in a loose section and went OTB. 4 of the 6 of us crashed so you know it was a fun day. 
PenguinPal11/13/07Overall a great trail. Some parts are too soft and not ridable. 
MarijuanaMuscle10/17/07A little of SART then climbed to top of Bear Mtn. 
osmarandsara10/14/07Rode a loop from Post Office to Southfork on 7 Oaks and back on SART with a few Team Dirty Work buddies..a beautiful day and a beautiful ride as always. 
ghixon10/08/07Sunday Ride - Great weather 
leathernuts10/01/07Did this with Pedler on Sat 9/29. Spent 9+ hours in the saddle. 48 plus miles. Got leg cramps at mile number 8 and rode the rest in pain. We laughed our butts off every time I had to really lay down some torque as my legs locked up. I rated it advanced because we did it in reverse starting at the bottom. Ouch!! Absolutely brutal. I can see why most shuttle the other way. Hardcore or stupid, I realized I had a blast once I was in my bed that night-LOL 
ghixon09/27/07First ride back there in a while 
ghixon09/10/07Lots of folks on SART this weekend with the race in BB this weekend 
Despacio09/09/07excellent ride with 11 guys that made this trail even better ! thanks for the turn out grinding,daniel the whinner,pedalsmith,goldrunner,warchuck,lenny,jerimiah,mark1890,surferguy24th,! sorry about grenading my derailer with a log and the interuptions ! some falls and a human ladder to retrieve a bike and rider ! and lots of laughs, (: thanks to our man upstairs who make this stuff all possible !! hope your all right mark ? ! 
sweeper09/09/07a awesome ride with 11 guys evenwith a few set backs we all had a great time.cant wait to do this ride again thanks for all the laughs and good company. 
mark189009/09/07fun group ride,11 riders.thanks jr for setting this up.left some blood on the trail,err somewhere below the trail,tree root came from nowhere.good times,will be back. 
goldrunner09/09/07Fun ride, that single trac behind the store was sweet & no fireroad climb out was even better. Nice meeting evryone............ 
Peddler09/08/07Got to see my first bear while riding. 
DasBrink08/20/07Amazing, although the geoladders route was a little hard to follow. I need to do this again. Deff an epic ride. 
TREE08/11/07My cousin is out from Kansas and wanted to get in a mountain ride before he goes back home. They don't have mountains like this in Kansas... Great ride, semi crowded on some tight spots. Saw a couple riders hiking down to retrieve their bikes after taking a couple blind corners a bit too fast. 
ghixon08/06/07Took a freind to SART for the first time. I couldn't wipe the grin off his face. 
trickster08/04/07Fantastic ride with mjaraica! Saw just three other riders, two on the last mile. 
osmarandsara08/04/07Rode SART solo this morning....I saw no one else on the route.....section behind post office is very sandy and loose plus a tree is blocking the trail....the rest of the trail is good. Start time 8:00 a.m. finish 12:30 p.m. 26.2 miles via 7 oaks road from Angelus Oaks to South Fork and return via SART. 
GrMonkey07/28/07Wow, nice scenic-fairly easy ride. Some very soft sand last part of ride. Need some rain! Getting sandy everywhere! Excellent ride w/large mod-fast paced group of 5. Got done way earlier than expected. Will def. do this again in the fall/winter. Going to ride more road after today-getting hot and too slushy for me. Can't risk another leg! Yipes.... 
ErikMM07/28/07WAY better than I thought it would be...needs a few turns clarified 
BetF07/28/07Rode with ErikMM, rushak and c('.'c) I loved the views and most of the trails. Really Fun!! I could have done without so many landslides, and there was also the Scylla and Charibdis of the Yucca and the cliff face in this one part. (Narrow trails... loose substrate, steep drop, scary combo--but only in a few spots.) Thanks for the ride, fellas! 
