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Old San Juan Trail

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Congo Kid05/08/18First time up San Juan Trail. Left around noon as JP has some stuff in the am. 2.5 miles up had to stop due to heat. JP couldn't get body temp down, but breeze helped as we ascended. Lots of stops for JP to catch up and find a bush to get under to cool off. Couple of close calls on wiping out as tires sliding a lot, though I dropped air pressure. Tons of poison oak up on the loop section, but fortunately didn't touch any. E ticket ride down - total blast, though most of it was slippery. Would probably do up and back to cocktail rock vs. the loop next time due to rocks and HAB sections got a bit old after a while. Felt fine as first time on geared bike in quite a while. Pedaling is easy with gears. Go figure. Wasn't tired at all. 
dandrews01/15/18good ride with Jimmy 
GoneRiding01/15/17Sunday ride with Darin, Martin, Drew & Daniel. Good seeing Benito and bunch of others out there. Not real thrilled seeing 4 E-bikes at Cocktail Rock. We added Viejo Tie for some extra fun. 
UphillRider6511/30/16Great conditions! 
GoneRiding11/12/16Saturday morning crew ride. Did the loop in reverse and added in Viejo Tie as well. The Chimera 100 mile running race started at 6am and they were coming down San Juan from Blue Jay as we climbed. Still not to bad stopping and letting them go by. Fun ride with Troy, Ben, Greg, Vino, Darrin & Randall. 
unikid09/05/16Labor Day ride. Good number of folks out today. 
MTB9260203/06/16Trail eroded away in a few spots but otherwise great ride. Watch out for downhill riders lots of blind curves with little room to get off the trail 
unikid01/03/16Always enjoy this ride. 
Phishin Paul11/28/15Lot of big groups out today. Perfect weather. Ran into Mtnbikej at cocktail. 
Phishin Paul07/09/15Hit a soft spot on a corner and ate poop. I also tried new glasses on the ride up. Not sure I really like being able to see the trail better. The ruts look bigger. I am better off riding blind I think. 
unikid04/12/15Great day to be out 
Phishin Paul02/28/15Great day on the dirt with Dave. Not crowded at all and had only 1 other uphill rider for our downs. On a Saturday? Love it! Good seeing Tom on the uphill. 
UphillRider6512/17/14Another fun day on the SJT, this time cool and quite wet. Got pored on for most of the back part of the loop, nothing quite like riding in a stream. 
Keith B12/07/14Great ride with Jeff, Andy, Junil and Ryan. Saw plenty of old friends out there. Perfect weather - its rarely not so right? New tyres were flawless. Top loop as fun as ever. Fun times on the descent trying to keep up with Jeff & Ryan. 
TomG12/05/14Just like the man said route was perfect. 
thatdave11/28/14Joe, Luisa,Ed, and I 
TomG11/14/14The trail is well marked and most has been brushed. It could use a little more moisture. 
Royster7111/05/14Good riding with you Gerry haven't posted here in a while, but have to post such a great trail will be doing this soon again. 
Phishin Paul09/21/14Great day on the trail. Solo ride with very few encounters. The bike is the best form of transportation ever made. 
GoneRiding09/01/14Good ride w/ Brian, Frank & Ben. Nice and early to beat the heat and get back home at a decent time. We split up at Cocktail Rock and I went solo to the left for the lollipop loop. Saw a few groups of shuttlers out there and good seeing Paul on my way back down from Cocktail. GPS died on the way up. 
Phishin Paul07/04/14Early start to try and beat the heat. Fun ride with Dave, KO and Ryan who we ran into on the trail. Couple mechanicals on the ride. 
GoneRiding05/26/14Fun Memorial Day ride w/ Craig, Ben, Frank, Brian & Matt. Saw a few others out there with our early start but really not too bad. Good seeing some other Troupers as well. Cleaned up some beer bottles that were at Cocktail Rock. Thanks to all who have served for our country! 
suchafingahole05/07/14Did this in reverse.My intention was to go to Chiquito trail head and do an out and back but,the over growth on New San Juan was so bad I opted out.It was no picnic in the other direction either.I sometimes wonder why big organizations like the Sterra Club cannot get a crew together to brush these trails.Never mind, my bad. They are probably to busy trying to shut down everything to everybody but, themselves.. 
unikid03/30/14Been a while since I did this ride. Cleaned some stuff I normally don't. Dabbed on some stuff I normally don't. Oh well. Great weather today made for enjoyable ride. 
UphillRider6502/27/14Rain = SJT. Great time out on the trail this afternoon, a little too much Poison Oak on parts of the loop but I think I dodged most of it. Got cloudy cool and windy on the way down from Cocktail Rock. Quite a few riders heading up late. 
la_purisima02/21/14Great ride today with Greg who had never done the loop. 
GoneRiding01/18/14HT - Ian, Brian & me. We spent about 2 hours on Viejo Tie doing some brush work. Carried a backpack that must have been around 30 lbs with tools, change of clothes, etc. Hard to negotiate some of the chunky stuff with that much weight on my back. One flat for me climbing SJ and one for Brian later on. Took a spill coming back down SJ and got my knee pretty good even though I was wearing knee pads. They must have slid down my leg a little bit. Nice knowing the Warrior's Society was out doing trail work on Los Pinos. Thanks WS! 
UphillRider6512/09/13Great conditions and no mud on the SJT but lots of riders. Good to see Aaron, Mark, Josh and Tony on the trail. Glad I when even though the bottom bracket was almost frozen, got a lot better by Cocktail Rock. 
SuperDutyDave09/13/13WOW! Was it ever hot today! 
MTB Fiend08/31/13Nice ride with Dave. Early start, moderate pace, a couple stops, made for just the right effort. Rode the RIP, which seemed a perfect bike for this route. As usual, struggled a bit on a couple switchbacks and some of the rocky areas, but all in all felt as though I had done better than other experiences out here. Temps were OK most of the time, although at the start there was little breeze, but it got better as we reached the ridges. Saw a Deer on Old San Juan. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej08/03/13TB. Looks like I picked a great day for this ride. Temps started off warm, but nice. Warmed up pretty good from Cocktail Rock around to Old San Juan. By the time we got back around to Cocktail Rock, the clouds and breeze rolled in and the temps were nice and cool. Trail was in way better shape than I expected. Had I know it was in this good of shape, I would have ridden the SS. Kinda quiet out there...not a ton of riders. Did this as a counterclockwise loop...much prefer descending SJT and climbing Old SJT. Felt pretty good the whole way. Good ride for sure. 
grimix06/20/13nice, mellow roll. this never gets old. 
unikid04/28/13Great day to be out. 
unikid03/28/13Late morning start. Great day for a ride and to be out on San Juan. It's been well over 1 year since I last did this route. 
TomG03/27/13San Juan old San juan 
grimix03/20/13yay for endorphins! 
grimix03/01/13had to check my jersey for a "bullseye" when I got to cocktail rock. 
grimix02/15/13anti-strava pace. just a nice rolling bike ride concentrating on keeping a neutral body position. 
mark189002/09/13funday monday with tipover,crash,crash a lot and dan... 
Hammertime02/06/13Great ride with Doug, Dad, Ben and Mark... Fun, fast and tacky in spots, San Juan never disappoints! Great seeing Doug crush again, right after a race even, made me work hard even tho I used gears... must be the weight savings, like 8 pounds or more lighter than my sj ht... crazy 
Despacio02/05/13Great ride with Mark,Ben,Doug,and Daniel. not my best energy day but cleaned alot of new sections ! ben and doug had a pissing contest and looked like they got in a catfight ! Good times ! 
ADanFool01/05/13Broke my SJT cherry... it hurts. 
Royster7101/01/13Good ride with Mojo and Gerry! Video coverage of a huge Helicopter that was swooping near us on my facebook page check it out! 
MoJo12/28/12Great day with Roy and Gerry. Perfect weather and spectacular views. Roy almost missed this one because he couldn't figure out what day it was! Watched a military looking helicopter in the meadow acting as thought it was going to land and then taking back off. So low that it may as well have landed. Pretty cool. 
grimix12/27/12almost turned around when I saw the parking lot. glad I didn't. people must have just been making out in their cars. pretty empty. 
JDMack12/16/12San Juan and my 275 Carbine go good together. It doesn't climb that well but it goes down better than any bike Ive ridden. The loop after cocktail rock was pretty wet and muddy, and it sprinkled pretty much the whole ride. Lots of traction, great ride! 
Keith B12/15/12Awesome birthday ride for Lynn. I managed to get stabbed in the leg, whipped in the eye, sprain my wrist and gouge my other leg - argh!! Nice steady pace up to Cocktail (Rowsby sighting along the way) then super fun on the Old San Juan trail. Trail was nice and tacky. 
grimix12/14/12started off with the f-ed up news of the day in my head. Kept a social pace eying lines and working to track them with good balance and flow. C-clockwise to mix things up. Great ride. Shitty day. 
grimix12/10/12Two deer in the meadow. Not too frightened either. Met a fun group of people at the rock on the way back. 
Weekend Warrior12/08/12Excellent Ride on a new Intense Tracer 275. Borrowed on their Demo Day. Instead of the shuttle, Rode Up and around Cocktail Rock and back. My next bike will be a 27.5!!! 
Keith B12/01/12Awesome group ride with Sarah, Andy, Craig, Margo and Annabelle. Perfect weather and trail conditions. Hadn't done the top loop in years but it was alot of fun with some soft ground but hardly any mud at all. I'd forgotten how much fun the descent can be. 
benito11/27/12sat ride with the crew 
ridnsolo11/20/12Nice ride today. It was a slow go, but I felt good once I got to cocktail rock, so I kept going. Good to be on the bike again. 
Damon M11/18/121:32 to rock 1:03 lolly pop 
SuperDutyDave11/16/12Only saw 5-6 other mountain bikers. great weather and it was apparent that no rain hit the trail in the last 24 hours 
TBlazen11/10/12Fun ride with the ThinkASG guys and saw ThinkFast (Troy) who was going to Pinos...good to see ya man! Nice and tacky fun D-Hill but lots of peeps out...38 degrees when we left... 
banzaya10/22/12fun ride 2day w/ my partners Jo & Lyndon 
Fooly10/14/12Garman stop recording after the 1 hr mark. 
TomG05/27/12It's getting very loose and the switch backs are rutted. 
bikesurfski05/05/12One of the longest rides in history--seemed like forever anyhow. Late start, not too many out there today, but great conditions--trail and weather. Good to see Benito and friend tailgaiting in the parking lot. Also, a couple from San Diego--enjoying first time on San Juan. Getting used to the limbo with bike in hand below the downed tree on New San Juan. Thanks Gene for fixing the trail failure at 2.5 miles :) 
suchafingahole04/29/12Great ride with Mark V. and Brian E. Lots of bees at cocktail rock today. 
suchafingahole04/26/12Perfection ! 
suchafingahole03/21/12Great solo spin. Good seeing dandrews out there today. Looked like he was on a mission... 
Gunny Bing02/21/12Set up a Whitney Houston shrine at Cocktail Rocks. You are welcome in advance. 
halfasst02/20/12Started out with Larry H., who had to turn around before Cocktail Rock to get to a meeting. Ran into goldrunner and the IE boys, Daniel and Jr. Old San Juan loop was a lot of fun. Saw thinkfast on the way down, along with a few others. 
suchafingahole02/20/12Added Viejo Tie for extra fun. Good ride with Troy. Nice seeing Dispacio and FLATULATOR at Cocktail rock. 
ThinkFast02/20/12Good ride with Brian. Not too into it today but it was good to get in the dirt. Saw flat calculator and pistachio at cocktail. Always good seeing you guys! 
UphillRider6502/16/12Wild ride in the wicked winds, some gusts must have been 30 MPH. Trail is pretty dry even with the rain yesterday. 
roliepolie01/26/12this is such a sweet route... did around noon yesterday. Saw way too many people for a weekday, but most of them actually had some trail etiquette while I was climbing. trail is perfect, weather was perfect 
TopTrim01/02/12Visiting from the East Coast and haven't ridden climbs like that since I moved back East 20 years ago. Loved it...What goes up must come down. PS: we rented great bikes from Buy My Bikes. Great guys! 
unikid01/02/12First ride of new year. Great conditions. 
Jake c('.'c)12/28/11Wow, I had an awesome day on San Juan! Chased out that holiday virus that's been bugging me all week. Just after the first switchbacks, I met a rider on a blind corner. The dude grabbed his brakes so hard that he dove over his bars and I actually caught him by the shoulders. He's going to have an ODI shaped bruise on his sternum for a while from landing on my handlebars but we both survived. 
Crispy12/27/11Added a little trek up to blue jay. 
flyingbrian12/27/11rode with steve 
Gerry Lattimer12/23/11Met up with Patrick from Santa Barbara to show him the infamous San Juan trail. Conditions were a little windy at the start, but it got better as the day progressed. Trail is in great condition. 
suchafingahole12/09/11Great Day, great ride with Mark M... 
grimix11/27/11always afraid to do this weekends but the crowds were great. so peaceful back in the woods. 
AaronK11/19/11Great ride and single track. Worth the effort to climb up there. 
suchafingahole11/08/11Epic day for a ride! Also did Viejo Tie... 
Jake c('.'c)11/02/11Beautiful day on the trail. Only saw one other rider. It was very windy on the climb and downhill section with some gusts that would almost throw me off balance at times. The trail is dry and really slick right now. 
flyingbrian10/29/11nice day, rode with steve and carl.... 
bikesurfski10/15/11Rode with my nephew from Arizona whose last ride was at 108 degrees on a flat trail, so he enjoyed the cool temps and epic trail and learned several new skills. Good times. Good to see you again Steve. 
Phishin Paul10/09/11Flat tire at the start of the ride. Messed around too much with tubeless and finally had to stop to throw in a tube. Met Dave and Jeff before CR. They left a glass of Kern River IPA for me on the hood of my car. You can't beat that! 
flyingbrian10/09/11rode with steve and carl.... The trail was in great condition ! 
Buffalo09/17/11Great ride with Kato. Broken Derailleur hangers, flats, unplanned dismounts, perfect day! 
mark189009/14/11great ride this morning with the evil one.. 
suchafingahole09/13/11Great solo ride..Only saw 3 other riders. 
Zippy09/13/11Warm and humid, but much nicer than it's been. Planned on all of San Juan, but just don't have the legs to SS the whole thing...yet. 
