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Luge (Cooks Corner)

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GoneRiding01/15/22Good ride w/ Greg. We originally were going to ride in Dana Point but it was raining pretty hard there. Beat the rain on STT. Good seeing Ned out there. 
GoneRiding12/31/21From Wednesday just before the next rain hit. 
GoneRiding12/31/21One last ride for 2021. Some other riders out there taking advantage of the nice day finally. 2 guys working on the Luge and I made sure to thank them for their work. Pretty sure one was Jim Jennings. 
GoneRiding12/19/21Solo night ride - First night ride in a long time. 
GoneRiding11/26/21Solo ride - legs were tired from yesterdays ride. 
GoneRiding10/25/21Yesterday afternoon 
GoneRiding08/22/21Couldn't ride yesterday - got motivated to get a ride in today. Nobody out there in the afternoon. 
GoneRiding08/07/21Solo ride - need to get some more riding time in. 
GoneRiding02/20/21Late afternoon ride. Only 2 other riders out there. The parking in the back lot of Cooks is getting crowded with overflow from Cooks patrons. There were 3 rows of vehicles parked there this afternoon. 
GoneRiding02/14/21Nice day out there. Just trying to avoid the crowds elsewhere. 
GoneRiding02/06/21Nice afternoon ride - great weather today. Cooks was busy and had a band out there playing today. 
GoneRiding01/24/21STT & Luge are almost 100% dry. Any muddy spots are easily avoidable. Picked up a bunch of stolen mail that got dumped near the bottom of Modjeska Grade Rd. and delivered it to the owners after my ride. Good seeing the Brown's, Stu and Cynthia back at the Cook's lot afterwards. 
GoneRiding01/10/21Stumpjumper demo ride. Saw a guy on an Ebike towing another rider on STT. 
GoneRiding01/02/21Nice Saturday afternoon ride 
GoneRiding12/27/20Testing out the demo Ripmo on the Luge 
GoneRiding12/23/20Nice, uncrowded mid-day ride. 
GoneRiding12/20/20Be careful of the new water bar gate, It is located right where the bulldozer stopped plowing the trail which is just before you get to the rocky downhill section as you are heading towards the flag. 
GoneRiding12/13/20STT is bulldozed into a fire road all the way to Vultures Crag. Dirt is hard packed. 
Rumpled02/06/20Just a small group ride on the Luge. Chilly, but the climbing kept me warm. Ran into a dude with a pointer at the flat, that dog was flying. 
GoneRiding01/01/20Perfect day today. Not too many people out and wanted to avoid the crowds at Aliso. Nice seeing Collin at the end of the ride. Found an IPOD just after dropping down from the flag but luckily found the rider who dropped it back down at the parking lot. 
GoneRiding04/04/19After work ride with Troy - trying to stay ahead of the G-2 riders. 
GoneRiding03/29/19Good ride w Troy after work last night. 
mtbfan02/18/19What a muddy mess. STT was in pretty good shape for the most part, but the Luge is one big muddy mess from the top on. It was nothing more than sliding down though mud and ruts. We saw so many people heading up the day prior, so we thought it might be a go. Really, it needs about a week after the rain stops to dry out. Not worth it for now. Should have brought an inflatable raft to canoe down the Luge. 
GoneRiding01/30/19Been a while since doing a night ride after work. A few other riders out there and cloudy up on STT. Maybe 20 feet of visibility. 
Ben Boronow07/15/18Nice ride before church 
GoneRiding06/20/18Another after work ride - legs felt pretty sluggish. Pretty quiet out on the trails. One big group that started before me. Nice seeing Cynthia out there. Cooks was packed again as usual for a Wednesday night. 
GoneRiding06/13/18After work solo ride - couldn't park at Cooks tonight. Police had Live Oak closed due to an earlier fire somewhere off of Live Oak. Cooks was still busy though with everyone parking on Santiago Cyn Road. Saw a few other groups of riders out there tonight. Felt like summer is here - pretty warm out there. 
Ben Boronow06/10/18Nice ride before church 
GoneRiding06/07/18Late start after work but nice evening for a ride. Only saw 2 other riders out in front of me and one rider who startled me coming from the other direction. Finished just before it got dark. 
GoneRiding05/22/18Solo after work ride - Actually a few muddy spots on STT but nothing bad. Luge was running real nice and tacky. Good seeing Geoff before the ride and Donnie J towards the end of the ride. 
GoneRiding05/16/18Off the bike for a little bit due to family visiting and having a cold. 
GoneRiding04/25/18Solo ride after work. Just a couple of other riders out there. Nice seeing Jeremy and Jason as well. 
GoneRiding04/16/18Solo ride after work - not really windy at all which was a surprise based on how windy it was everywhere else. 
GoneRiding04/12/18Solo ride tonight - saw a few other riders but pretty quiet out there overall. 
GoneRiding04/10/18A bit painful tonight - took it slow- good ride with Greg and nice seeing Donny J. out there as well. Got some grub at High Park Tap House after the ride. 
GoneRiding04/05/18Another quiet after work ride. Finished before the sunset. Felt pretty good tonight. Saw a road runner - bird not person :) 
GoneRiding04/03/18Solo after work ride - 1 tarantula sighting - started just before sunset. Pretty quiet out there for a Tuesday night. 
GoneRiding03/29/18Nice after work ride with some daylight to spare. Solo 
GoneRiding03/27/18After work ride with Greg before it got dark. Good seeing Don & Chris after the ride. Dinner at Wahoo's after the ride. 
GoneRiding03/20/18After work ride before the rain hits. Nice night out there and STT always has great views of the sky at sunset. 
GoneRiding03/07/18After work ride - almost felt like a summer night out there tonight. 
GoneRiding02/20/18After work ride - started before it got dark. 
GoneRiding02/15/18After work solo ride 
GoneRiding02/06/18After work Luge night ride - solo on the HT - Ouch! 
GoneRiding02/01/18Our office got evacuated for a possible fire and when the fire trucks showed up I decided to get my night ride in during the day. Nice and quiet out there and great weather. 
GoneRiding01/30/18Got out just before sunset - Moon was rising over the ridge as I climbed Modjeska Grade Rd and once up on STT the colors from the sunset were pretty remarkable. Lost my tail light out there tonight. 
GoneRiding01/23/18Another after work solo ride. Talked to Don in the parking lot before I started. 
GoneRiding01/18/18After work ride. Plenty of other riders out there as well including 2 E bikes. Had to park in the back lot tonight. Are Thursday nights now ladies night at Cooks? Place was busy with a DJ playing 80's music. 
GoneRiding01/16/18After work and after a dentist appointment. Nice knowing you can do this route at night solo but having lots of other riders out there as well. 
GoneRiding01/14/18Real nice out there for an early afternoon ride. Saw a few runners and 2 bikers both going back towards the gate. Stopped at the flag and talked to some hikers enjoying their lunch. Cooks was packed with the moto crowd today. 
Ben Boronow12/29/17Leisurely Friday AM ride 
GoneRiding12/22/17Met up with Rudy and his friends in the Cooks parking lot last night. Windy starting out but surprisingly not bad at all up on STT. 
Ben Boronow12/17/17Sunday morning ride before church. Windy. Got blown right off the trail on the beginning of Little Mustard (just a few inches thankfully.) 
GoneRiding12/12/17Solo ride after work but doing this ride on a Tuesday evening is never really solo. Stopped at the flag and waited my turn to head back down the Luge. 
