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Old Camp - Luge

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TomG04/27/19Timed the weather perfect. 
TomG03/22/19Too soon still muddy 
TomG01/25/19Went past old camp to check the river at the bottom of Joplin. 
MTB Fiend10/29/17What would you do? Josh and I were out enjoying the gorgeous afternoon peacefulness as we ascended to OC. At the Cadillac junction we come across 2 MTB'rs, a Dad and his Son, who had just traversed Harding-Joplin. They told us they had an encounter with a Mtn Lion down in OC. They thought the ML may have been stalking them as they took a breather and water break just above the OC campsite. The ML did not run off, but did disappear into the brush. As they tore out of there, they told 2 hikers who were approaching the top of OC. We kept going, at first undaunted. Then we came across the hikers on their descent and they indicated they also saw the ML, but we passed too quickly for any kind of report. I'm usually game for seeing wildlife, especially ML, but coming nose to nose with one somehow did not feel advisable, we stopped at the first telephone pole and hung out a bit. It was getting dark and we half-expected to see the ML come trotting around the blind corner. What then? Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/23/17Sweet cool solo September Fall afternoon ride. As an obvious statement, trail conditions in the Santa Ana's are far more harsh than those in the San Bernardino's. Beautiful clouds! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/03/17Pretty nice when the sun was behind the clouds, which unfortunately was not the whole time. Got pretty hot at times. Amazingly, no bugs. Great Ride! 
GoneRiding08/23/17The climb past the top of Cadillac is pretty trashed from the 4 wheelers. Bummed to see that. 
MTB Fiend07/12/17Sad, sad news my fellow MTB'rs - STT to OC has been destroyed by illegal vehicle activity. A week and a half ago I reported the illegal vehicle activity here. Turns out the vehicle was stuck about 1/4 mile above the OC Helo pad. CNF would not act on it without pics and GPS coordinates. Today, J and I rode back out there to get the pics and GPS coordinates. After Cadillac it was immediately evident additional vehicles had driven through. They rescued the stuck vehicle and destroyed all the vegetation on the trail in the process. We took pics and still reported the GPS coordinates to CNF, indirectly, via Kioti. Nice weather, but a bit buggy when not moving. Great Ride! 
SCJim07/06/17Left too late = HOT 
MTB Fiend06/23/17Spectacular! Sensational! A super-solo extravaganza of delightfully brilliant wildflowers emitting odoriferous hints and exuding tranquility all about the trail, indignant to my passing. The sunset back-lit flowers were breathtaking. Gorgeous. Back in reality, something HUGE going on at Cooks. Strong to the end. Truly, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/22/17Sensational evening ride. Wildflowers are still going off and were in spectacular form in the evening sun. The Indian Paintbrush was especially stimulating as it was brightly backlit in a luscious red. I felt strong the whole ride with real good flow on the descent. Saw just 2 other riders as I was descending. Great Ride! Indeed. 
MTB Fiend05/23/17I was dragging a bit on this one. Still, I had to make it out to the Luge, at least, to see the brushing work my neighbor, Kioti, had done. Josh was all in to the fast climb. I am smart enough to climb at my own pace. Nice to see the beautiful wildflowers still out there doing there gorgeous and aromatic thing! Even nicer to see the damage done by the Jeeps and the Mercedes is growing back and there is much less evidence of the destruction those vehicles caused. Yay! Awesome temps, and thanks to OTH only 3 other riders! First time down the Luge since my crash a month ago. Unfortunately, I could not find any flow all the way from OC and on down the Luge, so I just cruised along way off my normal confident speed. Good job on the brushing Jim! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/15/17Truly delightful late afternoon solo cruise. Real peaceful like. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/11/17Feeling a lot stronger today than yesterday, good thing too, riding with J and J. Sliced a sidewall just before reaching OC. Thought it was burped sidewall, then it appeared to be a loose stem, but as we found later on the descent it was a sidewall slice. Luckily the Stan's sealed it, kind of, at least enough to get me home. Too bad, it's a nearly new tire, less than 6 rides on it. Still, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/24/17Sensational! So much more better when the weather is warmer. Sad to see the barricade at bottom of Cadillac has been breached and vehicle activity is back. Sucks, actually. Whatever, spectacular solo sunset riding is finest! Rode the now much more silent Phantom. One fine ride. Great Ride! Indeed. 
MTB Fiend03/08/17Super fantastic, super solo ride out to OC. Perfect weather conditions and a fabulous sunset/twilight descent. It has been weeks? no, months, since I last rode the Phantom (top dog in the kennel). New drive train definitely did not disappoint. Silent running is oh so sweet. Really Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/03/17Another terrific twilight transit. It's hard to beat a Friday twilight return on STT with the orange sunshine trying make it's way up Harding Cyn, and the greens all vibrantly backlit, and the sky, the sky awash in pastels of aqua, tangerine, and pink. Sweet as can be! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/01/17Wow! That was very nice, indeed. Poppy's were tucked in for the evening, but still dancing in the wind. Trail is in the best shape I've seen for many many years, makes for a faster, funner descent. After a truly spectacular super solo ascent, I was in a realtime race with the setting sun and waning light. Still, managed to drop the Luge before darkness set in. The Thriller ran smooth and silent. The bike has made another transition - starting as 3x9, then 2x10, and now, you guessed it, a 1x10 with the Giant Cog. It's just a more pleasant cadence for me. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej02/08/17SS. Fun night ride. Trail is wet. There is mud. Luge is a slip'n'slide at the top. Lots of puddles. Above Cadillac was fine. Great temps for a Feb. night ride. Great night on the bike. 
MTB Fiend01/07/17Real nice, peaceful solo afternoon jaunt. The view from above OC was sensational with the sun reflecting true California Gold off the ocean. Slow-rolled in hopes of catching some killer sunset action but it was still too early. Rolled over to Concourse Park to take it all in. Beautiful So Cal Winter day! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/25/16Beautiful Christmas adventure. Trail is in great shape. Cold in the shade, warm in the sun. Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow10/29/16Saturday morning ride with the Linked guys. Mike, Marty & Jeff were kind enough to wait for me from time to time. Thanks guys! 
MTB Fiend10/22/16Sweet late afternoon cruisin'. Felt strong, so that's a plus. Smallest handful of riders. Could see an air show off toward Long Beach and the jets were leaving smoke trails that were pretty spectacular from my elevated vantage point. Bike fix is holding up well and silence is golden. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/15/16Early AM start with Dave A. Nice pace and conversation on the way out with cool temps and killer views. Then it got a little too crowded out there for the descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/27/16Good cruise with J. Unfortunately more damage by 4x4's, this one made it pretty far out toward OC. The vegetation is just destroyed. Some minor trail damage where he turned around. sigh... Weather cooled off nicely for the descent. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej09/27/16SS. Afternoon cruiser with Fiend. Not as hot as I expected. Saw no one on the way up. Only a couple on the way down. Felt good all the way up. Still not a fan of the Luge...don't think I will ever be. No big kitty's spotted out there. Still a good day on the bike. 
MTB Fiend09/05/16Really nice mid-morning ride. Surprisingly, not at all crowded. Rode a little bit angry for awhile after seeing the evidence left behind of some jerk who was able to drive their Jeep/Truck from Cadillac to the Luge and back. Looked like the fool actually started to try going down the Luge. His selfishness will leave an ever-lasting scar on one of the gem trails of OC. But, I snapped out of riding angry in no time and once again smiled at the gorgeous blue skies, and the sensational cool breezes. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/23/16Kind of crowded for an OTH Tuesday. 4 riders on the climb to the Luge, and 1 other rider passed while descending at the top of Goat Hill. After that, all me! Saw some fresh Deer tracks, looked up and Oops! there he was! Waiting for me to pass by I suppose. I grew a bit concerned about time, but pressed on to OC anyway. Felt pretty good. Turns out time was not that big an issue as I finished with about 10 min before dark and that's after slow-roll cruising and enjoying the SCR climb. Daydreamed it all day and just knew... it would be a Great Ride! And it was! 
MTB Fiend08/20/16Beautiful afternoon ride. Nice and breezy cool at the homestead, a bit warmer on the trail. Nice and cool comfortable in the shade. Nary another soul out there, all too myself. Flies drove me from OC within a few minutes. Cruised the descent, hate the Luge. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej08/08/16SS. Nice after social ride to Old Camp. Has been a while since I have been up there. Great temps all the way up. Only saw 2 other riders out there. Good afternoon on the bike. 
MTB Fiend07/31/16I did not ride Saturday, just layed around the house, watched a couple of movies, trying for a grand recovery. All that laziness meant I could not sleep, so I opted for an early AM ride. Not a mtnbikeJ dawn patrol but I was on the trail by 7am. Right from the start my Garmin battery was low, not much later my shuffle announced "battery low". All somewhat predictive of how I was feeling too. By the time I got to Cadillac I was dragging, but I forced myself to continue on. It was a slow-roll for sure. Didn't get to see a Mtn Lion, did not even see tracks. Despite not feeling 100%, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/25/16Magnifique! Nobody but me and the birds and the bees, and many many really really fast lizards. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/21/16Pretty fantastic, really. Quite probably the most relaxed ride to and from Old Camp ever for me. Not another soul beyond the Luge. Speaking of the Luge, a bit more pleasurable now that I have silenced the descents. Great Ride! 
FRANCHI06/18/16Night ride. Still warm at Old Camp at 9:30 pm. No clouds with a full Moon. 
MTB Fiend06/17/16Freakin' gorgeous out, what a beautiful evening for a ride. Had the trail all too myself except for some folks at the flag on my descent. Time for burgers and beer! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/14/16A great ride made even greater now that I have completely silenced the internal routed cable slapping. Finally implemented my solution last night, with J's help and it worked perfectly. Cheap, lightweight, and completely effective. Surprisingly crowded out there this evening, saw 3 riders past Cadillac, between the 2 double poles section. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/10/16A delightful afternoon journey. Had the ascent all to myself, actually surprised to see other riders on my descent. Dropped down the Luge this time, still not a favorite but this time did seem better. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/03/16Muy Fantastico! Old Camp or bust! But there was no bust, just pure blissfull awesomeness. Phantom was ultra silent, performed magnificently. Me, the engine, felt pretty damned good too considering an early rise and toiling in the hot sun out back for a few hours in the morning. Got an amazing bunch of chores done. Waited for the afternoon breezes to kick in and set off for Old Camp feeling good. Feeling even better home now with a beer in hand and a burger on the BBQ. Love epic rides out my back door! Truly, a Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow03/05/16Solo Saturday morning ride. Nice out. 
MTB Fiend03/05/16Solo afternoon ride. Few other solo riders out, not much else. The trail is so loose right now, its pretty much a technical climb and much more tiring as a result. Aired down for the descent and had no surprises. Temps were cool, but I think Winter is over. Yay! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/22/16Muy fantastico! Early AM meeting means an early start to the weekend. Now, I could have been a responsible adult and gotten my errands and chores done, or I could be free to be me. So off I went! Only I was a bit slower than I anticipated and began to doubt my capabilities (i.e. get to OC and down the Luge before dark). Alas, again throwing caution to the wind (there was none) I trudged on to OC. Turns out my time was only slightly above average but I was still racing daylight to finish the Luge before dark. No problem! Sensational descent with no issues because I am now smart enough to let air out of the front tire for that descent. Rolled in the garage just at real dark. And that's how you spell ... Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul11/11/15With Dave. 
MTB Fiend10/24/15Slightly later start than expected had me racing daylight on the descent. Perfect temps and breezes on the climb. Struggled a bit in the loose stuff and despite the work done on Goat Hill, surprisingly, I choked and spun out on the climb. The descent was all about beating the sunset and twilight. I made it to the bottom of the Luge (ugh... the Luge...) just before darkness. Popped on the flashers and smiled as I dropped Live Oak and zipped past Cooks. Pulled in to the garage well past dark and popped me a well-deserved beer! Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul08/25/15Slow but fun solo ride. I installed a new drive train this morning and something was creaking so I had to stop many times to check over. Then I decided to change my stack height on stem. Do it on the trail and see how it feels. 
MTB Fiend08/25/15Pretty sweet solo climb out to OC. Timed it oh so perfectly for the twilight. On the descent I ran in to trobe1 and troy. (trobe1 pelted me with rocks but Troy was cool). Chatted a bit as we watched the brilliant sunset dip below the horizon, my cue to go as I did not have lights. They ventured on to OC. Finished up the Luge with plenty of light and rolled in to the garage just as it was getting dark. Perfecto! A most enjoyable Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/07/15The trail sure has gotten loose, more challenging on both ascent and descent. At times I found myself going half the speed I normally would just due to loose conditions. No matter. Giant Cog has been a huge success and I have already ordered a new one so I can get both bikes operational again. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/28/15Despite a later start, it was a bit warmer out there today. And even though the sun had already set over the hill above OC I did not last more than 3 minutes before the horse flies drove me out of there. Did not clean the descent through the challenging squeeze on Goat Hill and nearly went OTB. Thanks to my deft handling skills I managed not to get hurt. Not so sure about that Ikon tire. Had a better descent down the Luge possible due to better music. And of course, saw only 1 other rider above the Luge because it's OTH night! All in all, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/27/15Perfect conditions for Old Camp; cool breezes, shade, and no bugs! Trail has been messed up a bit, looser, washed out even worse on the tight squeeze on Goat Hill. Fantastic descent and a butt pucker on that very same washed out tight squeeze - let go of the levers and the bike carried me through. Whew! Let's see, oh yeah, and then there were the kind comments on my mustache at Cooks, plus I sold my RIP in less than 24 hours of posting it. Damned fine day! Great Ride! 
FRANCHI07/16/15Turned my lights on for the descent. 
UphillRider6507/12/15Good ride with Al and the Bone Haulers. 
USA*ROX06/30/15June 28 
MTB Fiend06/26/15No sooner than hitting dirt they began orbiting me. Like sharks circling for the kill, they would bump me, zip ahead, buzz me, and land and bite me. Had to keep a brisk pace or they would have succumbed me. Up at Old Camp I did not last 2 minutes before they drove me out! Damned horse flys! Super solo, not another soul out there and it was gorgeous! Big goings on at Cooks. Super-fantastic Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/23/15Love Tuesday riding, trails are empty due to OTH. Really bummed to come across a full on fire pit right above Lower Joplin. Evidence of a small fire but there was larger wood gathered, stacked and ready to go. The small stick fire had been put out with only a small amount of dirt. Immoral stupidity. I destroyed the pit by throwing all the gathered wood and rocks over the side. Hey CNF! A couple thousand on closing off access to vehicles from bottom of Cadillac could save a couple thousand acres and hundreds of thousands in expense. Ever hear of a dollar waiting on a dime? I let that ruin my wonderfully solo climb to the top of OC, but not the descent. On the descent I reveled in the beauty of the wildflowers - and that's what makes it a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/12/15Nice super-solo ride out to OC. Felt strong but did not watch the time, unfortunately, again, missed the elusive 1:30 to OC. Came in at 1:31:28. Oh well, at least I am close to my mark. On the turn around I realized it was not the wisest decision to forgo repairing my rear brake. I had virtually no rear brake, and physically no rear brake too! And that made for a less than enjoyable experience on the Luge. To add some insult to the situation I had let too much air out of the rear tire. So, you see? the whole rear end was feeling all loosey goosey and I don't like that. Got some smiles and moustache comments from 2 cute girls at Cooks, so all is good! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/02/15Very pleasant solo sunset sojourn out to OC. Saw maybe 3 riders the whole ride, including one guy who appeared out of nowhere on the descent, like a ghost. Up Joplin? Down Joplin? No idea where he came from. Felt real good both directions, aired down the front tire a bit for the descent and it made a real big difference. Stopped in at Cooks to pick up my liberal reading, some guy sitting on his bike facetiming it with his girl tells me he likes my moustache and holds up his facetime friend - gorgeous! And she likes my moustache too! Made my day! Great Ride! 
cecole104/10/15Incredible run. I had the whole place to myself. Weather was perfect. Bike was dialed in (fixed the pedal creak, fixed the derailleur clutch lever, installed a 60mm stem and 785mm handlebars). Improvements in nutrition recently have really improved my energy stores. I felt energized after the ride and not mentally/physically exhausted like I did on this run 3 years ago. 
MTB Fiend03/17/15All to myself until the return trip near the Luge. Pretty and fantastic! No PR's but relatively pain free and minimal fatigue, so, you know, I got that going for me. And that makes me smile! So I did! all the way home! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/09/15Beautiful late afternoon ride with KWH. Great twilight colors and shadows, no bugs, and just 1 other rider beyond the Luge - made for a relaxed ride. Just what I needed. Real glad to see DST return, and warmer temps too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/18/15Just shy of that elusive goal of 1:30 to top of OC, at 1:31. Nice twilight ride with KWH. I felt real good on the descent in the waning light. Finished the Luge without needing lights, then blazed the flashers all the way home. Good chow at Wahoo's and there you have it! Great Ride! 
Damon M02/05/1520 Min Gate 36 Min Flag 1:47 to OC 
Damon M01/29/1520 Min Gate 36 Min to Flag 
UphillRider6512/07/14Fun ride with the Bone Haulers, with a little extra credit. 
MTB Fiend12/05/14Missed it by that much! Goal was to reach Old Camp before needing lights. Super stoked and surely surprised to see the waterfall below flowing strong. And it was right then that actual sunset occurred, I knew I was not going to make it to OC before dark. Technically, I did. You know, civil twilight. But I torched up a light just before the first double poles. Just can't seem to break 1.5 hours on the ascent. Missed it by that much! A few clouds swirling about aimlessly in the nearly still night made things a bit surreal. No wet mud and puddles were easily avoided. Luge is great! Thanks Kioti! How sweet it is to get out for adventure. Great Ride! 
GoneRiding11/26/14Good ride w Greg last night. Lots of riders doing the STT-Luge loop but only saw 2 other riders on our way to Old Camp. Definitely cooler last night but nice, clear skies. Nice and peaceful up at Old Camp. Much better doing this ride at night with a buddy instead of solo. There were 2 big groups out there. We watched a group of 10 or so drop into the luge and it was cool seeing their lights winding down the trail. 
RollnStone11/21/14Saw one rider coming down from Old Camp, but otherwise had the whole place to myself. 
MTB Fiend11/21/14Kind of crowded out there this evening. Chased one rider to OC, came across 3 descending. A regular Friday traffic jam. And why not? Pretty much heroic dirt after last nights cloudburst, especially once above Goat Hill (above the Luge), and even more so past Cadillac. I was out to see how the 2x10 was going to feel with a climb I am real familiar with. Felt great, and even shaved a few minutes off my ascent time and overall too. Sensational sunset twilight ride. The lingering red horizon was a real treat on the descent, then the twinkling lights danced as the last remnants of the day departed. Critter-wise a bit of a dud, saw just one frogger. Nonetheless, how could it have been anything but a ... Great Ride?! 
Phishin Paul11/17/14Sunday ride with Dave. The winds were only bad in a few spots. First ride back after the baby came over 10 days ago and felt OK with no sleep. 
GoneRiding10/14/14Solo ride out to Old Camp but definitely not alone. Big group of riders started out before me. There was about 11 of them and they were all going to Old Camp as well. I think I passed all but 4 of them. Pushed hard on the last uphill to OC and started feeling like my equilibrium was off. Had trouble staying straight. Took it fairly easy on the way back down. Good seeing the Hoppy Trails Crew back at Cooks. Nice having a bunch of other people out there during a night ride. 
Damon M10/12/141:57 OC 
MTB Fiend10/10/14Felt like I was trobe1 or somebody, solo'n it all the way to Old Camp. But then again, I'm not trobe1. Yet I was out there all by my lonesome, but it was not quite night time. And my bike is white, trobe1's is not, and I ride a 29er, trobe1 does not (dinky little 26). Oh, and trobe1 is a whole lot faster and talented than I am. Ok, so I was just a shmoe who was really groovin' on a sensational, twilight turns to sunset, no one else out there, all too myself, so stoked to be riding again... Great Ride! You know!? Trippin'! Ran the flashers as I dropped Live Oak, been a long time since I've done that. Felt good, felt right. Stopped in at Cooks for my liberal reading, rolled in to the garage just at real dark. Mucho Perfecto! Awesome-a-mundo! and, of course ... a really Great Ride! 
GoneRiding10/07/14Lots of riders out which is typical for a Tuesday night. Good seeing the Hoppy Trails group out there. Only saw 3 other riders once I was past the Luge. Stopped and talked w/ Jeff & Geoff and in the distance we could see what appeared to be Marines practicing shooting. Geoff said they were tracers that we were watching. It looked like hundreds of red blinking lights from where we were. Nice big moon out tonight. One other rider right behind me as I got up to Old Camp. Nice guy named Troy. I like knowing that there are other riders coming down behind me on the night rides. 
GoneRiding10/02/14Good solo ride - turned on the lights just before heading down to the flag pole on my way to Old Camp. Only saw 3 other riders as I started the climb just past the flag pole. After that nobody the rest of the ride. Really nice night out tonight. 
mtbfan09/28/14Great temps for this ride, Dropped into the actual Old Camp and noticed a high tree had fallen on the fire pit. Good thing none was sitting there. The Luge is still choppy but fun. Beers and music at Cook's afterwards. Don't let the weekend die. 
Phishin Paul09/28/14Fun relaxing ride with Dave. A huge group of riders out there. The All Mountain club or something. Dave flatted right at bottom of luge. 
bikesurfski09/21/14No clouds, but ok temps--one other climber up from Oneil. 
MTB Fiend08/17/14Oh, I had big plans for today. Early AM ride followed by a daytrip for a twilight ride in the Santa Monicas. Mid-day I did some beer shopping and was stoked to find Pumpkin beers have hit the shelves! That changed everything! So I opted for a local twilight ride so I could enjoy some Pumpkin beers post-ride. Yum! Nice solo twilight ride, golden, then red sunset and hills/aura, not another soul, no critters, nothing, nada. Just me and ol' long shadow out enjoying the cooling temps, and slight breezes and twilight colors. Felt pretty darned good too! Enjoying that Great Pumpkin Beer now, after a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/15/14Sweet super-solo sunset singletrack sojourn. Incredible twilight colors while dropping the luge. Cool breezes kept it comfortable. Not another soul, nary a critter. Pulled in to the garage right at dark. El Perfecto! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/11/14Out-n-about on a solo evening ride, really quite nice, actually. Just 1 other rider, and no one past the Luge. On the descent chased a Juvenile Bobcat for a bit, until he bailed off the trail. Nursed a slow leak in the back tire for most of the time, never bothered to add some air, just a bit too lazy for that. It has been a plaguing problem so I guess it is time for a new tire. Sensational sunset on the roll home. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/08/14Liking this ride in such sensational weather. Crowded this evening, saw 3 other riders at various stages. Felt a bit better today and actually shaved a solid 5 minutes off the climb and could have shaved another 5 or more on the descent except it was so damned awesome I opted to soak it in and coast a bit. Luge is still sucky, but what can be done? Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/06/14Slightly earlier start than usual for this super-solo adventure, because the weather was so incredibly perfect. Not another soul until the descent, then 1 guy just above Goat Hill and 2 others at the top of the Luge trippin' on a T Hawk killing it's prey. Good chow at Wahoos. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/01/14Nice super-solo twilight cruise, not another soul out there. Really enjoyed the golden sunset descent and the play of light and colors on the canyons. Pretty sweet. Somehow got a small slice in the rear tire. Stans kind of but not really sealed it. I raced the flattening tire home - cost me 2 CO2 cartridges. Great Ride! 
Cougar Bait07/27/14D. Slach. Hot day even starting at 7am. Saw a tarantula crossing the trail on the way to the flags. This felt as hard as any route that I've done--wanted to stop the trek to old camp. 
MTB Fiend07/27/14Terrific twilight slow-roller solo cruisidaire ride. Sensational breezes, and still not another soul out there. No critters, no nothing. The descent in to the golden sunset was inspiring. Rolled in to the garage just before dark. Perfectomundo! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/21/14Rode the RIP and really did "Roll in Peace". Delightful solo afternoon romp! Breezes were sensational! Cruised at me own pace and finished strong. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/14/14Nice evening for a solo cruise to OC. Later start than intended, but still plenty of time. Hung out a bit at the Helo Pad and enjoyed the silence and solitude. Thought it was going to be a dud sunset, but turned out pretty darned good. Yet another, Great Ride! 
goldrunner06/14/14Great ride, another first for Jonna. good times.. 
bikesurfski06/08/14Saturday ride. 
Chuckwalla04/13/14Fun solo ride. Weather was perfect. 
GoneRiding03/11/14Good ride w/ Vino tonight. Watching the sunset on the way to Old Camp is pretty nice. Did a little research on the birds that sit on the trail at night. I have always referred to them as night hawks but knew that was not their correct name. They are Poorwills. Well tonight they were out in full force on the way back from Old Camp and coming down the Luge. I had multiple near misses either by my front tire or even worse near my face. They stay on the trail until the very last second. I came off a lip descending the Luge and almost head butted one. A couple of toads out on the trail as well. Thanks for the company Vino! Good seeing Don & crew back at the cars as well as Geoff out on STT. Saw a rider in the lot before my ride who looked a lot like D. Turner plus he was on a Turner Czar. 
Keith B03/06/14Crazy busy on the trail, conditions seemed good on the lower portion of STT but higher up the heavy rain had dragged all kinds of stuff onto the trail. It was slow going coming up but coming down was a blast of skidding all over the place on the loose stuff, dodging trail objects and ruts that werent there last time and jsut trying to stay in one piece. The luge was very different. Good ride but finished pretty wiped out. 
Phishin Paul03/06/14Night ride with G. Busy out there for sure. Good seeing Keith and Ryan. Damn flat tire kept me from enjoying the last of the ride. 
GoneRiding02/25/14Solo ride to Old Camp - saw a small bobcat between the first 2 telephone poles on the way up to OC. Also saw a salamander and one toad. Not too many riders out between the Luge & OC. Saw Dons group after descending the Luge. Garmin battery was dead at start of ride. 
bikesurfski02/24/14Recorded 10 new personal records on this route today (Strava)--uphill and down. Something is happening here--new bike, new self?--I think the trail is the same. Under 50 and any bike will do--over 50 and the bike makes a critical difference. Interesting that faster felt like the rear tire could slip out any time, not the front.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Was able to help a biker ascending the Luge from Modjeska adjust his derailer to allow lowest gear by first adjusting cable then the range limit screw>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Perspective: going uphill just past the second gate brought out "Geeze" from a slightly downhiller, (on a trail we could both pass by, going very slowly) summoned by her "Oh, My Gosh" as we passed; then going up to Old Camp, a downhiller braking and sliding (going very fast) saying "Sorry" summoned by my "No Problem." Maybe it is all in perspective. 
GoneRiding02/18/14Good solo night ride - except for the rock that kicked up and hit me in the shin - ouch! Saw a few riders coming back from OC as I headed up but had STT to myself all the way back to the flag. Big group gathering at the flag as I dropped into the Luge. Got in a good flow on the Luge as well. Saw some toads, a few night hawks and was really surprised to see a small black tarantula out there. Let me know if you guys can view this picture. http://imgur.com/a/5gFXE 
bikesurfski02/15/14Yep, the jeep is nothing but carcass now and pretty much out of sight. 
GoneRiding02/04/14HT - Rode solo for the first 7 miles and then hooked up with Keith, Charles & Andy. Felt good tonight and pushed it pretty good on the climbs. Some puddles on STT but almost all of them are easily avoidable. Charles got a sidewall tear on the way back from OC. Luckily I had a pair of needle nose pliers to unscrew the nut on the tubeless valve so we could put in a tube. There was a 3 car accident on Santiago Cyn Rd just past Marguerite Pkwy when I was heading out toward Cooks before my ride. 
Phishin Paul01/30/14Night ride with Jeff. We had the trail to ourselves all the way to OC. We ran into everybody on the way down. I had a nighthawk hit me in the chest. They are always on the trail just after the flag. 
GoneRiding01/29/14HT - Thought this would be an after work solo ride. Met up with some friends from Kasel Cycling in the parking lot and rode with them. Legs were not feeling it tonight and I was chasing them all night. Luckily there were a few regroups and some mechanicals that slowed it down a bit. Saw Don in the lot before the ride. First time I have seen him driving his pimp mobile. Hope you feel better soon Don. Took the Kasel guys to Oggies after the ride for Taco Tuesday. First time for them there. 
bikesurfski01/25/14Another great biking day--the wayward jeep toward Old Camp starting too look more like a convertible rather than a coup. Several deer on Santiago Road just past Cooks, trying to act stupid on the road, so I chased them back into the woods. 
GoneRiding01/23/14HT - Good solo ride tonight - it seemed Team Troupe was taking over STT tonight. Saw Willie & Chris coming back from OC as I was heading up and on my way back saw Travis & Charlie and then a little later saw Jeff. Sorry to say that the scorpion I saw the other night was crushed on the trail. Next time I see one on the trail I need to figure out a way to get him back in the bushes. 
bikesurfski01/11/14Ideal day, mountain biking couple going up to Old Camp but he came back down without her? Also Dad coming down followed by son chasing his dog back down the trail. Forgot to see how the abandoned Rubiclone jeep is faring, but an STR member reported on New Years Day: "Looks like Crap. Motor and Roll cage are in tact." 
Tick Magnet01/09/14Fun ride with Tom and Troy. Saw a nighthawk jump up in front of Tom. Tuesday night ride. 
GoneRiding01/08/14Good ride last night with Greg & Troy. We had a sheriff drive up to us in the Cooks lot asking the best way to drive up to the peak. He said they had a report of someone stuck up there. As we explained to him about Maple Springs he got word that their helicopter crew had found the person. Nice night out there and my legs felt strong the whole ride. Very still out. Saw just a few other riders. Greg hit the gap jump just below the flagpole on our way down the luge. One of these days I have to hit that. Troy wasn't feeling well and cut out at the Luge. Good seeing Don J. and grabbing a bite to eat at Oggies with Greg after the ride. 
DONALD JACKSON12/30/13pivot 429 is amazing. warm afternoon ride 
GoneRiding12/11/13Last nights ride with Troy & Ben. It was cold at the cars but once we started climbing it wasn't too bad. A couple of other riders out as well. Broke my chain just before the drop into Vultures Crag. Ben & I were able to get it fixed but we had to take out a few links and the chain was too short for some of the easier gears. Still pushed on to OC. Good seeing Don back at the parking area at Cooks and meeting up with his group at Oggies. 
benito12/11/13Tues night ride with Troy and Tom. 
GoneRiding12/08/13Wimped out yesterday morning and didn't ride with the Saturday Crew. Did not want to deal with the cold and rain. Did a lot around the house which gave me an opportunity to get out today. Thought I might have to change into dry clothes at OC but it wasn't too bad once there. Only saw a few other riders out. 2 motos on STT near the top of Cadillac. There are some big mud puddles between the Luge and Cadillac. Got just a little bit of mud on me. The Luge was great though. Felt like I was going as fast as I ever have on it. Stopped near the bottom and picked up a tube someone had dropped. Pretty sure I saw Wayne(BSS) pulling out of the Cooks lot when I was getting ready to start my ride. 
bikesurfski11/23/13What a great ride. Nicely cool with the right gear. A couple of vehicles came up Cadillac to view the Rubiclone Jeep over the side. Left a replacement tube with a couple of kids at the Luge flag who were concerned about their dad who I had just passsed saying you cant replace 29's with with 26's, but hopefully he found it worked? 
Buffalo11/20/13Foggy towards Old Camp, but it cleared up for the ride back. Luge is kinda brake bumpy. 
GoneRiding11/14/13Good solo ride - legs felt really good tonight. My back was acting up though. Thursday nights are always pretty busy on STT. I got lucky and did not hit too much traffic. Saw Geoff at the water bar. Only a few riders past the flag and I was out in front of the Path ride. One of my better efforts for this route. 
bikesurfski11/09/13What a unique opportunity in the OC to watch a young deer deftly make its way across a mountain slope (just below the first gate), on its way toward Modjeska--amazing agility combined with previous established trails, and occasional freeze positions between bursts of energy, making its way. A group stopped to view the infamous Rubiclone jeep: Anyone want to make a living charging for visits to the Rubiclone? Rode with a father-son duo from Old Camp below the Luge, son was @13 and stopped to get his breath. They both had come down from Joplin. That makes for a highly qualified son due to a highly qualified father :) Also lost my Garmin over the side just below the Flag, was looking all over when a fellow biker came by and said, hey, there's something hanging in this bush by the trail. There it was--thanks friend. 
One Flew OTB10/27/13Slow spin up to Old Camp. Felt the legs from yesterday's ride. Nice cool temps though. Great ride. 
bikesurfski10/15/13Beautiful day, all the way to Catalina, Jeep still over the side. 
