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Coto - Valley Loop Trail

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grimix07/10/12Not my cup of Heed. Except for that 1,000 feet of Oak-covered singletrack chasing deer. And what's with 'no trespassing' signs in 3 locations and barbed wire? Decoration? Plenty of traffic obviously. 
UphillRider6507/28/11Good to beat the heat SF 
moonfruit07/20/11Long ride, Tracy and Todd. A little off course here and there but an adventure no doubt. 
STEVO CARRILLO01/26/10Did this route backwards. Started @ the waterfall with the hopes of doing Bell View West Ridge but like Spartacus say's it is way to soft..... So rather then make a second set of tracks I got off it and dropped into Coto and did this route Instead. Made a few wrong turns here and there but managed to find my way around. I apologize for the foul...... 
Maneux11/03/09Three deer this morning. 
Ladera Dave10/01/09Great ride with Phil, Jason and Matt, 91 degrees at 7:00, cool off to 85 degree, full moon out nice. 
Shimano_Cranker03/19/09What have you done about the new fence that's just north of Oso? I found that I've had to go down towards to toll road and loop between a fence. 
House03/13/09Leg spinner. 
northshore10/12/08Great Sunday ride! I haven't road this far in awhile. Awesome views of the surrounding areas including the burned out areas. 
4xdave10/12/08First time making the loop. Fun ride, lots of climbing. If you dont like fire roads its not for you. 
House10/08/08Good ride with KeepsWhatHappens. Kinda hot out there, though. 
KeepsWhatHappens10/08/08Nice to ride with dwhouse again. Smokin' hot by the time we finished. I'm ready for Fall temps to arrive. 
TrailMonkey09/06/08Long week and time for some pain killers 
House08/28/08Nice ride with Ryan. 
quad damage08/07/08Solo. First before work ride I've done in a while. Hard to get the motor running in the morning. 
quad damage08/01/08Solo ride. Saw a few riders in Chiquita. New personal best on this route by 5 minutes. I tied Troy's best ... now I need to beat it. I'm coming for you Troy! 
quad damage07/30/08Took the day off to rest a little and run some errands for the new home. I now live half a mile off this loop, so this will probably be the new standard ride. Tried to get some stress out ... not sure how well it worked. 
Bruin07/29/08This ride should be called "Fullerton Loop of the South" as it intertwines with residential areas. Turn-by-turn directions are missing and would have been useful particularly where to exit Riley Wilderness. 
genusmtbkr507/10/08great riding with KWH, Chip and Tom 
KeepsWhatHappens07/10/08Great ride with Genusmtbkr5, TalksWithFoxes, and Tom J. Beautiful sunset. 
One Flew OTB07/06/08Finally got around to doing this route. Way hot today as I rode midday. Honestly not my favorite loop. Stopped at the horse area to water up. Solo ride as Mountain Man is pre-riding Rim Nordic today. Rode from home which added about 5 miles. Time is for loop only. (Obviously :)) 
One Flew OTB07/06/08Not great for a true beginner - too many climbs, even though they're pretty short. Too much fire road for my taste, but a good training loop nontheless. 
scott v06/06/08Morning ride with Chris. 
GoneRiding05/09/08Not my intended route but I somehow couldn't stay on course for the Caspers - Cougar Pass route. Ended up riding a few extra miles trying to figure it out but no luck. There were about 30 Santa Margarita runners doing sprints on the paved path next to the Dove Cyn waterfall that I had to pass. Didn't see any other riders out this morning. 
Two Tired04/18/08Did this on Thursday afternoon along with the Tijeras Creep - Chiquita ridge loop. Saw a rattlesnake and also a big roadrunner that had just caught a small gopher snake. 
Spartacus04/04/08Got a little warm out there today. 
GoneRiding02/09/08Great morning to ride. Met Matt from Ladera Cyclery and Jantzen who was the youngest finisher at the 2007 VQ. 
Two Tired02/08/08Chiquita Ridge is okay now. Bell View still has muddy areas but is a lot better than last week. 
Two Tired01/31/08Wednesday afternoon ride. Combined this with Tijeras Creek Chiquita Ridge Loop. Tijeras Creek and Chiquita Ridge are fine, but Bell View should still be avoided! Still very soggy! I would have turned around but was running out of daylight. 
Two Tired01/18/08Did this loop after the Tijeras-Chiquita Ridge loop on Thursday. 
TREE01/17/08Started at 6:30 this morning - cold but clear. 
TREE01/08/08Soft, mud still in places but felt good to get out 
Two Tired01/07/08Did this along with Chiquita Ridge loop back on Friday. Ankle really bothering me by the end of the ride. Time to put ice on it. 