Ben Boronow12/09/17Saturday AM ride. Getting warm toward the end. So spoiled. 
GoneRiding12/06/17Very windy tonight with strong gusts. 
goldrunner11/30/17Great after work ride, Luge is pretty chewed up.. 
GoneRiding11/30/17Solo night ride after work. Saw a few others out there including someone who passed me going up the Grade Rd like I was stopped. 
GoneRiding11/14/17Got out there before it got crowded. Pavement work being done on Modjeska Grade Rd. Took a spill but shook it off. 
GoneRiding11/09/17Didn't think it could be more busy out there compared to Tuesday nights but it definitely seemed that way tonight. Good seeing Travis, JJ & Charlie as they went by me. 
GoneRiding11/07/17Luge night rides start again. Nice night out tonight. 
GoneRiding08/18/17repost from yesterday - Solo - late afternoon start - didn't see anyone else out there. Nice breeze once you get the climbing out of the way. 
Ben Boronow08/13/17Morning ride before church. Not many people out there. 
Ben Boronow07/23/17Sunday morning ride. A few riders out. Getting warm. 
MTB Fiend06/30/17Squeezed for time, staying close. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/30/17Got through the first loop unscathed and opted to push my time/schedule a little harder and go for double-looper. Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow06/18/17Sunday AM solo ride. 
MTB Fiend06/05/17Another pleasantly placid pedal through abundantly bright wildflowers. The Lizards were quite well represented, but nary another human soul was to be seen thru-out the journey. Lovely weather! Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow06/04/17Nice ride before church. 
Ben Boronow04/24/17Morning ride before church. Really nice out. Got passed by a few people. 
MTB Fiend04/22/17Simple little Friday evening 1 hour ride turned into a 7 hour ordeal at Urgent Care then ER. In the end 1 cracked rib, 4 bruised ribs, and a very nasty, big, deep and very bloody cut caused by my watch digging into my skin, 9 stitches. Front wheel washed out and I went down real hard. Busted my rear brake, sheared the Right Master Cylinder cap right off, almost. I was badly shaken and lots of blood soaked my brand new glove, and I knew I was the only person out there, no choice but to self-rescue. First time I ever had to walk the Luge, but I rode home from there and drove myself to Urgent Care. Then that morphed in to an Ambulance ride to the ER. Turns out all the issues they were concerned about were non-issues. I am very lucky my cut did not reach tendons and possibly never ride again. As it is, a short hiatus and I'll be back at it. Great Ride!, not so great crash. 
MTB Fiend04/10/17Nice to get out today and stretch the legs a bit, but I quickly discovered my body has not fully recovered from Saturday's big adventure. So I succumbed to the fact that it would be a slow-roll, enjoy the sights and smells kind of ride, as opposed to a "let's go long to Old Camp" kind of ride. By the time I got home, I was totally down with that! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/05/17Just a small cruise today, but a giant leap toward future MTB'ng joy! Finally, fixed the creaky rear Maxle on the Phantom. Oh yeah, I've said that before, but this time I really mean it? This time I feel abundantly confident as there was not a peep, not a pop, not a creak, not a snap. So what was the magic fix? Teflon tape on the Maxle threads. The theory is the threads were backing off just a silly little milimeter. The result was like an earthquake relieving pressure and it manifested itself in a creak, and cracking sound. And of course the carbon just broadcasted those noises. Very disturbing while riding. Anway, that is all behind me now. The fix is in, and a new derailleur hanger is on its way! And so it is that this was... a Great Ride! 
Rumpled03/31/17Haven't ridden the Luge in almost three years. Way too long of a gap. I felt OK on the climbs, but too nervous on descents. Thought it would be warm, but it was overcast and we rode into fog. Nice evening for a ride. 
MTB Fiend03/25/17The weather was kind of cool, metaphorically, and physically, and I was all in for a longer ride, so I opted to continue on up SCR to Modjeska Grade. As a contrast to Whiting, STT was nearly empty. Cool breezes blowing the clouds in and out , and of course, the forever views, made for a... Great Ride! 
randalnelson02/22/17OC Bike Garage Wed night ride, ended up being just Cory and me. Saw my first mtn lion on the way up,we heard something in the bushes, Cory spotted it and had a better look than I did. He took off up the side of the hill. Still a few muddy spots on the Luge. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/14/17Went out thinking I was headed for Old Camp, did not quite make it. Ended up chatting with a like-minded rider for a bit. Luge is slowly drying out. Great Ride! 
randalnelson02/08/17OC Bike Garage Wed night Luge ride , I got to be the boat anchor , that's always fun. Had a good ride, little muddy here and there. Kept it on two wheels, that's always good.Fun times! 
MTB Fiend01/26/17Beautiful out, not nearly as cold as yesterday despite the weather report. STT is in great condition, even better so now that Kioti got to work. I special ordered repairs on the descent to the Luge and Jim came through in a big way. Thanks Jim! Stopped to chat a bit and then the race was on to descend before sunset. Lots of work on the Luge too! Thank you! But still a slop-fest at the top. It's seepage so it may be around a bit. Then it happened. As I was pushing hard up the very last little hump before hitting blacktop, my chain snapped. Damn! Surveyed the damage and decided I'd rather replace the chain at home then complete a repair as it is getting dark. So I coasted on down the hill and hoofed it back home. Kind of a nice little hike actually, and so it was still a... Great Ride! and walk. 
GoneRiding01/26/17Night ride with Troy - Chilly start but with a couple of layers on it warmed up once we started climbing. Some good gusts of wind out there tonight. Luge is a little slick once you start dropping in but then it is ok after that. Once on Live Oak Rd. there were emergency vehicles cleaning up what looked like a one car crash. Looked like he hit the side embankment and overturned the car. 
GoneRiding01/18/17Solo night ride - wanted to get this ride in before the next storm. Rain didn't start until I was driving home. Thought I would see some other riders out there but didn't. I think I was the last one out there tonight. 
MTB Fiend01/17/17Super-solo sunset slow-roller shortie, still a real nice ride! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/14/17Such an incredible day, and I don't mean just the sensational weather. Unfortunately, this is all I had time for but I savored every minute of it. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/06/17Most enjoyable solo sunset quickie. Felt strong and was riding a quick enough pace that I had time to stop and turnaround at all the big views to check status on the sunset. Started to get a bit chilly, so I dropped the Luge without any further to do. Great Ride! 
randalnelson12/29/16Back to the Luge with MTB Matt, great day for a ride 
Ben Boronow12/24/16Tried to get in an afternoon ride before the rain. Mostly succeeded. A few muddy spots. Most were avoidable. 
GoneRiding12/20/16Quick solo loop tonight. Had to get home to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Really nice out tonight. Passed a few others along the way. 
randalnelson12/18/16Great Luge ride with Enriquez,Tatsu , Gabe and Dave 
MTB Fiend12/17/16J and I had the same idea. Waited for temps to warm up a bit, the trail was already dry and in perfect shape. Stoked to see a large group out on the Luge killing the trail work. I'll trade overly banked turns for the smoothed out brake bumps all day! Thanks guys! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/17/16Loop 2 with J. Being the crack traffic investigators we are we determined the exact route of the skid marks and vehicle damage on Modjeska Grade. Not too hard to figure it out really. A bit warmer in the sun a lot cooler in the shade. Another... Great Ride! 
