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Skyline - Eagle Road

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Despacio02/08/18Super fun cruise with Dino , Linz and Mommahen on there first time on eagle 🦅. They killed it !! 
mark189010/11/15Fun day with Jake and Vince. 
sweeper05/23/15good one with mike,andrea and jeremiah 
sweeper04/19/14good ride with jeremiah 
goodoljake01/10/14RJ. Mellow and cool ride with a nice group. 
Ninja attack11/05/13Last week with Patrick,Dan,Kevin,Dad,Hal . first time going all the way,felt good except for a couple of mistakes. 
Despacio10/26/13Good times with a contingent of hombres from the dark side ? Dana,Dan ,Frank,Jake,Hal ,Kevin ,Patrick ,Vince,and Zack who enjoyed his first time over and down Eagle!! We are blessed !! 
sweeper10/26/13awesome ride and company with the I.E gang. 
JDMack10/01/13Late afternoon joy ride 
Tiger08/26/13Did Skyline to Eagle Rd. 20 miles. You gotta be fit to do this ride. Lots of hills. I had to push my bike up most of them. Temperature was 104 F. I completed the route and survived. 
Despacio08/23/13Great time on this old classic last night with Jake,Jd,Mike K,Tim,and Hammertime ! lots of laughs, a bat attack,a helicopter attack ,and of course a POOR bike pinch flat ! 
Hal03/05/13I do not know how long this took as my garmin would not fire up at the beginning of the ride. Nice to meet Todd at the doppler. Thanks for the company JR and Ben. Happy to not run into the lady at the bottom of Eagle. More and more stuff collecting down there where you go thru near her house. 
sweeper12/22/12later start than usual due to i slept in.met travis and we road together up to beeks and there were about 200+ people up there celebrating the path Chistmas ride and jake and vince were there enjoying it all.saw a fox just below lone oak, Merry Christmas everyone and all the glory to JESUS CHRIST. 
goodoljake03/17/12SF. Late afternoon ride with JDMack. Tough 1st time climb up Eagle. Crazy cloud cover along Main Divide and down part of Skyline. 
Despacio03/14/12Good ride with Flatulator ! just a little one but good times...hope your feeling better ..ouch ! 
goldrunner03/14/12A little distraction and down I go, Ouch! Left hip & elbo got thrashed, had to do some skin trimming after scrubbing it in the shower. Always Look foreword to that. Nice day though, too bad we couldn't have gone further, sorry Jr. 
Shane@IRF03/04/12Great ride up Skyline & down Eagle. The only thing I didn't like was at the end of Eagle, it seems to end in someone's yard. I even had to ride out of their front gate onto the main road. 
skylinemike01/09/12What a great day. Have not rode Eagle roae in a bit. Really a nice ride. 
mtbjosh03/08/11Fun ride, saw a lion around 10pm, had a flat, almost soiled my drawers, rode like hell. 
mtbjosh03/08/11Eagle is overgrown, but scenic. Climbs are not easy. 
Jason2009force01/19/11I found the single track at the bottom of Eagle rd so you dont have to go through that lady's property. The single track is at the last right hander before you hit the gate at the bottom of eagle. it runs along a fence for a few feet so i jsut hike a biked it. the only problem i ran into is i got caught in a gated community and had to wait a few mins before someone came in and opened the gate for me. 
xraydoc10/07/10eagle rd in poor condition. wasn't very fun to go down. bulldozer tracks still there cause lots of vibration along with loose top soil and rocks. 
skylinemike09/18/10A lot looser than I remember, but still a beautiful day 
jb_29er08/31/10Eagle raod need some work..... Great ride, been awhile on MD! 
GPickett08/04/10Don't think that things level out at Beek's Place. You've only just begun to climb. Lots of fun on Eagle on the way down. 
choyado07/01/10Nice ride, going down eagle rd at night was a bit wierd. 
mark189004/10/10nice ride.. 
Hammertime03/04/10Nice muddy ride with goldrunner and dad, was gonna be a long training ride, but conditions changed all that! cleaned my bike for nothin...well it looked good for a minute or two!thanks for waking us up for the morning slop ride,Ben, no magic dirt this time, just graded loose cake, the kind that stops your wheels! 
Despacio03/04/10Fun ride today with Ben,and Hammertime ! going was tough because they chewed up skyline and it was goooey ! feeling better and had a blast trying to keep up with the whippersnappers ! Sjon: missed the mud treatment for your baby ): 
Hal11/16/09Nice ride with Ag, the fossil, pedalsmith, Robert, and Dan. Helicopter buzzed us near the top of Eagle. 
