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Anaheim Hills - Weir Canyon

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goldrunner09/19/14Great ride with Jonna until we met up with Gerrit then the pace escalated and the descents got a little more exciting. Good times.... 
RaulC05/08/14gate to gate; 1:19 
RaulC02/22/14met up with Jason & John 
RaulC02/09/14Nice ride with John -- met new guy on trail; Paul 
RaulC02/03/14nice night for a ride 
angry red squirrel01/28/14mon 
angry red squirrel01/28/14tues 
RaulC08/25/13Slopush birthday ride - great turnout 
RaulC08/24/13chain broke at the end; bummer 
spicolli197607/24/13Great solo ride after work. Added some fun extra credit as well :-) 
spicolli197607/13/13Great solo ride after work. 
RaulC06/21/131st time doing this route since I broke my kneecap on it back in April -- felt good. 
spicolli197605/19/13Great Thursday ride with Jim and Steve. 
RaulC04/20/13Excellent turnout for the ride (7 of us). One of those rides . . . I had 3 mishaps and left some DNA on trails. In the end, its still am awesome feeling to be out riding in this socal weather on these fantastic trails. 
RaulC01/12/13Early morning ride with Raymond - puddle were frozen over in Oaks - chilly ride. 
RaulC10/07/12nice early evening ride -- perfect weather - pretty solitary. 
RaulC07/21/123 words for today: hot, hot, hot 
spicolli197604/21/12Great ride with John, Oscar, Gerry, and Max. 
Royster7104/18/12Good day out with Rox and Gerry.. Always fun here good park... 
slopush04/07/12My GPS somehow got turned off after a couple of miles so I can't log the real ride which included Deer. Burgemeester and I did the semi-early ride and my legs were feeling it. I'm soooo glad I didn't sign up for VQ! 
Royster7103/29/12Out with Rox And Rachel. New singletrack out on wier I havent done. Little tame but fun... 
cfeliciano03/24/12Afternoon solo ride....pretty dead out there... 
RaulC02/12/12afternoon solo ride - pretty deserted - saw Brian heading back and Nick w/bud on the trail 
Shine02/09/12w/trailslug & jaydawg 
SCJim02/07/12Got a good ride in before the rains. 
owen01/28/12with hans and steve. what a great day. a bit windy, and pretty warm, but great to be out with the boys. i was very impressed by steve's fitness. he was right on my tail the whole way. we have to do this again soon! 
Royster7101/13/12Been spending sometime in this park there is some good riding in here now!! 
Royster7101/12/12A bit of a variation. went riding with Roxanne felt good been riding a bit more since the new year good to be getting out! 
Shine01/03/12w/jaydog and steeleboat 
owen01/01/12perfect conditions today. tons of riders out. i'm climbing the ladder! 
owen01/01/12nice way to end the year! 
RaulC10/11/11easy pace this a.m. with william 
Burgemeester10/03/11Part 1 of 2 - mid morning solo spin - wanted to go for a longer ride but family comes first ;-) 
SCJim09/16/11AM ride with Dan the Man. Went to the Wier loop for the first time in a while. Some new trails but they need rain to pack em down. 
BikeThisTrail09/11/11Route from Jamboree is actually 14.5 miles. 
Mike Honcho08/28/11Fun ride with Warhorse, really started to warm up early today. 
Warhorse07/29/11Nice way to start off the weekend. Mid-Afternoon start, temps cooling off at the end. 
angry red squirrel07/24/11fri 
angry red squirrel07/24/11sat 
Warhorse07/23/11Late afternoon ride, not to hot. 
SAmtn06/11/11In reverse with a large group. Great riding weather. 
RaulC05/03/11Hot . . . 2 flats . . . still beats sitting around in an office. 
Warhorse05/02/11Rode this on Sunday afternoon with Honcho, wind made the ride fun, deer trail was fun going down. 
Mike Honcho05/01/11Great afternoon ride with Warhorse, the constant breeze made it very enjoyable 
angry red squirrel04/26/111 snake and a few peeps out-who says unemployment doesnt have its benefits 
slopush04/24/11MakU Mny and I added Deer to this, but my Gramin's battery died so we're logging it without. Started early and got sprinkled on which meant about an hour of cleaning the bike afterwards. Should've taken my old bike out instead of the new one but I'm loving the 29er! 
Royster7104/22/11Close enough.. Good time with John and Cynthia... I need to gps the shit outta this place... Lots of options. 
RaulC04/21/11slow & easy ride - getting over a bug 
RaulC04/17/11Getting very lush growth in the back half of ride - lots of mustard weed & some nettle weeds too! 
SCJim04/01/11Top loop was HOT 
SCJim03/20/11Solo ride before the rains. 1st time on the Wier Loop in a while. Trail in great shape. 
Mike Honcho03/16/11Great after work ride, I am a big fan of the time change 
RaulC03/11/11felt like a slow turtle today, but awesome morning solo ride 
angry red squirrel02/15/11took the ht bike,few other riders out otherwise-empty 
Burgemeester02/13/11An early morning spin with Boerseun who was just coming off his epic Friday marathon, so the pace was mellow - just right! As we came out of the chutes at the end, by Irvine Park, we were stopped by a police sherrif and redirected around Irvine Park. When we got out, we were surrounded by a boat load of police, swat, fire departments - all this for one armed suspect - good thing we were not in Africa!! Never seen such a large deployment of resources for one suspect! Glad there weren't two!! Thanks Boerseun! 
Boerseun02/13/11Ride 2 of 2 : Mellow-paced spin with Burgemeester...like the changes to the old chutes...thought we were pretty much done with the ride, but that is when the real adventure started. Got past the Boy Scouts area and then a deputy stopped us and told us to go around the back of Irvine Park due to an armed suspect in the area...we did and worked our way around to the entrance...we had dozens and dozens of police, fire, swat and paramedic vechiles all lined-up...got stopped and asked how did we manage to get in the area...Burgemeester explained our way out...thank you for quick thinking on his part! Later learned that the armed suspect committed suicide - http://www.ocregister.com/news/martinez-288147-police-regional.html 
angry red squirrel02/07/11front wheel seized up-jiffy lube was closed,hoofed it back to the car-took apart-10/40w oil did the job-good for another 1k miles- 
angry red squirrel01/31/11couldnt say how cold it was,but my twigs n berries were the size of raisins 
angry red squirrel01/30/11dh bike-wet n muddy-like a grizzly bear on ice skates 
angry red squirrel01/29/11rip van winkle squirrel has awakened?let the games begin!!!damn,looks like they already have!damn-2011 already! 
FallAgain01/23/11first ride for the year - walked many hills 
nstilwell01/12/11Slightly modified Anaheim Hills - Weir Canyon loop. Crossed Santiago Creek near the entrance to the Scout Camp in Irvine Park. Feet got a little wet. Followed a skunk for a good couple hundred feet. He kept taking the same path we were taking. Maybe he liked our lights lighting up the trail in front of him. 
SCJim01/08/11The trails are open! A bit wet in spots but trails are in good shape following all the rain. 
mtnbikej12/14/10Wow....been a while for this one. Lots of trailwork done out on Weir Canyon Loop...nicely done. Good ride today. Nice to be back on gears. Saw the trailwork happening today on the old line for Chutes towards the bottom....the old line has pretty much been eliminated for a new trail. 
Warhorse12/05/10Trail Conditions are perfect. Awesome scenery in Weir Canyon and Santiago Oaks, so much Green!! 
Mike Honcho12/05/10Great ride with Warhorse, discovered some new singletrack on the Weir Canyon side and finished ride right before the rain started. 
FallAgain12/03/10big ride for old legs 
angry red squirrel11/25/10some wind and lots of mtbrs,was headed to maples-it was packed,now i know why!!! 
slopush11/19/10Fast, loose and painful are the words that describe this morning's ride w/ NStilwell. My back was super tight and I had a sideache for most of the ride- Oh, and did I mention that I'm super old? Anyway, much of the trail has just been redone, so it's really soft right now but will be much better after this weekend's rains. Still, we had a good time and a fast ride. 
slopush11/19/10It's really soft once you get out of Irvine Pk since they just cut new trails with more switchbacks. Once it firms up it'll be a faster route than before : ) 
angry red squirrel11/18/10took the ht bike out 
nstilwell11/13/10Ride 3 of 3 
angry red squirrel11/11/10today i was a flying squirrel!!! 
Warhorse11/07/10Fun midday ride. Weir Canyon is a mess. Lots of sand on the trail. New switchbacks at the end of chutes are okay, makes the end of the ride much more mellow. Still a great ride as always. 
angry red squirrel11/06/10cheeseburger!!! cheeseburger!!!cheeseburger!!!:note 2 self-eat b4 u ride,new chutes on the way back- 
Burgemeester10/28/10Met up with NStilwell EARLY this morning and we cruised through this ride in 1:25 minutes! I was very suspect about the "New Chutes" a few weeks ago, but after the recent rain, this trail has made me a fan! Awesome berms and jumps here and there! Thanks NStilwell, this ride was the best idea! More please! 
angry red squirrel10/09/10solo ride pet monkey decided not to ride today and its not a good thing when maintenance/p.ranger ask if you see any carcasses-and the you ask "WHY ARE THEIR MOUNTAIN LIONS!!!"and they say maybe? 
slopush10/03/10Misty morning ride with Burgermeester and NStilwell. Did Weir Cyn in reverse and then added Deer to keep it interesting. I came home with 2 lbs. of dirt on my bike and my legs. Now that's what I call a fun ride. Thanks guys 
Burgemeester10/03/10SS. A good morning spin with Slopush and nstilwell who carried on for a few more miles. Thanks lads - it was messy out there today! 
Mike Honcho09/28/10Always a good time... 
angry red squirrel09/27/10-One of these days alice-pow right in the kisser,If i hear how hot it was out there!!!blah,blah,blah-now some cheesy jokes for your enjoyment- it was so hot out today satan took the day off!!!it was so hat out today i seen a chicken lay a hard boiled egg!!it was so hot out today trees were begging dogs to pee on them!!!thank you and tip the waiter on the way out- 
Mike Honcho09/24/10Good ride with Warhorse, the heat got to me more than usual today. 
edltfan09/21/10Killer ride but I think I'm doing the trail backwards. Gots to find a better route cause I'm making it harder. 
angry red squirrel09/21/10dh bike-took the gnar out of gnarly-graded n tamed parts of the trail?=more speed,oh and"machete dont text" 
angry red squirrel09/20/10holy crap batman-its a squirrel!no,robin its angry red squirrel!!! 
RaulC09/18/10Tried out Deer out & back - nice change 
RollnStone09/03/10Got the shoes wet crossing the stream in Oaks. Added some extra credit through Irvine Park. 
Mike Honcho08/29/10Added some exploratory miles on the fun singletrack of Yucca Ridge and Bumblebee...good times! 
Mike Honcho08/27/10Great after work ride before heading out of town for the weekend. 
Mike Honcho08/15/10Great weather... 
angry red squirrel08/12/10yep 
angry red squirrel08/01/10dodging hikers and horse crap pretty much the whole ride- 
Jocko07/27/10Sunday morning ride with OCRider crew. Craig, Frits, Bob and I completed this longer route. 
Warhorse07/26/10nice breezes on the ridgelines 
TBlazen07/19/10first time on this route; fun ride, nobody out but horses and a couple of hikers; little soft in some spots, but not bad at all 
slopush07/11/10Cool morning ride w/ NewNick and JCarr. Thanks guys. 
angry red squirrel07/11/10very chill ride-started in santiago oaks park as irvine was packed!!! 
Warhorse07/10/10Added Deer and Mountain Goat, for the extra climbing. 
Mike Honcho07/08/10Last ride of the week before I head down to SD to ride Noble Canyon this Saturday. 
Warhorse07/04/10Very cool morning ride, saw 2 deer in the wash at the bottom of the chutes. 
Quikflip2706/30/10Fun (painful) times with the early birds of GL. Weir canyon w/Slopush sure is a butt kicker. Burgemeester was hauling up hills while Steeleboat disappeared on the downs. Great to meet you guys! 
Mike Honcho06/30/10Weather is definitely warming up, it was not as hot as Megan Fox, but much warmer than Monday. 
Pmcmasters06/24/10Nice and easy after work solo ride tonight. 
Warhorse06/22/10Great ride as always 
Mike Honcho06/10/10Great after work ride with Warhorse! 
Fast Turtle06/09/10Rode with Nicholas, Brian and Steve (Slopush). Tough route for 12 miles. I know why they call it the ironman route. Tried to jump a log and busted my large chain ring, a $70 lesson. Next time I am going to carry the bike over. 
slopush06/08/10Cool morning ride w/ OClaske, NStilwell and Fast Turtle, who almost OTB'd but managed to bail off his bike just in time. Jay started w/ us but went down chutes. Saw two doe at the top of the VP dam. Damn cute they were. 
RaulC06/06/10Nice early morning loop with Boerseun & JohnO - sorry about the prickly thorn trail at the exit . . . 
nstilwell06/04/10Started out as a group ride but nobody else had time for the whole loop...two big coyotes were my company instead. Followed them for quite some time back in the Weir loop. 
slopush05/31/10Good morning ride w/ NStilwell and OClaske. Man those climbs hurt! 
nstilwell05/30/10did the short extra credit part in the middle right before the pavement (real route) 
Mike Honcho05/25/10Great after work ride with Warhorse 
Jocko05/16/10Saturday morning ride with Craig, Dave, Greg, Mike. Bob had pedal issues and Tino & Matt skipped the Weir part. First time up the 3B's for Tino. 
