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Aliso: Cholla - Rock-it

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Enriquez11/06/14Great evening spin around the park. Great Ride! 
tortega04/26/14hit Mathews trail and lynk total 16.5.miles 
DONALD JACKSON03/25/14klein 
DONALD JACKSON11/18/13Sat afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON08/27/13Spin after work. Beautiful sunset. 
DONALD JACKSON07/06/13Friday around noon saw a bobcat with a collar 
Ben Boronow07/01/13Sunday afternoon ride with Ron. Not quite as hot as I expected. My GPS stopped recording coming down rock-it, so I didn't record the bottom and Coyote. He got a flat right at the end of the dirt. Still a good ride. 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/13breezer spin, saw Greg out for a spin also. 
DONALD JACKSON06/16/13saw Charlie , 
DONALD JACKSON06/11/13after work spin 
grimix06/06/13Thanks for inspiration to leave the house for a quicky LobSas. Only 15 minutes away and I had fun. And Jake, SART is on my bucket list. Big time. Need to see a scheduled ride pop up there one day and have planets aligned. 
DONALD JACKSON05/30/13late start Saw the Sat crew (Tom) 
DONALD JACKSON05/21/13Monday eve spin 
DONALD JACKSON05/19/13couple gopher snakes today. no one on rick it 
DONALD JACKSON04/14/13worked on my bike again. setting it up a little better , Followed some guys down rocket today/ Cool 
AaronK12/16/12Great ride today, avoided the mud and rain. I made it up Cholla with my feet on pedals and my suspension worked well coming down Rock It. 
Enriquez10/27/12Perfect weather. Saw a group doing a Halloween type ride with costumes and stuff. 3 riders climbing Rock-It as I was getting ready to drop down, 3!! Amazing!! Took the p-line down the rock garden as the courage has not built up yet, still managed to grab a branch and fall, Haa Haa! Oh and the ranger had a couple of bikers stopped on a no-bikers trail, think I saw a ticket book in his hand! GREAT RIDE!! 
DONALD JACKSON07/15/12rode compulsion. deer were crossing by the 2nd creek crossing 
tdroesch06/13/12Cholla killed me, sad to say. But Rock-it was fast and fun. This time includes 6 miles round trip from home to parking lot. 
TOMCA05/07/12Great Monday morning ride. Saw two deers. Actually I took coyote on the way back. 
Amyh04/28/12Today's ride got me out of my comfort zone. But very fun, I think... Up 5 oaks, down 5 oaks, up rocket, down lynx,up cholla, down rocket. 
la_purisima04/17/12I returned to MTB riding about 15 months ago. This was my first ride. Took over 2 hours, with a bunch of walking on Cholla and an OTB on Rockit. I was wheezing and bruised up, but had a great time. I probably logged 150+ rides last year and am on a good pace this year. I've cut some time and gained some skills, but I'm still improving and enjoying riding more than ever. What a great sport. 
Enriquez04/16/12Rode with Bryan. We started at 6pm and figured we have enough time even for us slow climbers. Wrong, mechanicals really did a number on our goal. Thanks to the gent that stopped at the bottom of Cholla to help with the adjustment with the shifting issues. 
GoneRiding04/03/12Haven't been in Aliso in a long time even though it is the closest park to me. Started at 6:35 tonight which didn't leave enough time to do a bigger ride. Saw Richie Rich finishing up as I entered the park and ran into Goldrunner's cousin Cameron on Rock-It. Haven't seen him in a couple of years. Stopping to talk to him meant it was pretty dark by the time I got back to the car. Noticed a broken spoke going down Rock-It. 
Marcos03/22/12lap 1 
Marcos03/22/12lap 2 
Enriquez03/07/12Great Ride. Now im back at the church parking lot loading my bike when a remote control plane flies overhead and a piece falls off, i retrieve it and its the cockpit. So like a good karma seeking mtn biker i drive around to the park and i give the guy the missing piece. He was ecstatic! He says "i didnt know what it was but i knew it wasnt a wing cause the plane kept flying" The kids were laughing at dad, Too funny. 
nharper03/06/12Sweet lunch time ride! 
Enriquez03/02/12Had a deer hopping in front of me for a about 40 yds on Rock-It before he darted off into the brush. Almost went head-on with a coyote on Coyote Trail on a bend. Interesting and Great Ride!! 
grimix02/29/125¢ at Bevmo™ is always good excuse for a quick hit at Aliso. Expected mud but dirt was best I've seen it. 
Enriquez02/24/12Late start meant I got to see the coastal fog creep over the top ridge as I was riding the lower fire road...kinda cool. Great Ride!! 
Enriquez02/20/12Added Dripping Cave and cleaned it again. Forgot Camelback again, but I am starting to like this feeling of riding a lil lighter. Now I know why I see so many riders with just a water bottle in the cage. Great Ride!! 
Enriquez02/12/12Good thing I was dressed warmly, felt good throughout the ride. Zooming down Rock-It until the I come across a family of 5 hiking, which luckily was after the rock garden. My Bear Bell warned them that I was coming. Tired but a Great Ride!! 
Enriquez02/03/12Fun ride with my co-worker Barbara along with Jeff and Billy. Said Hi to a few of the Pinoy Riders before the Cholla climb. Fun Times!! 
Enriquez02/01/12Day 2, Added Dripping Cave. This time I was able to clean the twisty curvy climbs. Thanks Tblazen for the inspiration. On that note, starting DC from the fireroad, that initial climb will be a heck of a challenge for me. Met my first GEO rider at the parking lot, GMann! Great Ride!! 
Congo Kid01/28/12Nice solo loop. Got a bit hot on this loop. Shot some video down Rock-it. Really stuck it on the downhill and felt good - great trail conditions after the rain. 
Enriquez01/26/12Rare midweek day off for me so what else to do but go for a ride! Still no granny gear to make the climbs easier. Good Ride! 
Enriquez01/19/12Went with XTR instead of SRAM on the chain and it was slipping. No Granny gear. I was surprised how well I did on Cholla despite not having granny. Picked up a new rear tire, Maxxis MOFO, gripped very well but its a beast of a tire. Very fast run down Rock-It. Great Ride!! 
Enriquez01/16/12Late start. 4:15pm Face felt numb for the first 15 mins. Saw a coyote on wood cyn trail. Rock-It was nice and tacky. Ended at about 5:15 in the dusk. Great Ride! 
Enriquez01/13/12I like it when I time it just right, plus the new KS helps get rid of the pit stops to lower and raise the saddle. Thank You inventor of the KS. Great Ride! 
Enriquez01/10/12Get home, wife tells me that date night has been cancelled. Quick kiss goodbye and off I go. Today I was determined to descend Rock-it soooo, I was pushing up the fireroad. Only stopped at the top to put the sunglasses in the pack and away I went. Good time on the loop, 58 mins, the new KindShock seatpost really saves minutes. Talked with a dude who had to unexpectadly climb Rock-It to look for his glasses, he found them. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON12/30/11Just before dark, Then hooters to see Overreem win 
Enriquez12/28/11Enjoying the short but brutal climb up Cholla and here comes a downhiller...guess who had to yield...yup me! All forgiven cause the first words out of his mouth were Sorry! Plus he had cactus on both sides so he would have been in a sticky situation! Great Ride! 
Enriquez12/03/11The plan was to meet my buddy under the 73 and the bike path around 7am and pedal into Aliso. It was 42 degrees! so we headed back to his place. WIMPS I know! Headed out again after 8am and it was about 60, much better. Met ThePainisLoveisPainLove, awesome videos on Youtube! Great Ride! 
JCampbell11/27/11Quick Ride. 
nuts4mtbikes10/24/11Kim needed "new" dirt so we moved our standard Monday ride from Fully Loop to Aliso tonight!! We included Dripping Cave on the way out. Kim really loved Rock-it!! It's been a while since she's been down it! Good job Kim! 
spicolli197610/15/11this was pretty close to the second half of our ride today. 
Enriquez10/02/11Saw what I hate to see on trails today! Helmetless rider going down Rock-It. He was excited about his new bike so I said "it would suck to not be able to ride it, if u crash... Met Ben and some other fellow on Coyote, rode back to the ranger station...nice guys...GREAT RIDE! 
Enriquez09/29/11Ran out of fuel going up Cholla...that hasnt happened in a long while...oh well next time! 
millertw09/22/11Probably my favorite trail so far in SoCal. 
SuperDutyDave09/17/11Added Dripping Cave up and back. Beautiful weather and I passed a guy going down the Rock Garden on Rock it! Rode awesome today 
MaR09/13/11Went down the rock garden for the first time. 
Enriquez09/09/11Thur nite ride. Sit at home with no power or go for a ride...no brainer. Stopping at El Pollo Loco after my ride was my only dab...20 mins for a chicken burrito...guess the rest of Laguna Hills was hungry too :) 
Gears of Joy09/09/11Climbed up Rock-it earlier today and couldnt stop thinking about flying down it, so I had to revisit Aliso Canyon for some downhill thrills. Saw a HUGE rattlesnake just off the fire road near the top of Cholla. 