The Lame11/16/0933,71 Km of The Lame on boots! Getting scared of be on clips :( 
Hal10/16/09Started hot. Had no power and needed granny several times. Have not been on the Blur for 2+ weeks. Thanks for bailing with me, Ben. The other knuckleheads, Fossil, Hammertime and Sjon went down motorway and back up blackstar. Nutz. 
sweeper08/29/09good ride today and very hot early and nice to see you matt and friends. 
billstoudt06/27/09long hot trip up 
dPerez05/23/09almost back! 
sc117503/10/09I forgot to press the Start button until I had about 3.5 miles from the trailhead. Note: If you are planning to go down Eagle Road, and not planning to climb right back up, don't do that. Because end of the Eagle Road is a private property, there is no way out to Corona without trespassing the private property. 
Draker03/07/09This was a new level of riding for me. The trail was great up to Eagle Road then it was unmaintained. Use caution, lots of loose rocks and drop-offs with no one around. Overall it was a great day and a great ride. 
FREEKENGO03/03/09Nice night. A little cold once on the divide! 
Hammertime02/12/09Good ride with Rhino, great pace for training ride, but he whinned like a girl most of the time! 
Hal01/02/09Started with Frank, Daniel, Craig, Oz. Ended up whimping out at Eagle instaed of going down motorway and up blackstar. JR glad you are OK. 
ErikMM12/24/08near beeks on skyline the mud is really bad sticky mud...the rest is not so bad...lots of snow on eagle...really liked eagle, need to come back... 
ErikMM12/24/08eagle is a blast, would rather go down eagle than skyline...main divide hurts as usual...route is missing ALL the waypoints/turns 
sweeper12/24/08good ride with ozzy,danny,jeremiah,cameron,craig and erik,nice to meet you.i think i saw ozzy but i could be wrong and only the real men went all the way.merry christmas to everyone. 
davidg10/27/0811 of us rode this, plus about 4 miles of road ride. It was Hot! Felt like July. It cooled off on the Main Divide and we had a clear view of Catalina over the marine layer. 
ridnsolo10/10/08Great day for riding. Cool temps, 2nd time on that portion of main divide. Cleared all the hills didn't walk my bike once. The gate at Skyline is closed not alot of traffic. 
rsalgado07/05/08A big ride for Me, Rode with Rob C, but ran into private prpty at the bottom of eagle. Lady let us walk out and eagle rd was not maintained. Prob Last time on this route. 
billstoudt05/29/08The people that live at the base of eagle rd had build a makeshift fence to keep people from crossing onto their property i was yelled at as i came down the hill. i told them i was sorry and i wouldn't do it again. just a heads up. 
billstoudt05/18/08Originally planned as skyline beeks i figured i had the strength to continue to eagle. i'm glad i did.. has anyone else had any problems with a homeless guy that "lives" in the field at the base of skyline? 
billstoudt05/09/08parked at skyline went up eagle down skyline a little bit of mist up on Main divide. 
Hal05/06/08Good cloudy ride with Jr and Rich. 
Despacio05/06/08first ride of the day with hal the grandmaster kicking it in high gear and also with mr rrang man who showed us a alternate way out of bottom of eagle on a sneaky sgltrk ! the pain divide kicked my butt and never seems to get easier )~: think I like the reverse version better ?? 
billstoudt05/04/08cold and windy at the top 
mark189004/30/08suffered on main divide,fun anyway... 
davidg04/26/08Rode with "oh I'm out of shape" Steve. Going down Eagle was a blast; thanks for the tip Johnny (thepedalsmith). Got yelled at by the lady at the bottom of Eagle. Good times! 
P-Mac04/14/08Nice ride although Eagle is very slippery. I would ride this with the climb on Eagle to Skyline. 
sweeper03/27/08great weather and great ride with mark and ben aka gas man. 
DenT03/24/08Thought I'd ride past Eagle a bit to the motorway. Main Divide is closed short of motorway to about Joplin. Guess I will not get to preride the Traverse route up to the peaks. Bummer. 
Jim Jub03/09/08Combined ride with Blackstar to beeks place. Total time 4:22 ride, 4:52 with rests 
Despacio02/20/08fun ride with the boys ! main divide,clouds,rain ,wind,jokes and good times (~:. thanks mark,fronk,ben ! back to work WHAAA oh yeah three deer too! 
goldrunner02/20/08Looks like Skyline parking lot is the place to be. haha Nice being blown around w/Mark, Frank & Jr. with those gail force winds at the top of the main divide. Muddy but could have been a lot worse. 3 does crossed our path at the top, glad what ever was chasing them didnt get you Frank. 
sweeper02/20/08fun ride with mark,ozzy and ben,and a little rain a little mud and alot of wind.all in all great ride with great company and riding down eagle topped it off. 
thepedalsmith01/30/08went with the slugs from the inland empire !! just kidding sorry about the late opening,it was mountainese translation problem !! 