Boerseun09/12/11Awesome ride with JR & Ben. 
goldrunner09/09/11Great ride with Jr. & Nick. Temps we're perfect and trail conditions were ok compared to my week in Yuba. Jr. decided to give himself a facial by doing a header into a Manzanita bush. Had to pull two good size twigs out of his face, ouch! 
Despacio09/09/11Great ride with Ben and Nic... until I launched into a manzinita bush and it kicked my arse (; still had a great time riding this excellent trail and even better I found my lost stuff from mondays yard sale (~: thanks to my two comrades who I thought wanted to help me but just took pics. instead, the cold ones at the bottom were GREAT! 
suchafingahole09/05/11Big group today.Thunder,lightning,cool temps, and a little rain made this ride very enjoyable. 
GoneRiding09/05/11Nice big turnout this morning for this ride. Good seeing Jr. Munoz, Hammertime, Mark, Mark Jr, Joel, Kevin & Sean from the IE! Thanks for the post ride beer JR. The big surprise was having Roy join us. Been a long time my friend. Had a couple of other Troupers out there as well including Damon. Brian provided today's entertainment on VW Rock. Hey, at least you went for it! I think we started with 18 riders- Nice! Awsome weather day out there. Got a couple of showers with big rain drops along with some lightning and thunder. Rain felt goood! Good seeing Keith & Larry out there as well. 
Royster7109/05/11Great ride!! Rained on us a bit at the right time!! Group of 18? of us very cool seeing everyone again!! 
ThinkFast09/05/11Pretty big group this morning. Fun ride with some great people! Always good to see the I.E. boys. They must get up earlier than the rest of us and can't see what color socks they are grabbing :) (mismatched)...Great to see you Roy! 
UphillRider6509/05/11Great group ride, prefect weather. Thanks Trobe1 for scheduling the ride. HF P 
Tick Magnet09/05/11Fun ride with a big group. The rain and thunder made the ride even better. The dirt was tacky and the rocks were slick. 
benito09/05/11Labor Day ride with the Sat Crew plus the IE boys = big group and big fun. I liked the rain to cool me down and make the trail tacky !!! 
goldrunner08/28/11Nice cool summer ride w/Jr.! Not to many riders out, 6 total including the Mann's as we were descending.One little mishap after cocktail, bent my derailur & planted a Goose egg on my elbow: / even with the pads. Fun ride even with the cool temps.. 
Despacio08/28/11Another fun ride on SJ.with Ben !after quite a spell of strong (for me) outings I had trouble right off the start and just didnt have it. didnt pick good lines and that will cost you on this great trail! No crashes for me but Ben grew a golf ball in his elbow somehow ? only ran into 4 others the whole way ....HOT. HOT HOT. 
bikesurfski08/09/11Beautiful day, perfect conditions, even a nice breeze on the way down, just a couple other riders. Hit SanO and waves marginal, very crowded--Trails not good. 
benito08/08/11Fun ride with the Saturday Crew. With som extra credit,Viejo Tie to Chiquito.Next time i'm riding volkswagon rock. 
ThinkFast08/07/11Fun ride with the Crew on Saturday. The route was out New San Juan, down Viejo Tie and back on New San Juan. Broke my seat post on Chiquito. 
GoneRiding08/06/11Good, fun ride w/ Troy, Ben, Mark, Jake, Greg & John. We got a nice early start and it was decent temps out for most of the ride. Added Viejo Tie for a little extra credit and Greg & I both rolled volkswagen rock - good times! Then my shoulder bounced off a rock and off the trail I went into a bush. Thanks for helping me out guys. Barely any traffic on our way down which was nice. 
Rowsby08/06/11Rode with JJ 
Jake c('.'c)08/06/11Rode with Troy, Ben, Mark, Tom, Greg & John. Tom got stuck in a tree. Troy went over the bars on a climb and did some kind of breakdance headstand pose with his feet stuck in the pedals. Total Radness! 
Tick Magnet08/06/11Fun ride with the Saturday crew. Weather was great and legs felt better than expected. Had fun rolling VW Rock with Tom. 
Jake c('.'c)08/04/11Lower San Juan is one of my favorite climbs. The trail is pretty slick and dry but not in bad shape. Old San Juan from Cocktail Rock is about as rutty and nasty as ever. Upper San Juan has more exposed sidewall-ripping rocks than I've ever seen before so pack some extra tubes and tire boots. 
bikesurfski07/24/1170 degrees at 9am and a sweaty climb--86 degrees in the shade when I left, but well worth the effort. Some smart groups finished early 
Phishin Paul07/20/11Started at 8am and temp read 56 degrees in the shade. Love it. I had the mountain all to myself today. Not one car in the lot and not one person on the trail. What a great morning off from work. 
bikesurfski07/19/11A little toasty by the time I got up the hill @9:30am. Held in there pretty well until well around the lollipop, then hit the wall. Upper 80's in the shade when I left. Just past Cocktail, I had a flat, and a couple shuttlers went by, offering help. About 10 minutes later I heard shuffling, and Tino was walking back toward me, asking if I could help with his broken derailer. So we managed to unhook the power link (you should practice this in your spare time--tricky), he chose to cut the brake line with my leatherman tool, and off he went, chainless, for the first time down San Juan with his girlfriend. Definitely hot at the end. 
suchafingahole07/17/11Great ride with Tweasol...Good seeing Mark V. and his son Drake out there... 
tweasol07/17/11Nice ride with Hippydude today. Got to see our [p]asses at work out there. Great to meet Mark and Drake and talk for a while. 
bikesurfski07/12/11Pretty warm climb half way up to Cocktail, then cooled down nicely. 
RaulC06/30/11Great ride with Ken. - weather: hot - Climbs & terrain: challenging. - Descents rewarding. - Flat tire & mosquitos: sucked. - Cold beer at end . . . priceless! 
one-i06/20/11Nice pace Friday ride with Team Nuke, Viking, the Coach and G* . Viking says he saw a cat jump off trail on the loop. TN was bleeding from another chest slide, G* from multiple OTB's, my shoulder side wall cheese grader and Coach looked like that cat got a hold of him. Love SJ group rides. Cooler healed everyone up. 
bikesurfski06/19/11Great Father's Day ride, nice cool temps, rode up into the clouds, but came back down in the sun--after noon start. Most finished earlier but a few out later. Left some DNA on a switch back. Ride topped off with a home cooked corned beef and cabbage dinner :) Just noticed that as of today I have ridden 4x30 , or 4 extra long routes 30 or more times: San Juan (up and down), Old San Juan, Whiting Old Camp, and El Morrow: Deer Canyon-Laguna Ridge. Go figure. 
bikesurfski06/14/11Got hot out there today @80, had fun chasing Chris up and down, a couple others on their way up. 
bikesurfski06/07/11Started out sunny and hot, then cool cloud cover made the ride very comfortable. A couple shuttlers--otherwise wide open, rip it up fun ride. There appears to be an alternative trail about 1/3rd the way down from cocktail rock off to the right--but forget about it--very overgrown and rutted. 
bikesurfski06/04/11My spirit was on the Toad Ride, but my body went to San Juan--nice day, watch out for the black flys on the lolipop--they bite. Normal Sat. traffic--nothing like Memorial day weekend. The ranger came too late to ticket most of us. 
suchafingahole05/30/11Fun day. Started with 9, finished with 7... Great riding with ya, all. Added Viejo tie for, some more fun. 
ThinkFast05/30/11Fun times with a big group. Good to see Jr, Daniel and Wayne. Plus the usual suspects Mark, Ben, Brian, Matt, Tom and Greg. We added Viejo Tie today, same as always on this loop, and rode New SJ out and back. Decided to ride Volkswagen Rock today. Great day. 
GoneRiding05/30/11Always a fun time when we get a decent size group together for these rides. Good riding w/ JR., Daniel, Wayne, Greg, Troy, Brian, Matt, Ben & Mark. A couple of spills and some blood shed but nothing to serious. Thanks guys! 
bikesurfski05/30/11Great ride with Veterans of "Memorial Day San Juan Ride:" Tom, JR., Daniel, Greg, Troy, Brian, Matt, Ben & Mark. 
benito05/30/11Good ride this Memorial Day with big group.BTW I had a hard crash bombing down the trail trying to catch Troy and Brian. Elbow and ribs very swolen and sore. 
A bit more technical05/30/11lots of fun with 10 geo riders! 
Hermit05/30/11SS. Great ride this morning with the crew and couple of IE boys. No crashes for me, but others weren't so lucky. :-( 
Tick Magnet05/30/11Fun ride with a great group today. Nice to meet new faces and have a great time on the trail. 
bikesurfski05/28/11Tons of people out, good to see Roy and other familiar faces--a group of 20 at cocktail rock. Nice an cool. 
suchafingahole05/26/11Solo.. Awesome day out there. 
TomG05/16/11A little rain makes this route much better. Great conditions today. 
suchafingahole05/09/11Great day out there... Temps. were perfect, almost cold at times... 
suchafingahole04/21/11Really awesome day out there. The wild flowers are in full bloom... 
bikesurfski04/10/11Got this in before dark, a little warm up but perfect return. Everyone out having a good time, great trail. Discovered a new (to me) technique from T&A--not just barreling through obstacles with enough speed, but waiting for the obstacle, pushing and popping the front wheel over it, then the next, as it comes--which allows clearing several obstacles in a row with controlled speed. 
singlespeedrider03/26/11First time doing the loop at the top and really liked it. Started early and not to cold all morning and the trail was a little wet but not to slippery. Took a digger on one of the switchbacks and it looks like my garmin took the impact, I can not get it to upload to my computer A few cars in the parking lot this morning 
steeleboat03/26/11Great day, great ride with slopush and New York Jill except I left part of my face on the descent. 
slopush03/26/11Really fun ride w/ Steelboat and Jill. SB had just got done telling me how much fun he was having, just cruising down the trail, floating in and out of the ruts with ease when he ate it. Look for the blood trail, you'll find it : 0 
RoughRiderR03/09/11Beautiful day out. Trail was extra tacky. Solo ride. Felt like I had a head cold. Especially towards the end. Made the most of my day off! 
GoneRiding02/27/11Decided to pass on the Sagebrush race today and did this instead. Cold early morning start(7am & 32deg)w/ Benito, Hermit, Mr. Technical & John. Never felt that bad though with the right clothes on. A little wet & muddy out there but overall not that bad. Saw some ice in puddles up near cocktail and some of the loop was frozen. Lots of riders coming up as we headed back down. Saw Carl & his group at cocktail & Hippydude getting ready to start back down in the parking lot. Another great day on San Juan! - enduro 
benito02/27/11A great day to ride San Juan with Mark, Tom, Matt and John. I was down on horsepower today, need to get out more than once a week. 
Hermit02/27/11SS. Cold at 7am, but it turned out to be a very pleasant day. Rode with Tom, Mark, John and Ben. 
A bit more technical02/27/11Fun times with john, ben, tom, matt. first time I felt good going down sj. tried to keep up with ben...no luck 
one-i02/24/11Great SS ride with The Viking. He was off today so I could almost keep up. Saw only a few riders on climb, then wide open. Trail was in great shape. Flatted right about the time I was close enough to smell the cooler. Fastest fix ever! Missed TN on this one. 
Goat Glen02/13/11bloody and beat up just like Ben said...Good ride guys 
goldrunner02/13/11Good size herd out today. 
bikesurfski02/12/11Great day to ride--views out to Catalina and beyond. There were so many riders out today I thot I was on the 405. Got a late start so made way for about 40 down-hillers, no incidents--Trail pretty slippery on the downhill--upcoming rains should help. 
Patreek O02/05/11Good times with John, Daniel, Rod and Dan. This ride kicked our butts except for Dan. Those roadies got cardio. 
GoneRiding02/03/11Good ride w JBH65 on San Juan today. Another perfect day out there. Felt real good today. Saw a few other riders out there. Thanks Jay! 
jbh6502/03/11Did this route with Trobe1. Thanks for driving Tom, and showing me the way past CR. Perfect weather and the trail was super tacky once you got down below the decomposed granite sections. Lot's of fun 4sho. 
vt1ryan01/29/11Met a couple of new riders in the parking lot and made our way up to the rock and then got them to tag along on the Old San Juan trail which was awesome. Gave up my only spare tube and then the spare tube got pinched too. Then had to buy a 4 dollar tube off of somebody. Also, the poison oak is starting to sprout up. 
one-i01/26/11great ride with Team Nuke. Only saw a couple riders on climb and then no one entire way. TN forgot how loose this trail gets when dry and tried to do some trail work with his body. Tall boys in the cooler eased the pain. 
tweasol01/18/11Pretty hot today, near repeat of Sunday's ride - and felt a lot better. Thanks for the ride Edgar, James, and Tom. Good to see bikesurfski as we were heading down. 
portolavet01/18/11Hot day, thank you for the ride Josh, James, Tom and Grant. Nice to meet bikesurfski on the way down. Love this trail. 
Rowsby01/16/11Just JJ & I. Met some pro downhillers out training in Southern California. It's a lot warming in Socal then it is in England! 
Rowsby01/10/11Sunday's ride. I have never seen the dirt on San Juan that good. Hero dirt! 
Damon M01/10/11Great Group Ride 
steven01/07/11love it 
suchafingahole12/31/10Great ride today.. Never seen it so crowded, but still super fun.. Good seeing Rushak at Cocktail rock. 
UphillRider6512/28/10Good ride, love that new bridge. Great to see Tom (Trobe1) riding up to Cocktail. The trail has not slid away yet, hope tomorrow’s rain doesn't send it down. 
one-i12/17/10SS with Team Nuke and the Viking. Thought i was doing good in the tech rock sections til TN hammered through em like nothing. Great race down with some pile ups in the SB's. Dropped the gate, had some ice cold " Julebrygs" and sent the Viking home for 2 weeks to get chubby and slower - hopefully:) 
Permagrin12/16/10Surprise birthday ride for Hugh and lunch at Bad To the Bone. Can't ask for a better time! 
TomG12/12/10Wow no blood loss from all the branches. Thank you for trimming. That was a lot of work. 
MoJo12/12/10Great ride with Laura, Ben, and Roy. The "lollipop" is in great shape. Tried to become "one" with the trail on 3 separate occasions....I have definitely seen better DH days. Ouch! 
goldrunner12/12/10Great ride with my OC counter parts Monica, Roy & Laura. Trails in great shape, nice & trimmed up, but some how Roy still had a head on, I think it might have been intentional, he was aiming for some safety air bags; / One guy at cocktail had a nice hunk of hamburger hanging off his arm MMMMM good! thought they were gonna have a bbq. 