Two Tired12/28/07Easy pace to not overdo it before tommorrow's Rwanda ride. Saw a fairly large Bobcat on Chiquita Ridge. 
TREE12/23/07Afternoon loop after dropping of the family - lungs are feeling better, but not great. Legs feel strong after not really riding much last week. 
GoneRiding12/14/07Nice ride this morning - only 2nd time i have done this ride and it's been a while. - followed a coyote for about 50 yds until he jumped off the trail - started off cool but warmed up quickly. 
TREE12/12/07Pre work ride, 53 outside, no wind. Beautiful morning to be on the bike. 
Hermit12/09/07Quick solo ride. Started from Dove Canyon Plaza. 
goldrunner11/30/07Scheduled, went for the new route points. Nice ride w/Lg. group of 16. Nice lead Doug. Wish I lived closer that would be a great weekly night ride............ 
Two Tired11/29/07Slow going. I can really tell that I haven't been riding much lately. 
ThinkFast11/20/07Solo. Nice afternoon for a ride. Saw muzungu going the other direction. 
DONALD JACKSON11/10/07solo night ride, I forgot how many ups and downs on this loop I felt better towards the end. Did't see anything but two rabbits. Wierd 
quad damage10/29/07Rode "Rita the Vampire" and she sucked the life out of me. Thanks for letting me borrow the bike Matt. Ha. 
Hermit10/28/07Traded singlespeeds with Ryan for this route. We ran into KeepsWhatHappens and a couple other guys I had met on a previous night ride in the same area. Saw several other riders on Chiquita as well. I guess you could say it was a busy afternoon. 
Hermit10/21/07First ride on my new singlespeed 29er! Had so much fun that I was laughing and smiling pretty much the whole way...well...except when panting during a couple climbs, but even those were fun challenges. Might have to swap out the stock 18-tooth rear cog for something easier if I want to enjoy the steeper trails I like to ride. Can't wait to ride again! 
quad damage10/19/07Nice mellow after work ride with Matt and Andrew. 
Winger10/19/07Quick night ride w/ Matt & Ryan. Middle ringed it. Decent route. If I lived nearby I'd do this all the time. 
Hermit10/18/07Rode with Ryan and Andrew. Thanks Ryan for lettin' me use the singlespeed. So much fun! I am on the verge of buying my own. 
RollnStone09/21/07Beautiful morning, cool temps, clear sky. Got lost and did some exploring to see where I went wrong. Put in about 3 or 4 additional miles. 
quad damage09/14/07Solo and SS. Worked really, really hard to make all the climbs on the SS. Painful, but satisfying. 
lazybumms0008/21/07Saw a bunch of deer and thats probably what the mountian lions surviving off of 
MTB Fiend08/17/07This time I did the trail clockwise. I liked the hill climbs in this direction better. Awesome sunset. Saw 2 coveys of Quail, lots of Dove and shared the trail with a rattlesnake. I gave him a bigger share. Finished just at dark. Perfect. 
jerryktm52508/10/07Bike and gps failures 
Wild-Wild-Life08/09/07Rode this trail for the first time with jerryktm525. We missed the last third of the trail by a long shot because the Garmin 305 got jacked up, so we did at least 4 or 5 extra miles. Oh well, it was still a great ride. Jerry is getting stronger for sure. 
MTB Fiend08/03/07Nice ride! No directions w/o GPS, but I think I got it right. Parked near Dove Cyn waterfall and followed Tijeras trail to Chiquita. Dropped down Tijeras to 241 and realized that was the wrong way. Humped it back up to Chiquita and followed Chiquita all the way to Oso Pkwy. Turned left and followed bridle path thru T.Riley Park. Turned right on to Coto Bridle path and followed up and down. Turned left on the Sonshine trail, climbed to Bell View and followed back to Dove Cyn waterfall. 
lazybumms0007/29/07I just love this run its difficult but really fun 
GrMonkey07/25/07Hot & dry-rather dismal. Dropped a full "bater wottle" somewhere down the road---a bit dehydrated -headed home faster than usual! (look 4 staggering tire marks)Drain Bramage--no doubt. Will do this one again--IN THE FALL! 
lazybumms0007/24/07This was a trip from hell i went with my dad at sunset and thought that this would b an easy bike ride No my dad broke his ankel in the middle of the run and i had to carry him back while taking both of the bikes im never going to do this trail again after dark 
TREE07/11/07Early morning loop 
Ladera Dave07/02/07Very Hot today extreme condictions. 