Enriquez09/06/11Finally made it up to Big Bear on Monday. Thunderstorms made it a muddy mess so no big deal I thought, I can ride today. Get to the lifts, Closed. Sat and Sun only for the sky chair. It was a long sad drive home...thank goodness for Aliso! 
Enriquez08/22/11Late start, so I was on a mission to complete the loop before sunset. Non-stop except for the few steep rocky climbs, one on Rock-It and the other at the end of Coyote Trail. Made it back in the nick of time. GREAT RIDE! 
Ladera Dave08/18/11nice and cool today 
Goat Carl08/18/11Got off early and got to beat the heat today. This was my first time down rock-it, and wow! That was fun. Didn't know what to expect, so I had to walk a few of those quick up-hill transitions. It was 95* in Temecula at 4:15pm and an hours drive later in Laguna, it was 76* ahhhh... 
Enriquez08/16/11Started from Sheep Hills park near home...15 mins to the ranger station on the paved road. Felt good up Cholla, but felt even better down Rock-It!! Rode with my buddy who decided to try the rock garden for the 1st time...he did really good! GREAT RIDE!! 
BikeThisTrail08/14/11Good to be alive! 
Enriquez08/02/11Started around 6pm to give it time to cool down a bit. Decided to time the brutal climb up Cholla today (6 min 30 sec) Personal Best! I think the girl in the shorts and tiny tank top at the base of Cholla gave me xtra energy :) 
grimix07/28/11Kinda crowded this morning but everyone was polite & cheerful. Strange. More please. 
Ladera Dave07/14/11nice and cool tonight, good seeing you Jeff with KHS. 
Kimo06/30/11Great ride. Also did coyote on way to Cholla and after rock-it. 
ZULU06/30/11Added Rev Coyote before Cholla and Reg Coyote after Rockit. Good ride nice easy SS pace. 
DONALD JACKSON06/04/11Eve ride 
javarocker05/22/11Quick Sunday afternoon loop with Chris. 
javarocker05/14/11Nice cool morning ride with Chris & Marco. 
javarocker05/01/11Nice cool morning ride with Chris. 
Kimo05/01/11Great mid afternoon ride. 
A bit more technical04/28/11nice day for a ride 
ZULU04/25/11Nice easy ride just enjoying the weather and the day. 
OCYinzR04/16/11Trail was crowded this morning 
TomG04/16/112 lap from yesterday 
TomG04/15/11Lap one 
davidB.04/10/11on a demo'd Tallboy, 4:51 for Cholla 
Kimo04/02/11Great ride after work. Weather was beautiful. Legs felt suprisingly well for being my third day in a row. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/19/11Finally cleaned the Rock Garden sections straight thru the middle. 
Ladera Dave01/30/11Thanks for the trail work 
Royster7101/17/11Recon dam this place got hammered!! Water is a powerful thing. Good riding with your Ryan. 3 weekends in a row ran into Kris. This route is close enough I rode further... 
Twitch12/13/10I just had no go today 
javarocker11/06/10Nice easy ride with Chris after my long lay off. Great to be riding again. 
spartticus11/02/10good tempo ride today before Mt. Sac 
spartticus09/28/10trying a new seat (WTB Rocket - swapped out my WTB Devo) and a new tire in the rear (Hutchinson Python). Like the back tire w/ the new WTB mutano raptor up front... much more efficient than Nevegals. 
spookydave09/07/10I did it a little different as I started at the bottom of Stair Steps. I feel jipped for not getting any extra points for HAB / riding steps both ways. But then again, not as jipped as only getting 11 points for Tunnel. lol 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/26/10Thought I could do a short ride at lunch since my ride at Peters was short this morning. But it was Hot out there today at noon, so this hurt more than I thought it would. Saw a guy climbing Rock-It on the way down; he told me not to try that, and I think I'll take that advice. 
MattyJ08/20/10Rock-it, love it. 
halfasst07/18/10Easy ride this morning. Not too hot at Aliso, nice breeze blowing up on the ridges. 
tdroesch07/14/10warming up out there. low energy but great day. 
tdroesch06/27/10Went right at the bottom of Rock-it on Coyote Run. My personal best time for this ride + personal best up Cholla (7 min 13 sec)+ personal best time from home to the park entrance (11 min 4 sec). This is slow for most but I am stoked. 
Quikflip2706/21/10Second run to find my tools... Free chain tool, spoke tool, and 8spd quick link on Rock-it, if you can find them :( 
Twitch06/21/10Good to see Raul out riding today. 
GoneRiding06/10/10Combined this ride with a loop over at LCWP - Saw 3 deer on the way out to Cholla. 
NA1NSXR06/08/10Rock it climbers................. 
Twitch06/07/10Thanks Mark.... good to ride with you again 
genusmtbkr506/06/10Mellow ride before the Lakers game. Didn't seem as hot as yesterday. 
SlowClimber05/31/10Good morning ride with Brian. Made it up Cholla with only one step.. Major accomplishment for me, as I have been at this for some time. 
Twitch05/31/10quick loop 
genusmtbkr505/28/10Quick solo ride. Nice perfect temps. 
Keith B04/17/10Also included dripping cave and went up cholla again to come down Lynx - but came off (again! - 2nd time in 2 rides!) Yeesh. 
Quikflip2704/06/10Not my day... 
Twitch03/28/10Road in reverse. Tore a sidewall climbing Rocket. I was able to use a empty Gu pack in side the tire to hold the tube in and road out. 
Shigalert03/18/10Glad that daylight savings is here so we have our midweek group up and running again. First time down Rockit so we took it easy. Nice trail, "We'll be back". 
djenner03/07/10Great ride, beat the rain 
blipstream02/03/10solo morning ride 
roo01/03/10First ride of the Year! Let's beat 2009 with a head start! 
Velo Vino01/03/10Almost took out some runners coming up Rockit. 
iamjaymartin12/06/09Cleanbeater, Slowride and Dave rode about 3 times my route. Great ride awesome trails. Got to do Lynx and Cholla twice today. 
sixfoot611/30/09added dripping cave climb/descent 
javarocker11/29/09Nice morning ride with Chris. 
ahhooie11/25/09Bike in the shop. Had to ride ole' blue the rigid. Good ride with brad, although it was bumpy. Still need to get back in shape. 
xhuskr11/14/09easy spin for the K.R.A.S.H. ride...heal up Ken!!! 
meatmarketfreak10/31/09Rob n Kenny 
tweasol10/14/09Rode (yesterday) with Trey and his new bike. Pouring rain..... sluggish 
sixfoot610/09/09Solid, fast run. Pushed hard up, came Rockit and Coyote about as fast as my HT would let me. Very fun tonight. 
ahhooie10/08/09Good ride with Brad. Need more leg strength. 
javarocker10/04/09Nice morning ride with Marco. 
iamjaymartin10/03/09No Go Slow Ride and Toro. 
javarocker09/20/09Great early morning ride with Chris. Crashed on the return trip down dripping cave. Hit the tree and lost my bike computer. Just a low end Cat Eye. Oh, and fell into poison oak. 2 weeks of fun! 
javarocker09/13/09Solo morning ride. Great Temp. 
javarocker08/30/09Solo early morning ride. Nice and cool down below but on the ridge it was already getting hot at 7:30 AM. 
vt1ryan08/20/09morning spin. No energy today. quick ride 
Congo Kid08/18/09Nice after work ride with my son today. Cool out, which was nice. 21:49 pace to base of Cholla, which was too fast, as heart rate wouldn't drop for Cholla and ridge. 9 hours sleep in 2 days is causing the racing heart I think. Quite a few folks out riding today. 
Greo1008/13/09quick loop with the newbe's Mike and Mike. Ripped Cholla in 4:29.40 middle ring all the way. 
Nick PT08/09/09did driping cave and coyote both directions 2 times 
DONALD JACKSON08/08/09Rode with Andrew late afternoon, Pretty quiet in the park . More riders were heading into the park when we were leaving. 
martink11107/31/09Morning ride- no camera. Added dripping springs side trip (for fun) 26.2 mph max 
chanson07/28/09quick loop after work. great weather this afternoon at Aliso. 
javarocker07/22/09Solo ride after work. 
Nick PT07/18/09coyote on the way in, dripping cave on the way out- a classic singtrack loop during time crunch! 
Ladera Mike07/18/09Fun ride showing my brother around Aliso for the first time. Most of the park was nice, but the climb up Cholla in 90 degree heat was brutal. Very crowded in the park, lots of hikers and runners. 
smarcoly07/16/09fun in the sun! 
Greo1007/14/09quick litl loop at 6 to beat the heat 
Silverback07/13/09Added Dripping Cave 
Greo1007/10/09Added top of the world after Rocket climb 
Nick PT07/08/09met royster71 and told me about geoladders- ty always bends his rear derailler hanger! 
rsc60107/01/09Rode with Bird. Includes Dripping Cave. 
vt1ryan06/28/09Solo morning spin 
UphillRider6506/26/09Warm and windy 
p-man06/22/09Superfun downhill, love the sandstone. 
p-man06/22/09Superfun downhill, Love the sandstone. 