Keith B10/09/13First night ride of the Autumn with Andy, Charles and AB. Nice easy pace was welcome considering how tired I was. Fork needs some TLC for sure. Hopefully the rain will improve the Luge somewhat. 
bikesurfski10/05/13Dang--what a difference a week brings to a jeep over the side at Old Camp. From an intact, but precarious position, the jeep has now moved below its original position, appears to have rolled causing body damage, broken fender, broken windshield, removed wheels, cut fuel lines, removed fuel tank, etc. Appears someone tried to rescue the vehicle, rolled it, then parted it out, leaving the carcass for the public to deal with. For before and after pics see http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/showthread.php?69208-Old-Camp-another-Jeep-over-the-side&p=1002222#post1002222 
mtnbikej10/03/13SS. Nice afternoon/evening cruise with the wife. At least I thought it was supposed to be a cruise. Turns out she pushed all the way up to the last turn before Old Camp. Stopped to look at the jeep. Couldn't decide if I was warm or cold. Once above the Luge, it actually warmed up a bit. Got run off the trail by a guy coming down from Old Camp....not even a look in our direction. Was supprised by how quiet it was out there tonight...even Cook's was pretty empty. Had to turn the lights on for the Luge. Think we turned a new PR. Really good ride. 
bikesurfski09/28/13Nicely cool ride early with good breeze though 80 degrees by noon. If you take this scenic route, you will notice a Jeep off the side about half way up (I didn't see it until coming back down). No picture upload available on this standard route so for your viewing see: http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/showthread.php?69208-Old-Camp-another-Jeep-over-the-side&p=1001548#post1001548 
dandrews09/18/13rode the rigid down the luge, getting better at picking a line, but definitely have to slow down a bit. 
tweasol09/16/13Feeling slow out there today. Touchdown back at the car right around total darkness, nice. 
MTB Fiend09/05/13Gorgeous sunset climbing all the way up past the Luge, then the lights came on. Felt pretty good tonight and was generally able to keep up with Dave, Kim, Dave, and Eric (who bailed at the Luge). Did surprisingly well on the descent, especially considering how long it has been since descending this trail at night. Dave P had a run in with the nastiest rut on the Luge, but survived. Real nice out there tonight. Great Ride! 
bikesurfski08/31/13That was a hot one. Helped a skilled biker change out a really tight tire near Old Camp. Pooped, sitting under a tree on Santiago Canyon Road evoked an offer for a ride from a pretty woman. (Try it some time :) Ok, I passed :( 
spicolli197608/15/13Great ride with Amy and James 
mtnbikej08/14/13TB. Wanted to mix it up a little. Been several months since I had done this ride. Legs were a little tired from an already long week. Took a long time before I started to feel decent. Climb never felt fast....but we were steady. Always forget about the last 2 pitches before the top. Saw only 1 other rider out there. Felt great coming down the Luge. Bike just felt like it knew when and where to be. Got done just before dark. Good ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend08/14/13Wow! I mentioned to J that I could not remember the last time I completed this ride in under 2 hours. I guess that is because I never did! Did not even know I was on a PR, might have tried harder although trying to hang with J was tough enough. Rode the RIP, to finally give it some equal roll time. As always, a Great Ride! 
bikesurfski08/13/13Too hot for comfort. No criters but some deer tracks from earlier. 
spicolli197607/18/13Great night ride with Amy and James. 
MTB Fiend07/09/13Nice solo twilight ride tonight. Not as cool or breezy as expected, or hoped. Pretty much cruiser mode the whole way, my legs did not join in until about 80% of the climbing was over, but I recovered well and ripped the descent (on the Jet). Stopped in for a brewski with Don J and friends - Thanks Don! Rolled in to the garage just at dark. Perfecto! Great Ride! 
mtbfan06/22/13Beautiful ride up to Old Camp today. Parked at Cooks to head to the Chili Cookout afterwards. Parking was hard since the whole area by Cooks was coned off. STT has so many cool flowers right now. Ran into flyingbrian at the top. Fun times at Cook's afterwards. 
MTB Fiend06/17/13Out there, solo riding at the most perfect time of all.. twilight. It was awesome! Rode the Jet, the new fork is the best ever! Superbly Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/04/13Very peaceful solo OC climb and descent, nice to see lots of wildflowers still blooming gloriously. Hmmmmmmm.... if the wildflowers are so brilliant here in the Santa Ana's, wonder what they are like in the San Gabriels? A Great Ride! 
JCampbell05/31/1328 ride 
GoneRiding05/25/13Mike & Laura's pre-wedding ride. About 15 of us met up at Cook's this morning to help celebrate their wedding tomorrow. Nice morning for a ride up to Old Camp. Hung out at the picnic tables after the ride for a bit and enjoyed a beer while the band got ready to play. Congratulations Mike & Laura! 
Keith B04/28/13Hardly anyone out - probably due to the heat. 
mtbfan04/14/13Fun ride with Mark today. Saw Sharon for the second time in a row. It was freezing at Old Camp. Where is summer? Stopped at Cooks for a Pitcher of beer, Quesadillas and a great country band. Nice to sit by the heater, 
RaulC04/06/13trail was deserted today (riders at VQ & CC) 
yowsurs03/25/13First Luge to Old Camp ride. Weather and views were amazing. Second ride of the season and felt the quads burning on the ascent. Downhill is tons of fun, just make sure your brakes are working! Lots of friendly ppl on the trail. Great ride, highly recommended. Pretty technical, so novice be very careful. 
karldi503/24/13Rode with Alan today - it was his first time on this trail and he did very well. Great weather and the hills are still green with some of the brush in full bloom with those little white & purple flowers. Saw a good size King Snake; the weather must be warming up for him to come out of his winter slumber. Saw more hikers than usual and about 8 - 10 other riders. The Luge is in very good shape; thanks to those that have been maintaining it. 
MTB Fiend03/20/13Nice afternoon ride with mtnbikeJ. Initially thought I was way overdressed and concerned I would overheat. Eventually that cloud cover did make its way in and sure enough it was brisk. Not as good a flow on the Luge as recent rides but still tons of fun on 2 wheels! Constant bother by phone calls - what's up with that? Great Ride! 
mtnbikej03/20/13TB. Nice ride this afternoon with Fiend. Trail was pretty much empty...saw only a couple of riders. Temps started warm and cooled down nicely. Been a while since I had been up to Old Camp. Trail is starting to get overgrown up high. Felt good the whole way up. Ride down was fun. Luge is a blast on suspension. Got done before dark. Good ride. 
Phishin Paul03/15/13A fun mellow ride with Dave. Up in dusk down in dark. Only took one light and it kept slipping and pointing down. Ended up crashing and almost going over cliff side where the single track has the cut out to keep trucks off. Scary moment and walked away with only scrapes and a knot the size of golf ball on inner leg. Ouch! 
One Flew OTB03/10/13Solo ride up to Old Camp in the afternoon. Slow grind again in the small ring. Baby steps. Unreal weather today ... perfect for riding. 
tweasol03/10/13Great weather. 1:19 to OC. Saw lots of friendly peeps on wheels today. 
EFFing Dude03/09/13Had a good ride to Old Camp. Not a bad ride the trail was in good condition after storm rolled through. 
Keith B03/07/13Chilly and damp night ride with Charles. Didn't meet a single rider out there. We were expecting a muddy, claggy trail but it was perfect until after the flag when there was the odd puddle. Great descent and it really wasn't that cold. Good to have all the trails to ourselves. 
tweasol03/03/13Broke a spoke :*( 
Keith B02/27/13Solid ride with Ryan. We made it almost to the flag before we needed lights - summer is coming. Never seen so many people out on STT. Saw JJ out training for the Coup. 
Keith B02/21/13Late start ride. Not many cars at Cooks, probably due to the cold. Saw Graham out on the trail (a rare sighting). There were patches of mud in places but overall not too bad at all. Luge had no mud at all. Charles was trying out his Renegade 2.3 for the 1st time and seemed happy - he drew with Andy for the fastest rolling speed down Live Oak in our impromtu rolling resistance test. Back at the car feet were frozen, cold night. 
gmann02/18/13on the way back from old camp, came across a stuck truck. I don't know how he could get out, except by backing out. it was a sheer drop on one side and no way to turn around. I hope he is okay. 
karldi502/17/13Third ride on the new 29r this afternoon and really enjoying the bike. Lots of riders and a few joggers out taking in the spectacular weather. Met and chatted with a married couple at the flag on a tandem mountain bike, (Sean and Janet); they rocked on the two seater and looked amazing as they tackled the luge. Pushed on to Old Camp, dropping down into the actual campsite where I came across another couple climbing out of the camp on their tandem bike; wow, 2 two seaters on the trails today - don't see that very often. Perfect day to be riding - cool breezes, some warm sun, lots of green, and the trails were in awesome shape - Good ride! 
Phishin Paul02/13/13Plan was to ride this loop and meet up with friends for Luge run. Flatted coming down STT so they went on. Trail is in amazing shape right now. 
MTB Fiend02/10/13Freakin' joke is on me! But I'm cool with that. Light rain Thursday night = clean and lube bike Friday, prepare for Saturday ride. Caught surprised by a seriously annoying squeek from the first pedal stroke on Saturday AM. Never did find it on the ride, lived with it the whole way. Delighted I found it late this AM after another cleaning. Cool, let's ride. Mid-day conditions were perfecto!! Well, until about 1/2 mile from top of OC, when it started raining and sometimes snow. Can't turn back, right? Kept going and was soaked and, muddy. Rained a bit harder at top of OC, and some snow flakes. The desecent was awesome conditions, really. Well, until the Luge. Ugh. Got there at the absolute wrong time. Slippery, snotty, slick - front tire slipped out 2x. After that, I walked. No better on foot of course. About 1/2 way down, most of it was rideable. What a mess! Cleaned and lubed the bike again! And fixed the damned squeek! Ride, clean, lube, Repeat. After all, it's a Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul02/06/13Wow there were a lot of riders just before Old Camp, 15 plus. Great ride with Graham. Forgot my battery for the big light. Really cool weather up at the top with the fog and mist. 
cfeliciano02/04/13Nice ride tonight with Paul and Mike. 
Buffalo02/01/13Last night's slow ride. Felt good to get out. 
singlespeedrider01/04/13Was expecting a much colder night. Stt and the luge were in good shape and fast. 
tweasol12/28/12Talked with some cool guys @ the top. The rock message at old camp says "I love boobs," LOL 
MTB Fiend12/25/12Peaceful solo slow-roller to the top. Just felt right, especially after hearing a flight of Geese overhead, somewhere, never could find them. Honkers have a sound that both excites and relaxes at the same time. I always perk up a bit when I hear it. Stopped a few times to do some trundling, still have not visibly made it to the bottom but had one go for good long time. No "launchers" either. Up at OC, still, calm. Very peaceful. Enjoyed the descent too. One last trundle while gazing on the waterfall below. Trail conditions were nearly perfect. Great day to be in the wild! Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul12/19/12Only top has puddles. In great shape after yesterday's heavy rains. Forgot dry gloves for the ride down and man was it cold. 
xcShane12/18/12Good group ride. (12/11) 
FrecklesX212/16/12Drizzly ride with Brenton, Ben, Jeremy, Ben, Randall and JP. Ben Jeremy Randall and JP took some air out of our tires at the start or we could have kept up. Thanks for a great ride. 
bikesurfski12/15/12Perfectly cool, great day, a puddle here and there, but mostly solid trail. Beat a group of runners up to Old Camp. Only fell twice--once was a cut limb hiding in the shade coming down Old Camp and the other felt like my brake failed, but realized the Luge was a little more slipery than my traction at full speed--no harm, no foul. A little dusting of snow visible on top of Modjeska. 
FRANCHI12/14/121 year since the last time I did this route. Got some drizzle descending from Old Camp. Had to use my lights on Luge. 
mtbfan12/09/12Nice weather again after the fog lifted. Got a late start, but still saw plenty of people out on the trail. Saw Sharon and Denise as they were descending. Grabbed a couple of beers at Cooks and enjoyed the band, sitting outside in the sun. Great end to the weekend. 
benito12/08/12Tues night ride with "The Crew" Troy, Greg and Tom. I think the Luge is over rated 
GoneRiding12/05/12Haven't climbed STT to Old Camp in a long time. Good ride w/ Ben, Greg & Troy. STT is in pretty good condition overall but there were a number of mud puddles to avoid. Luge is dry. Saw quite a few other riders out as well. Good times at Oggies afterwards and good seeing Don and his group. 
ThinkFast12/05/12Great night to ride, surprisingly warm all the way. A few puddles on STT but the Luge was excellent and mud free. Good times in the hills with Tom, Ben, and Greg. 
Phishin Paul11/29/12Great ride with Jeff. I thought it would be a Luge only but Jeff wanted to go up. Glad we did. 
Keith B11/27/12Participants: JJ, Andy, Rob, Ryan. Got pretty foggy and damp at one point but as we got higher it cleared and felt a bit warmer. We discussed solving the world's problems up at Old Camp then hit the descent. I crashed off the trail into a bush on the way down but had alot of fun, I really need a headlight for the Luge descent. 
mtbfan11/25/12Started at Cooks and went up to Old Camp and then dropped into the actual Old Camp. Found some pots and pans....pretty neat down there. Return via the Luge and beverages at Cooks. Couldn't ask for a better day. 
MTB Fiend11/22/12Too fine a day for just 1 ride! Beautiful solo excursion out to Old Camp proper. On they way back, half way down the Luge I learned that doughnuts make lousy cycling fuel. By the time I reached the bottom I was off my sugar high and solidly bonked. Kind of a strange sensation on the climb back home, exhausted and bonked but a wide ass smile on my face! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/20/12I don't get out to OC much anymore so I was eager to get there today, but I wanted to enjoy the twilight transition so I waited all day. Met Jenn from Provo along the way and she tagged along until the Joplin overlook, then turned back. Trail was in excellent condition, moist and fast - one of my best ascent times. Too bad the 4x4's have flattened some of the more challenging sections. If one of them gets caught out there when the trail is slick it could turn real bad real quick. Made it to the bottom of the Luge just at dusk and got caught by none other than my neighbor, Kioti. He was out on the bike enjoying his own handiwork. We chatted a bit, he says he's got big plans for the Luge (and STT) so get out and enjoy. We pulled in to my driveway at dark. Great Ride! 
Keith B11/17/12Awesome post rain afternoon ride with Sarah, Ryan & Lynn. Trail was perfecto. Nice temps on the way up, got a it cloudy briefly at the top with the odd rain shower. Sarah was test riding a RIP9 on the descent and seemed to love it. Luge had been worked on expertly (thankyou to the chap with the rake who was putting in the work) - seemed like a crazy fast time down the Luge. Brakes had wilted at the bottom - I think I found the extreme outer limit of the resin pads and 140mm rear rotor! 
vt1ryan11/17/12Sweet day at Old Camp. Showed up and Specialized was doing a demo day and I deceided to try out the new 2013 S Works Carbon Epic 10K $$$ bike. Awesome ride today. Dirt was nice.... 
Royster7111/17/12Procrastinated on my ride plans ran into Frank. Then ran into someone else rode with him for a bit 
Royster7111/01/12Good riding with you Rox!! Made some cool stone art up top!! 
Damon M10/26/1218:00 to gate 55:00 to flag 1:44:00 to OC 
vt1ryan10/20/12nice to have some cool weather. Trail was in pretty good shape. 
One Flew OTB10/19/12Nice cool evening (finally!) ride with Fast Turtle and Kato. They cruised, and I just tried to hang on. Kato flatted on the way back just before the Luge and Paul managed a slow OTB on the upper part of the Luge. I escaped with no issues. :) 
MTB Fiend10/15/12aaahhh.. like a comfortable pair of shoes. Superb singletrack satisfies solar sensations, solo sojourn. Not another soul out there, and surprisingly, no critters. I really treated myself this ride as I delighted in the sunset transitions. When I die, spread my ashes on this trail in the twilight transition of a gorgeous Fall day. (Good stuff! Gotta write that in to my will - seriously). Red fades to pink, then for the shortest of periods - violet. With all that going on, and taking the time to appreciate it, the descent from Old Camp to the Luge was one of my quickest. I got there just as the sun sizzled into the Pacific. Wisely, I turned on my headlight for the drop down Live Oak (my tailight was dead). Only about 5 cars at Cooks, 2 were Sheriff. Someone appeared to be getting rousted, but I sped by and could not really tell. aaahhh.. the remnants of the day! Pulled in to the garage as the last lumen of twilight held out against darkness. A mighty tasty brew indeed. GREAT RIDE!! 
One Flew OTB10/14/12Solo midday ride. Got to Cooks and was suprised to see the Specialized Demo trailer. Got to demo an S-Works Epic 29er for the whole ride. Nice! 
Fast Turtle10/13/12Rode with Sidney. Temps where great. 
Keith B09/27/12It had gone dark not long after the flag - feels like night riding season is here already. Ryan didnt suffer quite as much as Andy and I had hoped but we were grateful to see him squirm. My fork desperately needs a rebuild - it was skating everywhere on the way back down. 
mtbfan09/15/12Nice ride with Mark today. Could not get up early enough to ride with the group at 6am, so we started at 7am. It was not hot at all. Started with John and Randy who turned out at the Luge. Saw Geof, Elaine, Beni, Bill and Doug (the early group) as we were right passed Lower Joplin. They were heading down. Luge is pretty chopped up in spots but not as bad as anticipated. It is hot out now...so time for the AC and hanging out. 
Buffalo09/13/12Beautiful evening at Old Camp. Great sunset. Almost no one out. 
halfasst09/12/12Real Foggy last night, even with lights it was difficult to see the trail. Besides our group only saw two other riders below the luge, no one else up at Old Camp. 
vt1ryan09/05/12extremely warm night tonight. The heat won't let up. Barely made it tonight because darkness is setting in early now 
Weekend Warrior09/03/12A couple mechanicals but overall a great ride. 
DONALD JACKSON08/26/12SS with Adam, nice ride only a few other riders mid day 
Keith B08/26/12Great afternoon rip with Ryan to burn off last night's Ballast Point. 
One Flew OTB08/25/12Slow spin up to Old Camp. First time back on this route in quite a while. Portions were awesome with cool breeze, and other areas had no breeze and felt HOT! Only saw 2 other riders on the entire route. 
MTB Fiend08/15/12Sensational super-solo ride. Saw 1 rider signing in at the Flag, before that, and after that, never another soul! Cool enough out there even with no breeze. So, I tell you, already, Fall is in the air. Some of the Sycamore saplings are already changing color, the PO too. Descended with the taunting twilight, but was most delighted by the electrifying "lava-lamp-icious" sunset! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/07/12Celebrating OTH! and empty trails. Dead city out there, but I like it! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend07/28/12Been awhile since I have ridden out to Old Camp, thought I'd give it a go on the RIP. Trail seemed a bit loose to me, but not bad. What was really strange though is all the shadows were facing the wrong direction! Not used to an AM ride where I usually ride in the afternoon. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej07/28/12Wife's choice tonight. She made the right choice. We had the place to ourselves. We saw no one until we were on the way back down to the Luge....and it was only 1 rider. Just cruised....wasn't trying to break any land speed records. Only the 2nd time up since breaking myself up there almost 1 year ago....has changed alot. Lost the chain on the SS on one of the climbs coming back down. Started to ride off before I realized I dropped my Garmin...fortunately, I didn't have to backtrack very far....balled up in a bush. Started out very warm and dry, but cooled down nicely. Fun ride for sure. 
xcShane07/23/12Not too crowded on a Sun. morning. Good ride! Put up my best for this route. Lots of snakes sounding off on my way down... 
tweasol07/14/12The smart guys rode by the beach, I felt like the sky was running out of air up top. Home by 9:30am - now I guess it's time to be (un)productive? 
vt1ryan07/10/12Awesome night ride tonight. Was pretty warm at the start of the ride but cooled nicely after the flag pole. Alot of night riders out tonight going up the trail all the way. 
Fast Turtle07/04/12Fun group ride. 
SAmtn07/04/12Good group today. 
PaulV06/29/12sweet ride this morning to old camp 
Buffalo06/18/12Had one of those "this is why I love riding" rides. 
vt1ryan06/12/12nice evening ride. Got done right before dark. Weather was awesome tonight. Nobody on the trail. Everybody was at Irvine Lake doing OTH races 
Jake c('.'c)06/04/12It was gloomy and grey at Cooks but blue and sunny at Old Camp. Black Eyed Susans are blooming again. 
devodoc05/28/12Beautiful morning to be out. Nice in the sun with a cool breeze. Didn't see too many early birds but started to see some traffic on the way back. 
karldi505/28/12Morning ride to Old Camp today was a popular decision as saw many riders out enjoying the holiday. Went with Richard and at the flag we were greeted by about a dozen riders from a local Fullerton Bike shop. Met a nice fellow rider named Patrick at the plateau above old camp and we traded riding stories. Now off to enjoy a family BBQ and relax by the pool. 
vt1ryan05/25/12Left at 4pm today and the weather was nice and cool. Got past the flag and things got really cold and foggy. The trail is in excellent condition. Nice and tacky from the rain last night. The bushes are over grown a little bit and really wet. My shoes and feet got really cold and wet as well as my hands. I must say that the ride was excellent and no soft spots. Nice and firm and packed down well. 
jerrym71405/14/12getting warm out there except on the high ridges. Make sure to carry some extra calories and electrolytes. Fun ride with the creek at Old Camp 
jerrym71405/14/12High up and great views of OC; I'm beginner so the Luge is a little hairy for me. Miss one of those turns and you may have a long fall in some spots. 
Tick Magnet05/12/12Nice solo ride today. Saw two people and a Jeep on the trail stopped and talked to one person. 
vt1ryan05/11/12Went to old camp and saw a guy in his jeep and on the way down he was not in his jeep and he was down the side of the cliff where he had no way out except for Orange County Sheriffs Helicopter had to extract him and hoist him up. Some people need to stop drinking or doing drugs. How in gods world do you get from being inside your jeep and now you are getting rescued off the side of a cliff. Go figure.. Made the ride interesting 
drg04/30/12A little Foggy ! 
Ben Boronow04/27/12Saturday morning ride with Lonnie, Steve & Bob. Nice temps at the start, but it got pretty warm up on the fireroad & singletrack before the clearing. Bob & I went down to old camp to cool off and rest a little since I was toast. We saw 3 Newts in the creek. I had to walk back up but felt much better by the time we got to the luge. Nice ride 
slopush04/22/12Foggy at the bottom, clear on top- that's just the way I like it! Fun morning ride w/ Ralph, Ralphy and Kurt. Thanks guys! 
Keith B04/22/12Rode with Andy & Lynn. Started out pretty warm and stayed that way until Old Camp but then the marine layer made a pretty chilly appearance. Fast trak is still taking some getting used to - rolls great but not as confidence inspiring as the Captain. David appeared and mowed Lynn down leaving her bloody! Luge was pretty cut up and chunky. 
Andy Mc04/22/12Nice late afternoon ride with Keith & Lynn! 
mtnbikej04/22/12Started out nice and cool this morning....cloudy and foggy....that all went away pretty quick. Skies cleared up and the temps climbed. From just past the Luge all the way to Old Camp was pretty warm....with an occasional breeze. Bonked pretty good about 1 mile from the top. Otherwise it was a good ride...I was slow, my wife kicked my ass the whole ride....that's what I get for putting gears back on her SS. 
Dmac04/19/12Yesterday's ride 
drg04/16/12Trail is in Great shape!!!!!! 
Heathermarie904/16/121st of 2 sunday rides. Ended up talking way more than ridign on this one. Good to see some friends out there & catch up! 
One Flew OTB04/15/12Slow crawl up to old camp. Great cool day and nice tacky trail. Saw Robot in the parking lot with his new 2012 S-Works Epic 29er, then again a while later as he blew past me climbing puke hill. LOL 
halfasst04/15/12Good ride on a beautiful day. Rode with Dave A., Dwane, Hugh and James. Tons of riders, hikers, runners out this morning. 
One Flew OTB04/15/12Yesterday was fun, so decided to do a repeat. Felt a bit better today. Tons of people on STT ... guess it is the logical place to ride after the rains. 
TBlazen04/15/12Thanks Dave, Keith and nice meeting/riding with new friends Hugh and Dwain...sorry I mixed your names up HA! Beers were kewl at Cimontane too with some of you (not to mention names)..... 
Buffalo04/10/12Felt good, pushed the pace. 
la_purisima04/10/12Haven't been to Old Camp in a while. Fell into a good pace chasing another rider and beat my best time on this ride by a bunch. Great sunset on the descent. Thanks to the speedy guy on the Rip9! 
Royster7104/06/12Rode with Rox and sometimes Ned.. Also saw Sharon and went down to the bottom of Old Camp and saw 2 guys camping down there. Then some dipshit drove his motorcycle down there . We had words... 
MTB Fiend03/27/12Trail is in the best shape I have seen it, in like... forever. Sweet surprise to be able to ride at all today, let alone a beautiful solo afternoon/twilight sojourn to Old Camp. Work is threatening to get in the way of life. Finished the Luge near dark and rolled in to the garage just at dark. Perfecto! Great ride! 
Buffalo03/24/12Rode this Thursday evening. I saw a bobcat with dark coloring. 
vt1ryan03/24/12Pretty warm today. 
EFFing Dude03/15/12Hmmmm, the ride started out great! Mojo and I were making awsome time then there was the hissing that you don;t want to hear, shit my rear went flat. Cool, no problem I'll fix it fast and get riding again 6-7 minutes done. Go to blow it up my F'ing pump didn't work. ARRRRGG! At this point I figure I'm going to ride out on the tire and the rim. I actually made ok time. Thanks for picking me up Mojo at the gate, (mileage adjustment for what I rode 14.9) cause I don't think I could have walked down that rode.... :) 
MoJo03/13/12Hmmmm.... What can I say about this ride?? Well, it was a ride. I'll let Todd elaborate if he so chooses :/ 
gmann03/12/12first dirt ride in a month. felt good to be off the road. 
1speedgal03/03/12Great ride with Cheryl, Dave, Knittles. Lots of people on the trail. 
Marcos03/01/12Cold dark ride w hinds 57 and Darrin 
MTB Fiend02/28/12Wasn’t nearly: as wet, as cold, as long, as anticipated. Got plenty cold on the descent though. Rode the hardtail, just in case it was wet - it was not. Had to pick up the pace a bit to ensure I had enough light to drop down the Luge. Timed it all so perfectly it was ridiculous. Had to use lights to drop Live Oak and commute home. Hoping for an epic, days not to be missed kind of ride, but was surprised it was only an everyday ride. Sunset was a dud. Hills were not "weeping water". At least the waterfall way below in Harding was flowing. Trail was bone dry, get out and ride! As I pulled in to the driveway I could here my rear tire hissing and oozing Stan's. Soon it stopped. Good Stan's. Great ride! 
Ben Boronow02/26/12Beautiful Saturday AM ride. Started at Cooks with Lonnie, Bob, Ron & Jeff. Tom caught up with us around the pipe on STT. Lonnie & Ron had chores, so they cut out at the luge. Jeff broke his chain at the start of the next climb, but fixed it in record time. We went ahead and rode all the way to the camp. It was beautiful down there. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/22/12Hmmm.. only just now noticed this was my 100th post for this ride. A sensational solo crimson sunset sojourn. Got a later start than anticipated but was rewarded nonetheless. Caught the actual sunset as I climbed above the Luge. By the time I reached the rocky steps section I was awash in an aura of pink, then red - reflected all around me. "Rose colored glasses"? Really quite cool, actually. Intended to cat-eye it to Old Camp, but got creeped out when I imagined encountering a critter along the trail with the same intent. Got to the clearing above OC and enjoyed the finality of the day. Then got creeped out again. So calm, quiet and still. Too calm, quiet and still. Not a bit surprised to run in to hordes of riders as I got closer and on to the Luge - after all what sensational weather! Still, I was pleased to just slide on thru and not be in anybody's way. Great ride! 
Phishin Paul02/22/12Ride with Dave and Graham. Lots of folks up at Old Camp tonight. Good times. 
ADanFool02/20/12Legs were like cooked spaghetti today. 
One Flew OTB02/12/12Solo ride at noon. Great temps ... nice and cool. Climbed in my middle ring the whole way. Baby steps. 
PaulV02/10/12super nice morning and perfect conditions...doesn't get much better than this! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/148518643 
SAmtn02/09/12Great night. Started with Shine, Brett, Oly. Continued to Old Camp with Kato, Ryan, Fast Turtle. Not even cold. 
DONALD JACKSON02/05/12Cal rode awhile with me, Saw Moe coming down. Not very busy, Met three guys at Old camp, Rode the Fuji Outland 
vt1ryan02/04/12Nice and warm today. 
vt1ryan02/01/12was able to get a late afternoon spin in today. Weather was great. Had the whole trail to myself 
PaulV01/30/12fun ride on a fun route http://connect.garmin.com/activity/144830612 
tweasol01/25/12Rode behind a bobcat for about 10 seconds before he ducked into some bushes and we stared each other down for another 5. WAY cool!! Found a note on my car that says "We acquire the strength we overcome..." I think I know who did that one, well said J.C.!! 
drg01/25/1280 Deg Really!!! 
Buffalo01/25/12Tuesday night ride. Met XCRider at Old Camp. Thanks, Steve for helping me pick up the wreckage after my spill. The sunset was beautiful, and lasted forever. 
Keith B01/25/12Mentally drained after only getting 2hrs sleep earlier in the week. Got pretty windy out there at times. New bike feeling awesome on the uphill sections. A large rock flicked up clattered into the bike on the downhill - its first injury :-( 
Phishin Paul01/25/12Fun ride with Dave, Graham and Nate. New Serfas 1500 lights are sweet. I can actually see the trail. 
XCRider01/24/12Beautiful sunset from a STT switchback. Red sky and Catalina with OC lights in the valley. I knew there was a reason I did this tonight. Wasn't even cold although I put on an extra layer for the glide back to Cooks. Trail surface is excellent with just a few small puddles (and the one big one headed up to Old Camp). Was fun to meet Buffalo up at the clearing and have someone to ride down with since that's the scary part. 
dauntlessjeep01/22/12Great ride today. Terrain was perfect after many riders packed down the train from the recent rains. 
nharper01/22/12Tough sledding this morning. 
halfasst01/22/12Good times today on the #405, I mean STT. Wow! It was busy out there this morning. Tons of riders, perfect dirt, great climbing weather. I think 1/2 of Orange County was out riding, running and hiking today. Luge was in better shape than I've seen in a long time. Jim was out working the dirt to make it even better, thanks Jim. 
Jocko01/22/12Last ride for two weeks :-( 
jpotts01/22/12great ride with wz, gs, ks and the ocr crew 
drg01/20/12Great weather!! 
rushak01/19/12Not too bad of a night for a ride. Wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. 
Pmcmasters01/17/12Chilly night ride with cfeliciano. 
karldi501/16/12Solo ride to Old Camp this afternoon. Wasn't sure how the trail would be with the recent rain and was pleased to see that all was good, although it got cold up past the flag and visibility at times was only about 30 - 40 feet due to fog and low clouds. Only saw two other riders. The sun finally came out on the way down and the luge was in great shape. 
cfeliciano01/16/12Nice night ride with Paul. Old Camp kicked my butt again. 
devodoc01/14/12Had the whole trail to myself going in up until I came across some hikers about 1/2 mile shy of OC. Saw only two small groups and two single riders heading back. Had a small sidewall tear slow me down on the descent from OC - nothing a tube and a post-it note couldn't handle. Stopped at Einstein's for some chow and to bug my daughter then rode home from there. Will have to log that as a road ride... ha ha. 
Damon M01/13/12Started from Tim's 
tweasol01/12/12The message at old camp says "Get better Carly." Whoever you are, I wish you a speedy recovery!! 
Keith B01/12/12Pretty tired tonight - took the Enduro which was really weird after the 29er. The bars on it now feel too narrow, it felt twitchy too. New X-King tyre on it didnt help either. I'll give it another few goes but it may well get off'd for the 29er, ulp! Too many people out on the trail tonight, almost ridiculous. 
rushak01/12/12Busy night on the trail, but oh so nice. :) 
JD15801/12/12Night ride started with Rushak and James. Good to see a few people out tonight riding up to OC/Luge. 
GoneRiding01/12/12Another Thursday night Team Troupe ride. Haven't climbed up to Old Camp in a while. We had some pretty big gusts of wind in the early part of the ride heading towards the flag pole. Saw Sarah heading back down when we were heading up to OC. Probably Keith with her but with the lights it was hard to see. Possibly saw a skunk on Live Oak Rd. on the way down. Not one car in the Cooks lot when we went by at the end of the ride. Our start point adds about another 8 miles to the ride. 
Phishin Paul01/11/12Fun ride with Graham and Dave. I thought it was going to be cooler but it was very pleasant. Not too many people out tonight. 