Mike Honcho05/10/10Perfect conditions this evening 
A bit more technical05/09/10Great loop, lots of everything. Thanks for the tour Andrew! 
edltfan05/09/10killer trail with lots of climbs. We made some detours and added The Deer trail to this loop. Watch out for the ticks! 
Winger05/08/10EX8. Great to ride with Mark. Trail is much more technical than it was last time I rode it. Weir was awesome. 
ZAffer05/07/10nice afternoon ride. could feel the heat in the beginning!! 
steeleboat05/02/10Nice Sunday morning ride with the African American Mayor. 
Burgemeester05/02/10As tough a ride as this is, Steeleboat and I had a good spin! Weir Canyon had it's claws out, from beginning to end - Victim 1: Steeleboat, a classic side winder, and Victim 2: Burgemeester, level 1 slide out! Good times! Been way too long since we visited this ride! 
subStandard04/04/10First time riding this route. Had a great time..weather was awsome and the views were spectacular. 
angry red squirrel03/25/10more variation than blackstar good mix of everything xc,climbs,single track,also rode down deer and cactus(chutes#2)watch out for the horse paddies,rabbits,lizards n snakes- 
Warhorse03/20/10Love this ride. Lots of runners and bikers this morning. 
angry red squirrel03/18/10spaghetti ride-did this after a sart road ride-adrenaline flowing,felt good,hit 1st hill climb-legs yelling no mas,no mas-hence spaghetti legs and what followed was some hab and it was toasty,it was either that or sit home staring at the wall! 
Warhorse03/14/10Awesome late afternoon ride with the one and only Mike Honcho. 
Mike Honcho03/14/10Spent the afternoon chasing after Warhorse, great day to ride. 
Warhorse03/13/10Great day for a ride. 
SCJim02/20/10post from yesterday's ride. went back today but closed. 
ZAffer02/18/10nice solo ride, met spingame, Bob and Chris. good to see you all. there are some tricky sections to this trail. almost ate some dirt a few times :) 
ZipsBiker02/15/10305 battery was low. It felt like this ride took forever. Chutes has a lot of loose rocks on the trail and deep rain ruts near the bottom. Beware! 
XCRider02/04/10First time on the back loop since December. Great afternoon ride. Rains did not made a total mess of the Weir loop, and left it with some real character. No tire ruts either and so I guess folks really did pay attention to the park closures. 
Shine01/30/10conditions are pretty amazing considering the rain we had. that said, there are a few nasty sections to be aware of. 
Shine01/17/10Nice ride w/thanson, slopush, raulc, nstilwell, and oclaske. 
slopush01/17/10Fun ride with Shine, THanson, NStilwell, OClaske and (Surprise!) RaulC, who did the short loop. Breakfast afterwards was the best part. MMMMM! 
oc_laske01/17/10Last ride before the rain comes in this week. Really weak today, it's going to take a little time to recover from all my laziness and good eating over the holidays. 
coreswest01/10/10Rode with Summitdude, Ben and Anthony. Great ride and good tech support from Ben. 
summitdude01/10/10Rode with Mat, Anthony, and Ben great ride i thought it was summer 
singlespeedrider01/09/10Took the deer route out af Anahiem hills side. I want to give that one another go and try to make those switch backs. First ride of the year and after my Bro's crash. I was a little timid on the downhill but felt pretty good. New shoes need some breaking in but worked fine 
4_chew_nut01/02/10Rode with Attila, Sardo and Sid. What an amazing day; 75F, no clouds and crystal clear on Jan 2. met at Albertsons and my computer indicated 14mi and 2700ft climbing. 
Warhorse01/01/10Just a fun New Year's Day Ride. 
Warhorse12/29/09Always a great ride, very good conditions. Felt good. 
ErikMM12/26/09included the new/social-trail-turned- official Deer...could have been better, but it was ok (better than no new trail) 
BetF12/26/09Was supposed to be a group ride, but ErikMM and I arrived late, and did it just us lonesome. Lots of people there today (runners, riders, horsey-people). Some rain ruts, but fairly good condition trails. 
SCJim12/26/09Lot of people out today. Legs r burning 
oc_laske12/26/09Cool afternoon spin w/ Burgemeester. 
Burgemeester12/26/09Mid afternoon spin w/ OC_Laske - wasn't feeling the love of those Bzz and suffered going round Weir - I guess pain IS weakness leaving the body!?! Thanks OC_Laske for making me stick to the gameplan! 
Manuel71412/26/09Cold night ride last night (39-42 degrees) even with the fleece lined jersey and leg warmers. The Chutes were a little tricky, but thank God for good night lights 900 lumens on the handlebars and 700 on the helmet felt like cheating. 
Manuel71412/26/09Steve brought Bob Pone out of an 8 month mtb retirement, but as always he did miss a beat while leading past Steve whose been off the bike for a 2 weeks. Good to see Bob back on the horse. Lot's of riders out. Rider out played chicken with many riders on a section of the Chutes. Maybe he was new to the game or maybe he was made of steel, in any case I jumped into the emerygency lane on the shoulder. 
cleanbeater12/24/09Solo morning ride. 
Twitch12/21/09nice cool day. Saw Donald Jackson on the way out of the park. 
slopush12/19/09Why is it that this ride always kicks my @$$? Shows what happens when work gets in the way of life. Thanks OClaske for doing the dirty deed with me- fighting head winds all the time, dodging the mega ruts. Good times! 
summitdude12/17/09Talk about a lot of ruts and sand bags, really slows you down. Great temps once you got started 
thatdave11/28/09Joe & I after thankgiving ride 
Warhorse11/26/09Very early start to work up an appetite for today! 
steeleboat11/25/09The fire is still miles away. 
Warhorse11/23/09A great afternoon ride, after a week resting from Vail Lake. felt good. good riding temps. 
slopush11/22/09Fun to get out and do the Ironman w/ Burgemeester and Nstilwell. We added a swamp tour at the beginning and the end just for kicks, 'cause life is too short. Thanks guys for the good pace! 
Burgemeester11/22/09Part 1 - good grinding ride with Slopush and Stilwell - did the weir loop in reverse and hit the sweet ST back instead of the road. Great ride! Thanks Lads. 
mtnbikej11/18/09Had not planned to do the Wier Canyon section....but pushed through. 
thatdave11/14/09Dave,Kevin,Joe & I, all had a good time. I hate the 3-bees!! 
XCRider11/12/09Late afternoon ride slowed by back problem. Going to have to ease off a bit I think. Trail's in great condition, only a couple other riders. 
rsc60111/11/09First time on route. with Mike. tough! 
Warhorse11/07/09Late afternoon ride with a little bonus of going down and then back up the Mountain Goat Trail. It added on about 1.5 miles extra. 
Warhorse11/04/09Fun late afternoon ride, temps were perfect. 
ZAffer11/04/09nice ride! only one other rider. 
XCRider11/03/09Clockwise loop, trail is in excellent condition, very fast even though it was quite warm this morning. 16m to pavement on 3B's with gate closed. 
SCJim11/01/09Nice AM ride even though I felt like I was pulling a trailer behind me. 
Warhorse10/31/09Very cool early morning ride, saw a hugh Buck on the connector trail. The trail is in great condition, all the sand is packed down enough that every section of the trail is ridable. 
fortytwo10/31/09Haven't done the Chutes in a while. Felt Good. 
fortytwo10/31/09Trail's in good shape. 
Warhorse10/18/09Excellent early morning ride, conditions were perfect, the trail was in great shape. 
Mike Honcho10/18/09Fun ride with Rough Rider 
RollnStone10/16/09Started at 9am but it quickly got too hot. No breeze at all except on top of the peaks. The recent rain didn't do much to firm up the sandy areas. 
Greo1010/13/09Nice ride, have not been back this way for years, missed out on the back loop due ot bad directions. more planning next time. 
Warhorse10/12/096:45 AM start. Not to cold, felt pretty good. Saw 3 deer and 2 coyotes, pretty awesome watching them run right across the trail. The trail is actually in very good condition, the sand has packed down quite a bit. 
Hermit10/12/09SS. Solo. Felt good. 
Warhorse10/11/09Good early morning ride. 
SCJim10/11/09Great solo AM ride. GO ANGELS! 
Warhorse10/11/09Very cool late afternoon ride. 
SCJim10/10/091st ride in 6 days and felt it. 
FalseSummit10/06/09Been a few yrs since last bif on Chutes but my number was up today...highlight worthy header on lower Chutes. Still doing a system check. 
Lonnie10/05/09Fantastic ride with Stevo. Weather was perfect. This is great route with a number of steep climbs that I especially enjoyed at the end where I showed Stevo how to make the last rock climb out of Weir back into Santiago Oaks. Great fun! 
STEVO CARRILLO10/05/09What a great suprize, this is going to be one of my new regular routes to do, and there is so much more to explore back there. Thanks Lonnie for showing me this gem and I have to give it to you, you cleaned what I couldn't. 
Warhorse10/03/09Great early morning ride, started at 6:45, was actually chilly at the start but warmed up quickly. 
summitdude09/26/09Rode with Mat today, felt like crap 
martink11109/17/09Evening ride (no GPS)- No camera. To robbers peak in 21:02 minutes. To end of Weir cyn in 45:56 minutes. 
Mike Honcho09/11/09Got darker faster than I calculated, had to ride down in the dark with no lights, I would not recommend it. 
SCJim09/06/09Rode the Chutes with only a front brake - Big mistake! 
mountain coyote08/29/09It was a hot one... 
slopush08/29/09Morning ride, but still really hot and dry. 6 of us started, then steelboat picked up Mary. Thanks guys, it was fun. 
angry red squirrel08/26/09#2-thought id try this,the term "park"implies flatland,exceeded expectations,a little bit of everything,ziggged when i should have zagged a few times,funny i get lost in a park and can find my way out in the woods with my eyes closed,maybe i should invest in a garmin?ya so i rode the short yellow bus 
4_chew_nut08/25/09Rode with JP and Jeromy this morning. Felt strong. It was a great morning for a ride. Added a few extra feet of climbing by coming down Cliffhanger on the way back. 
SCJim08/23/09Fun solo ride. Heat is turning back up! 
slopush08/22/097 of us started but only OClaske and I finished. Does that still countas a group ride? Lots of soft spots on the trail. 
ZipsBiker08/22/09Not a fun ride. Suffered in the heat and ran out of water way too early. 
oc_laske08/18/09early morning ride w/ Shine, Nstilwell and Burgemeester 
Shine08/18/09Tried out my hard tail...pretty challenging during downhills, but a dream on climbing. 
Shine08/18/09rode some of this w/wife on horseback 
Mike Honcho08/16/09Fun ride with Rough Rider and JB Mike this morning. Changed it up and climbed Goat instead of the "3 B's", actually added about a half a mile to the ride. 
Hermit08/10/09GT. Missed my PB by a minute. I am becoming one with the hardtail. 
SCJim08/09/09Much warmer today than Sat. 
Hermit08/06/09SS. Pushed pretty hard. Still 5 minutes slower than my PB. 
RaulC08/03/09Great ride with Jim S. He went OTB coming down the chutes & left some skin on the trail 
Oly08/02/09Great group rider with Manny, Tony, TyMo, Josh and DC's group. Josh pulls off a huge performance for a newbie. 
FalseSummit08/02/09Garmin down. Great time out with Manny, Oly, TyMo, Josh, Dave, Noel, Jason, and Scott. 
TyMo08/02/09Rode with my dad, Manny, uncle Jeff, Josh, Scott, Dave, Noel, and Jason. 
roo08/02/09Peters/Irvine Park/Santiago Oaks/Weir I'll sleep like a baby tonight! 
JCampbell07/31/09Early ride 
RaulC07/25/09Felt good to be back on the bike --but too hot! 
mburkin07/24/09fun ride w/ slopush, burgemeester, steeleboat, nstilwell, and thanson 
Burgemeester07/24/09Another good day out in the wild! Tested the Wingnut - not too shabby indeed! Thanks Slopush (who looked blinged out), Steeleboat, THanson, NStilwell and MBurkin. If I forgot anyone off the list, thank you too!?! 
THanson07/24/09A little slow today, thanks guys for hanging with me... 
slopush07/24/09Cool but muggy this morning w/ Steelboat, Nstilwell, Burgemeester, Mbukin and Thanson. Took a few photos and saw two doe and a fawn. Awwww, how cute. 
rushak07/23/09Met up with Matt at Albertsons. I felt weak at the beginning, but felt better as the ride went on. 
Burgemeester07/22/09There we were...Slopush, NStilwell and Steeleboat - early in the morning, grinding around the park. A perfect way to start a day - cool and clear! Thanks Lads! 
slopush07/22/09Warm (at 5:30???) morning ride w/ Burgemeester, Steelboat and Nstilwell. Would've liked to have done it again but work keeps getting in the way of life. Thanks guys! 
Dmac07/18/09early morning ride - 1st time going down chutes -Sweet 
slopush07/17/09Started out at 5:00 AM with Burgermeester and caught the rest of the crew coming down chutes 
Burgemeester07/17/09Part 1 - Slopush and I got up SO early for this ride, it was still dark at the top of the 2nd B!! Go figure! Still, a good ride and great company, although, I was still half asleep through most of it! Saw 3 deer and met up w/ the rest of the crew down the chutes. Thanks Slopush! That was tooooo early! 
slopush07/14/09Great early ride w/ Nicknoc, who is getting faster every ride- look out! Almost ran into a coyote, it's the closest I've ever been to one in the wild. Pretty cool! 