FalseSummit06/21/09Rode with Tom. 
DONALD JACKSON06/17/09beginner ride, Everyone had a good time, 
DONALD JACKSON06/14/09Moe and David. Mangoat We had a nice ride, 
trailking@cox.net06/14/09Part #1 of a 3 park ride. 
Twitch06/13/09Broken frame and a cold all in the same week. Good to be back on the bike. 
ahhooie06/11/09Battery died on the gps :( First time down Rock-it. Fun stuff. 
javarocker05/30/09Great morining ride with Aaron on his first ride in Aliso. I should not have told him the place that Chris went OTB last weekend because he did the same thing OTB in the same spot. Keeps it interesting. 
javarocker05/26/09Nice noon time ride with Chris. The weather stayed cool. Chris went OTB after the rock garden making one of the loudest body thuds hitting the ground that I have ever heard. I am sure that he is sore today. 
Twitch05/23/09Fridays ride to see if I was ready for Trabuco/San Juan 
rsc60105/14/09First ride since '08 on new bike with Billy & Mike. Painful. 
vikingboy1805/12/09Nice after work ride early this morning 
escargot05/03/09First ride in months. It hurts 
Holy Roller05/01/09New JAMIS Dakar is great, Fox Float rear lock out already broke :-( 
javarocker04/24/09Nice after work ride with Guy. Also hit Dripping Cave and Coyote Run both directions, 11 miles. Weather was perfect. 
dandrews04/24/09haven't done this in awhile, always fun 
trailking@cox.net04/23/09Got cold quick and windy. Good ride with Kim, Harv and Frank. 
trailking@cox.net04/23/09Got cold quick and windy. Good ride with Kim, Harv and Frank. 
javarocker04/20/09Nice solo ride. 
gaucho03/29/09Ride with Phil and Pat. Took Mathis up to the ridge then Rock-It down. 
trailking@cox.net03/26/09Quick loop after work. 
Twitch03/23/09Easy Spin 
cjackson_usc03/21/09Hit top of the world before heading down. lotta people walking their bikes up the climbs. 
JCampbell03/21/09ss with sarah 
Colt 4503/18/09Morning ride with Lisa. It got warm on the trail after 11am. It's time to start packing extra water and leaving earlier. 
cjackson_usc03/14/09Went to top of the world before heading back down rockit. 
SuperDutyDave03/01/09It felt like summer out there!!! 
Aceospades125002/15/09Great ride today, a bit muddy but still fun. 
SlowClimber02/01/09Nice afternoon run with !trackJ - trails empty. seems everyone else is watching the game and eating. Getting better up Cholla but still not making it non stop - Jerry did for the first time this trip.. 
javarocker01/31/09Great ride with Marco the newbie. He did well and is now looking to buy his own bike. He is now hooked like the rest of us. 
Ladera Mike01/22/09Nice morning ride before work and the rains. 
Twitch01/18/09Thanks ericfoltz 
javarocker01/10/09Nice morning ride with Jake. 
gmann01/08/09first time down rock it. quite challenging. right when I got to the bottom, two riders came barreling down the last hill. met ken in the parking lot. thanks for the info on the "red zone." 
javarocker01/02/09Nice cool New Year,s ride with Chris. Frost produced on my gloves. 
Holy Roller01/01/09Testing NEW JAMIS DAKAR frame wit Fox RP23- AWESOME!! Passed some friends on the way out and went for a 2nd run with Gary and his son Christian. It was Christian's 1st time out and he did great! I'm posting this twice since I did 2 loops. 
Holy Roller01/01/091st of 2 loops. 
Holy Roller12/29/08Gettin back in the grind. Now TREK says it wont be until FEB for a new frame!!!! WTF!!!! Just keep riding the 97' GT LTS for now. 
Holy Roller12/16/08Typical 12mile route: AW, DC,Coyote, Cholla, Rockit, Coyote, DC. Nice ride with Jon. Still WAITING forTREKto send myreplacement frame,andI've gained 20lbs. WHERE'S MY FRAME!!!!! 
Holy Roller12/16/08AW, DC, Coyote, Cholla, Rockit, Coyote, DC & out. Getting back intot hegroove, benn off tooooo long!!! 
mtnbikej11/16/08Felt like crap this morning. Lots of people out. 
halfasst11/16/08Hot afternoon ride with Mike P., came down Coyote to Dripping Springs on the way back. 
javarocker11/02/08Nice ride with Jake and Jon. Both directions on DC and CR. 
bte0110/28/0819.30 cholla, 4.10 up cholla. Dark before finish 
javarocker10/26/08Great cool morning ride with Jake, Chris & Jon. Both directions on DC and Coyote Run. 
ZipsBiker10/25/08We got on the trail before 7. It was cold. 
GoneRiding10/09/08Morning ride - chain broke on coyote run. Thanks to another rider named Morgan who who helped me thread it back on correctly. - Yokota 
4xdave10/02/08+ Milf Park 
4xdave10/02/08Did it in 30min entering from canyon vistas. I was ridding a demo Ibis, man that bike if fast uphill. 
plumb.moto09/30/08good ride. first real ride since my accident. first ride with some new guys as well as good friends 
Byron B09/27/08First time, good time.. rode with the crew.. 
ThinkFast09/26/08Slow-Low-Solo. Saw a nice size Bobcat on Wood Canyon on my way out. 
Congo Kid09/25/08Nice after work ride with my son. His first time up Cholla without stopping! Woo-hoo! 22:25 split to bottom of Cholla. Didn't feel too strong today for some reason. Maybe my flu shot made me drag a bit today. Hot-hot-hot - 95 degrees at 5:15 pm when we left. And dry too. Didn't cool off much during the ride as the sun went down. Fun time though - sure beats being at the office! 
ThinkFast09/23/08Slow (pace) and low (HR) solo. 
javarocker09/22/08Nice evening ride with Jon. 
javarocker09/21/08Nice morning ride with Jake. 
xhuskr09/14/08lap #2....was ok'd after the great white visitor was able to call 'home' 
javarocker09/06/08Great morning ride with Jake. Added in Dripping Cave and both directions on Coyote Run. 
Congo Kid09/06/08First ride in 6 and a half weeks. Been off - nerve damage on ankle, so no biking per Doctor's orders. Feeling better so getting back into groove. Out of shape! Rode with my son and he had his new Stumpy. Hard to keep up! Thorn gave me a flat front tire towards end. Pumped it up a few times and limped back to car before dark. Glad to be back in the saddle. 
halfasst08/29/08Rode with Hannibal, Carrie and Larry. Larry was trying out a "niner" geared. Met up with Kimberly and John for dinner afterwards. 
Two Tired08/29/08Nice ride with kparsons, Larrie and Carrie. Finally able to ride with part of the group again. Larry had fun on his niner demo. 
trailking@cox.net08/26/08Good ride, strange weather. Clouds moved in fast, really dark but perfect temps. 
Christobel93108/23/08first posted ride... new bike 
javarocker08/23/08Great morinig ride with Jake. 
PaulV08/22/08It was time to break some newb's in for some Hurky training, no one died and not even a sniffle so it was a good trip! :) 
beachbum12tree08/21/08both calves cramped...weak sauce 
THanson08/18/08Nice ride - minus the fall on rockit that removed a bunch of skin off my arm... 
MTB Fiend08/02/08This ride ended abruptly when my new chain broke. After dumping everything out of my Camelbak, I came to the realization I no longer had the chain pins I thought I had been carrying all these years. DOH! 
Kyle Rodgers08/02/08Rode entire route alone with only one stop at the top for a large group coming up. 
Holy Roller07/31/08Rode with Josh (my 14 YO son) and he taackled cholla & down Rockit, Good Job! 
javarocker07/31/08Nice afternoon ride with Jake. 
javarocker07/30/08Great ride with my 12 year old son Jake. He is getting better on every ride and loving it! Threw in Dripping Cave both directions as well as Coyote Run both directions. 
MTB Fiend07/30/08Casual pace for this classic ride this afternoon. 
Olis107/27/08Nice easy ride with friends. 4:50 up Cholla. 
Mtn Goat07/27/08Did a second trip up Cholla and back down Lynx. Nice little double (guess its time for GPS to make it all count!?!) great ride, feeling good! 
bte0107/26/08Cholla #1 3.55 
Eric M07/19/08 
Congo Kid07/17/08Nice after work birthday ride with my son. He did well on his new superlight stumpy hard-tail. Lovely weather - nice and cool this evening. Saw a 3' rattler stretched out on the fire-road near the main gate. Alas - another year older! 
SuperDutyDave07/12/08Second ride today!! I love this!! 
ErikMM07/08/08Lap 1 milkin' it...slow recovery ride after yesterday's hammer... 