Royster7112/12/10Busted this out with Ben, Monica and Laura . Saw a few other familiar faces. Monica's face flew into some Bush!! 
suchafingahole12/08/10Awesome day, and trails ! Thank-you W.S. for the brushing of New San Juan,It is SO good now ! Rode with Trobe1. 
GoneRiding12/08/10Another great day on San Juan. Good ride w Hippydude. Old San Juan is much better with the brush clearing. Thanks WS! Talked to 2 riders at Cocktail who work w Pivot bikes and travel around with their demo bikes. 
mtnbikej12/07/10Great day for a ride.....San Juan on a weekday morning is a ghosttown. Saw only 1 other rider on the trail. Chilly at the start, warm by the end of the ride. Tacky at the bottom....bone dry everywhere else. 
erichermo312/06/10Got a late start and met up w/ Sol at cocktail. Great conditions! 
SDstumpy12/04/10STR SS ride. 10 guys on singlespeeds...pretty cool. Waited at cocktail for Eric and rode the lollipop loop. Warriors Society was out doing trail maintenance. Those guys rock! 
GoneRiding12/03/10San Juan was so nice yesterday I decided to hit it again today. Another great day out there. Only saw 1 other rider. 
Sparrrrky12/02/10Great ride today, Met a runner called Old Goat. Also saw Trobe1 just starting up when I was near the end. 
edltfan11/30/10killer after rain ride. 
TomG11/28/10I highly recommend you call in sick tomorrow and do this route. It's perfect. 
bikesurfski11/02/10Not too hot or gusty, nice breeze kept the ride comfortable, trail is tacky and only a couple other riders came up afternoon. Beautiful view of the ocean all the way past Catalina to San Clemente Island and beyond. 
mtnbikej10/31/10Very nice day to be out for a ride. Got a bit of a late start, about 10am. Bottom of the trail was nice and tacky. Above the switchbacks was sunny and dry. Even with the late start, downhill traffic wasn't really an issue. Decided to add in the short version of Chiquito/Viejo Tie...really fun trail. On the way back down only ran across 3 riders coming up. Temps were nice, started to warm up later in the ride. Saw lots of peeps out there today that I knew. 
goldrunner10/24/10Perfect temps & trail conditions: ) Good times with OC Troupers Laura, Randy, Mojo, & Roy. Lots of people had the same idea. Good seeing John D. & Jason, and No, No otbs : } this time. I almost took one poor guy out on my descent, going to fast & couldn't stop, managed to squeeeeze by, how I pulled that one off I don't know. YEEEHAAA!! 
MoJo10/24/10Fun ride with Troupe. Last nights debauchery made it a little painful, but the dh is always well worth it. 
Royster7110/24/10Wow the dirt was freaking amazing it was great getting out after being couped up in the house for awhile. Good hanging out with you Ben, Randy, Laura and Monica. After being off the bike tht long made me love my bike again. Holy Shit Tom haw many times are you going to do this route. Next time you do it take a machette with you and trim up the back loop will ya. Looks like work was done on some of the ruts. 
mtnbikej10/17/10Wow....what a day to be out on San Juan. Woke up this morning to the sound of heavy drizzle....called my riding partner and he said it was not drizzling at his place, so our ride was on. Didn't look promising on the way....very heavy drizzle along the toll road and when we got on Ortega Hwy. Turns out we weren't the only ones thinking today was a good day to ride SJT. There were probably 20 cars in the lot when we got there at 8:00. Still drizzlling, we took off. THe trail was overgrown and wet....but not muddy. Temps were warm, although we were soaked about 15 mins. into the ride. Gobs and gobs of tracking. Did Old San Juan counterclockwise...broke 2 more spokes on back wheel on a climb just before Chiquito. Quite a few riders out. Great day to be out riding....my bike is trashed...will need some TLC. Upper Loop is in serious need of some brushing. I felt like SJT's bitch for the number of times I was smacked. 
bikesurfski10/10/10Warmed up a little. Good group at cocktail. Tacky trail--very fast and fun today. Have a good 10-10-10. 
MTB Fiend10/02/10The place was empty! The weather was near perfect, a few bugs to make it real, and suddenly you have the makings of a fine San Juan adventure. Really enjoyed the climb and did well on the technical portions. Endured the descent. Trail is still overgrown and I got beaned more than a few times. Great ride! 
TBlazen09/26/1055 degrees when we started and very hot when we finished... 
mark189009/23/10fun ride and conversation with tom and ben.. 
GoneRiding09/23/10Nice starting out a day off riding San Juan. Morning start and rode with Mark1890 & Goldrunner. Good seeing you guys again. Nice relaxing break at Cocktail Rocks. Had to convince ourselves to do the lollipop loop instead of just heading down. Glad we did it! Nice & fast coming back down. 
goldrunner09/23/10San Juan never disappoints : D Good times chasing Mark & Tom around. 
Hermit09/19/10GT. Rode yesterday with Tom, Troy, Brian, and Ryan (milatime). Hooked up with a couple other riders at Cocktail and did Viejo Tie for extra credit. Great ride! 
GoneRiding09/18/10Good early morning ride w Thinkfast, Hippydude, Hermit & Milatime. Car thermometer was reading 42 degrees when we showed up but it didn't feel that cold. Ran into superdutydave & his buddy at cocktail & they joined us thru Viejo Tie. 4 of us cleaned Volkswagen Rock on Viejo Tie. Nice Job! Quick pace coming back down - Good times! 
suchafingahole09/18/10Really fun ride with Trobe1,Hermit Thinkfast,and Milatime.Felt good after a 2 week layoff.Was cool to ride Viejo Tie with Super duty Dave and, his friend. Chasing Tom down San Juan is always fun... 
ThinkFast09/18/10Fun times with Tom, Brian, Matt and Ryan aka Milatime. Ran into SuperDutyDave and his buddy (forgot his name) and rode New San Juan and Viejo Tie with them as well. Nice to see that, even though we did Viejo Tie, nobody has posted on the point weenie route :P 
milatime09/18/10Great ride! Good seeing familiar faces on the trail again. 
bikesurfski09/11/10Got up too late to join Fast Turtle and One Flew OTB up to Blue Jay, but good to meet you guys at Cocktail on your way back (and well organized into A and B teams). A little warm starting at 9am but not bad. Parking lot full and fair amount of traffic--at least one crash I heard about. 
Hermit09/06/10GT. Very nice Labor Day ride. Thanks guys! 
unikid09/06/10Great Labor Day ride scheduled by trobe1. A few did just the Cocktail portion while the rest of us did the whole loop. Eric - thanks for the Sierra Nevada after the ride! 
GoneRiding09/06/10Nice morning to ride San Juan! Good seeing unikid, Sparrky, Royster, Hermit, CC, OTB-Again, singlespeedrider & Quad Damage. Met Ben at Cocktail & he continued on with us. Nice meeting you Ben! Pretty busy at Cocktail Rock this morning. Good ride guys! Some nice relaxing brews back at the cars in the parking lot! Saw halfasst back in the parking lot after ride. 
Royster7109/06/10Nice Labor day ride... Good riding with you Jake,David,Tom,Eric,Ben,Matt,Mark,sparky and happy b day Ryan. Thanks for setting up the ride Tom. Eric very nice to ride with you again its been a little while. What happened to you Goldrunner ?? :( I'm enjoying my wine now :) 
Jake c('.'c)09/06/10I had a good time this morning. It was nice seeing some old riding buddies and meeting some new ones. Eric & Tom, thanks for the cold ones! 
OTB_again09/06/10Great ride with a fun crew, good to see everyone and meet some new peeps too. Cool down low and warm up top...great day to ride. Thanks to trobe1 for organizing! 
bikesurfski08/28/10Cool temps for a change--lots of bikers--perfect day. 
JD15808/15/10First time doing the loop after Cocktail Rock. Just a bit overgrown in some areas. Good ride with James, Mike, Derek, and Jeff. Descent back down is always worth it. 
bikesurfski08/14/10Lots of riders out today, fairly warm. One guy at Cocktail with his buddies trying to get his front shock to work--didn't look good. Lots of black flies still in the meadows. Came on a group dropping down from Cocktail--first two let me pass, next two did not until a rut stopped them, but they tried to keep up.As I came on the next two who had stopped, I heard a crash a few yards behind and the guy trying to keep up went OTB off the side into a bush,stuck under his bike. His buddies assisted. 
suchafingahole08/08/10Really fun ride with Troy and Jake...Added Viejo Tie for extra fun. 
ThinkFast08/08/10Good times with Brian and Jake. We added Viejo Tie as usual. (Nice seeing you again Jake) Tasty lunch at Bravo Burgers afterward hit the spot. (thanks Brian) 
Jake c('.'c)08/08/10San Juan is a little beat up and overgrown right now but I wore a sleeveless jersey and managed to escape without any new Arizona pinstripes. Wait, nevermind, I do have a few. That's San Juan. Troy and Brian had me laughing so hard in a few places that I couldn't breathe. 
one-i08/07/10couldn't ask for more 
Hermit07/24/10GT. Old San Juan is pretty rutted and washed out, with a couple fallen trees too. Thanks John, Mark, and Ben for the fun ride! 
Damon M07/11/101:24:00 to Rock 
suchafingahole07/08/10Great ride with Trobe1.. Trails are in good shape, (except for the overgrowth on New San Juan). Still, well worth doing. 
GoneRiding07/08/10Good ride w Hippydude today.Wasn't feeling it on the climb to Cocktail but felt better after that. Only saw 2 other riders doing a little HAB on Old San Juan. They were most likely shuttlers.Also saw a black racer snake on the side of the trail while climbing to Cocktail. Was able to take a picture & will attach it to new route created on dashboard. That is the first time I have been able to get a pic of one of these snakes They usually take off as soon as you are approaching. Man they are fast! 
TomG07/07/10Wet at the bottom and about 10 feet visibility with the fog. It is July right? 
GoneRiding07/06/10Once again SJ doesn't disappoint! Didn't want to take a chance on muddy conditions elsewhere. Trail was completely dry. Was prepared w xtra gloves, shirt, jacket but didn't need. Finally broke through the cloud a mile before Cocktail. Sun & blue skies for the lollipop loop! The first 2 miles from the parking lot have been trimmed way back. There is a downed tree on Old San Juan that you have to dismount for. Saw 2 other riders,one of which needed to borrow my pump.He was a Crank Bros. employee. 
one-i07/03/10Team Nuke SS ride. Good pace climbing til we hit the crew coming down slowed us. Never seen so many complete TOOLS on a trail in my life.-went early to avoid em but still ended up with a guy, on loop, laying on my front tire? Great to see some happy climbers on descent and summer brew at parking lot ! 
mburkin06/13/10Not the best day for doing San Juan. Flies were everywhere, and it felt like we were bushwhacking half the trail. 
MTB Fiend06/12/10Great day! Personally, I would have preferred the sun but my riding buddies were all loving the heavy cloud cover. I liked it when it was actually wisping around us. The trail is pretty overgrown right now and not only do you have to be cognizant of the trail obstacles, you have to watch above. I got beaned on the helmet multiple times. I think I was deft enough to avoid the PO, but it is tough to take in all the trail conditions AND identify the foliage as you rush along. Fun group. Great ride! 
flyingbrian06/12/10rode with geof,randy,john and doug. great ride as usual. randy split a tire had to walk and ride slow to get back out..... 
mtnbikej06/12/10Great ride today....felt great all day. Trail is overgrown, but the temps made the riding very comfortable. The climb to Cocktail Rock seemed to by pretty quick. Sun came out for a few minutes before the low clouds again took over. 
skyrone06/01/10Memorial Day ride. Fun group. Nice to meet you all. 
GoneRiding05/31/10Another fun Memorial Day ride - thanks for scheduling it Roy! Good times out there. Hit Viejo Tie for some xtra fun. Took me 3 times to clean Volkswagen Rock, Tweasol cleaned it as well. Nice job Josh! Ben decided to take a stick for a ride in his forehead. Ouch! Good seeing everyone out there. Lots of horseflys at Cocktail Rock that kept stinging even thru my shirt. Missed Hippydude out there today. Big thanks to all of our armed forces out there! 
tweasol05/31/10Fun Memorial Day spin on SJT today with a large group - too many to name. Nice to meet a few people I didn't know (or haven't seen since I was just a lad ...Small world, John) 1st time on Viejo Tie somehow for me, fun stuff. My shorts -- oh, nevermind ... 
One Flew OTB05/31/10Fun times with all the Geoladders folks. Over 20 riders. Finally got to put a face to some familiar names. Thanks everyone for a great day on the bike! Special thanks to Don Jackson for the beer afterwards! First time on Viejo Tie for me - only went OTB once. :) 
Quikflip2705/31/10Great day, awesome people, nice trail and fun riding... Life's good! Thanks Ben for keeping the humor coming all day long, and Donald for the insight on riding. Nevermind the twig in Ben's head, or the gaping gash on Tom's knee... worst injury goes to Josh who ripped a hole in his shorts! :P Fun times, great to ride with all you guys. 
Royster7105/31/10The 3rd annual Memorial Day ride was great. No major injuries just funny ones.... There was 20 plus riders today. It was great riding with different people all day. Saw some other familiar faces on the trails as well. Cocktail Rock looked like a party. I don’t think I have ever seen that many people up there. Considering how many riders it was a good moving group... Now I’m just crossing my fingers about all the Oak I saw!! Until next time guys!! Always fun riding with you guys!! 
mark189005/31/10great trail,fun group and gorgeous day.no w'ambulance award today,although i did hear evilbawb grumbling about the overgrowth.. 
goldrunner05/31/10Memorial Day ride is always a blast. Good to see everyone & also meet some new riders too. Viejo Tie was a real poke : ) I guess I need to keep my head out of the clouds so I don't get impaled by tree branches. I also had a high speed OTB after Cocktail that was slightly painful. Much better watching some one else OTB, thanks for handling that one for me Ivan, that looked pretty bad. Tom your ejector seat post launched you pretty good on your 1st VW attempt, pretty cool hope some one got that on film. 
bikesurfski05/31/10That's it for me: no more parking lots! Fell over a branch in the parking lot before starting--in front of 20+ Geo riders. Definitely a Memorial Day. Great time with new and old faces. Ben got a dart-looking sticker in his head from aborigines. Fun to watch Tom & Josh clear Vokswagen rock on Viejo Tie. Ever see a dozen bikers with their hands in the air in the middle of a meadow?--looked like a prayer service--trying to keep stinky gloves over head to avoid the gnats. Good to see you all. 