Jake c('.'c)07/28/07Rode with ErikMM, BetF, and Rushak. Not your everyday shuttle ride, this one is a bit of a challenge. Great trail! Man, we had a good time. I spotted a large Bobcat and a weird looking black rattlesnake. Can't wait to ride this trail again... 
rushak07/28/07I love good sushi! Trail is way cool. Some techy loose stuff plus some hike-a-bike, but overall it was a really fun trail. Rattlers letting me know they don't like me. Weather wasn't that bad at all. Went with BetF, Erik MM, and c('.'c). Views are incredible if you have a chance to take your eyes off the trail. Can't wait till next time. Time to shower now. 
ghixon07/24/07Took a Monday off and rode SART. The rain really helped with the trail dust. Traction was great as well. 
ghixon07/09/07Thank goodness for cooler weather...... 
ghixon06/18/07Busy day out on the trail. No large groups, but quite a few people out and about. 
MarijuanaMuscle06/17/07always good 
That's How I Roll06/16/07This is my 3rd weekend here just a great area to mountain bike 
ghixon06/13/07Too stinkin' hot down valley. Weather is nice and cool 6500' up. 
ClipdIn06/12/07Had Lunch at the Oaks!!! 
That's How I Roll06/09/07I enjoyed this ride last week that I had to come back fun stuff :) 
JDOG06/02/07Great riding with the guys from 3'F's riding group, & Geoladders group. Great singletrack trail. Could have done without the fireroad climb at the end. 
TOTALLY-FLUXED06/02/07Fun riding with all you guys! Finally get to mark this trail off my list! Cant believe how perfect this trail was, the rolling singletrack seemed to last forever & the views are spectacular. We will definatly ride this one again, only next time we park @ the bottom of the fire road! 
JJ Holiday06/02/07Great ride with 3F guys. Saw one OTB and a cliff dive, both with no major injuries. Did a different variation of SART that entailed 3,200 ft of ascending and 27 miles total. 
mt dew06/02/07great str/geoladders ride today. this is my first time here and i will hopefully be going back. 
ghixon05/29/07Memorial Day ride on SART. It's good to see people out there this weekend. Great weather for a great ride. 
EarlyMan05/27/07No data, GPS went haywire. 
SlowMo05/21/07What a great day to ride SART. First time for KoolAidKat and she did awesome. The weather was perfect, the trail was perfect, and the company was perfect. The dinner afterwards was pretty good too. Thanks McGrunt and KoolaidKat. 
McGrunt05/20/07What a fun ride with KoolAidkat and SlowMo. It was the Kat's first time on this prolonged trail and it was fun leading her on it. Great weather and of course what an outstanding trail. The last 1/3 of the singletrack was really sandy but managable. This trail has alot of exposure so we told her not to look down. It worked! 
KoolAidKat05/20/07What a ride!! For sure the biggest ride for me yet. Had a great time with MGrunt and SloMo. Thanks for showing me the way guys. 
thepedalsmith05/12/07This is the best trail in So Cal. A bit far to go from our regualr rides. Best way to go is park on Middle Control and pedal up the singletrack to the main Hwy. Rest, water up and enjoy the ride back to the truck. AM/PM here we come! 
ghixon05/07/07SART on a Sunday afternoon. Can life get any better, I say no. 
ericfoltz04/28/07Should probably be more in the 80-90 point range. 
Twitch04/28/07Great ride, plan for most of a day if you go and ride this route, and be prepaired. 
Twitch04/28/07Great route, be prepaired 
NO GO04/28/07Thanks ericfoltz, twitch, triguytim and Ron. Great ride. Two small crashes...no biggy. 
NO GO04/28/07Epic ride...one of the best I've been on. Keep your eyes on the trail. You will need GPS for this route. Plan on making a day out of this ride. 