TomG01/10/12Rode from home through O'Niell park too, nice route. 
One Flew OTB01/01/12Nice solo crawl up to Old Camp to get the year started. 81 degrees in the parking lot when I finished. Feels like summer! 
1speedgal12/29/11Midweek ride in very warm temps. Saw many riders out today. 
MoJo12/24/11Great ride with Mike and Laura. Looking forward to hitting some new trails in the next few days!! 
tweasol12/24/11Have to renew my double taxation - I mean, adventure pass - so I decided not to ride chiquito today and opted for this - really clear out there! Merry Christmas! 
FRANCHI12/22/11Went to Old Camp to check out a supposed message addressed to me written with pebbles (Trobe1 commented yesterday). Whatever it was, it was replaced with the words JOPLIN - OLD CAMP. 
mark189012/17/11ride #2.much warmer.good to see jason out there,then spoke with john up at the clearing.stt was fun,the luge was the luge. 
RoughRiderR12/14/11Good ride with david, ted aj and jeff. cold night 
Phishin Paul12/11/11Week out of town for training meetings. Back on the bike. Really felt slugish after flu. Flat after rocky section but Stan held after 2 stops to fill. 
vt1ryan12/10/11Nice afternoon ride with Twitch. Finally got him back on the bike again. Took 10 min off my last ride to Old Camp. PB 
Keith B12/08/11Brrrr cold out there tonight. Started out with Andy, Kris, Lynn & David and met Ryan up near Old Camp. Geoff sighting up there too. Got a flat coming down whilst letting it rip through the rock garden. 
ZULU12/06/11Started out to just ride the Luge but it was so nice out but cold(Brrr) and windy, just kept climbing. Trail was good, fun fun downhill. 
RoughRiderR12/04/11yeah. look at that max heart rate 
JD15812/01/11Night ride with Rushak, James, and MZ. Bit chilly but fun on the way down. 
Keith B12/01/11Windy night ride with Kris, Ryan, David, Andy & Sarah. Got pretty chilly uptowards Old Camp. Descents are so fun on the Enduro now - I recommend everyone let the Rowsby lose on their suspension. 
rushak11/30/11Gettin' cold, but thankful for no wind. 
Ladera Dave11/29/116 of us tonight, good seeing Larry, izzy, and Dave. good food afterwords. 
gmann11/28/11nice day for a ride to old camp. did not see another person out today. 
dauntlessjeep11/24/11Great morning for a turkey day ride to burn off all the calories I'm going to chow down. Trail condition was perfect. Happy Turkey day all. 
MTB Fiend11/21/11Late afternoon ride. Perfect trail conditions (as if I had a doubt), and only a few riders. Great ride! BYOB @ Selma's to top off the day. Tried some great brews. Awesome! 
RollnStone11/20/11Started to mist while I was climbing out of the Luge and returning to Cooks. Good timing. 
dauntlessjeep11/20/11It was pretty cool out, it started drizzling at Old Camp. Other than that, the condition of the trail was perfect. 
MoJo11/20/11Great ride with Anthony, David, and Randy. Post ride food and adult beverages to top it off! 
MTB Fiend11/17/11Sensational night for a ride. Quite a few folks out tonight. Great ride! 
one-i11/16/11Team Nuke, G*, and the Coach 
Jake c('.'c)11/15/11I was feeling great today and wanted to go for a new PB on this route. Then I dropped my Garmin right before the flag and had to hike back to find it. My rear tire started slowly going flat just before Old Camp so I decided to just pump it and try to make it back. Then I blew a huge hole in my sidewall on a rock. I hated that tire anyway. Kenda Karma yuck. 
flyingbrian11/13/11Trail was in great shape ! Perfect weather , looked like the 405 freeway at rush hour with all the people ! 
1speedgal11/13/11Fantastic day for riding STT. Rode with Cheryl and Dave. Ran into mtbfan and Mark at the flag, then lunch at Wahoos with Marie, Dave, Karla and Cheryl. Couldn't have asked for more. 
Fast Turtle11/11/11RnR Full Moon ride. Lots of riders. Rode with SAmtn and Kato. 
drg11/11/11Great weather ,and trail is in great shape! 
Sparrrrky11/10/11Great temperature tonight 
4_chew_nut11/10/11Night ride with JP. Light Santa Ana winds tonight made for crystal clear views and nice temperature. turned around at Lower Joplin tonight. 
SAmtn11/10/11Lots of people out for the RnR full moon ride. Not many going to old camp. Chatted with Matt along the way. Rode with Fast Turtle and Kato. 
Buffalo11/09/11Felt cold at Cooks, but warmed up after the first mile. Passed 3 riders returning from Old Camp and had it to myself. Hung out and enjoyed the night/moon/stars. 
vt1ryan11/09/11Nice morning ride. Trail is in great condition. Got a little warm on the back of STT to Old Camp. 
TomG11/08/11great weather route is in great shape with a few riders too. 
Jake c('.'c)11/08/11brrrr 
MTB Fiend11/08/11First full night ride to OC of the season, solo too. Feeling real leary about the new MagicShine batteries, they don't seem to last nearly as long. I ran it on Low while climbing, then Middle on most of the descent and it was still showing a Green status. Ran it on High for the Luge and it was still good for the ride home. Feeling better about that now. My new layering worked well for tonight too. Looks like I may be able to ditch 1 extra jersey as a result. Felt great on the climb, but took it easy on the descent. Still having a tough time adjusting to the lights. Climbing with the bright Moon was cool as the moonlight lit up the canyon walls and cavern below. Saw a Bobcat just ahead of my lights, then he dashed off. At the top the moonlight was ultra-bright. Not crowded but other riders were out. Still, felt like something was missing. Great ride! 
gmann11/07/11Mid day ride. Did not see anyone. Followed a bobcat for about 100 yds coming down from old camp. 
cleanbeater11/05/11Early morning spin with NO GO & Raul. 40 degrees at start. STT & Luge looked good. 
MoJo11/05/11Chilly morning but beautiful morning. Quite a few hunters out. I was surprised to see them on STT. Fortunately they were still "empty handed". 
vt1ryan11/05/11Awesome weather and an awesome ride. Trail was in excellent condition. A few puddles on the way to old camp, but none on the luge. Nice and hard packed. 
Heathermarie911/05/111st ride of the afternoon. Slept in & kinda glad I did bc it was warmer out. Saw Lisa, Di, Jacke, & Tracy in the parking lot & then saw Paul who joined me on the ride. Temperature fluctuated so i had to delayer & relayer a couple of times. Beautiful on the way up to Old Camp right now after the rain. 
rushak10/31/11HRM EPIC FAIL! 
RaulC10/26/11nice easy pace with William; getting chilly up there 
MTB Fiend10/24/11Ye olde half and half ride. Climbed in the late afternoon, not another soul after the flag. I was pleased the climb felt strong and somewhat effortless. I am working towards that. No critters. Dropped in to Old Camp proper. Started the descent at sunset. Did a poor job of estimating twilight and needed the "caught out" light to descend the Luge. It was perfectly adequate but next time I need to start earlier or bring the full array of lights. Idiot! Great ride! 
drg10/22/11Lots of riders!! 
xcShane10/22/11Ride #3 on the new bike. Need to dial in the suspension a bit more. Lots of riders out today. Thanks for meeting me Rick! 
1speedgal10/21/11Perfect weather, great company and great ride. 
RoughRiderR10/19/11Good ride with JJ and Keith. JJ was in good form. I couldnt keep up towards the top. Been a long time since we all rode together. The 29 was rough after the flag. The luge made my left kidney hurt. Left my gps on after the ride...oops. 
Damon M10/17/1116:00 TO gate 46:00 to flag 1:48:00 to OC 
Keith B10/17/11I picked the wrong night to take my heavyweight stuff with Ryan & JJ on good form and on their 29ers. The ride fried me pretty good. Old Camp in October must mean the start of the night riding season! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch10/16/11A little hot, but not too bad. Broke a spoke somehow on the way up to Old Camp. Felt much better this time than the first time I had done this, which was about a year ago. Lots of riders out today. 
ocwannabe10/16/11Great ride, got my legs and energy back. 
MTB Fiend10/14/11Half-n-Half, 50-50, twilight-dark ride. Well, maybe a little more twilight. Still, made it all the way to top of OC without lights, then used lights on the descent. Choked and choked on the descent, slow-Joe'd it all the way!, including the Luge. No flow, no mojo, just survival mode. No other night riders (despite a gorgeous night!), no critters either. Great ride! 
one-i10/12/11Warm Taco Tuesday. 
Jake c('.'c)10/11/11Spotted a fat little Bobcat as I was coming down from Old Camp. 
UphillRider6510/10/11Good early morning ride, nice and cool. 
JD15810/10/11Rode the SS. 
mtbfan10/09/11What a great ride today. Felt pretty good even after yesterday's ride. Ran into Rowsby, Rob, Geof (aka Tinman), Elaine, Andrea and Dave at the Luge. Pretty warm in spots, but who is complaining when you can ride in a tank top in October. Also saw Randy, Erik and Debbie on their way down from Old Camp. Lots of reasons to stop and chat. 
One Flew OTB10/09/11Solo run up to Old Camp. Spun the small ring on much of the climb. Sheesh. 
drg10/08/11Not many riders out today. 
Phishin Paul10/06/11Out of town for over a week. Back in the saddle. Trail dry. 
martink11109/28/11Rode the Slingshot. Evening ride- to Old Camp in 1:16:02 minutes. Slow return due to broken spoke. 
jpotts09/25/11nice ride with wz - cooks corner was out of control packed, vintage bike show or something. 
MTB Fiend09/25/11Missed it by that much! The light that is. Started out about 15 min later than I should have on this early evening ride. Nice and somewhat sunny until the Luge, then the cold and clouds came back in. Made for an eerily calm and silent climb to Old Camp. Did not see another human soul and virtually no critters (1 Tarantula, 2 very large hawks). Shocking! as it was prime critter conditions the whole way. Brought just 1 light and needed it well above the Luge. Luge is so chunked up, I really took it slow with just the 1 light. Finished in the real dark. Great ride! 
Jake c('.'c)09/22/11Felt great today. At the top of the last climb before the downhill to the flag the Garmin said 31 minutes, so I knew I was on track for a new PB! When I got to the flag I looked down and the Garmin had shut off. 
mtbfan09/21/11Another Furlough Day ride with the girls. Andrea, Cheryl and I set our for Old Camp, but Cheryl turned around after the climb past the Luge. Weather was perfect and only one other rider past the Flag. 
portolavet09/19/11Solo ride. 91 degrees today at lunch. Pretty hot to be fun. 
JD15809/18/11Rode the SS with James and Rushak. Finished with hardly any daylight left on the luge....already missing the extra daylight. 
MTB Fiend09/16/11Almost super-solo, rode a few hundred yards with JD158. After the Luge all super-solo. For awhile there it actually felt like good old, old times - a time before. So, I could tell you that I was in a rush to get the descent on the Luge finished before dark. Or...it could have gone like this - Every pedal stroke counted as darkness chased me like the snapping jaws of a rabid junkyard dog! Which do you prefer? I know which I like. As it is I used a light descending the Luge to keep those rabid dogs at bay. Dark now, as I decended Live Oak, a Deer non-chalantly crossed in front of me. My eyes darted about, afraid another would step right in front of me! As I climbed back home, another 2 Deer along SCR. I told you it was an invasion! Great ride! 
Two Tired09/15/11Rode with Tom, Dave, Kim, and her amazing Trail Angel trainer Adrian. Could not keep up with them. 
Boerseun09/14/11Early morning ride with Burgemeester 
portolavet09/14/11Nobody on the trail today. Always a fun lunch break!!! 
Burgemeester09/14/11Mellow spin with Boerseun - flatted coming down OC, very strange! Luckily I had my sherpa along for the ride, else I'd still be HABing! 
portolavet09/12/11Not too warm today. Fun lunch break. 
grimix09/11/11STR/Path 9/11 ride. Had to add Old Camp for being in the area. 
MoJo09/10/11My first mistake was riding this for the 3rd time in a week. The 2nd mistake was thinking I wanted to ride the HT. ouch. Took Anthony out for his first trip up to Old Camp. Pace was mellow and he did great. Quite the assortment of weather out there. Started out chilly, got warm and humid at the poles, then came the rain, followed by thunder and lightning. Good ride but I am toast. 
flyingbrian09/10/11garmin stopped working as usual. ended up being a great day after all, the rain stopped and it cleared up by the time I oot up too old camp ! 
portolavet09/09/11Very hot at noon!!!! Takes the fun out of it... 
MoJo09/07/11Dawn patrol with Dan and Laura. Riding by 6:45, hit Modjeska Grade and it felt like someone turned on the space heater.Flat out HOT when we got to the top. New PB 1:57 
MoJo09/03/11HOT up by "the poles"!! Fun ride though. The DH was entertaining...watching me come down was a circus act at best!! Not sure what happened to my DH skills but I suspect it was alot like watching a monkey ride a bike :))) 
portolavet08/29/11Good to be back again. Nice solo to old camp. Seems easy after joplin last week. 
JeffK08/20/11Rear hub bad again...just rebuilt... 
PaulV08/17/11the classic ride!! good one w/ olis, bte01 and forrest guth. man it felt hot out! felt good to get out and blow the cobwebs out, this crew kept me honest!! :)) 
MTB Fiend08/17/11Yesterday fall was in the air. Today it was all about still summer air. At least the shady spots were cooler. Got darker sooner and faster than expected. Took a little tumble as I struggled to find my night riding mojo. I'm sure I will get plenty of practice in the nights to come. Delighted to have flanneryd join me. Great ride! 
portolavet08/11/11Slugish today. Pretty warm at lunch. 
Two Tired08/11/11Solo ride Sunday morning. Started out cool and foggy, but warmed up quickly. The luge is a lot of fun now. A little chunkier and the ledges have grown a little higher. 
MTB Fiend08/11/11Later start than desired meant a harder push until past the Luge. After that, free sailing and not another soul. Dropped in to OC proper and was quickly driven out by the bugs. Hey!I'm solo, so I started to mimic the bugs audibly and I think it drove them crazy - they went away! Great descent into the setting sun - so awesome! Ran in to Franchi on his ascent. Chatted a bit and swapped stories. Thanks for the compliment. Dropped the Luge w/o lights but not Live Oak, ran the "flashers". Almost physically ran in to DIRTULS and ocrogenator on their roadie ride (they're closet roadies). Major goings on at my neighbors house as they all prepare for Whistler. What a difference a day makes - works if you're talking stock market or weather! Great ride! 
hinds5708/08/11rider and i 
mtbfan08/07/11We got a late start, and was it hot??? The ride down was great and my adjusted front fork felt great. Had some well deserved snacks and drinks in the shady parking lot and went to Rose's for a glass of wine. Nice day out. 
mtnbikej08/04/11nice ride with MTBFiend. Was a hot one out there yesterday. Only saw 1 rider past the Luge. Felt like we made good time to Old Camp. Was feeling great on the descent back towards the Luge....around the area where the lttle jumps are. Going through a rocky section, felt the front wheel start to go, but couldnt save it.....after I stopped rag dolling down the trail...everything seemed ok...except for the massive amounts of road rash. MTBFiend changed my flat while I shook the cobwebs loose. Once back on the bike I knew something wasnt right. My left shoulder is not happy. Can't lift it...cant hardly move it...but was able too ride it out. Otherwise a good ride. 
portolavet08/03/11Nice ride to old camp. Went down the luge at night, cool!!! 
MTB Fiend08/03/11Rode with mtnbikej, he on the tough SS, me on the plush f/s. The evening breeze took its sweet time to start cooling tonight and was most welcome once it reached us. On the descent I was surprised to see J layed out on the trail. Luckily he appears to be OK, but it was clearly a hard hit. Fixed his front flat and away we went. The sunset was spectacular as it projected its orange rays upon the canyon walls. I must revisit that thought. For once, I was actually able to keep up with J on the Luge. Hope its just a nuisance J. _____ ride! 
MTB Fiend07/29/11Another super solo sunset sojourn. 2 other riders as we ascended to the Luge (for a Friday, that's a crowd!). After that, no one but me. Sweet! No critters, bummer. Finished at the house just at dark, perfecto timing! Great ride! 
Buffalo07/28/11Finished as the sun was setting. Had Old Camp to myself. 
portolavet07/26/11Solo ride. Nice noon ride. 
Jake c('.'c)07/25/11I started around 5pm and didn't run into anyone else on the trail. One rattlesnake sighting. First ride with my new 305. 
flyingbrian07/23/11wow ! ,great weather today. not very many riders up at the top today ..... 
karldi507/23/11Nice ride this afternoon to Old Camp then down the Luge. The weather was perfect. Met another rider named Eric on a cool blue bike from a little country near France. Went by myself after working with Hunter on his Eagle project at church. Used my new bike rack (Thule) for first time - works great. 
MTB Fiend07/20/11Super solo sunset singletrack sojourn. 'Twas me own ride, saw only 3 other riders. My poor old drivetrain was a groaning and moaning. That cassette is dangerously sharp right now. Dropped in to Old Camp proper but the bugs chased me out within seconds. Hung out at the top of Goat Hill and soaked in the sunset. Orange-hued hillsides and yellow sunbeams - simply magnificent. Chased the last rays of sun down Live Oak and enjoyed the cruise home. Great ride! 
portolavet07/19/11A bit slugish today. My brakes feel like new. 
portolavet07/18/11Had to go down with front brakes only, not fun at all. My rear brakes wouldn't work; time to bleed them... 
flyingbrian07/16/11really nice day today, garman cutout again .... 2 mechanicals today ! 
portolavet07/14/11Nice drizzle made the trail just perfect. Cool view from old camp. 
Phishin Paul07/14/11Wow the flowers are in full bloom on the upper portion of the trail. Adds to some fun coming down as the mountain flowers try and knock you off your bike. Nice and skinny 1track up there. 
RoughRiderR07/13/11Great ride with Bk and Randy. Fast in spots slow in others. 
Keith B07/12/11Set out at a good pace with Ryan and met Randy jsut past the flag. Let it rip up to the top but in doing so I had almost no energy for the way down. It got a little chilly on the way down and the luge was more hardcore than last time I headed down there too. 
MTB Fiend07/12/11Gotta be honest here - tonights ride sucked. Alas, the end of an era, or something similar. It's all bad. This was not a ... well, you know. 
portolavet07/11/11Good to be back on the bike!!! 
Jake c('.'c)07/07/11Started at around 1:30 and it was hot as hell, but a breeze picked up before long and made it bearable. 
MTB Fiend07/05/11Today, I was puny. From the first pedal stroke I immediately went into survival mode and found a slow pace I could hold. I broke the whole trail in to sections. If I can get past this section.. then, I should be able to make it past the next section.. and so on. Finally made it to the top. Still I could not believe how hard the ride was this time. I say it all the time, and it is true, "not every day can you be strong" - today proved my point. Aha! but it was still... a Great Ride! 
Fooly07/01/11Its getting hot out there! 
MTB Fiend06/28/11Sensational sunset ride. I cannot find the words to describe how gorgeous it was as the orange hued light peeks around the canyon corners. Or how the yellow wildflowers are relucent when the waning sun illuminates them. You simply have got to experience it for yourself. Great ride! 
Fast Turtle06/25/11Rode with One Flew OTB whose 1:45 ride time for being out of shape, not feeling the pace is almost back to his old fast pace. The Luge is fast and smooth which equals a lot of fun. 
MoJo06/25/11UUGHH!! Legs were non existent today! Fortunately Roy stopped about every 12 minutes to talk to everyone he knew coming down the trail. I eventually found myself encouraging it :)). Flies were out in abundance. Great morning, trail is in great shape! 
One Flew OTB06/25/11Nice early am ride w/Fast Turtle. My goal was just to keep moving ... ride time not too bad, but I didn't have much left at the end. Paul was nice today and took it easy on me. Lots of riders coming up as we descended. 
Royster7106/25/11Not everyday you see a white Tiger on this ride... Well I did and No I wasnt drinking... Good getting out with you Mojo!! After ride went to Chili contest at Cooks!! Then off to the movies!!! The people next to me were in PAIN!!! I saw a lot of peeps out and about! 
RollnStone06/24/11A little warm climbing. Barely hopped over a snake, sunning on one of the downhills. 
Two Tired06/20/11Rode with Dave, Tom, Greg and James. Great weather, felt pretty good. Spaghetti at Cooks after hit the spot. 
SAmtn06/18/11Great morning for a ride. Trails were busy this morning. Thanks to Fast Turtle, Jr, Mike, and Manny for the company. 
Fast Turtle06/18/11Rode with Samtn, Aaron, Mike, and Manny. Nice morning to ride. 
tweasol06/16/11I Love the sound of creaky bike in the morning. 
MoJo06/15/11Early ride with the girls. Perfect weather. Breakfast and Bloody's for "recovery" :) 
one-i06/15/11Late morning with Rambo and Jason. Bugs were insane by OC. Wish I had the camera for the superfly snuka steamroller Jason pulled. 
portolavet06/15/11Starting to get warm. Good ride at lunch. Only saw two other riders going to old camp. 
MTB Fiend06/14/11A Mother Nature trifecta tonight! It was a tag team of splendor! First the wildflowers were doing their dance of relucent fancy and delight, then the sunset stepped in for a little orange hued sensationalism. All the while the Full Moon was silently stealing the thunder from them all. As a last act of defiance, the Matilija were glowing a bright white in the waning light. As we dropped down the Luge, all was silent and still as this collosal struggle of Mother Nature's best entertainers collided on the stage we called a "Great ride"! 
portolavet06/13/11Warm today. Solo again. 
gmann06/13/11great day to ride. the breeze kept the temperature down. The last 1/2 climb to old camp clearing is like riding through a tunnel of flowers. Really awesome. 
mtnbikej06/12/11Today was one of those rides, that I was glad I did......after the ride. Wasn't feeling it when we started. Took the Tallboy out...been a while since I rode with gears. By the time we were heading up Modjeska Grade, I was already suffering....plus the humidity was high, making it kinda sticky out there. Started our way up STT. My wife had left 15 mins. ahead of us, the pace was a little quick trying to catch her. Fortunately, she was waiting at the top of F-U Hill. Got dropped on the rest of the climbs to the Luge. Wife was only going to the Luge, while we continued on to Old Camp. Just as we started to pedal off to Old Camp....she yelled out her tire was flat. She had a tube but not pump. So we changed it off we went. I didn't stop at the normal overlook....figured I wouldn't continue on if I did. Slow and steady, made it to the top. Ride down is always fun. Finally got into the groove about half way down Luge. Good ride in hindsight. 
mtbkel4406/12/11tons o flowers. rider down with something wrong with her collarbone or shoulder just above the luge. Ouch. She had a long walk out. Been there done that... Perfect weather. 
flanneryd06/12/11Again, the wildflowers are just beautiful on the trail right now. Evil, bloodsucking flies were swarming at Old Camp, however, and shortened our break at the top. I mean, those flies were REALLY bad. 
portolavet06/08/11Felt slow today, must be the two rides from yesterday. Very nice weather. 
MTB Fiend06/07/11Is a ride really just a ride? Or could it be... simply sensational? At first it was all rosy, then a deep orange, dropping quickly yet calming in effect. The shadows grew longer, the air cooler; the brilliant sunset was the best! The luminescent alpen glow simply delighted the senses as we descended into the waning glow that crept around the corners of the canyon. Let's hear it for the wildflowers! They continue to amaze and please with their relucent longevity. Ascended agilely, quietly - critter cruising. Saw 1,013 lizards, but nothing larger. Descended in awe. Yes, it was... a Great ride! 
TomG06/06/11Great ride 
javarocker06/05/11Nice ride with Jimmy, Robert & Joel. Robert & Joel cut it short at the Flag. 
MTB Fiend06/03/11Super solo sunset critter cruisin.. but the critters did not know it and never showed. Oh well. Just kept pushing the pedals and before long got there. Never saw another soul after the flag. Wildflowers are still so spectacular! Timed it all so perfectly, dropped the Luge in the waning light of the sunset and finished in my driveway just as it was getting dark. Great ride! 
mtbkel4406/02/11great ride with great friends. nice extra day off from work. 
portolavet05/31/11Nice lunch ride. 
MTB Fiend05/30/11A most memorable ride with friends and spectacular wildflowers. Finally! Is summer on its way? Great ride1 
flanneryd05/30/11Excellent way to spend a holiday day off work - the weather was perfect. Found a small snake on the climb after the gate and it was a nice reason to stop and breathe. Climbing is climbing, but the ride down from Old Camp to the Luge is so fun. A favorite of mine. Afterwards, we had some brews in Cook's parking lot. A great ride with my wife and friends! 
TomG05/23/11Wet from the morning rain 
RoughRiderR05/23/11Good Sunday out with the guys. Keith and Andy kept swapping back in forth on the 29er Tallboy and Enduro. The Tallboy suspension was virtually locked out due to high shock/fork pressure. Both Andy and Keith seemed pretty fast on it, esp. for a ~28 bike. Good ride Gents. Look forward to our next ride. 
Keith B05/22/11Tallboy test ride number 2 with Ryan & Andy. On slight grades this thing flies but on the steep stuff it felt alot heavier than the 27lbs it weighed in at. Felt great coming down the luge - rock steady. It turned pretty well and would probably be sharper still with 100mm fork rather than 120mm. To 29 or to not 29 - that is the question. 
Andy Mc05/22/11Did about 2/3rds of the ride on Keith's Endruro and the rest on the Tall Boy 29! Need to try a 29er Epic next I think. Also first time to Old Camp in years.... Thanks Keith & Ryan. 
SAmtn05/21/11Really nice ride with Fast Turtle this morning. Perfect weather and great scenery. 
Fast Turtle05/21/11Rode with Sidney. Great morning for a ride. After the flag we got above the clouds and rode in the sun. 
Olis105/21/11Good ride with Dan today. Did not see one rider going out or back. Very quiet. 12:00 to gate. 1:00 flat gate to Old Camp. 1:39:28 on loop. Warm on the trail, 80 or so. Drank 90 oz of water during and after ride and still lost 2 pounds. 
MTB Fiend05/21/11Solemn super-solo sunset summit sojourn slow-rolled. Seriously bonked on the descent. Maybe it was all the sun I got today. Maybe it was because I was up before dawn. Maybe it was due to the earlier 16 miles/2000 ft on Glendora Ridge Rd while spectating the Tour of California. Sensational fun. Regardless, there I was struggling to make it down the Luge and then could barely turn the pedals as I climbed back to the homestead. Time for a shower, a beer, and a snooze. Great Rides! 
portolavet05/19/11Great weather for a ride! 
RoughRiderR05/16/11nice solo cruise. not many people out at all for a thursday night. took the mojo. 
MTB Fiend05/16/11Sensational super-solo sunset, still stormy, singletrack slow speed summit sojourn. Oh my! The "s's" have become so easy! Dropped in to Old Camp proper and communed with nature. Felt like a cerebral slow roll the whole way but was within 12 seconds of the last journey. Mostly had the place all to myself, saw 1 other rider. Kioti was out buzzing the brush on the Luge. Thanks! Another day not to be missed! Great ride! 
mtbkel4405/14/11great group. fun ride. it was painful on the 26er. the 29er is much easier to climb on. Like the descents on the 26er better tho. 
TomG05/13/11Garmin took a crap. 
mtbkel4405/12/11great ride with Paula. Was gonna be only a luge run, but went for it. Perfect temps. Luge felt extra bumpy. 
TrailMonkey05/10/11Ride with Ted, PR to camp 
MTB Fiend05/10/11Another sweet OC ride - just one other rider after the flag. Climbing felt a little tougher today, but hey they can't all be hammer days. Quick descent, almost made it without lights but opted for safety over bravado! Great ride! 
mtbkel4405/09/11great temps! great friends. good to see Don out on his bike again. 
MTB Fiend05/08/11Solo local yokels evening ride. Dropped in to Old Camp proper. hung out as the mist would come in, then dissipate. Right on the cusp. Lots of flora, no fauna, not even a single lizard. Very few riders and saw only 1 other rider after the flag. I had high hopes of a critter encounter that never were met. A bit chilly on the descent, still not time to put away the warmer gear. Great ride! 
Tick Magnet05/05/11Nice solo ride this morning. Got a little warm on the last climb to the clearing. Saw plenty of lizards and a couple snakes. Great day on the trail. 
rushak05/05/112 margaritas in celebration prior to the ride made this ride a little harder to stomach. Burping up tacos all the way to OC. Other than that...great ride. 
ZULU05/04/11Perfect morning for a SS ride up to old camp. Nice temps and the trail is in good condition. Awesome views today. 
SAmtn05/03/11Hot morning ride with Boerseun. 95 at old camp! 
Boerseun05/03/11Rode with SAMtn...had saddle issues and needed to stop a few times to tighten. Pretty warm day. 
MTB Fiend05/03/11Cssual conversation pace. Very few riders out on such a beautiful evening - their loss. Great ride! 
Two Tired05/02/11Rode with Tom, Dave, Greg and Alberto. It was tough with the heat. 
mtbkel4405/02/11nice ride with Sharon, Glen, and flanneryd. Post ride grub at Wahoos, then beer tasting at Bootleggers. Nice ride and great day. Felt ok. Drank a half a Monster drink and some vietnamese coffee B4 the ride. Still buzzing... 
portolavet05/01/11Many riders and hikers. Nice weather. 
MTB Fiend04/26/11Sweet solo ride. Unfortunately no critters. Rode without tunes, quite refreshing to listen to nature and my own self. Beautiful evening for a - Great ride! 
davidB.04/23/11solo ride saturday morning 
cleanbeater04/23/11Good ride with NO GO. 
Two Tired04/22/11Rode after work with Tom, Dave, Greg, and James. Great weather and ride. 
rushak04/21/11Luge is fun and fast! Solo SS. 
SCJim04/21/11Legs felt good at the flag so I headed up to OC. 1st time getting to the top in 2nd ring. 
ZULU04/19/11Nice cool morning for a SS ride to Old Camp. Great conditions and the Luge is fast and tacky today. 
TrailMonkey04/19/11ride with ted 
Olis104/19/11Good ride tonight with Scott and Brent. 13:30 to gate, 1:12:30 to Old Camp, 1:43 on the loop. 
MTB Fiend04/19/11Well here we are back on local trails. The climbs are far more stout here and I need that. Tonight we were in and out of the clouds and fog. Great ride! 
portolavet04/18/11Caught a nice steady drizzle on the way down. Great weather anyway. 
rduck04/17/1110 steady miles of climbing, nice payback going down the luge 
ocbiglar04/17/11Old Camp kick my butt today! It was hot. Almost ran over a snake part way up, which got me heart pumping! Fell off my bike, near the first big clime up to old camp and laughed at myself, since no one was around to see me fall, then back at it. Well, I didn't set any land speed records but I made it out and back. 
one-i04/14/11Solo Blue time. Came up on a guy on upper luge, seemed sketchy and trail was maybe too much for him. Said he was ok but shortly after hittting cooler at cooks, a fire truck rolled up looking for luge trail and the heli was up shortly after. Never landed so hope he made it out ok. 
portolavet04/11/11Great noon ride. Saw only one rider returning from old camp. Geoladders downloads my ride and just before posting it gives me an error message. Pretty annoying. 
Two Tired04/08/11Solo ride before the rain comes in on Thursday. Trail in in fantastic shape. Kept myself busy chasing lizards off the trail until one of them turned out to be a snake. I could not tell if it had a rattle before it scooted into the weeds. 
portolavet04/06/11Starting to rain already. 
One Flew OTB04/06/11Great evening ride w/Fast Turtle. El Chupacabra was nice enough to let me demo his fancy new ride and damn is that bike fast! Cruised the asphalt, then picked up the pace a bit once on STT, and still made Old Camp clearing with ride time of 1:11. First time on a 29er and first time trying XX 2x10. Liked them both - not 100% sure about the hard tail, but what fun climbing! Thanks Paul for the company, and big thanks to Steve for letting me ride the S-Works Stumpy. (Major fog on the way down made for a slow descent) 
MTB Fiend04/05/11Slightly larger group this time. A little slower getting to the top of the Luge but after that the pace picked up considerably. Waterfall below is still running strong. Looked back to check out the sunset at a most inopportune time and ran into the bushes. Classic. Cat-eyed it to the top. Good times on the descent. Yep, Great ride! 
gmann04/04/1111:30 start. saw only 1 other rider. he was descending from old camp. incredible day to ride. 
jpotts04/03/11next year vq 
OCYinzR04/03/11Faster than last time. 
Kimo04/03/11Great morning ride with the Sunday group. First time for me all the way to old camp. 
MTB Fiend03/29/11Comfortable pace. Cat-eyed it to the top. Some mud but not too bad. Great ride! 
ericfoltz03/26/11Kinda crowded out there. I guess the verdict is in on the Tallboy. I just beat my PB for this route by 5 minutes. 