ThinkFast05/31/10Fun ride with a large group made for a good start to the day. Nice to see everyone out there today. Rumors of our big group riding SJ must have kept others away because it was uncrowded for a holiday. Got a good video of Tom diving into the brush. I'm going to do a simple video of the ride if anyone wants to see it let me know. 
sweeper05/31/10great ride with a bunch of great guys and had a few shows put on for me,glad no one got hurt to bad.nice to see alot of people i knew and to meet all the others.a big thank you to all our military troops. 
ZipsBiker05/31/10Glad I could be a part of the Memorial Day ride. We had a great group today. It seems like everyone took a spill at least once. I haven't flown OTB in a while. 
Hermit05/31/10GT. Great Memorial Day ride with all the geolads! 
unikid05/31/10Great group ride today scheduled by Royster. I needed to get home so I did the Old San Juan loop while most of the others took New San Juan over to Viejo Tie. Sounds like they had a lot of fun. I'll have to check that out next time. 
TomG05/29/10Not Too hot watch out for the downhill thrash and crashers 
suchafingahole05/23/10Fun ride with a big group.It was hailing on New San Juan,pretty weird for this time of year. Cold and wet...Wah ! 
GoneRiding05/23/10Total of 8 of us out there today. Nice meeting Neil, great job for your first time on SJ! We were in a cloud for most of the ride and the overgrown brush was wet. The hail was a nice touch. Definitely a little whining going on. It was like a winter day up there, cold & wet. Good seeing UPhillrider, agitate1890, quickflip, goldrunner, Travis & as always Hippydude! 
mark189005/23/10interesting ride,what month is it?travis gets the w'ambulance award.good meeting neil and ivan. 
UphillRider6505/23/10Nice meeting Ivan, travis and Neil, and getting a chance to ride with the Pros Tom, Brian, Ben and Mark they make everything look so easy. Damn cold & wet ride, liked the hail but not all the Poison Oak, still lots of fun. 
goldrunner05/23/10Good stuff minus all the freak'n Oak! Crazy Weather too, where the heck did the hail come from? See everyone again next Monday. 
Quikflip2705/23/10Fun ride with Ben, Brian, Craig, Mark, Neil, Tom, Travis, and hail. Thanks guys! 
nharper05/23/10Great ride with some new Geoladders friends. Thanks to all with some much appreciated guidance from Tom and Mark. I learned a lot on my first San Juan experience and unclipped more than I normally do over the course of six months. I think I finally was getting the hang of the making the tight switchback turns and tough terrain. I look forward to riding with you all again. Thanks! 
TomG05/21/10Chiquito Viejo tie too. 
gmann05/14/10First time adding the loop. the first mile after the rocks was mostly hike a bike. after that, the trail was great. met a trail angel on the way down 
suchafingahole05/08/10Rode with Thinkfast,agitate1890 and Evilbawb.Lost a bolt in my rear brake so, the ride down San Juan with just the front brake was fun. Good ride,good weather,good people...We also did Viejo Tie for extra fun... 
ThinkFast05/08/10Fun ride with hippydude, agitate1890 and evilbawb. Half the local mtb population must have been doing the Traverse so the trail seemed quiet for a Saturday. We added Viejo Tie and went out and back on New San Juan. Kinda missed not doing the Traverse today though. 
evilbawb05/08/10fun ride with troy,brian and my dad.. 
GoneRiding05/05/10Fun ride w/ Hippydude on San Juan! We hit Viejo Tie for some extra credit and we both cleaned Volkswagen Rock! Felt awesome! Saw some shuttlers hiking on new San Juan & one quick snake on the switchbacks on the way down. Met a rider at Cocktail who was behind us who headed back down at that point. When we got back to the cars he showed up again in his car looking for his front wheel that he left in the parking lot. It was gone. Hopefully the shuttlers got it and will try returning it. 
suchafingahole05/05/10Added Viejo Tie with this...One of my top rides of the year,being that Trobe1 and I, own Volkswagen rock now.. 
jb_29er04/25/10AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!! Feels good to be back! 
unikid04/25/102pm ride. A bit toasty on the way up but perfect coming down. Early into the ride I passed a guy carrying what looked like a dead dog or coyote on his shoulders. He said it was his dog and it was just tired. Later on I passed some hikers coming down with some large packs. They had hiked up and camped at Blue Jay the night before. Pretty cool. Not far from cocktail I came around a corner and suddenly heard very fast rattling from the rocks slightly up and away from the trail. Good times. 
BigT04/24/10Set out to do new San Juan up to blueday and down, but decided to take a left at Cocktail and get all muddy and beat up by roots. Great day on the bike and I cleaned ALL of the switchbacks on the way down which is a new thing for me! Met all sorts of people up there, what a great day for a ride! 
unikid04/17/10Ended up riding this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning due to a family conflict. Very few people out. More hikers than bikers. Saw a ton of lizards along the trail. Also had to bunny hop a 3-4 foot snake laying across a fast section of trail. Great weather and great ride as always. 
goldrunner04/16/10Lots of Oak, Lots of Lizards, lots of fun! Thanks Jr. 
Despacio04/16/10Fun ride with Ben! lots of oak around and kind of wet on the upper part ! great to be back on this challenging trail after too much fireroad lately ! really nice temps and GOOD COMPANY ! THANKS BEN 
bikesurfski04/13/10Awesome trail conditions, a few riders out. Gave a newbie the overview. Took my EX8 in yesterday for a broken shifter cable and found the frame was broken :( But the frame is still under warranty, so I can apply it to a new bike :) It won't be available until May, so it's back to my old EX8 until then :( 
BetF04/04/10rode with AMTR peeps 
unikid04/03/10Great weather today. Long time off the bike but still felt good. 
suchafingahole03/28/10Great day for a ride.. Did this with Roy, Troy, Matt and Travis.. 
ThinkFast03/28/10Good times with Roy, Brian, Matt and Travis. We rode new SJ out and back for a little extra fun. Added Viejo Tie as usual. Typical shenanigans with Hippydude added to the fun. Beautiful day to ride. 
Royster7103/28/10Yaaa babyyy!!! W/ Troy,Brian,Matt and Travis. Had a good time Just not feeling the lines went down twice 1 OTB ripped my Fav shorts :( Got hippy all excited! Saw Sly and her guys at cocktail. also saw Kidd I believe that was you. Had so much to do had to get an early one in. 
lmadisono03/14/10Great ride with Sauce! Thanks again!!! 
IceCreamAndCake03/03/10solo ride.Great day 
RoughRiderR02/22/10Late start, but great ride with Ibot, Geof, Benni, Dan & Dave. Trail was in exelent shape, thanks to peeps doing trail maintenance. About half way up i started really pushing, caught the group at cocktail. was a bit sluggish due to oceanside road ride the day before. 
Phishin Paul02/21/10Rode up with Kyle and we met Dave and Jeff at cocktail. Did top with Dave. He was having hub issues. SS 
Rowsby02/21/10Had a great ride up the San Juan trail with Geof, Ryan, Beni, David M & Daniel. Weather was epic (for So Cal) but we stayed dry for most of the ride. Feeling good right now! 
suchafingahole02/12/10Yesterday's ride with Trobe 1... 
sixfoot602/12/10My biggest ride yet, totally beat. Pretty dry on most of the trail but the ruts are DEEP. Even more exposed rocks too, I was off my bike a lot. I also think I'm too big of a guy for this trail, it's just incredibly tight with all the brush and overhang. Add the rut down the middle of the trail and there's very little room to maneuver. 
GoneRiding02/11/10Hippydude & I decided to hit San Juan again today but no more shuttling for us! Great day out there. Saw about 10 other riders out there. All coming down as we headed up towards Cocktail Rock. Not sure how many were shuttlers. Some hikers out there as well and saw Ed who is out there on occasion doing trail maintenance. Stopped and talked to him when we got back to the cars. Always a good time riding with Brian and pushing ourselves on the technical stuff and the downhills! 
UphillRider6502/07/10The swelling and pain in the knee finally has gone way, so it was time for the SJT. It was a troublesome ride on the 26er, sticky peddles, chain stuck behind the rear cogs, shifter cable housing exploded so after cocktail rock only had five smallest cogs in play. Because of the mechanical problems took 4 spills, nothing serious, but plenty of blood. Still good to get a ride in; need to tune up the bike. 
IceCreamAndCake02/07/10Had some rear derailer mechanicals today. luckily not till most of the climbing was done. 
unikid01/31/10Great ride today. The rains have gouged up some sections and exposed more rock in others. Still very rideable but need to be careful in a few places. 
Rowsby01/30/10Perfect day to ride. Rode with Geof, JJ, Marie & Randy. R&R let me try a 29" Stumpy and i loved it, now i want one! 
UphillRider6501/29/10Great ride, cooler weather, quite a few other riders heading down. Too bad it was back to slave camp after my ride. 
BetF01/17/10Lots of people there today. I think we were all trying to get in one last, memorable spin before the big storms come rolling through. 
Permagrin01/17/10Made one last ride before the rains. SJ is always a treat, thanks Liz! 
Damon M01/11/10Single Speed 
unikid01/09/10Saw lots of runners (50-100) passing by Cocktail rock. I guess there was some kind of race going from Blue Jay down to Cocktail via New SJ and back up via Old SJ. 
Dmac01/09/10Biffed it down the "roots" after cocktail -need to buy a new seat. Great ride anyway. 
Two Tired01/04/10Great way to ring in the New Year with a ride up and down San Juan. Rode with Keith, Larry and Rick. Only one spill but that just means I wasn't pushing it enough. Really need help on the switchbacks. 
tweasol01/04/10Old San Juan still one of my favorite trails... Boatloads of fun with Trey on this ride! Finally got my HR monitor to work, so I gave it a try... Perfect weather, back at the cars around sunset. 
Greo1001/03/10Nice ride with a couple misshaps with MC, lots of people with a large group heading down at 10:30. Great ride 
unikid01/03/10Awesome weather today. Lots of people out. One scary but luckily only minor crash when I took my eyes off the trail for a second on the downhill to check my Garmin. Must pay 100% attention. Gotta Love SJ. 
halfasst01/01/10Great New Years Day ride with Larry, Rick and Hannibal. Weather and trail were beautiful. Lots of friendly bikers and runners out today. Everyone is looking forward to a great 2010! 
drg12/31/09happy new year! 
xhuskr12/31/09A GREAT way to end the year. My usual crew plus extras try and to this as our last ride of the year the rain the yesterday made it perfect. I made more tech rock climbs than ever and I hope that's a good indication of the year to come. Happy New Year everyone! 
RollnStone12/30/09Started out nice, but about 1 mile from Cocktail Rock, it started to drizzle. I was hoping it would stop, but no luck. The rocks were slippery. A few riders braved the rain today. 
ryanarciero12/28/09Great ride with Terry Best and Dave Ondas. Perfect weather and trails were in great shape. Had a mechanical issue with Dave's bike but we got through it. 
ThinkFast12/24/09Good times with Brian once again. We actually didn't hit old SJ but hit new SJ out and back with Viejo Tie mixed in as usual. Saw a big bobcat when I was driving back out to Ortega. Looked to be a good 40-50 pounds and darker than usual. Saw him cruising for a good 30 yards. 
suchafingahole12/24/09Fun Christmas eve ride with Thinkfast . We added Viejo Tie because, it is just too much fun. Merry Christmas everybody ! 
evilbawb12/23/09windy but nothing insane.i went otb going uphill.:) 
sweeper12/23/09great ride with the Marks and thanks for waiting for me guys. 
mark189012/23/09good times with evil and grinding,trail is in great shape.. 
suchafingahole12/22/09Good fun ride with Trobe1 an OTB again. Lost Tom at cocktail, continued on with Eric and completed the lollipop loop, plus Viejo Tie for some extra fun...Good to see Craig on the decent... 
OTB_again12/22/09Hippydude, trobe1, and I decided on this route due to last night's rains...glad we did and even then there were several puddles on the trail. Always a blast trying to clean everything, once again Brian made it look easy. Tom had to bail back down at CR, missed ya on Viejo Tie! Had an involuntary dismount aka OTB on Viejo Tie as Brian looked on...that was pretty cool. Nice to see Craig aka UphillRider heading up as we were finishing. That GoPro camera looks sweet! 
UphillRider6512/14/09cool and cloudy, saw a few other riders below cocktail rock. 
Royster7112/13/09A little communication breakdown!! original start was 9 then got an email before I was on my way out saying 11. Got that 1 out late sorry not my ride set up. Anyway good group there was 6 of us. Troy,Kevin,charle,james,Chris.Hi Craig!on the way down it was so tacky you could get some good speed a couple close calls but it was all good(not that close) On the way up we heard Brian wa 10 min ahead of us.If he could of just stopped for a few and choked his chicken we could have caught up. Hi Matt! 
ThinkFast12/13/09Fun ride with a good group consisting of Roy, ,Kevin , Charle, James and Chris. Conditions were nice, glad I didn't flake. 
IceCreamAndCake12/04/09quite a few riders out today.great weather,life is good!I miss that log over by chiquito already,not sure why 
Phishin Paul11/28/09Perfect weather until Cocktail Rock. A cold rain and then hail for the upper loop. Good thing I packed warm clothes and a rain coat. Who took the downed tree off the trail by Chiquita? Too hard for ya? It has been there forever. 
flyingbrian11/21/09Rode up with Torp's, perfect weather ! 
TomG11/19/09This is a great ride! The weather was perfect today. 
xhuskr11/08/09climbed like crap on the switchbacks and didn't clean as many rocks..arghhh...much better on the way down..maybe it too 14 miles to wake up and warm up! :( 
A bit more technical11/01/09Beautiful morning starting with 9. no time for the long ride. garmin stopped, ride time way off. 
suchafingahole10/28/09Rode with Trobe1,Agitate,and OTB again. Great day for a ride... 
GoneRiding10/28/09Nice little turn out for this ride w OTB_Again, Hippydude & Mark1890(what's with everybody doing user name changes anyway??) Some pretty good winds on SJ today that really kept it cool out there. Eric & I hit Swallows afterwards for a little refreshment. Traffic sucks in San Juan at 5pm! 
OTB_again10/28/09Good times on a crisp fall day with trobe1, Hippydude, and agitate. Loving the 29er on this trail, both climbing and descending. Lots of laughs, mostly at Troy's expense (just kidding Troy, we missed you!). Only saw 3 other riders the entire day. 