MarijuanaMuscle04/18/07nice 14 people 
chanca04/01/07Group of 12 from Santa Clarita 
ClipdIn03/31/07Did bonus loop 27.63 miles 12 riders from www.ClipdIn.com 
ghixon03/19/07Didn't run the entire trail, but I love living in this mountain. SART is quickly becoming my "home" trail. 
ghixon03/14/07Had a day off and decided to hit the trail. SART is in great shape. Weather was nice and cool with a slight breeze. Forest Service is out clearing brush, so watch out for them. 
cH4os02/19/07The Greatest! The patches of Snow and the lack of oxygen, really is extraordinary! Make sure you take plenty of Food, water and a Flask of Jack! Thanks to the Adrenaline, Jenson and Path guys, it was a pleasure riding with you all! Definitely not a Squishy Bike Run (unless you shuttle)... we lost a few going up... the Rigid SingleSpeeds were the way to pedal this one.... We did about 8 miles/1500up more that this route lists. 
ghixon02/16/07Still a bit snowy in spots, but the wet track makes for great conditions for carving up the trail. 
ghixon01/05/07Everyone who rides a mountain bike should ride this trail at least once. 
ghixon01/05/07The best, most complete and fun single track trail in Southern California. Can get a little tiring if you're not in shape, but still the best trail in So Cal. 
JJ Holiday11/26/06Killer ride with 9 fellow geoladdersters. Quite the drive with the shuttle, but well worth it at least a couple of times a year. 
Blueman11/25/06Great ride with a bunch of geo riders. The trail is very fun with great views, a must ride. Thanks Jerry for hosting the ride, you did a great job. 
Zippy11/24/06Awesome ride with a bunch of GeoLadders guys. This route is really cool but has some exposures that could ruin you if you fall off them. Absolutely beautiful views throughout the majority of the ride with some pretty technical sections toward the bottom. Highly recommend riding this. 
cjwally11/24/06We did a longer route from trailhead to ranger station. Total 28.9 miles. Avg. 10.1 mph. 2:47 min total ride time. Awesome ride with geo-riders. Great singletrack. A definate must-ride. If you are afraid of exposure, choose another ride.... 
JERRY11/24/06Good ride with geo riders. We had 2 broken spokes,frayed cable,leaking shock,loose brake screw, and a slipping chain all before the ride. However no new mechanicals during the ride! 
bjammin11/24/06Awesome ride. Great to meet everyone. Leftover turkey is calling 
smithg10/24/06We actually rode 7 miles further but I have no way to enter the different route. 
SlowMo10/23/06Great trail...Great friends...Epic ride...Enough said. 
McGrunt10/22/06Epic ride with Glen and SloMo. Started the ride and smiled the whole way until we got lost. We missed a turn and rode 3 1/2 miles before backtracking to find where to turn. Learned to have Topo Map instead of just directions. Middle switchbacks were'nt as bad as anticipated. Fast fun last third. Great singletrack, great riders to share this with, lots of fun. 
Despacio10/10/06really fun day at sart with the doc HAL and the mech. johnny ! had all my bases covered ! could not think of a better way to turn 50. perfect weather and awesome trail and great company.praise the lord 
Hal10/10/06Perfect weather, beautiful rolling singletrack. Happy 50th BD JR ! 
lhbert10/01/06lots of bugs and loose dirt. the first ten miles were great. had to ride 6 miles on hwy 38 to get back to the car. suggest parking at the picnic area on 38, it's pretty close to the trail end. still had a great time. also, need a day pass, $5, can get at the mill creek ranger station or angeles oaks store, both open at 8:00 a.m. 
Pan Man10/01/06Great fun at the first third and last third of ride. The mid-third was brutal climbing thru soft dirt/sand. Bugs were bug'n. The day over-all was much longer than anticipated. Before starting, we could not figure out where the trail ended to park our shuttle car, turns out the trail comes out at the look-out road near the pick-nic area. Discoverd a park-pass was needed from the visitor center ($5). We spent lots of time dealing with the logistics. 