ThinkFast06/25/07Solo. Easy pace. Made a lot of stops messing with the bike. 
KeepsWhatHappens06/20/07Great ride with dwhouse, Keith, Larry, Treve, Jeff, Lee and Lare-Dog. Also did Riley loop as an add-on to this loop. The 305 crapped out - apparently not charged enough. Good times gentlemen - thanks! 
ThinkFast06/19/07Solo. Pretty warm out on the second half of the loop. 
Two Tired06/11/07Local after work ride. Major blowout on rear tire. Still do not know what I ran over. 
Two Tired06/04/07Lots of annoying mechanical problems today. Hit something really sharp and it not only put a hole in my tube, but also a good size hole in the tire! Computer wire broke off where it connects to body so it can't be fixed. Time to go shopping. 
Everett5605/21/07Scenic ride of Coto. I'm starting to think I'm a snake whisperer. I seem to attract them, or there is an extordinary number of them this year. Be carefull. 
Everett5605/21/07Good views of Coto. 
TREE05/19/07afternoon loop - legs still tired 
Two Tired05/10/07Nice day to ride. Combined this with Chiquita Ridge loop. 
TREE05/08/07OK - tired now 
Two Tired05/07/07Too hot for this route today, but had to do a local ride. This route has very little relief from the sun on hot days. 
TREE05/04/07After work loop - I like this route because I hardly ever see anyone on it. 
Two Tired04/24/07Riding the hardtail for a while until my Epic is fixed. Nice weather for riding. 
ThinkFast04/24/07Solo. Trail is in great shape. I like to add the Riley loop when I do this route but I was running late today. 
TREE04/21/07Afternoon loop since the wife was in a good mood - trail was a little tacky in some places, not too many riders on this one. Saw a few coyotes and some deer. Rain rain go away...... 
Two Tired04/18/07Combined this with Tijeras Creek - Chiquita Ridge. 
Two Tired04/09/07Tired at the beginning but legs kicked in after a while. Nice local ride. 
TREE04/06/07Good Friday!!!!! 
quad damage04/02/07Don't know how to GPS a ride, pause to GPS another ride, and then pick up where I left off. Oh well. First time for Matt and Andrew on this trail. Pretty mellow pace. We took a lot of singletrack options that were pretty fun. 
Hermit03/31/07Rode with Andrew and Ryan. We interrupted the route about halfway to do a few Riley laps, then continued on. Lots of options on these trails. 
Winger03/31/07Another fun ride w/ Matt & Ryan. A hiker decided to let his Men In Black dog (on a leash) go after me as I passed & I hit & possibly ran over the dog. Oops. Did the major drop. Stopped at Riley Wilderness Park for some racing action. 
TREE03/25/07Afternoon ride to clear the mind and prepare myself for the week ahead. 
quad damage03/23/07After work ride with Troy and Corby. I've been wanting to do this route for a long time and finally got Troy to show me around. We took quite a few singletrack options instead of fire road. 
ThinkFast03/22/07Fun time with Ryan and Corby. Ryan and I have been trying to do this loop for a while and finally made it happen. Nice to meet Corby.(HT) 
cdemeis03/22/07Finally got to do this ride. Rode with Ryan and got to meet Troy for the first time. Troy was our guide for this route because Ryan and I tried this route a long time ago and got lost (see Potpourri Guitar Ride) for that story. haha Perfect cloudy weather and it even rain on us at the end. Good Times! 
Two Tired03/20/07Got to the back part of Coto, and it started to mist and then lightly rain. I was soaked by the time the ride was over. 
FalseSummit03/17/07This is my hood but still managed to make some wrong turns. GPS showed 15.85 miles and 2,285 ascent. Must have been off further than I thought! Good sunset ride. 
FalseSummit03/17/07Okay route but leaves out a lot of fun single track that would make this trail a lot better. Might need to cut my teeth creating an alternative route. This is a beginner route if you're advanced but it's no boardwalk ride at the beach. Beginners beware; get comfortable with Riley first. 
Two Tired03/15/07Earely morning ride. Fog made the ride more interesting. 
TREE03/15/07Afterwork ride - I need to get a light... 
Two Tired03/12/07Very hot today for March. This trail is very exposed and the sun just beats on you. 
TREE03/09/07Little spin when I should have been at work 
adampipitone03/07/07buddy managed to crack 4 spokes, chain stuck between hub and rear gears, and bent his rim merely trying to change gears.... 20 minute fix job...interesting ride. 