ErikMM07/08/08so so 
Holy Roller07/08/08A little slow as I'm getting back into the groove, but it's all good. The new Fox forks are a BIG difference; so much faster on the downhill, now all I need is a decent rear shock and this TREK 70 wont be such a POS. RIDE ON! 
javarocker07/06/08Rode with my 12 year old son. He did great and loved it. 
javarocker07/06/08Great ride with Chris. We did a little different route. Dripping Cave to up Rock-it, down Lynx, up Cholla, down Rock-it, accross Coyote and out. 
mpighini07/06/08Went with my wife and she came down Rock-it with me. 
BikenSkate07/05/08Fun, not that hard, Rock-it trail challenging because of shale type rock, but worth doing again. 
Tim Andrews07/05/08Nice ride w/ group. Getting over a cold. Threw up 3 times. Feeling good now. 
One Flew OTB07/05/08Morning group ride w/some of the Sho-air group. Added dripping cave on the way to Cholla. Split off before Mathis as Tim was hurling due to his cold. Ah youth! 
genusmtbkr506/30/08Burner lap before work. First time back on the SS since knee problems 
SuperDutyDave06/29/08Rode up Cholla to Top-of-World then down Rock-it. Cannot understand why this is not a Geoladder Ride but it was a great day to be outside. 
SuperDutyDave06/29/08This was the second time around the loop--from bottom of Cholla to bottom of Cholla was my time. No ride out to the parking lot in between 
scott v06/28/08Started off with Troy, Mark, John and Brian. Had to break away early. 
dman354006/23/08HOT HOT HOT 
Olis106/21/08Nice leisurly ride with friends. New record up Cholla though. Road it in granny 4 and cleaned it in 4:25 versus my normal 5:00. 
DONALD JACKSON06/13/08saw tom rollin down coyote while i went towards Rock it up rock it. down cholla 
trailking@cox.net06/05/08Easy paced ride today, short loop. Still amazed at the riders with no helmets. They must drive without seabelts too. 
project_d05/31/08Rode with the son on his first trip down Rock-It. GREAT TIMES!!! 
Holy Roller05/26/08AW-DC-Coyote (slippery & muddy uphill)- Cholla-Rockit-DC AW out= 11.8 mi 
Holy Roller05/23/08Was on fire for this ride (at least for me)trail was 100% dry, you could not even tell that it had rained. Wanted to get some riding in before we (possibly) get rained out. up Cholla in 3:00 flat, should give me something to shoot for next time. Happy Trails, Y'all! 
Holy Roller05/15/08Hit the trail at 3 and it was still hot, and no breeze! Rode the test bike (SP Enduro Expert) from Rock & Rode a 2nd day. Increased the front forks from 92 psi to 120, not as plush but it still rode like a dream. Will drive home and be back for a 2nd ride with Wil, so the next post will be 45+ miles from trailhead, right?? 
smoothe_chicken05/12/08Haven't done this ride in so long. Was so much fun and wish I could get extra credit for doing Dripping cave. lol. 
T3XonaRFX05/12/08Add 12 minutes to this ride as I lost signal on my Edge 12 minutes into it. First time with clip pedals. 
Holy Roller05/11/08Actual loop: AW Cyn-DC-Coyote-Cholla-Rockit- Coyote-DC-AW Cyn= 12.0 miles 
DONALD JACKSON05/09/08With mike C. Carbon x control felt sweet. Tires roll fast and smooth but traction suffers 
T3XonaRFX05/07/08Must build stamina! 
vt1ryan05/03/08Solo spin. A little warm today 
genusmtbkr505/01/08TAV Patrol with OMR. Lots of STR sightings. 
DONALD JACKSON04/22/08BLK X Control, flat tire from the wood drainage crossing. 
JJ Holiday04/17/08climbed Lynx instead to change it up a little. great climb. 
4xdave04/16/0898 degrees at trailhead. Park was empty. 
OTB_again04/11/08Warm lunch ride! 
S.L.O. Phil04/08/08With Dripping Cave added at the end for a little extra. 
DONALD JACKSON04/02/08this is a portion of my ride 
northshore04/01/08Beautiful, cool breeze, a great way to end my Tuesday. 
OTB_again04/01/08Ride #2 today, the after-work session. Hit it with Mike C. and enjoyed brews afterward at Stadium Brewery. 
mt171903/26/08very rough on the second half. steep drops rock gardens. use caution. 
DONALD JACKSON03/24/08Rock it seemed to be a little tougher than I recall. Deeper holes and no good line Saw Rushak headin in at 6. Grovin to the tunes I think. 
genusmtbkr503/23/08Did a quick lap before it got too hot. Now off to spend Easter with family. 
northshore03/20/08Beautiful day! A quick ride after work on the SS with co-workers. 
ThinkFast03/18/08Solo. Quick loop after work. 
TheShredMan03/16/08Nice to be back.. Not nearly as hard as last month 
SuperDutyDave03/14/08I cannot believe how fun this is! I may move near this place! 
vt1ryan03/11/08Solo evening spin 
Congo Kid03/09/08First trail ride on my new bike; 2007 Specialized FSR XC Comp. Big step up from my $169 WAL-MART special. Can totally feel the difference. This could be the beginning of a whole new life for me..... 
CheekiTiki03/06/08The dirt trail on the side of Rock-It now has a ditch thru the middle of it from the rain. 
Dog03/03/08First time I cleaned Cholla this year! 
GoneRiding02/21/08First of 2 rides - the brush along the singletrack leading to rock-it has been trimmed back - Thanks! 
2fast2cramp02/20/086:30 in the morning,it was drizzling, and it was like riding on ice. but it was still a blast. 
THanson02/18/08Our second ride of the day - battled Shine up Cholla - won this time...ha ha 
Congo Kid02/18/08Cool/cold this morning. Leisurely ride up to bottom of Cholla, then pushed hard. Coyote run is so fun going fast! Sun came out at the very end.... 
project_d02/17/08First loop of the day; way fun!!! 
jbbarrette02/16/08up Cholla extra credit to Rock-it, down rock-it and then through Coyote and Dripping cave. Time is from door to door 
TheShredMan02/16/08First ride of the year. Cholla slayed me. Got to get into shape. Sure miss Whitting! 
4xdave02/15/08Climbed Cholla Twice 
PINKY02/13/08One of my favorite rides in the park. I also like going up dripping cave on the way to coyote and back up on the way out. A very fun ride. 
javarocker02/12/08Nice ride with Chris except for the multiple stops for bike adjustments. 
cudda02/02/08Good cold early morning ride. Beware top of rock-it has some rather large rain ruts. 
FREEKENGO02/02/08good ride with punkie and charlie. 
4xdave01/19/08First ride of the new year. Finaly. 
jbbarrette01/13/08with Coyote and Dripping cave out. Hope the guy with the dislocated shoulder is ok! 
MTB Fiend01/13/08Up Dripping Cave - up Coyote sun was in my eyes, a bit tough to see. Nice to get out to a different park, and out of the wind. 
cdemeis12/31/07Perfect riding weather - finally warming up! Pretty crowded today in the park. Ride 1 of 2 
Waldo12/31/07Added this after the Meadows/Rockit loop for a good day of ups and downs! 
spicolli197612/28/07Great ride with my single speed lil' buddy. We went up stair step, down rock-it, up cholla and back down stair step. 
cdemeis12/28/07Afternoon ride and still pretty cold out. I feel like I'm in the mountains! Ride 1 of 2 
javarocker12/27/07Great ride with Chris. Hardly anybody on the trails in the early AM. Started at the Cholla end, down rock-it, back up Cholla and down lynx and out. 
singlespeedrider12/27/07Did not do this exact route. Started on Laguna Canyon and came up Stairsteps then down Rockit and up Cholla down Stairsteps. Stairsteps is a little more advanced than I am really enjoyed rock it and cholla is a fun ride going up. One day I will do it without walking. 
cdemeis12/24/07Good times at Aliso today! Lot's of people out on the trails too. Ride 1 of 2. 
halfasst12/19/07Larry and I went out for a quick Sunday ride. Lots of bikers/runners out today. 
javarocker12/16/07Great ride this morning with Chris. 8 AM the temp wasn't too bad. Threw in dripping cave and both directions on Coyote Run. 
DONALD JACKSON12/12/07in reverse, did not clean rock it. Some new rain ruts make it hard to find a good line up. Sort of got caught by the darkness in the park.out at 5;30 Ranger was way cool about it 
escargot12/10/07First ride with Bullit. This bike is so heavy. I had to stop toward the top of Cholla! Going down Rock-it was so fun though. Thanks Bullit! 
Royster7112/05/07Coyotes were howling that was interesting. Ran into a ranger on a mtn Bike that was cool. 
redrabbit11/19/07Just doing this for me, no racing. 
escargot11/17/07Jonathan's first ride in Aliso Canyon. Great time. 
GabrielC11/14/07First time I've ridden this route. I will be back to explore other trails. 
superjoe11/12/07up rock -it nice conditions for climbing, little traffic one descender hit me on the way down, i stayed up. 