CTrask09/23/06I scheduled this ride to fill an empty 4th seat. We ended up with 8 guys! Thanks everyone for coming along. Great group, most with sub-3 hour ride times. 
smithg09/23/06Craig Trask did a great job of leading the ride - eight total riders. Met several Geo guys and had a wonderful time - best ride yet. 
BrakeHeart09/23/06Great ride and conversation as well. Thanks to Craig for organizing this ride! 
unikid09/23/06Awesome ride - definitely lives up to its reputation. THANKS Craig Trask for setting this up! 
royta07/29/06Sweet ride with maxxxlaw and three non-geoladders dudes. Good times, good dirt, and even had a few thunder showers. Totally socked in at 6PM when I left. The bottom half was 14mi of SART, and the first 4mi of the top 14mi half included a 1300 (1500 overall) foot ascent on a nasty, rocky trail to an elev of 9000-ish. Spent a mile riding through ferns too. Beautiful! Don't feel like publishing the trail (it's on a map if you want to do your homework), so I'm counting SART. 28.8mi with 7:06 on trail. 
tkblazer07/09/06did a ride with the STR guys..we ended up doing a different route which totaled approximately 30 miles. Thunderstorms rolled in in the afternoon making the trail from South Fork to glass rd nice and tacky. From Glass to the fireroad it got pretty muddy and humid. 
Ladera Dave07/08/06Great ride start early. 
mcodyw07/06/06More difficult than we thought. I don't know what I was thinking but thought we'd end up at Angelus Oaks. Ended up almost to Ranger Station at the mouth of the canyon. Cool ride. 
Manuel Prado06/11/06Super fun ride, trail is in good shape thank you Terry and Jerry for the ride! 
JERRY06/10/06good ride with manuel prado and terry best,clear skies and good pace, 
kdinger06/10/06Rode from Loch Leven, up Old Hwy 38 to Angelus Oaks, SART to a bit past Forsee Cr., up firebreak then dirt road to 38, to Jenks Lake Rd., to Poopout Hill, down unmaintained trail, then jeep trail, then fun ST along SF Santa Ana River to SF Cmpg, then SART back to AO and back down Old Hwy 38 to Loch Leven, 49 miles. 
Terry Best06/09/06Wonderful ride with Manuel & Jerry. This time I rode the entire route including the first singletrack climb and the final singletrack descent that parallels the fire road. Big thanks to Manuel & Jerry for driving! 
Hal06/08/06What a day! Awoke at 0445 to get an early start.Left home at 0515 and didny get home 'til 8PM. I still have no idea what happened.But it was a classic adventure, 3 hour tour or what ever you want to call it. Great trail, but next time we will be better prepared. Turned into a 32 mile ride, we all ran out of water, couldnt figure out where we were for a while and had to do some reconoitering (especially Craig). When we finally came out of the mountain to highway 38 we were ecstatic for a moment until we rea 
K0KE06/07/06Look forward to doing this one again without all of the wrong turns. 
Despacio06/07/06I have no idea the actual riding time but it wasn't good !! have to apologize to the guys for the lack of prep!! could not think of two of the best riders around and my son to endure and enjoy one of the best tracks around !! (-:) thanks craig ,hal, and daniel !! craig rode many miles after to retrieve the uphill car ! tough hombre 
Daniel Munoz06/07/06long ride today with craig ,hal ,and the old guy! 
quad damage05/08/06Good ride with a large group. Was good to meet Paul, Wes and Tommy. Another fun ride with Mo. Chris did a great job organizing and running the ride. 
JERRY05/07/06thanks Chris for organizing this ride! Good choice on the reschedule date,perfect weather! 
uno-speedo05/07/06Great trail and a great group of riders. Thanks to Chris for organizing - Nik from San Diego. 
moman1.505/07/06I rode with the Geo Ladder studs today. You guys are the bomb. Thanks for not leaving me behind. I would have died for sure!! My freind Ryan (arg123) made fun of me the whole way home. What a jerk! He just made fun of me again. Anyway, thanks again! 