GoneRiding12/14/16Another Luge night ride w/ Troy. Took it pretty easy after Saturday's big ride. 
GoneRiding12/07/16Night ride w/ Troy. Felt pretty good out there tonight. Dinner at Wahoos after the ride. 
GoneRiding12/04/16Solo Sunday morning ride. Perfect temps out and quite a few other riders out there. 
MTB Fiend12/01/16Cool! Cold, calm, cloudy. Casual cycling creates calm creatively constant cerebral consciousness. (12!) (;>) Another tantalizing twilight trail ride. Sunset surprisingly muted from yesterday when the downtown LA skyscrapers were reflecting the orange hue. Super-solo. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/30/16Superb super-solo STT singletrack sunset sojourn so satisfies, sends smiles! (11) (;>). Twilight riding at its finest! Hung out at the last turn and watched the sun set for real, like a Catalina volcano, it was. You guessed it, the race was on to descend the Luge before dark. I made it, pretty easily actually. Safety first! I blazed the flashers all the way home! Short rides are just the way it is this time of the year. That is, unless... Great Ride! 
randalnelson11/18/16Nice cool evening to hit up the Luge with nephew Josh, Good Times 
GoneRiding11/17/16Solo after work ride. It was a little chilly at Cooks but as usual, this ride warms up once you hit Modjeska Grade Road. Peeled off a light jacket once I hit the dirt. Felt like it warmed up nicely up on STT. Caught up to and passed a few groups who were off to the side of the trail. 
GoneRiding11/09/16After work night ride with Greg. Like a summer evening out there. Smell of smoke in the air most of the ride. Actually smelled like burning cigar stogie. Good seeing Hao and his buddies out there as well. Wahoo's for dinner after the ride. 
Ben Boronow11/06/16Solo ride before church. Saw another tarantula. 
GoneRiding11/03/16Good night ride after work with Troy. A couple of big groups out there as well. 
GoneRiding10/26/16Wednesday night ride with Troy - 3 tarantula sightings, 2 of which were very small and one small looking scorpion. 
MTB Fiend10/25/16Before I even got to SCR I realized there was not going to be a dash to Old Camp. No dashing anywhere. Just wasn't there today. Eh, I rolled along in bliss. Couple of riders way ahead, other than that had the place to myself. Nothing to complain about. Poor Luge, despite the best efforts of Kioti or? it already is adopting a center rut. I know Kioti is psyched up for trail work so I was surprised not to see him out there. All in all,although mildly lethargic, it was a... Great Ride! 
GoneRiding10/19/16Warm and very windy night ride with Troy. 
MTB Fiend10/18/16Simply too beautiful not to ride today. Went out for a shakedown cruise with a minor repair on the bike, and, of course, to take in the sunset. While messing with my minor repair, along comes Don Jackson. So we rode along together and enjoyed the scenery in the ever-changing light. Trail conditions were dust-free but not perfect until the bottom of the Luge. Was not surprised to see some nice trail work already completed on the Luge. Great twilight, Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/18/16Another pretty sweet ride, especially since I finally fixed an annoying bike issue, you know, with a 2 cent part. Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow10/15/16Solo Saturday afternoon ride. Nice out. Getting dark by the end. 
GoneRiding10/12/16First night ride with lights in a while. Nice and quiet out there. Rode with Troy. Still a couple of tarantulas out there. 
MTB Fiend09/23/16A simple little ride, really. Rolled up to Whiting at Concourse and was met by a Ranger who told me Whiting and O'Neill are closed due to Mountain Lion activity. That's crazy! but I can understand their err on an abundance of caution, er, paranoia. So it became a STT ride instead. Unfortunately, not enough time to do OC, so I just did the Luge. No ML, no tracks, no nothing! Just little ol' me. Hung out at the Flag and watched the shadows creep up over the Luge and then off I went. On my climb back up STR, that's where the Deer are hanging out. Saw a bunch. Great, but short, Ride! 
Ben Boronow09/04/16Sunday morning ride. Getting cooler. 
Ben Boronow08/28/16Solo Sunday AM ride. Saw a tarantula. 
randalnelson08/18/16Great night to hit up The Luge,took my nephew for his first time. He kept asking if we were done climbing,did great on the down. 
Ben Boronow08/14/16Sunday morning ride. Getting warm. Kind of slow. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/06/16Nice ride with my nephew, who I got into riding 5 years ago and who has, I am proud to say, surpassed what skill I ever had on a bike. He's become truly a great rider. Unfortunately, I'm out of shape and this loop took me almost 2 hours to complete. But, I made it up the Grade, little Mustard and all the climbs without stopping. And it felt better for the most part than last time I rode it a few weeks ago. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/17/16First time doing STT/Luge since March 2014...that is crazy, and a shame...can't get those 2+ years back. Felt pretty much like I thought I would, suffered on The Grade but made it up without stopping but couldn't muster little Mustard. Felt good going down the Luge but ran over a snake on the way down, just didn't see it till too late. Lost my rear brake 2/3 the way down, tried bleeding them myself once home but rusty at that too. 
Ben Boronow07/10/16Solo Sunday AM ride. Nice out. 
Ben Boronow06/27/16Solo Sunday AM ride 
Ben Boronow06/19/16Solo Sunday AM ride. Can't seem to upload anymore. Very frustrating. 
Ben Boronow05/22/16Solo Sunday AM ride. 
GoneRiding05/18/16No bike commute for me today but decided to ride after work. Been a while since I hit the Luge. Lots of bugs coming down Live Oak Rd. back to the car. Not sure if it is my laptop of Geo but my Garmin is no longer recognized and I am unable to upload rides from it. I have tried Firefox I.E. & Chrome. Topofusion is able to detect the rides though. 
cfeliciano04/11/16Attempted this ride on Friday morning with intentions of making it to Old Camp but......started out dry...light mist...then the waterworks hit...only made it about 2/3 of the way to the Luge before the trail became a sticky, slippery mud fest. Didn't want to press my luck going down Luge so I turned around and rode back down STT. Pavement back to Cooks Corner cleaned my tires but I ended up spending more time cleaning my bike at home than I did on the ride. 
MTB Fiend04/06/16Nice loop with Dave A. Started out a bit on the warm side despite the looming cloud cover. As we ascended it got windy and cool, almost downright cold at times. I had planned to go out to Old Camp but was not prepared for the cold windy temps so dropped on down the Luge with Dave. Had a couple uhoh moments when it felt like my left hand slipped off the bars. I gripped a bit tighter after that. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/06/16Wholly unsatisfied and disgusted with myself for being such a wimp in the cold I opted to do a second loop after Dave A left. This loop was even quieter than the first, and colder and windier, but I prevailed. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/02/16Total "chill" day, all day. Slept in, a rarity for me. Did a few chores, then started in on the bike love. Unfortunately, just could not fix the jacked up shifting on the White Jet - escalated to J. Worked on the Phantom Jet, trying to dial it in and work out one last noise in the drivetrain. Thought I found it when I replaced the rear derailleur pulleys, a noticeable improvement. Set out for Old Camp but it was apparent I did not get that last little annoying drivetrain noise. Thought of 3 more things to try and opted to cut the ride short and return home while still motivated to get that sucker. It's been awhile, so I took apart the cassette, cleaned it and lubed the Giant Cog. Took it out for a quick test drive on a real hill and "voila!" the Phantom is once again a silent machine! Yay! Got some big rides coming up. Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow03/20/16Solo Sunday afternoon ride. Nice out. 