GoneRiding10/20/09Great day on San Juan. Rode w/ Hippydude and we kept a good pace. Perfect temps. On our return trip to Cocktail Rocks saw OTB_Again. Good running into you Eric! Fun & fast descent down. Thanks for the ride Brian! 
suchafingahole10/20/09Great ride with Trobe1.. Cleaned everything up to cocktail, Ran into OTB_Again, good talking to ya. Thanks Tom for the good times ! 
genusmtbkr510/16/09Trail conditions perfect, no mud. Saw only 4 others riders. It was hot out though. 
GoneRiding10/15/09You know it! San Juan 2 days in a row for me. Good group ride today. Started w 7 riders and finished w 3. Good meeting AdventureDevon. Also rode w Goldrunner, OTB_Again, John & Rob from R&R and Scott B. Talked to a few riders both times at Cocktail Rock as well as some hikers. Saw Tbone & his wife in the parking lot before ride and of course Uphillrider was getting ready for a ride as we left. Hope you find that camera Craig! 
UphillRider6510/15/09Quick San Juan Loop ride. Nice meeting Eric (OTB_Again) in the lot with Tom. Thanks to Tom (Trobe1), Ben (Goldrunner) and Steve (T Bone) for looking out for my camera. No luck finding it. 
OTB_again10/15/09Big thanks to trobe1 for the invite - just a great day to ride a gem of a trail. Conditions were unbelievable, as was our crew including Goldrunner (Ben), John and Rob of RnR fame (thanks for the on-the-fly brake help Rob!), Steve, and AdventureDevon. Nice to run into UphillRider55 at the parking area, hope you find your camera, Craig. Awesome day, awesome ride, and a great crew to boot! 
goldrunner10/15/09Surfs up! (Brian) Another great adventure on Old San Juan. Put some faces to some of these Geo names, OTB again (Eric) pleasure meeting you, RNR boys Rob & John, Scott B. the helmet less bike man(Kinda Halloweenie)hehe! Adventure Devon. Always a good time ride w/Trobes & got to see Craig as I was heading out. I think I forgot some one, maybe its from the OTB, not! No tricks this time : )) 
genusmtbkr510/09/09Good ride up SJ/Old SJ on SS. Love the cooler weather. Took it easy to save the legs for tomorrows ride. 
GoneRiding09/29/09Good ride w/ Hippydude today. Set this one up last minute. Legs were not feeling it today. Too much riding?? Probably! Front flat on the way down. Saw the I.E. boys on their way down. Good seeing you Jr., Ben & Sjon. Hammertime was out there but never saw him. 
suchafingahole09/29/09The usual good times with T.Robe... 
bikesurfski09/08/09Slept in yesterday and missed the group ride--paid for it with heat up to Old Camp. Tried Viejo Tie--good challenges. On a slippery section I got the best of a bush--don't think it will be getting up any time soon. Found someone's left nut, implant # "gold..." and a few other lost body parts. Also went up to Bluejay for some much needed water. 
Dmac09/07/09Rode with the Geo - boys. Great group ,steady & quick pace for me. Got a flat on the way down. Sweet ride. 
GoneRiding09/07/09Another fun holiday group ride. I think we had 14 riders total. All the usual suspects plus we got to meet DMAC. Nice meeting you Darryl! Left a little DNA on the Viejo Tie extra credit but no biggie. Ben had a painful looking OTB as well but he survived. Great day for a ride. Saw the burn area just west of the entrance to SJ. 
goldrunner09/07/09That was a great ride minus the OTB on the Viejo Tie trail that claimed one of my family Jewels. I tried and succeeded on a lot more of the obstacles but that one got me : ( Great way to spend the holiday not laboring... 
House09/07/09Fun ride with the geoladders mob. 
Royster7109/07/09Great Times!! Busted this out with some great riders. San Jaun is very open. Had a group of 12 of us. Did the tie nice section. Good to see you riding again Tom. The shirt I was wearing was Fuscia NOT pink!! Like your bandana! On the way back on the road I saw the burnt section. Its kinda close to the trail. 
S.L.O. Phil09/07/09great ride. going R at coctail is fun, so is that extra loop at the top. Not too hot either, bonus. The race down was great. Passing you, Roy, was great. I did the same to Mark and took the inside line at the switchback. 
UphillRider6509/07/09Great group ride, thanks for Scheduling it Roy. Rode the Tie section for the first time, very nice. Hope to see all of you again soon. To bad there was no FOSSIL there today. 
One Flew OTB08/30/09Morning ride w/Terry B. Felt the two weeks off the bike for sure. Thanks Terry for hanging back w/me and for being the tour guide. Not too hot on the climb up, glad we started at 8:30! 
roo08/22/09Congrats to myself for achieving my goal of going up and down San Juan. That was the goal for summer. Next target is a 5,000 ft ride! 
Two Tired08/17/09I have not ridden much lately, so this ride really kicked my butt. Weather was great though, and it felt good to finally do a good, long ride. 
FREEKENGO08/17/09Nice Saturday morning ride with the STR folks. 
Permagrin08/16/09Nice cruiser ride with a good group of friends, plenty of laughs and fun. I remember the climb being harder in the past :-) 
bossvader08/01/09Got on the trial before 7, nice overcast on climb, some reason me and the bushes were "interacting" a bit more than I would like. Nice day pretty crowded ~ 20 people at cocktail after we got back from the loop 
xcShane07/18/09Great trail but for some reason we don't get along yet. I followed the exact route but I only came up with 2700ft of ascent on the GPS. 
xhuskr07/18/09early start...yet still very warm...no...hot...the usual small crashes, but nothing major. 
GoneRiding07/15/09Hot going up San Juan today. Kept the pace pretty easy. Saw 1 rider come out while I was getting ready to ride but there was no car there for him. He rode out on the road. Looks like it must have been Napoleon D. Picked up some trash on Old San Juan trail including a tube. Real nice that someone can just throw stuff like that off to the side and not pack it out. Only saw 1 other rider the entire ride. He was in long pants, long sleeved shirt and a full faced helmet on a very older looking bike. 
slopush07/12/09Great ride w/ Burgemeester and Mburkin. Started early to beat the heat. The trail is in great shape! Thanks boyz. 
mburkin07/12/09awesome ride w/ slopush and burgemester-- I'm very glad I decided to skip the second ride b/c of the heat 
Burgemeester07/12/09Part 1 - after missing our planned SART ride, Slopush, MBurkin and I headed south for greener ST...This was the right decision! Thanks Lads - one minor incident and a whole lotta fun! 
Twitch07/06/09Great 4th group ride. Late start but I was able to catch the group. I think there was about 25 Geo riders out for this one. 
Singular07/06/09Great ride on Saturday!!! First time riding San Juan. LOVE IT!! Easy social pace going up. Good Times!!! Good meeting Tom and everyone else that rode that day. 
suchafingahole07/04/09Big group ride today,very fun.Felt good after a 2 weeks plus layoff. Thanks everyone for the good times. Happy Independence day... 
GoneRiding07/04/09Great holiday group ride. Probably about 20 riders in our group. Good seeing all the geo peeps out there. Also some Linked riders showed up as well. Good times and didn't seem like anyone had any major issues or crashes. Have a safe and fun 4th of July! 
ericfoltz07/04/09Fun ride with the GL group. 
Hermit07/04/09Great ride this morning with the geo-gang. 
DONALD JACKSON07/04/09That was a great way to start the 4th!! thanks 
Royster7107/04/09Great 4th ride! With Geo Peeps, Troupe and other riders. We had 25 strong great turn out. Alway good riding with you all. At the circle we had diferent views on which way to go. So I did an Out and Back so I could ride with both groups. Until next time! If you have pics from the ride email me Royster71@cox.net 
unikid07/04/09Big group of riders today. Some did the loop clockwise while others did it in reverse. Good times. 
goldrunner07/04/09Happy Independence Day! Great group ride even thought the group split at cocktail. I went right which was fun, I have not been that way in a while.. 
rushak07/04/09What a great way to celebrate independence day. Fun ride with the geo-crew. 
ThinkFast07/04/09GeoLadders 4th of July parade led by Grand Master Royster71. Good times today, nice riding with everyone. 
S.L.O. Phil07/04/09Wow. What a group. The heat and climbing almost killed me but an easy pace after cocktail rock saved me. The chase down from cocktail was great until Travis crashed. 
evilbawb07/04/09fun ride 
mark189007/04/09huge fun group ride 
UphillRider6507/04/09Great ride with many of the best riders in southern Ca. Roy's rides always attracts the best. Forgot to start my GPS at the start added 20 min for the begining climb. 
Ladera Dave06/27/09Very hot today, low 90's. Great training. 
BrownWonder06/27/09Great ride...love this trail. 
dubjay06/13/09Slow paced taper ride today. Lots of folks out there. Perfect weather. Good meeting you out there SKINNY! 
SKINNY06/13/09great ride with Justin.. social pace.. ran into dubjay and his crew on the trail.. cocktail rock was like an mtb convention.. got pitched while hauling ass and took a pretty good spill.. nothing broken but lots of deep scrapes.. swollen knee too.. yay! 
PaulV06/10/09Started off cool and overcast, rode into the clouds and then it got kinda socked in and started misting heavy. Got a little damp but no biggie. Trail was a bit looser than expected, but still super fun as always. Getting used to the new spot build. splits; to rock=56:30, loop=43:49, down=32:50, rt=2:13:10 
GoneRiding05/29/09WET Ride! In a misty cloud the whole ride. Glad I brought a jacket. Got soaked. Stopped and talked to a few riders heading down while climbing and talked to Jerry on the way down. Met him once before. The good news is that the trail got nice and tacky but my bike was a mess at the end. Took 2 spills with less then a mile to finish but they were fairly painless. 
rsalgado05/25/09Great Ride with Dennis. Cool weather. Saw one snake on the switchbacks coming down 
oc_laske05/03/09Morning ride with nstilwell. Smashed my chainring on a rock, but was able to bend it back well enough to ride out. 
nstilwell05/03/09good ride this morning with OCLaske 
XCRider05/02/09OK, I've had my bike handling workout for the month. First time back here in 12 years on a great day for riding. Trail isn't actually that different, although way better maintained. Also went up to campgrounds and main divide a ways. About 1:30 to cocktail rocks on initial climb, but no other times since mostly just exploring. Lots of poison oak, and a good bit of technical climbing. Walked some of the more rocky climbs. Need to work my switchback technique too. 
SprocketHead04/25/09Haven't climbed SJ in a long time. 
GoneRiding04/22/09Still warm climbing but had to be better than the last 2 days. Saw a reddish skin rattler up above cocktail rocks just before heading down thru the tree roots on Old San Juan. Had to take out my swiss army knife with the little saw blade and do some serious tree branch clearing before dropping in to the roots and ruts. Just after I was finished I took slow OTB but no damage. Off to the Angels game tonight. 
Damon M04/20/091:11:37 to Cocktail Rock 
suchafingahole04/16/09Good ride with Troy. Alot of laughs.Always fun to see Troy disappear into the bushes going up San Juan, Really funny, (guess you had to be there, to appreciate it.)Viejo Tie, is always a special treat... 
ThinkFast04/16/09Good times with Hippydude. We added Viejo Tie as usual. I fell in the bushes and had a hard time getting out, would have been easier with a little help from Brian, but he was having too much fun laughing. 
vt1ryan04/11/09Great early morning ride. Old San Juan trail was in excellent condition. Nice and tacky at the top. Thanks Twitch, TriguyTim. 
vt1ryan04/11/09Lots of rock gardens on Old San Juan trail. Trail is in great condition 
Twitch04/11/09Great weather. Thanks vt1ryan for picking that route. Good to see TriGuyTim and mazdamonkey. 
29erHT03/31/09Killer ride. And I do mean killer. Don't forget your water, you'll need it. I ride a hardtail and all those rock gardens kicked my arse. 
29erHT03/31/09Lots of rock gardens, not fun for hardtail riders, or unless you're into that kinda thing. If it wasn't for the rock gardens I'd rate it a 10. 
GoneRiding03/24/09Great day for San Juan! Only saw 4 other riders. One group was a father/son up at cocktail rocks. The kid did not look happy.Found a rifle bullet on the trail in the meadow area of Old San Juan. There was a guy trimming back the bushes at the very beginning of the trail. All the trimmings are still on the trail. Surprise, surprise - saw Uphillrider in the parking lot getting ready for a ride. Craig, your a biking machine! 
UphillRider6503/24/09Talked with Tom (Trobe) at the bottom before taking off, he just finished. Rode slow to day, a little dead from yesterday's rides. Finally cleaned the last stretch up to cocktail rock, maybe because I was moving so slowly. 
martink11103/09/09To cocktail rocks in 1:19:18 minutes. 17.6 mph max 
tweasol03/07/09Had the trails to ourselves today! (VQ/CC) Slow paced ride with my friend Peter... We both weren't feeling so great. Too much cream puffs and not enough biking this week. Regressed a bit. Overall so much fun - old san juan is the best, Peter rode it for the first time and killed it... 
tweasol02/26/09Just a few solo riders like myself out today (the die hards :p) old san juan was so much fun, I wish I was with someone so I could ride it more aggressively... Saw a dead snake on the lower switchbacks, was gone when I came back. mystery ...overall fun ride, gotta go do that again. with people. 
GoneRiding02/26/09Not my best day on San Juan. Think my body was trying to tell me it was tired but the legs felt better then yesterdays ride. Couldn't hit my lines on the way up and that caused quite a few dabs. Had 3 OTB's and left some skin out there. But even so I still love that trail! Saw the dead snake that tweasol mentioned. Talked to Jason down in the parking lot. See him out there quite a bit. Roy - is that new bike of yours sweet?? 
lhbert02/25/09Trail in great condition, great ride. 
UphillRider6502/24/09Had a breakdown while returning to cocktail rock. Chain went deep behind the large cog. For a while I didn't think I would get it out, but it finally gave. 
UphillRider6502/23/09Can across a good size red diamond rattlesnake. He din not want to relinquish the trail he had claimed, so I had to haul the bike up the side of the hill to get around. Very nice weather. Great not to have a flat. 
UphillRider6502/18/09Trail in good shape after the rains. Nice to have more time before sunset. 
Two Tired02/16/09Rode on Sunday morning with Mark, Ron and Kevin. Not able to post until now. Trail only had a few small muddy areas. Lots of riders coming up as we were going down. 