SCJim07/14/09Late post from Sunday (HOT) as I was having IT issues. 
4_chew_nut07/13/09Warm afternoon ride. It was nearly 90 when we started riding at 5:10PM. Rode with Jeremy. 
mtnbikej07/07/09Felt great tonight....mixed it up a bit....went up Chutes, down Deer trail before heading out to Wier. 
davidB.07/07/09good tough but fun ride 
trekstorm07/05/09Late afternoon ride. Nice breezes throughout the ride. 
xhuskr06/30/09Taco Tuesday..mmm 
rsalgado06/30/09First time out with Taco Tuesday bunch. 
RollnStone06/26/09Warm day. Includes time from/to parking lot. The lower section of Chutes has so many cheater lines you can't tell where the real trail is anymore. Added the new Deer Trail on the way back from Weir. Once this gets packed down it is going to be a fun trail. Lots of road apples on it already so we need more bikes to pack down what the horses dig up. 
ZipsBiker06/24/09Didn't make the stream crossing. Soaked my shoes and socks, bottom bracket, derailers, brakes, etc. 
SCJim06/23/09Bottom of the loop had to go out to Santiago Canyon to get around the water. Used the new trail at the top of the Chutes to get to the back loop. This new trail sucks! Very soft and turn that are too tight, plus I heard the biggest rattler of the season in the deep bush. 
mtnbikej06/23/09Good ride....added in the new Deer? trail. 
Mike Honcho06/21/09Father's day ride 
4_chew_nut06/20/09Actually rode from home for a total of 18mi and 2700 vert feet. Rode with Dickson. Newport to horse trail, New Goat, Widow Maker (just opened, completely re-aligned and is soft), Coachwhip/Wiggly, Yucca Canyon/Power Line, El Camino, Barking Dog and out to Newport. A GPS would be nice... 
XCRider06/18/09Trail's in really nice shape with only a couple of soft spots. CW this time; climbed all but one of the nice little B's, walked down a few of the more interesting pieces though. Talked for a minute with a rider over on the Anaheim side wearing a Sho-Air jersey. Overall, not a very aerobic ride but good midweek work for the legs. 
savanto@netzero.com06/18/091st Ride on new Trek EX9, WOW what a difference! 
Shine06/16/09Impromptu ride w/oslaske, thanson, & burgemeester 
Warhorse06/14/09Had no power today, actually fell cause I could not clip out on a tight turn riding the connector to Weir Canyon. OOP's. Still an enjoyable Sunday afternoon ride. 
Warhorse06/12/09Felt pretty good. Had Fun. 
Royster7106/10/09Interesting ride over all hanging out with my pink scarf bud. Got talking with Jerry from warriors interesting guy! We talked for a while. Went up the new singletrack climb section. Didnt have my garmin :( That new climb kicks ass!! I will be back to many new drops I havent rode. 
RaulC06/09/09Great evening ride with Jim S. 
spicolli197606/08/09Great lunchtime ride. 
Warhorse06/07/09Always a heart pumper. 
savanto@netzero.com06/07/09Finally climbed both gullies between the two loops!! 
FalseSummit06/01/09Good outing with Oly, Manny, Veronica, and TyMo. 
Oly05/31/09Sunday afternoon ride...showed TyMo the full Ironman loop; Tony, Manny and Veronica rode as well. 
TyMo05/31/09tougher than i expected, rode with manny, veronica, uncle jeff, and my dad. fun ride, might do it again after school one day when i dont have football 
THanson05/29/09wow - felt great this whole ride - which doesn't haven't often on this ride 
spicolli197605/28/09Great morning ride with Alex. Took a bit different route. Dropped down the ridge on Weir and through the swamp at Santiago. 
Lutkus197305/28/09Great morning ride with Eric a new route through Wier. 
Shine05/26/09Early morning ride w/Thanson 
Burgemeester05/26/09Did this ride y/day with Boerseun, NStilwell and Snoot - clearly Boerseun hates the Bzz and Bees too. No getting around those two on this trail. Thanks lads! 
Lutkus197305/26/09great ride today 
nstilwell05/25/09good afternoon ride with Boerseun, Burgemeester, and Snoot. Saw two snakes and I think Boerseun took out one of the them. 
RaulC05/25/09chased Nick & Terry the whole way 
Boerseun05/25/09nstilwell, burgemeester & snoot (later) joined the late afternoon ride...may have killed a snake by riding over it in the back loop...also got stung by a bee. 
nstilwell05/24/09good morning ride with Raul and Terry - thanks guys for letting me join you 
spicolli197605/21/09Great ride this morning. 
Warhorse05/21/09Cool late afternoon ride with "Mike Honcho". 
Mike Honcho05/21/09Good evening ride with Rough Rider 
bikesurfski05/19/09Afternoon start made it toasty climbing the 3 B's but nice breeze coming out of Weir Canyon where a helicopter circled me three times? Broke my derailer cable and entered the singlespeed challenge. Good to see Bob again. Guess they got the fire below Santiago Peak (above Trabuco Creek Road before Holy Jim) stopped. 
steeleboat05/15/09The unvlok ride. 
slopush05/15/097 boyz hanging out in the fog together. Suspicious at best. 
Burgemeester05/15/09Splendid grind with the usual suspects. Even managed to make it up "the hill" coming out've Weir - should have bonus points for that! Thanks Lads - good push! 
Shine05/15/09Most of the crew showed up for this route (7), pretty neat considering it started at 5:30am! 
Mike Honcho05/13/09Rode with Rough Rider & Big Ring Andy. Big Ring Andy went OTB and dislocated his shoulder. Had to hike out to get back to the car. Good times! 
Warhorse05/13/09Rode with Mike Honcho and Big Ring Andy. Ouch!!! Those falls had to hurt!!!! 
nstilwell05/08/09good morning ride with the group. 5:30am start is early! From the corner of santiago canyon & jamboree to the top of the 3 bzs in 24 minutes. 
Burgemeester05/08/09Great ride with the gang - Slopush was up to his usual antics as he tried to write me off going down the damn - and that was only the beginning! What are "friends" for?!? Thanks lads - always good! 
slopush05/08/09Nuthin' better than a bunch of dirty boyz climbig the hills in the morning. My turn signal wasn't working coming down the dam and almost took out poor ole burgemeester. He yelled something at me but as usual I couldn't understand a thing he said. 
oc_laske05/08/09Perfect morning for a ride through weir canyon. 
JCampbell05/05/09Lady slept after running 1/2 marathon, I rode. 
mtnbikej05/05/09Good ride this afternoon....legs were a little dead...temps were perfect in Weir Canyon. 
Warhorse04/29/09Great afternoon ride, the weather was perfect, legs felt good. 
Mike Honcho04/28/09Saw 3 snakes and one of them was a rattler! 
JCampbell04/26/09Good morning ride, but I hurt from yesterday. 
cfeliciano04/18/09Nice ride with Mike today. Very hot out. 
Finefield04/17/09This is such great ride except for the shoots. Tried riding down and ended up in bush. Guess I could say "saved by the bush". 
Warhorse04/16/09Fun ride with Mike "Ridin Dirty" on a hardtail. 
vikingboy1804/15/09Wow, it was COLD this morning!!! Good early morning ride after working all night. 
Finefield04/15/09Great after work ride few others out riding the trails 
JCampbell04/13/09Sat aft ride. 
mountain coyote04/11/09Rode w/ Nicklaus and Raul. Slight variation going up waterfall. 
nstilwell04/11/09morning ride with John and Raul 
RaulC04/11/09Good ride with Nick & John O - changed it up and did reverse waterfall -- seems like more work 
Ross B04/11/09Wow what a beautiful day. Thank you Lord for 7' Mustard Weeds. 3rd time in a row I made it up that cross-over hill climb coming back to the oakes. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Happy Easter to anyone who reads this! 
Manuel71404/08/09Regular RNR 7am ride w/Ed 
JCampbell04/08/09Got caught out in the dark... ended at 8:00pm 
Hermit04/07/09Solo SS. New PB of 1:08:49! :-D 
Ross B04/04/09Great fun with Stan and Rudy. Trail was fast. Second time in a row I made the climb out of the connector trail between the oaks and weir. Thank you Lord. Palm Sunday is tomorrow. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
4_chew_nut03/30/09Lots of work has gone into many trails, still a few ruts to avoid on the connector to wier loop and also on chutes. Easy ride today with lots of socializing :) rode with velo4it, Kym, Mary, John F. 
Burgemeester03/29/09Solo early morning ride - did this in reverse going up waterfall, around Weir, down 3rd B and then down grasshopper - that was a good change of scenery! Saw a few horses going up w/f...going to create havoc someday I think. 
rushak03/25/09Rode with Matt for the whole route while Andrew peeled off to go home. Last time I did this route was 2 years ago. It's changed alot. Lots of washouts and ruts. 
Hermit03/25/09Rode with Jason. Andrew joined us for a little bit. Haven't been down Chutes in a while. Was kinda confusing at the bottom with all the new splits in the trail. 
Ross B03/21/09fun ride with stan this morning. blessed be the name of the Lord. 
mountain coyote03/21/09Morning ride with Sidney and Eric. 
SAmtn03/21/09Mellow ride with John and Eric. Helped rescue a kid who took a nasty fall on the chutes. 
Burgemeester03/15/09Slight variation on this ride today - reverse waterfall switchbacks, reverse ridge to weir, around weir then back and down chutes - definitely my favorite system for this area - go on, check it out for yourself... 
bikesurfski03/14/09Funner than crap morning surfing sano then good to get on the bike again in some familiar territory. Nicely cool afternoon among the green hills with yellow, purple and white flowers mixed in. Chutes getting a little loose in some areas--I think the usual suspects are wearing it out :) 
RaulC03/08/09Conditioning ride; ugh! 
slopush03/07/09Morning ride w/ Nstilwell. Didn't see a single rider on the trail, just a couple of hikers and lots of big ruts! 
SCJim02/24/09Top Loop is in bad shape. Head on collision around a blind corner ended a bad ride. Ouch! 
mtnbikej02/22/09Pretty rutted out there. The rains did a number on the trail. The ride hurt...really need to ride more than once a week. 
UphillRider6502/22/09I hope this is close enough to the correct route. Went astray in a few places but got back on route I think. 
Ross B02/22/09Rode with Stan. Had a big pack on and did Peters too. Good workout with over 3,000 vertical and 21 miles. 
nstilwell02/21/09Good morning ride with slopush and Burgemeester. 
slopush02/21/09Fun ride w/ nstilwell- His first time doing the ole ironman. Had a flat but no blood was spilled so it was a sucessful morning. Burgemeester joined us to the top of da Bs and then left us to our madness. Thanks guys it was good to get out! 
Manuel71402/05/09Started with semi-blue skies and drizzle, and ended with something entirely diffent. Life is Good behind the handlebars. 
SCJim02/01/09Great day for a ride - Go Steelers 
BrakeHeart02/01/09part of 25.5 mile ride from my front door. Weir canyon loop has some big ruts due to recent rains 
RaulC01/30/09NIce easy pace with Shine 
Shine01/30/09it's not every day you get your @$$ handed to you by a guy who only rides 2x a week...and has a cold. Thanks for the butt whipping RAULC! 
Warhorse01/29/09Great ride, felt good even with some pretty strong wind gusts. 
spicolli197601/17/09Great ride. I havent ridden the Weir part of this loop in a long time, and I'm glad I did. 
jpotts01/17/09good ride with randy 
4_chew_nut01/17/09Trails have good traction, but many ruts from the recent rain. Nice warm afternoon for January! Rode with with velo4it. 
Warhorse01/09/09Good ride with some very strong winds. 
Manuel71401/08/09Great rip with Ed from RNR. 
Manuel71401/05/09Cruised through with Vero saying the trail was very different- I say for the better. 
Ladera Dave01/03/09Nice ride with Share MTB club 
Burgemeester01/02/09Good but very foggy ride with OC_Laske and Steeleboat. OC and I nearly ran into a skunk heading into the park. Trails are looking nice n technical - Steeleboat even tried going down the Chutes with no hands - he's losing his grip on life I think!?! Thanks Lads - a good way to get the year going! 
singlespeedrider01/02/09Anahiem Hills pretty rutted and the chutes are tore up. Nice ride still just cold and wet with the fog. 
oc_laske01/02/09Cold and foggy ride with Steeleboat and Burgemeester. 
Winger01/01/09EX8. Weir changes often. At times it is a beginner route. Right now, after a rain, it is an intermediate route. You have to control your speed because around the next corner there could be a huge rut. Chutes is frustrating me because people keep building routes around the fun technical sections. Walk if you can't ride it, but don't change the trail. It was fun riding the full suspension bike again after blowing the rear shock. 
jpotts12/29/08back loop was pretty chewed up - rutted and sandy in a few spots - also did waterfall, which was pretty slick 
Manuel71412/12/087am ride with Ed from RNR and Gene. Great ride with course rolling faster everyday as the water dries out of the Anaheim Hills clay soil. Should be able to do some "maintenance" on the Chutes once the next rain hits. 
halfasst12/02/08Rode Saturday with Larry and Carbon Carrie. 
