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Moro: Ridge Park-Rattlesnake-Moro Ridge-Fenceline

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Bruin05/16/16Old faithful. As good as ever. 
Quikflip2703/23/15Chucks 1st time here. Redtails and snakes out today 
cecole108/27/14Great after work ride with Stephen. Didn't quite clear the steep technical rocks at the beginning but finished the big climb in one go. Will be coming back for more! 
la_purisima09/05/12Good to be back on the MTB. Short, fun after-work ride. 
Ben Boronow08/30/11Fun ride with Lonnie, Mike, Brad & Bill. Started to get warm toward the end so no extra credit. 
Lonnie08/28/11Great ride with Mike V, Ben, Brad, and Bill. Pace was slow due to my limits. This was a great ride before the heat. 
RollnStone08/27/11Social pace ride with Ben/Lonnie's Saturday group. Lots of riders picked El Moro today. 
Quikflip2707/24/112nd time in ElMo, Fun! Came across a group of 50 hikers coming up rattlesnake. Great weather as the sun was on its way down. 
angry red squirrel04/04/11!thick overhead mustard/covering ruts-more bushwhacking than riding-TOTALLY SUCKED-the best part is coming across snakes-SUPRISE 
BIGFOOT07/27/10My Solo Birthday ride after work. man that rocky decent is gnarly!! 
Fast Turtle12/08/09Left work early and finished the ride right as it got dark. Bike was full of mud at the end. Only saw one runner on the trail. 
javarocker11/22/09Nice morning ride with Mike. Sunny and cool. 
klowie10/05/09Love the Fall temps. 
klowie09/07/09finally some nice cool temps this morning 
Gerry Lattimer07/23/09Nice ride under the marine layer to avoid the sun. 
trailking@cox.net06/11/09Awesome day out on the coast. Good ride with Pat. 
trailking@cox.net04/21/09The best ride to do in this heat wave. It was perfect temps for the loop. Started at exactly 5:30pm 
klowie02/21/09Busy morning. I did emerald too for a little extra. 
klowie01/27/09Another amazing day to ride in So.Cal. 
klowie12/30/08Lap 2. Thanks to Bruin for mapping this route. I ride it all the time. 

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