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Aliso - Laguna Coast - El Moro

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Snake Bite02/10/12A great day in the saddle:) 
Snake Bite01/28/12it was freezing start to awesome ending ride!!! 
Snake Bite01/17/12to long today in the saddle. 
UphillRider6512/04/11Great ride except for all the pumping. Flatted between Mathis and Stairsteps, patched the tube and continued on only to find I had another slow leak and was down to 10 psi by Bommer. Ended up stopping 3 more times to fill up, and 29er tires take a lot of air. Made it back without having to change the tube, now I can find the slow leak and plug it. 
spicolli197610/08/11Great ride with John, Kevin and Max this morning. Weather heated up quick but was a beautiful day. 
grimix09/18/11Don't recall any downhill on this ride. Except for carrying my bike down Stairsteps. By the time I was carrying it up stairsteps I felt a little lightheaded in the sun. Effort/Reward not so good with this in my opinion but very glad I can scratch it off my 'to-do' list. Tech notes: Edge305 can't keep up at speed, making me think I went off course 4-5 times. Too much data. Had to backtrack a few times. Kenda Nevegal on front is REALLY nice on dirt. Sucks on pavement. Had to re-seat calipers on front wheel to get grip again. Oh yeah rescue report: Lifeguards in red trunks in a jeep with surfboards on top and lights flashing were up near Rattlesnake trying to find someone who "took a header". 
spicolli197609/17/11Great ride this morning with the boys. Weather was perfect!!! 
Rowsby08/04/11Sunday ride with the group. It rained so we had hero dirt! 
Rowsby07/11/11Beni, JJ and I. Weather was perfect! 
Snake Bite07/08/11long hard day, went early to beat the heat, might have to start night riding if it cont.to get hotter. 
Snake Bite09/06/10Much better ride this time around, one word= "cooler", still need to work on endurance past the 2:15 mark... 
Snake Bite08/31/10One word= FRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! Alot longer then I thought. 
jb_29er06/15/10Nice track... Stair Steps pretty rough! 
TomG06/01/10Lots of hike a bike too tough for me. Only ate it once lots of blood but not that serious. One flat also. Legs felt like rubber after a tour of aliso. 
spartticus05/21/101st time down & up stairsteps off Aliso ridge...wow.... apply named. 
xcShane05/08/10Finally rode Stair Steps in route to El Moro. I can already think of different variations to do within the 2 parks. Going to have to hit this again soon. 
Greo1002/25/10what a great ride, Stair steps is a bit messy but the rest is fun. 4:20 up cholla, Lag Wild was wide open but CC said some trails are closed? No formal closed I think :0 
Flip01/10/10early morning assault on three parks with Dave. plenty of fun to be had. 
onegear701/09/10Made slight detour via the Nix cntr. The perfect day. Met some guys from SHARE at the trailhead. 
Greo1010/23/09changed the trail up a bit, Aliso, Rocket, TOW, Telonics, PCH, El Morrow, no name, nothing better to do, fenceline, willow, up star steps, cholla, MILF park to Wahoos. 26 miles in 3:15. Lots o climbing 
Greo1009/13/092 stops and included Wahoos at the end as reward 
Flip09/05/09quite warm. added t & a on descent out. 
Ladera Dave08/29/09very hot ride with my STR peps. Good training for the up coming race. 
Greo1008/11/09great day and awsome ride 
Manuel Prado07/07/09Went and rode medium pace, rode all of stair steps up and down! Felt great! 
Manuel Prado07/07/09 
Gerry Lattimer07/02/09Really had to push to make it back before dark. 
Twitch05/20/09Great ride... Easy crash down stairsteps but that didn't slow us down. Thanks NO GO great pace today. 
Twitch05/20/09Great route 
NO GO05/20/091st time down stair steps....need padding and more travel. Thanks Twitch. Good pace tonight. 
Greo1004/09/09Great ride a little bit of everything and lots o climbing 
onegear703/28/09Wow! It was a nice day. Trying to make it back to the Santa Ana's but keep getting snagged by EM. 
onegear703/21/09Walked most of the way up Stair Steps. Hounded by a rubbing disc rotor. Otherwise a good ride. 
onegear703/02/09I like days like this, great visibility, high cloud ceiling, no sun. Did this ride in reverse, starting out at Ridge Park and diverting up Canyon Acres in lieu of up Stair Steps (which is tough on my rigid S/S) as the additional time reflects. Returned down Stairs, however. 