Jocko03/26/11On the Trek, Greg Birthday ride. We celebrated with his margarita's - thanks Greg !!! 
EK-RSM03/26/11RX: 1pm with Cedric. 
Gary Temme03/26/11Out with OC Riders this morning. Trail is in great shape, although a bit wet in a few spots. 
TrailMonkey03/25/11no one out, cold 
FRANCHI03/24/11Saw no other riders today, not even from a distance. Caught no rain going up Old Camp, only a drizzle coming down. This evening was perfect for this particular route. 
one-i03/23/11Great ride with Team Nuke. Took it easy and watched the rain clouds up north hunt us down. Didnt get us til the tailgate Nukes! 
ZULU03/21/11Nice morning for a ride squeezed this in on a chilly, cool Sunday morning before the rain. Hit some light sprinkles but not bad and the trail is fast and perfect for the SS. 
EK-RSM03/21/11RX: with Brian. 
RoughRiderR03/20/11Great ride on the 29er. first time. a bit rough. saw Jeremy and sharon on my way down. lost it coming down the luge on a rut. luckily i jumped off. 29er is fast. 
flanneryd03/19/11My first ride to Old Camp since Aug/Sept last year. So fun on the descent! 
FRANCHI03/17/11Whenever I complete a ride without falling it makes it an excellent ride. Again met Phishin Paul at Old Camp. 
El Chupacabra03/16/11Late night ride with 29 Inch Nails. 
29 Inch Nails03/16/11Tuesday night ride with El Chupacabra 
MTB Fiend03/15/11Peace was lost, but then found - Thanks to the guy who told me where Peace could be found. Peace was found, but only after the ride. I had almost given up on Peace (custom bar end). Calm ride, stout pace. Wind picked up a bit but temps were just right. Great ride! 
SKINNY03/15/11Perfect evening for a night ride.. 
mtbkel4403/14/11fun ride with Sharon, the wife and Glen. First time up to the top in quite sometime. 
OCYinzR03/13/11All the way to the fire pit at Old Camp. First time there. Great ride! 
Weekend Warrior03/13/11Awesome ride today, buddy even brought Pizza for Lunch at the top. Thanks Craig. 
cilantro1303/11/11Great night to ride with SW, ML, TL 
singlespeedrider03/11/11Good night ride. One slow speed tip over at one of the wash out sections, good thing there was a dead tree to catch me. 
JD15803/10/11Nice night out with clear skies and good city views. Didnt need any arm or leg warmers for a change. Ran into Dave at the top of Modjeska. Only saw a few guys on the way to the Luge but didnt run into anyone from OC all the way down to the car. 
DIRTULS03/08/11My riding partner gave me insight on how to master the hard left turn on the way to Old Camp. Unfortunately I am not recovered from last week, so I was a little bit sluggish. I still have to work on the scary section on the Luge, maybe I should ride it in the daylight one of these days. Lots of people out and about this evening. Fun times! 
MTB Fiend03/08/11Lots of familiar faces. Tolerable temps. Cheshire moon. Great ride! 
Two Tired03/07/11Rode last friday. A few small muddy spots that were easy to avoid. Otherwise trail in good shape. Everything is incredibly green now. Nice to meet OneTrackMind at the parking area at the end of the ride. 
ADanFool03/06/11Never thought I'd have to carry an extra cleat bolt 
Hevak03/06/11It was cold up there! I have to get some cold weather gear. The Luge is like butter! 
Sarah/Sauce03/06/11Very fun ride with Keith and some friends from grad school. 
EK-RSM03/06/11IM: Solo 
Fast Turtle03/05/11Rode with El Chupacabra. No mechanical issues today which makes for a great ride. Thanks for the company Steve. 
vt1ryan03/05/11Nice warm afternoon for a good ride. 
Keith B03/05/11Big group ride with Sarah's friends from Uni. Had a really good time and discovered that if I take regular breaks then my back muscles never quite give up the ghost. Some pain towards the top but not too bad. Saw Manny coming down from Old Camp. Fun descent with some racing and chasing. Do I have the best gf ever or what? :-) 
El Chupacabra03/05/11Saturday ride with Fast Turtle. Hacked up a lung again out on the trail...bronchitis. 
Fast Turtle03/03/11A night of mechanical hell. Nothing went right. It all started when I left my water in my car. A mile in my light stopped working due to a short in the line. I borrowed El Chupacabra Light. Coming back from Old Camp I ripped a side wall on my back tire. I fixed the tire and got another flat 2 miles later. Further down the trail I caught my end bars in a bush and almost went down. Man I was glad to finish this ride. Thanks to El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB for sharing water, light, and tubes. The night was cursed. 
Damon M03/03/1118:00 to gate 48:00 to Flag 1:35:46 to OC 
FRANCHI03/03/11One flat at the flag after OC. 
DIRTULS03/03/11The weather was perfect this evening and the three of us rode tightly together. Excellent ride! MTBFiend- thank you for letting me borrow the light. 
Boerseun03/02/11Great night ride with Burgemeester. Saw MTBFiend pull out of the upper lot as we were heading out. Had a cut on my rear tire right before reaching OC...aaargghh! All in all a great night out! 
Burgemeester03/02/11A VERY late night ride with Boerseun - saw one other person jogging from OC with his lab - impressive! About 100 ft from OC, Boerseuns tire burst and sprayed a ton of stans all over the place - used a rubber band to fix it - NICE! A good ride followed by an ice cold beer - priceless! 
El Chupacabra03/02/11Wednesday night standard with One Flew OTB and Fast Turtle. 
One Flew OTB03/02/11Wednesday night ride w/El Chupacabra and Fast Turtle. Fast Turtle managed to break his light, forgot his water, and had two flats. Good thing us buddies carried all the crap he needed :) Fun times on STT as always. 
TrailMonkey03/01/11ride with Ted 
MTB Fiend03/01/11Sweet ride! Got a little chilly at times but not too bad. Almost nobody out there. Just 1 solo rider other than our group of 3. Seems to be even sloppier on the top of the Luge. Great ride! 
portolavet02/28/11Everything looks good. Not too muddy. 
ocbiglar02/28/11First time to old camp second time on the luge. it was a lot of fun. meet up with one other rider on the way up. Haven't ridden in over a month and I sure felt it today. 
SCJim02/27/11A long time since riding up to OC for me. Picked a great day and even saw some snow. Trails in great shape. Fastest run ever for me down the Luge. 
portolavet02/24/11Very cold. Nice lunch ride. 
Gunny Bing02/23/11Been awhile since I've been north. Enjoyed the ride. Very cold on the decent from old camp around 1300. 
TrailMonkey02/23/11Ride with tmckay, Thanks for the pull Ted. a few riders out. PB 
TomG02/23/11GPS shut off at the top so I didn't get time. Really dark without the moon 
DONALD JACKSON02/22/11Maiden voyage on a new SS Hammer. It rides really nice. Christa was getting ready to roll, Saw Chip on the trail. Couple guys just came down Joplin when I was at OC,They started on Bedford. 
TrailMonkey02/22/11fun ride 
bikesurfski02/22/11Bifecta. What an amazingly warm climb up to Old Camp today with the sun shining all the way up--shirt sleeve temps. But that was after an 8-12 morning on Mt. Baldy with packed powder and awesome conditions on the groomed slopes, but especially down the bowl to the right of Chair 3. (Not enough snow to ski down from the lodge to the parking lot). Good times talking at the ski lodge and up at Old Camp. Tried to get in surfing but no waves for a Trifecta today (biking, surfing and skiing). Coming down from Old Camp and the Luge you need to let your bike touch down what seems to be about every 10 feet to keep direction--otherwise it's just plain flyin :) Trail conditions are as good as it gets. Chilly on the way down. Remember the snow on Saddleback yesterday--well there's only one patch visible today just below the peak. What a difference a day makes. 
MTB Fiend02/22/11Cold and dark, especially when the breeze was blowing, but we survived OK. Finnessed the trail and ended with nary a speck of mud on the bike. Plenty of other folks out tonight. Great ride! 
DIRTULS02/22/11Got my friend to Old Camp tonight for her first time. Old Camp was in the best shape I have ever seen. I need to get practicing on the Luge again since this was my first attempt since the big rain. It was a different world, but pretty cool. 
XCRider02/21/11Sometimes you just get lucky. Was going to do two loops, but the first one was so good I decided to just savor it and headed home. STT all the way to Old Camp is tacky and with the sun out this is as good as it gets. Rode with Matt M. from OCR, lots of people out 
GoneRiding02/21/11Met Mr. Technical & Benito this morning for a good ride. Mark had already done a Luge loop so he cut out & headed down the Luge for a 2nd time as Ben & I contd. on to OC. Nice day out there and didn't get cold at all. Only saw a few riders as we headed out to OC but once there some more riders started showing up. Saw a few familiar faces. Luge is in good shape, just a few slick spots near the top but not as bad as I imagined. Saw KWH, Christa, Flanneryd & mtbkel44 back in the parking lot getting ready for their ride. Had to pull out the Enduro for this one. 
benito02/21/11Beautiful presidents day ride with Mark and Tom.It was fun bombing down stt and the luge.I love wet dirt!!! 
Jocko02/20/11With Craig, Greg and GT. Rain last night, but trails held up very good; rode my Trek EX8. 
flyingbrian02/20/11rode up with eric 
EK-RSM02/20/11IM: 2pm ride with Brian. A bit cold, but trail in great shape. 
Rowsby02/19/11Very cold day but the rain held off and the views were amazing! 
JD15802/18/11Nice to see clearly whats ahead for a change =). First ride on the new DA chain and getting a quick ride in before the RnR full moon ride. Trail conditions were good..just a few muddy spots up near OC. 
Phishin Paul02/18/11Lunch ride to beat the rains. Several riders on the trail. Saw a landslide across the way on Majeska side. 
slopush02/15/11Mellow morning ride w/ Steelboat and MunyMkr. Only saw two other guys just past the gate but never saw them again once we passed them so we had the whole mountain to ourselves. Very nice! This was MunyMkr's 2nd time down the Luge and he was much smoother this time- It won't be long before we'll be racing to keep up with him! 
FRANCHI02/15/11Had to ride B-4 the forecasted rain. Improved my own best time without trying. Met Phishin Paul at Cadillac. Very pleasant dude. 
one-i02/15/11solo ss on Big Blue. Met up with Team Nuke on the way back to flag. Weather was bichin and stayed dry. Still sniffing at that hour mark. 
Rowsby02/15/11Wow, what happened to the weather! It was so foggy, we did break out of the fog about a mile from Old Camp. Luge is just killer right now! 
flyingbrian02/15/11rode with the boys .... 
MTB Fiend02/15/11Picked up the fog right at the step over into CNF land. From there out it was pretty thick almost the whole way to OC. Lots of other riders out kept the motivation high even though I was struggling with the rut in both directions. Visibility in both directions was next to nothing, maybe 10 yards. Helmet light was beyond useless - it was an absolute hindrance. Still, we managed to cheat the real rain and finish before things got real slick and messy. Bikes are plenty muddy though. Oh well, something to do while it rains. Great ride! 
Two Tired02/14/11Rode last friday. Great weather except for some pretty good head winds. A rider went OTB a little ahead of me on the luge. Got banged up, but otherwise was okay and so was bike. 
gmann02/14/11beautiful day for a ride. met two riders at old camp. David and Terry? Both were on singlespeeds. I was relaxed and in the zone. 
ADanFool02/13/11Fantastic out. Another "this is why I live in So Cal" day! 
One Flew OTB02/13/11Solo mid day ride. Lack of sleep, poor eating, and high stress don't make for an easy ride ... still, nice to get out and burn off some steam. Took it easy and enjoyed a great afternoon view. Good to see Skinny out there! 
Royster7102/12/11Troupe crew plus friends.. WOW I have never seen so many people here. After we got back I saw it was a Turner bike demo day. Met some guys from the IE both jeffs and mike. Saw Little Joe. Rode with Tim, Michelle, Laura and Randy. After ride got my Slurpe/ monster. Havent had that in while. 
stephentoddneal02/12/11Had a lot of fun! 
MTB Fiend02/11/11Sweet solo sunset ride. Wind was howling at the top of Old Camp. Did not see another soul past the Luge. Great ride! 
Fast Turtle02/10/11El Chupacabra and Boerseun rounded out the Wed crew. One Flew OTB was playing with guns or at least is wife was. Pushed the pace a little to stay warm from the cold winds. El Chupacabra pushed the pace past the flag. First time riding with Boerseun in over 2 months. Its always fun riding with Boerseun. 
Phishin Paul02/10/11Ran into a couple hikers at OC who would be coming down in the dark. Top section is getting to be nice singletrack again. Found a tick on my leg that had already dug in. 
El Chupacabra02/09/11Great ride with Fast Turtle and Boerseun. Way to keep the pace, fellas. It was like a freeway up there tonight with all of the traffic and the wind was howling... 
Boerseun02/09/11A decent pace was first set by FastTurtle and then El Chupacabra took over...these two speedhogs rang my bell tonight! The trail was busy and we passed more than 10 riders coming down as we were going up...All in all a great night out. 
allstar02/08/11still a bit tired from last night ride ..pretty slow pace 
mtbfan02/08/11Great solo ride today. Got off early enough to skip the lights. Trail is in really good shape, and the Luge was as good as ever. Saw only one other rider heading to Old Camp, and I ran into Ian in the parking lot, getting ready to ride. I am glad it was early for me. Got a little chilly on the descent already and the sun was still up. 
Burgemeester02/08/11Night ride with the Boerseun - and as usual, it was a perfect evening! Cold to start, but warmed up just eough to keep us happy! Thanks for the loan of the turner - the machine's a beast! 
MTB Fiend02/08/11Cold winds kicked up mid-way to Old Camp. No wonder we only saw 1 other rider up at OC. Not too bad on the descent, but flying down Live Oak awakened the senses. Great ride! 
Boerseun02/07/11Rode with Burgemeester...by the time we left Cooks we were the only car in the parking lot...and the only one's on the trail...had a few few minor tech issues, but nothing major. Great night to be out riding. 
El Chupacabra02/06/11Sunday solo up to Old Camp. 
DONALD JACKSON02/06/11nice ride today, quite a few riders along the way. 
Boerseun02/05/11Lunch time solo ride...rode the geared hardtail...first time in awhile I felt strong climbing up to OC. Heading to Big Bear for the w/e...taking the Fatback out for it's maiden voyage...hope there will be a little snow somewhere to be found. 
El Chupacabra02/05/11Solo ride up to Old Camp. Wind was blowing pretty hard out there this morning. 
hinds5702/05/11Darrin, Bret, and Rider helped me earn a badge tonight. 
Damon M02/04/1115:05 TO GATE 45:00 TO FLAG 1:31:45 TO OC 
MTB Fiend02/03/11Happy happy! Joy joy! Finally the necessary parts to resurrect the Canzo29'r arrived! Slapped 'em in and off I went! So nice to be on the 29r F/S again! Chilly start at Cooks, but I'd swear it really did get warmer as we climbed and climbed. Forgot to turn the Garmin Edge305 on until just before Old Camp - DOH! Lots of other folks out tonight. The tree that fell at the bottom of the Luge just missed messing up the trail, and that's one big tree! Great ride! 
spartticus02/02/11TL ride up to Old Camp.... good pace to keep the body warm! 
Burgemeester02/01/11Spur of the mo ride with Boerseun. Enjoyed the pace, but more importantly, the cold beer thereafter! 
TrailMonkey02/01/11Outstanding ride with Tumbleweed and Ted 
Tumbleweed02/01/11The monkey and Teb kicked my butt today, but at least I did not freeze this time..... 
FRANCHI02/01/1175% of the ride ocurred after sunset. I should get 7 bonus points for that, shouldn't I. 
Boerseun01/31/11A great night ride with Burgemeester...rode the Epic tonight. 
Warhorse01/30/11Finally a ride with Honcho and GMulato. Good Times!! 
Mike Honcho01/30/11Great ride with Warhorse and GMulato, got out of there just as the rain started. 
Tick Magnet01/30/11great ride on the trail today with Warhorse, Honcho, Eric and Travis. The trail to Old Camp is in great shape and the Luge is fun as always. It got a little cold coming back down. Sow lots of riders enjoying the trail today. 
flyingbrian01/30/11perfect weather, Garmin cutout again 
Fast Turtle01/29/1120th time to Old Camp. This one was a solo ride. Cold in the early morning but warmed up. Stayed out of the ruts on the way down. 
spartticus01/28/11night ride w/ Slopush & NewNick. Loved it! 
Two Tired01/28/11Afterwork ride last Tuesday. Great weather and trail is getting better every time. Ruts are filling in from all the traffic. 
El Chupacabra01/27/11Wednesday standard with the fellas. Damn it was windy near Old Camp. Thanks for the pull John and Paul... 
Phishin Paul01/27/11Saw a mountain kitty on back side of STT where all the slides are. First thought it was bob cat but tail was big cat size. After running it off the trail I did not stick around to see if Mama was around. 
slopush01/27/11Great night ride with NewNick and Spartticus. Saw 4 guys coming down from Old Camp as we were going up but that was it. The Luge is in such great shape now, I love rolling it at night! 
portolavet01/26/11Windy but nice. Having a hard time with downloading my rides from my garmin 310XT. After a long time the website doesn't accept the ride. I hope it gets fixed soon. 
Fast Turtle01/26/11Rode with One Flew OTB and El Chupacabra. Couldn't keep out of the ruts all night. Windy at Old Camp. 
One Flew OTB01/26/11Fun again with the crew. Moderate pace was just right. Some windy sections but overall not too bad. Fun watching Paul take all the "good" lines :) Nice riding with El Chupacabra who's cutting back to just three rides a day! 
RaulC01/25/11Boerseun convinced me a night ride would be a great idea & he was right - had the mountain to ourselves. Longest ride of the year for me - Boersuen, thanks for hanging back with me & encouraging me up at the end -- the cold beer at the end . . . priceless! 
MTB Fiend01/25/11Delightful night ride, but I just was not feeling it. Oh well, guess taking a day off from riding was not such a good idea. Still, a Great Ride! 
Two Tired01/24/11Rode last friday after work. Beautiful sunset on the way back down. 
portolavet01/24/11Awesome weather. Just saw 2 riders in the whole trail. 
MTB Fiend01/23/11Afternoon local yokel solo ride. Started to feel a bit stronger once past the Luge. Dropped in to Old Camp proper. Rode the Blur, so nice to have that full-suspension again. Gorgeous sunny day! Great ride! 
Lonnie01/22/11Great ride with Todd and Ben to Old Camp. Rode part way with Bob, Ron, and ScottV. Great to see you see you guys. Fantastic weather. 
Ladera Dave01/22/11Nice ride after work, ran into Rod,s group. Whitting will be open tomorrow. Happy Birthday Quite Dave, see you in Palm Canyon mid. Feb. 
Silverback01/22/11Nice Ride 
RoughRiderR01/22/11Beautiful weather. I broke out of the library around noon, had some lunch and managed to enjoy the weather. Almost rode harding, i was happy i decided to do old camp. i had to stop a few times. i am out of shape. 
portolavet01/21/11Great day to ride to old camp. 
one-i01/21/11SS with Team Nuke. 
Two Tired01/20/11Rode back on Friday. Had to make a lot of stops along the way. I am really out of shape. 
rushak01/19/11Getting a ride in before the RnR full moon ride. Rode with James and JD. Nice night. 
JD15801/19/11Started the ride with Rushak and James. Rode through the fog and clouds and finally hit clear skies and full moon just before the Luge and all the way to OC. 
Boerseun01/18/11Thanx Burgemeester for the initiative to drag me out for a late night, night ride...got home from skiing this w/e and 20min later got picked-up to go riding...from ski-attire to bike clothes...used up my credits @ home for awhile though. Got stopped by a rattler on STT who just laid in the trail for awhile...eventually he made way for us. Mellow pace and a great ride overall! 
mkumny01/18/11It was good to see slopush, Todd, Raul, Paul B, Sidney and son Aaron 
OTB_again01/18/11Back on the FSR, thanks RnR for the TLC. Perfect early morning jaunt and only 1 other rider the entire way. 
TomG01/18/11Great Day 
Burgemeester01/18/11Spur of the mo ride w/ Boerseun who JUST got home from Big Bear - I was hoping his legs were tired, but as we headed out, that was not happening! The rattler who startled us was the biggest I've seen out there, and man, what an adrenalin rush trying to get past it with the rattle going crazy! Coming down from OC I was riding at my slowest ever - the last spill I took, and wearing a helmet light was not good for the confidence! No one else was on the trail - perfect!! Thanks Boerseun! 
El Chupacabra01/18/11Tuesday trek with 29 Inch Nails. First time for me up to Old Camp on the single speed! 
one-i01/18/11First time back to OC since rain. Better then before. Team Nuke was laying the heat on my tire, if i didn't have the icebergs waiting in the cooler , I may have submitted. Nice to see Donald Jackson in the lot again and share some ice. :) 
MTB Fiend01/18/11Enjoyed the climb immensely in the ominous luminous near full moonness. Dropped in to Old Camp proper, hung out long enough to change my jersey and stuff - pretty spooky down there alone. The descent was a struggle and a half tonight. Ruts and rocks ridiculed me relentlessly. But hey!, the temps were sensational - so, Great ride! 
SAmtn01/17/11Great ride with Jr, Fast Turtle, Steve. Also met up with RaulC, Slopush, and THanson. Lots of people out today. Warm too - 80 at Old Camp. 
TrailMonkey01/17/11Good day out, lots of riders 
Fast Turtle01/17/11Rode with SAmtn, Steve and Aaron. Roual, Slopush, and THanson turn backed at the Luge. Hot out. 
iFrankie01/16/11Great weather. A lot of riders and hikers out. SS 
FRANCHI01/16/11First time to Old Camp. All good. 
Jocko01/16/11Great ride !!! Mid January and 80F. Doesn't get much better. 
Mr.Krisztian01/16/11Sunday morning ride with Ranger Rick and Ladera Mike. Sunny, warm, clear, visibility unlimited. Great ride on the Epic. The Luge was super fun, lots of slides but most have been fixed and very much rideable. 
XCRider01/16/11Oh yea, now I remember why I live in SoCal. What a perfect riding day! Did Old Camp with the OCR group after two weeks off. Pushed hard to the flag and then had to really grind the rest of it. Nothing like starting the year with a little pain. 
singlespeedrider01/15/11Lap one Glad to meet up with Kris and Lynn. Trail is nice and weather could not be more perfect views for days. 
steven01/15/11good ride 
JCampbell01/15/11Nice granny gear ride. Did all the extra credit ups. 
MTB Fiend01/15/112nd big ride of the day. Went out to party with some friends hanging out at Old Camp. Surprisingly, not to sore from the earlier big ride, but definitely was not in the mood to push the middle ring. Good times! Great weather! Great ride! 
One Flew OTB01/14/11Fun ride with the crew: 29 Inch Nails, Cloud Niner, El Chupacabra, and Fast Turtle. Smelled smoke upon the approach to the Old Camp clearing, turned the corner and found a rider with a small campfire... Never seen that before! 
tweasol01/14/11Little warm but good one with Edgar, James and Tom. Nice to meet you guys. 
portolavet01/14/11Good ride with Tweasol, James and Tom. Always cool to see tweasol and James fly down the luge, no fear!!! 
Damon M01/13/111:37 to OC 
Manuel71401/13/11Gracias to all of you that helped make the trail rideable/hikeable. Incredible signs of the massive landslides are visible, and it just makes you feel like the size of a small ant in comparison to these mountains we have become friends with. If you are thinking about riding this route, definintly get on it, you will love it all over again with all the new challenges, turns, ruts, and drops. Get out while you still can! 
Fast Turtle01/13/11Garmin quite early. Rode with the old gang 29inch nails, Cloudniner, One Flew OTB, and El Chupacabra. There were soo many people out tonight it was like a freeway to the flag and then very few to Old Camp. 
El Chupacabra01/13/11Thurday ride with 29 Inch Nails, One Flew OTB, Fast Turtle and Cloud Niner. 
29 Inch Nails01/13/11Note to self...don't stay off the bike for 30 days. I guess I was the designated sweeper. Nice to ride with the crew. 
davidw01/12/11Wanted to ride HJ to Trabuco but the we were stopped by the road crew. Should've been there earlier I guess. This was a decent substitute. Rode to the stream crossing Joplin. They should really stock that thing with trout, it's flowing nicely. First time for me riding up to Old Camp, I'd only come down from Joplin. Not bad. Plenty of other riders, everything else is closed. 
Burgemeester01/12/11SS. This was one of the most exhillirating rides I've been on for a long time! Started off with Slopush going to Black Star...then coming over to Cooks - the weather was perfect! The ride up to OC was awesome with the pace just right and the conversation rambling off smoothly! Then came the decent and I was thoroughly enjoying a fast pace (I thought it was fast) and the next second, I was headed OTB in a big way! The adrenalin was intense, and soon we were off for more! Two near falls ensued and another night came to an end! Thanks Slopush and Boerseun - superb ride indeed! Feeling fragile today! 
suchafingahole01/12/11Love the way nature changes things up. Fun day... 
JD15801/12/111st time riding this since the storms. Thanks to all the volunteers for the trail work/mainteance. Much appreciated! Everything was rideable with some nice changes. Lots of peeps out tonight as I was heading down from OC. Ended up losing my jacket out the back pocket which I didnt use since temps were nice. Please PM if its found. thanks =) 
slopush01/11/11Boerseun, Burgemeester and I bundled up for what we thought was going to be a cold night ride but it ended up being very warm- so warm that the constant, very light sprinkle coming down was welcome. Burgemeester commented on how dangerous the new ruts could be just before heading back down Old Camp and he ended up being very right as he slid into one, resulting in a full OTB, denting his helmet in the process. Then he nearly fell again a few minutes later, and, since good things come in threes, he then managed to nearly fall off his bike after whacking his grip on a branch that was along side the trail. Man, the fun never stops with this guy! 
GoneRiding01/11/11Good solo ride and first time to Old Camp since the rains. Very good conditions the whole way. There were quite a few slides heading to OC but trail work has been done and there are no HAB. Luge is really fun right now. Like the changes. Ran into Jim Jennings on the road. Never met him before.He recognized me from a picture he saw of me on Motorway last week. Pretty funny. He was heading into Whiting for some trail assessment. Thanks for all of your hard work on the trails Jim!. Also chased 2 riders most of the way to OC. One was Tim who did some of the Crank Bros. rides with us over the summer and his buddy Griffith who was on his converted CX bike. Saw Ian getting ready to head out when I got back to my car. 
portolavet01/11/11Solo ride to Old camp. Lots of riders tonight. The luge is better than ever. 
mkumny01/10/11first technical mtn bike ride. slopush, burgemester,spartacus, thansen almost succeeded in killing me. Great fun though. 
Rowsby01/10/11Easy ride up to Old Camp, way too many newbies walking down the trail! 
slopush01/09/11Great ride w/ Spartacus, Burgemeester, Thanson and Steven, our token newbie. He only crashed once, and loved it. The Luge is in great shape- Thanks to all of those who put in the time to make it rideable again, I owe you big time! 
spartticus01/09/11Fun ride w/ geoladder peeps (Slopush, Burgemeester, Thanson, & newbie Steven). Amazing how well the trails have fared and have been cared for/groomed by some dedicated individuals. 
Burgemeester01/09/11An awesome ride with a few good men aka: Slopush, Spartticus, thanson, and Steven. The trail is in superb condition - thanks for making it so enjoyable trail workers! You lads are legends! 
One Flew OTB01/09/11Solo midday ride. Thanks to the guys who have done all of the trail work on STT and the Luge. My first ride after the rains - can't imagine what it was like before the trail work was done. 
RollnStone01/09/11Conditions are excellent now. Everything that was mud is now tacky. 
bikesurfski01/09/11Night-time adventure: got lulled in by the low hanging clouds and didn't anticipate the sudden lack of sunlight. Hit Old Camp at 5pm (actual sunset) with cold toes and fingers and realized I had no light for descent (chose to ride backpack-less until I get in shape, so no headlight). Put on leggings, shell and added glove linings to minimize the chill as the hovering clouds/fog set in and light disappeared. Was good to see the lights of the city and the houses below before descending the Luge (civil twilight). Wasn't sure of what to expect since this was my first time down the Luge since the rains. Just followed the vague outline of the trail and aimed at the smooth sections and relied on my memory until the bottom section which had tremendous slides rearrange and present challenges due to lack of depth perception (thanks Gene&Co. for trail work). Pulled off Live Oak Canyon road when cars went by and felt chilled but relieved to see my car (nautical twilight)-adventure number 999 :) 
Tick Magnet01/08/11Busy ride on the trail today with Honcho. It is good to see so many people out riding the trails. Had a great time coming down the Luge. 
Mike Honcho01/08/11Greg ride with Gmulato this morning. 
Fooly01/08/11My Gosh! Lots a people here today! seem like its the only place open since the rain. 
El Chupacabra01/08/11Solo AM ride up to Old Camp. 
mtbfan01/08/11First ride back to Old Camp. Trail was in great shape all the way to Old Camp with a few surprises and interesting changes. Overall, the trail has not changed too much. Ran into Beni, Ian, Dave, and Cynthia. Luge was awesome thanks to all the trail work. Thanks Guys! 
SAmtn01/07/11Good ride with Boerseun. Met some trail angels and help one fix a flat. No upload yet as I'm on the 800 and I love it. Best Garmin to date. 
Boerseun01/07/11A Nice mellow ride with SAMtn. Fixed a flat for Kristine (a Trail Angel) and then rode with her and 3 other Trail Angels for awhile...got the title of TrailMale bestowed for helping out...guess it is a good thing. BTW - The trail is in much better shape than what I expected...Luge still have a few wet spots but all rideable...A BIG THANX to all the volunteers who worked on it! 
TrailMonkey01/05/11Ride with Tumbleweed and tdmckay 
Tumbleweed01/05/11Great ride with the Trailmonkey and tdmckay! 
Rowsby01/03/11Fun ride with Geof & Beni. 
lmadisono01/02/11Great ride! Thank you to all the trail work volunteers who were doing such a great job! 
vt1ryan01/01/11Good ride with the boys today. Weather was awesome but the luge is in some bad shape. Really muddy at the top. I have some serious bike cleaning going on tomorrow. 
redbaron01/01/11Happy 2011. . . . still no Garmin Edge 500 uploads huh? Oh Well! I was Super crabby / bitchy on this ride due to the mude, ice, snow, water, trail conditions! Thanks to vt1ryan, shizzel, SKINNY, Twitch, Golf Whisky, and NO GO for putting up with me! This route has some drying out to do before I will ride it again! See you on the road till then! 
portolavet12/30/10My last ride for the year. Trail is getting broken in. Only one area of hike a bike on the way to old camp. The ruts in the middle of the trail makes it more fun up and down. The Luge is getting better, ridable all the way down. Happy New Year!! 
Buffalo12/15/10Foggy on the lower section, clear and warmer at Old Camp. Followed a skunk for 10 minutes. 
One Flew OTB12/15/10Wasn't very motivated to ride tonight, but glad I did. Nice run up to Old Camp with Fast Turtle and Cloud Niner. In the mist most of the way - not much visibility, and very damp but only a few sprinkles. Nice moderate pace - I could get used to this! Thanks Paul and Vicki, for a fun ride. 
Fast Turtle12/15/10Rode with One Flew OTB and Cloud Niner. Foggy conditions. Finally had no mechanicals. Probably because I spend $300 on a new drive train. 
vt1ryan12/11/10Solo spin today. Not a lot of people out today. Weather was nice and warm like a summer day 
Damon M12/10/101:28 to OC 
MTB Fiend12/07/10Late start just about ensured we would be last in, last out. It was cold at Cooks before we set forth, but I shed a layer at the bottom of Modjeska Grade once we were out of the wind. Temps got much better when we hit dirt, but played much more fickle as we ascended. At times it was a warm, gentle Santa Ana warm breeze and at other times a cold breeze. Always the delightful twinkling of lights below. No critters tonight, but a strange moaning bark sound at the bottom of the Luge. Yeah, probably a lazy local dog. We hit an absolute "wall of cold" midway down Live Oak. It was like crawling in to the middle of a hollow ice cube. Now, its cold! Again. Great ride! 
Two Tired12/06/10Rode in early afternoon on Sunday. Started to sprinkle lightly on my way down. Got finished with the Luge before the sprinkles turned into rain. 
gmann12/06/10great day out on the trail. saw one rider coming back from old camp. I counted 5 small puddles on the trail that you have to ride through. 
portolavet12/06/10Solo ride, very cold. The trail was in great shape. 