GoneRiding11/07/07Another early morning ride before work. Saw 2 coyotes in clearing between wood cyn fire road and coyote run. 
quad damage11/05/07Second lap with Matt. Too many people out. 
pgrout11/05/07my bro got a flat tire...bummer 
Hermit11/03/07Did this extra loop with Ryan after the long ride. Garmin finally worked. 
JJ Holiday10/30/07Nice ride Casper. Actually climbed rock-it and came down lynx. 
cH4os10/30/07Demo Day - Tried a Bionica Edison. Liked the self leveling for the sit and climb. easy to get used to this bike. 
cH4os10/30/07Demo Day Lap4, Tried the Chumba XCL... Wow now this was different for me... Downhill it was a machine! massive control. 
xhuskr10/29/07Demoed a bionicon...pedaled better than I thought it would and was pure butter on the way down...actual mileage less.. 
project_d10/27/07Air was clean. We rode a lot more than this, threw it Five-Oaks and Meadows. 
RollnStone10/27/07Lots of MTB at Aliso today. 
DONALD JACKSON10/26/07Dos 9er. The plan was Yop of the world then meadows, BUT Meadows is closed, Due to fire potential and danger, Hey that is understandable, So headed back and down Rock it. I noticed a big difference from a full suspension on rock it Could see that 1/3 of the Santa Ana's are toast. 
djnicholasc10/21/07Cholla will get your heart racing but its not too long. Rock-it is super rocky but makes for a technical and fun downhill. 
ZULU10/16/07Lunch time ride. 
TBlazen10/10/07single speed up rocket. had to walk the rocks a bit but cleared most else 
jbbarrette10/07/07slow easy ride, even managed to break a chain 
Olis110/07/07Took it easy today fighting this cold. It was chilly at 8 am but warmed up quick. Friend broke his chain going up Cholla so took a few minutes fixing that. Trails are in great shape. 
TBlazen09/20/07closest ride to what i did 
vt1ryan09/11/07Nice evening solo spin. A little warm tonight. Alot of people coming up rocket tonight. 
jbbarrette09/09/07went out through coyote and dripping cave, good easy ride! 
Olis109/09/07Included Cave. Cleared that for the first time in a while. It sure is rutted out on the second turn going up. 
Frakk09/08/07Fun ride first time going down rock-it!!!wow....!! 
Olis109/03/07Nice easy ride in the heat this morning. I think I set a new record up Cholla of 5:10 without really trying, took it easy on the rest of the ride. Included Coyote and Cave on the way out. 
jbbarrette09/03/07it was HOT! 
ZULU08/31/07hot and humid this afternoon 
4xdave08/27/07Took my friend out on his new Scott Ransom. Pretty awesome bike. 
Chris08/23/07First ride in a long time. Testing out my new brakes. 
jbbarrette08/18/07Actually rode dripping cave, coyote and up Rock-it, then back down Rock-it and through coyote. Good ride, hot as heck out there! 
4xdave08/12/07Brought some friends out for their first ride in years. They loved it of course and breathed real hard up cholla. 
Everett5608/10/07Rock It is crazy. 
Everett5608/10/07I liked the left lines because i'm still here.The single action after Rock It is fast. Fun ride. 
4xdave08/10/07Road up and down TOW a couple times just for fun. 
Code_Blue08/01/07part of tonights route 
Royster7107/18/07Ok I am very proud of myself did some work on my bike. Turned out nice at least I thought. Then can you say " Ghost shifting ." Had to go to the shop :( Was planning on doing a huge ride :( Came back and did a small one :( Saw Murmer nice to see ya big guy. 
easyrider07/16/07First logged ride in over a month. New baby = no riding (or sleep) 
Mike Honcho07/16/07Did ride with my 10 year old son, great weather for riding this morning 
jbbarrette07/15/07fun ride, did Coyote and Dripping cave out 
GrMonkey07/09/07Still feel sore from owee slide on joplin sat. Boo-boos everywhere.Yipes. I'll survive--Where's the advil? 
Jocko07/02/07With Marcus, Bill, and Brian. 
SKINNY07/01/07slo roll today.. hot as hell.. ended up helping some guy get his busted up bike rolling again.. 
SKINNY07/01/07fun ride... bring your boingers for the bumpity bumps.. 
trekstorm06/27/07Only had enough time for Rock-it today. 
Waldo06/25/07A beautiful but crowded day at Aliso. Extra caution required due to all the bike/hiker traffic. 
Shake Dust06/24/07easy paced my @^*%#! 
Murmur06/23/07Good, easy paced ride w/ Shake Dust. Rim Nordic #1 tomorrow. 
granny ring06/22/07Felt good, not too hot out. Almost caused a wreck coming down Rock-it when I stopped for a phone call, my bad. 
Royster7106/19/07Went out with Dave Deluxe. Testing out his new bike. I had a flat had to replace my tire:( Saw a coyote today. 
RollnStone06/17/07Dry and loose on Rock-It 
PaulV06/12/07another great day to ride, hard to truly appreciate how good we have it here (but trying!)sunny, good temps, and good trail conditions. This is a nice quick route, good for a pace ride. splits: gate to Cholla bottom=17:58, up cholla=4:42, gate to Rock-It bottom=31:06, gate to gate (just barely squeeked in under 43)= 42:59. 
project_d06/12/07I wanted to ride longer, but I melt in the heat. 
MissMTB05/26/07Rode straight to Mathis after Rock-It, so didn't technically do the entire route. 
easyrider05/23/07Forgot to log this last night to be applied to game. 
trekstorm05/16/07Legs were not up to much today. 
oc_laske05/09/07afternoon ride with the guys from work 
trekstorm05/09/07Six straight days in the saddle. 89 at 3 pm at Aliso. Good breeze to keep it cooler. 
dubjay05/04/07Nothing like taking a rigid bike down Rock-It to help loosen things up! 
oc_laske05/03/07after-work ride with the guys from work 
JJ Holiday05/03/07Nice fast pace ride with Casper Milque Toast. 
JJ Holiday05/02/07First ride on the new Enduro SL!! Sweeeeeet!! Did 17 miles total. 
PaulV05/01/07from Canyon Vistas: up Cholla, down Rock-It, up Mathis, down Lynx on IH Seven Point(42 lbs), time up Mathis = 13:20 
PaulV05/01/07trail run(immediately after bike loop)route(from Canyon Vistas): up Cholla, down Rock-It, up Lynx, down Cholla whew! 
lilmissholly04/26/07first part meadows, backside coyote, that was interesting...up cholla, shitty climb..i think i was overheated it turned out to be real warm that day..down rocket and back through coyote, i almost made that little hill too!T! 
Born2Play04/16/07Rock-it where fears are left behind..except mine 
Twitch04/13/07Solo ride 
JERRY04/08/07Took my neighbor out for the first time on his new mtb. Felt a little tired after doing como street road ride in the morning. 
DONALD JACKSON04/07/07part of my morning in the park 
XMXER04/04/07Went with Blazing Saddles. 
Dog04/03/07Rock-it is a fun ride! 
oc_laske03/29/07after work ride - usual route 
Twitch03/28/07Cold solo ride today. Met up with thekrings finishing the Aliso Tour, nice ride. 
Ben Boronow03/25/07Great ride with Eric & Marcus. 
Mooserider03/23/07Good ride with dad, it was the first time he cleaned cholla 
ericfoltz03/23/07Late ride with Twitch. 
Cranx03/23/07Nice evening ride w/m210. Saw a coyote that looked completely different from any of the others I've ever seen. Very cool. 
Twitch03/23/07Road with ericfoltz, nice ride 
JERRY03/20/07Thanks Ladera Cyclery for letting me test ride your Yeti AS-R SL. The Fox F100 feels really plush! 
tmoney03/18/07This route needs to include Dripping Caves and Coyote in the point mix. 
tmoney03/16/07The trails are getting powdery. Switch to >2.30's and the grip returns. 
trekstorm03/16/07I may have to change my name to "crash". Was on Cholla taking a breather and fell when I couldn't get my shoe out from my clip. How embarrasing. 
oc_laske03/14/07another after-work ride (cholla, top-of-the-world, mathis, dripping cave, coyote) 
fatposom03/13/07Great ride, big fun factor. 
oc_laske03/09/07Up cholla to top of the world, down mathis, around dripping cave, up coyote and back up to canyon vistas. Not exactly the described route, but seems to be the closest I can get. 
oc_laske03/08/07another after-work ride. can't wait for DST! 
oc_laske03/06/07after-work ride on the cog. warm weather was a nice change ... 
Mooserider03/06/07Good ride with dad, did a little extra credit rode art of the way back up rocket to get a dropped water bottle 
OCThrasher03/05/07Rode with TD8 and trailblazer. Cholla still kicks my butt. Just when you think all is easy, Cholla comes along. Walked bike little less than half way up. First time down Rock-it...what a blast. Definatly worth to ride up Cholla. 
xhuskr03/04/07Added another climb up Cholla and down Lynx......good to be riding again. 
TD803/03/07Good Saturday morning with Matt and Shane. Changed routes mid-way for the rookie of the group (He did suprisingly well down rock-it). 