Despacio01/30/08great ride with team pedalsmith ! cold to start but a great climb and we did it in reverse !! thanks for the good times !! happy bd. hal 
TBlazen01/19/08Did this loop after riding up to Beeks on Blackstar; A little windy at the top; First time on this ride, met up with a nice guy named Phil who lived near the bottom of Eagle; Lots of traffic going up Skyline; Road with EpicRyder... 
sweeper01/18/08great ride with mark and ozzy. 
Despacio01/18/08good hard ride with mark and frank ! thanks (~: 
mark189001/18/08great day for a ride,thanks oz and frank..... 
Despacio12/18/07excellent ride today even though it felt like I was in sand all the way ! daniel and koke were waiting for the geezer all day but had a blast ! a coyote was stalking me and got so close craig sqiurted him with his water bottle and he still kept coming back ! cold but no rain (~: 
rleveque12/08/07Jenson USA team ride with Mark and Daniel 
Despacio10/19/07hard fast ride with frank and johnny! did this in reverse and is a good changeup with a diff. perspective ! fun going down the skyline way till you hit pavement of course )~: really good pace and finished i6t in 2:12 
sweeper10/19/07great ride with mark1890 and ozzy. 
Despacio10/19/07todays ride was done the traditional way and took 2:20 according to franks computer ? felt good finally and thanks for the ride mark 1890 and grinding ! frank is got it going and his bad days still keep me with my hr. alarm going off (~: 
mark189010/19/07main divide kicked my butt.heard"it's easier around the corner"several times today.thanks for the push oz and frank.always good fun. 
sweeper10/18/07another great ride with johnny and ozzy 
Hal10/07/07Good ride with JR and Rich. No visibility from any of the main divide. 
Despacio10/05/07nice ride up in the clouds and sprinkles with hal and rich rrang ! lot better energy today with food in the gullet (~: no bonking today 2x (~: 
The Grey Hats09/28/07Excellent ride! My first ride in the Cleveland National Forest at that. I expected it to be hot throughout the entire trip, but things turned out different: I ran into extremely heavy fog/cloud cover even before the Main Divide stretch, and it lasted until I was at least halfway down Eagle Road, where I could thaw myself. Interestingly enough, Skyline was easier than I thought (it was hard, but not killer). And Eagle Road is a blast, too. Overall, the route is superb. 
kpitts08/07/07What a beautiful morning for a ride. Temperature was very cooperative and refreshing. I noticed that the dryness has resulted in a complete absence of racerunner lizards that are usually crawling all over the road near lone oak this time of year. 
ghixon07/31/07Good afternoon ride. 
ghixon07/06/07It's always a good ride when you come back from the trail with more parts hnaging off the bike than when you started. Derailleur hangers and rocks don't mix for some reason. 
ghixon06/07/07Looks like there are a few snakes out and about near the top. Didn't see any, but heard them in the bushes during a break. 
goldrunner05/31/07Solo-Good prep for sat. SART. 
ghixon05/30/07Damn flat tires - I really don't like them....... 
ghixon05/24/07Wasn't it just Monday that it the weather was rainy and cold - what happened? 
ghixon05/10/07Ouch - this one hurt today. 
Hermit04/29/07Rode this with Andrew by way of Blackstar Canyon, to make sort of a big lasso loop. Andrew suggested we could have turned the ride into a huge dual loop combo by continuing on Main Divide to Motorway after climbing Skyline. Maybe some other day, hah! Eagle Road was a fun descent, even though my front tire felt squirrelly. It's basically fireroad turned into singletrack by overgrown grass and plants. 
Winger04/29/072nd half of ride today. Eagle Road was a fast & fun descent that was almost singletrack. We ended with a climb up Skyline, which was very hot without a breeze. The combined routes kicked my butt today. 
Hal02/13/07Solo ride. Rode up to the Motorway and then back down to Eagle, but the GPS didn't upload accurately to GeoLadders. Did 4235 elevation gain and 23.1 miles. 
cH4os01/28/07This route would be much better, in reverse. Start @ Gilbert, jump the brown fence, then when you get to the House, veer left, past all of the PILES OF TRASH. Up Up and Away... 
cH4os01/28/07Fast down Eagles, probably better in reverse... To get the Single Track down Skyline.. 
kpitts01/20/07great day to take it easy and enjoy the scenery 
Despacio01/16/07cold windy at times ride up main divide,wind was actually helping us up the big climbs but I still had a hard time keeping up with hal ! he was really pushing it today and made me work at it to not fall too far back ! thanks hal Ouch (: 
Hal01/16/07Nice cool and windy ride with Jr. Both our gps's showed 4000+ feet for this ride today. When are we going to build that bench under lone oak?? 