Flip02/21/09added bonus down T&A. Fun times. 
Olis101/02/09Good ride today. Real cold out though. Never took off the long sleave or the leg warmers. 
mallaire12/29/08The Nav file was spot on perfect. Great route. 
Ladera Dave12/14/08Great weather, nice training for the up coming 50 mile ride. 
onegear712/13/08Perfect cool day to ride. Added Serrano - Stagecoach on the Irvine side (time not included). 
mtbfan12/12/08Another 3 park. Bring on the pain. 
Olis111/30/08Good morning ride with Cohee. Actual was up Cholla, Down Canyon Acres, Up Willow, Fenceline, Fireroad to back of park and back down willow, up Stair Steps down Cholla, Coyete and out. And home by 10:00 am! 
Rowsby11/15/08Ride with Silvia, Jeff, Geof,Maria & Bill. Hot and the views of the fires were insane! 
singlespeedrider11/09/08First big ride with new 32:21 gearing and new Rampage front tire. Great ride long climbs and insane views. Rode more than ever down stair steps and new top speed on Mach One 38.8 MPH 
Olis111/08/08Up Mathis (12:45) to TOW, down Canyon Acres to Laguna Wilderness. Up Willow 14:45, to top of El Moro 24:45. Back home on the roads. 24 miles, 2:05. Beat previous time by 5 minutes. 
PaulV10/12/08did this one yesterday w/ Olis1 and bte01 for some 12 Hours Of Temecula training (Team High Gear)didn't follow this route exactly but similar, started from Main gate, up Cholla, down Steps, up Willow, over to Deer Canyon at which point I had to split off and took the quick way back by heading up to the fireroad and heading back down willow and taking road back to car. Great morning to be out, suprisingly cool and with the clear conditions views were outstanding. 
Flip10/11/08Perfect day to ride. cool temps in aliso before sun came over ridge. great views from ridgeline catalina to santa anas. 
bikesurfski09/30/08Delayed start at noon due to a.m. surfing session = 95 degrees and cooking on Aliso side up Mathis & Willow, but a little cooler on El Moro side. Only saw two riders until return to Aliso where I flatted. Fun waves and dolphins at San Onofre--which was much cooler: 63 degree water :) 
JJ Holiday09/07/08did a slightly longer ride than this route, but who's counting.. 
ScottW07/29/08Crazy Chris...I almost died. So tiring.... 
Patreek O07/29/08The most climbing I have done on a ride. kicked my butt. 
GoneRiding07/17/08This one has been on my "to do" list for a while. First time connecting Aliso with the other parks and first time on StairSteps. Tough trail! Did a slow OTB right into a bush. Nice soft landing. Can't wait to try this trail again. Coming back up is a different story. Lots of hiking! This was a great early morning ride and legs felt good the whole way. Didn't see any other riders on the El Moro side. 
Ladera Dave07/11/08Great ride ready for Whitting tomorrow 
Olis106/07/08Up Mathis, down Canyon Acres, Up Laguna Wilderness back to the end by the toll both on the tool road( top of El Moro. Then back down and on the road back around through Aliso. 12:40 up Mathis. Flat tire slowed me down a but on overall time. Only saw 1 snake today. 
MTB Fiend06/01/08I've been thinking about this ride for awhile now. Picked a good day for it. Did'nt much like StairSteps, walked it (down & up). Did real well on all the other climbs, and there are plenty. Even rode most of the Rattlesnake descent. Went down Cholla instead of Lynx. Finished strong, happy and tired. Great ride! 
MF TITAN05/31/08good ride with lonny,john,jason,steve,shane.route was a little different,305 problems.did a single track a little further down bommer,fun,then up canyon acres(sucks) 
Alpine Rob04/27/08Great Ride! Got out at 6:40, it was super cold going into Aliso, but was nice for the rest of the ride. Waited in the parking lot for Pig Pen until 10 so he could try out a Yeti, and went back in, it got hotter than the blazes. 
Olis104/26/08This ride sort of plus some stuff on the other side of the 73. 38 miles and about 4000 feet of climbing. Ugh. Recovery time. 
Jake c('.'c)04/18/08I don't know El Moro very well so I decided to load up the Deer Canyon route today and do some exploring. My Garmin locked up around Bommer (@#*&%!!)so I just rode over to Aliso instead. Stairsteps was a blast on my new bike. The route I did was more of a combination of the Aliso Dual Loop and El Moro Deer Canyon. @#%$ Garmin! ☻ 
hoovermd04/08/08Sweet route! Rode it on my 26" Single speed It is doable on 34x22 w/ 165mm cranks. Thanks a bunch to Terry. I rode this blind with only the downloaded route as my guide and all the waypoints are perfect. Still think that the climb up Stairstps is made for walking. 
Shine04/05/08Another fulfilling and challenging ride w/RaulC...he's now in contention to have a new nick name of "Billy Goat" as he rode up Stairsteps with very few dabs. 
RaulC04/05/08Excellent ride with Shine -- a real butt kicker! 
S.L.O. Phil03/20/08I took the Ellsworth out on this one. I found out what was screwing up my shifting. There's a tooth on my small front chain ring that's bent at 90 degrees. Yep, that was the problem. I had to do a lot of climbing on the middle chain ring. The enduro is more comfortable and the disc brakes are way better than these clampers. The Ellsworth is lighter though. 
PaulV03/12/08followed route exactly. Started out chilly dropping in from the main gate, brrr! Lots of peeps in Aliso but just two trail runners in El Moro Splits: Gate to Mathis bottom=12:50 (up Mathis 11:12), gate to Willow bottom=34:09, gate to Upper El Moro campground, 1:32:47, gate to bottom of Lynx, 1:54:18, gate to gate 2:09:50 
JJ Holiday03/09/08Cleaned rocket going up and down stair steps for the first time. yippy!! Did a slightly different variation with two loops in el moro, same distance and climbing. 
S.L.O. Phil02/29/08Rattlesnake and Mach One are overgrown. My shoulders were getting wacked by the bushes on Rattlesnake and Mach One has weeds up to the handlebars. This was my first ride on this trail so checking the map cost me some time, so did backtracking because I thought I went the wrong way. Next time will be more fun now that I know where I'm going 
ericfoltz01/16/08Perfect weather. 
ericfoltz01/16/08Good fun route. 
spicolli197601/15/08Great way to start off the day. 
Hermit01/12/08Quick morning ride with Mark, Troy and John Colvin. Still don't have my Garmin back, but this route is pretty close to what we rode. We went up Cholla instead of Mathis, and down Rock-it instead of Lynx, but added a descent down BVD and the climb back up to the ridge. Poor Mark didn't see an alternate path around a big, deep, mud puddle and ended up sloshing through it. His bike was nasty. 
Singular01/02/08Very nice weather on the 1st day of 2008. Aliso seem a little packed yesterday. Overall ride seemed pretty good. Recovery well today 
spicolli197612/31/07I love this ride!!!!!! 
PaulV12/27/07Felt cold this morning, and didn't warm up much (maybe just the wind though)started out early w/Danno, Hooch from CV, over to 5 Oaks then up Cholla and down to Laguna Wilderness to climb Willow, over to El Moro for some more miles and then back up Slow and Easy, Fenceline, and over to T&A. From there we went up Canyon Acres and then over to Mathis and down. All on the 45 pound sled. One dab on canyon Acres, man that was tough. Then over to Wahoo's for some much needed grub. 
PaulV12/17/07variation - parked by U-Haul off 133, up Willow, Fencline, down Rattelsnake/Mach1, up I Think I Can, Moro Ridge, down BVD, up Old Em', down T&A, up Canyon Acres, West Ridge, down Rock-It, Coyote, up Cholla, down Stairsteps. Whew! A little cold but no frosty the snowman like last Friday. BVD still had some moisture in the soil. Did not see a soul in LW/EM, and a few walkers in Aliso , but only one biker. This route was 20.5 miles and 3980' of ascent, so a few less miles but more vert. 
slopush12/16/07Great ride w/ Shine. No crashes, no flats, no cramps... ok, it was boring ; ) 
Shine12/16/07Thanks slopush for your last energy bar...I'd have turned into a pile of cramping garbage w/o it! 
slopush11/18/07I love this route, but a couple of my riding partners don't! Last week a friend had a OTB on Stairsteps and today my buddy Paul did the same in almost exactly the same place. Split his finger so bad that it'll need stiches. Maybe we should rename that trail "Widow Maker"! 
steeleboat11/11/07We had a good Veterans Day Ride with Slopush, Burgemeester, and Kurt Adams. Kurt took a nice header on StairSteps and was hurting for the rest of the ride. What a stud!! 
Burgemeester11/11/07This was a fun filled ride with Slopush, Steeleboat and Kurt. Steeleboat and Kurt felt the gravity more that anything today - which was not too kind to Kurt. Stairsteps was a forgetable walk out, but all the singletrack made up for it. Good grind you studly "girlymen". 
slopush11/11/07Great ride with Steelboat, Burgemeester and K.Adams. Adams performed a textbook OTB coming down Stair Steps but shook it off to finish strong. Don't know how he didn't dislocate a shoulder on that pile driver! 
Olis111/03/07Actual route was from home to TOW via Mathis, then down to Laguna Canyon Road, up to Laguna Wilderness park and in. Climbed back to parking lot on the fenceline by the toll road fee stations, then back same route. 
TBlazen11/03/070ur friend broke his chain, TWICE. I had the multi tool and fixed it the first time; Anyhow, what we did was very close with more climbing at AW and possibly more in LW/EM... 
spicolli197611/01/07Great day for a ride. Nice and cool. 
rushak10/27/07Earliest start in Aliso for me. Great morning for riding. Went with the strong legged c('.'c). Lungs feel great. No ill effects from our precious burning forest. First time on Stairsteps. Very fun and challenging. Only a couple of dabs. For some reason all the way points in el moro were no moro on my Garmin. 
lukewiens10/27/07air was good....nice and cool, great conditions. 
Jake c('.'c)10/27/07Nice to finally get out and ride again. First time out on this route. Stair steps is a challenging little trail but ridable for some. Rode with Rushak. 
bikesurfski10/27/07Great freedom to be able to ride again--Aliso and the Laguna Wilderness was perfect today--even a little rain. Met one biker who came all the way from Temecula to get a ride in. Was getting so tired of that sationary bike in the gym--it goes nowhere and the air quality sucks. Think the air was ok on the trail today--unless I wake up dead tomorrow. 
spicolli197610/18/07There is no shame in hiking some parts of stair step. No shame I tell you, but wow, it is fun coming down that trail!!!! Great ride. 
vhipp10/05/07This is a great ride. Trails are in great shape. Everything rideable including stair steps...Not!! 
goldrunner09/16/07Great rid w/cuz Cameron & Chris. Stair step was great, went over the bars but managed to unclip and run into a large bush to stop me, could have been a lot worse, got back up and finished. Fun, Fun 
bikesurfski09/09/07Was actually cold at 7am. Good to ride Stairstep again. Lots of riders out enjoying the day. Sort of getting back on the horse by going down Lynx where I crashed in the powder a few weeks ago. More powder, but staying left works. Fun to race others on Coyote Run. 
Martak09/08/07nice ride. 
lukewiens09/08/07awesome.....i will be back. rattlesnake and stairsteps were definitely the highlights. 
lukewiens09/08/07gotta try it. 
RollnStone09/07/07Nice breeze kept things cool. No OTBs so I feel lucky. 
Royster7109/02/07Had a great ride !! There was 5 of us. Well there was 4 and a half :) Good thing we started early. El Moro can Cook! I brought a lot of fluids that worked out well!! Nice meeting you Tim. Mojo renamed the hill I think I can't :) Always nice riding with you Laura and Greg. 
MoJo09/02/07Great ride w/ Royster,Laura,Greg, & Tim. Unfortunately, the heat got the best of me on I Think I Can and made the end of the ride tougher than normal :( 
Everett5608/30/07You should ride with someone, especially the stairs. Ouchy It was too hot today!!! 
