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Backbone: Corral - Encinal Cyn

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unikid12/27/17Great ride yesterday after Xmas. 
unikid06/26/171 year since last time I was here. And another scorching day at that. Still love this trail. Looser and chunkier than I can ever remember. Makes for great technical skills practice trying to clean everything. 
unikid06/21/16Rode Sunday morning ride start: 75 degrees ride end: 100+ degrees 
unikid03/27/16First time here with new bike. Cleaned almost 100% of everything in both directions. 
unikid11/27/15Epic day for an epic route 
24athlete10/27/13Epic ride with Derik...one minor fall but nothing major. 
24athlete11/22/12Amazing single track...non stop up and down. Rode with Stephan and Israel. 
Goat Carl01/07/12great ride out here. those last few loose climbs were pretty tough. beautiful day for this. 
Royster7110/05/11Solid route hats off to the Santa Monica's on making a route this long and it being nothing but singe track! Don't let the altitude gain scare you it was spread thought the whole route well. Only thing is that you will accent and descend the entire route. could use a bit more chunk love a bit of challenge here and there pretty much smooth rolling single track the entire time... Good riding with you Cynthia only saw deer driving there! Photos posted on Face Book. I need to explore more area around here. Its a pretty easy trail to follow, but your upload from Geoladders gave me the extra confidence! As always thanks for what you do Doug and friends... 
ericfoltz06/03/11Started at Encinal. Fun route. 
ericfoltz06/03/11Very nice. 
SCVMojo12/04/10Rode with Dan and Rodney. 
genusmtbkr508/14/10Great trail. Took lots of breaks due to the heat. Ran into a mtbker who was suffering from heat exhaustion. Had to be air lifted out. It was hot out there today. 
shrek08/03/10Good ride but hot at the end 
xhuskr08/03/10Lots of fun even with lots of break time for redoing sections and photos. Shrek cramped up near end..lack of beer? 
SloSS04/14/10Great single track. I have jelly-legs now. 
unikid04/10/10Great weather. Legs were struggling today for some reason. There were at least 50-60 hikers out today. Still a great ride (as always). 
slow up04/03/10w/Wilson & Roddy 
unikid01/17/10Another great ride. Started to mist/light rain the latter part of the ride. 
unikid12/26/09Great ride (as always). Started at Kanan entrance. Did Encinal as a warmup. Recent rain has made the tricky climbs easier to clean. Cold starting out but by the time I reached the Corral turnaround point, the sun came out and stayed out. Great way to spend the day after Xmas. 
milatime11/14/09Sweet ride. 99% Single track. Saw a little frost on the ground this morning burrr. 
AllMountainRider07/26/09Fun Ride. Super Hot. Nice Single Track! 
unikid06/20/09Started from Kanan road entrance. Second ride since my shoulder injury 8 weeks ago. Sun never came out and there was light mist/drizzle for a good portion of the ride. Still a great ride. 
Bruin01/08/09A tough but fantastic ride. The coordinates are the "Best" placed at strategic places to keep the spirit moving to the end. The weather was summer-like. I would recommend against this ride in the rain or right after. 
silkworm09/21/08Great ride! The trail is in amazing condition with the exception of a few spots here and there. Long and difficult out and back with some amazing views. 
unikid08/10/08Great ride. 99.9% singletrack and mostly shaded as well. OC riders, you need to put this on your to do list if you are ever in the area. Imagine Holy Jim/Trabuco, minus all the Fireroad, dropped into the middle of Aliso Wood. 
milatime08/09/08It was pretty hot out there, there was dust, but great trail. First time out there 
xhuskr08/04/07Ride #3 of 5 for camping trip. Started at Encinal and WAY too late. Was hot out there. Shrek did an ODB that I missed and cracked his helmet, but I think it melted closed. Met Nick at the end and helped him with his chain...hope you had a good ride Nick! 
shrek08/03/07Great ride. Tough after going over the bars, but good to be doing such a great ride. 
erider07/03/07very hot day. 
erider06/13/07transition from nice to hot morning. 