MTB Fiend02/16/16Late start after a little bike love turned into a little more bike love. But the bike is all set for big adventure and as silent as can be. Sweet. Nary another soul out there as I dropped down the Luge with the whole place bathed in an ultra-bright orange sunshine! Freakin' fantastically fabulous forever! Not even the worlds evils can take away that. Great Ride! 
Damon M02/11/1623 to gate 
MTB Fiend02/10/16Late start. Super-solo, solemn sunset sojourn. Nary another soul out there, and it was freakin' orange gorgeous! Made it down the Luge without lights, then slapped on the flashers and slow-rolled it on home. Finished just at dark, perfecto! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/06/16A measly Luge ride? A million excuses! Wanna hear one? I can give it to you in a whine, want that too? Sigh... just did not have it today, despite the awesome So Cal weather. Hey! At least I got out there, right!? And yes, it was a Great Ride! 
Damon M02/04/1619 to gate 
MTB Fiend01/15/16Nice solo late afternoon ride. I had planned on going further but it kept getting colder so it was not hard to make the right turn down the Luge. Great Ride! 
Ben Boronow01/10/16Saturday AM ride with Lonnie, Steve, Todd, Shane, Ivan & Randy. Nice out. Not much mud. 
MTB Fiend01/08/16Magnifico! Trail is in great condition, no unavoidable sloppy mud, just nice damp soil. There is a little bit of damage in the form of a center rut developing on the Luge. Pretty sweet to be out on the bike and trails again, going a little stir-crazy over the past week. Pleased to be burning some calories rather than consuming them too. Disappointed there was not more surface water around, but that will come with more storms and less absorption. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/25/15Deep deep sigh... sliced the rear sidewall just as I was getting to the tight section on Goat Hill. Even with a boot and tube, it was a turn back moment, no Old Camp for me. Such a bummer too, crystal clear views and not another soul out there, my definition of the perfect Christmas Cathedral. But it's all good, I made it safely down the Luge and home. Great Ride! 
Congo Kid12/20/15Rode with Ralph F. today. Glad it worked out. Dressed warm but temps were fine. Hard and tacky trails with only a few puddles to dodge from last night's rain. Best downhill on the Luge ever as some folks have been doing trail work and the g-turns and berms are awesome. Been a few weeks off the bike so stopped once to get my heart rate down, but otherwise kept a moderate, nice pace so we could chat. 
GoneRiding12/15/15Hard to get motivated after work and going solo in the cold and dark. Once I started pedaling it was not as cold as I thought it would be. 7pm start and I did not see another person out there. Almost ran over a field mouse on the Luge. As usual, glad I got a ride in! 
GoneRiding12/04/15Night ride with Greg & Troy - They had already completed one loop. Quite a few other riders out there as well. Greg attempted to get down the Luge a little quicker by cutting a new line. Lucky for him he was caught up by some soft bushes. I helped him get his bike through the branches and back on the trail. Good times! Good seeing Charlie after the ride and at Wahoos for some dinner. 
Tick Magnet12/03/152nd Luge Loop tonight. Crashed pretty spectacularly on this one, managed to survive with a couple scratches. 
GoneRiding11/25/15Last nights ride with Troy. Fair amount of riders out there. Another nice evening out. 
GoneRiding11/18/15Solo night ride again. At least I saw some other riders out there tonight. Almost decided not to ride when I realized I didn't bring my pack. Biggest issue was trying to fit my phone in my pocket. Wasn't going to do a solo night ride without it. Luckily I was wearing my geoladders shirt that has a back zipper pocket. Started the garmin a little late. 2nd night in a row where I had riders go by in the opposite direction on STT. 
GoneRiding11/17/15Solo after work ride - a little bit of a late start. 4 riders passed me going in the other direction not too long after I hit the dirt. After that didn't see anyone. Parking lot was empty when I got back to my car. Rode the hard tail. Great on the climbs not so great on the Luge. New Lezyne tail light - nice and bright. 
GoneRiding11/13/15Night ride last night with Greg & Troy. A little chilly starting out at Cooks but not bad once we hit the gate. Some good gusts of wind on STT. Good seeing Charlie and Damon at Wahoo's after the ride. 
Damon M11/12/1518:56 to gate 
MTB Fiend11/11/15Late start meant this had to be a hot lap for real. I did all right, I think. I made it to the top of the last climb just in time to see the sun drop behind Catalina. (Right on cue, my Garmin switched to night mode. Cool). The race was on to get up over the hill and to the bottom of the Luge before needing my light. Made it with ease (50 min from Concourse). The faster pace made the Luge just a little smoother but raised the pucker factor when I almost ran in to the log at the creek crossing at the bottom. Popped on the flashers for the ride home and dropped on down Live Oak with a big ol' grin. Rolled in to the garage at dark, how perfect is that!? Great Ride! 
GoneRiding11/05/15Tuesday night ride w Troy - lots of lightning flashes out towards the coast,, 
GoneRiding11/05/15Troy and I on another nightime Luge Lap. Thursdays are getting busy just like Tuesdays out there. Saw 1 small tarantula. 
GoneRiding10/29/15Another night ride with Troy. Lots of people out there riding tonight. Unusual for a Thursday night. 
GoneRiding10/27/15Good night ride w Troy. Stayed out in front of the Hoppy Trails Crew. Saw a couple of tarantulas and a small field mouse. Also saw the Tuesday night roadies doing loops on Ridgeline and SCR. They are out there every Tuesday night. 
Ben Boronow10/24/15Solo Saturday AM ride. Been a while. Fun trail. 
GoneRiding10/22/15Good ride with Greg & Troy - started before it got dark. Saw a few other riders out there tonight. Nice to to do a ride with some good friends on my BD. Thanks for dinner Greg! 
GoneRiding10/20/15Solo night ride - got out there after everyone else and didn't see anyone. Good hanging out with Don and the rest of the Hoppy Trails crew back in the Cook's parking lot after the ride. 
MTB Fiend10/17/15Got out for an afternoon romp and a nod to the sunshine. Not another soul out there. Great Ride! 
GoneRiding10/15/15Solo ride tonight. A couple of cars parked at Cooks but I never saw any other riders out on the trail. Got started a little before sunset. Kept the lights off until 6:45. Did see 2 riders cross in front of me at Ridgeline and once I went around a bend in the road they were way out front. I thought that their bikes must be pedal assisted and then I see a post on FB just now that it was someone I know and sure enough on E bikes. Pretty happy about The METS win tonight! 
GoneRiding10/14/15Night ride w/ Greg. Very warm out. Someone knocked down some big branches at the bottom of the Luge just before you hit the pavement. Looked like it might have been some guy with a handlebar mustache :) 
GoneRiding10/06/15Headed out to Cook's solo tonight but knew I would see the Hoppy Trails crew. They took off before I was ready but figured I might catch up to them but that was before it turned into social hour in the parking lot. Had a couple of friends stop by as I was getting ready and they had just finished their ride. Then while heading up Santiago Canyon there was a woman driver who needed help with directions to Silverado Cyn. Rd. Never did see anyone else out there but it was nice having the trail all to myself. Saw 1 tarantula but that was on the road. Back on the FS bike with new drive train and no more rear brake rub.. 