Burgemeester11/23/08Good solo ride this afternoon - temps were reasonable and I managed to push myself harder than I thought I would. Minimal traffic made it really fast down the shootzz too! 
martink11111/20/08Night ride- slow but fun To top of robbers peak in 19:53 minutes 20.6 mph max 
snoot11/02/08Lots of people out this afternoon. Was bone dry. 
jpotts11/01/08from cannon - up taco, down hawk, up 3 bs, out the back loop down cliffhanger, repeat back loop, back over to poison ivy, through gravity falls?, where my chain broke, then out chutes to billy goat and back up cannon to home. hooked up with geritt, jon and randy(all ss) up taco and had 4 other riders going up taco as well. recorded just over 3k of climbing 
bossvader11/01/08Been a while since I have been to Oaks, never been to wier, lots of soft stuff. Late Start, Not many people out 
jpotts10/26/08great ride with geritt and jon...where were juan and diane? up taco, down hawk(bobcat), up 3bs, out iron man loop, across poison ivy, cleaned gravity falls or something, down coachwhip(wiggly), up powerline, down el camino and out...all single speed 34-21 
99fsrSport10/25/08Got hot real quick. Not too many people out. Would have been quicker but had to follow printed directions. I was stopping and reading every couple of miles on weir loop. 
pdmoore10/19/08Was Escher doing trail work? Weir canyon felt like it was all uphill 
XCRider10/17/08cw today, plus ride in/out, santa ana winds brushed off some of the weir cyn trails, nice until you hit where it all went, cw is much easier than ccw. 14.6m 
steeleboat10/12/08It just doesn't get any better than a headwind on the Bees and no right pedal on the return. Thanks for the good times Burge. 
Burgemeester10/12/08We were being manly men - steeleboat and me, with a gusting headwind no matter which uphill we tackled! Then, Steele showed he's THEE Man by only having one decent pedal operating! The lad is a stud! Thanks! 
jpotts10/12/08decided to try a geared bike today and I felt so much slower. anybody want to buy a 2008 sworks stumpjumper fsr? can't get into it as a bike. I'm a single speeder now. just couldn't get the balance up the hills, spun the tire, etc. up 3bs, out the back loop then down coachs whip(wiggly), up powerline (easy to make with gears), back up 3rd b where some other riders were resting/waiting. then went down billygoat/waterfall. last ride for a week or so...gps recorded 2531 ft 
jpotts10/09/08pretty fast pace - up taco, out the back loop, down chutes, thru blair witch and back to the mabury ranch side. great ride - I felt pretty strong. 
Boerseun10/05/08Nice ride with the Santiago Mountain Goats...Burgemeester, oc-laske & Steeleboat...Oh boy, the crew climbs hills for a living and I hang on by my finger nails! 
Burgemeester10/05/08There we were...Boerseun, Steeleboat and OC_Laske - just a stellar day for a spin round the big loop with the fellas! Tried a few off the beat ST's that were pretty entertaining! Thanks lads! 
jpotts10/04/08up taco, out back loop, doubled cliffhanger and back portion, then did maintenance on bobcat, opened that up, went up taco, again, down bobcat for the first time since the fires, then up the 2 b's and down bobcat again and out. great ride before the rain is supposed to hit. ended up over 20 miles and 3600 ft of climbing. 
Winger10/03/084900. Gave an all-out effort to test my fitness. Not great, but not bad either. Weir is extremely loose, causing wheels to slide unexpectedly. Had to walk 1 hill in Weir because of sand....not happy. 
XCRider10/02/08A bit warm, very slow pace, broke my chain, rode much better after the forced rest and cooler temps. 
thatdave09/25/08Just Brad and I got lost on bumble be trail and had to walk out 
jpotts09/20/08up 3b's, out ironman, whihc was recently plowed and is very loose... down cliffhanger, down wiggly, up powerline, down the ridge to bill/montain goat and out... 
BRZ-Diegocalifa09/19/08okay not so fast 
BRZ-Diegocalifa09/19/08if you want a fat trail its not good 
snoot09/12/08Weir Canyon's been plowed. Not really an improvement. 
jpotts09/10/08good ride with geritt - did some extras...up taco, down bumblebee(old hang ten), up powerline, then iron man loop, then back to oaks, down billy goat. 
trekstorm09/03/08Solo ride today. 
jpotts09/01/08nice cloud cover this morning...plus added a loop of powerline and wiggly which was in great shape 
singlespeedrider09/01/08Went OTB on the top part of the chutes on one of the first little jumps. Not the best feeling ever. Took Todd and Lutkus1973 for there first time around Weir. Ran into the STR group coming up the chutes. Really good ride. 
Lutkus197309/01/08Nice Ride with Mark and Todd. Mark Did some showing off with an OTB. 
Burgemeester09/01/08Once a year, it seems Slopush and I decide to do something CRAZY, like a mid day summers ride - man, I tell you - this ride was HOT! And that's an understatement! Thanks Slopush for deciding to do the whole thing - I didn't need it ;-) 
Pmcmasters09/01/08Good group ride this morning. We started off with 11 riders. Ended with 9. Perfect conditions for riding this morning. Good workout. 
slopush09/01/08Super muggy ride w/ Burgemeester. He reminded me of RaulC, with sweat just running out of his helmet. Very impressive! It honestly felt 10 degrees warmer at the far end of Weir Cyn than it did when we started. 46% humidity didn't help either. Now I remember why we usual do early morning rides! 
snoot08/31/08Hot and humid after the clouds burned off. 
FREEKENGO08/29/08last evening ride 
trekstorm08/28/08Just a cruise. Too hot to push things. Glad I'll be at El moro tomorrow. 
trekstorm08/20/08Good ride with Oscar. Why in the world do they have the gate closed going up the last "B" 
mburkin08/15/08sweet ride w/ oclaske. bummer that it's my last ride until winter. 
oc_laske08/15/08Fun morning ride with mburkin. Would have had a faster time if I hadn't been slowed down by all the spider webs strung across all the trails :( 
Two Tired08/07/08Nice double loop ride with friends Ron and Kevin. Hot at the beginning but Weir Canyon was shady and cool. 
mburkin08/04/08Fun ride with slopush. A little shaky for myself this morning-- guess it's because I'm trying to keep up with him. 
slopush08/04/08Great morning ride w/ Mburkin- that kid is getting faster every day! 
Ladera Dave08/02/08Nice to meet you Slopush, I am glad the ziptie helped your friend out. I hope he has a safe trip back to South Africa. I look for his posts. 
slopush08/02/08Rode with Boerseun, who broke his front brake lever at the VP dam. Spent an hour trying to zip tie it back together to no avail. Oh well, he's picking up his new bike today anyways : ) 
Boerseun08/02/08Got a call from Slopush at 23:25 last night wanting to do a ride today...There was only on right answer and so we set of early in the morning...crashed early in the ride and broke my front brake lever off...the two of us spend over an hour trying to fix it with cable ties...no luck...interesting ride with only a back brake. Garmin stopped after 0.85mi today...2nd time in one week. 
jpotts07/30/08rode up 3bs, iron man loop, down wiggly, up powerline, down el camino... 
jpotts07/27/08rode this with billy goat loop, also included down wiggly and up powerline 
Pmcmasters07/26/08Great early morning ride with Chris. Fantastic way to start the day. 
cfeliciano07/26/08Nice ride with Paul. Started at 6 am, done a little after 8 am with the rest of the day ahead! 
mburkin07/17/081st time- beautiful scenery and a lot of fun. 
jpotts07/13/08starting from cannon/via escola into oaks, up taco, down el camino, up the 3 b's, going thru the iron man and back down wiggle, then up powerline. And finally down taco...then back up cannon to home..i'll be riding the fsr with the group of single speed rigids...too tired for single speed today...recorded 19.5 miles on my edge! 
oc_laske07/12/08Solo ride. Felt extremely weak. 
slopush07/06/08What started out as a solo ride to do the Bs ended up being a longer group ride when I met Single Speed Bob and his friend Scott near the dam. Thanks for letting me hang with you guys! 
slopush07/04/08Group ride w/ THanson, RaulC JohnO and 3 others. Nice mellow pace. Warm morning! 
sparrow06/29/08Part of 4 park ride today. Home>Peters>Irvine>Oaks>Weir and back. Feels good to leave the car at home! 
oc_laske06/28/08Solo ironman ride. 
Boerseun06/22/08Early morning ride with Burgemeester...Legs are still recovering from last weekend's 50+ mile ride. 
Burgemeester06/22/08Part 1 - started the ride @ 06:00am and it was already 73 degrees - still, it was a cool ride with the Boerseun. 
oc_laske06/21/08solo morning ride to beat the heat 
Royster7106/20/08Good riding with you Tom and Phil. Got a bit warm, but I think we beat the heat. Saw some roadrunners. 
GoneRiding06/20/08Morning ride w/ Roy and Phil. Just on the verge of getting hot. First time on the Weir Cyn trails and it's been over 14 years since I have been on Santiago Oaks and the Chutes. Cleared those 3 B's! This loop is a good workout! 
S.L.O. Phil06/20/08Another new trail guided by the Royster. 
jpotts06/15/08rode on a new sworks stumpy, pretty nice and smooth - way easy with gears... 
Boerseun06/07/08Started riding with Thanson, RaulC, JohnO & Burgemeester...Some of them cut out at various stages of the ride...only Burgemeester joined me for the finish...I rewarded him with a high speed wipe-out for sticking with me...luckily I did not hit the hikers! I will be limping for a few weeks, but hey who's afraid to ride. 
Burgemeester06/07/08Adventurous ride indeed - started with a few good men and ended up riding a reverse ironman loop, which probly threw Boerseun's rythm out by the time he hit the chutes with a vengence - literally! What a stud! No broken bones, luckily! 
slopush05/28/08Great morning ride. Started with Shannon, THanson and Steelboat, but the boat sailed to work once we got to the top of the Bs. Don't know our ride time as my Garmin kept shutting down. So, I'll say we did the whole loop in, oh, one hour even : ) Yeah, right! 
slopush05/26/08Good ride w/ Burgemeester, as always. I haven't been riding much lately so was pleased when I cleaned all the climbs. Stopped to take photos and met JCampbell & Co.so we took a few of them too. My Garmin shut down a few times so I don't know our ride time. Chutes is in great shape! 
Burgemeester05/26/08Good morning grind with Slopush just before the masses showed up! Thanks man! 
RollnStone05/25/0840 degrees cooler at ride time than last week. You would never know it rained at Santiago Oaks. It is dry and sandy in many places. Added some single tracks. The ST that cuts out the road portion of Weir Canyon is too overgrown to ride. Two vultures were watching me from atop trail signs on one of the longer climbs on Weir. I know I am old and slow, but they encouraged me to pick up the pace a little. 
Winger05/13/08Did this + Peter's canyon in under 1:50 and I was keeping an average pace. Felt weak for first 45 mins, then got into a groove. NEW REAR DER CABLE before ride. Shifted smooth 
G.T. Jake05/11/08nice route! 
steeleboat05/10/08An early morning ride with Slopush, Burgemeester and singlespeedrider is a great way to start Mother's Day weekend. 
singlespeedrider05/10/08Thanks Slopush, Burgemeester and Steelboat for showing me the way. I hope I did not hold you guys up to much 
slopush05/10/08Fun ride w/ Steeleboat, Burgemeester and Singlespeedrider, who I'm sure things we're missing a screw or two.... 
Burgemeester05/10/08Good grind with Slopush, Steeleboat and Singlespeedrider - man...that's a looooooong geo name - glad he was there to slow Steeleboat and Slopush down for me - kudos for using only 1 gear - primative stuff! 
Hermit05/08/08Rode with Andrew and Ryan. Forgot to start my Garmin AGAIN. We did sort of an out and back ride in Weir. Maybe a little more climbing than the official route. 
slopush05/04/08First time riding this since it's been closed. My Garmin shut off partway through the ride so I don't know ride time exactly, but it was around 1:27. Thanks to RaulC and OClaske for keeping it "real" : ) 
oc_laske05/04/08beautiful morning for a ride. 
RaulC05/04/08great ride with OC Laske &Slopush -- felt my legs after yesterday's ride in Aliso Woods. 
Burgemeester05/03/08Thanks Boerseun and Sidney for organising the spin round Ironman! It was, as always, superb to be out there before the heat of the day! Good meeting SAMtn Jr. - kids got game for sure! 
Winger05/01/084900. Pre ride & post ride. Felt strong through most of it. 
Winger04/29/084900. I'm pretty sure I scored my fastest time for this route, but didn't have my computer set up with the new wheel. I felt so strong on this bike that I'm thinking that I should have used it instead of the EX8 for the 24 hr race. 
Burgemeester04/13/08Early morning ride with RaulC - between the two of us, it was a bit of a sketchy ride! My bike gave me endless gear grief, and Raul's bike ejected him after hitting the first jump down the ridgeline! So much for big air!! Thanks man! 
jpotts04/13/08also included in this ws chutes/wiggly/hang ten and taco - all just opened back up - all legal! 
RaulC04/13/08good ride with Burgemeester (thanks for waiting up for me) - caught a bit too much air on one jump and said hi to the dirt. 
SCJim04/10/08Nice having the full loop open again! 
Winger04/07/08Back on the EX8....not sure if I like it. The cockpit seems too long. I don't pedal down, I pedal at an angle....maybe the seat is too far back. That explains why I look like a plumber from behind since it pulls down my shorts. Something was just wrong compared to the 4900. I couldn't get enough power/strength to climb the 2nd B and had to walk it, even though it has 34t in back and not 32t. The downhills were GREAT. Oh, a reddish rattlesnake hissed at me as I rode by. 
E04/07/08First time riding this route. Haven't ridden in a while, got lost, parts were closed due to fires/regrowth, climbs were a little loose, singletrack was nice, all in all a ride worth riding 
oc_laske04/05/08morning ride w/ burgemeester & steeleboat. We were lucky to escape with our lives. 
Burgemeester04/05/08Glad it wasn't only me who saw the light at the end of the tunnel - yeah, riding the "forbidden route" with OC_Laske and Steeleboat was a treat - and VERY dangerous indeed...almost as bad as the chutes ;-) 
steeleboat04/05/08and the heavens opened up and I saw a vision from God and the vision was......Burgemeester and OC Laske! 
MarijuanaMuscle03/31/08First time to time this route. Hot. 
Mtnlion03/30/08Extra credit - rode from the house and entered on the W.C. side first. 
Royster7103/23/08Great ride everything looks great ! Mojo tried to take me out. A lizard tried to bite my hand off as I screamed like a little bitch. Found a snake picking it up was petting it. 
MarijuanaMuscle02/18/08with Oaks 
Mtnlion02/16/08Started loop from Weir Canyon & Serrano (about 3 miles from WC trail)and went to the Adrenaline Demo Day at Santiago Oaks. Hung out and had lunch, won some raffle goodies then back home. From where we started we could not tell the Weir Canyon trail is posted "CLOSED" but signs were up at both entrances (Hidden Canyon and Ave De Santiago). Great ride but we're awful tired now. 
cH4os02/13/08Hit it on the way to work! WOW not rigid friendly. =) 
trekstorm02/10/08Great day for a ride. Nice to see life coming back on these from the fires. Some of last singletracks on oaks sure need some patching up. Lot's of deep trenches from the rains. 
JCampbell02/09/081st lap 
Oly02/09/08Morning ride with Manny.... 
DustyFingaz01/23/08The climbs were painful (for a beginner like myself). The chutes were really bumpy and I had lots of difficulty there. Everything was charred but some greenery coming back. Great tranquil views however. 
quad damage01/21/08Second ride of the day with Matt. Endurance pace. Hadn't been out to this area in a while and it has changed quite a bit. 
Hermit01/19/08Did this with Ryan for our second ride of the day. Was happy to make it up all three B's on my SS. The trail is super grippy right now, which helped a lot. 
Oly01/18/08Early morning ride with Manny and Chris. Good to see Chris out on the trails again. 
oc_laske01/03/08Morning ride with Raulc, Shine and Kato. Didn't have time to do the entire Hicks loop, so I cut out after finishing the ironman loop. It took two tries, but I finally made it out of the wash at the bottom of chutes without stopping. More importantly, I made it all the way down chutes without crashing! 
Burgemeester01/01/08Superb, "dialed in" ride to start the new year off! It was brutal going up those Bzz - wind was head on and hectic, but grinded it out. Wier is a tad loose in areas, but the wind was for me here so that was a bonus! Happy New Year fellow Geo-geex! 
jpotts01/01/08started out as a scheduled ride at chino hills, but the winds closed the park due to fire danger, so we rode oaks and the back loop. good way to start off the new year. 
SCJim12/31/07Climbs and head winds - nice combo! 
djnicholasc12/31/07strong winds while going down chutes made the descent a little frustrating but otherwise a great ride to end the year 
CBScofield12/31/07First time that I have seen frost in Irvine Regional. And the wind was howling. The wind added a new technical difficulty. Still a fun ride!!! Not a bad way to end the year. 
jpotts12/30/0734-18 ss 
steeleboat12/29/07Solo morning ride. I tried to catch Burgemeester who started 45 min earlier. 
RaulC12/27/07chilly solo with cold Santa Ana's blowing 
Ross B12/24/07Cold morning ride. Trail conditions very nice after the rains. Sand is in control. very little rutts until the last part of the Chutes. Blessed. 
Shine12/23/07Shadowed a couple riders today, lots and lots of horses on trails 
xcShane12/22/07tired today 
FREEKENGO12/22/07Fun ride with the boys this morning. 
FREEKENGO12/17/07Sat morning ride. 
xcShane12/15/07A few variations with the gang but a fun ride. Lots of riders up top the 3rd B admiring the drop off. 
xhuskr12/15/07Rode with Shrek as part of his 40th..yes 40th bday celebration. We threw in part of Peters and back to the car in Tustin! Great riding Shrek...now learn to do the drop in on Chutes! Threw in a bit of Irvine regional just to mix it up a bit. -Donkey 
Oly12/02/07Muddy ride today with Wheezer, Grumpy and Manny. Ran into a park ranger in the Oaks and she said the trails were open (even though a few closed signs were still up). Followed the ride up with a great breakfast (thanks Veronica!). 
FalseSummit12/02/07Clear, cool, and perfect day for a ride. Track was sluggish but not bad overall. Ranger out of the Oaks station gave us the green light to ride (she was in the process of opening and closing certain trails). Took it easy with Manny, Oly, and Grumpy. GPS took a dump today. 
MarijuanaMuscle11/25/07with Oaks and peters. 
MTB Fiend11/25/07Explored this ride a couple days ago and did it the right way today. Much preferred the Weir Cyn loop in the clockwise direction - so I did it a second time! Kind of cold today, then the breeze died down. 
MF TITAN11/24/07early ride with rick/windy on top 
Thumper11/24/07Did this ride with the peters canyon dual loop. 
slopush11/23/07Fun morning ride w/ Brian. Not many people out, but we did see a yearling buck near the trailhead. Also added on a little swamp tour since we had the time. Not a bad ride for a couple of stuffed turkeys! 
oc_laske11/23/07tough morning ride with slopush. I don't know if it was the long run yesterday, or all the turkey I ate last night, but my legs are seriously hurting. 
Jocko11/21/07Combined with Peters Canyon. With Craig, Ryan, and Adam. 
Oly11/19/07Started my Garmin late and my rear shock went out...still a fun night ride with Manny. 
JCampbell11/18/07air quality was crappy all day... the b's and a single just don't mix. 
fastoldguy11/17/07Good climbs, beautiful tranquil scenery, very enjoyable 
RaulC11/12/07Nice push following TRB around the loop(thanks for waiting up). He even took us thru a few extra climbs (ugh!) 
oc_laske11/11/07solo ride on the monocog. quite a few people out there today. 
Corbliss11/11/07Bummed we missed the SJ ride - Thumper and I rallied with a fixed bike and did a local trail - next time... 
trekstorm11/11/07Second part. This should be one route. Quite cool today. Wish it would rain. 
RaulC11/09/075 of us started - ended as a solo; 3 did the Santiago route & I lost the 4th (Shine) somewhere on the way 
RaulC11/07/07Foggy! first leg of an OC MTB tour for Shine. 
oc_laske11/04/07first time on this route for a long time. trail was mostly in good shape with just a few sandy sections. 
SCJim10/31/07Very Soft Conditions following Fires 
slopush10/19/07Fun ride w/ Steeleboat, Burgemeester and Shine. The trails are in great shape now so I guess I'll have to come up with a new excuse for breathing so hard! 
Burgemeester10/19/07Sweet grind with Steeleboat, Slopush and mostly Shine, who cleverly decided to hang back and do some spectator support - I HAVE to try that approach next time! This is still one of the best workouts around, especially now that it's rained! Thanks lads! 
Winger10/09/07Struggled with climbing those sandy hills in Weir. Then I almost ate it in the sketchiest part of Chutes. Still a great day on the bike. 
jpotts10/07/07way windy on the back side...only saw two other rides out there. Even a geared bike couldn't help me today - I was slow:( 
RollnStone10/06/07Cold morning ride. 
MarijuanaMuscle09/30/07plus oaks. 
Winger09/27/07Trail is really fast after the rain. Saw a couple people in Weir so I decided to try to catch them. The couple riding w/ Switchback jerseys were too fast for me. Hermit's quote for the day: "May Weir Canyon nestle you in the bosoms of her rolling hills and may the chutes spread wide in acceptance as you enter their sacred corridors." 
Burgemeester09/21/07Superb roll...err grind with the lads this morning - especially where the "soft stuff was hard" - aka T-shake-Hanson-speare. 
slopush09/21/07Started with 6 riders and finished with 4- RaulC and Boersum had to get to work, poor guys. Steeleboat, Toddy H, Burgemeester and I finished the other "work". 
bluerider109/21/07Nice and cooler today. Good ride with Luke, Scott and Bernie Mac. 
Winger09/20/07The sand on the way out of Weir is frustrating because I used to be able to ride it all. What's with the locked gate before the top of the 3rd B? Tried out my orange lenses for my sunglasses for the first time in 2+ years and they are awesome. Dusk looks like midday. 
trekstorm09/17/07Did this too. First time of Wier Canyon since the fire. Glad to know I could still do the climbs. Lots of powder though. Come on rain!!! 
RaulC09/16/07great ride with mountain coyote --we startled a mountain lion. he was coming up as we were coming down some single track in the Weir Canyon side of the ride -- fortunately, he (she?) picked the bushes over us. 
Winger09/13/074900. Saw a guy named Tom who fell near the dam. His bro used my phone to call for help. I think he hit his face hard and maybe broke his leg. He was in shock. Other than that it was a normal ride. 
spicolli197609/10/07Great ride but it is getting hot again. 
Ladera Dave09/08/07A lot of fire damage, 3 new single tracks have been created. 
Winger09/06/07Cooler temps felt good. Saw Mike at the end. 
spicolli197609/05/07This was my first time on this trail, and it was alot of fun minus all the climbs with the ground up dirt. It made it impossible to make it up some of the climbs :-( and I left my heart monitor at home :-( Took alot of extra time to find my way at some intersections. Looking forward to my next ride here. 
RaulC09/04/07What was I thinkin? Blazing hot late a.m. ride! Still trying to get in shape . . . Santiago Oaks trail in better shape -- trail was graded firmer. 
Hermit09/02/07Pushed pretty hard considering the heat. I like Weir Canyon because it's always shady in the afternoons and gives my body a chance to cool down. Felt great after the ride. Was surprised to finish only about two minutes slower than my personal best. 
slopush09/01/07There is only one way to describe this ride...HOT!!! Started at around 10:30 and took our time. Burgemeester made me do it! Saw one doe in Weir Cyn. Got home and took a long,cold shower. Man, did that feel good! 
Burgemeester09/01/07Man...after actually making the first B (!!) we shoulda turned back...but we got a crazy idea going and did this ride in-any-case! BOILING would be an understatement, and it was all slopusherrrs idea!! It was that fine line between stupid and brave! 
JCampbell08/31/07Tough for me up the B's and back in Weir. The sunrise was awesome though. 
JCampbell08/30/07tough ride, started way too early. 
Winger08/27/07Not my best time on the trail. I had no energy and didn't feel like I could get my heart rate under control. Maybe I was overheating. Then my stomach made a turn for the worse so I had to get home quickly & skipped the last part of the ride. Don't freak out...ya points weenies...I rode to meet the group, which was probably longer & more difficult. 
quad damage08/24/07Forgot the garmin. Rode with Matt and Andrew. I used to be able to make all climbs and miss a few downhill sections. Now it's the opposite. I'm missing climbs and making all downhill sections. *Shrug* 
slopush08/24/07Cool morning ride w/ Toddy. Love the overcast- Can I order some of that up for afternoon rides?? 
Hermit08/23/07Rode with Andrew and Ryan. Forgot to start the Garmin until late. My heart was pounding way harder than normal going up the B's. Probably from riding less I guess. 
Waldo08/22/07Sand, sand, some mountain lion tracks, and more sand! Amazing how most of the steepest bits of the Weir loop are also the sandiest. And the bottom of the Three B's at Oaks has been bulldozed, so it's also a looser-than-usual mess. Bring on the rain! 
snoot08/18/07Started at 2pm...how stupid was that? 
Boerseun08/11/07Nice ride...worth combining the 3bzzz and Weir Canyon 
Burgemeester08/11/07Great to be out there so early in the AM with Boerseun - thanks man! Trails were BUSY with some sort've "fun run" and bumped into the peeps from socal trail riders! All in all, a perfect ride for us! 
Boerseun08/11/07A "dark past 5" start on Saturday morning with Burgemeester...great ride just before I hop on a plane to Tokyo :-(...Enjoy the trails while I'm traveling! 
slopush08/06/07Good pace w/ Jay C. Lots of deep sand in places to keep you on your toes on the decents. 
Oly08/04/07Rode with Wheezer and Manny. New shifter cables on my bike and it ran like a dream. Helped Wheezer's yellow team bring home a victor this week! 
FalseSummit08/04/07Great ride w/Manny and Oly. Haven't riden this in years (back when it was still called the Ironman). Garmin cut out twice. 
FalseSummit08/04/07Great ride that should be worth more than 43 pts. 
jpotts07/29/07good ride - missed the heat of the day...pretty fast loop on the back side, kym and gerritt dropped me, although I sprinted a few hills well 
jpotts07/28/07big group ride continued 
JCampbell07/27/07Yesterday's ride before a round of Golf with a client. 
quad damage07/27/07After work ride with Matt. No air in the rear shock and the heat made this tougher than it should have been. Only thing I missed was the first B. 
bikesurfski07/23/07Rain drops falling in the cool breeze, the smell of moist soil while zipping along the tree-lined trails--and not even smoking dope. What a great, refreshing surprise this morning. 
jpotts07/22/07great ride 
jpotts07/21/07hardly anyone out on the trail at 4pmish, and it wasn't july hot at all.. 
MF TITAN07/19/07met up with winger-talked about weekend ride 
mtnbikej07/18/07felt great tonight...did a personal best for the Weir Canyon portion of the trail. 
JCampbell07/08/07Nice ride before the heat... 
MF TITAN07/07/07early 6:00 am ride-cool 
mtnbikej07/06/07Great ride this evening. Temps were perfect. Saw no other riders out there. 
slopush07/04/07Muggy early ride w/ Burgemeester, who kicked my tired behind. Fun to be out, but lots of loose spots on the climbs. Funny, I don't notice them so much on the decents! 
Burgemeester07/04/07Did a crazy thing at the top of the Bzz - decided to hit wier canyon with Slopush instead of taking our tired rides home for some TLC! Still, it's always good to grind those hills down slowly but surely! 
Royster7107/04/07Nice ride with Daniel,John,Bruce,Sharon and Silvia Kinda broke off towards the end. It wasnt as hot as I thought it was going to be. 
quad damage07/02/07Good ride after moving Andrew. First time clearing all climbs and all descents. Thanks for the ride Matt, Corby and Troy. 
cdemeis06/30/07Not a good ride for me today... One word - Discouragement. Crashed going up 3rd B and it was really hot. Rode with Ryan, Matt and Troy. 
Hermit06/30/07Helped Winger move into his new place in the morning, then a bunch of us went for this ride to make absolutely sure we were tired at the end of the day. The sun's rays were pretty relentless by the time we got out, but a little breeze went a long way toward keeping them in check. 
ThinkFast06/30/07After moving Andrew into his new home we decided to do a loop in what is now his back yard. Fun ride with Matt, Ryan and Corby. Big congrats to Andrew and his first home. 
JCampbell06/29/07Solo start to oaks then met a guy at the top who said he was doing weir... so I tagged along. Don;t like riding that place by myself after the couple cat sightings I had. 
ErikMM06/29/07rode with Rusnak and Jake 
Jake c('.'c)06/29/07Rode with Erik MM and Rushak today. Third day in a row riding new trails and pushing myself past my limits. My legs are burnt but I'm feeling stronger already. The elastomers in my shocks are so old and dried out that they just exploded leaving me with about 1" of travel for this ride. It really wasn't that bad riding without suspension. Maybe I'll just lose the heavy old Judy and go with some of those fancy new rigid forks... 
rushak06/29/07First time out here. Dirt is really loose and sandy, but there are some really fun and techy sections. Rode with ErikMM and c('.'c). Jake (c('.'c)) is kicking much ass being back on the bike. Mad props to my new mentor. Apparently we did the route a little backwards. Will have to note the correct way next time. 
mark189006/28/07the chutes were fun!!!! 
MF TITAN06/28/07Saw-talk to Hermit(matt)yesterday,on 3rd B,allways good to see.rode with my son and his freind tonight 
Hermit06/27/07Stopped and chatted with MF TITAN for a while at the third B. Have a good time at Idyllwild, Mike! 
24hourblur06/26/071st ride after the fire for me. 
Bruin06/24/07After the Windy Gap fire in March '07 this trail feels like biking on the moon. Meticulous documentation of the route including precise mileage but it would be nice to use the actual signpost names. For example: Waypoint 9=Sage Ridge. 10=Oak Trail. 19 & 36=Barham Ridge Trail. In fact, the entire Chutes singletrack is called the Barham Ridge Trail. 
RaulC06/22/07veeerrry slow solo ride. 
vt1ryan06/20/07Really warm going up the 3 B's. Caught up with TRB on the Weir Canyon loop. Great ride. Thanks TRB and 66nogo. 
vt1ryan06/20/07The dirt is very loose on this trail right now. The growth is finally coming back after the fires. 
NO GO06/20/07Thanks Vt1ryan. Great ride. Ran into TRB and finished the ride with him. TRB rips! 
TRB06/18/07mellow loop. 
Shine06/16/07First time i've riddent this in a loooong time. Looks WAY different with everything burned...exposes many more trails 
Ross B06/16/07Graduation day work out. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. 
MarijuanaMuscle06/12/07Very loose and dusty. Still made the climbs. Conditions were slow for time trial 
ErikMM06/11/071-speed(Seven 02): 32/20...started with 4 chainring bolts...finished w/ 2 
superherodoc06/10/07Hot and dusty! 
Oly06/08/07Edge 305 stopped in the middle of ride...good workout with GOF. 
Hermit06/06/07Wanted to make a route from my place to Weir Canyon and back through Peters, but I must have accidentally stopped the timer about halfway through the ride, so no new route this time. :-( In other news, it was my first attempt doing the three b's on a single speed. Failed #1 and #2, but made it up #3! :-) I sure spent a lot of energy attempting all the climbs. Definitely prefer a geared bike on this route, heh. 
KDawg06/03/07Great ride with John, Mark & Klaus 
Burgemeester06/02/07Sweet ride with Boerseun this morning - saw 2 deer on the way to Wier Canyon - looks like the wild life is slowly filtering back in. 
TRB06/02/07mountain lion sighting in AH/WC on 6/1/07...Yikes 
thatdave06/02/07Kevin, Joe, and Myself great day. I took a fall on the rocks lucky not to break anything came home with a bloody knee again !! 
Boerseun06/02/07Burgemeester made me drag myself out of bed this beautiful Saturday morning and made me do the Ironman...but I quite enjoyed it and truth be told I wanted to do it! Thankx for the ride my friend! 
bikesurfski06/01/07No mountain lion out this morning. This trail must have been beautiful before the fire--manzanita starting to grow back already. 
Hermit05/31/07Woohoo! Set a new personal best time of 1:14. 
Hermit05/30/07Met up with Winger in the parking lot. Got to try out my new Garmin! 
mtnbikej05/28/07Fun ride today with the crew. Was a bit hot at the bottom, but cooled quite a bit once in Weir Canyon. 
JCampbell05/27/07Nice morning ride, saw a good sized ratler on way out after sand wash. 
MF TITAN05/27/07new mountain lion sighting/26th-not sure which part of trail 
MF TITAN05/25/072nd ride (game)dont like afternoon rides- hot,eve good/early good.wimp?? 
Hermit05/24/07Ran into Jeff and met another Jeff in the parking lot, but they had just finished up. :-( We chatted for a while, then I booked to get back before dark. 
Hermit05/21/07Legs were still tired and a little sore from the Traverse pre-ride on Saturday, but otherwise I felt great. Was able to push myself pretty hard. 
owen05/18/07rode this with santiago oaks. flatted my front tire, i'm not very fast at fixing flats. 
Royster7105/17/07Nice riding with you Wingman. This place looked very different. Some of the singletrack was widened due to fire trucks I'm sure. You can easily see wild life now that they have no place to hide. I saw 2 deer a couple roadrunners and almost ran over a rabbit. 
owen05/17/07first ride back for me since the fire, what a difference. 
pdmoore05/12/07Saw two deer and got caught in two dust-devils. 
slopush05/11/07Still one of my favorite rides, now made more interesting because of the changes that the fires created. Saw new life pushing up through the ashes which was cool. Thanks Steeleboatt for the company! 
Hermit05/09/07There was a nice gentle breeze for most of my ride, except while coming up the three b's when the air was dead and I started roasting. Nice to see a few other riders out. 
Hermit05/06/07Wow, windy ride this morning! If there were mountain bike routes on Mars they would probably be just like Oaks and Weir today...barren landscape, high winds, and dust. But I still love it. 
Winger05/05/07It has been a long time since I've done this route. Fires burned all the nice scenery so it was uninspiring. I also wish the route didn't have the loopy thing before the Weir pavement climb. Good to ride with Corby, Matt, Ryan, Mike. 
quad damage05/05/07Second ride of the day with Corby, Matt, Andrew and Matt. Felt kind of tired, but got it done. 
Hermit05/05/07Wow, everything around the trail is completely devastated from the fire. I was in awe of the burn damage for the entire ride. There are new "area closed" sign posts at many of the offshoot singletracks that I had never seen before because of all the brush, but which are now completely visible. The normal Weir and Oaks trails do not appear to be off limits. We even came across a ranger putting up sign posts along the Weir Canyon trail, but we were okay sticking to the main trail. 
cdemeis05/05/072nd ride of the day with Ryan, Matt and Andrew. Pretty sad how damaged this area got by the fires. 
Two Tired05/02/07Oaks and Weir are open, but damage is severe. Made sure to stay on fireroads only. Trail damage would lead to serious erosion problems later. 
TRB04/29/07WOW.....really sad to see this place. 
thatdave04/29/07Wow did Joe take a fall, Jeff, Kevin, and myself had a good time. 1st time on this trail and we need to come back got lost a few times. 
xcShane04/28/07Only had one detour which was at the 3.48 mile mark of the Geoladders directions. Other than that, everything else seems to be open. There were many green post signs closing alternate routes along the way. Besides looking like a desert, the trail is looser than before. At least it's open! 
MF TITAN04/26/07WOW,I dont know what to say.One thought is it looks more wide open,the other is total devastation 
thatdave03/31/07Actually only did half the ride because we were kick out due to area was close so had to finish up on the street to get back to our cars 
xcShane03/25/07A great mix of everything. Very fun ride. 
uchyl03/22/07everything is burned up, smells like used rocket engine, pretty quiet after sunset 
Burgemeester03/10/07Cool ride with Steeleboat and Slopush - quite a few people out on the trails this AM, never the less, a good ole grind! Thanks kids! 
slopush03/10/07Sweet ride on the ole hardtail w/ Burgemeester & Steeleboat. Thanks guys! 
Thumper03/10/07Modified course but completed 12.1 distance 
MF TITAN03/10/072nd ride of the day,ok fun,bonked on 3Bs 
trekstorm03/09/07Changed my routine from normal Friday. Kinda cool but pleasant. 
JCampbell03/02/07Evening ride... had to finish in the dark with no light. Muddy! 
Hermit03/02/07Solo. Got a flat after the third B. :-( 
trekstorm03/01/07Late afternoon ride. Sunny but still cold. 
oc_laske02/26/07was having a really good ride right up until I snapped the spindle on the non-drive side. ended up walking back up to chutes and coasted / one-legged it all the way back home. 
trekstorm02/26/07Cold ride. Had some problems with my legs on the up hill. Tired from weekend. 
Hermit02/25/07Solo. I always enjoy riding my favorite route. Felt a lot better today than yesterday. I'm gonna do my best to keep it that way for the Coup. 
woolybear02/25/07I love this route. If you want to add a little warm down to the ride, park your truck/car at Peters Canyon and do Santiago Oaks then go into Weir and finish with a loop around Peters. I think its around 18+ miles and you don't really see the same trail twice.........Woolybear 
mtnbikej02/24/07Nice ride out today. Only saw 1 other rider. Lots of horses and hikers today. 
trekstorm02/18/07Lost track of time today. Went out to get in a quick ride. Decided to do full course. Finished shutes in the dark. Not good without a light. Much slower going down. 
trekstorm02/15/07Late afternoon ride. Clocked in my best time for this route. 
slopush02/07/07Sweet ride with most of the gang-Steelboat, Burgemeester, Hanson and Jay. It was Hanson's first ride on this trail in 4 months- Way to go! 
Burgemeester02/07/07Nice ride this morning to give the legs and lungs a good workout. Had to bail on the crew to be at home in time for the daily routine, sorry! But thanks to Slopush, Steeleboat, Jay and THanson for the grind! 
superherodoc02/07/07Great ride. Trimmed 5 mins off personal best. 
Ross B02/05/07Beautify morning. Did this and Peters best. Walked the big hills gettin ready for hike a bike. 
granny ring02/04/07Haven't been out much this week, definitely felt it. Hope I can hang with Thinkfast tomorrow. 
trickster01/30/07Didn't see another soul today on the trail. Wasn't real impressed with Weir Cyn. Next time I'll just do two laps on the Chutes. 
Ross B01/27/07PB riding solo with intervals. Also did Peters Best (big red and scout) before heading home. 3500 vertical over 20 miles and 2:29 total time. I need a little more saddle time for VQ. 
trekstorm01/22/07Windy. What else is new? 
MF TITAN01/21/07felt better than I thought.Is the wind ever going to stop. 
TRB01/14/07Morning ride with Slopush, great day! First time down Chutes since the "CRASH". 
Boerseun01/14/07My first Iron Man...and my first flat tire out on on the trails...and it happened going down on the chutes! Wow, what a ride...the "lolliepop" section KICKED my butt! Great birthday ride...Thanx Burgemeester! 
slopush01/14/07Got a call from TRB while I'm at the top of the 2nd B: "Dude, you wanna ride?". Of course I want to ride, especially when it's his first ride down the chutes since "the incident". Thanks for the call man, it's great to have you back!! 
Burgemeester01/14/07Nice ride with Boerseun for his Bday - quite a few cyclists out there today - trails are really in good shape! Thanks Boerseun. 
That's How I Roll01/14/071st route 
BrakeHeart01/14/07great run with new tires 
jpotts01/14/07rode from the house on the mountain bike, geared - approx 22 miles... 