Rowsby02/14/09Great ride with Rob, Geof, Sylvia, Brain and Bill. Weather was good and San Juan was perfect 
PaulV02/12/09Great ride. One of the lower switchbacks is really muddy, one other kinda, otherwise good, one section of mud above the rock too. Trail overall is fine. Did the loop CCW. I had a nice endo not too far past the rock, gotta check air in the fork, not expecting that! Saw thinkfast and hippydude in the parking lot taking off for another adventure and chatted for a bit. Splits: to rock=57:23, loop=45:03,down~=32:38,rt=2:15:05 
ThinkFast02/12/09Mellow ride with Brian. Sore left calf today, seems I strained it hiking through the snow Tuesday. Surprised to see a few groups of riders climbing on our way down. Midweek SJ rides are usually quiet. Good to see Paul this morning as we were getting ready, also Mark and Drake on our way down. 
suchafingahole02/12/09Easy paced ride with Troy.. Saw Paul V. finishing, as we were getting started. 
UphillRider6502/11/09Very nice weather compared to Sunday. 
5Large02/09/09Very cold/wet and muddy and lots of fun. 
IanH02/08/09Very wet and cold but still tons of fun 
johno02/04/09Good day to ride. Took er easy. Fun spin 
GoneRiding02/04/09Couldn't make the starting time w/ the I.E. boys but wanted to meet up w/ them and say hi. Ran into them about a mile before Coctail Rocks. Good seeing you guys! Then talked to a guy who was walking his bike down because of a broken bolt - bummer! Met 2 shuttlers at Cocktail Rock. 
Draheim1802/04/09Rode it counter-clockwise. 
mjrm31602/02/09Beautiful ride! Had a couple in our group who ride infrequently, and this was a bit too long and too much ascent for them, but they hung in there and enjoyed it. Was packed with shuttlers, but most everyone we met on the trail was very curtious 
Draheim1801/30/09Rode it Counter-Clockwise 
GoneRiding01/28/09What a difference a day makes. Much warmer then yesterday and no wind. Short sleeves entire ride. Legs felt great - thought they would be sore after yesterdays ride. Saw uphillrider55 as I was climbing and said hi. Also met a rider named Alex who was able to stop in time as I was climbing up. Saw a rider w/ his Jack Russell terrier following behind. Met a rider named Jason down in the parking lot after my ride. Always see his vehicle there. Another great day on San Juan! 
UphillRider6501/28/09The ride did not start well; the rear disk brake pad retaining spring got stuck between the pad and rotor. Spent 8 min getting it out, broke it with a small allen wrench. Fearing the rear brakes would drag if used I road the first 12 miles with out using the rear brake. On the way down the ridge I tried the rear breaks and found the worked OK. Still need to get this fixed soon. Met Trobe (Tom) on the way down the sandy switchbacks, turned out to be a good ride after all. 
GoneRiding01/09/09Windy! Otherwise a great day at San Juan.Saw Mike & Jeff on their way down.Met them the other day when they did a shuttle ride. Today they went up to Cocktail and back.On my way down met a rider named Mark from Colorado. He had stopped to take a picture of me coming towards him.Said he wanted to show a rider on the trail to some of his friends.Also met Baz up on the lollipop loop.He was setting up markers for a 12k run starting at 8:30am tomorrow from BlueJay. Orange ribbons all over the place. 
UphillRider6501/08/09The trail is in great shape, perfect weather. 
FallAgain01/03/09Cloudy and muddy, but no spill makes it a great ride! 
xhuskr01/03/09nice and cool on the trail...sprinkling at times and a few wet spots, but overall the trails are in great condition. I think I shook off most of the water on the bushes of the lollipop loop...for those after me..you're welcome! First ride of 2009 was a great ride! 
skreech01/02/09Rode with Ben,Phil,Roy and David. 
FREEKENGO01/01/09New years eve day ride! 
davidB.01/01/09A must do. Too far, but i'll be back. 
Royster7112/30/08Good riding with you Ben,Phil,Travis and David. It warmed up nicely. This is my favorite route here in south Ornage County. Dried up fast here. 
goldrunner12/30/08Goood Stuff! Travis, Phil, David, Royster thanks for the company..... 
S.L.O. Phil12/30/08Good warm ride with Ben, Travis, David, and Roy. It started off cool, but not as cold as I thought it would be. It was a tough ride at first but I made it through. :29 down from Cocktail Rock and only slid out once, I landed on my feet the second time. 
UphillRider6512/30/08Slow leak in tire had to stop twice to pump up. Great weather. 
unikid12/30/08Great weather today. Rode with Goldrunner, Royster, SLO Phil and Travis. 
klowie12/27/08Went up to Blue Jay too. 
GoneRiding12/26/08A little wetter than the other day. Saw Patkel in the parking lot, ErikMM at Cocktail Rocks, school teacher Chris as I was climbing. Toes got real cold and I finished just as it was getting dark. Got to see a real nice sunset though. Heard a rumor that BSS was out there but I couldn't catch up to you Wayne! 
xhuskr12/21/08felt like CRAP on the climbs..going back to my diet coke and cliff bar pre-ride meal! got warm fast! 
Permagrin12/20/08Beautiful day with cooler temps, blue skies and sunshine. My first time around the loop and I loved it, it's a very fun trail. 
House11/29/082nd lap. Started with Ben and his group. 
rsalgado11/29/08First time on this trail, this is a great ride, more technical than Im used to. Rode with Group of about 10, Goldrunner and STR riders. Flatted front wheel 1/2 mile from the end. 
bikesurfski11/29/08Love it after a good rain. I always get faster and can clear obstacles much better. What a busy trail, passed a group of 20 at Cocktail, then all the geoladder guys came up later--good to see you Ben, and meet Peddler. Great fun on the fast and tacky track. Equaled my personal best. 
halfasst11/28/08Great loop today, lots of riders out, trails in excellent shape after the rains. Rode with Kelly, and 3 others we ran into. 
xhuskr11/28/08GREAT day for San Juan...cool weather at times with nice warm temps for the climb. A few puddles out there, but great climbing and descending conditions....packed parking lot. Even had a 1x1 Clyde sighting and rumor of Tkblazen 
Rowsby11/28/08Ride with Rob & M&M plus we meet up with Kelly Lee & Keith. Fun ride, San Juan rules after it rains! 
bikesurfski11/23/08Ideal day on the San Juan trail which always puts a smile on my face, and souvenir knicks on my body. Watch out if you go left up Old San Juan in the upper meadow where there's a tree root on the left above a slippery spot. If you don't clear it, your bike just slides out from under and you land flat on the hardpack--argh. A guy with an orange jacket, shotgun and girlfriend said he hadn't shot any bikers yet--"just going for the roadies." Hope hunting season passes soon. 
GoneRiding11/19/08This is quickly becoming one of my favorite rides.1:15 to Cocktail Rocks.Middle chain ring all the way. Took a break at Cktail Rks and just enjoyed the views and the peacefulness out there.One spill coming down when I decided to look out at a bird doing circles in the sky. Handlebar clipped a rock and I went down. Not one of my better moments riding.One flat coming down.Only saw 1 other person, a rider coming up as I was finishing. Found a lock in the parking lot. PM me if you think it's yours. 
GoneRiding11/11/08Good solo ride today. Saw a group of riders from San Diego in the parking lot and then again at Cocktail Rocks on my way back. Other than that pretty quiet out there today. 
Damon M11/09/081:07:10 to Cocktail 45:00 Lolly Pop 
spicolli197610/19/08Great ride with Brian and Brandon. 
Patreek O10/18/08STR scheduled ride. First time on SJT, good time. 
bikesurfski10/04/08From fun surf at SanO in am to Old San Juan--should have kept my wetsuit on--started drizzling after Cocktail, then had to turn around on way to Blue Jay due to rain. Scared a deer. Every bush was a sheet of water--had water gushing out of my shoes--soaked & cold to the bone. But no sandy problems--upper two thirds of trail now tacky--should be great tomorrow. Had to hose everything down--first Winter ride--warm shower finally removed the numbness--what an experience after such heat. 
goldrunner09/21/08Thanks for meeting me 1/2 way Royster. Great pace. Had a couple of tip-overs but thats how it goes. Good seeing BikeSurfSki on his way up. 
Royster7109/21/08Always a treat to ride with you Goldrunner !! Meet a few other riders up there. Saw a couple of the usual people I see up there. Ran into Bikesurfski its always a pleasure to say Hi to him. Great day overall the riding conditions were incredible! 
bikesurfski09/16/08Awesome cloud cover all the way up the mountain and cool breeze cruising back down. 77 degrees in parking lot before noon. Always a fun trail, but not as memorable as the Group of 16 two weeks ago. The switchbacks got me twice trying to descend faster. 
Burgemeester09/14/08Superb ride with Boerseun - he let me demo the Spot - what a machine! Although, I think he needed it because gravity was not on his side today - his first otb was bad, and then there was a concelation fall down the mnt side - I guess the trail was just showing us who's in charge!?! Thanks man - shaweeet! 
Boerseun09/14/08Burgemeester joined me on this memorable occasion of going down twice in one ride and donating some blood and skin...still a great day to be out on the trails...Thanks Burgemeester for keeping it real...I'm looking forward to the next time! No Garmin for the week, RaulC borrowed it for some out of state riding. 
quad damage09/02/08Fun group ride. One flat and one stupid crash. Nice to put some faces to names. Added Viejo Tie. 
shiftyspeedy09/01/08Thanks for the ride! It was nice to meet all the Geo guys. 1st time on the San Juan. Loved it! Sorry I had to take off...I needed to get in a little family time before I returned to work. Ride time...2hrs 12min. 
ThinkFast09/01/08Fun ride with a large group of strong riders. Nice to meet more of the GeoFamily. We added Viejo Tie for a little extra credit. The trail drew blood from a few on the way down. Andrew beat everyone to Blue Jay ;-) Thanks bikesurfski (Wayne) for the cold Red Bulls at the end. **If anyone wants a copy of the group shot send me a PM** 
Royster7109/01/08Great ride today total of 16 of us! Goldrunner,Trobe,Hippydude,Bikesurfski,Thinkfast,cc,Winger,Qaud Damage,Eric, Shiftyspeedy,MarkW,PaulV, Dwhouse,Wildaguilar and Spocolli and his friend joined us for a bit. Had one nice OTB on Chiquito. Note to self don't talk on a technical section you haven't done. I enjoyed it thanks for the detour Thinkfast. Saw a some of Franks group on the way through. Tom thanks for the bug spray I could tell it worked. Good thing I didn't need a pitstop no school. 
House09/01/08Great ride with the Geoladders mob. I think everyone donated some skin and blood out there today. Look forward to next time. 
Hermit09/01/08Sweet Labor Day ride with a bunch of Geo Lads. Always nice putting faces to names. Glad to ride again after a week off. 
spicolli197609/01/08Great ride with Brian. Added Viejo Tie extra credit, and was well worth it. Left a blood sample on the way down San Juan. Stupid thing to do and I deserved it. Met up with a TON of the Geo guys. It was great to talk with everybody. 
PaulV09/01/08awesome ride, cool weather, good trail conditions and great company, doesn't get better than that. Good to meet everyone and would have blown a gasket if I tried to keep up with shiftyspeedy! Saw danno midroute on his SJ super looop. Andrew lost a brake pad and we found it in the bushes, amazing. Got a burrito afterward w/ trobe and royster, trobe brings a tortilla warmer (or was it an ashtray?) he found on the side of the road in case we lost it, thanks for thinking about us trobe!! 
suchafingahole09/01/08Fun to meet, and ride w/ a bunch of geo guys! 
bikesurfski09/01/08Great time with GeoMob: enjoyed hooking up faces with names and monikers--Quality people and skilled riders. I was the designated sweeper to keep the last guy up with the group but it didn't work. I got to climb while all were resting and took a shortcut around Viejo Tie/Chiquito with Antonio. Andrew's brake pad popped off into the bushes and his cell phone popped onto the trail--but he found them both :) Thot San Juan Trail couldn't get any better, but it did with this impressive group of 16+. 
GoneRiding09/01/08Great ride this morning with a strong group of riders. Met a lot of new geo faces. Also met JJ Holiday at Cocktail Rock on the way down. The Chiquito trail that we tied in was a lot of fun. Thanks to Royster for setting this one up! 
goldrunner09/01/08There were some very impressive riders out there today pulling off some nice technical maneuvers in the Tie trail. Good job. Also there was alot of Poision Oak, I wonder out of 16 people how many of them will get the itch? I will probably be one of them :( 
Jake c('.'c)09/01/08Great ride today with a big Geoladders crew! I'm one of the few lucky riders that didn't finish the ride bleeding from somewhere. 
A bit more technical09/01/08Holy cow! 16 strong geo riders! Lots of fun, added viejo tie. 
ErikMM09/01/08great too see all the faces attached to the names (15 or so!)...hurtin' pretty bad due to a spill...I'm gonna follow Goldrunner's lead and invest in some pads... 
Winger09/01/08EX8....finally fixed the spoke. did viejo tie for extra credit. Lots of fun with a big group! Managed to not put my brakes back together properly so 1 pad fell off while riding. Luckily it was found. That would have been a long walk. 
Damon M08/23/081:20 to CR 34x21 
goldrunner08/03/08Good size group, with some nice guys. Still feeling the affects of last weekends spill so I took it easy but still managed to kiss one rock : ) Mj took a nice header, hope your alright! Couple other wipeouts and two flats Roy & Phil. Phil fixes them alot faster than Roy thats for sure, I think Roy was talking to a Squirl or something. 
Royster7108/03/08Good size group there was 8 of us. Nice riding with you Goldrunner, Mark, Trobe, Mark again, SLO Phil, Scott and Dave. Saw silvia and her gang up at cocktail they woosed out on the time of day :) My front tire blew. Went through 3 canisters :) Took some great shots with Phil fixing his shit :) 
unikid08/03/08Group ride - only 2 flat tires and a couple of spills made for a great outing. 
S.L.O. Phil08/03/08Big group ride. Lots of fun. Roy got a flat with his tubeless tire. I flatted too, so we're even. 
mark189008/03/08fun ride,felt a bit sluuuggish today.yes roy and i were having social hour while he was fixing his tubless flat{how does that work] 
evilbawb08/03/08nice day for a ride did a couple of headstands comin down still had fun though 
dubjay07/26/08Solo rides are great for the soul. Barely saw anybody else out there. 
surferguy24th07/05/08So after SART yesterday, I was ready for a hard day. And San Juan made sure it would do that for me. I ran out of water before the top. On the way down I went over the handle bars going about 15-20 mph. Cut me up all around and mainly my shoulder. 