TomG12/05/10What rain! great ride,no crowds 
lmadisono12/04/10Thanks, Sauce! :) 
dandrews12/04/10crow tires, 9:14, 41:00 
Fast Turtle12/02/10Wednesday night ride with 29 Inch Nails, One Flew OTB, Kacerob, and Stevo. Nice to see everyone. Back hurts from doing the ride in my big ring trying to keep up with One Flew OTB. 
Rowsby12/02/10Hard ride with Jeff Sanford, JJ & Randy. 
Heathermarie912/01/10Nice ride after work with James, Dirtbagz and crew. Strange temps as I expeced it to be freezing, but as the opposite on the STT climb. First night ride up to Old Camp & loved it! :-) Thanks guys! 
Burgemeester12/01/10Part 3 of 3 SS - Night ride with Boerseun - trying to keep up with this kid seems to be an uphill mission, I'm glad he was jetlagged, otherwise I'd have been in trouble! Thanks! 
vt1ryan12/01/10Nice afternoon cruise with a new rider that I met in the parking lot at cooks corner. Weather was nice and warm for a change today. 
29 Inch Nails12/01/10Cold at the bottom...warm at the top..go figure. Great ride with One Flew OTB, Fast Turtle, El Chupa, Kacer, Lonnie and the ghost of Stevo Carrillo... 
El Chupacabra12/01/10Wednesday night ride with 29 Inch Nails, One Flew OTB, Fast Turtle, Kacerob, the General and Stevo. It was great to get the band back together again... 
One Flew OTB12/01/10Another fun ride up to Old Camp. Nice to ride w/29 Inch Nails, El Chupacabra, Lonnie, Kacerob, Stevo Carrillo and Turbo Turtle, who did the entire climb in his big ring. Show Off! :) Thought it was going to be cold, but the temps were surprisingly warm. 
MTB Fiend11/30/10It was cold in the parking lot, but once we got to the top of Modjeska Grade we warmed up. With no wind it was not unbearably cold. We ventured on and on, and only saw one other rider (descending) when we were suddenly caught by one of our buddies. We all descended together. I tried out some new gloves and was feeling "post toastie". Surprisingly, it was not as cold as anticipated and we were all glad we put in the effort to make the complete ride. The city lights were dazzling. Great ride! 
Boerseun11/30/10SS - Night ride with Burgemeester...trying to get rid of my jetlag... 
El Chupacabra11/29/10Solo push up to Old Camp. 
flyingbrian11/28/10solo ride on 29er..... 
TrailMonkey11/28/10Ride with Tumbleweed and tdmckay. trail was very good shape. 
XCRider11/28/10mm mm good! 1:38 Cooks to OC turnaround. Trail is in most excellent shape, temp was 43 at top. 
Tumbleweed11/28/10Great ride with Trailmonkey and ted. I was good to ride in the day time.. 
KeepsWhatHappens11/27/10Good ride today with mtbkel44. We also saw Elaine G. out on the trail today. It was awesome to see her after so long. Shady sections of STT still muddy/sloppy and some sections FROZEN still east of Luge. Luge in great shape! 
Sir Robin11/26/10Perfect day with 100 mile views you can see all of the way from the Mexican islands off Rosarito to the Channel Islands. We started from the bottom of Modjeska grade and did an up and back. Kind of weird burning up in a short sleeve shirt while passing icy puddles. Saw a couple "smoking the peace pipe" at Old Camp. 
Fast Turtle11/24/10Burgemeester, Slopush and Nstilwell headed out for Old Camp. When we got to the flag Nick and I headed to Old Camp. Passed 12 riders from the Rock and Road ride. Temps were cold and became milder as we got closer to Old Camp. Chased Nstilwell all the way to Old Camp. 
Phishin Paul11/24/10Solo afternoon ride. Many riders on trail before the rains and turkey. Luge is so tacky now. 
Tumbleweed11/23/10Great cold ride with the monkey again! Next time I will bring him extra toes!! 
GoneRiding11/22/10RocknRoad full moon ride. Big turnout for this one. Saw a few geopeeps out there including Heathermarie, Tweasol, nharper, bte1, sparrky and met portolavet & Mr. Krisztian for the first time. Rode back down w/ Krisztian. Nice meeting and talking to you. Toes got pretty cold coming back down but the city lights view was nice. Rare night ride for me. 
TrailMonkey11/22/10Cold ride with TumbleWeed, 34 Degrees. RocknRoad full moon riders passed us just before we got to Old Camp, they were on the way down. 
nharper11/22/10R&R night ride with a huge turnout. Great to see Trobe1 again and meet Heathermarie and Sparkky. Thanks for the backup light Matt....much appreciated. 
jpotts11/21/10Nice ride once we were past the luge! not a drop of rain on the entire ride. 29r day. 
Royster7111/19/10Good ride with Ryan. His first time up there. very social and casuel pace A bit cloudy and a little cold. The trail is nice and tacky!Saw Paul V on the way up. Talked to him for a bit. Talked to a older guy up top he was interesting. Good food at cooks afterwards!! 
One Flew OTB11/18/10Was supposed to be an easy spin with Fast Turtle - and started out that way. Then he got all racer boy on me just before the Luge and dropped me like a rock. Took all I had to hang with him after the Luge - and he was pushing a bigger gear the entire time. Wish he'd just crawl back into his shell sometimes! Thanks, Paul, for pulling me up the hill. 
mtbfan11/18/10Nice ride up with John and Mark. Saw a bunch of riders, some from Troupe (Roy) going up as we were coming down. Not too cold tonight. Great ride and dinner at Wahoos after. 
portolavet11/18/10Spectacular view from Old Camp tonight. The Fog below covering the valley and the moon light shining on it was awesome. Rode with Steve and Daryl. Down the luge was another story with all the fog. 
Ross B11/17/10Great ride on Saturday with Dave Stan and Rudy. Joplin post jammed. Learned I've gotta do a better job keep the post contact clean or it get's stuck. Then the cable pulls off the set screw, and a good ride turns into a longer than expected fumbling with things that should not have been. For me that's a reminder to keep up on all my relationships, family, friends, and most of all, with Jesus. Keeping it real. 
Fast Turtle11/17/10Rode with One Flew OTB. Great weather tonight. Thanks for riding John. 
rushak11/17/10Forgot garmin. 
sixfoot611/15/10Saturday afternoon ride. Warm but breezy. Dave set a fast pace (for me), 1:30 to the top from Cooks. 28 min back down. 
portolavet11/15/10Nice breeze tonight. Nobody on the way up or down. 
xcShane11/12/10A bit chilly but a good ride. 
slopush11/11/10Great night ride w/ Boerseun and Sparticus. At least until Sparticus, who's lights weren't really doing the job, crashed landed on his shoulder coming down from Old Camp. I hope you feel better soon buddy. 
spartticus11/11/10Fun and then ouch! Thanks, Slopush & Boerseun for lighting the way . . . 
Two Tired11/11/10Rode after work yesterday. Got to Old Camp about a half hour before sunset. Beautiful ride. The hills beside the trail are starting to green up. When I got to the top, I was in the bottom of the clouds. Mist was blowing past my face but I could still look down at a golden sunset. Really cool. 
JD15811/11/10Rode with Rushak, James, Dirtbagz and crew. Good size group for a chilly night ride. 
4_chew_nut11/10/10Night ride with JP. Chilly tonight and riding in the clouds the last couple miles to Old Camp. Felt good on the ride, but a little chilled as I write this. Trails were in excellent condition; they were damp from a little rain earlier in the week as well as cooler weather. we were the only ones at old camp around 7PM, but passed a couple more groups on the way down to the luge. next time we'll stay for a beer and pasta at Cooks. 
SAmtn11/09/10Good ride with Boerseun. Doing the luge was like seeing an old friend. Its been a while. 
Boerseun11/09/10SS - Rode with SAMtn...his first time on the Luge after he cracked his ribs 6 weeks ago. Rode a PB, cut app 11min off. 
one-i11/09/10Great night ride with TN! Cold in spots but perfect over all. Magic shine battery started turning red at oc but made it all the way back to cooler- the coldest spot on the ride! 
rushak11/09/10Cold ride with a good size crew. 
MTB Fiend11/09/10As expected, started out cold but warmed up a bit as we climbed. Thought we had the place to ourselves but shortly after we got to the top a large group showed up. The descent was not nearly as cold as expected. It always pays to bring dry jerseys to change in to. The Luge sure seemed to be in better, smoother shape - then again so did the whole trail. Saw a large and menacing...... scorpion. Great ride! 
Warhorse11/07/10Rode with Honcho and Mulato on Saturday. Good Times 
A bit more technical11/07/10Fun times with Doug, Scott, John and Jason. Everyone rode strong. Doug the stud was on an ss. 
Mike Honcho11/06/10Great ride with Warhorse and GMulato, perfect riding conditions this morning. 
Damon M11/06/10Lap 2 1:36 to OC 
rushak11/05/10Gorgeous night for a ride. 
STEVO CARRILLO11/04/10Fantastic ride w/ Lonnie and One Flew OTB. Perfect night for a spin up to Oldcamp. Only saw one other rider coming down from the top ( solo)...spooky. Good to hook up with the boys agian.. 
Rowsby11/03/1029er ride with JJ, Flying Brian and Geof. The view was stunning; so clear you could see both islands. 
4_chew_nut11/03/10First night ride in a few years for both JP and I. Perfect night with a slight Santa Ana wind that kept it warm; 75 degrees was the low and we started riding at 5:45PM! Trails are in great shape. We turned around before old camp... some day I will buy a Garmin. 
Lonnie11/03/10Absolutely a fantastic ride tonight with Steve and John. The evening was spectacular. Breath taking views and clear sky and perfect temperaturel. Greg started with us but had to cut his ride short after having given blood today. 
One Flew OTB11/03/10Wow. What a great night in November for a ride. Felt like summer! Nice spin with Lonnie, and Steve. Unbelievable sunset and view of the lights after dark. Thanks guys, for making it fun. Great to see Stevo back on the bike! 
flyingbrian11/02/10rode with geof,jeff and ian.... 
RoughRiderR11/02/10nice solo cruise. warm out. saw wed blackstar crew. 
MTB Fiend11/02/10So comfortable out tonight, just enough wind to squelch the bugs and keep it cool. Very dark out too. Stout pace to the top, then leisure like on the descent. Kicked up a rock that smacked me hard in the lower shin - still a bit sore. Lots of other riders descending as we were ascending, but once we weeded through all that the trail was ours. Well almost, it was pretty crowded out there. Great ride! 
Jake c('.'c)11/01/10Quiet on the trail tonight. Windy. No moon out. Saw a few Millipedes.. 
jpotts10/31/10just a cruise...I was tired 
DirtyD10/31/10Many thanks to Jim - Luge is GREAT! Helped me set a new PB for this route. 
mtbfan10/31/10Great ride today. Lots of people out on the trail today, and the conditions could not be better. 
bte0110/30/10Great conditions today. 
BigT10/30/10Awesome afternoon ride with Patrick! Awesome view! Awesome weather! Old Camp from Cadillac was the usual muck here and there, but the Luge was PERFECT. Nice and sticky. Fastest run ever. Good times! Good brew and BLT's at Cooks. Saw a funny shirt there... Said,"Don't blame me, I voted for the White Guy!" Awesome. Broke two spokes. 
tweasol10/29/10My 1st Night Ride... Interesting experience. Had mech issues with my chain tensioner, eventually just took it off to save time. Felt like Space Mountain Coming back down, it's nice to mix it up on this trail which most of us have basically memorized. Thanks for the ride (and light) Edgar! 
portolavet10/29/10Rode tonight with Josh. He practically climbed on a single speed. Great view from the top. 
RoughRiderR10/27/10great solo ride. saw a few people out there. started off fast but back started hurting. 1st time riding this in a long time. foggy at the top. muddy in places. 
rushak10/27/10Lost my little blackburn handpump on the trail. :-( 
Buffalo10/26/10Fun ride with Mark. Lots of riders had the same idea. 
MTB Fiend10/26/10Another great Old Camp ride. At one point we hit fog so thick it slowed me to a crawl. After that, free sailing. At the top of Old Camp my lights caught a pair of glowing eyes a bit further up the trail = never did determine what they belonged to. The trail is in great shape. Such traction gives great satisfaction! hehe - Great ride! 
Permagrin10/26/10Cold and lots of frogs on the trail, some sitting in the pools of mud. 
Jocko10/25/10Wet, sloppy Saturday morning ride. Much more grip on STT than there was Thursday evening. Nice and dry at Cook's Corner after the slip-n-slide luge descent. Thanks to whoever cleared the tree. 
TomG10/24/10It's not as good as they say. Sloppy wet loose. Very crowded too I think they were giving away free food at the flag. 
4_chew_nut10/24/10Rode with Attila, Dennis and JP today. It has been a wet couple weeks here so the state parks are closed. Trails were crowded with many doing the luge loop and a few going on to Old Camp and all was in good condition. 
XCRider10/23/10Wet. Trail was in nice shape all the way to Old Camp. Lots of riders. Heavy fog and drizzle on the way up, rain on the way down. Tree is cleared on the Luge and it's also in excellent shape. One of my cleanest runs ever since I was hyperfocused on choosing a good line. Yes, "cleanest" probably was a bad choice of words. 
portolavet10/22/10Nice and foggy. There is a big tree blocking the Luge about half the way down. Get ready to hike a bike. 
vt1ryan10/16/10Solo spin today. 
portolavet10/16/10Sunny up there. My friend James P. kicked my Butt big time on his single speed. Good job James. 
davidB.10/15/10late night STR ride 
bonsainut10/13/10This Geoladder route does not run all the way to Old Camp. Rather it stops on the ridge over Old Camp - about a half mile before and a steep climb above. Old Camp is in the valley, knuckleheads! It's called a "camp" for a reason. 
MTB Fiend10/12/10Gorgeous evening for a ride. The various colors of the sky, the terrain and vegetation created a patchwork of color draped over Saddleback. Saw just one other rider the entire time. Such incredible temps, enjoying them while we can! Great ride! 
mblazer10/11/10Awesome ride, I was exhausted but man it was worth it. 
jlslhills10/09/10First time on this ride and it was awesome. Went with dgln, bb, and mblazer. Actually cold when we first started @ Cooks but we warmed up fast with the quick ascent. Great climbs all the way through. From the flag to old camp especially. Ride down luge was a nice way to finish. 
EK-RSM10/09/10IM: 9am with Torps & Brian. 
flyingbrian10/09/10rode with eric and torps, saw chris m up at the top of old camp.... 
RollnStone10/08/10A fantastic, crisp, solo morning ride. Wore long sleeves. Had the whole trail to myself, except for two trail runners near the flag. Traction was perfect and I am sure I set a PB for the descent. The Luge is in great shape. When I finished my bike was surprising clean. No dust, no mud. Ride it before it turns to dust again! 
Fast Turtle10/07/10Sunset Ride with Boerseun. Nice night for a ride. Legs felt good after 3 days of rest. Garmin died coming down from Old Camp. 1:40 back to the flag from Old Camp. 
Tick Magnet10/07/10The trail is in great shape and the temps were perfect for a fast ride. Saw a few other people on the trail. The luge is awesome right now. 
Boerseun10/06/10SS - Sunset ride with FastTurtle. Trail was tacky and in good shape...Thank you Jim for great trail work on the Luge! Glad Paul planted a seed for a ride with me earlier in the day. Saw a few other riders out tonight, but given that FastTurtle was on a mission we passed the one guy that was trying to stay ahead of us with ease! 
blipstream10/01/10solo morning ride, not as warm but still felt hot at the top 
MTB Fiend09/28/10Sensational evening! An explosion of sunset colors set the tone. The trail was bathed in magentas, violets and plum colors. Awesome! Had to use lights much earlier and I was sure we were going to see a critter or three. Not. A marvelous night for a night ride! Ran into several GeoLadder folks - good to meet you all. In fact, 90% of the riders out tonight (and there were not many) were GL riders. Dedicated souls. Great sunset! Great ride! Get well soon flanneryd! 
RYAN FOREST09/25/10First night ride! A lot of fun, 11 riders... a bit on the warm side 
drg09/24/10lots of hot spots..... But great ride!! 
JD15809/23/10Wednesday Team Velosport ride. A bit chilly on the way down from OC. 
29 Inch Nails09/23/10Wednesday night ride with El Chupa...perfect temp...perfect night! 
El Chupacabra09/22/10Great spin with 29 Inch Nails. Full moon lit the way... 
MTB Fiend09/21/10Cold is coming, but tonight was all about the fog, and 29ers. We could see the marine layer advancing toward us. At times it looked as though it was raining in the valley below. Above Old Camp was just above the marine layer and the moon was bright. As we descended the fog was quite thick at times and swirls would form and dance in the bright light. Quite surreal really. Encountered only 2 other riders out on the trail. 29ers rule! Great ride! 
mtnbikej09/21/10Fun ride tonight....pace was good...was totally lost the last 2 miles or so to Old Camp...everything seemed to be different. Fog rolled in...wasn't as cold as I thought it would have been....Luge seems to be really beat up. 
cleanbeater09/19/10Solo ride. Got hot about a mile before old camp. Lots of riders coming up on my way down. 
TomG09/19/10Finally got the garmin fixed. Its a love hate thing works when it wants to. The support is useless! 
PaulV09/13/10night ride! with hooch and burn. getting ready for Hurkey Creek, felt better than expected after Bonelli. Maybe I should make this a hidden ride so the elusive 'troupe'r crew don't find out my secret training plans?? Naw, they aren't paying attention anyways. :) 
PaulV09/10/10night ride!! hit it w/ Shannon. Saw a group of at least 12 trail runners with lights, and you think we are crazy? :) 
MTB Fiend09/07/10Calm, very quiet, and a bit cold. Surprisingly saw very, very few riders out tonight. Not a complaint, just an observation. The ascent got a bit chilly as the marine layer worked its way up the canyons and on to the ridge. Kind of spooky riding in and out of the fog on the way back. Very dark out too. Great ride! 
portolavet09/06/10Fresh ride at noon. First ride since I got my new Smp4 Saddle. I love it. 
JeffK09/06/10The Luge is much easier on the 29er! 
ZAffer09/03/10suffered in the heat yesterday afternoon. great ride as always. 
Royster7109/03/10Felt better today nice riding with you Mojo. Took a pic of a mountain Lion paw print. It looked big had me looking around a bit. Ran into a guy on horse who was tracking it. One of these days I will see one :( Just hope its in good surroundings and he is full. 
MoJo09/03/10If there were ever any doubts about Roy...they were all cleared up today. It just so happens that Roy knows the person I am dating and when I told him he blurted out "oh HE'S cute"! Despite the verbal assault, I gave him, after that comment he proceeded to inquire about his body :))WTF! Needless to say-- Roy is not allowed to play with my "friends". Roy you always make a ride fun!!! 
Buffalo09/02/10Great ride with the Zaf. 94 degrees when we left cooks, 78 when we returned. 
MTB Fiend08/31/10A most enjoyable evening ride. Too bad the OTH races end tonight, it has been quite nice having the whole place to ourselves. Well, almost. My riding buddy saw a Fox, lucky gal! So quiet and peaceful at Old Camp, and much warmer tonight too. Well, taking a day off for something completely different - but I'll be back! Great ride! 
TomG08/29/10busy place today 
slopush08/29/10Sweet morning ride w/ Burgemeester. We started off at 6:28 and were home nice an early. Only saw two other riders as we were coming down from Old Camp. Kind've nice having the trails to ourselves. Saw three large doe- Beautiful creatures! 
Burgemeester08/29/10Going to OC was tough, back was getting tight and Slopush was making me work for it, but coming back down was AWESOME - we were pinning the lines as if we were riding on a string! Haven't had so much fun heading down Luge for a long time! Thanks, made me forget all about the uphill grind! 
flanneryd08/28/10My 2nd-ever night ride. It's really awesome to see the sunset and then the city lights at night. RSM kind-of glowed underneath the marine layer that accumulated. It was fun (and a little spooky) to be alone out there in just our 3-person group. Well... MTB Fiend would say "We weren't alone! Just think of all the critters out there with us!" Thanks for a great ride. 
MoJo08/28/10completely degreased chain yesterday and forgot to lube- wow what a mistake. Tried to ignore the awful sound by putting headphones in, but the grinding could eventually be felt through my shoes. By the time I reached the top, I was sure I was going to start a forest fire with all that friction coming out of my drive train! Will NOT make that (rookie) mistake again 
portolavet08/28/10Nice ride with Brian, Richard and Karl. wasn't hot at all. 
MTB Fiend08/27/10Temps were perfect. In the orange hued sunset, FlanneryD's bright orange bike was actually camoflauged! It looked like she was'nt riding nothing! (Oh my)! Sensational sunset - really hung in to the last moment. With the low marine layer, RSM and other cities dotted the clouds way below like lighted stepping stones across a sea of fog. Very surreal, never seen anything like it. Expected it to be cold on the descent, instead appreciated the occasional cold pocket. No critters? Great ride! 
portolavet08/25/10Still a little hot after 5 pm. 
portolavet08/23/10Nobody on the trail Sunday late afternoon. Came down the luge at night. Temperature was just right. 
portolavet08/23/10Only saw one biker on the trail going down the Luge. 
portolavet08/18/10My fifth Old camp in 6 days... 
portolavet08/17/10Hot ride at lunch, 91 F but the descent made it very fun. 
MTB Fiend08/17/10A most enjoyable ride. A bit warm at times, but always tolerable. Very few bugs, but plenty of Tarantulas. Great sunset, twilight, nightfall transition. All I had was my helmet light and that is too much of a spotlight. Could not see variations in terrain, and a huge disconnect from what the bike is doing and what the trail is presenting. Slow-rolled it down the Luge. No critters. Great ride! 
trailking@cox.net08/14/10Good ride. Fog layer burned off quicka and got pretty hot. 
tweasol08/13/10Started @ noon... Pretty hot today. No one else on the trails. Thanks for the ride, Edgar 
portolavet08/13/10A little hot today but it is a fun ride. 
MTB Fiend08/10/10Another quick paced ride - Taco Tuesday has a way of motivating. Or was it the waning light? Due to a slightly late start (my fault) we had to use lights for the descent on the Luge. Beautiful evening for a Great ride! 
Damon M08/08/10Great AM Ride Ran into bunch of Friends 
Royster7108/08/10Rode with Laura and Randy today. Good pace had some fun talks. Ran into Damon and Kevin on the way up. Congrats Kevin! Always run into a lot of people you know here on Sundays. AT the bottom they were testing Yeti's. They were not set up before I left yet :( 
Dmac08/07/10New Kenda small block 8 on the rear - ROlls better than my Nevegal. 
Mike Honcho08/06/10A deer hopped down the trail in front of me for about 30 yards on the way down from old camp, crazy! 
MTB Fiend08/03/10Strong riding tonight - well done! Incredible, sensational sunset on the descent. I had to stop for a moment to see what I looked like awashed in a deep sunset red. Stopped again just before dropping down the Luge to contemplate the beauty of tonights sunset. Breathtaking! Great ride! 
Tick Magnet07/28/10Nice ride today, the temps were low enough to enjoy the trail. I have not ridden this one in a while and the Luge is in excellent shape, nice and fast. 
Buffalo07/28/10Cooled off nicely. Good ride with Zaffer. 
ZAffer07/28/10felt this one.... started to bonk towards the end.. thanks for debonker buffalo :) 
MTB Fiend07/27/10Somewhat crowded tonight, big Trail Angels ride, everybody looked to be enjoying it. Continuing on to Old Camp at a brisk pace was challenging and fun. The real treat was in the return - just a couple riders on the range, heading into the sunset and awash in an irridescent alpine orange glow. Exhilirating, I tell you. Great ride! 
29 Inch Nails07/26/10Saturday ride with El Chupa...tested gravity with my helmet..we lost. 
El Chupacabra07/24/10Great ride with 29 inch nails until he went OTB hard on the Luge...good thing for helmets. 
MTB Fiend07/20/10Late start but we made it down the Luge in the waning daylight. At least one of us was smart enough to bring a light. That's OK I like to cateye it. Partner should have just dropped me anyway, lousy company tonight. Great ride? 
MTB Fiend07/13/10Fabulous evening for a ride. Breezes kept the temps in check. The sunset was incredible on the descent, at times downright illuminating. Colors shifting from yellows and golds to orange, then pink. Awesome! Real stout pace, up and down - feeling better than we thought, I guess. Great sunset! Great ride! 
Permagrin07/12/10Felt good to ride in the heat after being in the meat locker cold at work. Saw a tarantula on STT and 3 deer on the hill above the lot next to Cooks. Nice way to end a fun ride. 
Buffalo07/07/10Great after work ride with ZAffer. Saw a not too shy fox just before Old Camp. 
Ben Boronow07/07/10Another beautiful morning ride with Lonnie, Bob, Bob, Ryan, Ron & Zach. Got a little warm for a few minutes, but the clouds rolled in and cooled it down. Amazing how many flowers are still out there. 
ZAffer07/07/10great ride with buffalo. met some cool people on the trail. good times... 
MTB Fiend07/06/10Yep, cold and gloomy as mentioned. It was wet around home until noon or so. Surprisingly the vegetation on the ride was all dry. Almost at Old Camp, we were pleasantly greeted by sunny skies and a great view of the velvety cloud cover all around us. Like a soft pillow of marshmellow to dive in to. I read "ethereal" earlier, I'm going to go with "trippy" - and it was! Racing daylight the whole time, we finished not just at dark, but at dark! Real dark, not just Sears dark. Great ride! 
Lonnie07/05/10Great ride with Ben, Bob F, Ryan F, Bob #2, Ron, and Zack. 
blipstream07/05/10fun ride with the guys bob, ben, lonnie, ryan and z. was still cool. 
mtbfan06/30/10Beautiful evening ride, a little humid. The flowers are still spectacular at the top. Little chilly on the downhill. The Luge was a blast as always. Ran into Sharon and Jeremy close to the top 
MTB Fiend06/29/10Gorgeous evening for a ride. Very few folks on the trail. Ran into mtbfan and others. The return trip from Old Camp was downright surreal. At times the sunset lit small sections of the canyon, as if radiating that special section for reason. We rode into the sunset.., that's always cool to say. Good pace, although we did not know it. Simply, a Great ride! 
Mike Honcho06/26/10Great ride with Warhorse this morning 
Warhorse06/26/10Fun, enjoyable early morning ride with M.Honcho 
bossvader06/25/10Truly Spectacular Evening. Perfect Temps, Great Crew, Sunset, Animals, Descent, Moon, just one of those perfect rides 
Fast Turtle06/24/10Rode with One Flew OTB, El Chupacabra, Dave, and Rob. Little hot on the trail but started to cool down just before dark. Met Gerry Lattimer at Old Camp coming out of Joplin and then rode back with him. 
MTB Fiend06/24/10Simply majestic! Bright near full moon and gorgeous sunset all competing for our attention. And we were an attentive lot. Intentional late start ensured we brought our lights. Very few riders out made it even more exceptional. Beautiful fun. Many thanks to the great Kioti for clearing the brush along and at the bottom of the Luge. Your efforts are so greatly appreciated! Great ride! 
One Flew OTB06/23/10After work spin w/Fast Turtle, El Chupacabra, Dave, and Rob. Lost a few past Cadillac but picked up Gerry Lattimer at the Old Camp Clearing. Nice to meet you Gerry! 
Fast Turtle06/17/10Started out at a normal pace and then One Flew OTB and I push the pace to Old Camp. No social pace here boys. One Flew OTB once a week ride pushed me to a PB time. 
One Flew OTB06/17/10Nice evening ride w/Turbo Turtle. Paul pulled me all the way up to Old Camp. Thanks buddy! (Max heart rate of 192 ... damn I'm outta shape!) 
MTB Fiend06/15/10Gorgeous evening for a ride. Temps were near perfect. On the descent we were awash in a bright orange. My favorite time of the day. Lingering sunset allowed us to complete the ride without lights. Yeah! Great ride! 
El Chupacabra06/13/10Great Sunday drive with 29 Inch Nails. Ran into Larry and his group at the start. Great to see Lonnie, Kim and Beth. Damn there were a lot of flies out there... 
29 Inch Nails06/13/10Nice Sunday climb with El Chupa...nice to see Lonnie, Larry, KimC, Beth and Dave on the trails. 
TomG06/13/10Nice ride this AM. New PB for me. Not to many other riders out. 
RoughRiderR06/12/10great after work friday ride with keith. left work slightly early. decent to hard pace. trail was over grown, getting wipped the whole way down from old camp. felt pretty good. hit 42.. down the final stretch home. 
BoBCatCuTie06/12/10wow! It was a overcast this morning, and Zaffer and I rode right up into the clouds. The flowers were abundant and beautiful! It was very surreal. Wonderful ride. 
Keith B06/11/10Legs felt heavy & tired. Up towards Old Camp the trail is extremely over grown. Last nights rain was still on the plants over hanging the trail so on the way up we got drenched and on the way down hands and ankles got the full on Catholic whipping treatment. Enduro was a blast on the way down. Even the luge was great. 
mtbfan06/08/10Nice ride through the fog. It was sunny at Old Camp. Only saw a handfull of riders, including Sharon and Jeremny. Saw a snake going up FU, a tarantula, a few lizards, and a tail disappearing into the bushes. Not cold at all. Good to ride STT again 
one-i06/08/10Good to have the Viking back for a fun SS ride. 
MTB Fiend06/08/10Sensational! Riding in the cusp of the fog, then clear and sunny at Old Camp, well above the marine layer below. On the descent I stopped to enjoy the final moments of sun as it dipped in to the marine layer. Exactly 8pm. So cool. We continued to descend in to the gloominess. I struggled on the Luge, my headlight actually made it harder to see at times and the trail seems a bit chewed up to me. Plucked a Tick off me after the ride - always check! Beautiful and Great ride! 
Kimo06/07/10Good ride. Felt great. 
Two Tired06/04/10Rode after work on Thursday. Starting to get hot! The trail is very overgrown near the top with wild flowers and weeds so there were also lots of bees and flies. Could not stay at the top very long because of all of the insects. Gene and Ned, thanks for the nice brushing on the Luge. 
MTB Fiend06/01/10Busy afternoon = late start. Still managed to cat-eye it to the top. Inspiring colors on the way up with the wildflowers and colored sun painting the rocks a deeper red as each moment passed. On the descent I bounced and bumbled into rocks and plants like a pinball! It's a wonder I survived. No mojo. I slowed to a crawl and enjoyed the wispy, moody fog instead. As nicely trimmed as the Luge is, I still got whipped pretty good. And yet there is no better way to spend an evening. Great ride! 
El Chupacabra05/31/10Solo trip up to Old Camp. 
mtnbikej05/30/10Got a bit of a late start.....9:30 or so. Was already warm. Continued to get warmer as we climbed towards the Luge. Helped out a rider that went over the edge at the top of the Luge. Continued on to Old Camp....got really warm and all traces of any wind were gone. got a flat about 1/2 down from Old Camp towards the Luge. Upper part of the trail near Old Camp is pretty overgrown. Lots of other suckers....er, I mean riders out this morning. 
Lonnie05/29/10Great ride with Todd, Stevo, and Ben. Saw El Chupa and 29inchnails on the trail. Great day out. The vegetation is an awesome sea of color. 
STEVO CARRILLO05/29/10Great morning ride w/ Lonnie, Ben and Todd. Ran into a couple of the Chupacabra's coming back down from Old Camp, Great seeing 29 inch nails and El chupacabra himself. Can't wait for the new jerseys to arrive, got a secret look at the proto type. Good to be back on the bike in close to a month off, felt pretty good! Lungs and legs held up well... 
One Flew OTB05/29/10GPS screwed up, so manual post. Late afternoon ride w/Fast Turtle. Still weak with a cold, but not so sure I could hang with Turbo Turtle even on a good day! Thanks for pulling me up the hill today Paul. 
Fast Turtle05/29/10Rode with One Flew OTB. PB on route today 1.39. One Flew OTB is still under the weather. I know I will be toast when he gets better 
TomG05/28/10A perfect day for a ride it does not get any better then this. 
nstilwell05/28/10solo afternoon ride 
Gerry Lattimer05/26/10Great ride with Diesel, I had forgotten how great the views are from this trail. 
Diesel05/26/10Great ride w/Gerry. It's been along time since I rode this one in the daylight. I forgot why I like this ride so much. What a blast. 
mtbkel4405/25/10hurt more than i remember. was not grooving. beautiful day and lots of nice flowers. no bugs either... gotta start doing longer rides. this one hurt. 
MTB Fiend05/25/10Got a late start, but finished my chores. Again, the legs were rallying for a mutiny, but I beat them into submission. A few descenders but soon after Goat Hill I was on my own. Truly a gorgeous evening! I hung out at the top of Old Camp and waited for the moment of sunset. Reached the top of the Luge without lights, but was glad I brought the helmet light - it was the only way to see above the vegetation. Nobody out there, where is everybody? Great ride! 