RaulC01/14/07Veeeeeerrrrry cold. 32 degrees at the start. 
trekstorm01/13/07COLD!!!! Having problems with a section of the shutes. Crashed big time today cracking my helmet. 
MF TITAN01/13/071st ride of the day ,talked to some hikers ,very nice, meet Darren, new to the Geo family 
granny ring01/12/07No time info, my GPS died 
Hermit01/07/07Tired from yesterday, but wanted to ride for the game. Andrew, thanks for letting me know it started! Didn't like fighting the wind though. 
JeffK01/07/07CRASH. Broken arm. Bummer. 
Claudio01/06/07Great ride this morning with the OC Riders. The trails were in really good condition, and the weather could not have been better. 
CTrask01/06/07Drove down to ride with JeffK and johnsark. Witnessed JeffK take a serious OTB on the ledges at the top of Chutes. He's a tough 54 year-old SOB. Two pints of blood on the trail, a forearm the size of a watermelon, and he still finished the ride! 
granny ring01/05/07What's with all of this wind??? Hope it dies down before tomorrow's ride, don't need it to be any harder than it is going to be already! 
jsgforce01/03/07This route connects to the Irvine Mountains to the Sea trail that goes all the way to Newport Back Bay. Great trip that takes about 2 hours total from Weir Canyon to Newport. Park a car at either end of ride, or do a more difficult ride back (lots of elevation) 
slopush12/31/06Mellow ride w/ my neighbor Kenny- Thanks for keeping me company. This fun trail is in great shape! 
slopush12/30/06I really need to ride more! Had no energy today- Thank God I got a flat and had a chance to catch my breath before heading up the 2nd B. Thanks J Rod for waiting for me! 
Hermit12/28/06Solo. Taking advantage of a half-day at work. 
granny ring12/25/06Had to get out of the house, too many electronic toys with long instruction books. Saw a dad out on chutes with his 8yr old son riding his new Kona. Kid was flying down the trail. Awesome!! 
JCampbell12/23/06Nice ride with some friends 
granny ring12/16/06Rode with a bunch of non geo guys. It's good to see new riders out there. 
quad damage12/11/06Second ride of the day. Rode with Matt, Corby and Joe. Happy Birthday Corby. Had a pretty good crash at the end of Chutes. Lucky I only got scrapes and bruises. 
BrakeHeart12/10/06it was good to be back on the dirt 
CTrask12/09/06Noon ride with new GL rider johnsark. Said hello to some familiar GL faces at the top of "3B"'s. 
Hermit12/09/06Followed up the big Saturday morning ride by joining Ryan on this route for Corby's birthday. Met Joe who was pretty strong throughout the ride. Ran into Craig Trask and his riding buddy at the top of the third B. 
cdemeis12/09/06Birthday ride with Ryan, Matt and Joe. Hardest trail I have done yet! Very memorable ride. 
ster12/05/06Dialing in the Blur with B1. 
owen12/01/06a great day for a ride. it's december friends, and we are so lucky to live here. thanks to hans for joining me today. 
granny ring11/30/06I really don't like this ride but I needed something close to home since Craig left me hangin' this afternoon LOL 
MF TITAN11/26/06only saw one hiker with a dog,trails in good shape 
CTrask11/25/06Thanks to the Path Bike Shop for giving JeffK the loaner bike. We salvaged the day with this ride. 
owen11/25/06there are two steep sandy sections that always seem get me on the way back to santiago oaks. i've made it up before, but i think we need some rain to firm up the trail before it's going to happen for me again. other than that, the trail is in great shape. 
MF TITAN11/24/06not alot of people out early ,towards the end of the ride saw more . legs a little heavy from Harding 
BrakeHeart11/18/06I <3 mtn biking but not my wireless computer - rawr, no clue on time ;( 
CTrask11/18/06Another evening ride with JeffK, the undisputed “King of Santiago Oaks”. 
CTrask11/17/06Bonk! I’m definitely catching something. No energy...walked most of the back loop to Chutes connector and somebody climbed past me...Humiliating . I think I'm out for a few days. 
CTrask11/02/06Moving to Westlake Village, I'm sure going to miss this ride. 
xhuskr10/29/06Watched some fun jumping in the play area. I'm not worthy of that, but did enjoy the rest of the ride with the exception of the urban run-off/waste/mud at one part of Weir Canyon. 
MarijuanaMuscle10/28/06did it. 
slopush10/21/06Awesome early ride w/ Burgemeester- That dude is getting way too fast! 
Burgemeester10/21/06This was an e-ticket ride with Slopush the slave driver! Perfect morning, quiet trail and alot of shredding to keep up with the kid! 
ThinkFast10/16/06This route is a blast. I really like the twisting and winding sections of Weir Canyon. Solo. 
Moonrider10/16/06One touch, one small crash on chutes. Nice overcast cool day. 
BrakeHeart10/15/06felt slow but made my best time 
Royster7110/14/06Nice riding with Franks Group and seeing the OC riders. At one point there was about 15 of us. Some how I picked up some poop on my bike that was great. I kept asking people do you smell poop people just looked at me funny. It took me a while to relize I had poop on my bike and me. 2nd time I have ever hosed my bike down.I was mr poopy man!!! To bad I didnt have a sock. 
CTrask10/14/06Not one drop of rain the whole ride! There is a few muddy patches that snowballed my tires, but the trail is very ridable. So much for the big rain storm. 
MarijuanaMuscle10/14/06On this ride I left a bunch of dudes who thought they were fast in my dust. Then my friends and I drank beer in the parking lot. It kicked ass. 
CTrask10/12/06BONK! I may need to take a day off. 
CTrask10/08/06Ran into Brakeheart on the back loop. Love the cooler weather. 
BrakeHeart10/08/06Ran into Craig Trask near the top, fun ride in excellent weather. 
Hermit10/04/06I definitely need to buy a light. 
Burgemeester10/01/06Met up with THanson for a good morning ride. Encountered 2 deer and 1 bobcat - awesome ride, thanks! 
CTrask09/28/06Santiago Oaks and Weir Canyon literaly out my back door, and all to myself this morning...The iPod cranking Jimi Hendrix...I've died and gone to Heaven. 
BrakeHeart09/26/06Parts of the course have been graded but not the steepest 3 b's 
granny ring09/26/06First time out with Edge. 
BetF09/24/06I love this ride!! 
Foothill Flyer09/23/06Warmed up pretty quick, super-loose everywhere - downhills/uphills - it's a friggin' beach out there! 
BrakeHeart09/23/06Finished in the dark again. Startled two deer - was glad they were not mountain lions. 
Hermit09/20/06I took a tumble heading down from the plateau after the third B. My left calf got a little banged up, but otherwise I got just a couple of scratches and some dirt and brush. It could have been a lot worse...Whew! 
slopush09/18/06Sweet early ride w/ Burgermeester 
Burgemeester09/18/06EARLY ride with Slopush - awesome morning! Tried to hold him back as much as possible, but no can do! 
ErikMM09/17/061-speed(S-Works 94): 32/18...WEIR CANYON IS RAD. I love horses, but hate people that subjugate them! "Hate is o.k. when directed @ injustice." Fat Mike 
Hermit09/14/06Getting cooler and darker in the afternoons. :-( 
24hourblur09/12/06VERY VERY LOOSE out there. Need a good rain. 
TRB09/12/06Afternoon solo ride. Ran into Terry Best. My hat is off to him, plotting all of these routes for us is not an easy job....thanks brother!!! 
cjwally09/09/06I will never do wier canyon again. Waste of time unless you like fireroad. Chutes were fun though. Went over to waterfall also. 
quad damage09/05/06Rode with Matt. He scared the crap out of me by doing the jump at the top of the third B. Some kids were doing it and he felt he had to do it too to be a man or something. Thought for sure we were going to have to cut the ride short with a trip to the ER. Almost ate it a few times, but stayed on the bike. 
Winger09/04/06This route reminded me why I enjoy mountain biking. The whole thing was a series of up & down single/doubletrack dirt trails. I've been doing a lot of the grind-type fireroad ascents, like Blackstar & Harding, which don't seem quite as rewarding as this. 
milatime09/04/06First time riding out there. Got a little confused on the route but still figured it out. Fun area to ride. 
Hermit09/04/06Did that drop near the electrical tower after the third B. It was my first time, so I was pretty shaky afterward. I landed it though, and Ryan is my witness! 
granny ring09/01/06left at 11:00. Hot, Hot, Hot, what was I thinking.... The first B is getting pretty loose and sandy. 
BD N OC09/01/06A little hot at 11:30 today... 
dandrews08/31/06Nice running into JeffK on the trail! 
dandrews08/31/06Nice mix with some great views of Baldy on the back of Weir. A few challenging technical downhill sections. 
oc_laske08/29/06solo ride in the heat 
Burgemeester08/20/06Another splendid ride with Slopush and Steeleboat...tough, but we'll be back for more as always! 
pdmoore08/19/06I got 13.2 miles from all the wrong turns and backtracking in Santiago Oaks :) 
SlowSpokes08/19/06First Time tackling this beast. Hung out in the play area for a while, hence the long overall ride time. 
Hermit08/15/06Good riding again after a nice 2-week break. 
TRB08/11/06Fast loop Thursday afternoon. Saw a lot of riders in Santiago Oaks. 
Terry Best08/09/06This was the first route that I rode with SpeedJunkie & Koke yesterday (Tuesday). After this we rode the Waterfall trail and then the standard Santiago loop down the chutes. 
slopush08/09/068 guys ready to ride at 5:30...what a beautiful sight! 
K0KE08/08/06Fun ride with Terry Best and Speedjunkie. Terry had to stop 64 times for waypoints and pics. 
slopush08/02/06Started w/ 7 riders and ended with 5 today- Not bad! 
MF TITAN07/31/06chain snaped 
Moonrider07/26/06No breaks, completed all hills with one touch. 
slopush07/26/06Nice ride w/ RaulC, Hanson and Adams. Muggy but fun- The trail is great shape after the rain! 
slopush07/25/06Rode w/ Dumptruck to the poles, then continued w/ Bergermeester the rest of the way. Rode early to beat the heat!! 
Burgemeester07/25/06AWESOME! Started Santiago Oaks with Dump Truck and Kent, then Slopush twisted my rubber arm to do Wier too. All in all we saw 2 deer and 2 skunks - crazy animals! Never sweated so much in my life! Thanks to all, that was thee bestest! 
Royster7107/22/06I was feeling LARGE today. Thank god we started at 6am it got a little crispy on the way out. Always great riding with mojo and kim. It sure was smurfy when I passed you on your favorite downhill section BABYYY!!!!! 
Royster7107/22/06Weir was better than I thought it was. Nice addtion if you wanna make Santiago Oaks longer. 
esobek00207/21/06Great ride with Dump Truck! 
TRB07/20/06Evening ride with a friend from work mellow pace. Ran into dump truck on the trail. 
Dump Truck07/20/06nice ride with my buddy esobek002. he did really well for his first ride over 6miles. ran in to TRB right before the polls. 
TRB07/16/06Solo morning loops, great morning but warming up fast. 
slopush07/14/06Rode to the power poles w/ Steelboat, RaulC and Dumbtruck, then Todd Hanson & I did Weir Cyn. Nice sunrise w/ all of the smoke in the air : ) 
razorcake07/11/06morning butt kicker with toad and adam. flat tires, snakes and a baby mountain lion. more climbing than i expected. 
adampipitone07/11/06good to get out and get some fresh air with toadstool and razorcake. very enjoyable ride overall. 
Hermit07/11/06The whole world was out today. 
Dump Truck07/09/06nice early moring ride with raulc and burgemeester. 
RaulC07/09/06good ridin with Burgemeister & dumptruck 
Burgemeester07/09/06Great grind with Dump Truck and RaulC - splendid workout! 
MF TITAN07/08/06Talked to the ranger out on the trail , nice guy (Steve) , also a MTB ,Talked about alot of positive posibilitys,and also about the Geoladders website and how we might help,He said thanks and gave me his card 
Burgemeester07/07/06Thanks to THanson and RaulC...that was awesome! 
TRB07/07/06mellow afternoon solo loop 
MF TITAN07/04/06alot of people out early 
tbowren07/03/06Morning ride with Eric and Christina. Eric and I got hammered in the heat and climing, both of us feeling the cold shivers in the 90+ heat. Christina rolled it no prob. WOW!! 
Moonrider07/02/06First time on this route 
mtnbikej07/02/06Nice and toasty out there tonight. Began to cool down as dusk hit. 
oc_laske06/25/06solo ride on the cog 
TRB06/25/06aftrnoon solo, mellow pace 
MF TITAN06/19/06got it in before it got to hot 
24hourblur06/19/06Rode mid day and no one out but the horses. 
jekyllrider06/17/06With Gary. 
MF TITAN06/16/06a lot of people out enjoying trail this afternoon 
slopush06/12/06Rode part way w/ Dumptruck, and the rest of the way w/ Hanson. You'd think that after riding it so many times that this trail would get easier! 
slopush06/11/06Easy pace ride w/ my neighbor Kent. 
jimw06/11/06Weir loop is in great shape. Hopefully the dozer will be gentle. 
MF TITAN06/09/06starting to do trail maintance,the dozer is out,so far a nice job 
slopush06/07/06Rode w/ Hanson through the mist this morning- got soaked! 
slopush06/05/06Rode w/ Todd Hanson. Misty morning, which was nice. Saw two deer and a lady w/ two dogs off leashes that she couldn't control. Can you say pepper spray? 