Hal01/05/07I actually did an extra leg up to the motorway and back down to Eagle Rd before descending. Very cold and windy this am. I didnt see anybody out there. I also made the mistake of not eating the whole way cause I was so cold. 
Despacio11/26/06solo ride that I started at 1 pm and was nice and cool till up on main divide then it was cold ! had a flat on way down and still made it in 3hr total . best time for me and middle C.R. whole way first time ! maybe something to it ? 
Despacio11/14/06another great adventure ride with hal,really cool weather and even some rain -drizzle on main divide and lone oak was raining underneath so we had to keep going to eagle road to break, ran into a large deer -jackalope ? and watched in amazement as he ran in front of us and exited the road at full speed down the slope ! truly amazing ! great morning (: thanks hal 
Hal10/27/06Windy, windy and they keep making a different obstacle course at the skyline trailhead 
K0KE09/26/06Rode this with Jr in combination with Blackstar - Motorway. Total for the day 46 miles 7350 elevation gain. How did Jr talk me into riding this one? Thanks for the help with the car after the ride Jr (otherwise I'd still be in Corona right now!) 
Despacio09/26/06boy was that a dumb thing to do ? not really ! great ride today with the guy in the yellow jersey that spins and grins (: ever want to push your limits just ride with craig the koke man and try and not slow him down too much and you will acomplish it ! 
Despacio09/19/06solo ride that I started at 11.00 and the sun was intense. felt it a couple of times and took breaks in the shade a few times and made for longer trip than planned ? 2.55. you can totally use the new bridge now on the return to skyline 
K0KE08/24/06Hot and dusty ride with Jr and Hal. 
K0KE08/24/06Good training ride from Corona side of Santa Anas 
Despacio08/24/06back to basics ride with hal and craig ! made them slow down and wait for me after blowing up again on my way up skyline but recovered after that enough to go up the main divide ok. thanks for the motivation to not sissy out guys !(: mammoth here we go (: (: 
Hal08/24/06Thanks for the ride, Koke and JR. And for not laughing when I fell over unable to click out of the new egg beaters. 
kpitts08/01/06A first for me today. A cougar ran in front of me and slipped into the brush to the side on the descent down Eagle. I saw him about 1/3 of the way down. With the increase in deer sightings, I predicted seeing their predators soon. 
kpitts07/22/06I rode from Eagle to Main Divide to Skyline and back to my house. My 7 AM start was already at 80 degrees and it was 100 degrees by my 11 AM finish. 4 liters of h2o was short of prime. 
24hourblur07/18/06HOT...even at 7am....Saw a coyote on the way up Eagle...and he was HOT too. 
24hourblur07/18/06Not technical, just long grind up hill for about an hour, either way you go. 
Despacio07/05/06morning ride with hal,I voted for sierra peak but hals vote overides mine and we suffered together in the sun ! lunch at lone oak was cool though and we seen some tracks that looked like mountain goat but craigs bike is still in transit so it was probably some other animal ? (: 
Hal07/05/06HOT! HOT! HOT! Drained...I finished the ride 7 hrs. ago, and I have only now recovered! Thanks Jr. for pushing me through the pain! 
Despacio07/03/06great ride today with rich,ken,todd,henry,frank !! really fun to ride with all of you class acts !! (: good job frank on your first try on main divide past beeks !! fun huh (: 
24hourblur06/06/06Went the reverse way. 
Daniel Munoz06/01/06first time going past doppler at beeks up main divide,first time in cleats! felt the same after doing skyline-blackstar the first time ? 
Despacio06/01/06rode this morning with my kid,he pushed me up skyline to beeks in 52 mins and hung in there the rest of the way up the big climbs past beeks! very hot and lots of pesky bugs keeps the breaks to a min. great day though thanks to dan and the man upstairs 
DennisT05/17/06Nice cloud cover half way through the ride. Slight improvement, only had to push 3 ups this time though took a roll in the weeds on a single track about mile 11. :o) 
DennisT04/12/06That was tough. Had to get off the bike 6 times, push 4 times. Need to work on my ups. 
Despacio04/11/06thanks for the motivation craig,i probably would have turned around at beeks if not for you,felt like dung all the way , trail is in good shape even if IM not,too long off bike for this old guy? (: 
K0KE04/11/06Rode with Jr. 