Twitch03/03/07Another great turnout. Thanks Guys, 66nogo picked that route. Great weather 
Twitch03/03/07Beginner route, watch for the cars at the Coto gate entrance. 
NO GO03/03/07Thanks Twitch, TriGuyTim, vt1ryan & Mike. Great day for a ride. Good beginners trail with a couple good climbs. 
NO GO03/03/07Good beginners loop 
vt1ryan03/03/07Nice morning with TriGuyTim, and 66nogo and Twitch. TriGuyTim is like a rocket ship up the hills. Good job 
vt1ryan03/03/07Nice Coto Urban MTB if you like it. 
TriGuyTim03/03/07Thanks Guys. Great ride. 
TriGuyTim03/03/07Good beginner route, go ride 
scott v02/09/07Morning ride with Spartacus. 
Spartacus02/09/07Good ride with scott v. Trail is in great shape. 
ThinkFast01/29/07Solo. Did the Riley loop in the middle of this ride. 
Two Tired12/30/06Nice friday afternoon ride. Great weather. 
Spartacus12/27/06Perfect day to ride. 
Royster7112/10/06Can you say "mudd" That made for an intereting ride. Went with mitch. Ran into Chris wadley and his wife and 3 dogs. By the way goldrunner take that!!! 
MJCS12/10/06Not a good idea to ride after it rains through this route. Took over 3 hours to get through it all! 
MJCS12/10/06Extremely muddy after it rains. Makes it a challenge to keep going. 
Two Tired11/27/06Did this along with Tijeras Creek-Chiquita Ridge. This "valley" ride is actually along two ridges with lots of small and fairly steep climbs. 
Two Tired11/16/06Great weather, fun ride. This route is actually a pretty good workout with all the constant ups and downs. Not for those that need technical sections. 
JEI11/01/06Great Loop ride it all the time 
KeepsWhatHappens10/26/06Rode at dusk with some of the Dead Last Gang and rode the west ridge in darkness. OK ride except my chain snapped after nightfall. 
ericfoltz10/10/06Harder than it looks on paper but still a good beginner route. Horse trail sections are more like Mt. Biking for the rich and famous. 
KeepsWhatHappens09/07/06Nice early morning ride with Chip for Labor Day linked up with Tijeras Creek-Arroyo Trabuco Loop. 
A bit more technical08/31/06It is always great to ride with Scott and Troy. Pretty easy pace 
ThinkFast08/31/06Great ride with Mark and Scott. This is a nice loop. Thick fog in the early AM. 
Two Tired08/23/06Did this loop in combination with Tijeras Creek - Chiquita Ridge route. Nice ride all in all. 
SNOWMAN08/11/06AM Nice cool and damp 
Two Tired07/30/06Nice Saturday morning ride with neighbor. Cool early but got kind of muggy. 
razorcake07/28/06rode with toad. legs sore from running yesterday 
KeepsWhatHappens07/18/06Thankfully no snakes on the trail this time. Plenty of heat and sweat though! Can't wait until Fall and cooler weather. 
toadstool06/19/06no rattle snakes, but one horny toad lizard thing. his name is mr tumnus ps i hate my reba loaner fork :) 
razorcake06/18/06early morning ride to beat the heat. threw in a loop at riley. 
KeepsWhatHappens05/31/06Pretty hot ride. Saw another large rattlesnake east of Coto. Pay attention out there! 
KeepsWhatHappens05/20/06To answer Masher's question: there isn't alot of singletrack on this ride (maybe 10%) but you can throw in a loop through Riley Park to bring up the singetrack percentage. Regardless, this is a fun ride with lots of rolling hills and changing scenery. 
KeepsWhatHappens05/20/06Had to battle a red diamond rattlesnake on the trail leading up out of wooded section in Coto past Van Gogh Way. I had to throw rocks at him to get off the trail and then he would not leave the trail edge. Too narrow to pass safely on steep uphill so I had to bushwhack wide to avoid him. He was pissed! 
KeepsWhatHappens05/11/06Watch out for rattlesnakes! Saw two on Burma Road. 
KeepsWhatHappens05/08/06Nice ride with an extra loop through Riley Park for kicks. Trails are beautiful these days with lots of flowers in bloom. 
Spartacus04/21/06No problems with broken bikes or injury. It was a good ride with scott v.. We had to bunny hop one snake. 
SNOWMAN03/25/06I know the area pretty well, but still got alittle turned around trying to come off east ridge! 
masher02/06/06Can anybody give me an idea what percentage of this ride is singletrack vs. fire road. I'm trying out some new trails, and prefer as much singletrack as possible. I'm trying to ride as long as I comfortably can(I'm pregnant:), so until the belly gets big, I'm out there! Thanks! 
Spartacus01/28/06Good ride with scott v.. 
scott v01/28/06Morning ride with spartacus. 
Spartacus01/01/06Good ride with Ray Owen. 
bigguy12/31/05Combo Coto Valley / Reiley Ride with Chris Langford theis morning. Great Riding Weather. Fun Ride. 
Spartacus11/26/05Great ride with GEO DUDES. Thanks Keith B, Vapor,Scott V. 
Keith B11/26/05Thanks to Chris for showing us all the way. Trail was recently graded so last nights rain made the tacky surface fly into the air off the tyres - wear glasses! My final ride of the week - Phew! If anyone even thinks of pushing me out of the top 5 I'll do a night ride so dont even try it! ;-) 
vapor11/26/05Nice morning ride with Keith B, Chris Lankford, and Scott V. Thanks Chris for showing the way and everyone else for not going too crazy fast. 
scott v11/26/05Good ride with Chris, vapor and keith B. 
Spartacus11/21/05I was dropping down into Coto through the trees when my front tire went flat. Barely kept from crashing. One more flat tire going through Riley's Park. 
SilverSpot11/15/05Good ride - 11 riders! Had a few stops to regroup. Good times had by all. 
Rob Miller11/13/05Fun ride with Chris, Fugitt and devodoc. This ride consists of many rolling hills that are fun up and down. Perfect ride for a Sunday morning. 
Spartacus11/13/05Fun early morning ride with Jon Fugitt,devodoc(Rick), and Rob Miller. Thanks Jon for taking it easy on us old guys. 
devodoc11/13/05Nice to get out and meet some "Geo-People" Thanks Jon, Rob, and Chris for the ride, and thanks to Chris for showing us the way. Ride this trail early in the morning or on a cool day... 
Spartacus11/04/05Fun ride with the GEO Gang (Doug A., Shleppy,CranxOC,scott v,and TRB. Let's do it again sometime. 
Cranx11/04/05Mellow ride with a great group (Shleppy, Chris L, ScottV, TRB and Doug). This would be a great route for someone who's relatively new to the sport but looking for something with some distance to it. 
dandrews11/04/05Oh no. I just lost my solid hold on last place for the November Ladder. I worked so hard. Hey, thanks for the ride today guys! And it was nice to meet you Scott_v (steve) and Terry. 
scott v11/04/05fun ride with geo ladders crew. 
shleppy11/04/05Great morning ride with the crew. The sun stayed tucked behind the cloud cover the whole ride so the temp was perfect. The trail has definately recovered from its prior sandy condition. If you are thinking about doing this ride, the conditions are choice! 
TRB11/04/05fun mellow ride with some geo guys....finaly able to put some faces to some names. Great to meet Doug, ScottV, Shleppy and Chris. Thanks for the ride guys. 
Spartacus10/31/05Glad to see this fun route back in shape thanks to the rain packing down the trail after the graders messed it up. This is one of my favorite routes to ride.Good climbs and good downhill.Great views of Coto Valley. I will probably post this route for this friday. 
shleppy09/02/05Rode this loop Friday evening. Nice and cool out... dig it!Chiquita ridge was recently plowed all the way to Oso Pkwy. About 1/3 of the loop is a relatively sandy fire road. It's almost all rideable, but kind of a buzz kill. If you plan on riding this soon, ride it counter clockwise (more downhill than uphill on the sandy sections if you go this way). 
Spartacus08/27/05Let's leave at6:30am so it will be cooler. No problem til we hit the trail from Hell! They just graded the back half of the route which turned it into a sand bog for the last 6 miles. Half way into the sand bog the chain breaks! No master link. I prayed and 5 min. later 2 guys on bikes came by and gave us one. It pays to pray. It turned our 1:30 ride into 3hrs in 95 heat. 
Spartacus08/16/05I found this route to be more fun riding it in reverse. Was also able to post a faster time in reverse. This is a good fun intermediate ride. 
Spartacus07/15/05Good fun loop except for the turn I missed. It put me on the trail from hell! Actually I don't even think it qualifies for the word trail. I think we've all been there at one time or another. Call Ray Owen for good directions. 
shleppy06/25/05Great "cruise" ride. Rolling hills the entire route with just a couple short steep uphill sections. Add in a loop of Riley Wilderness Park for some great views of the valley. No time posting for me this time.... my computer died 1/2 way into the ride. 
JeffK06/10/05How can we ride this loop without any directions? Seems like a guaranteed LOST situation! Any chance someone could give the specifics? 

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