SantaCruz HellRider02/07/07Superb conditions, cool and no dust. 
Bushman02/04/07Hot! Low on water today, which definitely affected performance. Had to hike-a-bike a lot, esp on climb out of Kanan parking lot and that last killer techy climb. I need to bring at least 3L next time. Also, GPS time is not accurate as it kept auto pausing during walks. Actual time is probably much slower. 
CTrask01/07/07WAY too many hikers to safely push a best time. It's a better weekday ride for sure. The extra 30 points from Kanan to Encinal is very generous. It only adds 25 minutes to the Backbone-Kanan ride. 
CTrask01/07/07Fabulous trail, but watch for frustrated hikers on weekend. A better ride for weekdays. 
CTrask12/05/06Excellent ride! 100% singletrack and easy to follow without a GPS. Not one soul between Coral and Kanan, but PACKED with hikers from Kanan to Encinal. Some didn't appriciate bikers : ( 
cjwally11/19/06Great ride with Ben (bjammin) and Mark (gassertrucks). This area is full of technical fun flowy singletrack. You need to ride this. Bike felt great and I felt great! And now this beer that I just openend taste even better... 
gassertrucks11/19/06Great ride with geo riders Craig and Ben - I felt pretty weak after doing Skyline/Blackstar yesterday but still had a blast. Unbelievable single track - what an awesome place to ride! This route was much more difficult and longer than I had expected. 
bjammin11/19/06fly SMA... 
cjwally09/04/06Thanx for grinding this route out with me Cid! And thanx to Terry for plotting this awesome route. Backbone is great. This is a must-do route! Even though it was 100F outside, I still had a great time. 
Terry Best08/22/06Solo ride. Great weather. Was great to meet Darren & Scott out there. 
Terry Best08/22/06Can't ask for a better mountain biking location. Love the ocean breeze! 
kona-monkey03/16/06Adds a few miles to the Corral-Kanan route, but the extra miles to zuma pale compared to the awesome Corral-Kanan BB track. 
JERRY02/14/06Excellent ride. Made me remember how much I love cross country riding. The group of riders made it even a better ride. Can't wait to do it again now that I know the lines and how long the hills are. 
Big D.D.02/12/06Great ride a must if you haven't done it.Great group of riders look forward to the next one. 
Dump Truck02/11/06awesome ride today, too bad i witnessed the tae kwon do/brokeback first aid administered by david, fun stuff. 
K0KE02/11/06Thanks to everyone that rode today, very fun ride with a great group of guys. After riding with this bunch I see I still have a long way to go with my tech skills. 
superjoe02/11/06A good time was had by all. Did 6 mile fire road climb to get to the trail head. Fun ride. 
happymtbr :-)02/11/06great ride, a great group of guys, thanks chris for driving, thanks koke for planing this ride. great time! 
Cranx02/11/06Incredible ride with an awesome group of guys. We all promised not to go fast...and lied!:) Not even smashing my right nut and having David try his own brand of Tae Kwon Do/Brokeback first aid could dampen the spirits. All around a near perfect day. 
kentonn02/11/06Great ride, really felt it for a 17-mile ride. Thanks to everyone for making this a great day! 
Despacio02/11/06great day for riding and to meet a great bunch of really good people and fast riders!! thanks craig for setting it up and thanks terry for always looking out for the stragglers(: 
Terry Best02/11/06So much for keeping the HR down. Very awesome group to ride with. I hate myself for not witnessing David's obscure first aid assistance after Cranx's genital-mutilating spill. Everyone rode awesome today and it was simply an honor to be there. Huge thanks to David & CranxOC for driving up! Thanks for organizing the ride today Koke! 
mpc35001/23/06I think I have a new favorite trail. Too bad its so far away. 
Terry Best01/09/06The reason i'm not giving this route a 10 out of 10 is because it's so far from my house! ;) 
K0KE11/22/05My new favorite route! 

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