Cycling Escapes05/06/06This is hands down the best singletack in SC. Great group ride. 
Cranx05/06/0625 riders showed up (no Ned of course) and we had an awesome ride. Great group(only 3 flats and no major crashes), incredible trail conditions and some pizza to finish things off...realy, could one ask for anything more? 
Keith B05/06/06Perfect weather, good group, great trail, incredible views, good pace, almost all singletrack - can you beat that?! Big thanks to Chris for organising the ride. Ended up in the pizza equivalent of the bar from 'dusk till dawn' afterwards! 
Scottster05/06/06This ride is definately one of the top's around . Huge turn out and alot of fun , thank's everyone who rode . 
kentonn05/06/06Epic! What a great ride. Huge turnout (thanx Cranx), great riders. I had a blast! Thank you everyone... 
Big D.D.05/06/06One of the sweetest single traks around realy fun group a must do.The last couple of miles on the roud were sweet as we blew by the roadies with the MTB draft train. 
tommy jankovich05/06/06Great ride! Thanks again Chris.It was good to finally meet some of the geoladders guys. 
Von-Skipp05/06/06awesome group ride. Perfect conditions. Met some very cool geo-dudes... 
MF TITAN05/06/06had a great time / wish we could of went for pizza,team yellow (CSI Team)nice to meet Tommy and Wes,Thanks to Cris , GREAT TURN OUT , Takes alot of patance / work . see everyboby out on the trails. 
PHAT TIRE05/06/06Great ride. Best trail around by far. Nice to be back on the mountain bike but I forgot my training wheels! Got two flats on the downhill. Roy- I owe a tube- THANKS! Also BIG Thanks to Chris for setting it up. 
royta05/06/06Wow! What a fantastic ride we had today. Lot's of fun during and afterwards (I was pretty stoked my bike lasted in the back of the truck the entire time at pizza). CranxOC did a great job putting this together. This was a tough ride for me. My stomach was bothering me and I wasn't able to eat or drink much of anything on Thurs & Fri. The taste of GU was killing me today, and I didn't even think about eating the pizza. If it wasn't for Terry, I would have been left behind on the trail. 
Terry Best05/06/06What a great day with a bunch of good people! Certainly an honor to be part of such a great group. I am so happy to break 30th on the Ladder =D 
bkorman04/15/06Toughest COnditions I have rode to date, Extremely wet 
RidetheRAAM12/20/05actually did an out and back ride on this trail starting at the post office 
mtnbikehb12/04/05Awesome ride, a bit nippy out. A constant temp the entire ride, mainly because the sun was hidden by tree cover and the sun is also positioned on top of the ridge this time of year. Overall, a day well spent with my buddies. 
JeffK08/06/05Tip for shuttle rides: lock the keys for the downhill car INSIDE the uphill car, that way they won't get lost on the ride ;). Don't be fooled by the description of this ride, i.e. 25 miles mostly downhill. I seriously underestimated it and bonked badly due to dehydration. IT IS MUCH TOUGHER THAN IT LOOKS, but an amazing ride! I hope to ride it again soon, with more fluids and electrolytes on board. 
CTrask08/05/05This ride started with a quick loop around the Big Bear Am Cup course. The River Trail is a blast! The shuttle is a pain, but worth it. Oh yeah, don't let your buddy lock the keys to the downhill shuttle in the uphill vehicle :( No problem, hitched a ride with a drunk! 
Cranx08/05/05This may be the best ride in SoCal. Shuttle ride so you think "how can this be worth 112 points?" Then you start grinding and soon you realize 112 points is just right for this sucker. BTW Jeff, do you know where the keys are? :) Much thanks to CTrask for braving the ride up with the DUI guy. 
dandrews07/23/05Did this on Monday. Sure wish this was closer to OC. Can't think of a better 3 to 4 hour ride. 

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