RaulC04/01/06skyline in great shape; main divide was muddy & wet - got a bad case of "chain suck" Thanks to Burgermeester & Dumptruck for hangin back for me. What a ride! 
Burgemeester04/01/06People...There's a fine line between being brave and stupid. In the mud, rain, middle ring - Here's to BRAVERY all the way! Thanks RaulC & Dump Truck - that was epic! 
Dump Truck04/01/06nice and wet ride today. skyline is in great shape. main divide on the other hand was a bit muddy and slippery, eagle was in okay shape. all in all a great ride with burgmeester and raulc. 
K0KE03/29/06Skyline is in great shape, Main Divide is still wet/muddy as is Eagle Road. Thanks for the ride Jr. 
Despacio03/29/06had to get back on my bike after 3days off and thanks to mud on main divide my legs feel good and tired !? thanks for the ride craig 
Despacio03/23/06great ride today with hal,great views and weather and love riding my new rig! hal is a trooper going with bruised ribs and still riding fast!! 
Hal03/23/06After crashing Sunday, I was not very fast, but my ribs felt better and Jr waited patiently for me. Nice warm day. 
Despacio03/20/06had to do this ride again today as I lost my glasses on the trail when I was fixing a flat,no luck so I guess Im going to have to try taking rich back with me tomarrow to find the spot? good excuse isnt it(: 
Despacio03/19/06great ride today with rich ! found some great single track along the way! thanks for the ride rrang first ride on my stumpy 
Despacio03/10/06cold windy start and just got better as we got higher!started snowing on the hill that never ends and let up just to start hailing and got so cold that it was hard to steer and brake! hals thermometer registered 37 - windchill? good hail down in corona res. section! other than that great day (: thanks for ride hal 
Hal03/10/06Rode thru sno flurries, BB sized hail, rain, wind and cold. Very cold. Jr and I froze our hands today. I had to warm mine up at the top of Eagle by sticking them in my armpits for 10 minutes. Great adventure, Jr. 
Despacio03/06/06fun solo ride that began as a trip up to beeks to retrive a light for a buddy of mine and felt so good I kept going,rain was only down side but not to bad! 
Despacio03/02/06one of the best fireroad trails around, a very good variation if you dont mind a extra 1000 ft. of climbing is to go to eagle road and turn around and retrace your way back! about 22mi total! great track! (: 
kpitts02/25/06Having a flat on the Eagle Road descent added a great deal of time to the trip. What a beautiful day for a ride! 
Dump Truck02/25/06the rest of the ride with TRB today. 
TRB02/25/06Along with Blackstar makes a pretty good grind +/- 36 mi. with plenty of climbing. Both rides combined, about 4 hours riding. 
Friction01/28/06Absolutely beautiful. Second time I've done this route. Much better than the first! (Legs are getting a little stronger). 
Despacio01/16/06Hal & myself actually put in more than 24mi and 4700 elevation on this route, I will be mapping out a new route along the same way so you can get full points on this great workout ride, saw a large deer also and heard something getting attacked right before????? 
Hal01/16/06Actual route was up to Eagle RD and back down the main divide to skyline, a harder route that is 24.5 miles and 4750 feet of elevation gain. Jr. Munoz made me do it! Great ride, not too windy, despite the forecast. 
Hal01/06/06Did not run into anyone at the bottom of Eagle Rd. Seems that if you stay to the right at the house at the bottom , the dirt road will dump you onto the pavement that leads to Gilbert Rd. Trail conditions were good, a bit windy. Saw no other riders. 
Despacio01/01/06went up skyline to beeks and ran into hal and introduced him to the ladders,great day up on main divide except tires keep getting caked up on an already tough climb anyway,lovvvvve it happy new year 
Despacio12/24/05wanted some climbing and I got some ,from beeks to eagle road is a challenge but fun and a taste of counting coup to come! merry christmas everyone! 
Despacio11/21/05solo ride,very tough after beeks but the views on top were excellent,catalina and san gorgonio,mt baldy and lake matthews! climbs near the top sneak up on you buy a great workout 
Friction11/05/05Well, it wasn't pretty, but I finished it! The ride was great with incredible views. At the bottom of Eagle Road, however, some lady came out of her house and was very unhappy with me. I followed the directions perfectly, but she said I was on private property. I apologized profusely, but she was still not happy. Didn't bring me down though - awesome! 
24hourblur08/21/05Good route for hill climbs and cooler when you get to the top if you ride in the evening. 
dPerez07/29/05Started around 5:00 am to beat the heat and wifey nagging:). A must do again! 

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