MTB Fiend10/05/15El supremo fantastico! Epic dirt, not another soul. Thanks for twisting my arm, J! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/05/15As in so many things in life, if one is good, two must be better! And so it was that the 2nd loop was better. Got to the top of the Luge in sensational twilight. Dropped down Live Oak as the sun fell over the cliff that is the horizon. Pulled in to the garage just about at dark. Less than 15 min later, it started raining again. And I was not even going to ride today! Great Ride! 
mtnbikej10/05/15SS. Kinda had to make up for not riding yesterday. However with the major lack of motivation...I had to commit to a ride, or I would have stayed on the couch. Fortunately, Fiend bit and I was forced to ride. Looked like it was gonna rain right as we rolled away. It stayed away. A little bit of mud here and there, but otherwise it was good. I even packed my arm warmers for the 1st time since Feb. Good ride. 
mtnbikej10/05/15SS. Second loop. Got a few drops this time around. Got passed by 1 rider out there. Luge was in pretty good shape. Developed a very annoying creak on this loop. Saw a few deer along the way. Good timing. Felt way better than I thought my legs were gonna be. Good day on the bike. 
UphillRider6510/04/15Damp morning ride, no Bone Haulers showed but fun anyway. 
GoneRiding10/01/15Good night ride with Greg. Temps got warmer up on STT and cooled down again heading back to the cars. Only saw a few riders out there tonight. 
GoneRiding09/30/15After work ride with Greg. We met up with Don & the rest of the Hoppy Trails Crew and rode with them. Probably about 10 riders. Perfect temps for a night ride. Saw 2 tarantulas. Rode the hard tail and hit the Tap House after the ride for dinner. 
MTB Fiend09/28/15Killer night ride during the full eclipse. Sat at the top of the Luge to watch the eclipse regress. The whole area went from deep deep black to being lit like a stadium! Hoping I can come back and experience it again in 2033. Good times with Hot Amy and DZ. Great Ride! 
GoneRiding09/16/15Good solo ride - STT is in good shape, some muddy and soft spots but pretty much all avoidable. The Luge definitely showed signs of the recent rain. There is a runoff rut at the top and some signs of small rock slides all the way down. I would say that if you ride the Luge a lot you might notice a few changes in the way it rolls right now. 
DirtyD09/05/15Great ride with my buddy Adam. 
MTB Fiend07/03/15Bit too crowded out there today. Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul05/27/15Sunday's ride. 
bikesurfski05/26/15Yahoo--my fastest time ever down the Luge--and thanks to the Lugionaires who keep it Lugey. 
GoneRiding03/05/15Night ride with Greg. First time in a long time that I just wasn't feeling into the ride. Still glad that I was out riding though. 
Tick Magnet03/05/15Great ride with Tom tonight, a bit chilly in the parking lot. Good grub after. 
MTB Fiend03/03/15mtnbikej was suggesting Old Camp, but I convinced him the Luge would be warmer. That's important because my house is always cold this time of the year and I look forward to thawing out on my rides. It was nearly dry as a bone out there, maybe dry as a Turkey bone. I never looked but it felt like our first loop was a bit speedy. First loop, Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/03/152nd loop was a bit cooler as anticipated, downright cold at the top, at least for me. Pretty nice sunset but I wasn't really watching, we were engaged in some interesting conversation so most of the climb just kind of passed on by (a good thing). Finished the Luge without lights, but ran the flashers all the way home. Thanks J! Great Ride! 
mtnbikej03/03/15SS. Loop 1 Chased some guys up Modjeska Grade. Had a another rider tail us most of the way to the Luge. Felt much warmer out there than I expected. Also much dryer than anticipated. Only a couple of small puddles. Been several months since I had been up there. Luge is getting overgrown. Good loop with Fiend. 
mtnbikej03/03/15SS. Loop 2 Definitely more of a cruise this loop. Temps cooled down but was still very comfortable. Got done just at dark. Pretty uneventful this time around. Good day on the bike. 
Damon M02/27/1519:40 to gate 
GoneRiding02/27/15Met up with Fiend after he finished his Whiting Lap. Saw a few other riders early in the ride and that was it until we got back to the cars and saw a fairly large group getting ready. A few sprinkles as we approached the Flag. Luge is running fast and fun right now. Surprised to see closed trail signs on STT. I think they are just trying to be overly careful with some of the trail erosion. Good ride and nice sunset with the clouds. 
BigT02/22/15No rain this morning, so I went for it. Nice work has been done on the luge... love the triple jump on the bottom half. I appreciate someone's efforts to keep us safe around the washouts. 
MTB Fiend02/03/15Got some chores done AND got a ride in, now that ain't too bad! So much so, it's BAD! Splendid trail work on the lead in to the Luge - Thank you! Great Ride! 
Phishin Paul01/30/15Wednesday ride. 
ADanFool01/26/15Mach 4 C is awesome. PR down Luge, the bike makes it easy and smooth. 
Phishin Paul01/13/15Luge is a blast right now. Too bad so many people rode on STT while wet. Not the best trail to ride when wet and muddy people. 
MTB Fiend01/13/15Titilating Tuesday twilight trail trekking, that's trendy! Just the one loop due to the art of indecision. As it usually is, it was colder and windier here at the homestead, a lot nicer on the trail. Sunset was a bit disappointing, but when I got out to the Luge it was all lit up in a fabulous red! All the way down! Simply sensational! Great Ride! 
ThinkFast01/12/15After work spin. I thought STT would be better but it was slow going to avoid mud. Luge was excellent, no mud at all. 
ThinkFast01/08/15Something like this, because it was this. No sign of Tahoe Phil or Brain. 
MTB Fiend01/02/15Delightful twilight cruise in the cool air. Had the place to myself, except for about 15 hikers. Looked like a family reunion of sorts. Still plenty of snow all around and the trail is still plenty sloppy in areas too (bummer, getting tired of cleaning bikes). Anything facing North is still wet and sloppy, including the top of the Luge. But once you make that big sunny Left turn, the Luge is pure bliss from there out. Beautiful sunset Gold all the way down. Rode the RIP for a smooth ride. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/31/14Like a lot of other folks, I had to get out and experience the snowy conditions on STT/Luge. The winds blew here relentlessly last night and there was wind driven snow all around the house in the morning. Quite the spectacular sight to awake to the super low snow levels right outside the window. With binoculars, I saw 3 riders attempt STT like around 9am, they could not make it up FU hill and turned around. Probably several inches of snow at that time. I watched several other riders ascend throughout the day so I figured it was good conditions. When I got there, it was a total slopfest anywhere flat, and along the top 35% of the Luge. Still plenty of snow on the trail and all around. Caught the gorgeous twilight alpine snow glow to commemorate this auspicious occasion and day. Despite the slopfest mess, what a fantastic adventure to close out 2014! Again, right in my own backyard. Outstanding and sensational 2014 adventures, dreaming of more for 2015. Great Riding Everyone! 
MTB Fiend12/23/14Short sleeves and everything! Not really quite as warm as expected, kind of cool in the shade. LOL! What's to complain about? Insanely perfect So Cal weather. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/22/14Terrific twilight trail trek. And a Great Ride too! 
MTB Fiend12/22/14Still feeling loopy, so opted for a second loop. Got real dark, real quick. Super-solo, nary another soul out there. Gotta love the winters in So Cal! Great Ride! 
ThinkFast12/20/14Quick spin after work. Good to see Wayne out there. Stopped to help a rider fix his broken seatpost collar. Feels good to be getting on the bike again. 