4_chew_nut05/24/10Rode with JP after work. beautiful evening. trail is in great condition, but a few weeds encroaching on the trail near the top and also on the luge forced me to keep speed in check... 
Royster7105/22/10Wow never seen so many hikers out there. Busted this out with Laura and another. Talked to a huge group of Link guys! On the way down ran into Randy. (well almost) Blind corner and speed nice... Randy came back down with us. 
martink11105/21/10Morning ride- Rode with camera, tripod, and two lenses. To top of pavement in 12:19 minutes; to Vultures Crag in 36:26 minutes; to fireline in 54:19 minutes; to Old Camp in 1:10:45 minutes. -RECORD- 41.1 mph max 
ZULU05/21/10Awesome morning to ride. The view was incredible fromt the ridge above the clouds. Chilly on the way down. Leggs feeling it today. 
MTB Fiend05/18/10A most enjoyable ride tonight. Weather was comfortable, but looked threatening. Well, not really? As we ascended I figured the clouds to be about 100ft above Old Camp, and initially they were. As we changed in to warmer clothes the clouds and dampness engulfed us and we were immersed in gloominess. Well, not really as it made for a sensational descent with an incredible background. The wildflowers sensed the moment too and were going off in style. Was it all iTunes induced? Maybe. Great ride! 
TomG05/16/10Very light crowd for Sunday. A little overcast so was cool,I don't think we'll see to much more of that. 
Frakk05/16/10Rode with my friend, he could not make it all the way up to old camp so, like any good friend would do, I sent him on his way as I finished the ride, what an awesome day it was...GPS also died as my rear tire exploded as I got to my car, side wall gave out. 
El Chupacabra05/15/10Solo ride up to Old Camp... 
BetF05/13/10Met MTBfiend today. He was helping a guy (Carlos?) who injured his arm coming down the Luge. Kudos to MTBfiend for lending a hand! 
gmurray05/13/10First ride with AMTR meetup group. 
MTB Fiend05/11/10Kind of crowded on the ascents to the Luge, after that just 1 descender. Sensational ascent with the waning light and long shadows entertaining our senses. We had 10 min to spare until sunset as we began our descent. Every once in a while you've got to stop to appreciate the suns descent in to the mountains - and I do, as often as possible. It's one of lifes little pleasures. And lets not forget the wildflowers, they were especially brilliant. Dropped the Luge with cat eyes. Yep! Great ride! 
trailking@cox.net05/08/10Lots of riders out. Great day and some positive vibes out there from everyone. Got a little tired before Old Camp but made it. 
Buffalo05/05/10Another great evening ride. Thanks, ZAffer 
ZAffer05/05/10had another great ride with buffalo this evening. weather was just right. views were great. 
MTB Fiend05/04/10Soaking in the warmth. Finally, rides to Old Camp no longer require tons of dry gear just to survive. Spring flowers are in bloom everywhere and I thanked each and every one for their contribution to my ride. Well, mentally at least, sometimes out loud. Even without good conversation, the climb seemed rather short. Caught some awesome orange and reds in the sunset on the return. Words from the wise while riding the Luge - Tis better to be whipped by mustard than to go over the edge. Great ride! 
Two Tired05/03/10Rode Sunday morning with Kevin. It was surprisingly cool (almost cold) in certain sections due to clouds and wind. Trails are in good shape except for the amount of vegetation creeping in on the sides. 
Winger05/03/10EX8. Trail was in good shape. Pinch flatted in a rock garden. Had a great time! 
Hermit05/02/10GT. Rode yesterday with the Saturday crew. 
A bit more technical05/02/10Great to see everyone. Big group, good ride! 
NO GO05/02/10Nice day, perfect weather. Rode with a rather large group today. Thanks SKINNY, twitch and VT1 
Phishin Paul05/02/10Cool afternoon ride with Dave. Only a handful on the trails but hundreds of Harley dudes at Cooks. Fun times with the Go Pro camera today. 
vt1ryan05/01/10Great group ride with Twitch, NO GO, Skinny and a few others that we met at Cooks. Good job on the singlespeed NO GO. 
SKINNY05/01/10Good ride with twitch, no go, vt1ryan, and a few other egoladders guys.. 
El Chupacabra05/01/10Solo afternoon spin. Had a great tailwind up to Old Camp. 
Twitch05/01/10Nice turn out today. Nice riding by NO GO and vt1ryan. I had a personal worst ride today, just didnt have anything. 
IceCreamAndCake04/29/10eazy breezy 
vt1ryan04/28/10Nice morning ride after the rain. Trail is in great shape but the mustard is over-grown on STT. When you pass the flag to old camp it is beautiful and the trail is awesome. Luge in great condition. 
MTB Fiend04/27/10Great evening to be riding. Where was everybody? Witnessed the sunset and moonrise at the same time. Awesome. The descent was filled with vivid sunset colors. I kept looking back thinking someone had caught me. Nobody there, just the bright moon. I stopped to listen to the waterfall and the rich vibrant sounds of nature in the canyon below for a few minutes. The descent on the Luge was almost surreal due to the wispy fog and clouds rolling in. All this and nobody out there but us. Great ride! 
Ross B04/26/10Great evening ride. Sorry to the blue jersey. I think I startled you on your way back. Blessed be the name of The Lord. 
Two Tired04/26/10Solo ride on Sunday late morning. Perfect temperature for riding. Not too cold or hot. Saw quite a few riders for how late I started. Luge is obscured in a few places by all of the vegetation on the sides. 
RollnStone04/25/10Started to get hot at the top, but very nice on the way down. 
GoneRiding04/25/10My wife gave me the ok to go out for a ride so out I went. Saw Spartacus( the one from RSM) on his road bike near Cooks. Good seeing you Chris! Warm on some climbs then a nice breeze would come up and it felt great. Only saw 2 riders before I got to OC then it was like a little party up there.2 girls came up from OC proper on their bikes and another rider came up STT that was behind me. Then 3 younger riders came through after finishing Joplin.Saw a deer on STT near the flagpole on the way down. 
MTB Fiend04/25/10Back on local dirt. Not so bad, you know, can't take this stuff for granted. Late afternoon ride, saw just one other rider. Nice temps, beautiful spring flowers, solo ride - sweet! Now back to the grind! Great ride! 
Boerseun04/25/10Lap 1 of 3 : A really early ride, with Slopush, Burgemeester, JohnO, RaulC & FastTurtle. Thanks for making me work hard guys! 
slopush04/24/10Great early ride w/ Burgemeester, Boerseun, Fast Turtle, RaulC and JohnO. Done by 7:40 so I was home by 8:00. Perfect! Thanks guys, for getting up extra early this morning. Oh, and watch for some rocks in the middle of the trail coming down luge- You can't see them well with all the tall grass! 
Fast Turtle04/24/105:30 am ride with a 4:45 am wake up (ouch). Garmin turned off on ride. Rode with Boerseun, RaulC, slopush and Burgemeester. Slopush didn't have cramps and was able to get way out in front. 
xcShane04/24/10Good stuff! 
RaulC04/24/10Painfully early ride w/ Burgemeester, Boerseun, Fast Turtle, Slopush and JohnO. Great push & glad I did it. 
Damon M04/23/10SS - very cold last night 
JD15804/22/10Solo ride after work with the Stumpy. Definitely been itching to ride the MTB. Clouds cleared this afternoon with the sun shining. Little cold on the way back down. Trail was good with a few muddy spots here and there up to Old Camp. No slick or wet spots on the Luge, just a lil overgrown. 
OTB_again04/19/10Solo. Great to be back on the 29er. Rolled down to the creek and took a nice break in the shade. Surprised a coachwhip (I think) at the bottom of the Luge, he wanted out of there! 
Mike Honcho04/18/10Perfect weather for a ride 
Boerseun04/16/10Great night ride with Burgemeester...started later than planned, but made into Cooks just in time for dinner and a few brewskis 
Quikflip2704/14/10Quick ride before class. PB 
IceCreamAndCake04/14/10Nice after work ride.The luge is interesting in some sections with the tall weeds almost covering the trail! The big rock just off the right about halfway down is almost invisible. 
Burgemeester04/14/10Another great night ride with Boerseun! We grinded all the way to the top, had a snack and cruised back to Cooks for a well deserved beer (or three) and a few tacos. Unfortunately we missed the spaghetti, but we'll work it out for next time! Thanks man! And remember - what goes up... 
Hellride04/13/10Nice day today. Legs felt heavy tho. Cold at OC saw only one rider heading back to Luge on the way up. 
SAmtn04/13/10Comfortable ride with Boerseun. I love my new "Gravity Dropper"! Helps me on the climbs and the descents. 
Boerseun04/13/10Late afternoon ride with SAMtn...a nice mellow pace to ease back into the saddle...a two week lay-off is not easy to bounce back from. 
MTB Fiend04/13/10The luscious and lovely Lupines lining the Luge were brilliantly illuminated by the lumens of my light tonight. And not even that could lift my spirits. Got the blue funk going on. I need a vacation! Now! Not next week, now. If it was only cabin fever. Great ride! 
one-i04/12/10Pretty muddy out there. 
MTB Fiend04/11/10Can't wait to store my cold weather gear away, but needed it today. Just as it looks outside, cold and breezy the whole ride. Rode with old friends and new friends, as usual lots of fun. Saw very few other riders. Great ride! 
mtbkel4404/11/10great ride with MTBFIEND, john, brenda, and flanneryd. 
4_chew_nut04/10/10Evening ride with JP. Nice evening and had a beer and tacos afterward. 
jb_29er04/09/10Sweet ride on the SS.... 
Greo1004/06/10AM Solo ride b 4 heading out to the desert. Nice day many people out saw the STR group heading on the c2c2c ride and another group trying to bag old camp. Lots of group riders starting at 9. 
MTB Fiend04/06/10Nice sunset, the sky was burning red for quite some time. Saw a few riders trying to finish in daylight, after that we saw no one else. One of our riders only light was defunct, so I gave him my MagicShine. That left me with just my helmet light. Different, a bit too much tunnel vision effect for me but I survived. Not too cold, but not warm enough either - just wishy-washy! Great ride! 
cfeliciano04/05/10First night ride ever. Was pretty sketchy, but fun. Rode with Paul. Found a tick on my leg the next night. Don't forget to check for ticks after each ride! 
Pmcmasters04/05/10Took my buddy Chris on his first night ride tonight. It was pretty cold out there but the traction was perfect. Just a few mud puddles. 
Dmac04/02/10At the top of Old Camp and in the spirit of Easter -someone has written in rock - THANK YOU GOD and just a little to the right FOR MY BIKE. Nice! 
Quikflip2703/30/10With Josh...them clouds are rolling in quick. 
tweasol03/30/10w/ quickflip. Troublesome ride for me. I was tired to start, too much spring break "festivities," and then knee pain began, which was frustrating. I was slow. As if it wasn't bad enough, had a nasty sidewall gash on the last 500 ft of dirt before the road downhill to the cars. (how unlucky) I Probably can't seal that one...Spicy tacos and cole slaw after made me feel better, a little bit 
MTB Fiend03/30/10Started out cold and breezy. Sunset looked like could either way, and indeed was a bit of a dud. We could see we were going to ascend in to the clouds and we did just before the Joplin turnoff. 2 of us cat-eyed to the top, just barely made it through the encroaching darkness and clouds. Surprisingly calm and surreal at the top. The full moon brightened the lingering clouds but could not break their blanketed cloaking. The descent was awesome as we slipped in and out of the clouds. Great ride! 
BetF03/29/10God, I love this place by the full moon. Monday's the night, too. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. 
lmadisono03/27/10Wonderful to ride with some friends I haven't ridden with for a while! :) 
vt1ryan03/27/10Nice morning ride up to Old Camp. Trail is in good shape. Had a flat tire from Old Camp at the Luge. Used my 40 gram air gun. Love it. Just fire it up and go. Battled thru the wind but a great ride. 
martink11103/25/10Morning Ride- rode with camera, tripod, and two lenses. To top of pavement in 13:45, to Vultures Crag in 41:03, to Fireline in 59:39, to Old Camp in 1:18:57 41.4 mph max 
MTB Fiend03/23/10Little later start than usual, but that was OK. Still got to see twilight slowly fade into darkness. Not so great a sunset due to marine layer or whatever. Maybe not so surprisingly the trail was pretty much empty and we were all alone after the Luge. Up at the clearing above Old Camp the night was beautiful. Stars were awesome and the half moon was really quite bright. Gorgeous. The only wildlife we saw was "Dave" the bullfrog as we climbed out of the Luge. He's a regular you know. Great ride! 
Boerseun03/22/10Rode with Burgemeester...good early morning cruise. 
Boerseun03/22/10Early morning ride with SAMtn...the old man pushed me hard today! 
Boerseun03/22/10Solo ride...slow and not into it. 
DIRTULS03/22/10Great ride with Kelly, Brenda, and Mark. I am happy I made it to Old Camp, it was a beautiful day with the flowers and the sunshine. I felt stong. But, the day was cursed: flat at the house (first one with this bike), crashed 1/2 mile down from Old Camp. Major dirt rash. :( All the way down I was shaking. It was my slowest time ever down the Luge, but I made it. I was thinking all the way down "I like this better at night". 
shmrcksean03/19/10Windiest I"ve ever seen it going up to O.C. Had to stop near the bottom of The Luge to remove a downed burnt tree across the trail. Just around a blind corner. Almost flipped me OTB but I got lucky. 
H2oChick03/18/10Great evening for a night ride. Perfect temps and the sunset was spectacular. Lots of birds on the trail tonight. 
Royster7103/17/10Last ride till the coup. Nice ride with Troy and Tom (Mr. Flat) has anyone ever had 2 flats at the same time? Well Tom has twice... Hey let’s just top it off and have another. Well Tom did.... You should be on a tubeless commercial. Always an adventure with my Buddy :) Troy thanks for the shots. Good meeting Cheri's Bro. Tom I ran this through spell check so suck it!! 
GoneRiding03/17/10This ride started out great w Royster & thinkfast. Both front & back tires flatted as we were descending Vultures Cragg area before the flag. While we fixed them we met a rider whose journal entries I have seen at both the Luge & up on Pinos. Nice meeting you Steve(BRG)! On the way back from OC got another flat. No tubes left and my patch kit failed me. Unfortunatley that was after I told Roy that I would be ok. I had a nice walk to the flagpole where Troy left me a tube on the trail. Thanks! 
ThinkFast03/17/10Always a fun time with Tom and Roy. Good to see Steve M. again on our way up, before the flag. I'm betting Tom goes tubeless after today. Left a tube on the trail in case Tom had problems with his patch kit (smart thinking Roy). Roy and I both had to get back or we would have waited. 
MTB Fiend03/16/10Gladly exchanging the 10 point night ride bonus for the sensational sunset. The entire LA basin was awash in orange and red hues, a veritable fruit bowl of color. I purposely found my way to the back of the group and ran with owl vision and smashing tunes all the way to Old Camp. Weather was simple - not cold! This was a delightful night and the trail was empty! Where is everybody!? Our little group crept through the night unnoticed. Hmmm.. let's do this again! Great ride! 
Burgemeester03/14/10A fresh, early spin with Boerseun who kicked my butt after the flag, all the way to OC! The kid's in great shape!!! Luge was fun as always! Thanks man! 
jpotts03/13/10st paddy's day ride 
TomG03/13/10No sun and no other riders? 2 pm start lots of cars in the parking lot where were you? 
flyingbrian03/12/10rode with torp;s ... good pace. We rode with Kevin for a while up to old camp.... 
Phishin Paul03/12/10Beautiful morning. I saw a group of 3 right before the flag. Looked like they were heading to lower joplin. Upper STT is real nice; getting back to like it was before the fires. SS 
meatmarketfreak03/11/10steve set this one up 
ZipsBiker03/11/10Great night with TL, MW. 
blipstream03/09/10solo morning ride, was a bit windy in spots. 
SAmtn03/09/10Comeback ride for a sick old man. First ride in a while Boerseun drags my butt all the way to Old Camp. I tailed him the whole way. Thanks for getting me out. 
El Chupacabra03/09/10Forgot the Garmin this evening... Great ride with 29 Inch Nails. Maiden voyage for the new steed - Epic Marathon 29er. Still getting comfortable on the big wheels. 
29 Inch Nails03/09/10Cold Camp.....chilly ride with El Chupa..testing the new wheels. 
MTB Fiend03/09/10Sharp contrast to last weeks Tues night ride. Very few riders out tonight and even fewer venturing on to Old Camp. Once the breezes layed down a bit the temp was bearable on the climb. Always a treat to change into dry jerseys at the top, but chilling at task. Dark as ink skies made for great star gazing. Cold hands for most of the descent. Did a quick over the bars run out in the muddiest spot at the top of the Luge. User error. Cold, Great ride! 
gmann03/08/10old camp was in the clouds today. met another rider at old camp - steve. about 6 mud puddles on the way to old camp. nice and peaceful up in the clouds. 
Buffalo03/08/10Enjoyable ride with ZAffer. We had the trail to ourselves. 
ZAffer03/08/10its amazing how good a shape this trail was in. Totally enjoyed the ride today with buffalo. 
RoughRiderR03/06/10Woke up early and it wasn’t raining so I went for it. Weather man must be out on business. Some clouds and a few drops but no rain. Kept a good mellow pace to the top. My back started to act up a little. Not as bad as Bstar Mway on thurs. Was nice descending in the day…fast. Luge showing signs of traffic but all in all it was in good shape (rutted mud at the top). 
Tick Magnet03/06/10Nice cool ride today. The trail was wet in places, but easily avoided. It was cold at the Old Camp clearing. Some mud on the Luge made it interesting. 
MTB Fiend03/06/10Sensational ride! Weather really played a factor. A little bit of light rain and an occasional 30 second ray of sun, sometimes all at once! I was shocked to see just 2 other riders on the whole ride. On the descent I could see rain over RSM and ONeil, but experienced just a little drizzle. Streets were wet on the way home. Great day for a... Great ride! 
4_chew_nut03/06/10Finally, a weekend ride. Rode with Attila and was a blustery morning since a storm was supposed to come in any minute! Listened to a strong flow of water down Modjeska Canyon and also saw a couple water falls flowing into the canyon. Felt good for not have many miles the past few weeks. 
Dmac03/05/10Nice ride on a nice day -Sweet! 
flyingbrian03/03/10rode with eric and torps...a little cold at the top tonight... 
GoneRiding03/03/10Good ride w Thinkfast & OTB-Again. Some dark clouds up near Old Camp but it stayed dry. STT is in good shape the whole way. Just a little slickness on the Luge about 1/4 of the way down. Only saw 1 other rider past the flagpole who was heading up as we came down. We stopped in Cooks afterwards for some burgers & brew. 
rushak03/03/10Started out with the Team Velosport MTB ride and ended splitting off with JD, Diego and Don to complete the Old Camp loop. Pretty brisk out there tonight. Great group of guys. 
DONALD JACKSON03/03/10John Jason Diego and I continued to OC the other part of the group turned back a little sooner 
ThinkFast03/03/10Always a good time riding with trobe1 and OTB_again. Dirt was fast and grippy on the way down. Recovery drinks and grub at Cooks afterward. 
OTB_again03/03/10Good ride with Thinkfast and trobe1...chilly at Old Camp and on the ride back down. Tasty grub and refreshments at Cooks afterward. 
JD15803/03/10Wednesday ride with Team Velosport. Had a total of about 13 riders going up STT. Ended up with only Jason, Don, and Diego going up towards Old Camp with the rest going back down STT. Although a little cold out, still a good ride!!! 
Keith B03/02/10Early evening mission before heading back to the office. Thought I saw a mountain lion leaping up an embankment up near old camp! Apologies to the 2 riders I accidentally forced to stop after the flag - the flat section i was aiming for turned out to be a pile of rocks, oops. Epic felt awesome on the luge for once - I event caught 2 people! 
EK-RSM03/02/10SJ: 6pm ride with Torps, Brian, & Cedric. 
MTB Fiend03/02/10Wow! Parking at Cooks was so crowded I felt lucky to get one of the last spots in the upper parking lot. Even so it did not seem overly crowded on the trail. But it was a bit strange after having Old Camp all to ourselves on many occassions, Oh yeah, that was when it was alot colder. I struggled tonight, hit every rock and rut that could be found, and felt sluggish doing it. Oh well... Nice to see someone finally came to their senses allowing parking on the Grade again. Great ride! 
Ladera Mike02/26/10Cut out of work early and hit this up solo. Tons of riders out there today. Didn't realize my rear pads were shot til I started down from OC, made The Luge interesting. Edge 500 froze up again but I caught it right away. 
Buffalo02/26/10Nice warm night, saw only 2 other riders. 
martink11102/25/10Morning ride- Rode with camera, tripod, and 2 lenses. To end of pavement in 12:42 minutes; to Vultures Crag in 37:46 minutes; to fire line in 54:43 minutes; to Old Camp in 1:11:47 minutes. Very slow return due to major tire failure (had to ride back on a grass-filled rear tire!). 23.4 mph max 
flyingbrian02/25/10Rode with the boys from work, great night for old camp. nice and warm. didn't have the garmin tonight, had to tag tuesdays ride. 
EK-RSM02/25/10SJ: 6pm with Brian, Torps, & Cedric. Good pace. 
rushak02/25/10Solo ride. Ran into Twitch on the way to Old Camp. He's stepping it up on the SS. ;-) 
Twitch02/25/10First time out to Old Camp on a single speed. Rushak was right, climbing the switchback after the Luge about killed me. Thanks Jason 
Garrett Garcia02/24/10getting faster...cant wait till sagebrush this weekend 
PaulV02/24/10wow, perfect dirt or what?? loving the s-works sauserwinds tires, hooking up nicely (2.0 front 30 psi, 1.8 rear 32 psi)thought I saw the general on the way up?? sorry but guilty of excessive volume on the headphones (for whom the bell tolls!!) splits: cooks to gate=10:56, to flag=31:38, to OC flat spot=1:01:48, down OC FS to luge top-14:35, down luge=3:59, RT=1:24:25 good day in the dirt!!! 
MTB Fiend02/23/10Poor little Edge305 is in the shop for replacement. Garmin says they re-engineered and improved the durability. We'll see about that! Plenty of vehicles in the parking lot, but we saw very few riders. Comfortable pace tonight. At times it was cold, but out of the breeze was nice. Of course, the reward for reaching the top is a change in to dry, warm clothes - basic instincts are a great motivator. Back at the Luge it was calm and quiet, no other riders. Great ride! 
EK-RSM02/23/10SJ: 6pm with Brian & Torps. Lots of folks out riding tonight. 
flyingbrian02/23/10rode with Eric and torp's, not too cold tonight. 
Damon M02/22/10SS 1:21 to OC 
RoughRiderR02/22/10A nice chilled out ride on a Friday with B boy and Ibot. was really foggy at the top, nearly raining. Flat on the way down. installed heavy duty tube post ride. 
GoneRiding02/20/10Afternoon solo ride.Felt like I was playing Russian roulette w/ the rain.There were some dark clouds when I started out but I stayed dry & saw some sun.A few mud puddles past the luge on STT that are hard to avoid but other then that trail is in good shape.Luge was almost completely dry!Didn't see any familiar faces, maybe 8 other riders out there including a guy named Jason up at OC. Fast rider! Saw the Crank Bros. FJCruiser back at Cooks. Stopped @ R&R after.Thanks 4 the new journal Gene! 
redbaron02/19/10Morning spin up to Old Camp with Shizzel. The ride up was most peaceful and very quiet. On the way down, we past 2 other MTB'ers starting out the trek up to Old Camp. 
Rowsby02/19/10Night ride with Keith B & Ryan rough rider. It got foggy half way up the MTN but we beat the rain. I am feeling good! 
Keith B02/19/10Rain-beater ride with Ian & Ryan. Not a soul out on the trail. Cold and foggy after the flag. Luge in fine shape - hope the rain doesnt change that. 
El Chupacabra02/18/10Wow, what a night. Fast Turtle went down twice, second time coming down the Luge...15 feet down the hill to the side of the trail before he was able to stop. Great ride otherwise... 
Fast Turtle02/18/10Rode with El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB. Did a personal best on the number of times crashing. First up to old camp on the flat. Spun out and landed on my right side. Second down Luge and fell 15 feet down the side. It happened so fast that I didn't know what happened. El Chupacabra was pretty worried. Thanks for the help guys. 
lmadisono02/18/10Barely beat the sun. 
One Flew OTB02/18/10Night ride with Fast Turtle and El Chupacabra. Paul disembarked from the bike twice ... one just before Lower Joplin and the scary one half way down the luge. He ended up 15 feet down a very steep section. Glad you're OK Paul! Met James_95 at the Old Camp Clearing. Nice to meet you James! 
slopush02/17/10Solo ride which meant I had to hold up both ends of the conversation. I am soooo boring to listen to! Luckily I met a couple of ladies coming down from Old Camp to talk to, even if it was just for a minute. They're training for the Leadville 100. I AM NOT WORTHY! 
drg02/17/10Love this ride! trail in great shape 
MTB Fiend02/16/10Slightly late start - my bad. It was warm, it was cold, it was windy, it was calm. It was crowded, it was empty. We had it all tonight. It was... wait for it... a Great ride! 
lmadisono02/15/10Quick ride with Chris this a.m. How cool is it to see a waterfall off the side of the trail?! That was priceless. 
gmann02/15/10first time riding out to old camp. great trail. met howard near the top of the luge as I was going towards old camp. 
Two Tired02/15/10Rode back on Thursday the 11th after work. Pretty good conditions, just a small soggy section before the flag and another near the top of the luge. 
cfeliciano02/15/10Only second time out to old camp. This ride kicked my butt again. 
A bit more technical02/14/10Fun ride with Scott and Matt. What a beautiful morning! 
SKINNY02/14/10good ride with twitch and shizzle.. 
EK-RSM02/14/109am ride with Cedric. Demo on S-Works Stumpy. 
DONALD JACKSON02/14/10Not a soul out on this warm eve, everyone must have finished around sunset 
Twitch02/14/10Great ride with SKINNY and Shizzel. Starting to feel better after my cold. 
Hermit02/13/10GT. Rode with Mark & Scott. Saw James and his buddy out training for CC. Super nice morning. 
scott v02/13/10Morning ride with Matt and Mark. Was cold at 7 AM but it quickly warmed up. 
trekstorm02/12/10Slow ride with Tim.(he hasn't ridden in a while) Good ride Tim!! Trail in good shape not too muddy but nice traction. 
EK-RSM02/12/10SJ: 2pm solo. 
kacerrob02/12/10forgot to turn it off after the ride... Luge was only slightly muddy and old camp was fine. Looking forward to this weekend. 
rushak02/12/10Solo SS. STT is in great shape. Luge is still a tad muddy up top, but after that it's a blast. 
genusmtbkr502/11/10Bummer, my Garmin was not charged so rode without it. STT has a few muddy spots but can be easily avoided. A little wetter/muddier towards Old Camp, but still avoidable. The Luge is muddy in the usual sections at the top where the trees are, but after that, it's nice and tacky. Another note: If anyone knows, please stop ripping out the signs along the way. If you don't like it, ignore it and ride what you would anyway. Ripping out signs will just piss off the USFS and me who help put them in. Thanks 
Phishin Paul02/11/10The weather looked nasty but ended up being perfect. Diggin' the new Wingnut bag. 
JD15802/11/10Ended up being a nice easy ride up to old camp. Got a little chilly on the way up and a fun ride down as always. 
MTB Fiend02/10/10Spectacular sunset colors, forever views to Catalina, trail all to ourselves - what more could you ask for? Yeah, sure we saw a couple lights in front but after the Luge - no one. Nice bright stars and surprisingly not as cold as I anticipated. A little bit of mud, but mostly because of poor line selection from light glare. Truly, a great ride! 
Buffalo02/09/10Good ride with ZAffer. 
ThinkFast02/09/10Nice mellow pace ride with Tom. We weren't sure if we were going to beat the rain or not. Luckily we stayed dry. Trail is a little slick in spots. Thanks for the company Tom. 
GoneRiding02/09/10Got out there w Thinkfast before the next rain storm. Good ride and conversation. STT is in good shape overall. A few puddles and slick spots. Luge was pretty slick and had some water flowing down the middle in the upper portion. The mud was flying coming down Live Oak Cyn Rd. back to the cars. In a cloud up at Old Camp and pretty chilly. Only saw 2 other riders who were finishing a Luge run just before we started. Enduro 
5Large02/09/10Very fun ride. Clear and cool all the way to Old Camp. Started to rain on the way down and really dumped hard at times. Trail held up extremely well despite the rain. 
STEVO CARRILLO02/08/10I'm getting fat....... Solo nooner with my headphones and thought's. Met Steve Tuttle up at the top, nice to meet ya, went down to the actual camp for the first time... Hung out long enough to down a banana and watch the creek flow, heard a Owl hooten in the tree's. Need to start seriously training for I'm getting fat! 
MTB Fiend02/08/10Rode with a couple buddies to the flag but I was prepared for Old Camp. They dropped down the Luge, I set out on my own for Old Camp. Surprisingly few other riders out and soon I was truly on my own enjoying the sounds of rushing water. As the daylight waned I was washed in a surreal and darkening low light approach to Old Camp. I enjoyed the twinkling lights for a bit. Did not see another soul on the descent, even on the Luge. Real dark on the descent. Great ride! 
ZAffer02/08/10great ride with buffalo. trail is in good shape, with some tricky slippery spots every now and then. not many riders out tonight, expected way more. good times 
Garrett Garcia02/07/10lap 1 of 2 
Garrett Garcia02/07/10lap 2 of 2 
One Flew OTB02/07/10Met Rusak in the parking lot at Cooks and got to see his new Tallboy. Nice bike Jason! Rode with him up to the base of Modjeska grade, then watched him disappear in the blink of an eye. Met Garret Garcia at the Old Camp clearing. Nice to meet you Garret! 
cjsanchi02/07/10Damon and Chris in the fog! no rain... nice and cold. good fun ride. 
rushak02/07/10First ride on my new Tallboy. Very sweet bike. Ran into John at Cooks. Good to see you out there. Keith B sighting as well as Garrett Garcia. Thanks to the guy I always see doing trail maintenance on STT. I can never remember his name. Trails were a little too wet for my liking, but I had to ride the new bike! 
Boerseun02/06/10Early morning solo ride...STT dries out pretty well 
Boerseun02/06/10Lap 1 of 2 : Solo ride...Met to ladies at the metalgate on STT...one who did VQ several times. Rode a PB. 
Boerseun02/06/10Lap 2 of 2 : Another solo lap...much colder at OC than the first lap...rode in the lowering in the clouds for the last mile to the OC clearing. 
FalseSummit02/05/10Nice cruise with Manny and Oly. Battery dead on Garmin 
Oly02/05/10Good ride with Tony and Manny...its good to get back in the saddle. 
Manuel71402/04/10...go on baby let the good times roll.. Great times with the trifecta Jeff, Tony, and me. 
rushak02/04/10Really dark out there tonight with cloud cover and fog. Pretty chilly as well. Good amount of riders. Everyone has the same idea of beating the rain. 
Buffalo02/04/10Zillion people out tonight. Riding in the fog is always a kick, cleared up at Old Camp. 
mtbkel4402/04/10I was sucking wind the whole way. Nice a.m. ride. I barely made it to Old Camp. Scratched and crawled the whole way. Good company with CHRISTALONA and Mark. Thanks guys for your patience with my slow pace on the ups. 
One Flew OTB02/04/10Fun group ride with Fast Turtle, El Chupacabra, 29 Inch Nails, and Stevo Carrillo. Very dark and cold tonight. Fog so dense in places visibility was down to 5 feet - made for a slow descent. Fun times with the Thursday night gang. 
Fast Turtle02/04/10Fun ride. Push as much as I could on the way to old camp. Good group Steve Carillo, 29 Inch Nails and El ChupacabraThanks One_Flew OTB for the push but made me run out of gas 300 yards from Old Camp. 
Permagrin02/04/10Foggy and cool. It's been a long time, I forgot how much I enjoy this ride. 
El Chupacabra02/04/10Old Camp run with 29 Inch Nails, Fast Turtle, One Flew OTB and Stevo. Got a little foogy toward the top, which made the descent really interesting. Hope you're feeling better Stevo. 
29 Inch Nails02/04/10Foggy Mountain Breakdown! Couldn't see...maybe over the edge a few times. Great ride with One Flew OTB, the Flying Turtle (slow down), El Chupacabra and Stevo. Nobody left in the parking lot when we returned. 
ThinkFast02/03/10The plan was to head up Joplin until I met up with Brian and Tom. I wasn't sure if I missed them so I decided to pass on trekking up Joplin. Only saw 2 bikers and 1 hiker on the trail. 