Royster7107/04/08You Know It!! Nice ride Ben and Dave. Weather was doable. Damn them flies were crazy. Saw some familiar faces up there. Going to bring some band aids for ben next time :) 
Ladera Dave07/04/08Great ride Royster & Goldrunner, Ran into Big D at cocktail twice. Good luck on the Rim Nortic series. 
Damon M06/01/081:16 to cocktail rock 
spicolli197605/31/08Best time up to Cocktail Rock, and cleaned everything but one switchback on the way up. I love this ride!!! 
Jocko05/31/08Great ride with Craig, Greg, Trey and new guys Dale and Doug. Got caught in a rut on the way down and lost some skin - bloody mess. 
xhuskr05/26/08Great ride with Shrek, Ski, Suko, and Turtle. First time climbing SJ and first time on Old SJ...both a hit. I cleaned more switchbacks today there than ever before...weather was fantastic and trails were tacky!! 
Keith B05/24/08Great ride with Sarah. Nice to see Doug out there. Found 2 hikers who seemed lost out on the lollipop loop. Longest ride I've done in quite a while :-) didnt rain either. 
Two Tired05/05/08Sunday morning ride. Perfect weather. Great ride but had a flat, a couple of falls, and the technical sections kicked my butt. 
Jocko04/22/08With Craig, Greg, Trey, Matt, and Matt's friend Fred. 3 low-speed OTBs - good stuff !!! 
bikesurfski04/08/08Climbed up into the clouds on a coolish, double-layer day. The middle third of Old San Juan loop is a prime and speedy racing trail through bushes, trees, lush foliage--great fun :) The last third of the loop is an uphill obstacle course of loose rocks, boulders, bushes tearing your fingers off the handles and tearing your helmet off your head (free neck adjustment). When you get to the tree with rocks, Cocktail Rock is near. After Trabuco Trail, bombing down San Juan felt smooth as a carpet. 
spicolli197604/06/08Not quite sure as to the time as I am still waiting for my Garmin :-( Probably around 3 hours and 5 minutes. This is one of my favorite descents!!!!! 
bikesurfski04/01/08Saw a naked woman sunbathing on coctail rock--April Fools :) Great day for speed--Old San Juan really tacky--only how fast can you go. Two Canadians finished just behind me at Cocktail--they had come down for the Fontana race, then picked the perfect time of year and day to do Old San Juan--said the terrain and trail were amazing. Some older guy pruned lower San Juan--cool. Conditions fast and furious :) 
bikesurfski03/22/08Great day--lots of bikers out--hard to beat the San Juan trail. Old San Juan a little rocky and slippery-sand coming up to Cocktail. Bushes along the trail are starting to become more of a factor. 
Jocko03/17/08With Craig, Greg, and Sam. What a fun ride !!! 
MF TITAN03/08/08good ride with John and Scott,1st time for them.We all had some difficulties.Found A sweat shirt type shirt,PM me if lost 
Royster7103/02/08Nice riding with you Phil. A long and antisipated ride. Had to Cancel 4 times due to rain hope you dug it. 
S.L.O. Phil03/02/08Smooth steady climb with tight switch-backs. Nice dirt at the bottom. The upper part is more loose, but fast. Upper loop is fun with tech climbs. I had to step off the peddles quite a few times, I guess I need the practice on technical climbs. Overall - super fun, fast, technical. 
Zippy02/23/08A little wet, which means slippery over the rocks. TONS of people out: parking lot was FULL. Never seen so many people on this trail. Good ride, felt strong. (fitness testing) 
EK-RSM02/23/08SJ: 9am with group of 8. fell on my front wheel while crossing branches over stream. Saw a guy halfway down with broken arm had to be heloed out. 
JJ Holiday02/23/08Great day for a ride! In fact, I was the only one with the idea of riding the SJT today, plus 100. Nice riding all. Hope the rider with the broken arm is alright!! 
goldrunner02/10/08Very Fun! There was a Bonked Dog on the way down. Guess he followed its owner who was mtn. biking to Coctail and almost back. Was not looking to good. 1890 provided water and a Hammer Jell. Hope he is OK. Lots of people out. I had no flats :) maybe the flat tire curse has moved on. 
mark189002/10/08great day to be outside,thanks for waiting ben.had a hard time climbing today.love this trail... 
spicolli197602/02/08Awesome ride!!!! 
PaulV01/22/08Not as cold or wet as expected, trail amazingly dry and loose. Met another biker in the parking lot, he was not going as far though. Saw a grey fox on the upper loop, rare sighting for me. Gloves got wet up top from bushes, but otherwise stayed fairly dry. Running a Pike fork on the Spot, weighs in just over 30 lbs. splits: to rock (up)=1:03:30, rock to rock(loop)=43:51, rock to lot(down)=32:19, (includes one rut induced trip to the bushes, always good times :) 
Singular01/22/08Did this ride on Saturday after noon. 
bikesurfski01/22/08Awesome to be able to get this ride in before serious rain--needed an offday San Juan fix to balance my four 12hr. work days. Cool and cloudy, tacky track until after Cocktail, then the temps dropped on the north side of the mountain to finger numbing, polar weather, wet and slippery--think I saw a polar bear. As the trail came back to the south side before Cocktail, the sun appeared with bearable temps. A biker was cleaning his road rashes from wiping out on a sandy wash when I first arrived. 
Jake c('.'c)01/19/08Solo mission. Perfect day for this ride. 
Royster7101/13/08Great riding with the Troupe !! What a great place this is. Rain treated this place well . A few ruts here and there. Saw some guys fixing a few spots up there thanks guys !! 
Damon M01/13/081:23 to Cocktail Rock on Geared Bike 
goldrunner01/13/08Great reconosince mission with The Troupe, very few casualties. Bengo was there again donating an ear to the cause. haa, what did you say?? 
ZULU12/29/07Started this ride at midnight, wow what a difference a good light makes. Some drizzle but a nice cool ride. Trail is perfect for climbing. 
JJ Holiday12/26/07Great ride Mark, Mark jr., Craig, and Ben!! Trail is in great shape. I paid my respects to the SJT and went OTB on the way down. I landed in the bushes with the bike upside down above me. 
goldrunner12/26/07San Juan is in great shape! Very fun, if there were more bugs they would be between my teeth from smiling so much. Good riding w/ Craig, Mark & Junior quiver lip, JJ. 
Oly12/23/07Great ride with Manny and TonyM. Pushed the heart rate up over 180.... 
bikesurfski12/11/07Perfect shirt-sleeve and shorts sunny weather. So clear it seemed you could reach out and touch Catalina all the way up & down (Hawaii in the distance). After missing a switchback, I slid forward on the seat--cleared all the rest. FlyingBrian--good to finally meet you--even if you did smoke me going up to cocktail :) Trail conditions ideal: not muddy, tacky and fast. For pure enjoyment I think this trail rules. 
Royster7112/09/07Great riding with you guys! Nice meeting you Jeff and Manny. Hi Doulble Mark always good Ben. Sorry you got lost Phil:( Nice bumping into you Sylvia and Sharon and the rest of the gang. Also bummped into Jason from Cranks... 
goldrunner12/09/07Good group ride. Nice to meet Jeff & Manny. Also good riding w/the mayor of Mtn. Bike Town Niceee! Lots of white peaks out there today. Might have to jump on the SnowBoarding ladder...... 
Oly12/09/07Chilly early morning ride....thanks for setting it up Roy! Nice to put a face to a name Roy, Ben and Mark x2. 
martink11112/08/07Included a side trip on Viejo Tie and Chiquito (total trip distance: 22 miles). Slow due to (minor) crash... 
Keith B12/02/07Dried out alot since yesterday. Plenty of people out there. Met Troy, Ken and El Borachio out there amongst others. Super fun descent was even faster than yesterday. 
bikesurfski11/27/07Picture perfect day on one of my most favorite fun trails--no steep steeps,long rocky sections or much technical--some annoying rock climbs coming down to cocktail, but mostly good challenges, and some loose sections--but mostly just let it fly on the way down :) 
aword4you11/22/07Great STR SJT ride. Rode my SS rigid with my new Bonti carbon fork. Had a blast. 
bikesurfski11/10/07Beautiful day--ton of riders at Cocktail. Definitely need knobby tires and not baldys due to the slippery sand. 
dubjay11/10/07Nice to be out at San Juan again. Trail is soft in quite a few spots. Weather was great though, so I guess that makes up for it. 
martink11110/17/07First test of new NiteRider lights... not bad for halogens 
bikesurfski10/16/07Ideal weather and trail conditions--no mud, no dirt--just trail. Great fun--this trail is one of the best around. Flatted at cocktail rock--gnarly thorn. 
PaulV10/05/07recovery ride,hit it w/ Hooch this morning, lots of people out this AM! Took it fairly easy on the up, missed 3 switchbacks but made all 3 on retries.(stoked!) Cleaned close to all stuff on the upper loop, so double stoke. Two flats on the way down, one was 1 minute from cocktail rock (self-induced-let some air out) and one was 2 minute from bottom (so just walked down) but still had a super fun down. Light mist for 5 minutes, but no rain. Splits: to rock=1:07:42,loop=45:28,down~=32:30 
goldrunner09/15/07Good Ride Damon. Wish I could say the same, I was all over the place ate it way to many times. Very few people out today, 2 others besides us. Weather was great. 
MoJo09/09/07Got to tagalong w/Kevin & Damon today. First time doing this loop. The ride was awesome- couldn't ask for better weather or company! 
mark189008/26/07great weather.fun ride with evilbawb.not sure who had a bigger smile at the end,the 46 year old or the 14 year old. 
evilbawb08/26/07great ride with cloudy skies so it wasnt scorching hot 
evilbawb08/26/07lots of poison oak in the loop 
ka0t1c0708/26/07Awesome weather. Saw many rider heading up, down, and through from Elsinore. A little bit of rain. Overall fun ride. Had a big group of Epic Riders. 
PaulV08/14/07not too warm with a 6:30 AM start time, caught a nice breeze on the ridgeline, warmed up for the down! Trail is loose over hardpack, but pretty good considering the current drought conditions. Didn't see anyone this AM, just a hummingbird that decided to pay me a visit at Cocktail rock. Had one 'bike leaves trail' incident on the down, rider stayed on trail though, (sweet! :)switchback count -5. splits;lot to rock(up)=59:57,rock to rock(loop)=42:21, rock to lot(down)=30:16 total=2:12:34 
Von-Skipp08/07/07nice ride with ocrider. awesome weather and not too hot. dam I love this ride!!!! 
Royster7107/21/07Great ride!! Ben, Dave and Jeff !!! To bad Mojo was afraid to ride with yellow !!! 
JJ Holiday07/21/07Great ride Roy, Ben, and Dave. Tahoe here we come! 
goldrunner07/21/07Took the green demon for this one today. Felt like a cluts, couldnt keep it together for the first couple of miles. Still a good time. Nice riding w/ Everyone, Except No Show Mojo?? 
CTrask07/18/07That's the last time I eat a Diablo Grande burrito ten minutes before the ride...BARF! Thanks mark1890 for meeting me in the heat of the day for this one. Sorry I slowed you up losing my lunch. All and all a good day for the team. 
ghixon07/13/07Good afternoon ride before the trek back to the Inland Empire. 
bikesurfski06/30/07Second time is a charm--this time took correct trail instead of Chiquito/Ortega--much better-- little warm, great day great route. Used my fingerless half gloves, now I have fingerless half hands--allows sweat to flow, and blood :) Played tag-team for lead with a party of three throughout the course. Too much fun. 
JDOG06/24/07Nice ride with the Wife and Dennis. Trail is in fair shape and the weather was nice.. 
24hourblur06/23/0759 degrees at the start at 8am and only 81 at the finish. Nice day and a lot of riders out there. 
ghixon06/20/07Warm afternoon in the OC. Had to take a few extra breaks during the ride. 
MF TITAN06/16/07getting hot 
ghixon06/14/07First ride on the San Juan Trail. I must say, it's a hell of a lotta fun. i think this one will be added to the trail rotation. 
ghixon06/14/07Bring a good set of tires and check your brakes before coming back down. 
PaulV06/13/07A little warm at the rock even at 7:15 AM (but no wind at all). The forest section felt nice and cool though. The loop back seems to get progressively trickier, fun stuff! Missed 5 switchback on way to rock, two down below and three in middle section. I am pretty sure someone snuck in and made them sharper last night :) Trail is a little loose here and there, but overall nice. I really need a burrito now!! splits: lot to rock=1:00:37, rock to rock(loop)=43:56, down=30:08, total=2:14:41 
Hooch06/13/07Had a great ride with my friend PV today, first time to hit Upper San Juan. Big time fun. New PR: 1:06 to Cocktail, 30:30 down from there. 
dandrews05/14/07Early afternoon ride, saw a few riders, a hiker and a big angry rust looking rattler 1/4 mile before cocktail rock. 
1x1clyde05/12/07First time here, it is my new favorite trail!!! Absolutely loved it. 
Claudio03/20/07My friend and I did this loop for the first time and had a blast. The last half of the loop has some challenging rock sections. The decent, as usual, was extremely fun. 
FirstDrop03/11/07Great ride at leisure pace. Ruts are pretty deep. Got through before the heat hit. 
Damon M03/10/07Great Ride Kevin, Randy and Greg. Time to Cocktail 1:20 
trickster03/03/07Not a good route for day dreaming! Lots of fun. 
PaulV02/14/07a little moist-n-chewy, but good overall, just a small puddle here and there. Cold in the meadow though, nice layer of frost! Great conditions for the down, super tacky and fast. Finally busted half an hour down. splits: lot to rock:1:08 rock to rock (loop) 0:40 rock down to lot 29:30 
aword4you02/10/07Rode with Jason from Salsa Cycles today. Weather was GREAT! I actually got a sunburnt. Who does that in February? 
sdlovin02/10/07Rain? T'was a beautiful day on the trails. Nice ride with stumprider. Met mechmann and aword4you at cocktail rocks. 
sdlovin02/03/07Solo ride. Wow! The trail is in awesome shape. I saw only 1 puddle. Had a close call coming up at ~4 miles up with a downhiller..good thing he laid down with his bike because a straight on collision would of flew me off the cliff. Anywayze, there must have been 20 riders on cocktail rocks..itching for the downhill. Yo, stumprider, missed you on the trails!! Awesome day, still alive!! 
sdlovin01/21/07First Geoladder ride. Rode duo with Clint K. I forgot to restart the timer on the Garmin. Oh well, it was an awesome day in orange county. 