ThinkFast12/19/14Quick after work loop. Wanted to test the foot. Luge is in the best shape I have ever seen it. 
MTB Fiend12/19/14Got out right on time today, sweet! Not another soul out there, sweet! Luge is in great shape, sweet! You get the idea. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/19/14With the on time start for the first loop, I was able to climb without lights even at a slow enough pace to enjoy the sunset. The sunset started out an incredible "gold-shine", but that did not last long and the whole thing kind of fizzled out. Too bad, I was perfectly positioned. Oh well. Perfectly timed the Luge with the last remnants of sunset and just ran the handlebar light for safety. Blazed the flashers all the way home and now, with beer in hand, I'm feeling quite content. Great Ride! 
la_purisima12/18/14The trail work on the Luge is awesome. 
GoneRiding12/18/14Night ride w/ Greg. A little more busy then usual on a Thursday night. Definitely some wet spots on STT but they are mostly all avoidable. Didn't have my brightest light so took it a little more easy on the Luge. The trail work by Jim J. & crew is much appreciated. 
mtnbikej12/17/14SS. Got out early with Fiend. Dark dark clouds above. Luckily we would not get rained on. The trail was wet most of the way up. Lots of puddles. Only one short section that had the slippery as snot mud. Pretty quiet out there. Ran across 1 other rider. Luge was actually in really nice shape. Been a long time since I had been out there. Felt pretty good. Good afternoon on the bike. 
mtnbikej12/17/14SS. 1 loop isn't enough. Felt the trail was in good enough condition to go again. This time it was dark, and again we had the place to ourselves. At least this time I kinda had an idea of where the muddy spots were. Still felt good. Temps cooled down, but really never felt cold. Another good ride on the bike. 
MTB Fiend12/17/14Woke up late last night to the sound of the rain, but it did not sound like hard rain. Kind of damp and the hills were engulfed in dark clouds most of the AM, but I knew the trails were still good. That is until 1pm, when a light rain blew through for about 30 min. Kind of messed me up, cuz' I knew the trail would be a bit slicker as a result. And it was, but only in a few spots. The Luge was dry and fun. Saw Old&InTheWay out there enjoying the crisp weather too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/17/14Double-Loopers! we were. With virtually no actual sunset due to the heavy black clouds all about, it got dark about 10 min early. That's the 10 min I like to rely on for climbing without lights. Oh well. Had a better grip on the slick spots this time around (;>). Kind of glad the climbing was over, it was getting cold. But on the other side and down the Luge it was not too bad. Live Oak, on the other hand, was downright cold. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/16/14Pretty stoked to get a ride in. Rode the RIP for a roaring good time. Trail was plenty dry for me but did not appear to be for the few riders who went through some time earlier. You could see someone had a slip and slide fest. Nice sunset, but I was in a bit of rush, not wanting to get caught out in any rain. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/15/14Cold all day at my home office, I hate that, makes me, lackadaisical. But I know the cure while riding - double socks. Yes, that's right - double socks. Post Toastie I was. Saw one rider in front, and one chasing me. No one caught no one. The Luge is in the best shape I have ever seen, and I've been riding it a very very long time. Thanks Kioti and crew. I think I might come back, real soon. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/15/14Round 2, the twilight ride. And this was one of the finest twilights in a lot of forevers. So good, I stopped a few times to really enjoy those moments of color. I had the great vantage point for it and the trail all too myself. After the grand finale, torched on the lights and dropped the Luge. Blazed the flashers down Live Oak, and all the way home in grand style, you know, with a big wide grin on my face. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/11/14Figured I'd get a quickie in before meeting up with J&S for our weekly BS ride. Pretty sweet late afternoon ride, felt pretty strong. A few cold wind gusts, but other than that - delightful. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/10/14Almost a carbon copy of yesterday double-looper. Except today the sand pebbles were bothersome on the Left side, not the Right side. It's the little things. Saw just 2 hikers on the trail, and that was at the gate. Gorgeous afternoon and a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/10/14Gorgeous afternoons generally turn to gorgeous evenings and this was no exception. Although the sunset was severely muted by the marine layer, there were some lingering pinks in the sky making for a nice hue on the trail. And then it was gone, and nighttime surrounds. Felt pretty darned good for both loops, almost like I'm getting stronger, and I noticed I have to cinch my pants a bit tighter. Now that is what I call a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/09/14Spectacular solo late afternoon ride. Lots of dirt therapy to work on and kind of feeling strong so I tried to lay down a speed lap. Really worked at putting the hurt on the climbs, and ended up shaving several minutes off my average time, but no PR. Maybe next time, which only comes around every once in awhile, because for the most part, I don't care about speed. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/09/14I loves me a twilight ride! After the first "speed" loop I was ready for a more "enjoy the ride" pace. And indeed I did, and indeed it was. Stopped a couple times to groove on the sunset, which was only so-so from my vantage point. Nonetheless it is always a good thing to stop and appreciate your surroundings, so I did! Thank to Kioti and Friends, the Luge is in really great shape, get out and enjoy it. And so I say... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/01/14Rode the RIP for a change, still a nice ride. Dirt is simply fantastic! Not a speck of mud (until you drop toward the Luge and a bit on the upper part of the Luge, all avoidable) and dust free. Surprised to see a very visible layer of smog stuck under all that cloud cover. Got a bit of late start and was racing daylight, actual sunset occurred just 30 seconds before I peaked the last climb. The race was on! The bottom of the Luge has been smoothed out completely. As smooth as my freshly shaved head. Awesome work, Thanks Kioti! Nearly dark, so I blazed the flashers down Live Oak and all the way home. Rolled in to the garage just after real dark. Smashing Great Ride! 
thatdave11/14/14Joe, Dave, and I. Day off work ride !! 
la_purisima11/05/14First night ride in a while. Conditions were perfect. Warm, full moon, lots of riders to chase down. The Cooks lot was packed. New Bontrager Ion 700 lights are awesome for $99 each, BTW. 
GoneRiding10/27/14Rare Monday night ride. Only one out there tonight and just enjoyed the ride. One field mouse who almost ran right under my wheel, a couple of tarantulas and saw some moto tracks on the Luge. 
GoneRiding10/23/14Got out of work late and knew right away that I didn't feel like going to Old Camp. Had another rider chase me up Modjeska Grade Rd. to the gate but never saw him again. Temps warmed up on STT and I pushed hard tonight. Saw a few tarantulas and one small field mouse. 
GoneRiding10/22/14Chased the Tuesday night Hoppy Trails group. Was thinking about riding out to Old Camp but cutting the ride short and just dropping down the Luge seemed like a better idea tonight. 
ZULU10/06/14Awesome night ride. Lots of big hairy spiders chasing the shadows. More than I ve ever seen. Perfect weather and no one else around. Started and ended from Cooks. 
DONALD JACKSON09/10/14Hoppy Trails crew. Good times, cooler weather was nice. But lights suck 
DONALD JACKSON09/03/14Hoppy Trails Tuesday 
DONALD JACKSON08/27/14Another Hoppy trails ride. Cool seeing Tom out there 
DONALD JACKSON08/20/14Hoppy Trails ride 
DONALD JACKSON08/13/14Joe, Grant Dave Chris Simon 
DONALD JACKSON08/06/14Hoppy 
MTB Fiend07/25/14Super-solo sunset singletrack sojourn. Was inspired to do Old Camp, but my legs were just not in to it (or Nugget) right from the start. I figured my body was just uptight and things would work out as I progressed. And indeed they did, but now my mind had decided perhaps Sushi and Beer were a better inspiration. Forced myself to climb Goat Hill past the Luge, but once at the top all was lost. A quick acknowledgement to the forever views and sensational cool breeze, and I turned around. waa waa waa... Great Ride! 
Damon M07/12/1417:25 to gate 52:00 to flag 
DONALD JACKSON07/02/14mach 29 ss, with Adam 
DONALD JACKSON06/25/14ss Dave and Joe. Hoppy trails 
UphillRider6506/24/14Late afternoon ride with Mike, his first time on the Luge. 
trekstorm06/16/14Haven't done this in quite some time due to the parking situation at Cooks. Found a place down the street. What was suppose to be a fun ride ended up being one I'd soon like to forget. Ended up taking over 2 hours. Uphills were good but the downhill especially near the flag has turned to be quite a rough ride. Ended up crashing twice down the Luge. What was one of my favorites has been down to might not do this any more. 
Damon M06/15/1418:30 to gate 
cdemeis06/12/14with Noah & Scott 
DONALD JACKSON06/11/14Hoppy trails , good times 
MTB Fiend06/08/14Sweetly superb solo Sunday sunset sojourn so satisfies! As I dropped down Live Oak, sun setting in my eyes, I sat up contentedly with the wind whipping my moustache. For the drama of the day was all behind me. Earlier I had attempted to fix my squeeling brake, when out popped the piston! Oops. It went back in fine and I sat around and brooded for hours, thinking I had ruined my front brake. Then MtnbikeJ provided hope and a plan! I tried adding more fluid and burping all the air out and lo and behold the brake came back to life! (I had not ruined the seal after all)! I even did an upside down for several minutes test. WooHoo! this calls for a celebratory test ride! And sure enough, not only did the brake work flawlessly, there was no squeeling! Sweetness on a stick! Great Ride, indeed! 
MTB Fiend05/30/14Super-solo golden twilight sunset ride. Not another soul out there. Late start due to errands. Caught a glimpse of a critter, right at the paved section at the end of the Luge. Pretty furry tail and low to the ground, guessing it must have been a Coyote, but a big one. Great tunes. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON05/28/14Hoppy Trails Tues crew 
devodoc05/26/14Wow, it's been a while since I've been out to the Luge - why? Just as much fun as I remembered. Got my visiting ex-riding bud out for his first time on the Luge in 4 years. Brought along a first time Luger too. No blood and all the rubber stayed on the trail. Great times. Trail is in great shape. 
Rumpled05/26/14Went to go for the new flag installation; but I guess we were early. One of my rare Luge runs in the daytime. Fairly warm and I was feeling it - slow climbing. Couldn't deal with the steps on the Luge and kept balking - out of practice. Crashed a couple of times, too. Still a fun day. 
DONALD JACKSON05/14/14Hoppy Trails 
MTB Fiend05/06/14Nice to get out and ride, even if it is a short one. Health issues are finally beginning to dissipate. Whew! Rode the RIP with all new pivot bearings, smooth as can be! Great Ride! 
GoneRiding05/05/14Nice late afternoon ride. The fading sunlight was producing all kinds of colors on the hillside. Cool temps and increasing clouds. Nice & quiet out there. 
cdemeis05/03/14with Noah 
DONALD JACKSON04/30/14warm dry wind Hoppy Trails Tuesday 
DONALD JACKSON04/23/14Hoppy Trails crew 
MTB Fiend04/18/14Sweet early evening solo ride. Total non-issue for the shoulder. Clouds are kind of a downer, looking forward to warm clear days again. Good flow on the Luge. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON04/09/14pivot mach 429 ss nice without lights 
DONALD JACKSON04/03/14Hoppy Trails ride Last ride for a long time on the old Klein. 
la_purisima04/02/14The entire loop was in great shape. Very few puddles. Felt good -- PR on the loop without any huge effort. 
tweasol03/30/142 flats, both wheels, both early. rode my rim out... was a crap wheel anyways! 
DONALD JACKSON03/27/14klein Good times as always 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/18/14Nice solo loop. STT seemed a little loose/squirrelly in spots. Luge was in great shape, thx for the work whoever did it. 
DONALD JACKSON03/12/14rigid klein is not any fun on the luge. Good size crew tonight. Don't know how everyone did not run over a rattler in the trail. 
MTB Fiend03/12/14Late start, simple ride, but a good time nonetheless. Rode the RIP for equal time for all bikes. Great Ride! 
thatdave03/08/14Kevin, Ed, Dave, Tom and I great day at the luge 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/05/14Man I'm out of shape, that hurt. I did catch myself doing The Grade in MCR but suffered in granny on Little Mustard and barely hung on. Felt like I was going to hurl here and there. Hotter than expected, but it was really beautiful out there. Dirt was perfect--go get some before the intense sun dries it all up completely (at least STT); already parts were dry. But all in all STT and Luge are perfect. Some added "features" at the top such as the cactus Trobe1 mentioned and a small washout near the gap up top, which somehow I managed to OTB on. I think I was too focused on trying to get a look of what was over the hump from the washout; the good news is that I got a great look at it, almost could taste it... No injuries but I think my entire 200 pounds compressed my fork; thought I heard a hiss, but the bike and I seemed fine luckily. Lots of fun down Luge. Fork actually felt better after the crash--it's been feeling a little harsh lately. Great Ride. 
DONALD JACKSON03/05/14small group tonight.Luge was in good shape, Some cactus up top 
randalnelson03/05/14Nice night for a ride 
GoneRiding03/04/14Stopped by RockNRoad before ride for a simple fix and we ended up fixing a lot more. Big thanks to Derek for all his help. Those guys always help me out of a jam. Got over to Cooks and saw Don & his group. I wasn't quite ready and told them not to wait. Caught up to them before dropping down to the Luge. Good times. STT & Luge are in great shape considering the recent storm. Looks like some cactus got washed onto the top portion of the Luge. 
MTB Fiend03/03/14Sensational super-solo singletrack sunset sojourn slightly slippery. Trail is in outstanding shape with only the one, usually wet sloppy mud puddle, which can be avoided. The top of the Luge right there at the flag suffered the most damage and there is a deep center rut that is a bit tough to navigate. Sensational twilight red colors as I dropped the Luge. Downright giddy as I dropped Live Oak under an atomic red sky. Truly, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/27/14What's this!? Sunshine and a beautiful afternoon! Yippeee! Going for a ride after all! Should be perfect too. Talked mtnbikeJ in to it. Like that took a lot of effort. Was going to take the RIP out for this romp, but just could not bear the thought of 3 dirty bikes at once. Quickly prepped the Jet after last nights stream crossings. Out on STT, conditions were incredibly dry, and it was indeed a beautiful late afternoon for a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/27/14Double-loopers! An occasional gust and steady breeze kept it a bit cooler, yet still quite pleasent. Sunset was a dud, but the clouds creeping around STT and environ provided plenty of entertainment. As we climbed in to the grey, we thought it might get wet, but we never really reached anything moist. 2nd drop down the Luge was a bit more flowy for me. The Jet is looking forward to a little rainy day bike love as the brakes squeeled all the way down, both loops. And, so it is that this is another, Great Ride! 
GoneRiding02/27/14Wasn't expecting to be able to ride today and had to stop by home to get my riding stuff before heading up to Cooks after work. Kept on watching the sky and looking out towards Saddleback this afternoon and decided to go for it. Not sure what is up with my garmin. Charged it overnight but it was dead again at the start of the ride. No critter sightings tonight and didn't see anyone in front of me. Just a few behind in the distance. Rode right into the cloud but as mentioned by previous posters, STT & Luge were dry. Short sleeve weather even at night. 
DONALD JACKSON02/26/14great ride, good times, 
GoneRiding02/24/14Nice mellow, solo ride tonight. Critter count - 1 small tarantula, 1 potato bug, 2 field mice and a few night hawks. Legs were burning a bit on the road but felt better once on the dirt. Got some new knog blinking lights for while on the road. Those things are bright and stand out. Critter pics here: http://imgur.com/a/J2gte 
randalnelson02/20/14Great Night for OC Bike Garage Ride,only Cory and I made it out tonight. 
DONALD JACKSON02/12/14Great night for a ride, 8 of us, good times at OG, Hoppy Trails 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/11/14Foggy/misty when I woke up this morning, but beautiful conditions at 9am when we started from Cooks. Great ride with my nephew and his brother in law. Got passed by one rider who probably went on to Old Camp as he asked where we were heading. Saw a few ladies at the flag then again at the bottom. One in our group got a pinch flat on the Luge. Luge seemed to be in great shape but STT had a little more character (ruts) than I remember, but it's been a while. Great ride to just cruise and take it easy and chit chat a bit. Great weather--shorts and short sleeves, not too hot. I need to ride more often. 
thatdave02/09/14With extra credit Dave, Ed, Jean & I 
thatdave02/09/14Just Dave, Ed, Jean & I 
GoneRiding02/06/14HT - Was lucky to be able to get out around 3:30. Drove through the canyon from Orange and there was a fair amount of rain. Sat in the Cooks parking lot and debated about riding. Lucked out and did not get any rain at all. Saw 2 other riders as well. Drizzled on the drive home. 
cecole101/30/14First solo run. Planned on beating 1:00:00, did it handily. Awesome temps and trail composition. 
GoneRiding01/30/14HT - Pretty quiet out there for a Thursday night ride. The fog started rolling in once on STT which made for a nice change of scenery. Wasn't really feeling it tonight and was glad that Travis wanted to just drop down the Luge instead of continuing out towards Old Camp. Still riding my friends hard tail and really missing the full suspension on the Luge. 
DONALD JACKSON01/16/14tues night, windy and warm 
DONALD JACKSON01/16/14Charlie and I. Lots of riders on a warm winter night 
UphillRider6501/15/14Morning ride with Larry before heading off to Morro Bay. 
GoneRiding01/15/14HT - Great night for a ride. Wind was howling at Cooks and for the beginning of STT but calmed down after that. Temps reminded me of a summer night. Greg & I took an extended break at the flag pole and just took in the views. The light from the full moon made the mountains and valleys look very cool. Rode with Geoff & Jeff for a little bit and hung out with Don and his crew afterwards at Oggies. Riding Matt's hard tail while I get the fork serviced on my bike. Thanks Matt! 
Phishin Paul01/15/14Good ride with Jeff. Lots of people out tonight. Winds were strong. 
GoneRiding01/09/14Good ride w/ Greg tonight. Definitely cooler tonight then Tuesday night. We were between some other riders the whole ride. Path ride was getting ready to start when we got back to the cars. There is a dead skunk on Santiago Canyon Rd. not to far past Cooks. Luckily it didn't smell - yet! 
Tick Magnet01/09/14Fun ride with Tom tonight. 
DONALD JACKSON01/08/14solo ride Tom Troy Greg were out ahead of me. 
slopush01/08/14Mellow night ride with William, Jason, Ted and..??? Shoot, I can't remember his name! Getting old I guess. Not too old for a night ride so that's the main thing! 
bikesurfski01/01/14The Luge! Fast and furious (but). Nothing better than a brand new bike, perfect afternoon conditions and the fast and swoopy Luge--right? Descending down the rocky drop to the flag, I was going so fast I must have gotten a pinch flat and came to a grinding halt. Somehow, my Presta valve adapter was nowhere to be found, so I had no way to either pump or CO2 :( Dark set in, I started walking and no one came to either run me over or provide a pump. But, I'm sure I walked faster with the new bike back to Cooks than with my old bike. Argh. Will keep a double supply of adapters for the future, change out the standard Bontrager tires for my Nevegals, and settle in for new personal records. 
Damon M12/28/1319.40 to gate 
ZULU12/24/13Great night ride, good temps and the trail was perfect. Easy pace and good friends. 
DONALD JACKSON12/23/13Sunday afternoon, Kevin's first time on this route, found a geocache killing some time waiting for Kevin. Also 2nd ride on my mach 429. 
DONALD JACKSON12/18/13What a beautiful night, group of 8 or more 
bikesurfski12/15/13Got slapped in the face by a bush at the bottom of the luge, saw a tree trunk had pushed it into the trail, put a smaller branch to keep the bush out of the way, when three bikers bombed through. Didn't take long for success :) 
bikesurfski12/14/13Last Sunday ride 
Keith B12/12/13Quick after work spin with Andy and Ryan. Bike needs some TLC for sure. 
randalnelson12/11/13Nice night , cool and clear 
mtnbikej12/10/13SS. Loop 1. Purposely left the lights in the car, so I had to knock this out quickly to beat the darkness. So went out for my hot lap. Felt pretty good most of the time. Temps were not as cold as I was expecting. Chasing Fiend up F'U Hill, the only thing in my head was the theme for Jaws...whatever makes you pedal faster. Had to get back and get ready for the dark loop with my wife. Had the Luge dialed in. Really good ride. 
mtnbikej12/10/13SS. Loops 2...forgot to start the Garmin until we were 5 mins up the road. Let my wife set the pace. Nice cruising pace. Again the temps were much warmer than expected. As great as I felt on Loop 1 going down the Luge....this loop I was all over the place...had me a rodeo bull a couple of times. Didn't need to put the windbreaker on for the Live Oak descent. Good ride. 
DONALD JACKSON12/04/13Dave Chris Cameron Abraham. Misty Night 
GoneRiding12/04/13Cooks parking lot was busy tonight. Seemed like a Tuesday night out there. Fairly large group of riders took off a little before us. Definitely the coldest night ride of the season so far. Not as bad as others described on Harding and Blackstar but on the downhill pavement back to the cars you could really feel the coldness. Thought I would be doing this solo but got a call from Troy late in the day. I was trying out a new camera that I bought. I like the features it has for night pictures. Those most of been Keith's lights we saw up on Harding while we were climbing STT. 
MTB Fiend12/03/13Hemmed and hawed for too long. I just was not in the mood for a night ride down the Luge, so I opted to not do Whiting and just do STT/Luge. Rode the RIP to give it some equal time and for that smooth ride on the descent. Surprised to see other riders out there, clearly others had the same idea. Finished up just in time and ran the flashers down Live Oak and the cruise back home. Pulled in to the garage at real darkness, Perfecto! Grrreat Ride! 
mtnbikej12/03/13SS. Needed to get out. Tired of being sick. Knew that the nights would only get colder this week. So we rushed out and like the wife said..."quick and dirty". