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Aliso Dual Loop

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Congo Kid07/01/17Cool and overcast this mid-day saturday ride. Sun came out for 10% of the time. Been 2 weeks since been on the bike as traveling back east, but felt OK. 
Congo Kid04/24/16Sunny and cloudy off and on. Nice riding weather. Bottom bracket started grinding before Cholla so slowed down and tried to coast when possible. It needs maintenance for sure. Was going to do this loop again, but with the mechanical issue, cut the day short. Handed out a few Rwanda Ride cards to riders - hope they sign up for next week's event. 
Congo Kid02/21/16Nice sunny day for mid-February. A tad cool but no need for jacket. Did better than I thought as I'm way out of shape. 
Congo Kid10/17/15Nice afternoon with sun and breeze. Humid though so dripped every time I stopped. Helped a father/son team 1/3 up Mathis to loan him my pump. He had a spare, but no pump. Surprised my new gear ratios allowed me to still clean Dripping Cave and Mathis. Headset got a bit loose - A big "shout-out" to Rock N Road shop for fixing that up post ride for me, as I thought my bike was rattling apart coming down Rock-it and Lynx. Saw 1 covey of quail. Actually passed a guy going up Mathis. 
Congo Kid02/21/15Nice easy ride - didn't push too hard. A bit cool with the wind but not bad. Watched all the studs this morning at the Harding Time Trial race while volunteering and realized how I couldn't get motivated to try that trail today. Tired from busy week and getting up super early to help with registration. Maybe next month when closer to Rwanda ride I'll tackle Harding. Only saw 1 little lizard out today. Talked to a few folks and handed out cards for the Rwanda ride. Nothing else to report. 
xcShane01/05/15Ahoy! Foreign lands for me these days. It was sure cold out this morning but it was nice to be back. What's up with the parking lot? 
Keith B11/27/14Threw in Meadows descent then climbed back up and dropped it a second time. Loads of peeps out there hiking and biking to make some space for the Thanksgiving meal. Pretty cold at 8am but it got really hot very quickly. Charles had an allergy attack on Cholla. 
Mike.the.Spike11/17/14Great Sunday ride. Very sad to see how the now countless Stravassholes are riding straight down Meadows rather than staying within the designated trails. Utter destruction to a once beautiful trail. Sad. 
Keith B11/03/14Sunday afternoon after the rain. Came back down Meadows rather than Lynx - dirt was still semi-soft which made for great traction. Been forever since I went up Mathis. 
trekstorm07/01/14Second ride with my kid. Getting him interested in riding. seems to be working. 
Congo Kid06/22/14Great ride today. Few folks out. Decided to push the pace today. Missed a PR by 5 lousy seconds. Must have been the guy riding with his dog on the leash that I had to slow down for so I could pass. That's what made me lose my PR. Oh well....Sweat, nice breezes and no crashes. Good day nonetheless. 
STEVO CARRILLO06/20/14After work Thursday night ride with Tim! Good times... Forgot what a beast Mathis is to climb! Dropped my chain ten yards into the downhill on Lynx, somehow manages to stay on resting on the outter crank! Need a new front derailer. Thanks Tim for the workout. 
Tim Andrews06/19/14Just me and Stevo tonight. One Flew OTB is on vacation gaining weight :) 
Tim Andrews06/18/14Solo ride after work. First time down Lynx. Lots of bikes out there. 
Congo Kid05/04/14Nice day out. Rode KJ's Epic as my bottom bracket is having major issues - needs replacing. That probably impacted last week's Rwanda 50 ride too along with the mud and wet sand. Saw a racer/ribbon snake and 2 quail. Otherwise, pretty quiet out. 
Congo Kid04/19/142nd ride of the day. Saw a huge gopher snake on the asphalt near the church. The whole park was less crowded on this ride. Felt pretty weak the last few hills - ran out of energy. Gotta move my seat a bit forward as arms/shoulders hurting going downhill. Still dialing it in after adding my new seat post dropper. 
Congo Kid03/29/14Lap one of two today. Hot climbing Mathis. Field tested a new camera from my neighbor that's supposed to be way better than a GoPro. Saw my first snakes of the season: a baby California King at the top of Mathis near Car Wrecks and a baby rattler at the base of Cholla. Up Mathis in 2nd gear and up Cholla in 3rd. Saw 2 deer. Love my new seatpost dropper. So glad I got it and it's changing my riding on the downhills for sure. 
Congo Kid03/29/14Lap 2 of 2 today. This lap was a bit cooler as cloud cover came in as well as a breeze. Still love my new KS Lev, though I need to move the knob closer to my thumb so I don't lose my grip on the handlebar. Lovely day for a ride. 
Congo Kid02/15/14Met a newbie from Hong Kong that needed directions at start, so he followed me to base of Mathis. Picked him up again at base of Cholla, and then met him on Coyote and led him out. Nice warm day today - felt great compared to last week. Love high 70's in mid-February. Saw 2 bevy of quail. 
trekstorm09/16/13Hot. I wish this heat would go away. 
trekstorm08/14/134 deer and one bobcat today. Bobcat was no more than 200 yards from ranger station. 
trekstorm08/06/13The Deer here must be so used to all the traffic that they are not scared. I was no more than 10 feet away from 3 of them as I rode by. 
trekstorm07/22/13Amazing day as the deer were out in force. Saw 4 female and 2 males with one having full antlers. 
Congo Kid07/20/13Solo ride in overcast skies. Nice riding weather. Saw some fellow Linked Cycling riders on their way out, as I was on way in. All the gazebos and benches at the usual spots are gone. Per the local Ranger, they're going to plant some trees and install some stone benches one day. Sort of weird at top of Mathis and base of Cholla to have no place to sit or get out of the sun. Go figure. 
BetF05/16/13close enough 
Congo Kid04/06/13Second ride of the day. Training for Rwanda 50. Sun out most of time so warmed up nice. Josh and Karissa blew by me up Cholla. Racing maniacs! Felt tired climbing Cholla before final descent to the Church. Gotta get in shape for the 50 miler! 
RaulC03/17/13Solo ride, while waiting for kids dive merry to start around the corner 
RaulC03/17/13Solo ride, while waiting for kids dive merry to start around the corner 
Congo Kid03/03/13Great ride with my son today. A tad cool, but modulated with arm warmers throughout. First time on MTB in a long time - felt it, but did better than I thought. Gotta get in shape for the Rwanda 50 miler! 
gmann02/12/13felt good today. the warmer weather makes a difference. used granny ring going us mathis today. concentrated on spinning as fast as i could. 
trekstorm08/23/12Much cooler here today. Even had clouds trying to come up and over hills. 
xcShane08/15/12Temp said 100 when I started. Luckily it was breezy 75% of the ride. Got the 29er back in action. 
trekstorm08/08/12Makes no difference that Aliso is close to ocean...STILL HOT!!!! 
Congo Kid07/07/12Solo ride under cloudy skies. Took my time today trying various mounts on my GoPro. Didn't feel too strong today for some reason. Saw a little King snake - picked the dude up and moved it off the trail. Nothing else to report. 
Congo Kid07/04/12Nice Independence day ride with KJ. Sported my flag plate - got numerous comments on my patriotism. :-) Cool and overcast the whole ride. Even some mist for the beginning of the ride. Took some footage with GoPro. Bumped into Andy S. from Team Duke. KJ out of shape so he skipped Cholla. Good to be back on the mountain bike - been off since mid-March training for road bike Century. Dirt is more fun I think. Happy and Safe Independence Day celebration to all! 
dave28705/12/12riding up Mathis sucks! 
Ladera Mike05/12/12Solo mid afternoon ride. Perfect conditions, a tad warm but always a nice breeze. Surprised I almost beat last week's PR with the strong headwind. Something's up with my HR monitor, no way I had a 248 HR. 
la_purisima05/08/12Good times on a warm summer night. Lots of smiling faces out tonight. Love that. 
Ladera Mike05/06/12Late afternoon solo. Nice cool temps and the park wasn't too busy. First time with the stumpy at Aliso and ended up with a PB by 5 minutes and I wasn't even pushing it. Cleaned Mathis which was unexpected since I could not do that on an Epic. Loving the new bike but need to get the front end dialed in more, not as plush as I'd like it to be. 
Congo Kid03/24/12Nice ride. Sun came out towards the end, but still fairly cool. 
Dmac03/08/12Rode with Kevin also did trail Mental instability - never did it before - really steep. 
Congo Kid02/18/12Sunny but cool today. Not too many out this afternoon. Started getting chilly at end of ride. Didn't push too hard today - just a nice pace. Saw a little gopher snake - his alarm clock is still about 2 months early. :-) 
gmann02/06/12another beautiful day at aliso 
Congo Kid02/04/12Great day and great weather. Quick ride in before funeral service this afternoon. RIP Dr.Steve. Tons of folks out today. 
gmann01/30/12perfect afternoon for a ride. slow and steady today. 
Ladera Mike11/23/11Guess I wasn't the only one who worked a half day and thought about heading out to Aliso. It was packed! But the trails are in great shape, a few puddles, hardly any sand. Cleaned Mathis all the way for the first time. Still can't clean the steep part of Dripping Cave. 
RaulC11/16/11Great ride today - perfect weather & trails in good condition. William's 1st time 
UphillRider6511/03/11Mid-day ride, nice breeze and not crowded. 
SuperDutyDave10/15/11What a geat day--may have to do this again later 
SuperDutyDave09/25/11Added Dripping Cave out and back 
Dmac09/14/11Sweet ride - just plain fun! 
PaulV09/14/11the classic! nice cool temps made for a nice cool morning. was happy to crank out a low 11 mathis, was looking but didn't see roy anywhere? :) did run into two deer, a big buck and his girlfriend on wood canyon on the way back (almost hit the buck!) strava data= http://app.strava.com/rides/1622321 
Ladera Mike09/11/11Solo evening ride. Felt great. New rear tire made a huge difference actually having traction on the climbs and going down the rocks. Wish there was somthing that could be done about all the sand. 
xcShane09/10/11Test ride on the Kona Hei Hei 2-9. Bike felt pretty good... (Sept. 3) 
Gears of Joy09/06/11Early solo ride.. Saw a bobcat on the fireroad. 
Royster7108/31/11Close enough did dripping and came down Car wreck. Good size group with us. I cant believe I went up Mathis in this heat!! 
MoJo08/28/11Close enough...GPS died. Added in Dripping Cave. Peeled off early from group ride- too hot. Mathis in 90 degrees was quite painful. 
gmann08/19/11The bulldozer did a job on Mathis. Lots of soft dirt make a tough climb even tougher. 
SuperDutyDave08/14/11Wow! Was it ever hot today--40 minutes to climb Mathis. 
javarocker08/08/11Solo ride. A guy with a flat tire needed use of my tire pump so it was nice to be able to help out a fellow rider. Passed another biker with his dog off leash. Had to stop to let the dog wander about while passing me. Still a nice way to start the morning. 
gmann08/08/11legs were not feeling it today. grinded this one out. 
Congo Kid08/06/11Solo ride - warmed up but not too hot, though no breeze. Zilch for wildlife on the trail. At end of ride, saw ambulance, fire truck and other emergency folks at entrance to Dripping Cave. Guy said injury on Coyote (I'd just done Coyote so was skeptical). Also at same time, another injury on Laguna side, possibly stairsteps. Helo was there for that one. No other details. Hope they are OK and nothing serious. 
Congo Kid07/16/11Nice and cool out all morning. Slept in since a long, tough week at work, and enjoyed cloud-cover the whole day except for very end. Saw a few quail. Nothing else to report. 
SuperDutyDave07/04/11I think that Mathis is getting steeper and longer 
javarocker07/02/11Nice early ride with Chris, Jon & Marco. We beat the heat and the crowd. We saw a small King Snake and a good size Gopher Snake on the road coming out. 
RaulC05/28/11Took Collin out for 1st ride in Aliso -- added TOW and a little exploring - garmin wouldn't turn on. 
RaulC05/24/11nice afternoon ride - trail in good condition 
Congo Kid05/21/11Sun came out so warm, but nice breeze. Very few folks out today. Pushed pretty hard and felt good. Hoping for PB, but no dice. Saw a HUGE deer at base of Rock-It. It was about 10 feet off the trail and I stopped right next to it. It looked at me for about 5 seconds then wandered off. Awesome! 
Congo Kid05/14/11Solo ride under cloudy skies and cool weather. Saw only 1 quail on Mathis. Only a few riders and hikers. Saw a helicopter circling over Mathis/Rock-it as I was loading my bike up to come home - hope no injuries. 
xcShane04/18/11Fairly good ride. Snakes were out and about. 
Congo Kid04/09/11Solo ride. Cool, cold, and OK weather, as it changed. Weird weather. Only saw 7 MTB'ers all day, but quite a few hikers. Remarkably dry trails after the rains the past few days. Started feeling strong at end of ride. Go figure. 
davidB.04/03/11screw you mathis (cleaned, but wanted it to end halfway up) 
javarocker02/12/11Nice chlly morning ride with Marco & Jon. DC to Mathis. 
RaulC01/22/11Trail in good condition; some new ruts & still wet in places 
Congo Kid12/12/10Ride with Team Duke today. Very warm for December. No wildlife on the trail. Did a few extra credit loops too. 
xcShane12/11/10Decided to veer off onto Oak Grove trail at the bottom of Mathis. Come to find out, it ends at the bottom of Car Wreck trail. Going to have to hit that next time. (last Sat. ride) 
blipstream11/30/10solo afternoon ride, nice and cool, bit of a headwind heading up the canyon to cholla. 
gmann11/29/10awesome day at Aliso. a few puddles by the stream crossings. saw a few riders, hikers, and runners. 
Ladera Dave11/27/10first loop felt good. 
blipstream11/16/10solo morning ride 
blipstream10/15/10solo morning ride, pretty heavy mist kept temps cool and the dust down 
Congo Kid09/25/10Solo ride. Hot slugging up Mathis today and heat really kicked in balance of ride. Quite a few folks out today. Felt stronger than I have the last few months. Must be getting back in shape. 
MattyJ09/23/10Good ride in perfect weather. 
Dmac09/15/10Sweet ride at Aliso. 
javarocker09/12/10Nice foggy morning ride with Marco. Both ways on DC. Nice trail etiquette by the rider coming down DC switchbacks making me dismount so that he and his buddies could pass. 
MattyJ08/18/10Up Mathis, down Lynx, up Cholla, down Rock-it, Koyote run and back to car park. Kicked my fat ass, but was great. Saw a little rattler on the fire road connecting Mathis with Lynx. It was pretty relaxed. 
Congo Kid08/14/10Rode solo. Foggy till top of Mathis. Did several runs up and down rock garden at Rock-it getting video footage. Quite a few stops giving directions to hikers. Nice, leisurely ride. 
goldrunner08/13/10Met a guy in the parking lot who broke his Easton bars right before he dropped Lynx, good timing. Some times I wonder about the carbon stuff but think this guy may have had his grips on too tight since it snapped right there. Saw a Deer on Coyote.. 29-c 
Ladera Dave08/10/10Great ride with my friend Mike. Sorry about loosing your car keys. 
Congo Kid08/07/10Rode solo today. Saw Bo at start for a bit. Sun came out on Mathis climb. Helmet CAM wouldn't work, so bummed about that. Way out of shape, but felt better and stronger towards the end of the ride. 
gmann08/02/10legs felt great today. saw two snakes. one gopher snake and one very large rattlesnake on westridge. 
gmann07/12/10perfect day for a ride. the breeze was great 
PaulV07/07/10weather was feeling Minnesota this morning, but looking California by afternoon! Got out for a nice spin in Aliso, lot's of people out for sure. Glad I waited for the sun to pop out! 
blipstream06/19/10afternoon ride with Z, its getting warm out there! 
Snake Bite06/12/10Good to be out riding, but felt sluggish still, fighting off a cold:( 
jb_29er06/10/10Fun to ride Aliso again, been a long time!!! 
Dmac06/09/10crashed on Rock it -Rock Gardgen -Yah it Hurt. 
gmann06/07/10love the natural air conditioning in the canyon. saw 2 deer near the old corral 
Snake Bite06/05/10Took my buddy out on his brand new Epic 29er, it worked like a champ!!! 
RoughRiderR05/08/10Great way to spend a Friday with Keith and Sarah. Took the day off early, tired of work. was tired after a long work week. 
spartticus05/08/10Bobcat! followed a young bobcat down initial path down Rock-It from ridge fireroad.... beautiful! 
Keith B05/07/10Got out of work early and hit this with Ryan and Sarah. I forgot my shoes and had to borrow the roughness shoes. Lynx seems to sketch me out on the Epic - not sure why! Perfecto weather out there at this time of year. 
gmann05/05/10nice cool breeze in the park this afternoon. a lot of riders took advantage of the weather. 
Snake Bite05/04/10My partner had 2 flats within 10 min of each other. 
Ladera Dave05/03/10Nice weather today. 
blipstream04/28/10morning ride, nice day out 
xhuskr04/18/10added in some extra miles for a nice even 15. It's been awhile since I've done this route and almost forgot how much fun a relaxed small group ride at Aliso can be. 
ko kidd04/14/10goodr ide great weather. 1-4 or better all ride. 
GoneRiding04/13/10Breezy afternoon ride in Aliso. Legs took a while to warm up. Any muddy spots were easily avoided. Lynx is in good shape right now. All the loose stuff is gone. Coming back on Coyote Run there was a jogger stopped. He told me there was a baby rattler on the trail.He looked a little worried and started backing up.The snake was the size of a pencil.I bounced my tire next to it and he slithered off.The jogger thanked me, I chuckled.Came across a little gopher snake farther down Coyote.Picked it up. 
spartticus04/11/10great overcast 60 degree day! Made going up Mathis easier... 
Ladera Dave04/08/10Great ride with 5 strong riders. I am ready for Rwanda. 
Dmac04/08/10Sunny day & Nice ride. 
PaulV04/07/10getting warm out, a few people out but nothing crazy. Red letter day, busted an hour on this loop, haven't done that in a loooong time!! tire setup=Specialized 2-Bliss SLK 1.9 @~30 psi front, 2-Bliss Renegade 2.0 @~30 psi rear. Splits: to Mathis bottom=12:11,up Mathis=10:24(pr), down Rockit=5:03,up Cholla=4:35, down Lynx=2:00,total=59:35 
gmann04/05/10took a chance and drove over to aliso about 4:00. park open! just a few puddles, trails in perfect shape. 
rushak04/02/102nd ride of the afternoon. Donald Jackson sighting. I see that guy almost everytime I ride. He's everywhere! 
javarocker03/27/10Nice ride with Chris. Up DC to Mathis. 
spartticus03/24/10Beautiful spring afternoon! Mathis has been re-graded (thank God) to cover up the ruts... that certainly helped on the climb. 
blipstream03/17/10solo ride, weather is much warmer! 
gmann03/10/10cool late afternoon ride. saw a group of about 20 riders coming out of the park as I was going in. 
javarocker03/06/10Nice pre-rain ride with Marco. Dripping Cave to Mathis. 
blipstream03/02/10solo ride - dumb crash on coyote 
gmann02/03/10at the top of mathis kept going to top of the world.also came back down mathis instead of rock it 
Quikflip2701/30/10Went back in to get some more. Did some exploring and checked out the dripping cave. Climbed up Mathis thinking "please someone, make it stop..." 
Congo Kid01/30/10Nice afternoon ride with my son. Cool out and great traction. Didn't feel too strong today till the very end. Keep thinking I'm not warming up well enough, as at top of Dripping Cave, my heartrate was cranking. Tons of walkers out today and lots of families and newbies. 
javarocker01/09/10Nice ride with Aaron,Marco and Jon who broke his chain at the top of Mathis. Nice guy at the top gave him a quick link. 
Congo Kid01/02/10Excellent day for a ride. Even a bit warm. Went with my son today. He didn't fare well, as he'd not ridden in 3-4 weeks and been sick. Fun times nonetheless. Actually cleaned the rock section at the bottom of Rock-it up to the little plateau since the rain made it less slippery. Happy New Year! 
Dmac12/26/09Ride after the movies. 
javarocker11/14/09Great morning ride with Mike & Mark. Both directions on Dripping Cave increased the fun. 
gmann11/09/09great afternoon ride. saw three deer grazing at the entrance to coyote run. 
rsc60111/05/09With Mike. Up Mathis, Down Lynx. Up Cholla, Down Rock-it. 
ThinkFast10/21/09Fun after work solo ride. Lots of riders out today. Giant had a demo tent setup in the parking lot. 
javarocker10/18/09Nice foggy morning ride with Crhis and Marco. 
BetF10/09/09I'm really starting to learn how to fall. Thanx, Rock-It. 
PaulV10/05/09great morning to get out and ride, sunny and a little cool, perfect! Lot more runners than bikers out this AM. Haven't been to Aliso in a little while, trails in fairly good shape but loose in spots, could use some rain and a little TLC. Watch is broken so no splits. 
Warhorse10/04/09Very enjoyable ride with Mike Honcho! 
Troy @ TLC10/04/091st time at Aliso - lots of fun! Lots of people out on a Sunday afternoon. And lots of uphill... 
Two Tired09/25/09Hot, dusty, afterwork ride. Not very many people out. 
Dmac09/12/09Nice ride -sweated like crazy !! 
gaucho09/12/09Ride w/Phil, Jerry, Scott and the girls. A lot of stops to help the girls learn the trail and ride "mountains". Fun day out. 
Greo1009/05/09hot even in the AM 
Two Tired09/04/09Rode yesterday afternoon. Was really hot. Did not see anyone else until almost at the end of the ride. Lynx is getting pretty loose and sandy in some areas. 
ko kidd09/04/09hot hot hot!!!! 
Fast Turtle09/03/09First time on the route. Had to check the print out and the ride guide that I picked up at the trail head. Ride was flat until you got to Mathis and then became fun. Saw 2 deers. 
rushak08/31/09Solo SS ride. Moderate pace. 
Byron B08/24/09out for a spin with robert plumb.. 
Ladera Dave08/18/09Good ride with my STR friends. 
Keith B08/18/09Enduro. Felt tired from the start. Even felt slow on the downs as well as the ups. Would have taken the Epic but the new chain showed that the alloy cassette is toasted. 
singlespeedrider08/16/09Solo morning ride. Cool this morning and Mathis still sucks 
Dmac08/04/09Half way thru the ride had a problem with my crank- fixed it when I got home. 
SCJim08/03/09First ride ever out at Aliso. Lot's of fun trails. Can't wait to come back with some trail knowledge. 
gmann07/27/09Late morning ride before the heat really kicks in. Saw a doe on the way towards cholla. saw at least 10 other riders out. 
javarocker07/25/09Solo morning ride with a nice cool breeze. DC both directions. 
Congo Kid07/21/09Solo ride today. Forgot to bring gloves and boy, what a difference. Palms hurt and sweat made grips slippery. Not confident at all on downhills. Note to self: don't ever forget gloves! Saw Bob and Dave from Saddleback riding group. Almost a PB and I wasn't even pushing hard. Not too hot out either. Wore my neckerchief deal and kept me cool. 
Ladera Dave07/14/09Nice ride with my STR friends 
Ladera Dave07/07/09Good ride after long week end 
Patreek O07/06/09Pulled a rider out of some poison oak after he fell about 12ft down the side of the trail on the climb after dripping cave 
singlespeedrider07/02/09Forgot my Garmin at home. Mathis at 1:30 in the afternoon on a 87 degree day with a single speed was not one of my better ideas. Other than that a great ride 
javarocker07/01/09Nice evening ride with Ted. 
DirtyMedic06/29/09Flat tire in the last mile...ugh. 
mtnbikej06/27/09Getting warm out there. 
xcShane06/22/09Ran lynx first. Happy Dads Day! 
Ladera Dave06/22/09I saw 2 snakes, 1 rattler and a garden snake. 
XCRider06/20/09Tour de Suburbia Stage 2 of 2 (was at Bommer Cyn before this). Great finish to a fun day. First time in Aliso/Woods and had to do the Mattis/Rockit thing after reading so much hype. Liked Rockit with the fun downhill that didn't have tons of loose rock sliding all over the place. Great bunch of locals giving cheerful help to newcomer. Thanks to all of you!! Mathis climb was excellent, Lynx had a bit of powder, need to do Cholla again. fun climb but legs were just a bit tired by then. 
Ladera Dave06/16/09Nice ride with my friend Brain 
Patreek O06/13/09Busted my lungs trying to keep up with a faster rider going up Mathis. 
gmann06/08/09great ride this morning. temps were nice and cool. felt strong on both climbs. 
lilmissholly06/07/09made it up so much faster on cholla today. skating is making me a lot stonger in climbing. very humid out this AM. 
gaucho06/06/09Ride w/ Phil, Pat & Scott. My GPS showed 15.5 miles, not 12.8. Instead of Coyote, used Dripping Cave to return. I had mild crash on Lynx. Scott had one on bottom of Rock-it. 
Ladera Dave06/02/09Nice ride today 
Two Tired05/21/09Mathis is a little loose now but still plenty of easily rideable paths to take. Need to do some maintenance on the bike, drivetrain sounds like crap. 
javarocker05/16/09Nice morning ride with Chris. Mathis is pretty loose after the blading. 
goldrunner05/09/09Sheit! Short loops? Anything is a short loop compared to the mighty Traverse, Oscar! 
Patreek O05/06/09Broke a spoke going down lynx and dicided to do the dual loop instead of my original plan. Saw a rattler poking his head out of a hole as I was taking a pee. 
trekstorm05/01/09Easy pace today. Nice temps with lots of riders. 
Keith B04/30/09Legs feeling stronger again now. Mathis didnt seem as bad as last week. Neither did the middle ring mission of Cholla. Had a nice break on the rock escarpment at the top of dripping cave and watched the sun dip below the ridge. 
javarocker04/27/09Nice solo afternoon ride. 
quad damage04/22/09Added TOW. First ride after Julian and felt not so bad. Haven't been in Aliso for a while. Thanks for the ride Jason. 
Keith B04/22/09Epic felt sketchy on Rock-it. Climed Cholla in middle ring (1st time in a while) Bike still feels small to me - top tube feels short....or am I making excuses to get myself an 09 Epic?! 
rushak04/21/09Rode with Ryan. Added TOW. Felt much better today than yesterday. 
rushak04/20/09Felt really week on the climbs. Still feel exhausted from Sea Otter weekend. Temps were nice after 6pm. 
ALXNDR04/18/09What a beautiful day to ride in Aliso! 
vikingboy1804/17/09Good ride this morning. I think I may have found my new favorite!!! 
Kimo04/14/09Nice slow spin after three days of riding. Great weather. 
Silverback04/12/09Really enjoyed this route. I had never been down Lynks. Saw three snakes today. Also like the looks on peoples faces when you ride up Mathis, they mostly look at you like you are crazy. 
GoneRiding04/08/09Breezy going into Aliso. Chased a few other riders down Lynx. Close call with a roadie on the way out. My bad. Saw a deer, first time in a while. 
gmann04/08/09Nice cool breeze and a lot of riders out today. Saw 1 quail while climbing Mathis. 
Patreek O04/07/09Saw my first rattler of the season. Met Nick on my way up Mathis and rode with him the rest of the ride. Cool dude with a good pace that made for a fun ride. 
Ladera Dave04/07/09Great ride with Bob, Alan and Mark 
Two Tired04/06/09Rode back on friday afternoon. Great weather and trails are in really good shape. 
rushak03/31/09Solo SS ride. Still feeling the effects from being sick. Mathis totally sux with 32X19 gearing on the 29er. Was trying hard to beat my PB, not in the legs today. 
DirtyMedic03/27/09This is the route chosen for the 2009 California State Firefighter Olympics Mountain Bike race in July. Good mixed race route. 
Ladera Dave03/24/09Felt like first day of Summer. 
ko kidd03/18/09hard ride hot and i'm out of shape !!!! 
tweasol03/15/09After my ride my bud visiting from Florida wanted a ride, so here I go again ... We were a little cold but it warmed up eventually. Cholla really feels like nothing after the mathis climb. (which is nice) Lynx was awesome as usual.... 
Congo Kid03/03/09Great afternoon ride with my son today. Great riding weather. 1 short stop at base of Cholla. Good job to the trail repair crew on Lynx - really made it nice. Thought I was on a PR pace, but I guess not. Felt stronger as the ride went on. 
PaulV03/02/09Nice cool temps and perfect dirt conditions had me smiling this AM. Saw the same guy three times, he suprised me at the bottom of lynx as he was heading up! splits: gate to bottom of mathis 11:40, up mathis=10:44,down rock-it=5:03, up cholla=4:34, down Lynx=not sure, gate>gate=1:00:01 
DirtyMedic03/01/09Test ride for the new POV-1.5. This is an awesome new toy that is easy to use. Crowded but well behaved. 
PaulV02/03/09Suprisingly warm after (just a little chilly) takeoff. Lot's of people out on a killer day. A huge crane was walking around in the meadow off the road (big bird!) Still not able to bust an hour on this sucka! splits: gate to botom of mathis 11:55, up mathis=11:02,down rock-it=5:14, up cholla=4:49, down Lynx=2:01, gate>gate=1:01:32 
Patreek O02/03/09Got smoked by a hot chick climbing up cholla. She was fast. 
gmann01/26/09Breeze was great today. legs felt good considering this is the first time I've done two climbs in Aliso. 
Congo Kid01/18/09Good ride with my son. Pretty warm, but not too bad. Just totally cranked from base of Cholla to the end of the ride, ripping up Cholla in 4th gear, and screaming on Coyote trail. Should have timed it to see if it was a PR. Lots of families with little kids and newbies out today on bikes. Good to see the next generation in training. 
Two Tired12/10/08Solo ride through Aliso. Trails are in good shape. 
bte0112/07/08Exact same route as yesteday except I rode the Blur today; almost 20 min faster than on Niner. 4:50 up Cholla, 11:05 up Mathis. 
bte0112/06/08Very slow today 
BRZ-Diegocalifa11/13/083 flattires come on, nice trail 
BRZ-Diegocalifa11/13/08fast trail 
GoneRiding11/12/08Got this one in before heading over to the Luge. Talked to Reinert when I got back to my car about his TransRockies experience. 
Two Tired11/10/08Nice ride with Mark, Ron, Art and the two Kevins. Much better on the downhills today. 
PaulV11/07/08what happened to the cool weather?? warm already at 8AM, love the tacky conditions though!! Not many people out, but another awesome day (it's November, right? :) splits(followed route exactly): gate to mathis base=11:51 up Mathis=10:40, down RockIt=5:18, up cholla=4:39, down Lynx=2:02, gate to gate=1:00:47, busting an hour on this loop is haaaaard!! 
DONALD JACKSON10/27/08blk x control. Rode in with a cx rider. chased a young dear and saw some friends out there 
Congo Kid10/25/08Rode alone today - my son's sprained neck from last week's race wipeout is still bugging him. Cold initially, then perfect weather. Lots of hikers. Great clear views of Santa Ana mountains from top of Mathis. First time up Cholla in 2nd ring. 
Two Tired10/21/08Nice ride last Sunday morning with Kevin and Mark until Mark had a nasty OTB and sprained his wrist. Glad it wasn't broken. 
trekstorm10/21/08Solo ride(again) Rest of my co-workers went to Peters. Great ride with cooler temps that inland but was starting to get quite cool once the sun started to set. 
trekstorm10/17/08Got quite warm here today. Nice cruise pace. 
trekstorm10/14/08Nice weather here. Windy in spots but overall a great ride. 
trekstorm10/08/08Had to get back on the coast. Wayyyy to hot inland. 
PaulV10/06/08wow, nice day or what? Great trail conditions and cool clean air, gotta love it!! Few people out, pretty quiet overall except for the girl in a black bikini flying around, you go girl!! splits(followed route exactly): gate to mathis base=12:10, up Mathis=11:03, down RockIt=5:04, up cholla=4:33, down Lynx=1:57, gate to gate=1:01:11, busting an hour on this loop is haaaaard!! 
snoot10/05/08solo and slow 
scott v09/28/08Saturday morning ride. 
Ladera Dave09/23/08Felt OK after racing in Iddelwild at 33 degree. 
Two Tired09/21/08Nice ride with Mark and Kevin. Great weather. Lots of runners out today. 
slopush09/20/08Fun times with Snoot, OClaske and Steelboat. 
snoot09/20/08Afternoon spin with slopush, oclaske, and steeleboat. 
Congo Kid09/20/08Rode with my son and 2 of his friends. Rode an extra 20 minutes of extra credit - did the coyote entrance at the fireroad back up to top of Cholla and back. Lost my group for part of the way - got ahead of them. Lots of folks out. Tons of runners - cross country season, no doubt. Saw a huge 6 point buck at coyote/fireroad. Folks out cleaning the trails of trash. Fun day. 
trekstorm09/18/08Back to the coast for a late ride. Much cooler as the sun was setting on me. 
Ladera Dave09/07/08Nice and cool ride with the 24 hour team. 
PaulV09/05/08Started late and saw trobe1 just getting back from his ride. Started to do full aliso tour but I cut short due to derailluer issues. Swung by rock&road afterwards and put some parts on order. Actual route was up meadows/down lynx/up cholla/down rockit/out, polar says 13.1 miles and 1660'. made it to tow from main gate in 28:08 (13:20 up Meadows) Massive amount of people in park, maybe due to late start and Friday. 
goldrunner08/29/08Cool & Humid out. The scenery was Very nice. Very different from Blackstar ride yesterday. Fun ride, glad it wasnt packed like it usually is :) 
PaulV08/27/08breakin' in the noobs for hurkey creek, I must have sado-masochistic tendancies because it is really fun to watch!! Took it easy but pushed it on Mathis and Lynx, 10:52 up Mathis and 1:55 down Lynx. New wheelset feeling good (NoTube Arch rims, DT Swiss 240 hub and super-comp spokes, kenda small block 8 2.1 tires all stan-isized) Really quiet out this AM, but some cute trail runners were out (always appreciated :) 
S.L.O. Phil08/27/08Nice and foggy as usual this morning. Tom, you're such a robber. 
trekstorm08/26/08Ride with 7 co-workers. Great time with the guys. 
PaulV08/25/08park fairly light this morning but some of the usual suspects were out, definitely a little warm out there.... trying out the new wheelset, feels solid so far.... splits: Gate to Mathis bottom=12:01,up Mathis=11:43, down RockIt=5:24, up Cholla=5:02, down Lynx=2:00, gate to gate=1:04:22 
Mike.the.Spike08/24/08Group ride today was awesome. What a great day it was to just ride. Made it up Cholla cause I learned the secret, rest on the flat spots! Wasn't even tired really when I got to the top. Coming down meadows was a challenge! What a great Freakin' day. 
snoot08/23/08Busy busy busy... 
Two Tired08/21/08Have not ridden in a while and it sure felt like it. Some stupid jerk painted graffiti on Rockit. 
trekstorm08/13/08Ride with 3 co-workers. Cool with the cloud cover. Was like 405 fwy coming home. Lots of riders starting out. 
PaulV08/11/08fairly cool and quiet ride, another really nice day in the park. I like this route for Hurkey creek training. It's longer but has some similar features, 2 up/downs and a flat start/finish. followed route exactly. Splits: 12:15 to base of Mathis, 11:56 up Mathis, 5:08 down Rockit, 5:01 up Cholla, 1:59 down Lynx. 
trekstorm08/11/08Part one of two. Was only to do this but found out later I had more time so I did more. 
oc_laske08/10/08Morning ride with THanson, Slopush and Michael. I had planned on riding the FS, but the rear shock didn't seem like it was holding air. Gears and full suspension would have been nice to have on Mathis/RockIt/Lynx! 
mburkin08/10/08Great ride w/ slopush, oclaske,and THanson. Thanks guys for driving me out there before I leave for school. 
mburkin08/10/08absolutely sweet ride 
slopush08/10/08Great morning ride w/ mBurkin, Thanson and OClaske. Thanks for doing it guys. 
trekstorm08/08/08Group ride with some of my co-workers after work. 
trekstorm08/06/08Nice change. Was supposed to be just two of us ended up being 6 as the others went to Whiting but it was closed??? 90 degrees at start but did not feel like it with the ocean breeze. Thanks for the ride guys. 
jeffcaruba08/01/08late posting; didn't time, just a great ride today..beautiful. 
Bruin07/25/08Breezy and beautiful. Hardly anyone on the trails. 
Congo Kid07/22/08Perfect weather this afternoon. Very few folks out. Didn't see any critters either, except almost killed a rabbit that bolted in front of me. 
Patreek O07/11/08There was a doe and her calf on the trail this morning. Second time at Aliso this week with deer. 
klowie07/10/08Great morning ride on my new Enduro! 
Patreek O07/09/08Nice and cool out this morning. Came over the top of a hill and there was a deer right in front of me on the trail. 
mtnbikej07/05/08Can you say HOT!!!!! Got a late start.....saw 2 riders coming down Rock-It with no helmets.....scary I tell ya. 
KeepsWhatHappens06/30/08Good ride with Genusmtbkr5, TalksWithFoxes, SingleTrack Angel and Brenda. 
genusmtbkr506/30/08Nice ride after work with KWH, Singletrack Angel, Chipster and Brenda. 
Singletrack Angel06/30/08My first time up Cholla without stopping! 
singlespeedrider06/26/08Nice early morning ride. Came face to face in a stare down with a deer on the upper portion of Rock It. 
xhuskr06/22/08Hot even with a 8am start... 
trekstorm06/18/08Just a nice cruise. Warm but not brutal. 
GoneRiding06/16/08Morning ride before work. Cloudy and misty out. It's nice to get these rides in before it gets hot later in the day. Having fun bombing down Lynx. 
Congo Kid06/14/08Took a nice spill coming down Lynx. First major wipeout with some speed behind it. Scraped elbow & calf and bruised my left thigh. Bike landed on top of me. (bruised my ego too).Saw a cool little 2.5 foot baby rattler on coyote trail. He didn't move. Lots of folks out today. Cholla in 3rd gear all the way up. 
trekstorm06/13/08Nice warm sunny day. Plenty of riders too. 
S.L.O. Phil06/11/08I like this ride. Getting Mathis done at the beginning is nice. This is the time including 5 Oaks-Lynx. 
ScottW06/10/08Wow it was so much fun!! Makes me want to get a bike rack so I can go there more often. Getting bored of Peters.. Thanks Jeff for taking me. 
trekstorm06/06/08Nice sunny day. Warm but breezy. 
PaulV06/05/08great morning for a ride. a little cool, but sunny, perfect! lots of peeps out this morning, nice. This morning it was pleasure and pain, pleasure pace for the flats and pain pace for the ups and downs. splits: mathis up=11:10, rock-it down=4:59, cholla up=4:47, lynx down=1:52 total=1:09:05 tires changed to wtb 2.4 front and back 
T3XonaRFX06/04/08Best so far. Off bike only for a total of 2-3 minutes. 
trekstorm05/30/08Nice sunny day. Not too warm. 
TBlazen05/28/08on my 1x9 with 32 teeth in the rear....gotta get use to it... 
jeffcaruba05/26/08Great ride on this holiday. Lots of folks on the trai...Mathis was in pretty rough shape at parts, due to the rain. Garmin batteries died half way thru. Great ride though, fun to see so many folks out there! Have fun! 
T3XonaRFX05/26/082nd time on this route. 
trekstorm05/20/08Nice warm day. Not too hot at the coast. 
trekstorm05/16/08Hot and breezy. Got a little dizzy from the heat. All in all a good ride. 
scott v05/14/08Secon ride of the day. Rode a variation. Gps wasn't working route was milf park up cholla,down rock-it,up mathis,down meadows, back up mathis down lynx back to car. On a demo Ibis Mojo, climbed good so much fun on the down hill. Hopefully I will have my own in the next week or two. 
trekstorm05/14/08Nice ride with bright sunshine. Lot's of snake tracks but no snakes. Starting to feel strong again 
trekstorm05/10/08First time out with my new frame. Feels effortless and smooth like I haven't missed a beat. 
DangerStu05/10/08Was a strugle today for some reason... 
ThinkFast05/06/08Solo. Saw Brian finishing his ride. Great day to be out on the bike. 
TBlazen05/06/08...been off the bike too long due to being sick; good to be back 
Holy Roller05/03/08Actual Loop: Wood Cyn-Dripping Cave-Coyote-Cholla-TOW-Meadows. 13.13 Mi in 1:20 with Wil & Marcin. 
Ladera Dave05/01/08Legs felt good after the race 
genusmtbkr505/01/08good ride this morning. Weather was nice with a nice breeze. 
Patreek O04/27/08My favorite route. Hot out this morning 
javarocker04/23/08Great after work ride with Jon. Weather was great. Lots of bike walkers on the climbs. 
GoneRiding04/22/08Still pretty cold starting out around 6:45am. Saw 2 riders exiting park as I was getting ready to start and didn't see any other riders until I was close to finishing. 
PaulV04/21/08great morning for a ride. Cool and very quiet, saw just a few trail runners and dog walkers (perfect blazing conditions :) Followed route exactly. Red letter day, finally busted an hour on this loop. Setup was Turner 5 spot w/ Kenda Karma 2.0 @~43 psi front, SmallBlock 8 1.9 @~46 psi rear. Splits: to Mathis bottom=11:24,up Mathis=10:37, down Rockit=5:05,up Cholla=4:23, down Lynx=2:00,total=58:59 
Boerseun04/20/08Early morning ride with Burgemeester...still slow up them damn hills but I'm starting to get back into the groove 
javarocker04/20/08Great ride with Chris & Jonathan. 
Burgemeester04/20/08Perrrfect morning ride with Boerseun - temps were superb, especially when climbing mathis/chola - ahhh, good times! Thanks Boerseun! 
ZULU04/19/08Nice & cool today, good day to ride. 
Mike Honcho04/19/086 days until the 24 HOURS of VAIL LAKE....GO Team BIG NASTY!!! 
javarocker04/13/08Nice ride with Jon and Chris. Both directions on dripping cave. 
Ladera Dave04/13/08Good training for up coming race 
klowie04/10/08Great afternoon ride. Bike felt good. 
Congo Kid04/10/08Perfect riding weather. Counted 6 dead lizards on the trails today. Up last 80% of Mathis in 2nd gear. 
ThinkFast04/07/08Solo. Went hard today. 
Congo Kid04/06/08Chilly, then hot, then cool this morning. First time up Cholla in 2nd gear. Fun ride before church. 
ZULU04/05/08Nice cool day to ride. 
javarocker03/29/08Great ride with Chris. 
PaulV03/24/08thought it would be warm this AM, wrong! 48 degrees dropping into Aliso at 7:45(on my wrist, Polar HR), which is pretty chilly considering yesterday! Felt cold too. Lots of runners out this AM including the A Team running up Lynx as I fixed my flat. Super nice day and great trail conditions, hard to imagine getting much better than this. Followed route exactly. Splits: 11:53 to bottom of Mathis, up Mathis=10:57, up Cholla 4:30,down Lynx=2:15 (lost my groove after flat!)total=1:00:21 
rushak03/24/08Been awhile since I've done this loop. Lots of green out there especially in coyote. Trails look a little different since the last I was on it. Fast and fun. 
singlespeedrider03/21/08First warm day out there drained me. Mathis is tough on the single speed and did not push myself to hard on Cholla. Rockit and Lynx are a handful on the rigid but so much fun. Chased a squirrel 1/4 of the way down lynx. 
trekstorm03/21/08Nice day for a good ride. 
Keith B03/21/08Laid back ride with Ryan. Cruised the ups and ripped the downs. Perfect spring weather and not too many people about. 
Boerseun03/18/08A dark early morning ride with Slopush, THanson & Shine...thanx for the slow pace guys...it is not good to be out of shape! 
Keith B03/18/08Enduro was great heading up Mathis however the fork all went south (again) coming down Rock-it. Leaking oil and rattling. Still had a blast out there. 
trekstorm03/14/08Nice ride with a couple of co-workers. 
trekstorm03/12/08Another nice ride here. kinda cool temps. 
Mooserider03/10/08Don,t know my times ect my 305 stopped working I have to send it in to be fixed, bummer no GPS for a couple weeks 
Hal03/10/08Was in the area and havent been to Aliso Woods for a looong time. Nice loop, nice single track. 
trekstorm03/05/08Nice ride with cooler temps. 
Manuel Prado02/29/08Pre-Race ride, trails are in great shape. 
trekstorm02/27/08Great ride with warm temps. 
Congo Kid02/16/08Perfect weather. Fist time with no stops to rest! 
trekstorm02/15/08Sunny cold and windy but all worth it. 
trekstorm02/13/08Wow. What happened to our spring time weather. Very cold today but at least I was bundled up. 
trekstorm02/09/08This was actually from yesterday. Did not get home until late. 80 degrees at start. Very pleasant. 
Congo Kid02/09/08Can't remember the last time so many hikers and bikers were out. People everywhere. Spring must be here..... 
ThinkFast02/08/08Still feeling sick. Time was better than I thought it would be considering I felt like a slug. Hopefully I feel good enough for something longer tomorrow. 
TBlazen02/08/08just another ride; many hikers out on the fire roads... 
trekstorm02/07/08Forgot to log in yesterday. Bright sunshine made it a little warmer. 
slopush02/02/08Chilly morning ride w/ RaulC, THanson, Shine and Boerseun. The trails are really fast (frozen?) which is great. The only bummer was when TH and I missed RaulC and Shine locking horns and crashing. Oh well, there will be other times I'm sure... 
RaulC02/02/08great ride with Slopush, Boerseun, Todd & Shine 
Shine02/02/08It was FREEEEEZING at 6:45am!!! Coldest we've felt this season. Only a couple crashes, couple mechanical issues...overall a nice morning ride! 
THanson02/02/08First time doing this ride - it was freezing in the morning, but great ride 
trekstorm02/01/08Good ride. Nice and cold with a light rain falling pretty much the entire ride. Sure is nice to do some serious climbing. 
suchafingahole01/31/08Fun ride with Troy! 
TBlazen01/30/08...just a couple of wet spots; great conditions; watch out for the ruts; Park just opened, so I jumped on it! 
Two Tired01/23/08Finished the ride just before the rain came. Trails were in great shape. Not sure how they will be after the coming rain. 
xhuskr01/20/08COLD start in the am...warmed up for a nice ride. Wend to TOTW for a quick view. Trails in good conditions with a few new ruts. Get out and ride! 14.5 miles today 
TBlazen01/16/08finally starting to dry out...Did it on my 1x9 
Burgemeester01/13/08Awesome ride with Slopush, Paul and Richard - always hectic down rock-it with the ole HT, but it keeps me honest I guess! Thanks lads - this was much fun! 
slopush01/13/08Beautiful day for a ride w/ Burgemeester & company. Lots of people out, enjoying the weather. I was expecting to find more new ruts from the recent rains but there wasn't much sign of that which was a relief. 
TBlazen01/12/08muddy in spots 
RaulC01/10/08Nice afternoon ride with TRB; trail was in good condition; tacky 
TBlazen01/09/08first ride after Mexico v-cay.... Yikes 
TBlazen01/09/08just before the rain Friday night! No one out but me and the deer before the storm... 
javarocker12/29/07Fun ride with Andy, Jon & Chris. Did both directions on dripping cave. 
javarocker12/24/07Fun ride with Jon, Andy & Steve. Trails were nice and sticky. We included both directions on dripping cave. 
slamcam12/22/07Rode with grinding and Jeremiah and Josh 
sweeper12/22/07great ride with josh jeremiah and slamcam 
ZULU12/18/07Nice cool morning to ride before the rain begins. 
Two Tired12/17/07This is always a great route. Trails are in great shape but I'm not. Need to start riding more. 
bluerider112/17/07Nice day. Not to cold and not too warm. The trail was groomed from the recent rain. Rock it is always fun and climbing up Mathos was never easy. Fun ride nevertheless. 
JJ Holiday12/04/07another beautiful day in the neighborhood. saw some deer, coyotes, frost, and a few other riders. 
trekstorm11/28/07Not a bad ride today. Was actually quite warm until the sun started to go down but still warm enough to finish without having to put my arms on. 
PaulV11/26/07A bit of a nip in the air this morning, but quickly warmed up. Good trail conditions and clear skies. Ran into a guy from Laguna Cyclery (forget name) at the bottom of Mathis while dealing with chain issues(aaargh!) Followed route as described. splits; gate to Mathis bottom=12:35, 11:35 up Mathis,5:08 down Rock-It,4:44 up Cholla, 1:55 down Lynx, gate to gate=1:05:10. Had some fast splits, overall a bit slow though, possibly a mild case of post turkey overdose syndrome :) 
MoJo11/22/07Started from home included tow and came down stairsteps and back home- fun morning! 
KDawg11/21/07Beautiful morning ride with John & Mark 
PaulV11/16/07similar route, from CV, up cholla to TOW, down Meadows, dripping, up Mathis, down Lynx, out Almost same miles, more ascent though. Really foggy this AM, saw only one group of other bikers. Pretty much cruiser pace except for Mathis, cranked out a 10:54, fastest I've done it lately, hopefully ready for Fontana Super-D tomorrow!! 
GoneRiding11/10/07Had to ride today on my old bike - i missed the disc brakes and suspension on rock -it and lynx. 
trekstorm11/07/07Burrrr!!! Pretty cold with no sun. 
Mtnlion11/04/07Fun Sunday ride w/our windsurfing buds. Saw a mule deer at the bottom of Cholla and no one puked on Mathis. 
TBlazen11/03/07another local loop action... 
TBlazen11/02/07wow, the crowd is growing due to the fires I think...Be careful out there 
TBlazen11/02/07Up mathis still kills me on the SS but I cleared it.... 
kdechert11/02/07Road it today at about 3:30. The trail was in great shape. We really enjoyed the ride. 
ThinkFast11/01/07Solo. Pushed myself harder than I have been and it felt good. 
Boerseun10/31/07A great early morning ride with RaulC, Slopush & Shannon...sun-Shine we missed you today! 
RaulC10/31/071st time on this trail & I will be back! Ditto on Boerseun's comments 
trekstorm10/31/07Just enough time do get this one in. 
Shine10/29/07Great ride, nice cool temperature, clean air. Legs felt strong. Hardly any riders compared to yesterday. 
TRB10/29/07Test rode the new Cannondale Scalpel. Loved it, what a great machine!! 
rushak10/29/07Got outta work early today and decided to get a quick ride in at Aliso. New PB of 1:05. Previous PB was 1:12. Lynx has smoothed out a bit. 
Boerseun10/28/07LAFinFan was my partner in crime on this ride...and what a memorable ride it was...I popped my tire of my tubeless back wheel after we did most of the climbing up Matthis...just as I finished putting a tube in, LAFanFin saw that his back tire is flat...and the party started all over fixing his flat...Thanx LAFinFan...after all of this, it was still a good ride! 
Flip10/27/07nice afternoon ride. Could have sworn I saw a large group of riders in costumes...? 
xhuskr10/21/07Fun day on the trails today..Met some new people (Ann) and made all my climbs even though my legs kept telling me not to try (no idea what's going on). Added in TOW and another loop around Cholla-Lynx to make it 15.5 miles of fun. 
berickson10/21/07I had planned on going with 3 others, but one by one they dropped out. Too bad for them. This was a fun ride with just enough climb. I didn't miss the extra climb from Aliso Tour. 
stryk3r2710/20/07good ride. feeling a little under the weather today 
unikid10/20/07Alt. route (2 miles less but more climbing and ST fun) Park at Canyon Vistas - Up Cholla, left on Ridgeline FR, then right up the ST just after Lynx entrance. Descend Rockit. Right on Coyote and over to Dripping Cave. Left at cave down to FR and return back to Mathis - climb to TOW. Exit TOW veer left then right down ST. Cross 1 FR then hard right onto 2nd FR then left on ST to return to Ridegeline FR. Take FR to Lynx (with same ST detour before Lynx). At bottom, turn left to return back to car. 
trekstorm10/19/07Beautiful day for a ride. Was much warmer than the past few days. 
ZULU10/16/07Nice lunch time ride. 
rushak10/16/07No GPS or stopclock today. Fun solo ride. I did 5 oaks halfway through for fun. I haven't been on the trail in over a year and it's in really good shape right now. 
Two Tired10/16/07Nice cool weather for riding. 
TBlazen10/12/07Wanted to do a comparison versus the SS ride; Still faster overall on the FS and DH is much more fun. The SS does the 1st and smooth climbs better, but 2nd climb and bumpy climbs are easier 2 me on the Enduro SL.... 
trekstorm10/12/07Getting colder. Not many riders today. 
TBlazen10/11/07I did this yesterday afternoon, but already had 2 rides posted; Thought I was going to die with the wind whipping down Mathis as I was coming up; First time climbing Cholla & Mathis on a SS on the same ride 
ThinkFast10/09/07AM ride. Cold start. Almost bailed and went to breakfast instead. Felt good once I got going. Solo. 
klowie10/09/07A tune-up and new rubber made my bike feel great. 
TBlazen10/06/07nice and cooool today, many people out at 8-9am 
trekstorm10/05/07Much colder and really windy today. Not too many riders today. 
trekstorm10/03/07Another cruise in the park. 
trekstorm10/02/07Wanted to do full tour but realized it was getting dark too soon. Saw an awesome sunset with Catalina and sun reflecting off the ocean. Getting cold in spots after sun went down. Fall is here. 
PaulV10/01/07Just slapped on the Kenda Karma 2.0's (L3R Pro Stick-E)I got from Hurkey Creek 24 hr. race front and back, I was expecting a cheesy tire, but these things rock! I lost well over a 0.5 lb., all in the wheels, sweet! 38 psi back, 36 psi front. Really nice day, a lot of people out for a Monday morning. The recent rain really helped the trails, grippy. Followed route exactly; splits; from gate to mathis bottom=11:54, up mathis=11:11, down rock-it=5:08, down Lynx=1:57, gate to gate=1:00:54 
TBlazen09/28/07very nice weather this evening; added dripping cave both ways... 
Royster7109/26/07Yaaaaaaaaaa Babyyyyyyyyy nice ride. I have to get my legs back!! Saw a deer then Mojo almost ran my ass over. 
trekstorm09/26/07Nice cruise in the park. Leaving for Vegas tomorrow! Try to find different trails. 
Murmur09/20/07Good, easy paced ride w/ Cranx until Coyote when we started ripping a little. Of course, that's when I almost killed some poor guy coming around a blind corner - sorry, man, my bad. 
Cranx09/20/07Nice, mellow cruise w/Murmur. The weather was unbelievable: clear, crisp...perfect! 
trekstorm09/19/07Just a cruise. Lot's on my mind needed to get on the bike. 
K0KE09/17/07Rode with Big DD. Edge shut off going down Lynx. 
Two Tired09/15/07Did the dual loop with a little extra credit of going up to Top of the World and back again after doing Mathis. 
trekstorm09/12/07Only had time for a short one due to some difficulties getting a co-worker's tire pumped up(bad pump) Did see a deer on the main trail. Also saw two guys riding unicycles up Cholla!!! 
Murmur09/11/07Fun ride. Wanted to do "The Tour", but didn't have time. Easy pace. 
Mike.the.Spike09/10/07Finally got some cooler temperatures and the ride was just splendid. I enjoyed the back parts of the trails the most and actually laid my bike down and tumbled into the grass, FUN.(damn ruts!). Before I left for the day, I took a quick trip down the hill at Rock-it and what a blast. My Specialized Enduro simply ate-it up--I didn't feel a thing! 
K0KE09/10/07Rode with Big DD & his wife. 
Congo Kid09/08/07Late start, so sunny, but nice breeze. Not as hot as I thought it would be. Good ride with my son. 
ZULU08/29/07Had to do this before it got to hot today. 
trekstorm08/29/07Hot ride. Not many here when I started but started to get busier later in the afternoon. 
JERRY08/29/07First post in awhile. I ran into Wingman. It's nice to see someone so excited about this site and the games! I could have talked longer but had to ride before it got to dark. 
Martak08/27/07I have seen 5 tarantulas, 7 frogs, 9 poops and one 4 ft. long ratlesnake. be aware guys. i took a shortcut tonight. didn't see my gps. sorry. 
Martak08/27/07great night ride.scary, but nice. 
Olis108/26/07Up Cholla, Down Rockit, Up Mathis, Down Lynx. 
PaulV08/26/07Strange weather today, some lightning, some sprinkles, and some sun. Headed out late afternoon and caught the sun part. The park didn't seem too busy for Sunday afternoon which was nice. I kinda missed having the 'random stranger chase' up Mathis though (my idea of fun!) Yeah, I'm a sick one........:) splits: (followed route as described) gate to Mathis bottom:12:34, up Mathis:11:39,down RockIt:5:12, up cholla:4:55, down Lynx:2:05, gate to gate=1:03:55 
dubjay08/25/07Broke this ride into 2 parts. Had a picnic/BBQ at the Top of the World halfway through the ride. :) 
trekstorm08/22/07Wow! What a drop in temps! 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Would have been an awsome ride except I slipped on some soft dirt on a turn and jacked my chain all up. By the time I was done with that mess I had oil all over my hands and gloves. I'm glad I was able to get back to car. Seems like I might have tweeked the derailer a bit. My shifting was still smooth but when I got into first chain went into my spokes. We'll see how it is tomorrow. 
Murmur08/21/07Still fighting a chest cold. Did 2 start intervals up Mathis & Cholla. Nice and cool over on this side. 
Jake c('.'c)08/17/07Nice mellow cruise just before sunset. 
rushak08/17/07JRA evening ride. 
trekstorm08/15/07Hot! Even for Aliso. Just enough time for this today. 
Two Tired08/13/07Last Thursday's ride. Starting to get hot. 
PaulV08/13/07No early morning clouds, just hot-hot-heat out there. Quite a few people out this AM anyways! Followed route exactly as described. gate to Mathis bottom=12:05, up Mathis=11:41, down Rock-It=5:07, up Cholla=5:15, down Lynx=1:54, gate to gate=1:03:27 
trekstorm08/13/07Something mellow for the heat. Not too bad but still HOT. At least not too humid. 
Congo Kid08/11/07Still fighting a cold, so a bit sluggish today. Great cloud cover and overcast for early morning ride, so stayed cool throughout. 
xhuskr08/10/07weather was nice and cool last night for this ride. Saw Neil from Adrenaline bikes at the top of Lynx. Since the "trail work" Lynx has gotten more loose. Lack of rain may have made the trail work more hazardous than before IMO :( 
DasBrink08/10/07great ride, killer accents. But the downhills are worth it. Save some energy for coyote run. its fun at full pace. 
El prieto08/09/07alsoDid Dripping cave and top of the wold ... 
trekstorm08/08/07No flat today. Was better prepared. 
trekstorm08/07/07Was to do tour but developed a flat. Thanks Greg and Mike for helping me out. Also saw my first Rattler. About 3 ft long. Did not realize it was there until I was already on top of it. Glad his head was opposite side from me. 
4xdave08/05/07Went off into the bushes at the bottom of lynx. I should have payed attention to the previous post that said there was a bunch of soft dirt at the bottom of lynx. About 4in deep worth. 
Oly08/05/07Quick ride with Manny...I should know better than to try and keep up with him going down Rock-It! 
Olis108/04/07Hot out there today. Two flat tires really slowed us down. Actual ride was up cholla, down links, up rock it, down mathis, dripping cave and out. 
PaulV07/30/07first ride after being off bike for about a month, brutal (Running heavier tires too, Intense 2.35/2.25) Nice cool morning and very little traffic though, gotta love the monday AM aliso ride! Getting a little loose here and there, but still suprisingly good. Splits: up Mathis 12:12, down rock-it 5:06, up Cholla 5:12, down Lynx 2:02. Gate to gate = 1:08:00 
Jake c('.'c)07/27/07I followed the route and got a wild hair to climb Rock-it and go down Mathis on the way out. Climbing Rock-it sucked a little bit so I probably avoid that next time. 
trekstorm07/25/07Hot and muggy. Brutal going up-hill. Be glad when fall and winter come. 
trekstorm07/21/07Just a little cruise after work. 
FalseSummit07/21/07Garmin Gremlin shut off the unit twice on this ride. Oly joined me for the Cholla/Lynx portion. 
bluerider107/20/07Warm but breezy. Luke had some burping problem on his rear tubeless tire. Ride was cut short. 
FalseSummit07/19/07Jello-legs sit-and-spin 1 of 2 
JJ Holiday07/14/07Added 5 oaks to this ride. Just another day at aliso. OTB, burped tire, coyote sitings, etc. 
trekstorm07/12/07Just another day. Although I felt exhausted today. Don't know why just had no energy. Maybe I needed a powerbar of something since I hadn't had anything since noon. Great weather as the humidity has gone away. 
trekstorm07/09/07Legs feeling it today as I could only muster 1 hour of sleep night before. I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight. 
bikesurfski07/07/07Fun route, especially with the cloud cover--lots of riders out. 
trekstorm07/05/07Ah yes. Just another ride in the park. Kinda warm in the lower trail but much nicer when you get to the top and feel the ocean breeze. Watching the clouds roll in. 
unikid07/04/07Variation route (Minus 2 miles but more climbing and ST fun) Park at Canyon Vistas entrance - Head Up Cholla, left on Ridge, climb righthand ST just after Lynx entrance, Descend Rockit. Go right on Coyote Run over to Dripping Cave. Left at cave back down to fireroad and return to start of Mathis. Climb Mathis to Top of World. Exit TOW veer left then right down ST. Hard right onto ST on backside of TOW back down to fireroad. Take road back down to Lynx. Turn left and return to car. 
BlurryRider07/02/07Started at MSG's. Down Lynx, up Rock-it, Down "mathis", and up cholla. Went with MSG and XMXR. 
trekstorm07/02/0791 degrees at the start. Only two cars on the street. By the time I finished it was packed. I guess everyone wants to avoid the heat as much as possible. Too much beer over weekend. Legs really felt it. Also tried Five Oaks on way to Cholla. Big mistake! I suppose you're to go down this route off the main route. Too steep, walked about 1 1/2 miles. Decided it was too hot to continue up hill. Also very loose and powdery dirt. Can't wait for the rains to come back. 
PHAT TIRE06/28/07 
trekstorm06/28/07Just staying cool. Not in the mood for anything inland. 
trekstorm06/26/07Another fine cool day at Aliso. 
PaulV06/25/07gotta love that overcast cool morning beach thang, looks like it's getting toasty out there already! Nice day to get out in Aliso for sure. Few people out, but not a lot. Lynx was fast with the braking bumps removed! Followed route exactly as described. Splits: gate to Mathis bottom=12:03 (up Mathis 11:05)gate to Rock-It bottom=32:20, up Cholla=4:57, down Lynx=1:55, gate to gate=1:01:44 
trekstorm06/25/07Late afternoon cool temps and no croud. What a difference from the weekend. Did see an idiot kid riding a scooter/moped. Park Ranger stopped him before he got too far. 
xhuskr06/23/07Nice to get back to just riding after the Traverse. Nice cool day out! 
ZULU06/21/07Great ride to start the day. 
ZULU06/20/07Great mornig to ride, nice and cool. 
trekstorm06/20/07Good to have some trails near the coast so it's not too hot. 
XMXER06/19/07rode with MSG,FAG,GE 
Congo Kid06/18/07Great day, and fun ride with my son. 
Murmur06/13/07Easy pace, very warm going up Mathis. 
FalseSummit06/13/07No legs; very slow and easy ride. 
trekstorm06/13/07Very warm. Even being close to the coast was still 90. Found my way to the ground as my front wheel found very soft sand after the rock-it rock part. 
jerryktm52506/12/07Rode with rushak. 
ThinkFast06/12/07Solo. I wanted to test the new fork on something bumpy and familiar. Legs felt good after all the riding on the Pain Divide Saturday. 
thekrings06/12/07Good solo spin... 
unikid06/11/07Variation route (Minus 2 miles but more climbing and ST fun) Park at Canyon Vistas entrance - Head Up Cholla, left on Ridge, climb righthand ST just after Lynx entrance, Descend Rockit. Go right on Coyote Run over to Dripping Cave. Left at cave back down to fireroad and return to start of Mathis. Climb Mathis to Top of World. Exit TOW veer left then right down ST. Hard right onto ST on backside of TOW back down to fireroad. Take road back down to Lynx. Turn left and return to car. 
rushak06/11/07Had to pick up my lung a couple of times on Mathis and Cholla. For some reason I didn't feel that great out there today. I blame the low carb Rockstar. Never again. I've done this route SS (32X19) before with no problems. One of my worst outings in a long time. 
BIGFOOT06/10/07Great day for a ride. Solo 
JJ Holiday06/07/07Nice fast ride with Casper Milque Toast. Hardly anyone out tonight. 
Murmur06/06/07Solo - easy pace. 
Royster7106/05/07Did this with Scott great ride !! This was our first journey. Off to San Clemente 
MTB Fiend06/03/07Weather was great - ride was great - felt good! 
Congo Kid06/02/07Lynx downhill is tougher than Rock-it, imho 
xhuskr05/28/07Nice day for a ride. Not too hot! Lots of people out there today. 
Two Tired05/27/07Quite solo ride on friday afternoon. Great weather for riding. 
sweeper05/27/07fun ride with my wife brother and sister in law and his brother.my wife fell a few times due to first time with clipless pedals,just a few bumps and bruises. 
Twitch05/22/07Nice ride with 66nogo and vt1ryan 
Royster7105/21/07Nice ride Mojo... Saw some little baby Qauil they were neat... 
rushak05/21/07I haven't done this route in awhile. Overcast weather provides nice and cool climbs. 
JERRY05/18/07I felt good so I kept on climbing. Total mileage: 21 
ThinkFast05/17/07Solo afternoon ride. Legs were still sore from Tuesday. Time was still good though. 
Robert Giovino05/12/07Good day to ride! 
Von-Skipp05/10/07first ride back in CA for the summer! 
TREE05/09/072nd ride today, blasted from the heat. The trees on Coyote and main trail provided some needed shade. 
ThinkFast05/08/07Edge didn't hold the charge so no data. Saw Eric getting started as I finished. Heat wasn't too bad. 
bluerider105/07/07It's hot!!!!!! We only felt the breeze on " Top of the world ". WWWWhhheeewwwww 
FireBuffalo05/07/07Too hot today!!!!Rode with bluerider and redrider. Was fun but going up Mathis was HOT!! 
JERRY05/03/07Another beautiful day for training. Did the Dual loop and added some extra hills. Total dist: 21 miles 
klowie05/02/07Great weather for an after work ride. 
EK-RSM05/01/07SJ: 6pm solo. 
XMXER04/29/07Went with Ranger Bill, MSG,FG,Sal and G unit. 
sweeper04/29/07great ride with craig jeremiah jessica and my wife 
Cranx04/27/07Mellow cruise w/BigDD. Lynx needs some serious work. 
Murmur04/26/07Solo ride. Race Start Interval. Easy pace before and after. 2 big rattlers in the brush on lower Cholla didn't like me and let me know it. 
XMXER04/23/07Ranger Bill and Blazing saddles. 
JERRY04/23/07A little chilly for me around 5:30pm. Very nice day! 
ThinkFast04/18/07Slower than usual on the climbs but faster than usual on the descents. Solo. WINDY! 
EK-RSM04/17/07RX: 6pm ride with Brian from Canyon Vista. 
TREE04/09/07Climb up Mathis almost did me in - was having shifting issues, bike would not stay in a gear. Then lost rear brakes on way down Rockit - almost went OTB when I hit the front too hard to compensate. Glad HE was looking out for me. WWW.OCBOMB.COM 
EK-RSM04/08/07SJ: 11am solo ride. Did some extra credit. 
project_d04/07/07I was a slug going uphill, but I always say that. 
easyrider04/05/07Nice after work ride. 
Twitch04/03/07Fun solo ride 
cdemeis03/31/072nd ride at Aliso. Beautiful day! I highly recommend listening to Rage Against the Machine as you go down Rock It and Lynx - It makes for an awesome experience :) 
NO GO03/29/07Started late & finished in the dark.....thanks Twitch 
NO GO03/29/07Great climbs and downhills 
Twitch03/29/07Thanks 66nogo. Lots of wildlife out, almost hit a deer, coyote, bat and a 1000 rabits. It was dark when we finished. 
klowie03/22/07Great afternoon ride. Threw in the climb to top of the world for some extra pain. 
xcShane03/18/07Great weather to go with a great ride! 
xhuskr03/17/07Added some extra miles for a total of about 16miles total. Ride time was about 1:52. Cool in the am warming up nicely for Guinness day. Saw some jackasses riding the closed trail near the rock......thnx guys......rangers will appreciate that. 
JERRY03/16/07Ran into Matt/Ocrider again. Also met my friend Jimmy,and saw Pilo from Rock & Road. 
dubjay03/14/07Beautiful day to ride today. 
vt1ryan03/14/07Great evening ride with ericfoltz and Twitch. Thanks for the ride. DST is here. The GPS locked up. 
cjwally03/13/07Haven't been here for a while, so I had fun. 
MF TITAN03/11/07very slow pace after yesterday 
MF TITAN03/11/07 
bluerider103/10/07It was a good day to ride. 
A bit more technical03/09/07Great day to ride! Nice to see Scott again. Been a long time since I rode in Aliso. 
ThinkFast03/09/073rd ride in a row on this route. Solo. 
scott v03/09/07fun ride with mark. 
ThinkFast03/07/072nd day in a row on this route. Met Jim on the unicycle. Solo. 
ThinkFast03/06/07Solo ride. Legs feel much better today. 
Mooserider03/05/07Good ride nice temp, Getting ready for SRC on Sat 
FalseSummit03/01/07My first post. What a great site! Great motivation to get in shape! Tried out brother-in-law’s Intense Spyder (thanks Tom). Besides the incessant ghost shifting, loose seat post, and lock-jaw pedals, the bike was pretty fun. A little tune-up and I may not give it back. Fun ride, great to be back in the saddle. 
Alpine Rob02/27/07Cold day, trails were in great shape, thanks guys for the ride! 
JCampbell02/16/07Very slow loop listening to the radio. Didn't want to kill myself in case I do and epic this weekend. 
JERRY02/15/07did this with a lot of extra credit hills. Saw Matt/0crider on the way out. 
Mooserider02/13/07Good ride, still wet from the rain, start was tuff a lot of wind and i was still a little sore from sat. 1 min at top of mathis and 1 at the top of cholla 
MTB Fiend02/10/07Park was not too crowded, weather was perfect! 
klowie02/08/07Great to ride after work. Don't usually get to in February. 
JERRY02/05/07Lungs still hurt,legs felt good,felt pizza coming up on Mathis. Did some extra credit stuff to bring milage to 20 
Mtnlion02/04/07Modified ride starting at 5 Oaks led by Wndjnky with K2 and H.R.Puff-n-stuff. Thanks for great ride! 
rushak01/27/07Got to Aliso before 8am. Weather was great! First time out on my brand new '07 Santa Cruz Superlight. All I can say is that this bike is awesome!! I'm so glad I took the plunge and bought this masterpiece. 
Mooserider01/24/07stoped for 2 min at the top of mathis and 2 at the base of cholla, great ride was fealing good all day, was by my self and at my pase. 
ThinkFast01/24/07Solo. Quite a few people out for a weekday. 
JERRY01/24/07Chest hurt yesterday,and today. X-rays showed signs of pleuritis. Not sure if I'm going to race this weekend:( 
granny ring01/23/07Only my second time in Aliso. These trails are great, wish i lived closer. 
Claudio01/22/07Nice Saturday afternoon ride. Weather couldn't have been better. 
Two Tired01/19/07Nice afternoon for a ride. Lots of people in Aliso today. 
JERRY01/14/07felt stronger than fontana race day. lowered psi to 35 instead of 40,which made a huge difference. 
XMXER01/13/07Thanks for the ride guys 
Weekend Warrior01/13/07Good ride with the crew. Cold in the begining!!! 
JERRY01/11/07Encountered a little rain. 
dubjay01/10/07Trails are in great shape! And nice and quiet out there on the weekdays! 
XMXER01/08/07Went with MSG. Really pushed to set personal best.Thanks MSG 
cdemeis01/06/07Rock It and Lynx are definitely memorable experiences. 
Two Tired01/04/07This is always one of my favorite routes. Good combo of climbs and descents. 
XMXER12/31/06MSG , G unit, Flying Italian 
AndyNLietz12/23/06w/ Brett 
ThinkFast12/20/06Solo. Great weather! Felt like I was flying but only beat my best time by a little over a minute. 
mpighini12/09/06I should not have ridden, now I have a cold. 
XMXER12/03/06Went with G, MSG, Ranger Bill, FG, MSGs 1st ride on new 5.5 
xcShane12/03/06Way cool. Gotta do this over and over. Rock-it is a nice challenge. 
Cranx12/02/06Good group out there today. Cut the Aliso - LCWP ride short because my legs feel like crap...stupid game of "Control." :) 
mpighini11/22/06Well I cleaned the whole ride, but I could not make the 1:20 mark. Maybe next time... 
mpighini11/21/06Thought I was going to clean the ride when I almost made that little up at the bottom of Rockit. Next time 
ThinkFast11/21/06Solo afternoon ride. I wish I always felt this good. my best time yet on this loop. 
mpighini11/20/06Took longer than I thought it would take. Better luck next time. 
rushak11/18/06Pretty warm out. Felt like yaking at the top of Mathis. Had to take a 15 min cool down then the rest was fine. Slower ride than usual. 
Big D.D.11/13/06Early ride with the Murmur 
Murmur11/11/06Nice rip w/ BigDD. 3 race starts. Felt really good. Middle-ringed all of Mathis and Cholla. 
ericfoltz11/08/06Good workout. 
FirstDrop11/07/06Great ride with fun descents. Shocks settings are working great! 
JCampbell11/06/06I was hurting badly on the new bike... Just not comfortable yet! 
rushak11/06/06Nice and warm out. Figured out I don't like my 2.24 MutanoRaptor. I feel real slow in the climbs. I'm going to switch back to a Velociraptor. 
vt1ryan10/29/06cool ride with the Standard Pacific boys. Mathis was a bitch 
rushak10/29/06Felt slow after a long weekend of drinking and eating junk food. 
Twitch10/19/06Nice loop 
ThinkFast10/18/06First one on the trail today. It was a little chilly. 
Yard Sale10/17/06 
Two Tired10/16/06First time doing Aliso on the weekend. Way too much traffic, but still fun time with friends. Actually kind of cold at times. 
RollnStone10/15/06Lots of people 
Two Tired10/12/06Lots of riders out today enjoying the cool fall weather. This is still one of my favorite routes. 
Shake Dust10/12/06Fun ride with Domo... 
wolftrack10/10/06added to last ride today 
ErikMM10/03/061 lousy minute faster w/gears?? Thought I would do better. Think I lose time on the climbs? Should go to a bigger ring and stand. I had a good spill on the first 1 track while unlocking my forks. 
wolftrack10/03/06Closest in mileage and verticle Up Rockit - down Car Wreck - up Mathis - back down Mathis and out, getting dark 
TD809/30/06Great ride. I work close, so I'll be doing this more often. 
Lionetti09/27/06Lynx? What the monkey? 
MF TITAN09/25/06got there early (6:00) one other person / when we left at 10:00 it was packed 
Wild-Wild-Life09/25/06Nice easy cruise with Carlos and kenish. This was Ken's first time in Aliso and he did a great job on the climbs and technical DH's. The silt is getting deeper by the week on the ridge. 
kenish09/25/06First ride w/ cleats, getting used to them 
Lionetti09/23/06This was a great ride! 
Twitch09/23/06Nice loop 
Twitch09/23/06Great mix of terrian 
cjackson_usc09/22/06First time climbing Mathis. It's a good climb, but not nearly as hard as people make it out to be. The downhills were really fast, though avoiding the people climbing rockit sent me flying into the bushes. 
Two Tired09/19/06First ride where I was actually able to test out the new Epic. Heavier but tracks like its on rails on the climbs. Night and day difference between this bike and the old hardtail on the descents. Fun ride. 
ErikMM09/16/061-speed(S-Works 94): 32:18; 4 'breaks': dropped water bottle on rock-it and needed a few map checks 
ThinkFast09/13/06Early AM solo ride. Almost dark when I started. Saw a big Coyote at the bottom of Rock-it. Then I had a deer running parallel to me for about 20' till it had a spot to jump into the brush on Wood Canyon. Probably the closest I've been to one too, only about 10' away! Any closer and it coulda kicked me. I'm Glad I didn't sleep in. (Time is off because I took Wood Canyon back instead of Jumping back on Coyote)edit:Looks like I skipped Dripping Cave too. Need to redo. 
rushak09/10/06Nice ride by myself. Great weather and virtually no one there at 3pm. 
super chicken09/06/061 Bobcat, 2 Deer, 3 Milfs. 
K0KE09/05/06Didn't start until 6pm but it was still hot. 
Murmur09/05/06Evening ride w/ Koke. 12:11 up Mathis is a new record for me. Pushed Cholla too. Cooled off tremendously between the two. 
Wild-Wild-Life08/31/06Good, fast ride with jerryktm525, Scott, and rushak. Lots of traffic on the trail last night. Beautiful weather but the trails have a lot of silt and sand right now. 
Murmur08/25/06Good after-work ride w/ Cranx & Shane. Good to be back on the Titus. Recovery Pace. 
Cranx08/25/06"Raced" Murmur up Mathis to see who could go the slowest...it's harder than you think. 
Keith B08/24/06Had significant knee pain for the first time during a ride. I must be getting old! I'm not sure its a good idea people riding up Rock-it, its asking for trouble. 
cjwally08/22/06Lynx...Lovin' it. Awesome after work ride. 
super chicken08/20/06Forgot how long mathis was, that's a good climb for me. GReat weather. 
Murmur08/18/06What a beautiful day for a ride! Gargoyle was back in town from Michigan so he, Shake Dust and I hammered around Aliso. I felt so good, blasted up Mathis, hammered Cholla in the middle ring all the way. Then, as soon as I hit "bee hill" on coyote - I jumped up out of the saddle and "POP" my carbon fiber seat stay / rear triangle snapped on my two-month old Titus Racer-X. What a bummer. I guess that's what happens to those of us with such powerful legs :-) Took it to Revo - it will be back like new by  
Keith B08/17/06This has to be the best loop in Aliso. PB up Mathis today - 13mins :-) 
cjwally08/16/06First ride back on the bike. It has been in the shop for over 2 weeks. I feel complete again. 
A bit more technical08/10/06Great ride with Troy 
ThinkFast08/10/06Another great ride with Mark. Pushed pretty hard on the climbs. Cruised everything else. Good fun! 
MF TITAN07/24/06did this on Sun AM with LBKlink,mark,roy,eric 
Von-Skipp07/22/06woke up late. super hot out but lots of trail bunnies ;) 
Murmur07/21/06Nice easy paced ride in the morning. Tested the NAV file. Lots of cute little bunnies out on the trail this morning - and I'm not talking about the furry ones. 
ThinkFast07/19/06Nice ride. First time climbing Mathis. Took a long rest at bottom of Cholla. 
quad damage07/18/06Good ride with Matt (hermitologist). Made it up Mathis without stopping, but came up short on Cholla. Stupid rock stopped me from making it all the way. First time down Lynx and it was pretty fun! Decent weather and not very crowded. 
stevedlt07/15/06another fun ride with Michele. She kicked my ass up Mathis! 
Ladera Dave07/15/06Early start, good idea, very hot at end of ride. 
debimtb07/14/06got some souvenir stitches at Deer Valley race so this was a slow ride. 
Cranx07/13/06Fun ride w/Brian. Liked the WTB tires so much on the Chumba that I thought I'd try one on my bike...so far so good. 
SlowMo07/11/06Good ride with McGrunt 
McGrunt07/11/06Good ride with SlowMo 
Murmur07/11/06Good "Starts" ride w/ TRB. Nice and hot. Did 2 sets of starts 11min each. Fastest I've ever climbed Mathis. 
TRB07/11/06Did some training thing with murmur (stop then kill yourself for 11 min., twice) I think he's trying to kill this old man. But still a good time. 
unikid07/07/06Variation on this to maximize singletrack and avoid boring ride from Museum (Park at Canyon Vistas entrance): 1. Up street/trail to water tank 2. Down Five Oaks 3. Coyote to Rock it 4. Up Rock it 5. Fireroad to Lynx. 6. Drop Lynx 7. Up fireroad to Cholla 8. Up Cholla 9. Up fireroad (take right hand singletrack option above Lynx to avoid some fireroad) 10. Down Rockit 11. Right and down Coyote 12. Right and over to Dripping Cave 13. Turn around at cave 14. Coyote all the way to end 15. Fireroad back to car 
Von-Skipp07/06/06solo morning ride. Felt really slow, must of left my A game at home. 
stevedlt07/06/06Evening ride w/ Michele, she did awesome for her 1st ride back! Fun as usual. 
stevedlt07/01/06Man it was hot on Mathis today! I expected it to be a packed house from the looks of all the cars but it wasn't bad at all. Fun ride as usual 
Von-Skipp06/28/06Actually went down a schoolyard trail instead of ROCKIT. Wayyyy funn!! 
xhuskr06/25/06Had to ride my backup bike...hardtail. Interesting ride, slower, but climbed well. Makes me appreciate my FS rig even more. 
Damon M06/21/06Great Ride with Kevin, Ben & Rob 
goldrunner06/21/06Good to finaly ride with you Rob, need to do it again soon. Kevin, Damion great riding with you guys as usuall. 
Von-Skipp06/20/06Nice day at Aliso. Chest is still freakin sore from my crash/huck. Beautiful day, ehh! 
unikid06/11/06I do a variation on this to maximize singletrack and avoid the boring ride from Museum entrance, using Canyon Vistas entrance: 1. Up Cholla 2. Left on fireroad (take right hand singletrack option above Lynx to avoid some fireroad) 3. Down Rockit 4. Right and down Coyote 5. Right and over to Dripping Cave 6. Turn around at cave 7. Retrace your steps back to car *except* go down Lynx instead of Cholla 
Von-Skipp06/06/06easy pace recover ride from the 24OC. 
tkblazer06/04/06took it easy since it was blistering hot out, but the park was nearly empty! 
vapor06/02/06Maiden ride on the new On-One Inbred29r SS. UPS dropped it off at 3pm, quickly assembled it by 4pm with enough time to catch cranx, DD, Scott V & MtnDew. Went down meadows instead of lynx. Aliso isn't SS friendly but I had a ton of fun (despite the silly falls) 
Cranx06/01/06Nice cruise w/Vapor, D.D, Scott V & MtnDew. No push...race on Saturday. It's gonna be hot out there! 
Terry Best05/31/06Fun solo ride...just kidding. 
PaulV05/25/06first time on this route, messed up a little, took a right at bottom of Rock-It (mind on cruise control)don't think it cost me much more than a minute though, and then forgot to take Coyote on the way back from Lynx (doh!), so time may be a bit faster than if I went that way. Splits: 25:30 to top of Mathis, 48:00 to top of Cholla. 
Big D.D.05/25/06Fun ride with Canx Dukethenuke and Dleasure 
tkblazer05/24/06good ride with the str guys 
ocvidman05/19/06Killer climbs but damn fun donwn those trails! 
Big D.D.05/19/06Nice solo run. 
gravityseekr05/17/06Parking was full, had to park off Alicia by the X walk light. Excellent ride, I didn't stop once just kept hammering it. This is one of my favorite routes at Aliso that I've ridden off the website...so far. 
xhuskr05/14/06Nice conditions outside today. Good ride with half the crew. A couple of us went to Top of the World (+8min). Damn I love riding...even though I was not awake until half way up Mathis. 
Von-Skipp05/04/06nice afternoon ride with dukethenuke. watch out guys, hes climbing the ladder quick! 
shleppy04/27/06Sweet weather for a ride. Nice and cool! 
Keith B04/27/06This ride really beat me up - clearly I need more saddle time. Great weather over at Aliso this afternoon. 
K0KE04/19/06Second ride for the day. I hope I did this GeoAgent Edge 305 recording right. 
klowie04/17/06great afternoon ride 
Cranx04/13/06Fun ride with D.D. Now that the weather's nice and the days are longer there are A LOT of people getting out on the trails...it looked like rush hour on Coyote. 
Big D.D.04/13/06chris and i ripped aliso up 
Royster7104/12/06Fun Ride went with Monica. Meet up with Jerry on the ride nice guy. Funny thing happened Monica had a flat yesterday I gave her my tube and sure enough I had a flat today. Thank god we meet up with Jerry he gave me a tube thanks great ride ! 
xhuskr04/09/06Lovely day to take my bike for a walk! Damn...I gotta get out more and shed the winter weight!! :( No time...too depressing 
PDE04/06/061st lap, trails are good, a little muddy in spots, 
McGrunt03/25/06Glen and I had fun in the rock gardens. 
Cranx03/16/06Wow, Aliso is in awesome shape! All the rain has completely washed away all of the ridiculous sand leaving behind the smooth, rocky base-layer. Still riding the loaner bike and it's growing on my a bit...I still miss MY bike though. 
TD803/16/06Finished this dual loop after the Park Ranger closed the gate, and the trail was pitch black. I really like Lynx and Rock-it on the same route, I will do this one again and again. 
flash03/10/06first time up mathis, what a climb 
ffdfireman03/10/06Great ride-began & ended from Aliso Creek Trail @Moulton/Laguna Hills Dr.then to trailhead to start course-hit some showers but saw some deer and coyotes-I love this place! Trail is in fast shape. 
NucLeuS03/01/06This was my first ride. Skyking and Sleestack rode me like a village moped. I'm a man now!! Actually, it was a blast and I'll be riding every weekend for sho. Thanks guys for introducing me to this great sport and getting me started! 
Tony M03/01/06Riding the 5 spot and started on 5 oaks to this loop made it a lot more fun 
Sleestack02/28/06Nice ride with Sky and Nucleus (Jeremy). Nuc entered the mountain bike scene today showing great promise and no fear. This guy is going to be good. 
Sky-King02/26/06nice ride with justin. we took our friend for his first ever ride, only up to four corners and back, then we completed our ride. he did great, good job jeremy. 
boboso02/23/06AW Trail Patrol loop 
Two Tired02/14/06Always love this route. Took a friend who did it for the first time and he kicked butt. 
superjoe02/13/06Good fun, I love my fox cutttin new lines through the rocks! 
Weekend Warrior02/11/06This is an excellent ride to hone your technical climbing skills. I lost traction on the short steep climb on Dripping Cave trail. Had to push my bike up. For some reason my heart rate did not compute for the whole ride:( 
a3brown02/10/06Pretty warm today 
vapor02/06/06Nice afternoon ride with Terry Best and Speedjunkie. Took dripping cave to coyote and went up rockit instead of mathis, down lynx, up cholla, then down meadows. Too bad Terry had to split after decending down Lynx. 
mtnbikehb02/06/06Strating at the ranger station-coyote-cholla-lynx-cholla-rock-it-coyote-dripping cave-parking lot. approx 13.5 miles. 
vapor02/03/06Pulled this off yesterday after taking a midterm and installing a laundry washing machine. Riding from my house was a good leg warmer-upper 
Sky-King01/28/06cold in am, very nice in afternoon 
Terry Best01/23/06Great afternoon-evening ride with Vapor. Initially went up Meadows instead of Mathis. What was I thinking?! 
klowie01/22/06Sunday crowds 
crashmax01/22/06I brought Lacey along on our Path ride again today. We rode up Rock-It, down Lynx, climbed up over to and down Five Oaks, up Cholla, and back down Rock-It. Great ride! 
laceymax01/22/06Sunday Path ride part 1. 
boboso01/21/06Came in upper Cholla - road down to Mathis, up Mathis, down Lynx, up Cholla, down Rock it, Coyote to Wood out Canyon Vista, up Hopseed to home - SS 
Murmur01/15/06Perfect morning. Lots of folks out. 14:45 up Mathis today. 
Royster7101/14/06Solo, Chain broke that was fun. Thank god I could coast most of the way out. 
mtnbikehb01/13/06I love aliso...It has it all.. 
crashmax01/08/06We did a fun Path ride today. Lacey rode 5 Oaks for the first time, and did really well. Here was our route; Climbed up by the water tanks, and went down 5 Oaks, over Coyote to Mathis, up Mathis, back down to C.W., back to Coyote to Lynx, up Lynx, over to and down Rock-It, to Coyote again, and back to the cars. Fun ride! 
crashmax01/06/06Fun early morning ride. I've found happiness on a 7 inch travel, 39 lb Stinky "D"ream! 
mtnbikehb01/03/06gotta ride before the rain comes....... 
animaltico12/30/05Early ride, before work .. 
animaltico12/28/05Morning ride .. 
YourLagginDude12/23/05Shook out the VP Free for Noble on Monday! 
Shake Dust12/21/05If I keep cutting out of work early to ride with Murmur I'm going to get fired...watching him crash is always entertaining. 
mtnbikehb12/20/05The weather was awesome.. There is no better place to live.. Mountain biking in december, 70 degees? Perfect weather... 
Murmur12/20/05This ride started out awesome. Easy pace up Mathis - 15:50, then ripped down Rock-It, fun easy spin up Cholla - 5:00, then overconfidence took hold and as I launched myself off the jump at the bottom of Lynx I knew there would be trouble. Left some major skin off my right knee and both elbows. Still gonna ride tomorrow though :) 
DONALD JACKSON12/18/05included meadows 
xhuskr11/25/05Great day for a ride! A bit of fog added to the fun. Went to Top of the World...too foggy to see Catalina. Fun overall with vwjames (Shrek), tfrankie, and other members of the pack. Turkey offically burned off! 
luke2311/25/05Heart Rate monitor dead so no info... 
vapor11/23/05Nice slow ride with my brother who's in town from Lompoc. He did pretty well considering he was on a Motiv Smoothie. 
JCSV_236411/23/05tough long ride 
mtnbikej11/12/05Did this as part of Meadows to Rock-it. 
crashmax11/03/05I did this ride this morning after work. Instead of going up Mathis, I went up Meadows, for a little tougher climb. Then came down from Top Of The World to Rock-It, for the rest of the route. Great ride! 
Murmur11/01/05Started around 11am - hot hot hot out there today. 
NJ Petro10/29/05good ride 
TRB10/27/05did this ride with my "OLD" freind. good route with fun down hills. Broke a chain 3/4 of the way up mathis....bummer :-( 
pitmang110/15/05Did this starting at Five Oaks and added a quick sprint up to Top of the World. Total Miles 13.1 
Spartacus10/14/05Challenging route. I'm just glad I made it down Rockit and Lynx for the first time without going OTBs. The views from the top were awesome with the Santa Ana winds. 
Cranx10/07/05Crazy temperature shift. Had a low of 44 degrees at one point and a high of 96 at another! Freeze then melt! Rode with two friends who are pretty new...it's fun bringing new people into the sport. 
mtnbikehb10/05/05I had a great ride with my buddies, I expected to see an overpopulated slow moving trail, but to my surprise we were only interrupted once or twice......The weather was good for riding... 
xhuskr10/01/05Great to get back in the saddle again. Slow ride, but a good time breaking in some new equipment. Can't wait to ride again. 
vapor09/20/05Solo ride in the clouds. Suprised on my way home from work the park was open after the rains. Only 3 cars in the parking lot. Rode from my house and back. 
geofsanberg09/14/05Nice cool evening, rode until it got too dark to see. 
Terry Best09/04/05Been a long time since I've done a 'time attack' so I went for it after eating a Banana. Quite a bit of traffic on Coyote run but fortunately heading in the same direction. Cleats kept unclipping when performing powerful/snappy upstrokes during short steep climbs (cleats are pretty much completely worn-out now. Time to go to SuperGo). All in all a good evening ride. 
Cranx09/01/05Awesome weather tonight! Made it in just as we ran out of light...perfect timing! 
shleppy09/01/05Finished off just as the sun was setting. Cooler temps made for a pleasant ride. 
kentonn09/01/05Great ride with CranxOC, Shlepp, Scottalize and Casper Milktoast. Nice evening , nice weather. 
Scottster08/31/05w/ the Geoladder group ,good ride with great weather out 
Burdman08/30/05Great ride tonight! Back on the bike after almost two weeks off and had a ton of built up energy! Also rode the Squishy bike after almost 2 months of SS riding. Having gears and a rear shock was really cool and fun again. 
CTrask08/29/05JeffK and I headed south to find cooler weather. It worked. It was a beautiful evening in Aliso Woods. 
xhuskr08/28/05HOT day. So much for it cooling off on Sunday! First time back to this loop in awhile and it showed. Nothing like Mathis with the sun on your back! ah, gotta love it. 
whitehorserun08/27/05RIDE BEFORE THE HEAT, AND WORK.. 
RussJD08/27/05This was the scheduled Aliso Tour ride. Because of the heat we decided to not go up Mathis at the end. Route taken: Up Meadows, down Lynx, up Cholla, down Rock-It. Great ride, GeofSanberg and Shleppy showed up. Heat was definately a factor. 
shleppy08/27/05Saturday morning ride with Casper MilkToast and RussJD. We planned on doing the Aliso tour but the heat got the best of use so we shortened our route. Ran into TBest and crew on the way back to the car. 
geofsanberg08/27/05Rode with RussJD and Sleppy. 
whitehorserun08/22/05Nice and cool this am.lots of wildlife out. 
Terry Best08/21/05Early Sunday morning ride with a great group of people. Huge thanks to Scott for fixing my bike just before the ride (broken derailleur hanger). Switched up the route a bit, up Dripping Cave & Mathis, down Meadows, up Cholla & down Rock-It. SpeedJunkie (SUPER SPRINTER) completely demolished me on the pavement back to Awma road. 
Manuel Prado08/20/05Nice ride with the Animaltico, fast down hills and good clims.. 
animaltico08/20/05Good ride w/manuel.. 
vapor08/19/05Quick solo early morning non stop spin, cloud cover and cool temp made mathis pleasant. Finally finding a comfortable shock pressure setting. Cholla is getting beat up from high traffic. 
Keith B08/16/05Nooooooooooooooo!! No sign of the gorgeous girls today. I'm declaring an official state of mourning. A pretty good time on this ride was little consolation for the lack of hotness. Off on holiday for 3 wks now :-) 
Burdman08/16/05Big group ride tonight. Nice casual ride. 
Cranx08/14/05Solo ride today. Nice, moderate pace to get the bloodflow back in my legs after a long climb up Maple Springs yesterday. 
Burdman08/13/05Nice Ride with Kim C and Brian. Climbing Meadows was fun. 
geofsanberg08/12/05Good ride with group from geoladders. Ran out of daylight before climbing mathis. Would have liked to made dinner with the group at Soup Plantation but had family comitments. 
DONALD JACKSON08/11/05rode from home 
animaltico08/10/05Good ride & lots of friends .. 
Burdman08/10/05Good ride. Nice weather. Met up with Kim C half way through the ride and rode the rest of it with her. 
vapor08/10/05Nice turn out, rode with tbest, scottc, animaltico, Daniel Perez, and Jeff. Was nice as always to see KeithB out on the trails. Ran out of daylight for the aliso tour and rode the Aliso dual loop instead, climbing meadows instead of mathis. 
Tubthumper08/09/05First good ride on the new bike, really liking it. Rode with Keith and a friend from work who's chain broke on rock-it and had to tow him back to the parking lot. 
Keith B08/09/05What a great ride! Love & hate in equal measure the Mathis climb. Met some great new people. Great to see Terry and Vapor again. And........the God of Aliso graced us with the girl with the incredible body. Dear God of Aliso I promise to worship on your trails alot more often in direct exchange for trail candy of that class! Amen to that brother! Ryans chain broke so Tim and I towed him back for an extra workout. 
Scottster08/09/05w/ a good turn out of riders .Were trying to get Aliso tour in but got to late . We went up Meadow's instead of Mathis, definately a harder climb. Fun ride ! 
kentonn08/07/05Excellent day. Meet a cool guy named Dan. Like me, he was pushing 38lbs of bike up those hills. We tore Lynx and Rock-it up! The fastest I have ever ran down Lynx. Told Dan about geoladders, hope he finds his way here. 
shleppy08/06/05Getting a bit more sandy in spots. Cholla not nearly as hacked up as a lot of people have indicated. 
Burdman08/03/05Great ride tonight. Jeff and I did battle on the Single Speeds, and he hammered me! I can't clean Rock-it on the SS yet. 
Keith B08/02/05Most of the best of Aliso! This has to be the place to spot hot mountain biker girls - at the top of Mathis there was this brunette with THE hottest bod I have ever seen! Then I saw this nice Swedish chick with crazy blue eyes - met her before out on the trail. Oh and the ride was good too :-) But the brunette - DAMN!!!!!! 
Burdman07/28/05Hammered this out really good on the SS. Borrowed a pair of Thumps from TRG and really clicked while listening to the tunes. 
Scottster07/27/05nice and easy solo run . Perfect weather for an evening ride . Good thing I got out early , alot of riders coming out as I was coming in. 
DONALD JACKSON07/25/05with my new wheels. flat/rear 
vapor07/21/05How do I start? I must sound like a party animal here (I swear I'm not) but again I learned the hard way. Other than a ton of bugs on the trail, bar ends work well as hooking devices on branches, especially coming down rock-it at about 15mph in the bumpy section. Took a direct hit on my left hip/buttock. Hands were still on the handle bars as the right bar end hooked and I flew ass first. Nice evening loop with scottc. 
Scottster07/20/05W/ Vapor . Saw an Air Lift rescue , broken collar bone or something like that . Was pretty humid out. 
xhuskr07/16/05Add another climb to Top of the World to cool off before heading back down. Thnx to TBest for helping posting this ride! Fun ride! 
Terry Best07/16/05Great route here in Aliso that contains two of the most popular climbs and descents. Great ride especially if you don't have time for the Aliso Tour. 

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