TD803/03/07A little better than the luge. 
oc_laske03/02/07quick ride after work. new BB seems to be working fine (except when it came loose - my fault, probably) 
Mooserider03/01/07Good ride after work, rain sucks i did not ride for four days, hard to get warm still cold out 
xhuskr02/25/07First time on the bike in 5 weeks (and 5 pounds). It was embarrasing as I found Cholla a bit harder this time around. But, I did get the chance to see how well the knee would hold up. I'll be back next weekend! 
trekstorm02/23/07Had enough time to do Rock-it. Problem was that when I went up Cholla for second time someone else flew down and almost crashed in to me but I ended losing my balance and had to stop. Had to go up on a flat part to get back on bike. Whoever that was- Thanks. 
Don02/20/07Trail is in really good shape 
srehorn02/19/07up mathis, ow. 
SouthOCmtbgal02/16/07got a little warm at 11am, but still a great day to ride 
trekstorm02/16/07Wow. 82 degrees in Feb. Picture perfect. 
trekstorm02/16/07One good Rock-it deserves another! 
Mooserider02/09/07First ride after being sick for a few days, but i still felt ok 
JJ Holiday02/05/07 
oc_laske02/04/07after work ride 
ericfoltz02/04/07Rest day. Took Twitch out for his first ride since he broke his wrist. New MTB rider Tim joined us (I love watching roadies on their first trip down rockit). 
tmoney02/03/07Good quick one after work. 
cdemeis02/01/07Trails were still kinda muddy. 
oc_laske01/19/07first lunchtime ride in a while. didn't feel very strong (still fighting off a cold). did really well coming down rock-it (rigid fork and all) until I pinch flatted on the last rock garden. I've never had a tire go flat so fast - the tear was HUGE! 
trekstorm01/19/07Felt good enough to do it again. Only it got dark in a hurry. Last few miles were cold and dark. 
Claudio01/14/07We waited until mid-day to avoid the chilly temperatures. Overall the ride was great. We threw in a quick downhill loop on 5-Oaks...good times! 
Scottster01/07/07first ride in awhile , felt good to get out again. 
trekstorm01/06/07Liked this so well from yesterday I had to do it again. Much better weather too without the wind. 
trekstorm01/05/07First time on this route. Nice rocks!!! 
oc_laske01/04/07after-work solo ride 
CBScofield01/02/07Rode with a new rider. 
NO GO12/10/06Not many peole out. Still wet from the rain but overall a good ride. 
77CJ712/10/06Rode from apt to AWC park, up Lynx, down Rock It, around Cave trail, down to bottom of park, up Aliso Creek bikepath to apt. 13 miles total. 
FirstDrop12/09/06Practiced climbing technic. Rode with a couple of cool guys. Turned into a narly night ride on the decent. 
JERRY12/07/06Ran into Cranx again. Legs still sore from game. 
FirstDrop12/01/06Flipped over handle bars on Rockit. 
ThinkFast11/26/06Quick afternoon ride. Legs are pretty useless after all the riding this week and month. Saw Cranx on his way out. 
XMXER11/25/06Left G added another loop. 
DONALD JACKSON11/15/06sunset on ridge before heading down rock it Rode eli felt good 
rushak11/12/06Leisure ride with the roommie. 
DONALD JACKSON11/10/06rode Eli, warm weather. 
FirstDrop11/04/06Quick evening ride. Front tire flat. :( 
N-A-Flux10/30/06We had a great time with two new riders and a beautiful day! 
vt1ryan10/29/06first ride at Aliso. What a kick ass ride up Cholla 
ericfoltz10/28/06Rest day. 
Westermeyer10/28/06My Forerunner 301 says 1,086 feet of climbing, not 840. 
josh smith10/24/06slow tempo ride with DR.Shane 
PaulV10/23/06From Canyon Vistas: up Cholla, down Rock-It, right on Coyote, right towards Mathis but then left on Dripping Cave, loop Dripping Cave completely back around, then straight up Mathis, right at top, over to and then down Lynx, left at bottom, back to Canyon Vistas. splits: passing turn off for StairSteps: 9:00 Top of Mathis: 40:30 time up Mathis: 12:25 
FirstDrop10/21/06First ride on Epic. Flat tire. 
ericfoltz10/21/06Easy day. 
Twitch10/19/06Nice loop 
Twitch10/19/06Fun climb, great downhill. 
oc_laske10/18/06finding it harder to get out these days ... 
wolftrack10/17/06This included UP LYNX :) bonus pts for that? 
xhuskr10/15/06First time back to the dirt in weeks. Added top of the world and the backside of Dripping Cave for a total of close to 15 miles of pure fun! 
Von-Skipp10/14/06second lap. 
calepic10/13/06+ some extra 
super chicken10/11/06dripping cave, up rockit, down rocket, dripping cave. 
N-A-Flux10/08/06First time in the Aliso area. We had a great time exploring the loop and loved the Rock-it descent! 
Lionetti10/05/06Oh yea...my feet are numb 
thekrings10/02/06Great ride! 
super chicken09/30/06Five Oaks, Cholla, Rock-it 
super chicken09/30/06Cholla, Stairsteps. Lap 2 
ThinkFast09/28/06AM ride. It was a treat to meet and ride with George today. 
animaltico09/28/06Easy morning ride w/ thinkfast .. 
zziggy1309/24/06Rode this route for my second lap.......... 
Lionetti09/22/06Tuck and roll! 
oc_laske09/21/06fun ride with the guys from work 
Lionetti09/20/06First ride - Learned the phrase "2-1 grind!" 
K0KE09/20/06Slow pace recovery ride. HR monitor was off (it said 197 bpm 2 minutes after starting on the pavement). 
cjackson_usc09/15/06Fast Ride all the way to the top before heading back down to rockit. 
Marley3809/14/06Nav points were right on except for the finish. I couldn't find the last nav-point 
El prieto09/14/06They Burn! 
El prieto09/14/06 
cjackson_usc09/10/06Really strong ride after being off my bike for 2 weeks. Rode to the top before heding back down. 
oc_laske09/08/06fun ride with the guys from work 
srehorn09/07/06Ride after work. Loose moon dust everywhere; went to top of the world and saw goats! 
animaltico09/06/06EASY RIDE .. 
animaltico08/28/06EASY RIDE W/SOME FRIENDS .. 
tbowren08/28/06Did this route as part of the Bikeskills.com class. Alot of stopping and working on drills. Very good class for learning how to clear rocks/drops/ledges. We started at 8 am and ended at 2 pm. Very hot. 
JERRY08/25/06I forgot my seat,ahhh! Rode anyways, wasn't too bad. The blur realy pedals well even when standing! 
cjackson_usc08/25/06Solo ride after work. Warmed up on this before doing a quicker Lynx loop. 
JERRY08/24/061st ride on new epic bike, felt slow cause everything was freshly graded 
Dr.Dan08/24/06Second loop of the day: Up mathis, down medows, up cholla down rock-it 
K0KE08/23/06Bulldozer parked at the top of Cholla. Some grading of West Ridge fireroad and top 200 yards of Rock-it. 
XMXER08/23/06Went with BS. Actual loop was coyote, up mathis down rock it and out. 
debimtb08/21/06ran into the BIGGEST rattler ever! 
BlurryRider08/12/06Up and down rock-it and up cholla 
EK-RSM08/11/066pm start with Kurt & Mark. 
oc_laske08/10/06after-work ride on the cog 
SlowSpokes08/05/06Had to cut the planned ride short due to mechanical problems. 
SprocketHead08/05/06R. Derailleur broke and flatted, not my day. We had planned on going up Mathis and down Meadows in addition to this ride. 
JERRY08/02/06tested a turner flux,bike is predictable,balanced,plush, and very solid handling, thanks Bike Co.(Kevin)for the demo ride! 
Dr.Dan08/01/06Up Mathis, Down Medows, Up Cholla, Down Rock-It. 
TOMCA07/30/06great work out with single speed... 
TheShredMan07/28/063:40 Ride with Dano and RJ. Used the trails instead of fire road both in and out. 10 MPH average! 
srehorn07/28/06After work ride with brian and matt. No legs. 
oc_laske07/27/06afternoon ride with the guys from work 
Terry Best07/26/062nd lap for the day...was looking for a clean descent. Endurance pace. 
Terry Best07/26/061st lap out. Warmed-up while scrutinizing the CRS file on my Edge. 
Terry Best07/25/06solo spin... 
debimtb07/24/06hot at 8am! 
super chicken07/22/06tried my new fork on rock-it. sweet! 84 degrees at 7pm 
TheShredMan07/21/06Snuck out of work early and did a 3:40 ride with RJ and Dano. 
TheShredMan07/21/06Just RJ and I. Not as late as the last time. 
Big Lew07/20/06Always a great workout and very challenging. It has a little of everything which is why it's so fun! 
Gardyloo07/15/06Rode with Mike and Matt. First time down Rock it. Wow! Had no legs this morning. Walk my SS up parts of Cholla. 