PaulV08/29/07Similar route, but from Canyon Vistas. Less miles, more vert, 18.5 miles, 3940' ascent. up Cholla, down Stairsteps, up Willow, Fencline, down Rattlesnake, down Mach 1, up I Think I Can, Moro Ridge, down to Emerald Canyon, up Old Emerald, down T&A, up Canyon Acres, down Lynx. Fun route, and actually was out of the sun in the canyons. 1 hour point was almost top of I think I Can, 2 hour almost top of Canyon Acres. 10:03 up Old Em, 4:18 down T&A, 15:05 up Canyon Acres. Total time =2:16:47 
Everett5608/29/07Ok this trip kicked my ass. First off a Bobcat grabbed a rabbit right next to me---whoa--- then I lost my water bottle and broke the holder, then my pump went elsewhere, OH YEAH thx to the lady who lent me hers, then on one of my oops, I broke my flashlight holder and my cateye holder, what a trip...I need more water 100 oz's are not enough when it's 100 ...MEDIC IT'S HOOOOOOTTTTTT !!! 
ErikMM08/18/07Nice, not too bad...some mechanicals...Moro side cooler...ran out of water, but right when I was at the road crossing before 'the Steps'-- there is a water fountain near the trailer... 
Olis108/12/07Different route taken. Mathis to TOW, down to Laguna Canyon Road then on streets thru Laguna to El Morro and up some trails and out back to Laguna Canyon road, then up Stair Steps, down Cholla and home. 28.5 miles. 
trickster08/11/07Millions of people out today. Got real tired of saying "good morning". Next time I'll start later and mix in some "good afternoon", just to change things up. 
bikesurfski07/31/07Great cloud cover--cool like before this damn summer heat/energy zapper. No stops up Mathis or Willow and solved Stairstep (except the short steep rockfall toward the top). I was fully soaked with sweat, my front tire bit into some rock under the powder and I nosedived toward the bottom of Lynx, denting my helmet (saw stars) on a rock, twisting my wrist and turning instantly into a ball of mud head to toe. Stay left, toward the mountain, on this section--not right in the powder. 
bikesurfski07/22/07Sun hit at 8am instead of at 10:30 yesterday and heat was more of a factor, but still not bad early. Garter snakes can really zip in the sand. Cleared Mathis and Willow and I Think I Can with no stops, but the trailer at the Ranger Station near the 133 always gets me. 
bikesurfski07/08/07Going up Stairstep saw some running blood and hard falls coming down. Mathis and humidity got the sweat going, but cooled down after Willow and through El Moro trails. Lots of fun trails on this route. 
Jweezy06/27/07Went down holy mackrael instead of stairsteeps...went all the way over to the towers in el morro...did secret single tracks all the way back to laguna canyon...went up stairsteeps and back down car wreck trail...Burn Ganja 
bikesurfski06/19/07No critters out in this sun, only mad Dogs, Englishmen and me. Note to self: 1) do not start an XL route at 10am if you can do it earlier; 2)investigate physics of heat making trails longer and steeper. Saw two women running on Willow in bathing suits--ruined my concentration and was three bushes in before I realized the problem--squashed the red bull in my pocket--they didn't fall for my mountain biker in distress trick and kept joggling, uh jogging along amused. 
PaulV06/18/07Did route exactly as described. Got lucky this morning, coastal clouds keeping it nice & cool. Didn't see too many people out (no one in El Moro) but did run into 4-5 guys climbing up Willow as I decended (almost literally, doh! Sorry guys!!) Splits: Gate to Mathis bottom=12:02 (up Mathis 10:59), gate to Willow bottom=32:05, gate to almost dropping rattlesnake, 1:00:00, gate to Upper El Moro campground, 1:35:02, gate to bottom of Lynx, 1:55:07, gate to gate 2:10:10. 
bikesurfski06/17/07Felt like I was in slow motion today, especially with a fair number of hard chargers out there. Some hot pockets even though some coastal breeze. Watch out for the rebar/metal sticking out toward the bottom of Lynx. Still trying to clear that steep section on Coyote--getting more powdery each week. 
cdemeis06/16/07Long, Hot and Technical. Rode with Golan. This ride turned out to be much longer and harder than I expected. Everything was good till we got lost trying to get to Laguna Canyon Road. Rode back up to Top of the World and started again. Ended up riding 30 miles overall, 4:36 ride time, 6 hours with breaks. 
gkedan06/16/07Ended up riding near 5 hrs due to some missteps... 
Jweezy06/14/07Rode from home...Did a few more singletracks than listed on this ride also 
bikesurfski06/12/07Heat effect definitely a factor reducing power, endurance, fun; increasing sweat and need for hydration--have never been through a summer biking before but I think it's going to be a scorcher coming up. Cooled down in the ocean all afternoon. 
MF TITAN06/09/07stair steps is fun/hard going back up.rattlesnake is in great shape 
PHAT TIRE06/05/07Love this route. Very technical 
bikesurfski06/03/07Almost ate it coming off Lynx taking the right onto Woods where there's a steep drop off but managed to keep the front up by sliding to the rear and catching the landing with my stomach on the seat--caught a few laughs with that one. Going up Willow after Mathis is a grind on this route. 
super chicken04/22/07STR Ride. Perfect weather. 
Tom Kore No More03/24/07Great ride wonderful temperature. Ran into a group of friends havn't seen in a while. Also saw husband and wife on a tandem (great job). Did have some wank tell me to pick a side as he was going to fast down willow as I was climbing. GPS unit did the funny thing of telling I was off route when I wasn't then I had to stop and start the course on the unit again. 
Mooserider03/23/07Good ride, i felt great the whole time 
Alpine Rob03/18/07Great Ride, a little busy in El Morro, even more busy on the Stair Case on the way back but fun watching people attempt sections over again. 
bluerider102/25/07It was a good course. We were not sure if it was going to rain at the beginning of our ride around 9 am. 3 more riders showed up and it became a little bit competitive halfway through the ride. Good workout for the legs on the climb and honing your skills on the technical rocky downhill. It was fun but tiring. Less break today. 
XMXER01/08/07Went with G unit, MSG, Ranger Bill. Ranger Bill took a header on T&A but was ok. 
Streethawk01/02/07Did this loop with Jensonusa shop ride and also cut over to El Morro via PCH and some other unknown fireroads. 
carpdmr12/24/06working on cleaning rattlesnake 
XMXER12/18/06Went with MSG and Ranger Bill 
goldrunner12/03/06Great ride! Mojo, Roy and all other Geo peeps... 
Royster7112/02/06Niceeeeeeee good riding with everyone and putting a face with some of those names. Stairsteps wasnt as bad as I thought it was. It sucked coming back up them though. 
MoJo12/02/06And Then there were 3.... How do you spell crack...M-O-J-O! Did not ride as well as last time on this loop, but overall good, long ride. Roy & Ben - looking good!! 
quad damage10/30/06Rode with Andrew, Matt, Scott, Troy and Mark. Hiking the bike always kills my lower back. =( Some confusion in El Moro, but good overall ride. Coughing up a lot of crap lately. 
K0KE10/29/06Rode with Murmur, Big DD, TRB and OCLaske. First time down Stairsteps, fun! 
Murmur10/29/06Rode w/ Koke, DD and TRB. Edge shut down again halfway through, so no stats. Great route. 
oc_laske10/29/06fun ride w/ TRB, Koke, DD and Murmer. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to keep up with these guys. 
TRB10/29/06Great ride with Koke, DD, Murmur & oclaske. First time down stair steps, cleaned it all (too bad there is no easy way up it). This is a definate "must do" route. 
A bit more technical10/28/06Great ride with Troy, Scott, Andrew, Matt and Ryan. I can't believe we all rode up stair steps...NOT. 
Winger10/28/06This turned out to be a really fun ride. Rode with Troy, Mark, Ryan, Matt, Scott. Froze my fingers in the morning but it warmed up when the sun came out. Hiked up stairsteps. 
ThinkFast10/28/06Always fun to spend the morning riding with Mark, Scott, Andrew, Matt and Ryan. We got off course a little in El Morro. 
scott v10/28/06Rode with Matt, Ryan Mark, Andrew and Troy. Cold morning to start. Had to walk portions of stair steps. Got a little lost in El Morro but we had a blast. 
Hermit10/28/06A challenging ride with Andrew, Scott, Mark, Troy, and Ryan. We got a little lost in El Moro, but eventually found the route again. A lot of trails back there! 
BlurryRider10/01/06Actual Route: down stairsteps, up Laguna Wilderness, back down to 133, up Canyon Acres, and home. 
cjwally08/28/06Stairsteps kicks my ass. Great downhills. Hot! 
Terry Best07/28/06Two of the three singletrack descents require a lot of experience in order to descent without incident. 
Terry Best07/28/06Awesome ride with Mr. Cranx :) 
Cranx07/28/06Plenty of climbing and some fun, technical descending and all near the beach! Thanks again Terry for showing me the way. (This is repost as this route was modified) 

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