MTB Fiend02/03/10The climb seemed to go more quickly than usual thanks to vibrant conversation. On the descent we hit some relatively thick fog near the flag and most of the top half of the Luge. Made for a slow descent but a totally different perspective on the trail. Spooky and damp. Great ride! 
ThinkFast02/02/10Good to get out today. Finally feeling better, but not 100%. Good ride with Tom and Phil. Nice to meet tweasol and quikflip27 on their way down from Joplin. Good to see Wayne out there as well. Pulled the base of the lights off the flag pole so I can redo them. Hopefully I can come up with a better design. Decided to follow this one up with another Luge loop when we finished. 
S.L.O. Phil02/02/10Part 1 of 2 (rough time estimate): What a ride. Good times Tom and Troy. That SJ 29 really helped the climb. Not too shabby coming down eigher. 
GoneRiding02/02/10Good ride with Troy & Phil. Out at Old Camp it looked like it wanted to storm soon. Saw Tweasol & quickflip on their way back from Joplin, nice job guys & good meeting you Ivan. Also saw bikesurfski whom I haven't seen in a while. Then ran into one of Roy's friends at the flag pole, Brannen with his dog. Back at the car Troy said let's do another luge run, so we did. 
bikesurfski02/02/10Another great day for riding--good to see Tom, Troy and Phil along the way. 
Ladera Dave02/02/10Ran into 7 riders. Good food afterwords, lots of flat tires, I am glad I am tubeless. 
thepoolman02/01/10a few bobcat sightings. 
Rowsby01/31/10Just Beni and I, was loving the 29'' again! Man i need to buy on of these things ;-) 
mtbfan01/31/10Great ride with about 2 1/2 hours trail work in between to help Jim Jennings. Great ride, great workout. Saw Ian, Beni and Kawi Dave. 
Two Tired01/31/10Rode this afternoon. Ran into a rider just past the flag that had lost his bike down the side of the hill. Helped him retrieve it and then fix his tire and chain so he could get back home. Also came up on a dad and son at the bottom of the Luge. The son has gashed his knee pretty good but was okay. 
drg01/30/10trail in great shape! Cold at 6:30!! 
Rowsby01/29/10Great ride with the boy's, total hammer-fest and I got dropped like a bad habit. Rode the whole way up on my own, still had a great time! 
Quikflip2701/29/10Saw a couple on a tandem MTB, that must have been fun. Trail was deserted to the flag, then I see 10 peeps on the way to Old Camp. Pinch flat coming down from Old camp, whats new... 
PaulV01/29/10not many people out, I think it was just BobG, Boba and me (and 2 hikers) this AM. Good trail conditions, no mud and only a few puddles that are easily negotiable. Caught BobG just after STT gate, and caught boba just before cadillac. Luge is great right now!! Then time for 'cawfee', you know it! 
thepoolman01/29/10Its lonely out there! 
Pmcmasters01/28/10Solo night ride. The dirt was perfect and tacky. Lots of riders heading out to Old Camp when I was on my way back down. Ran into Derek, James and the rest of the gang at the flag. 
One Flew OTB01/28/10Lap 1 of 2. Fun ride w/Fast Turtle in the late afternoon. 
One Flew OTB01/28/10Lap 2 of 2. Still fun w/Fast Turtle, but a little more painful than lap 1! 
rushak01/28/10Chilly ride out there tonight. Luge is pretty rough right now. 
Fast Turtle01/28/10Lap 1. Tried to keep up with One Flew OTB. 
Fast Turtle01/28/10Lap 2. Time: forever. One Flew OTB said he would spin but he doesn't like to be passed by people doing Cook/Luge so he busted it. Thanks for sharing the pain. Next time I should make you carry my water so I can keep up. Can I get points for walking up my stairs. 
Keith B01/28/10Epic sprint fest. One of the Jeff's and Ryan set the early pace to the flag. Then it was a grind up to old camp with ever increasing pace. Had to push 100% on this ride. Cold as hell out there tonight too. Luge was in primo shape. 
MTB Fiend01/27/10Nice to get back out again, but struggled at times on the ride. That's OK, not every ride is going to be strong. Killer orange, then red, ribbon of sunset as we started on up STT. Weather was real nice, well until the winds started picking up the further up we went. Downright chilly at the top! Surprisingly, the top of the Luge was dryer than it was on Monday. Beautiful near full moon night. Great ride! 
skyrone01/26/10Rode this ride with Singlespeedrider immediately after attending a pretty intense spin class with my wife. Needless to say, my legs are a little tired. 
bikesurfski01/26/10Started out with sunshine, a few riders out--good to meet Doug, heading toward Cadillac. Could see a few patches of snow still on the peak. Chilly but fun drop down the Luge, dodging rain drops on the last tacky run for awhile. No critters to slap around. 
blipstream01/25/10STT was in much better shape than expected. Luge was slick in spots but overall good condition. 
Boerseun01/25/10Started out solo and linked up with SAMtn on the way down. Legs was a little weak today after two solid days of skiing...He flatted his back wheel on the curb at Live Oak...good a Samaritan picked him up and drove him to his car ;-) 
SlowClimber01/24/10Trail is in very good condition given the rain. Started off with Jeff, Kevin, and Brian.. Jeff and Kevin headed home from the flag. Brian and I pushed on. There was a Helicopter hanging over Modjeska, hope no one was hurt.. 
Maneux01/24/10Trails in pretyy goog shape considering all the rain. Perfect weather. Great to get out of the house. 
MTB Fiend01/24/10Trail is in great shape! No real mud, no slides, a few rocks is all. The waterfall on the other side of the canyon, about half way up, is running strong and white. Caught the light just right and I could see there are some large pools down there too. Dropped in to Old Camp, the stream is running strong and clear. The Luge is a little wet near the top, but overall in great shape. So nice to ride in bright sunshine and warm temps. Oh... and no snow! Great ride! 
JRA01/17/10Nice social ride with the girls:) 
nedmonds01/16/10Fun ride with cool views. 
mtbkel4401/15/10great ride with Jackie and Christine. Ran into a few other riders. Two guys with matching GF SS 29ers??? Perfect weather. Finished off with lunch at Cooks Corner. 
ZAffer01/13/10great evening ride with buffalo and SpinGame. Had a great time guys. Thanks. 
Keith B01/12/10Solid ride with Jeff. After a few miles my legs felt pretty good and Jeff was having a rare off day so the combined effect was that I didnt feel as slow as normal. Felt good on the descent this time too. 
MTB Fiend01/12/10Beautiful night, light traffic on the trail was nice too. I struggled with the group pace tonight and had to catch my own pace. Unfortunately, no critters. Great ride! 
29 Inch Nails01/09/10Pulled out the back-up; unlike Tiger, mine doesn't perform as well. Great day for a ride....even if it felt like I was pulling a trailer. 
El Chupacabra01/09/10Great ride with the fellas...although I didn't see much of 'em. Thanks for the on trail tune up, Terry. 
RollnStone01/09/10Going to have to change my Winter riding shirt to a tank top if this weather keeps up. 
bossvader01/09/10Very Warm at upper elevations 
Damon M01/08/10Troupe Training Ride - SS 
Ben Boronow01/08/10Started the ride with a big group, but most of them dropped us and about 4 of us kind of hung together. It was beautiful weather and a great ride until I fell just before the smaller trail from Old Camp joins the fire road back down to the luge. My knee swelled a little and I guess I'm off the bike for a while. 
cleanbeater01/07/10Rode with NO GO. Perfect weather, sacrificed some skin on Luge. 
NO GO01/07/10Rode with cleanbeater. Nice evening. Lots o people out. 
IceCreamAndCake01/06/10good afternoon ride today.need to get more weekday rides! 
Keith B01/06/10Ugh - 3wks of sitting around plus having a cold made this a hard ride. Reduced to the granny ring for alot of the climbs. 
MTB Fiend01/05/10Yehaw! Another great night for riding. Lots of folks out tonight, and why not? temps were perfect! Great ride! 
rushak01/05/10Solo SS ride. 
trekstorm01/04/10Mid afternoon ride. A little warm but a great view from up top. After dark finish. 
meatmarketfreak01/02/10First time for Rob.. Great views 
redbaron01/01/10Awesome last ride of the year with twitch and vt1ryan. Luge was in great shape. I'm going to need a recovery day around Tijeras creek for my legs after this ride!! 
EK-RSM01/01/10SJ: 11am with Cedric. 
vt1ryan12/31/09Nice morning ride with Twitch and Redbaron. Great to see alot of ridders out today. 
Twitch12/31/09Thanks vt1ryan and redbaron, great day for a bike ride. Some loser broke the lights off the the flag pole. 
Patreek O12/30/09Weather was looking bad but Aj talked me into riding to Old Camp. Never been so cold without being in snow. 
MTB Fiend12/29/09Beautiful night for a ride. OK, so it was cold again, but at least it was not windy. Chatted with MtnBikeJ on his descent, our ascent. After that, no one else on the trail! Hanging out in the Cooks parking lot my riding buddy sees an animal cross the road about 10 yards behind me. I shined my light on it. Whew, really tough to tell - right size, shape, tail and colors for either a Coyote or Mtn Lion. Just could not say for sure. Cool green eye glow. Great ride! 
Two Tired12/28/09Rode on Christmas afternoon. Only saw a couple of other riders. Luge has a few sections littered with small cobbles but otherwise in good condition 
Byron B12/27/09solo spin.. met bikesurfski at old camp, thanks for lending me your pump Wayne. lots of trail hikers and just a few mtn bikers. (1 flat- Rear) 
rushak12/27/09Really paid the price being off the bike for 5 days and pigging out over the long weekend. Not a single soul out there tonight. 
A bit more technical12/26/09good ride with scott, doug, ryan and matt. It's been a long time since I saw "mountain man" Ryan. Nice beard! 
IceCreamAndCake12/26/09Lots of riders out today.Perfect temps for climbing.Luge is super fun! 
Hermit12/26/09GT. Mellow morning ride with Ryan, Scott, Mark, and Doug. 
bikesurfski12/26/09Chilly start around noon but warmed up later. Good to see Steve coming down--said he only broke a finger from a spill on Joplin. Nice to see Greg from a Chantry Flats ride and lend Byron a pump at the top. 
jpotts12/24/09great xmas eve ride with friends...and actually a pretty fast pace! single speed 34-19 
Two Tired12/23/09Solo sunday afternoon ride. Not very many others out this time of the day. 
Buffalo12/22/09Great cold, clear evening. Saw Mark & Ken's cars at Cooks. Started too late, couldn't catch up. Next time I'll check email :) 
MTB Fiend12/22/09Oh yeah - it was plenty cold and windy the whole ride, but we are the brave and intrepid souls and we trudged on. Not too many folks out tonight, saw just a few riders and only one other near Old Camp. Cold, but always a great ride! 
Phishin Paul12/21/09Only one rider on the trail. Late afternoon skies were cool with smog/smoke and red skies. 
trekstorm12/21/09Early am ride. Quite cold with great views on top. 
bossvader12/19/09beautiful night 
martink11112/18/09Morning ride- rode the Slingshot. Rode with camera, tripod, and 3 lenses. To top of pavement in 12:45 minutes; to Vultures Crag in 40:25 minutes; to fireline in 58:49 minutes; to old camp in 1:18:26 minutes. Slow return (crappy broken down Judy fork didn't help!) 42.4 mph max 
dirtyPG12/17/09early start. solo ride. had the trails to myself this morning. the luge is in amazing condition! 
rushak12/17/09Met James up at Old Camp. Luge is in awesome shape. Go out and ride in this nice weather before it's too late! NoGo's sexy STi parked next to my beater. 
Fast Turtle12/17/09Didn't have timer on. Rode with One Flew OTB but I flew over the bike instead. Walked away with a bruised knee. Feeling lucky. I hit a rock on the way back from Old Camp in the middle of the trial, my bike went left and I went straight. John did double Old Camp which is impressive considering he had more power then me on his second time around. Pretty warm with clear skies. 
One Flew OTB12/17/09Thirty on Thursday! Second trip up to Old Camp today, this time with Fast Turtle. Another fantastic night for a ride ... Paul scared me when I looked back for him and he was nowhere to be found ... missed his OTB. Glad you're OK buddy! Saw Jason (rushak) again at the clearing (after he flew by me on the way up!) 
One Flew OTB12/17/09Work was quiet, so I bailed early and did a quick run up to Old Camp before my normal Thursday night ride. Set a PB by just a little, stopped a couple of times to answer the damn cell phone. Nice to be out there! 
PaulV12/16/09Good conditions!! Saw BobG on Santiago Canyon Road, he was going to cruise up STT too. Also saw 2 riders at the flag (lonnie and stevo?), cruised up & said hi. A few puddles to practice your bunny hop skillz on the way down from Old Camp. Luge is best shape ever, sweet, almost busted 4 minutes! Splits: Cooks to Old Camp flat spot=1:04:50,(down)to Luge Top=14:26, Round Trip=1:27:20 
Keith B12/16/09After work solo ride. About 1hr15 to the top and 30mins back down. Epic felt all sketched out on the luge again - or is it me?! Someone stuffed their Evo IX into a ditch on live oak, looks like active yaw control doesnt do much for power understeer! 
DONALD JACKSON12/16/09Moe and Armando, A great night ride. Felt good and conditions were perfect. Saw maybe 6 or so riders on the climb and that was it. 
Phishin Paul12/15/09Rode with Trail Monkey for the upper part and down. Good riding with you. 
Ladera Dave12/15/09Nice and tacky after the rain. I saw 10 riders tonight. 
ZULU12/14/09Chilly ride this morning, had to dust off the SS for the winter. Nice big rock on the trail too. Awesome sunrise today. 
bikesurfski12/13/09Late start, a few riders coming down, just a few puddles, rocks here and there, the big boulder, no more fallen tree (thanks BigT). Two women bombing down from Old Camp, then two motorcycles. Chased the sun down the hill, passed one rider still coming up, then the second one, Juan, who headed back down with me. Fast, tacky--no mud on the Luge--tacky and fun all the way. 
KeepsWhatHappens12/10/09Great ride. Nice cool temps. Installed a new ammo box to store the Luge trail logbooks in. Then spun up to Old Camp while the logbooks dried out in the sun for a bit. 
El Chupacabra12/10/09Evening trek with One Flew OTB and Fast Turtle. Had some light issues, but nothing a little duct tape couldn't fix. 
Fast Turtle12/10/09Not as cold but had a lot of winter gear on. Made the route seem harder. Went with El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB. Always good to go with a good group to Old Camp. Thanks for the ride guys. 
One Flew OTB12/10/09Nice night ride w/McGyver ... er El Chupacabra and Fast Turtle. Steve managed to fix his light with duct tape he never leaves home without, and keen eyed Paul was able to see Steve's battery that flew off his bike. :) Pulled middle 3 from the top of Modjeska to Old Camp clearing. Left my Garmin at home so time is approximate. Thanks for another great Thursday night ride guys! 
Twitch12/09/09Nice ride. Saw Dubjay above the Luge. 
Keith B12/09/09Cold but steady ride up to Old Camp. E150 fork played up on the descent again but the luge seemed better after the rain. This weekends coming downpour will surely improve it some more. 
jbh6512/08/09rode with trobe1 today. STT was in good shape with only a few wet spots. The luge was actually in good shape as well. Nice day out there with a few brisk spots that made it a wee bit chilly at times. Met a few riders out there and one in particular can definitely talk. I got to watch trobe1 give the geo indoctrination speach to a few folks today:) As always good beer and conversation followed the ride. We even got to see some drunk at Cooks make an Ahole of himself. Good times!! 
GoneRiding12/08/09Good ride today with jbh65.A little chill in the air especially coming back from Old Camp but other than that a great riding day.Great route after recent rain not muddy at all.Met a few riders out there named Paul, Matt & Donny(who bombed down the Luge)The locals at Cook's always provide some entertainment. Good to see the rock message to the USMC is still there at Old Camp. The book at the flag pole got soaked. Need to try and remember to bring something on a ride up there to better protect it. 
MTB Fiend12/08/09Extra dark and extra cold - ahhh... but we brought extra clothing! Where was everybody? We were the only 2 hearty souls we saw. With the right clothing we survived the cold, although our hands suffered a bit. Trail was in absolutely perfect condition. Another great ride with my great friend who happens to also be a great rider! 
Greo1012/07/09with Chris and Mark fast haul up and back - tubeless rocks got me from the top of luge back with small leak 
ZULU12/06/09great day for the ride to old camp and the luge is fast and in great condition. 
vt1ryan12/05/09Solo afternoon spin. Cold day up to Old Camp 
Two Tired12/05/09Solo ride up to Old Camp. Cold on the way back down. 
Keith B12/03/09Seriously cold tonight and the wind suddenly picked up very strongly after the flag. Didnt hang around long on the way down but team Rowsby had already done a runner to Wahoo's. (Note to self - still no idea what the attraction of mountain bikers to Wahoo's is!) 
Lonnie12/03/09Great cool ride with Stevo, John A, and Paul. It was chilly and windy at the top. The moon came up and shined in our face like an on coming headlight. Several times I thought the light of the moon was a rider coming down. The "moon shine" was a good treat. Thanks all for waiting on me. 
STEVO CARRILLO12/03/09Lovely ride with the boys! Thanks Lonnie, John, (One Flew OTB ) and Paul, ( FastTurtle ) for an epic ride....The winds were a houlin up @ the top, 42* when We got back to cook's, I'm sure it was colder then that @ the top....Felt strong tonight musta been all that pasta I had for lunch ! 
One Flew OTB12/03/09Really enjoyable ride with Stevo Carrillo, Lonnie, and Fast Turtle. Winter is here ... dang cold with the wind up at the top. Pulled middle 3 most of the way past the Luge. Thanks guys! 
Fast Turtle12/03/09I's nice to ride to Old Camp at night with a group. Thanks One Flew OTB, Steve C and Lonnie for the company. 
rushak12/02/09SS morning ride before work. 
trckman9911/30/09Great thanksgiving ride with Mark and Phil. 
Two Tired11/30/09Early morning solo ride. Getting cold these days. 
Ladera Dave11/28/09Nice ride with Dave, Bob and Tahoedays from STR. Cloud cover very low. 
SlowClimber11/27/09What a great day o be riding in So Cal. Started out this morning with Brian, Corey, and a Newbee... This was a first to old camp and down the Luge for me. I really enjoyed it all ad looking forward to riding it agan now the weather is cooler.. 
Tubthumper11/27/09Got bored so I did this ride alone, only saw a few people out on the trail. Great weather. 
PC6811/25/09Visiting from Utah, where it's snowy right now. Good stuff! Thanks for the help geoladders! 
Dmac11/25/09Windy at top - Meet a guy with a group of riders doing a 48 miler - their friend turned 48 years old and the 48 miler ride was his present - good friends. 
El Chupacabra11/24/09A little windy up toward Old Camp tonight...great ride with 29 Inch Nails until I went OTB on the rock garden on the way down. A little duct tape goes a long way out on the trail. 
29 Inch Nails11/24/09Great ride with McGyver..aka El Chupacabra...its not your everyday rider who can break out the duct tape from the Camelback! 
devodoc11/22/09Nice day for a ride. A little cool leaving Cook's at 7:00 but quickly peeled at the start of the STT. The Luge was pretty beat up; made for a fun ride down. 
Two Tired11/22/09Solo ride this morning. Kind of cold on the way back down. Quite a few other riders out. 
MTB Fiend11/17/09A most enjoyable ride with pleasant conversation. Temps were sometimes comfortable, sometimes downright cold. My riding buddy took a tumble at the top of the Luge. She broke a rock! The rock probably outweighs here 3 to 1, she broke it. Luckily she is OK and I rolled the broken rock off the trail. Saw and heard mtbkel44's "Fantasy Luge" items on the trail. Great ride! 
rushak11/16/09Blur XC carbon. Solo morning ride before work. I love this bike and I should be riding it more often. 
Phishin Paul11/16/09Saw the fires burning over on Ortega. Looked like 2 fires going now. Only saw one other rider. 
RoughRiderR11/14/09Had a great group of guys; rode with keith, graham, Dr. Ibot and his crew. Luckly graham waited while i fixed a flat..we were hammering. On the way down keith and i were blinded by my bar mounted light that came loose. I was happy when the ride was over. was cold out. Went and ater after. 
Spartacus11/13/09Great weather for riding. Rode with scott v. Saw a few guys out on the trail. 
quad damage11/13/09night ride with matt and jason 
Ben Boronow11/13/09Saturday AM ride with Ron, Zach, Michael, Dave & David. Nice out. David cut it short at the luge. Saw Lonnie comming up on my way down. 
Keith B11/12/09Fun ride with Ian's group, Graham and Ryan. Eggbeater pedal broke a few miles from Old Camp, kind of sketchy coming down with my carbon soled shoe sliding around all over the place. 
Maneux11/11/09perfect way to start the day 
rushak11/11/09Rode with Ryan and Matt. Nice weather tonight. 
Hermit11/11/09SS. Solid night ride with Jason and Ryan. 
jbbarrette11/08/09Forgot the garmin, these are estimate numbers. 
Royster7111/08/09Been a while since I did just this. Went out with Monica and three visoters from up north. Had a good time talked one of the guys ears off on the way up :) wow that monster kicked in. 
blipstream11/07/09Great cool morning, thanks to Ben for hanging with us 
Lonnie11/07/09Solo ride. Very nice weather. Saw Ben and his band of bikers neat Old Camp. A number of bikers and a few hikers but not crowded. Stayed at old camp for some time and had the place to my self. It was very relaxing and quiet. 
Sarah/Sauce11/07/096:30 am ride with Lynn (before Chiquito/a). Thanks Lynn! 
Hermit11/05/09SS. Still felt great this loop. Met up with One Flew OTB at the flag and rode to Old Camp. Saw Jerry at the flag on the way down and chatted for a while. 
One Flew OTB11/05/09Started with Fuzzy Muzzy, Stevo Carrillo, and Tommy J. Met up w/Hermit at the flag and rode with, er ... behind him up to Old Camp. Managed to show off my bike handling skills at the flag by going OTB when I tried to hit the lap button on my Garmin. Sheesh! No stats for this ride. 
BetF11/03/09Old Camp under a full moon. Oh yeah. 
rushak11/02/09Tried to catch up to James and Derrick, but could not. Didn't have the legs or lungs tonight. Halloween weekend in Vegas drained me. To top that performance off, stupid USB connector on my Garmin broke. I guess I shouldn't have stepped on it. 
javarocker11/01/09Great ride with Mike, Jimmy & Dani. Jimmy and Dani cut the ride short and split at the Luge. 
Damon M10/30/09Great Troupe Group Ride 
29 Inch Nails10/29/09Another great Thursday ride with Fuzzy Muzzy and One Flew OTB. Great pull up the mountain, John. Pretty dark out there when your light disconnects from the battery! 
El Chupacabra10/29/09PB with 29 Inch Nails. Thanks John for setting the pace! Got buzzed by the Sheriff's helicopter up toward the top. Great ride...a little cold on the way down. 
quad damage10/28/09After work with Jason and Matt. Getting slower ... 
Gerry Lattimer10/28/09Getting a little cold up there at Old Camp. 
mtnbikej10/27/09Great ride tonight. Temps were perfect for climbing.....little nippy on the ride down. 
Hermit10/27/09SS. Night ride with Rushak and Quad Damage. Felt pretty good. 
rushak10/27/09Night ride with Matt and Ryan. Luge seems to be a little rough than usual. Maybe it's my blown fork. 
javarocker10/25/09Great ride with Marco, Aaron, Jimmy and Dani. 
mtbkel4410/25/09started with 5 riders. one got sidetracked while Geocaching. The other two decided to head back just before the luge. Two of us plodded along. Didn't see another soul the entire ride. It was nice but that ride kicks my butt. 
Slow Ride10/24/09Nice early morning ride with cleanbeater... thank god we started early it was packed at the flag pole when we were coming down. 
Buffalo10/24/09My first time to Old Camp. Nice. Lots of riders out. 
cleanbeater10/24/09Good ride Slow Ride. My first time to Old Camp. Very crowded at the flag on the way out. 
El Chupacabra10/23/09Night ride with a few of the fellas. Little trafiic up to Old Camp. Did a PB with 29inchnails. 
29 Inch Nails10/22/09Another great Thursday ride with One Flew OTB and Fuzzy Muzzy...pace is getting better..what a Coup! 
martink11110/21/09Morning ride- rode with camera and 1 lens. To Vultures Crag in 41:13 minutes. To Fireline in 59:31 minutes. To Old Camp in 1:18:22 minutes (RECORD). 43.6 mph max 
El Chupacabra10/16/09It doesn't get too much better than this. Fantastic night ride with Brad, Stevo, John A and 29 inch Jeff. Felt like the 405 goinng up...a lot of traffic up near Old Camp. 
Keith B10/16/09Solid ride up, more technical problems with the bike and felt worse than on previous ride. Still jammed in middle ring - should have bought a new bike instead! 
RoughRiderR10/16/09Great ride with the B-boy on his new steed, Jeff, and fast-down-hill-guy-Graham. Lots of shoa-air folks up there...fast guys...Met a gentlemen named John at the top, he was with the 405 crew;) I almost ate it at the top of the luge on the 1st turn where there is a cactus. 
29 Inch Nails10/15/09Perfect weather...perfect group: John, Stevo, Brad and the Muz! Great night on the non-dusty trails. 
One Flew OTB10/15/09Just another perfect Southern California night for riding. Fun times with Jeff, Muzzy, Stevo, and Brad. Thanks for the company guys! STT was like a freeway tonight ... tons of riders out. Saw Jason at the Old Camp clearing. 
rushak10/15/09Nice to be back on the bike after the rains. STT and the Luge are in great shape. The rain did it some good. Ran into John Andrews at the Old Camp clearing. A bunch of riders out. Perfect night for a ride. 
STEVO CARRILLO10/15/09Great night ride with the Chupacabras. Thanks John for letting me use your nightlights so brite ( wasn't that a game in the seventies ) ? Anyhooo John, Muzzy, jeff, and Brad awesome ride on the 405 fwy....Oh, when I got back to my truck I had a love note from an admirer on my windsheild! I wont tell anyone who it is ok Lonnie. 
Manuel71410/14/09Gosh, the heavens opened up the blue sky and the warm light shined through, inviting me to go for a easy cruise on up to Old Camp..well almost, had to turn around since the back side did not get much sun and so the trail was not in good shape to ride. Ran into some friendly guys Steve and Dan who do the Luge every Wed around 5:30pm, and then Ed and his friend at Cooks who were stoked on the Metallic blue Cobalts. 
Two Tired10/12/09Rode on sunday morning with Mark, Kevin and Rob. Mark and Kevin were suffering from post-Octoberfest disorder. 
Phishin Paul10/12/09Happy Birthday to me lunch ride. 39 years old and I felt slower today. Nice cool damp weather and a dry trail. Perfect. 
Manuel Prado10/11/09I haven't try for a new record on one of my favorite routes, rode from the house and gave it a go for a new personal best, not bad after riding 105 miles on the road bike yesterday, I think I'm ready for La Ruta. 
Ross B10/10/09Great day with Stan and Rudy. Missiones to all. 
rushak10/06/09Rode up to the flag with Ryan while he went down and I went up. It was pitch black out there tonight with the cloud cover. Ran into BetF before the ride. Haven't seen her in awhile. Hermit got confused and was missed. 
MTB Fiend10/06/09First night ride to Old Camp and down the Luge. I learned night riding IS fun when you have good lights. Rode with an experienced night rider and that helped alot. Spectacular city light views combined with great conversation made the ride go by quickly. Got to the top of Old Camp and saw a Fox (or a really small Coyote). I struggled with the Luge, but began to learn to keep looking further ahead with the helmet light. Great ride! 
Two Tired10/05/09Nice and cool out. Got pretty cold during the descent. 
Burgemeester10/04/09This was a crazy ride! Started off with a desparate situation of being one with nature, and from there, it was all just perfect! Thanks NStilwell and Slopush for being sympathetic ;-) 
FalseSummit10/04/09Rode with Manny and newbie Daniel...he did awesome! 
slopush10/04/09Early morning ride w/ Nstilwell and Burgemeester. Got a little rain on us going up but that's much better than the recent heat. Thanks boyz! 
Manuel71410/03/09Great morning rip with Tony and semi-newbie Daniel who opened it up nicely bombing down the Luge. Ran into Matt from RNR who gave me a good run for the money up the last bit to Old Camp. Wheather was great, 46 degrees on the drive into Cooks and mid 50's at the start and high 60's by the end of the ride. 
One Flew OTB10/02/09Fun night ride w/Jeff, Steve M, and Tommy. Thanks guys! 
martink11110/02/09Early morning ride- with camera and 1 lens. To luge in 42:49 minutes. To fireline in 1:00:50 minutes. To top in 1:19:21 minutes. 39.7 mph max 
SDstumpy10/02/09Rode with Eric H and Matt K. Full Moon out. Good ride on the Mach 5. 
El Chupacabra10/01/09WOW! What a great ride. Temp was great. City lights were incredible. Gotta do a lot more of this to prepare for Counting Coup. John, Tommy, Jeff - thanks for a great ride! 
29 Inch Nails10/01/09Great ride with Muz, TJ and JA. The fall weather has arrived! 
Gerry Lattimer10/01/09Fun night ride with BleedBlue426. Good thing his lights were bright enough for us both down the Luge. 
Diesel10/01/09What a night for a ride. 
One Flew OTB09/29/09First night ride of the season - fun times with Jeff. Thanks for the company! 
29 Inch Nails09/29/09Cheated life with a mid-week ride. Perfect weather...finally. Focused on One Flew OTB's taillight the entire ride. Thanks for dragging me up the hills John. 
Gerry Lattimer09/26/09Lonely hot ride to Old Camp. Going downhill sure felt nice on the way back. 
Ladera Dave09/22/09Ran into a dead deer at the top of the asphalt, sad little guy, reported it to the game wardon at cooks. A little warm today 
martink11109/17/09Morning ride (no GPS)- First time up before work (helps getting up at 3:30am)! Rode with camera, tripod, and two lenses. To Luge in 44:25 minutes. To Old Camp in 1:27:25 minutes. 
jpotts09/13/09great cruz with mike, stan ken and sid...although my garmin turned off twice! some ja's t-boned a rider coming up to old camp...be careful out there 
rushak09/13/09Mellow ride with James and his crew. I need to get my night riding eyes prep'd for Hurkey Creek. 
Damon M09/11/09Troupe Group Ride 
Two Tired09/08/09Rode last Saturday morning. Not too hot early on. Lots of riders out in large groups. 
dubjay09/08/09Something nasty died off the side of the road on Modjeska. Hold your breath! 
RollnStone09/06/09Cool start at Cooks under the low clouds, which broke on Modjeska Grade Rd. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade. New tires meant great traction. 
rushak09/02/09Solo SS. Rode on sore legs from yesterday's run. Running sux, but is a necessary evil. Ran into the Velosport beginner group ride. Nice to meet everyone and I hope you guys had a fun time out there. Thanks for the beer Don! 
rushak08/25/09Solo SS. Moderate pace. Knee is a little sore from a small crash on Joplin Sunday. Ran into Donald Jackson at the flag. 
Ladera Mike08/23/09Great solo ride this morning. My first time up to Old Camp. Time includes an extra 8 minutes of extra credit down to the real old camp and back. Some nice long climbs on this route but nothing too bad. Fun coming down! I've never seen so many riders out on STT between the gate and Luge. Back to Alaska tomorrow. 
teamshort08/22/09Fun ride with Draheim 18. I didn't realize my gps was off for the last 1-2mi of the ride. 
BigT08/21/09The trail was smooth and fast. 
Two Tired08/19/09Solo afternoon ride. Did not see any other riders between flag and old camp either going up or down. Trail is in good shape. 
BigT08/16/09Great climb today. I was feeling strong and did a PB even WITH the ROCKS Troy put in my pack. Bah! Thats alright... I got the last laugh, I think. 
chanson08/16/09solo ride this morning with good weather. poor effort do to my legs having no power after yesterdays ride. 
p-man08/16/09Added the 0.8 (total ride 16.5) to the "real Old Camp and back" at the top of this route. if you have not been down there it is worth it. 
Sarah/Sauce08/16/096:30 am girls' ride w/ Lynn, Chris and Donna. PERFECT weather, mist, views, etc. Lots of hikers and cyclists out. Riding rigid is HARD! 
devodoc08/15/09Nice solo ride early this morning. Was surprised to see as many people out at 6:30 am. I am really starting to like this route. May have to replace the Whiting/Luge route with this one until the sand situation gets a little better in Whiting. Saw Jake, Doug, and Bob at Cooks as I was coming back in. If I rode as fast as those guys I could sleep in too... 
escargot08/15/09Rode with Peter and Craig and friends. Great climb. 
lmadisono08/15/09Great fun, and ANOTHER tarantula crawling across our path! :) Thanks, ladies! 
roo08/14/09Legs hurt this morning! 
mburkin08/13/09Fun ride w/ Tim and Mitch. Mitch is one helluva snake charmer. 
bossvader08/12/09Nice evening ride, good temps, good folks and just got back as it got dark. Its time to break out the lights. 
rushak08/11/09I like it when a plan comes together. New PB for this route. 