Terry Best07/15/06Fun one with Animaltico & Scottster. 
Terry Best07/15/06 
J Roth07/15/06HOT! 
TheShredMan07/15/06Just RJ and I. Near total darkness through the rabbit trails and the bottom of Rock-It. Way cool! Gonna repeat the 7:00 PM ride start! 
Terry Best07/14/06Recovery ride with Von Skipp and his friend, Trung. 
Scottster07/14/06Slow ride with George and Terry 
EK-RSM07/13/06Surprisingly not too hot....starting at 6:30pm. Cool breeze at top of Cholla. Not many riders out - nice uninterrupted ride down Rock-it 
Von-Skipp07/13/06felt good to be back on the bike. slow pace recovery ride T-BEST! 
geofsanberg07/12/06Test road one of the haro demo bikes, pedels great but rode a little rough on the downhill on rocket. 
Bkrbm07/09/06Always fun but shoulda went earlier, sun burn sucks. 
Ben Boronow07/08/06Planned to go to top of the world. Only went to the top of mathis. Climb ended up a little over 1000'. It was cooler today than last Saturday. 
ThinkFast07/05/06AM ride 
stevedlt06/27/06Nice afternoon ride. Still pretty humid. Going down Rock-it on the Stumpy was awesome. 
EK-RSM06/27/06Is it just me or is it annoying to anyone else that so many people are now riding UP Rock-it instead of down. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man. 
EK-RSM06/26/06Surprisingly cool on the trail this evening. 
tgrimmin06/22/06Did a second loop of Aliso after completing the first loop. 
zoered06/15/062 days in a row up and down. felt a difference especially in time of day. gonna get this sooner or later without stopping. 
LastOneUp06/12/06Started at the Park. 
LastOneUp06/08/06Started at the park up top. 
silentak106/01/06Take plenty of water. Temp reached the upper 80s on the cliff top. 
redpit00705/20/06Fun ride but short. Not to technical in general...but a really fun SHORT downhill section (ROCK-IT TRAIL). 
bmerritt3205/19/06First ride on my new singlespeed....I kept trying to shift. 
Dutch05/16/06Quick escape during lunch!! 
lilmissholly05/15/06walked down most the granite..very technical for me now... 
BlurryRider05/08/06Took a friend out who hasn't ridden in several months and this was all he could handle. 
tbowren05/05/06Fun lunch ride to test out my tweaks on my rear derailleur, but its still having problems. Time for professional help. To those can roll down rock-it non stop I salute you. 
super chicken05/04/06Met SilentAK1 at the bottom of cholla, had a fun ride. 
silentak105/04/06Met Mad Mike! Thanks for leading the way! 
silentak105/04/06Fun trail, rock it was a blast! Thanks to Mad Mike for leading the way. 
tbowren05/02/06First time down rock-it. Now I know why the big boys/girls like it so much. Seems I have some growing up to do. Still very fun, and lots of room for improvement. 
Royster7105/02/06niceeeeeeeeee took it easy went with Mojo. 
SLyons04/30/06Rode with group from SoCalTrailRiders.org First time hiting the trails with my new Specialized Hardrock Sport. And first time on trails this technical (even though this loop isn't too tricky!). Great riding. 
boboso04/25/06Rock-it still gets me after a bad crash! Had the heebies... In Canyon, up Cholla, down Rock-it (with stops) to Coyote, out to Mathis for the short hil and run off, back up Coyote to Woods out Canyon Vista to Hopseed and home. 
K0KE04/19/06First time riding Aliso. Seems to have something for every level of rider there. 
BlurryRider04/12/06In at bottom of Cholla, up Cholla, down Rock-It, Down Coyote... 
SlowSpokes04/09/06Did this loop first then went up Mathis and down Meadows. Total ride time was 2:03. 
Newy04/09/06First time on Rock it.. Had a blast.. 
MJCS04/03/06Nice ride. Did not notice I got burnt till I got home :) 
Royster7104/02/06Went with mitch it was preaty dry considering all the rain. I was surprised. 
oc_laske03/28/06got a ride in after work before the rain 
yosemitesan03/25/06Great to be back on the bike after some time off! 
Royster7103/22/06The Classic best quick run at aliso. went with Monica. its nice to see it getting green again 
LastOneUp03/20/06Mud. Lots and lots of mud. 
a3brown03/19/06Muddy today, especially the canyon floor. Cholla was in good shape though. 
oc_laske03/17/06lunch ride. front hydraulic brake line ruptured on the tail end of Rock-it. had enough power to get down safely, though. 
oc_laske03/09/06lunch ride with some guys from work 
xhuskr02/26/06Added backside climb to Dripping Cave then out. Still out of shape, but better this weekend, than last! 
devodoc02/23/06Went in through Canyon Vista and back out Coyote. 
debimtb02/22/06friend broke her femur on Rocket~airlifted out! 
Sky-King02/13/06Second part of my nice ride with Tbest today. everybody loved my new bike basket :) 
YourLagginDude02/07/06400 spring. 24.4 / 31.9. Arms tired, could have been faster for sure if fresh. 4 runs. 10 shock, 10 fork was best. 
Terry Best02/06/06Fun ride with SpeedJunkie & Vapor. Went up Dripping Cave & Coyote then climbed Rock-It and finally down Lynx. Good times! 
YourLagginDude02/06/06Kendas (XC) back on. 2.35/2.50 23.4 & 31.9, still slower w/Romic & 450. Changed to 400. 4 runs down. 
vapor02/03/06Nice mellow afternoon ride with blackwood and his friend. Rode dripping cave and coyote instead of wood canyon. 
YourLagginDude02/01/063 times down tuning Romic on VP Free. Intense rear tire too heavy w/DH tubes still on from Bootleg. 
TRB01/31/062nd of two loops. Temp. was perfect and trails in great shape. 
lynchb01/30/06Lots of fun like always, is it me or did everyone get a bike for christmas and decide to try to ride it this day...week days are much better! 
boboso01/30/06SHARE Trail Patrol. In at Canyon Vista Park, Wood Canyon to Coyote, back up Coyote, to Cholla up Cholla to Rock-it, down Rock-it to Coyote, Wood Canyon to Canyon Park, Up Wood Vista to Home - SS 
TD801/27/06Rock-It Rules! Double loop today, combined with Cholla-Meadows. 
goldrunner01/26/06Ditched work early to go for a ride with Royster and Monica. Had a great ride, considering my derailer issues. 
Royster7101/25/06Sweeeeeeet Ride This is one of my favorite routes. Went with Ben and Monica today. Saw 4 Deer and 3 Cranes that was cool I don't usaully see deer here. 
Terry Best01/24/06Great ride with the BeachBum today :) That guy is getting smooooth on his descents. Very happy he decided to get back into MTBing :) 
YourLagginDude01/22/06Met Scott from ocrider at Rockit. He and some others were out with Brian Lopes yesterday while shuttling on Telonics & PG! Knew I should of went! 
boboso01/20/06Into park at Canyon Vista - exited back to Hopseed and home - SS 
vapor01/19/06nice late afternoon ride with Terry Best and tscbeachbum, avoided the creeks by going through dripping cave and coyote. Going down rockit in the dark was stimulating. 
MJCS01/19/06Went with Roy. Second bike trail I have gone on. Did not fall off this time :) 
TSCBeachBum01/18/06evening ride (it got dark and interesting!) with TBest and Vapor... i'm still trying to get back into it. 
Terry Best01/18/06Boat load of fun with TSCBeachbum & Vapor. Got very dark so I turned on the light that I accidentally brought with me while going down Rock-It. Simply the best accidental night ride I've ever been on! 
Royster7101/16/06went with Mitch nice easy going ride. 
Keith B01/15/06Cholla is now perfect after the rain - no sand at all. Nice afternoon blast. 
happymtbr :-)01/14/06good ride w. eric. aliso is a pretty busy place to ride. rock it is a blast! 
Spartacus01/06/06Second loop.Thank God for the breeze blowing today or it would have been really hot at 1pm. Saw two Bobcats. 
xhuskr12/27/05Added Dripping Cave into the route just for fun. Messed with cmptr, so no accurate time. Good thing was...burning off some of the holiday food. 
BIGFOOT12/27/05Solo on the SS. It does'nt get more Soul than this. 
YourLagginDude12/26/0526mph down the rocks, tuned the VP Free for Noble 12/26! Wehew... 
kentonn12/19/05Ridden so many routes today that I have lost count on Cholla climbs and I have seen Rock-it in both directions. 
Intense112/14/05I rocked rockit today ! 
SilverSpot12/03/05Late ride today. Krash goes OTB at the bottom of rock-it = tacoed wheel. 
animaltico12/02/05fun ride w/ manny . 
vapor11/29/05Sorry Scottster, I couldn't find your key/transponder/tools on the trail. 
vapor11/27/05nice mellow ride in aliso with scottster. 
yosemitesan11/02/05Good ride w/ Ecobunghole & Stoneleigh. 