Dump Truck06/02/06great early morning ride with slopush. 
slopush06/02/06Good ride w/ Dumptruck. No rests, just riding (and a little cursing here and there). Passed some guy w/ a no-suspension single speed while coming down chutes. No that's a real man! 
MF TITAN05/31/06early ride/pick up a test bike from rock & road last night, 06 enduro // nice feel down hill,A little to get used going up (weight)//overall nice 
MF TITAN05/29/06nice and slow ride / enjoyed the views 
Zippy05/29/06I have no idea the exact route Craig and I rode because my odometer says 16 miles instead of 11. Some of the climbs are kinda steep but at least they're short. Fun ride that's close by. Nice day and nice to ride with Craig again. 
MF TITAN05/26/06Nice 6:00 ride // no body out there , only saw a lady with 2 horses on the 3Bs on the way back 
TRB05/18/06rode yesterday afternoon with TD8 and Pete from work. 
TD805/17/06First ride back in 10 days, it hurt. 
Shake Dust05/16/06Fun ride... 
Murmur05/15/06Nice easy, slow pace w/ Shake Dust. I forgot how great this ride is. It had been a long time. Perfect evening. Saw two rattlers at the start of Santiago Oaks. 
smithg05/13/06The turn by turn directions from Geo Ladders were great. Thanks to the those that povided the pictures and directions. 
manchero05/11/06Started in Irvine Park and headed up the 3 B's (made the first one for the first time ever). Turned left after Robber's Peak and did the Weir Canyon loop counter-clockwise. Re-entered Santiago Oaks and followed the ridge trail to Chutes, back into Irvine Park and back to the car. 
TRB05/10/06PM ride with OC Laske. 
oc_laske05/10/06schooled again by TRB 
oc_laske05/05/06solo late afternoon ride 
TRB05/02/06Afternoon ride with Old Bob. Almost lost my old buddy yesterday, he took a pretty good digger coming down chutes. 
mtnbikej05/02/06Part of our Tuesday evening ride. 
mtnbikej05/01/06Did Holy Jim in the morning, then Santiago Oaks/Wier Canyon late in the afternoon. Felt pretty good. 
Dump Truck04/29/06nice morning ride with steeleboat. for those of us that know where the single track descent is(that bypasses the rode ride), we need to ride it!! it is crazy overgrown!! the trail pretty much needs to be reblazed. 
MF TITAN04/29/0612;00 //Only saw 2 people on trail/and they were off in the distance,nice early afternoon ride before cleaning pool,taken the rest of the afternoon off 
MF TITAN04/27/06This posting was a mistake the best time I have had on this trail was last night // 1:35 it was a good pace for me/trails in good condition,other than a little bit of rutting and some sand - fence line is not to bad of shape except for the last down hill / alot of loose stuff 
K0KE04/26/06First ride using the Edge 305 HRM. 
Despacio04/26/06thanks for the ride craig,nice loop with a little of everything ! good views !! 
JCampbell04/26/06half assed weir loop ride 
LBklink04/26/06Changed 1 flat tire 
oc_laske04/18/06solo ride after work 
TRB04/18/06solo afternoon ride. saw a big snake without rattles. 
TRB04/09/06Morning solo ride easy pace...added Peters Canyon. 
TRB04/03/06rode yesterday with slopush 
oc_laske04/03/06solo afternoon ride 
MF TITAN04/01/06mist all a.m. trail good /,some mud sections/ rock sections very slick/ overall good 
Ross B03/25/06Trail is in great shape. Fun Ride with Rob. For by grace you have been saved through faith, not of yourselves it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man boast. Ross B paraphrase of Ephesianes 2:8-9 
Rob Miller03/25/06Great ride with RossB...trail was in execellent shape and weather was perfect. 
Two Tired03/24/06First time on this route. Good workout route. Lots of short but steep hills to keep your heart pumping. 
slopush03/20/06Don't EVER do a "recovery" ride w/ TRB. That's all I have to say. 
TRB03/20/06Was going to be a recovery ride with Steve (slopush) but he had to push it up the first bitch so for the rest of the ride it was on. Ended up being a great workout. 
Marcel Trepus03/17/06Paul Miller spanked us like a step child. 
Burgemeester03/10/06Good early morning ride with Slopush and Steelboat...always good to do spur of the mo rides like this! 
TD803/09/06Rode with TRB after work. This was my first ride on my new Cannondale Prophet, and first ride on full suspension. It sure did take me a while to ride today, finished at 6:15p. 
TRB03/09/06Rode with TD8, congrats on the new bike. 
JCampbell03/08/06This ride took forever... 2:29. I guess stop on the way back to do a pre finished walk though of the new house on the top of the hill took longer than I thought. 10,000 sq feet. 
TRB03/07/06afternoon loop. Met a lady named Christina and rode thru santiago oaks, she rocked up the three B's and was good company. finished weir canyon solo. 
RaulC02/27/06Did 3 B's with some GeoRiders & then did a relaxing solo anaheim loop - trail is still looking good. 
Burgemeester02/26/06Did this with Slopush in reverse! It was pretty much hectic as in 1 x otb, 1 x outta control crash and 1 x scramled egg scenario - but we still do this because we can!?!? Thanks for the "kick start" Slopush! 
quad damage02/24/06Rode with Matt. Had a crash that warped my front rotor. First time riding up all three B's without stopping. 
slopush02/22/06Rode w/ Raul. Cold morning, but no wind. Patches of frost here and there. Saw some deer tracks in Weir Cyn. 
RaulC02/22/06Rode the 3B's with a gang of GeoRiders and finished the loop with Slopush. Trail is in good condition - nice N sticky after the rains. 
1x1clyde02/18/061st time there, it was a blast! Thanks Nick and Greg for showing me the way! 
1x1clyde02/18/06Went solo, great ride. Did 2 loops of the Santiago one and then Weir and then back to the Albertsons....a little muddy going up. tried to not be a Erosion Warrior! 
Dump Truck02/12/06start out solo, then met bob crossing the street, rode with him until robbers peak and then finished the rest solo. great sunday afternoon cruz!! 
TRB02/11/06this ride took me forever.... really fighting cold/flu? 
Burgemeester02/05/06Awesome ride with RaulC - paths are in good shape at the mo. 
RaulC02/05/06Great early morning ride with Burgemeester. Did reverse Anaheim loop - seemed to have more climbs 
Dump Truck01/29/06nice sunday afternoon ride with bob and Burgemeester, definetly felt saturdays ride in my legs!! 
Burgemeester01/29/06Awesome ride with Dump Truck and single speed Bob. Absolutely perfect CA weather conditions. 
owen01/25/06the trail is as fast as i've ever seen it. it's in great shape. a few tumbleweeds and downed branches from the recent winds, but not bad at all. i rode pretty fast the whole way without stopping. 
slopush01/22/06Solo ride w/ lots of wind today at the top of Robbers Rock. The trail is in great shape though! 
Dump Truck01/15/06great ride today with slopush and steeleboat. weather was great and actually turned 25.5 miles total with this loop and some other non geo ladder trails with some decent climbs included. 
TRB12/30/05great morning ride, nice temp. 
JCampbell12/28/05Got a new rage HID light for my birthday / christmas. Had to test it out. Decided to do the Weir loop to put in the time. I ran the light in full bright mode the entire ride. Froze my ass off. 
CRZY BMW12/27/05A lot better then it was a few months back. Not a lot of sand. 
TRB12/21/05fun ride with TD8 
TD812/21/05Good ride with TRB, I sure do play catch up when I ride with him. 
mxbiker17912/08/05fun and twisty 
owen12/08/05this is such a great ride. it's so fun to travel so far north that you can peek into corona. 
pitmang111/27/05Thanks for the great directions, I never once was left scratching my head wondering where I was. I almost ran out of sunlight, I doubt that my time would be so good if I wasn't in a hurry to get back before dark. 
JCampbell11/26/05Bad Day so I rode from peters then through santiago and over to weir and back down the easy way. Shouldn't take full credit of the Weir loop since I skipped the last little section to come back on the illegal trails. Finished in the dark... kind of sketchy at end of Peters. Met some funny dude riding a fully rigid Jeff "Jones" on the Weir trail... it looked like my 55 schwinn classic cruiser only it was Ti. He was lost as hell and I helped him out to get over to Santiago Oaks. Guy looked like he from  
TRB11/25/05great morning ride with my friend Bob. temp was perfect and the trail is in great shape. computer was not working so no time. 
dandrews11/24/05Everyone seems to be getting faster and stronger, ...imagine that. Great ride dirtsters. 
Sky-King11/24/05Went with a few guys that don’t ride much……………..long waiting. They ended riding with us at the half way point. Terry created new directions, 37 way points………..wow………..that is a lot and makes for a long ride. Had a great time anyway. This is a very cool ride and has a bit of everything, a must ride! Sky 
Terry Best11/24/05Yes, 38 waypoints for the directions. Long overdue! Funny how it turned out to be people that hadn't done the route before who ended up doing the directions. Will have the directions up tonight. 
JCampbell11/24/05Took Peralta trail up.. what a hike n' bike... down at the thrid B then back up and over to Weir... then took some secret trails and ended up on the backside of Irvine Park. Nice new Journey. Distance was little farther than this regular loop. 
vapor11/24/05First time on this trail, single track downhills kick ass as always. 
Ross B11/12/05Trail is in good condition after the rain. Quite a few walkers. Be Careful. 
JeffK11/05/05Trail is now in EXCELLENT condition. Hard, fast, a blast. 
owen11/02/05what a pleasant surprise (mostly). cloud cover just as i started the first bitch. the gate was open on the third. weir canyon was in the best condition i've ever seen it. i didn't have to hike-a-bike up the two sections of the fire road coming back to santiago oaks (a first for me). flatted on the way down the rocky section of s.o. bummer. 
YourLagginDude11/01/05Past ride, logged wrong route originally. 
tkblazer10/31/05started at irvine park and ended up at the entrance of santiago oaks... had now idea where i was going, must follow another rider next time 
MF TITAN10/30/05this ride took me an 1:50 not 1:00 as posted trails in good condition 
anthony_coley10/29/05No computer, no time kept.. 
JCampbell10/26/05It's fun now! 
Ross B10/22/05No crashes. Blessed be the name of the Lord. His love endures forever. 
JCampbell10/15/05Mountain Lion Sighting/Weir Canyon While riding the Weir Loop, about 1/2 way back, as we came over this one hill we saw the cat about 20 feet in front of us. Roughly 3 1/2 to 4 ft in length. Definitly a mountian lion with a very long tail. Anyone know where to report this? Scary things make the pain in your legs go away. 
JCampbell10/11/05Did not start timer correctly. 
JeffK10/08/05Still a little loose in places 
JCampbell10/07/05didn't start an accurate ride time. Did a variation of this exact route but well over the miles of this exact route. 
JCampbell10/02/05Planned on riding many miles this week. Trying to get back in shape. 
JCampbell10/02/05Did a variation of this ride through the hill back towards Irvine Lake. I think the road was MWD and then jumped onto lakeview which is the lakeview road. I think I was trespassing though.The ride was different than Oaks hills but came in over 15.5 miles and a wee bit longer than normal. There is a killer hill just before you break onto lakeview that pretty much ruins your ride form there. 
JCampbell09/28/05still soft in some places with a few people going backwards. Tried riding some back trails on the Franko's map but kept running into closed gates. 
crashmax09/19/05We did this as our Sunday Path ride. Good times, and not too hot. 
JeffK09/18/05Still a little loose in a few spots, but now 99% rideable. 
mtnbikej09/18/05Damn....still very loose and sandy. Not a very fun ride right now. 
kentonn09/10/05A lot of sand on the Weir Canyon end. Played around on the drops up top then jammed down Chutes. A nice ride down Chutes and the cool weather made the day. 
Rob Miller09/06/05Awesome ride. Brad went over the bars and cried on the way home. 
Ross B09/03/05All plowed with no ruts left it pretty sandy. Recommend riding after a nice September rain. Great workout though. 
24hourblur08/16/05It is still very sandy. The single track was nice, not so sandy, but it branches off in so many directions I kept getting lost. The south loop was hard without a map. Even with a map, I'd still get lost. 
JCampbell08/01/05It was hot out side. 
CTrask07/14/05Avoid this ride. It's getting worse not better. I fell twice trying to ride through the silt. It may take a good summer thunderstorm to make it worth riding again. 
JeffK07/04/05Great trail, ruined by a bulldozer. However, if you like walking your bike up steep hills of soft dirt and sand, this is the ride for you! 
CTrask06/30/05Still a lot of sand and loose dirt from the dozer. It's 80% ridable now, but might take a good rain to be worth doing. Lot's of tracks, so somebodys riding it. 
CRZY BMW06/15/05SUCKS! They just dozed the whole trial... its all soft sand! This trail wont be good to ride for awhile. 
CRZY BMW05/29/05First Ride on my New Specialized Rockhopper 05' (Sorry I didnt have computer running yet, no info) 
CTrask05/24/05Every time I ride this I have to pinch myself to believe it's right out my back door. IMHO the chutes downhill is the funnest half-mile in OC. Yee Haa! 
dandrews05/19/05Thanks to JeffK and CTrask for showing me this route, it's a winner. 
CTrask05/19/05I'm claiming this ride, but I must disclose that I bailed out on the road before the last leg of Santiago Oaks due to time constraints. Doug, thanks for including our local ride on this site! Let's ride again soon. 

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