RoughRiderR08/11/09Great shorter sunday ride. worked my ass off fallowing BK subs and exNORBA crew. Skills on the Ibis are improving but trail is rough rugged and raw. 2nd time having the Ibis up there. great ride, ate at Bagger fresh afterwards. as a result missed a movie with our buddy, the Cool Guy. it was worth it. 
jpotts08/11/09started at 6ish,,,so brought lights and used them the entire way down, especially thru the luge. fun to actually night ride and not be racing a 24 hr event. great ride with kathy, erik - they did the entire loop. erik smoked us on the downhill 
Keith B08/09/09Rode Enduro. Damn it was hot this afternoon. Ryan & I followed some ex-NORBA dudes up there, they had a good pace. Fun descent, Luge seems to be getting gnarlier. 
jpotts08/08/09good ride with kym and g - also met jeff who is a strong rider, to say the least. really pushed it on this ride - had to catch some guy riding up to oc in a tshirt and no helmet...he was pretty fast 
Phishin Paul08/02/09Started at 2pm and it was hot. Probably why I did not see one rider on the trail. 
quad damage07/27/09New bike is making a difference already. New PB to Old Camp (1:05). New PB for overall route by 10 minutes. Nice. 
Hermit07/25/09GT. Rode with Ryan. Started my Garmin a little late, so I added 5 minutes to my time. Felt like a pretty hard effort. Couldn't believe how much I was sweating. 
Frakk07/23/09Good ride with my buddy Steve, we had a slower pace I would've prefer to have a quicker but certainly enjoyed riding this trail! Ran into a couple of riders who needed a tube, hope the tube I gave you helped you out! 
jpotts07/19/09hot...started from cooks at 1230...didn't push it but did it. 
House07/17/09Good ride with Troy and Brian. Nice night for it. 
ThinkFast07/17/09Fun times with Brian and Doug. Nice night to be out. 
suchafingahole07/17/09First night ride in a while. Fun ride with Troy,and Doug... 
PaulV07/13/097:30 start, beat the heat for the most part. Sweet ride!! Saw a couple of hikers on the way up, saw one of them continuing to Old Camp on the way down. Weeds were high further up. This route is always a fun one. When is Harding ever going to open, holy toledo!?! Splits: Cooks to gate=10:19,to Luge turnoff=30:32, to Old Camp flat spot=59:49, OC FS to Luge Top=14:46, Round Trip=1:23:04 
Marcos07/13/09Great trail! 
Marcos07/13/09getting hot but cools down a bit up past the flag. 
Royster7107/11/09Rode with Greg, Laura and Randy. Mojo was being a wimp... Went down Lower Joplin though didnt Gps it :( Its a great loop a bit longer than this though. A smaller hawk came down and landed near us a couple times very cool. 
p-man07/11/09It was getting very hot up there. I actually had to turn around approx. 0.15 mile from the actual top of the route due to me needing a serious break and my friend having an important meeting to attend. Well he made it with no time to spare. Although I did not actually complete the entire ride I feel good about posting it as I did complete 98.1% of the thing. Great ride with some fun single track at the top. 
Twitch07/07/09Thank NO GO. Good to see Rushak and Hugh out on the loop. 
NO GO07/07/09Rode with Twitch. Rushak flew by today. Pain was the word for the day. 
Greo1007/05/09Ride with Web and Rob - hot but the early start helped 
Weekend Warrior07/04/09Thought I would go down to Old Camp to cool off, Big Mistake. BUGS GALLORE! It was getting hot at 9:30 and when I was going down, and there were a lot of people going up. 
Mike Honcho07/04/09100 f----n degrees! Good times!!! 
sbk07/02/09Nice afternoon ride. 
Damon M07/02/0913:50 TO GATE 42:00 TO FLAG 1:23:55 TO OC 
One Flew OTB07/02/09Nice evening ride w/Tommy. Good pace up to the Old Camp clearing. Saw gu on our way back but didn't realize it was him till he passed as the sun was blinding. Great time of day to be out there. 
Ben Boronow07/01/09Saturday AM ride with Bob. Rode with Lonnie to the Luge. Already hot in a few places at 9am. OK, I'm a wimp. Bob probably rode 20% extra since he would ride ahead and then turn around ride back down to where I was plodding along. 
bforest06/27/09Lonnie rode the Luge and Ben and I Old Camp/Luge. 
xcShane06/27/09Fun stuff 
Permagrin06/25/09Great night for a ride and I got a PB time *woohoo* 
Royster7106/24/09Nice riding with you Laura.. Great bruise! 
Keith B06/23/09Steady ride with Ryan. Saw Sharon and friend up near Old Camp. The new bike was simply awesome coming down despite the fact that the luge seems to get a bit more tricky every time I go down it. Round Table pizza after ride, urp. 
jpotts06/21/09great cruz with kathy and jon. met up with g and kim on the trail. 
devodoc06/21/09Went down into Old Camp - First time since the fires. Very nice down there, well except for the climb back out... 
Silverback06/20/09I didn't do the entire out and back to old camp. Looking forward to doing it next time. 
TomG06/14/09perfect weather this morning 
Jake c('.'c)06/12/09It's nice to be back on the bike. I haven't been to old camp since before the fires. I rode all the way down from Old Camp with my fork locked out, didn't even notice. Duh. Ran into Don Jackson at the bottom of the Luge. 
RollnStone06/12/09Had STT all to myself, saw no one the whole ride. Started to get wet past the flag. Dirt was sticking to the tires most of the way up. The mist covered my prescription glasses so I had to descend without them, which limited my speed. It was dry down the Luge so at least I got to let it loose for part of the ride. 
adampipitone06/11/09first time going all the way to old camp. great workout and great weather. 
mburkin06/11/09my legs felt much better than i expected after doing blackstar/motorway the day before 
ThinkFast06/08/09Great riding weather for June, nice and cool, even put on the arm warmers for the descent. First ride of the day with Tom. We had the pleasure of meeting dstepper, Bruce, and Shannon from STR. 
GoneRiding06/08/09First ride w/ Troy - Saw a light brown tarantula just past the waterbar on the way to the Luge. Every other one I have seen has been black. Met dstepper and his riding partners from STR at the Cadillac intersection. Had to put on a windbreaker for the ride back down from OC. It was getting chilly up there. Clouds were just above us. 
MTB Fiend06/07/09Another fantastic day, another fantastic ride! Swarmed by wildflowers! Great friends, great ride! 
Boerseun06/03/09Great night rie with Slopush, THanson, Burgemeester, Twitch & SKINNY! One flat for the night... 
Burgemeester06/03/09Superb ride with Boerseun, Slopush, THanson, Twitch and SKINNY - felt good at the top ofr old camp and better down the luge - thanks lads! Good times! 
mtbkel4406/03/09Thunder, lightning and rain did not deter us. Somehow we missed all the action. It never rained on us. All my friends but one cancelled due the weather. It was awesome. Only saw 3 other riders. Tons of wildflowers at the top near Old Camp. Bees too. Yuck. No stings at least. 
Gerry Lattimer06/03/09Fun afternoon ride with Tim. The light rain kept the trail in great condition. 
ThinkFast06/02/09Solo. I was going to ride weedpatch but decided to do this instead. First time to Old Camp in a while and there were plenty of weeds on the way up there as well. 
SKINNY06/02/09Fun night ride with Twitch, slopush, Boerseun, Burgemeester, THanson. Good meeting everyone. 
Twitch06/02/09Fun ride with slopush, Boerseun, Burgemeester, THanson and SKINNY and I get the flat. 
slopush06/02/09Fun night ride w/ Boerseun, Burgermeester, THanson, Twitch and Skinny. Really nice night out. Rode a Stumpjumper for the first time and liked the way it climbed. Hmmm, time for a new bike? 
Phishin Paul05/31/09Good group ride with Kyle, Chad, Jeff, Eric and Sierra the dog. Trail was quiet today with perfect weather. Upper portion almost back to 100% singletrack with tons of flowers. 
scott v05/31/09Soaked by the time I finished the ride. Not many riders out early. 
S.L.O. Phil05/30/09a little wet with the fog, but nice. good ride royster 
House05/29/09Great conditions for a ride. Nice and cool. Good to see Roy and Phil out there. 
Royster7105/29/09Good ride with Phil. On the way there was a slight sprinkle. Felt good though. Old camp does great with a little moisture. Ran into a couple riders at the flag. On the way down from old camp couple hikers were coming up. Ran into Doug always good seeing you big guy! Enjoyed the ride down. A turn on the Luge was fixed looks good thanks guys! 
snoot05/29/09Had to go slow on the way down. Thick fog... 
jpotts05/25/09great group ride - had 9 people? 2 from st george utah, one riverside(the happy side) and the rest oc. rode pretty fast other than the combined total of 4 flats... 
4_chew_nut05/25/09Large group today including Kym, Gerrit, velo4it, Forsythe, Bobbi, Jon, and 2 others. 4 flats in our group today, 2 were my rear, 1 velo4it and the other was Gerrit. 
Damon M05/21/091:22 TO oc 
Royster7105/20/09Troupe ride.. Going down the Luge at night is interesting. Nice meeting Chris. 
EK-RSM05/17/09SJ: 10:30 with Cedric. Very hot from flag to OC. Saw 2 snakes, 1 tarantula wasp dragging off a tarantula, and 2 swarms of bees....good times. 
devodoc05/16/09Haven't done this one in a while. Forgot what a great ride it is. A bit warm the last 2 miles up to OC, even at 9:00 am. Lot of riders out - good to see Chris and Scott out there, if only for a few minutes at Cook's and a brief moment when Chris had to investigate the bees a little closer. Leave it to the bug man... 
SDstumpy05/14/09Nice night ride on singlespeed. Started at 8 and finished around 10. Had a blast! 
rushak05/11/09Solo SS ride. Quiet evening on the trails. 
Dmac05/08/09Guessing on the time 
Dmac05/08/09Always a good ride - Stay seated on the climb and Get your MOJO on the way down. 
Mike Honcho05/07/09Good ride with Dmac, started out hot then the tempature dropped and it was perfect. 
House05/06/09Leg spinner. 
dubjay05/05/09Trails are in fantastic shape. Thanks to those who have been putting in the hard work. 
SCJim05/01/091st ride up to Old Camp. Now that is a climb. DH makes it all worth it. 
Phishin Paul04/29/09Posted my best time from car to car on OC up/down to Luge 1:49 . SS probably has something to do with that. Beautiful day to be riding. I saw a rider going up STT past the Luge with tools for trail work. Big thanks to you. 
Royster7104/27/09Nice riding with you Brennan. Nice Van Halen bike :) 
Two Tired04/26/09Great weather and good ride with Mark, Ron, Kevin and Art. Need to keep riding more, pretty tired near the top. 
RollnStone04/25/09Nothing better than sunrise on STT. I thought I was beating the crowd since I was the only one parked at Cooks. Saw no one on the way up to Old Camp, but immediately ran into some riders on my way down. Glad they were there since I tend to descend from Old Camp faster than my cornering ability. It is really easy to carry too much speed going into some of those turns. Luge was excellent as always. 
XCRider04/24/09Still one of the best routes in OC, need to remember to come out here more often. Was going to do BS-MW, but low clouds cover everything up top. Still ended up riding into clouds at Old Camp. Met nice rider at Cooks coming off Luge who warned it was chilly. Glad I listened to her and brought a jacket. PB 1:29 Cooks to Old Camp turnaround. 
Mike Honcho04/19/09Great ride with Super John this morning 
bte0104/19/09A hot one today! 
TioTony04/19/09Nice ride with Pam, Nathalie, and Hugh. First time I think I have ever ridden to Old Camp. We finished the luge just as it got dark - perfect timing since I only had a small LED headlamp. 
Permagrin04/18/09Saw deer for the first time coming down the Luge, up on the ridge on the right. 
singlespeedrider04/18/09Nice ride with Brandon. First time ever cleaning the climb just after the gate, that climb has been a thorn in my side for some time now. 
Royster7104/15/09Always nice riding with you Tom. Meet Ryan and Mike seemed nice enough. Me and Tom had some fiber one talk seemed a little one sided though. 
DirtyD04/13/09Great ride, but I'm outta shape. 
jpotts04/12/09clean ride on easter - not too many riders out there mid day. 
vt1ryan04/09/09Great evening ride with Twitch and NO GO. A little cold and cloudy tonight at Old Camp. 
vt1ryan04/09/09Technical downhill from Old camp thru the luge. 
NO GO04/09/09Rode with Twitch and Vt1ryan. Cold today. Old Camp was in the clouds. I miss my GPS :-( 
Twitch04/09/09Fun Ride ... Thanks vt1ryan and NO GO 
ThinkFast04/08/09On the SS. Mellow pace ride with BigT. Weather was nice and cool and the trail was dry. Nice to meet Donald Jackson when we finished. 
BigT04/08/09Nice pace with Troy. New PB. Trail was in excellent condition and totally dry. 
Winger04/06/09EX8. Rode w/ Mark, Ryan, and Scott. All was good until Ryan's freehub died. That rocky section on the downhill is SOOO much fun. 
4_chew_nut04/05/09Great day on the trail. Lots of flowers :) Rode with velo4it, Kym and Gerret. 
jpotts04/05/09planned to be a fast ride but started with all sorts of mechanicals - a crash, dropped a chain, flat tire, disk pads wore out and scraped rotor...but on a positive, incredible day on the trail and at least 30-40 other riders going up to the luge...not so many going on to oc... 
A bit more technical04/04/09Fun ride for me, scott, andrew, but not ryan. Often snake bit, his rear hub blew out, good thing it was mostly down hill for him to get out. 
thatdave04/04/09Dave,Joe,Kevin,& Neils first time at the LUGE good stuff and good food and beers at Cooks Conner never did meet up with Byron?? 
jpotts04/04/09flat tire and a few stops for flowers...but a great ride with g, k and randy. all single speed. g pushed a 36-18...way fast.. 
dandrews04/02/09first ride back from SA, good to not be sleeping in a tent 
Olis104/01/09Pretty good pace to Old Camp with Brent and Dan. 13:45 to the gate. 1:14 to flat spot at Old Camp. 1:42 on the whole loop. Just made it out before dark. 
trekstorm04/01/09Late afternoon solo ride. Nice cool temps with a great view of sunset. 
Damon M03/26/0913:50 gate 40:10 flag 1:19:50 to OC Still faster on the SS 
FREEKENGO03/26/09Nice night for a ride! 
Draheim1803/25/09Great day out there. Perfect for riding on my 21st birthday. 
Westermeyer03/24/09Actually rode on 3/14/09, but didn't upload until now. Garmin Forerunner 301 shows 15.14 miles and 3,070 feet of climbing. 
trekstorm03/24/09Great day for a ride. Legs feeling it though as it's back to back days. Lots of riders up to flag but only one coming from Old Camp. 
trekstorm03/23/09First time on Old Camp since the fire. Trail in great shape. Cold strong wind entire time doing Old Camp part. Seemed like it was always a headwind. Good to see the land starting to come back to life. 
MTBR74903/22/09Route was quite slippery. Rained like cats and dogs for about half the ride. Only saw on other MTBR. Saw a Bob Cat about 1 mile from the top. 
OTB_again03/14/09Great solo ride, nice workout. Very few riders out today. Overcast and cold, especially at Old Camp. Rolled all the way down to check out the firepit and creek. 
BigT03/13/09First Old Camp ride in the dark. First Luge ride in the dark... First wrong turn down Cadillac in the dark... Ooops, Very lonely at old camp at 11pm. 
Royster7103/11/09The Classic!! havent been on this in a while. Nice ride with Tom. Started out looking at the sky thinking it's going to dump. Tom had no bush talk for me today.Saw only a few riders out there. Trail looks to be in great shape. You can tell someone has been working on it. Thanks! 
GoneRiding03/11/09Good ride w/Roy. Cloudy, cool and windy. I don't know if it is Roy's new bike or something he is taking but he is climbing like a madman lately. Stopped at R&R afterwards and saw Scott and Doug over there. Put new Ergon grips on bike before yesterdays ride and they feel great. 
cjsanchi03/10/09Good ride. New Mtn bike parts and the sunset can really motivate! First ride on the new RP23, worth every penny... But know I need to update the fork to match! OUCH. Saw Paul F and Sean D... two Pro's knocking out the miles! Almost ran into cheesy on the way down from old camp... yippeeee! 
House03/03/09Good ride with the Usual Suspects. 
Winger03/03/09EX8. Night. Started with the group and went on to old camp with Doug. Those crazy birds with the orange eyes that like to sit on the trail are out again. 
genusmtbkr503/02/09Intervals going up and nice an easy going down. Didn't want to get hurt before the VQ. Felt a few drops, but no rain....,yet. 
tortoise03/01/09Hot out today, nice quiet solo ride. 
snoot03/01/09Nice easy pace. Beautiful afternoon. 
Damon M02/27/0915:00 to gate 42:00 to flag 1:23:00 to oc 
GoneRiding02/27/09Great riding weather this afternoon. Felt strong entire ride. Only saw a group of 4 other riders who were coming back from Old Camp as I was heading up. Almost had a head on collision on a turn w/a motorcyclist on my way back from Old Camp. It would be nice if they would obey the "no motorized vehicles" signs but that is not going to happen so be careful out there. Found a pair of glasses on STT going out towards the Luge. PM me w/ a description if you think they might be yours. 
Two Tired02/27/09Trail up to Old was in great shape and so was the Luge. Thanks for whoever did the trail work on the Luge! 
genusmtbkr502/26/09Solo ride after work. Thought about doing Rose then up Cadillac, but thought better of it..., I'm glad I didn't. 
Phishin Paul02/26/09Quick pace with Kyle. Legs a bit tired from last 3 rides this week. 
PaulV02/25/09cool temp's and tacky trails for a good one this AM up to Old Camp flat spot and back. Nice and peaceful! Cranked up the tunes and ripped this one out. Suprised myself w/ a sub hour time from Cooks to Old Camp FS. Switched tires to Racing Ralph's, running 27/29 psi front/rear w/ stans rims. Splits: Cooks to gate=10:27,to Luge turnoff=30:38, to Old Camp flat spot=59:55, OC FS to Luge Top=14:59, Round Trip=1:23:16 
Paul Lujan02/24/09Fun downhill 
Paul Lujan02/24/09Technical downhill at the end, just got to watch your speed a little bit 
Ben Boronow02/24/09Rode with Ryan, David & Tony. Started out with Josh, but we were way too slow (plus I forgot my water pack and had to ride back to the car and get it.) Saw him again about a mile from the clearing. Nice morning. Great ride, but I was tired when we got done. Went down to old camp itself. Creek was flowing nicely. 
FREEKENGO02/24/09Nice night for a ride! 
angry red squirrel02/23/09zen like-pure nirvana-peaceful(except the voices in my head-LOL)had the whole place to myself,first ride on the luge-not as smooth or fast as the name implies more technical,kinda like joplin- light,"the guantlet' seems a more appropriate name-only drawback-the street ride,dont like playing russian roulette with 5,000 lbs vehicles-dasvidaniya 
genusmtbkr502/23/09Good mellow ride with Randy aka Butcher. We re-planted 3 of the trail signs that were pulled out. Hope the are left alone this time. 
One Flew OTB02/22/09Nice ride w/Old Crasher. Took a while for me to get my legs, but felt pretty good after the flag. Great views today from the trail. 
tweasol02/21/09Started with ryan forest, had to bail and do my own thing cause we had to wait for some people and I was kinda pressed on time. So i hauled ass up to old camp, and went down past the clearing to the actual camp. It's pretty cool. Thanks for setting that up though Ryan we'll ride again when we get a better group. Conditions are still perfect so get up there while you can. "mystery camper" still there at O.C... 
RYAN FOREST02/21/09Great ride today. Tons of people out this morning. Rode with tweasol at first then hung back with ben and tony. Went all the way into old camp, very nice with a good stream right now. 
Pmcmasters02/21/09Great ride with Mike, Traci, Keith, Gigi, James and Julie. 
quad damage02/20/09Forgot my shoes on the way over and so I was pretty late. Sorry guys. Huge thanks to Nick for letting me borrow a bike. It FELT pretty good. Don't know why but I was feeling really strong and my wrist didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Good to meet some Geo guys. 
Rowsby02/19/09Rode with the ODC people. 
NO GO02/19/09Road with dwhouse, KeepsWhatHappens(22), OTB_again, quad damage, ThinkFast, Twitch and a couple other rippers. You guys are too fast. Good time and a nice night. Thanks KWH for setting this up. Cheers! 
House02/19/09Good ride with the Usual Suspects plus Troy, John, Eric, Nick, Garrett, Rob, et. al. Fun as always. 
ThinkFast02/19/09Great ride tonight. I haven't seen this many Mountain Bikers at Cooks since the Rwanda Ride. Good times with everyone, Matt, Ryan, Jason, Doug, John (KWH), Rob (alpine Rob), Eric (OTB Again), Garrett (No Go), Jim (twitch), Nick (from Felt). Beautiful night for my first night ride this year. 
rushak02/19/09Awesome night ride! Tons of riders. Good to see some old faces I haven't seen in awhile. Nice meeting Alpine Rob, Eric, and Nick. Thanks for the ride guys! 
Hermit02/19/09Super fun ride tonight with just about everyone. To whoever paid, thanks for the beer at Cook's afterward! 
tweasol02/18/09Fun ride. Had never been up that far on STT. Awesome views. Talked with some guys at cooks who were just doing the luge and I ended up meeting them back at the flag at the same time, and flew down the luge before they could. At the bottom I asked: did you guys do it twice? I don't think they liked me after that... 
EK-RSM02/18/09SJ: 2pm solo. For some reason the ride won't load from my Garmin. 
Ladera Dave02/15/09Ran into Konadepree and friends at Old Camp, Thanks to Terry for fixing my bike. Good luck training for the Counting Cue race. 
EK-RSM02/15/09SJ: 1pm with Brian and his new Ibis. Good pace. 
MTB Fiend02/15/09Fun ride, with lots of friends. Low key pace. Steady stream of riders up and down. Great ride! 
FREEKENGO02/15/09late afternoon ride with Ron. Fatigue setting in early on in the ride... 
EK-RSM02/14/09SJ: 10am solo. Middle ring the entire climb. 
xhuskr02/14/09gorgeous day out today...a few puddles (one pond), but trail conditions were actually very good. Luge is very slippery/muddy in the shady areas, but scrub some speed to reduce the mud flinging and no problem. 
Shine02/13/09why why why do I always get caught in the rain storms???? The trail up to old camp was great while wet, back to the flag was fine...but holy crap coming down the luge sucked as we were either slipping on the clay..or the rocks...how fun! 
Hermit02/12/09Good times with Winger, QD, One Flew, Abby, and Nick. Also met OTB Again and saw KWH and others at the flag. Light drizzle most of the way to Old Camp. Couple muddy spots on the way. Upper Luge still soggy and slippery. Felt good tonight on the SS. 
Damon M02/12/0914:30 TO GATE 42:20 TO Flag 1:30 to OC 
quad damage02/12/09The norm is now riding in cold, rain and mud. Good to ride with John again and good to meet Nick. Struggled on the SS. 
Winger02/12/094900. Night. Started off nice, then the light rain started. Trail was pretty good. There's 1 semi-scary spot on the way to old camp where you could slide off the edge. Tried to keep the pace slower because of the effort the night before. 
House02/12/09Luge is muddy at the top where you start to drop down. 
FREEKENGO02/12/09Got cold once I reached the upper saddle. 
sparrow02/12/09Lap 1. Old Camp to Luge 
Draheim1802/11/09Good ride, STT was in good condition, Luge was in good shape except by the top it was a little muddy still. 
EK-RSM02/11/09SJ: 2pm solo. Outstanding weather & ride. Trail in good shape. Great use of a .5 vacation day. 
DONALD JACKSON02/11/09Trails are in good shape. I did get cold as soon as I turned around. I started around 4;30. A little mud on the luge about 1/3 of the way down. 
One Flew OTB02/11/09Wet ride w/Hermit, Quad Damage, Winger, Abby, and Nick. Met OTB Again, and KeepsWhatHappens at the top of the Luge. Nice to meet you, Abby, Nick, Erik and John! First part of the Luge was a little sloppy. Liking the new frame. 
T3XonaRFX02/04/09Rode /w Colin and Carlos. 
Rowsby02/03/09Rode on my own. Met Jeff, Nat and her friend. Perfect weather! 
Phishin Paul02/03/09Flowers smell great all the way up. Trail is super fast. Military helicopter almost made me poop my pants when they came over a ridge. 
FREEKENGO02/03/09Nice night for a taco tues ride! Hammer fest up to old camp then fly back down the luge! 
jpotts02/01/09gps reset...again at the top of mod grade. so the data(only had 1:21) didn't record the roadie section, which i added 15 minutes for...it was a very fast loop, although yesterday seemed faster, but that also had the gps turn off...i'm in garmin hell 
bikesurfski02/01/09Superbowl Luge Day--no Bruce Springsteen around--but ideal day out. Helped a woman change out her failed tubeless for a tube. Trails emptied as Superbowl time approached--fun, fast drop. Crazy, great game. 
mtnbikej01/31/09First time in years riding a FS bike out there....Luge seemed really fast. 
Draheim1801/31/09First loop. 
Draheim1801/31/09Second loop. 
jpotts01/31/09Rode a fast loop with jon and randy...much faster than last week, felt like I killed it, but my gps died mid loop - I only saw 1:30 on the gps but that was way too fast and it was missing .6 of a mile from the downhill... 
rushak01/30/09Night ride with Andrew and Ryan. Really windy on the way towards Old Camp. Seemed like there was a headwind the whole time. 
Winger01/30/094900. Night. Trail is still in great shape. Isn't it great, we learned on this date, to set the record straight, that there are 8 poles on the way to old camp. Ryan loves that song. Missed my personal best by 1 minute and wasn't pushing hard. Legs still tired from yesterday's SS ride. 
quad damage01/30/09Night ride with Jason and Andrew. Super windy in spots. Andrew's song about poles and Old Camp started to get annoying after a few miles. There are 8 poles before Old Camp ... he counted them all in song. 
DONALD JACKSON01/30/09warm climb and cool decent, saw Trobe stopped to say hi at cooks. Ventanna demo at cooks tomorrow? 
Permagrin01/28/09Great ride, but freekin cold. 
Two Tired01/28/09Rode yesterday afternoon, not able to post until today. Only saw two others going up, noone past the flag. Finished just before it got too dark. Cold coming back down. Trail is in really good shape. 
PaulV01/28/09Perfect conditions!! Saw a few riders out, two guys by 'cadillac lake' and another two coming up towards Old Camp. Saw the Trail Angels geting ready for a loop when I got back, gotta love it!! Splits: Cooks to gate=12:07, to Luge turnoff=33:36, to Old Camp flat spot=1:05:18,(down)to Luge Top=15:47, to Cooks:24:10, Round Trip=1:29:29 
KeepsWhatHappens01/28/09Great ride today with the Trail Angels and one other "trail male" Brian. Great weather and great trails! 
Singletrack Angel01/28/09My first time to Old Camp - lots of fun with the Trail Angels! The descent made all the climbing worth it. 
davidB.01/27/09First time there, not bad. 
FREEKENGO01/27/09Nice ride with the taco tues boys 
Singular01/26/09Mellow ride with Don. Meet some friends as we where going up. Sun broke out couple of times @ 2-3pm. 
Phishin Paul01/26/09Very cold coming down the mountain but trail is in great shape after the rains. 
Burgemeester01/25/09Superb ride with OC_Laske - conditions were cool going up and chilled coming out, but the track itself was sticky for the most part. Thanks for the early Sunday spin! 
jpotts01/25/09cruised with jon f up and down. saw the ocriders group out there as well. stopped at the flag for bit...but the flag is missing? did it blow away in santa ana winds? we should get a new one up there. who's in charge of maintaining the flag? 
One Flew OTB01/25/09Great ride w/Old Crasher. Trail in great shape ... nice and tacky all the way to Old Camp. Luge doesn't get any better than this. 
MTB Fiend01/25/09Riding with fun friends. Social pace. Smiles all the way. Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON01/25/09Rode with Moe, It was cool and a typical Jan ride in So Cal. Saw lots of friends today. 
Weekend Warrior01/25/09Trail is in excellent shape, very fast. 
One Flew OTB01/22/09Mellow cruise w/Old Crasher. Beautiful night with the clouds breaking up and stars poking through. Started w/Hermit, Winger, DHouse, and Rushak, but decided to do Old Camp instead of Luge x2 and holding them back. 
Ladera Dave01/21/09Did not get any rain yet 
FREEKENGO01/20/09just beat the rain! started to sprinkle as we got half way down the luge. 
rushak01/19/09Solo night ride. Best time yet! 
mtnbikej01/17/09Little breezy....cold and warm.....no one else out tonight. 
quad damage01/16/09Hooray, new PB by 5 minutes. 1:12 to Old Camp. Rode with Matt, Andrew and John. Good to meet you John! 
Winger01/16/09EX8. Night. Finally felt good on the trail after blowing up Tue night. The trail is in perfect shape for speed. HID came unplugged down the luge, but luckily I rode with helmet light. Increased front shock to 95psi from 75 and it smoothed things out a lot. Nice to meet John OTB, and rode w/ Matt & Ryan. 
DONALD JACKSON01/16/09The best ride all week. conditions were the best 
Damon M01/15/09Geared 17 to Gate 47 to Flag 1:32 to OC 
One Flew OTB01/15/09Met up w/Hermit, Quad Damage and Winger who were gracious enough to let me ride w/them. Hope I didn't hold you racers back too much! Nice to meet you Ryan and Andrew. Awesome warm night in January for a great ride. 
Hermit01/15/09Fast-paced ride with Winger, QD, and One Flew OTB. I really liked my new Kenda Nevegal front tire going down Luge. 
Permagrin01/13/09You just can't beat this weather! 
DirtyD01/11/09Clear sky - Santiago TT was crowded. Saw 3 ladies jammin' down just below Old Camp - good job! Oh yeah, saw 3 dudes with NO HELMETS - is that the new style? 
jpotts01/11/09good ride up, a few spots had some serious head winds, especially after the flag/luge. Lots of great views - the horizon was very clear. saw a jeep driving on the trail..weird. Last week there were two horses coming down the luge, this week two girls with dogs. busy, and cooks had tons of motos to check out after - good afternoon for sure for a wintery january... 
thatdave01/10/09What a great day !! The veiws were amazing. Dave,Kevin,Tom & I had a great day on the luge,over to wahoos for a great lunch after 
STEVO CARRILLO01/08/09Mid morning ride with Kcasebier, it was his first ride to Old camp. Took a pretty easy pace and enjoyed the day. Ran into Gene (genusmtbkr5) in the parking lot @ cooks. Thank you gene for all the trial work you've done and good to see you back in the saddle. 
bikesurfski01/06/09Raced the sun down in shorts & shirtsleeves up to Old Camp, concerned the cold would set in. Good to see you Tom. On the way down from Old Camp as the shadows set in, I slowed to subsonic speeds and kept my landing wheels down so ice wouldn't form on my elbows. Actually the temps were good and the Luge just gets faster each time. Beautiful sunset. 
GoneRiding01/06/09Spring like temps out. Just a little chilly on the side of the mountain where the sun wasn't hitting. Saw John in the parking lot again. Met him there on Saturday as well. Also met another rider named Mark on a rigid bike at the flag pole. He passed me on the way out to the flag. Said it was his first ride on the Luge since the fires. 
Royster7101/04/09Went with Mojo, Laura and Travis. the trail was great. A bit windy had one gust almost took my ass out. My feet were nice and cold :( We went all the way down to Old Camp. On the way down I saw a dog pulling this guy. Later I ran into him in front of Olymendis. Had a great conversation with him. Also saw a good chunk of Franks Group. 
MTB Fiend01/04/09Tuly a great ride with friends. Even met a new friend, Sharon. A bit cold in the windy shade on the way up, but a dry jersey change and less wind made the descent bearable. We all had a great time! 
jpotts01/04/09great ride with the single speed for the first time this year. started around 130 - and it was pretty cool coming down around 3pm 
One Flew OTB01/01/09Solo mid morning ride. 12:30 to gate, 36:40 to flag, 1:12:21 to clearing. Great weather for New Years. 
5Large01/01/09Nice paced ride to start the new year. Conditions from old camp could not be better for downhill traction. 
Damon M12/31/0814:12 to gate 41:50 to flag 1:19:12 to Old Camp PR for this ride 
Eyeball12/31/08Beautiful ride with Trisha and Milton.