El Pelon11/01/05Got dusted going down Rock-it by a kid on a $50 thrift store beater =D 
animaltico10/31/05Great ride w/Terry ,Scott & Justin good job ladies ! 
BIGFOOT10/31/05Solo ride. Great weather. 
Terry Best10/30/05Great ride with my team, Sho-Air. Just a reminder why I'm with this fantastic group of individuals. Had the pleasure of watching George DANCE down Rock-It. He reminds me of Ayrton Senna....only on a bike You go boy! 
Sleestack10/30/051st time riding an Aliso trail; fun with Terry, ANIMALTICO, and the SKYKING. Tough climbs with rewarding downhill and a road finish to stretch the legs out. 
Sky-King10/30/05Legs were tired, and I wanted to take it easy, but try telling that to George and Terry :) Justin and I ended up going hard, it was a blast! 
Scottster10/28/05Ditched work early and rode with Terry , also met up with George who I had not seen in a while . 
macforrest10/25/05trail condition is great the rain got all of the sandy areas tamped down. Was great weather, I have been ill with the flu so tiem wasnt good 
Murmur10/13/05A little hot today. Nice, easy solo ride again. Need to step it up this weekend to something more challenging. 
yosemitesan10/04/05Fun ride. Addded Dripping cave onto the end of it. Perfect weather in the afternoon. 
Singular10/04/05It was a nice day with over cast. Took a friend that had never been here. He loved coming down Rockit. Man never saw so many people riding on this day. There were more than 100 people riding around in Aliso. Parking lot was completely full 
macforrest10/03/05We parked up top of meadows and dropped in. Was fun aexcept for the climb back up, was long and hot 
yosemitesan10/01/05Good ride with the guys. Cholla is pretty sandy right now. Got out just in time before it got too dark to see. 
CTrask09/30/05My first of two Aliso routes today. 
YourLagginDude09/30/05HOT! Felt like a puss... and rode like one up and down. Took the 41lb. bike. 
YourLagginDude09/29/05Slow ride with 41 lb. bike & friend. 
YourLagginDude09/28/05Rode with freind with bad knee, slow pace. 
Scottster09/25/05Luckly some summer weather came back 
YourLagginDude09/24/05Cruiser ride with some guys I met up with on the trail. Tomorrow I'm doing 5 Oaks per their strong recomendation. 
YourLagginDude09/23/05Rode with two people from Team Basso, just a talking mellow cruise ride. 
BIGFOOT09/23/05solo ride Cholla is in good shape 
Keith B09/16/05Rode with Terry and Russ. Cayote run to Cholla, Rock-it to Cayote then dripping cave. Good to be back in the groove :-) 
McSnow09/16/05Did route plus a few other bits on the way round. 
gdackerm09/12/05frist ride of the morning 
Graham Clark09/10/05Another after work ride w/ Norris. Went to Top of the World. 
Scottster08/27/05W/ TBest , TSCBeachbum, and mike . Nice Friday evening ride . 
TSCBeachBum08/27/05evening ride with Terry, Scott C, and another friend. cholla is still covered in parts with pretty thick sand, but it was still fun. 
xhuskr08/23/05First time up Cholla since the "bulldozer incident". Sad changes, but still rideable. Hot day out, but good breeze on the climb...not bad for a midweek ride. 
Two Tired08/23/05Somewhat tired from previous Mathis-Meadows lap. Cholla is still somewhat loose from Dozer work but getting better. Able to clear it again without too much trouble. 
Scottster08/21/05W/ Second lap w/th Cid , TBest, and Scott. 
crashmax08/19/05Great after work ride at 6:15 AM. 
animaltico08/18/05Fun ride on the new bike (nitrus) 
Singular08/16/05Ok. Since there is not route cholla to top of the world then down Mathis. I time my self at 52.mins taking a detour to Top of the World then down to Mathis. 
mtnbikehb08/10/05I did my usual aliso loop... parked at ranger station, and rode coyote, up cholla down lynx, up cholla down rock-it, coyote up thru dripping cave and back out to the ranger station, prob 13.5 miles..... awesome weather 
Burdman08/02/05Lots of extra credit. All single track along ridges, dripping cave, and coyote 
Cranx07/16/05Did this as part of a dual loop with Mathis to Meadows. Added the Wood Canyon fireroad section between the Meadows trailhead and Coyote in in order to get an accurate time. It was hot but I felt pretty good. If I ever get a GPS I'll see if we can add this as a dual loop; great trail combo! 
Scottster07/16/05w/ TBest , rode on some new trail , nature trail , sort of cool . Went up Lynx rather than cholla pretty good climb 
crashmax07/14/05I can't belive they would grade Cholla. Brought along a fairly new rider, and he injoyed the area, except for trying to climb up Cholla, which used to be a fun climb. 
Scottster07/13/05tractor season , they did a cheese grade on almost all of the trail's 
David Luna07/12/05Rode a couple of the downs w/bigger bikes......Switch S3 
Scottster07/10/051 of 3 laps today 
Scottster07/09/05met another rider that was new and showe him a few trail's also told him about geoladders 
mtnbikehb07/06/05I did my route as listed before 
RussJD07/01/05Did a quick Cholla - Rock-it loop right into a Cholla - Lynx run with jcjacob21 and Jim. Super fun as always. Parked off Canyon Vistas so the route was a bit shorter. 
Scottster06/21/05W/ Tbest , nice evening ride until the bugs came out 
Terry Best06/21/05Evening ride with Scott_C. Ventured up to the Five Oaks trail for some excellent downhill fun. (Standby for a possible new Five Oaks route). Came across a downed-rider on Coyote, victim of a head-on collision. Be careful on Coyote as many people use it after descending Rock-It OR avoiding a boring Wood Canyon Fire Road climb to Cholla... 
Ronvdp06/19/05Good short ride, asphalt is a pain on a ss! 
Keith B06/19/052nd ride of the day - this time with Dave. Went up Cholla to top of the world the back down to Rock-it. Soooooooo tired. 
mtnbikehb06/15/05started at church to coyote to cholla, down rock-it,up cholla down lynx thru coyote to dripping cave rode to church...... 
victored06/12/05this was fun. kind of hurt my back using my hardtail. I didn't know the route but I followed some people and did it. 
Scottster06/04/05Gave TBest a priceless ringside seat to an awsome crash - got a hairline fracture on my collar bone,fractured finger and ripped tendon's on same finger 
TSCBeachBum06/04/05laid-back ride with a friend. fell coming down the waterfall on rock-it, and somehow tweaked my front derailleur, resulting in a very slow and cautious ride the rest of the way back, since i couldn't use the big chain ring and my chain was grinding the whole way. 
mtnbikehb06/01/05I rode from the ranger station to coyote, up cholla down lynx, up cholla to rock-it, down it, then dripping cave back to station. approx 13.0 miles total. Awesome ride, start time was 815am tuesday 5/31.The weather was over-cast so the sun was not af 
Graham Clark05/31/05Rode w/ Dave Norris after 22 mile morning ride w/ Freeride up Trabuco Canyon. 
vapor05/30/05Second ride after awhile, taking a long break from riding due to illness is not fun, neither is riding while still getting over a bad cold, went up rockit and down cholla and coyote 
TSCBeachBum05/30/05did the route backwards... up Rock-it down Cholla. nice loop. 
Keith B05/26/05Rode with Graham and Dave. Went up Cholla, down Meadows, along& back up Cholla and down Rock-it. Totally destroyed Clark on his shonky Ellesworth :-) 
Graham Clark05/26/05Rode w/ Keith and Dave. Locked keys in car- had no water. This gave Keith an advantage. 
Terry Best05/22/05Quick spin w/ Scott C. 1st time out on the new bike (Epic S-Works). AWESOME, feels good to be shifting again with a rear suspension :) 
Scottster05/21/05w/ TBest Thanks to Manuel Prado for the Fork install , I got to try the new fork's and the were awsome. 
TSCBeachBum05/13/05solo ride. added a quick, short loop down lynx and back up cholla then continued up to rock-it. 2:55 top-to-bottom on lynx, 11 minutes back to cholla and up to the top of lynx. took coyote run out and back. big party of 15+ riders with beer at the 
vapor05/04/052nd solo ride on ebay special, rode coyote instead of fireroad to cholla, bike as well as back got damaged coming down rock-it 
Scottster05/02/05W/ Mark fun ride with fast down hill 
vapor04/23/05legs still toasted from previous ride, took coyote on way up instead of fireroad, broken front derailer 
Terry Best04/20/05Up Cholla and happened to drop down into Laguna Canyon for DH practice. Came back up StairSteps and down Rock-It. George is crazy. 
TSCBeachBum04/17/05was waiting for Andreas to get his tire fixed 
Scottster04/16/05W/ TBest ,Speedjunkie,TSCBeachbum 
Terry Best04/16/05Waited at the top of Cholla for SPEEDJUNKIE...that lagger ;-) 
Singular12/07/04Test out a full suspension bike 
Manuel Prado11/20/04Nice fun ride, 30 MPH down rock it! 

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