JJ Holiday01/20/07 
PaulV01/17/07trail in absolutely great condition, it was a little cold out this AM (start at 6:50), but hey, you're climbing a lot, so I stayed fairly toasty! The upper loop has a few tricky sections to challange you, this is a really fun route! splits: lot to Cocktail rock: 1:03 rock to rock (loop) ~ 45:00 rock back down 0:33 
dubjay01/13/07Had a bad start to my day. I stepped in dog poop in the parking lot. Other than that, weather was nice and brisk all day. Had a blast as usual at San Juan. 
Manuel Prado01/07/07fun ride, little windy. 
Damon M01/06/07Great Ride Charlie and Randy 1:19:56 to Cocktail Rock 
Murmur12/29/06Good ride w/ the Geo-crew and Damian. Had one pretty nasty crash coming down and another little one. Still need to shake the rust off. 
Big D.D.12/29/06Great ride with a great group of guy's 
Cranx12/28/06Just an awesome ride with Geo Team and friends (Murmur, Koke, BigDD, Doug, Napolean D and Damien). Had a nice, high speed OTB on the way down...that felt goooooood. ;) Great to have Damien along for some helpful coaching tips...thanks! 
Napoleon D.12/28/06Fun ride with some Geo-Guys and Damian. Forgot to charge my edge, so no time or HR info. Need to do this ride more often. 
dandrews12/28/06Great group ride. Oddly, unlike other areas today, the weather on San Juan was not windy or cold. 
RollnStone12/26/06Thanks to Matt for showing me the route. 
josh smith12/20/06great day on the bike with the Sho-Air crew(scott,terry,justin,craig,and fuzzy. 
CTrask12/19/06Nice ride with BreakHeart, Actrek5500, and JERRY. We went up to the Blue Jay Parking lot for good measure, so no accurate time. 
BrakeHeart12/19/06Great ride with Craig Trask, JERRY and Actrek5500. Thanks to Jerry for suggesting this over the route I scheduled. 
JERRY12/19/06Beautiful day! Great group ride and always a blast coming down. 
dubjay12/09/06Absolutely a beautiful day for a ride. I'm starting to clean more of the technical climbs. Fun stuff. 
MF TITAN11/25/06Good ride with mark and victor,started really early(6:00) 
dubjay11/24/06Beautiful day out there today. It was my first time there - I definitely will be back. 
JERRY11/22/06Went realy slow. Slept at cocktail rock. I found a multi tool on the way up. Email me to claim it. 
Old Spokes11/19/06Great trail,from Cocktail Rock hooked up with a few guys, Dave and Matt pushed me, talked to a few Geo riders on the way down 
Big D.D.11/13/06The best trail around 
Murmur11/12/06Great ride w/ Big DD, Koke, Goldrunner & Talega Bob. The downhill was sweeeeeeeet. No HR info as my battery went out. 
singletrack11/12/06partial night ride 
jnbthomas11/05/06Meet Casper Milque toast on the trail 
josh smith10/30/06slow training ride with bernice 
ericfoltz10/15/06Great trail. Definitely has a lot more wear on it than it did the last time I rode it 8 years ago. Very crowded on weekends. 
Twitch10/15/06Road with ericfoltz. Great trail... BUT I HATE ALL THE ROCK GARDENS. 
Twitch10/15/06Fun... Lots of exposed rocks. 
Winger10/14/06Fun Trail..similar to Holy Jim with the switchbacks & singletrack ascent. Rode with Granny Ring, who is a great all around rider. It rained on us partway up the hill. I'm glad I had the arm & knee warmers and need to buy some full fingered riding gloves. 
granny ring10/14/06Rode with Winger. Dleasure was late, met him and his buddy at cocktail on the way back. Hope you find some good trails in your new home. What a great trail, challenging and rewarding the whole way up and down. 
dleasure10/14/06Beautiful morning once we got started. I was late for my posted ride and I am glad to see that Winger and Granny Ring started without me and my friend. We had trouble with his back tire this morning. Check your gear the night before! It wasn't very crowded, thanks to the rain and the temps were just about right for the slog up hill. I am gonna miss this trail! 
steeleboat09/09/06It was a beautiful day on San Juan. The trail was all mine. I only saw one other rider on the entire ride. 
super chicken09/02/0660 degrees at 7am. 92 by 11am. 
goldrunner09/02/06Good meeting everyone at Coctail Rock. Go Week-End Warriors...ahah 
Despacio09/02/06went up this morning solo thinking id wait for the other geo. dudes up at cocktail rocks but trail really kicked my but this time and was really hot, by the time Igot to the rocks I was not going to go to blue jay and went and did old route instead ! still feel it but its top notch stuff up there !! met goldrunner before going up. nice guy 
smithg09/02/06intended to go to Blue Jay with geo group - way too hot for me. Did old San Jaun instead -- bonked about half way through. Met several Geo guys at the rock that was great. Thanks to Charlie for looking out for me. 
bossvader08/27/06Nice Day, Struggled on some of the Switchbacks 
cjwally08/26/06Lots of riders. Beautiful day. 
aword4you08/26/06Rode San Juan. Pretty crowded out there today! Nice ride, though. 
K0KE08/23/06REPOST from Tuesday ride with Doug. 
K0KE08/11/06Fun ride with Big DD and Royta. 
K0KE08/11/06Best trail in SoCal. 
royta08/11/06Another fun ride with Big Double D and Koke. We only saw two other riders, and they were stopped at Cocktail. It was nice having the trail to ourselves. I need to ride more. I was getting left behind on the climbs. 
Big D.D.08/11/06sweet ride with koke and royta cleaned the tunnel on old san juan boyaa 
cjwally07/29/06Perfect day for a perfect ride. Low misty cloud cover. Kinda like taking a shower. At least it wasn't hot. Great scenery. San Juan is a blast! 
oc_laske07/09/06first time on this trail, and had a blast! definitely have to hit this trail again soon. 
TRB07/08/06love this trail, rode with oclaske, his first time on this trail (he cleared most of it). 
SNOWMAN07/01/06HOT HOT HOT! Just got back from the Sierras where it was B E A U T I F U L and cool. Back here where it is dusty and hot 
24hourblur06/26/06Great ride but my butt is sore from a fall. SPIDERS SPIDERS everywhere once you get to the single track in the trees. 82 at the start at 10 am and 94 when we finished, but overcast. One guy flatted on the way up with his UST's. 
kernel06/11/06Rode with Thoranz. Thought this was the san juan up and back. 
kentonn06/11/06Great ride, excellent weather. 
Terry Best06/11/06Awesome weather today out at San Juan. Had a great time riding with Kentonn and the SMES group. Of course, Kentonn had to flat in the same place as last time... 
TD805/26/06Great weather; overcast and cool. Went with TRB and 3 other guys from work. I cut 30 minutes off of my previous mud ride. 
Von-Skipp05/26/06Awesome ride today. A bit foggy near towards the top. went over the edge while climbing, hehe. 
TRB05/26/06Great day for a ride, rode with TD8 and some friends from work. A lot of poison oak on the upper loop. 
Terry Best05/26/06HUGE thanks to Dr. Shane @ CORE Chiropractic (www.choosechiro.com) for fixing me up this morning so I could ride. Been suffering from some terrible lower back pain. Thanks Doc! Great ride with some great people today. What a pleasure. 
aword4you05/08/06Meant to add in that the wildflowers are out in force! Lots of purple and yellow flowers out there everywhere along the trail, so lots of BEES also. Ride started out socked-in and misty, but ended up super sunny, clear, and warm. Great Sunday ride. 
mechmann05/08/06Beautiful ride. Love the flowers. My wife rocks! 
RidetheRAAM04/17/06looped in the viejo tie 
Murmur04/15/06Started out with Cranx, TRB, TD8 & Sunti and the intention of doing Trabuco/Upper San Juan - too muddy, so we went to San Juan instead. We were going to go all the way up and back - but TD8 kept whining about needing to go panty shopping. (I think/hope they are for his wife). Anyway - we did this loop instead. Muddy at the switchbacks, the rest was okay. Lots of folks out there. 
TD804/15/06Where's the fire road? I suck at single track! TRB, Cranx, Murmur, and Sunti led me up the trail. 2 riders at Cocktail rock had a good time at my expense. 
Cranx04/15/06Another wet & muddy but fun ride with Murmur, TRB, TD8 & Sunti. Weather.com: 69, partly cloudy...liars. We were going to go all the way to the top but TD8 said something about having to go see "The Vagina Monlogues" with his wife...had to cut it short because of that. 
TRB04/15/06Another fun mudddy ride with cranx, murmur, TD8 & Sunti. One of my favorite trails. We were going to go to the top but TD8 was on the short leash today. I think he had to go panty shopping and something about cleaning the toilets and other Honey Do's. 
dfrank04/14/065:30am start made the first 20 minuts very slow. But temp was pertfect. 
Murmur04/13/06Solo ride - beautiful day. Getting warm out there. Saw 3 rattlesnakes. Almost ran over one big one just below Cocktail Rock - that got my heart rate up. Sucker was at least 4 feet long and not happy about me being there. 
klowie04/02/06Nice day up there but really crowded on the descent. 
aword4you04/02/06Good ride today. Was a little standing water in some places, but otherwise trail seems to be holding up okay. 
animaltico03/27/06morning ride w/ manuel .. 
animaltico03/27/06afternoon ride w/ sky-king ..good job scott !! 
Manuel Prado03/26/06good ride after the rain pushed it down hill crashed twice. 
Sky-King03/26/06Believe it or not, this was my first trip up San Juan…….wow what a blast! Thank you George for the training ride and the technical lessons today, you are the man! Loved the ride and will do it again soon. 
red_storm03/20/06i love this ride 
dleasure03/19/06Kind of a tuff ride for me today. Couldn't find my groove and ride very smoothly. Trying to get used to the new (to me) bike. Great afternoon though and somehow I managed to shaved 5 minutes off my last time. Sprinkles on and off the whole way up which kept the temps very comfotable. 
hades03/05/06Started near Ortega Highway (no adventure pass). Slow recovery ride after yesterdays Vision Quest Race. Very fun route! 
Damon M02/25/06Rode with Charlie, Kevin, Roy, Ben & Monica. Congrats on the new bike Ben. 1:47 to cocktail rock. 
klowie02/19/06fast and wet 
K0KE02/15/06Chilly and windy at Cocktail Rocks today. I clear more and more obstacles on this route everytime I ride it. Thanks for the ride Jr. 
Despacio02/15/06nice cool day on san juan today,fighting this dumb cold thing but didnt really matter because its got to be one of the best rides around,oh yeah craig is not a mtn. goat now he a mtn lion(: I owe you one now ,thanks 
K0KE02/07/06One of my favorite trails. Thanks Jr and Hal for the ride. 
Despacio02/07/06great ride today with craig and hal,really fun place and will be back for sure!(: time appx ? 
aword4you02/05/06Rode with a big group today of differing skills. I was hurting from gym days last week anyway, but was a decent ride. Was on a loaner bike with different shifters. Yikes. 
mechmann02/05/06big group so things went slow. 11 riders to cocktail and 4 did the loop. great riding. 
shleppy01/22/06Great Saturday ride with Keith, Cid, Dave, Geoff and Scott. Really cold at the beginning but warmed up at the end. Rode the hard tail on this loop and paid the price. 
Geof Sanberg01/22/06I miss my full suspension. 
PHAT TIRE01/22/06Took Sweet A$$ Time. 
Scottster01/21/06Great ride .Thanks for the turn out everyone . 
kentonn01/21/06Great turn-out for a scheduled ride. A little cold in the morning but quickly warmed up. Lot's of fun... Nice riding with all those that showed up. 
Keith B01/21/06Awesome ride. The loop from Cocktail rocks was superb, the down hill was fast & twisty and the ups were really technical. 
bjammin01/16/06Initiated 3 friends today. 
crashmax01/15/06Fun ride today! Great weather through the whole ride. We had a lot of out of towners with us that really enjoyed the ride! 
dleasure01/07/06After getting rained out last weekend and only doing the lower half, I came back to do the full loop. GREAT TRAIL! Some guys doing a little trail work to the switchbacks. 
derek01/05/06First ride in OC, fun ride. 
Damon M12/26/051:45 to Cocktaol Rock 
Theodore Ventre12/23/05first time in So Cal, I'll be back. 
Manuel Prado12/23/05Fun ride with Ted and Ray, very nice day... 
Intense112/18/05Awesome trail , quite a bit of climbing , but it's well worth the ride back 
bjammin12/07/05Schooled by Manny and Doug. Thanks for the ride, Ben. 
dandrews12/07/05Perfect day! Thanks Ben and Manny. Saw some hikers in their 60's on lower San Juan, ...as always, be careful folks. 
Manuel Prado12/07/05Fun ride with my friends, I was able to clean all of the technical stuff up and down for first time. 
K0KE12/02/05First time on this route... I feel humbled. 
TRB11/26/05This trail is sooo much fun. Wet cool morning great for riding. This has to be one of my favorite rides....If you have never ridden this trail, it is a MUST. 
mechmann11/25/05had several women in the group so we were pretty slow today, lots of waiting and taking in the scenery. beautiful day. the trail was really nice after all the maintenance. 
Manuel Prado10/20/05Endurance pace ride. Very nice after the rain. 
vapor09/10/05Thank you Casper Milktoast for scheduling this ride!!!! After riding nearly everyday this week, this ride was perfect to end on. 6am is THE time to ride at san juan, empty parking lot, empty trails, good times! It got pretty crowded at 9am and started to get warm. Best san juan ride by far. 
geofsanberg07/31/05Hot day, started at 72f got as high as 96f. 
Burdman07/03/05Flatted on the way down at the 13.4 mile marker. What a Bonehead I am! I forgot to throw my new tube in my pack, so I had to walk the rest of the way down. Bummer, I was on a good pace. But it couldve been worst, had I flatted in back Loop section! That would be a long walk! Oh well, it was still a good day! 
Terry Best06/10/05Maiden voyage for this route. Started with Doug Andrews, RichM, and Vapor. Beginning of Old San Juan has become quite challenging after the rains this year. This loop is a must if you've never done San Juan Trail before! 
vapor06/10/05I love this loop, rode out with Tbest, RichM, and Doug, very fun loop with a bit of hard parts as you enter old san juan, look out for poison oak! 

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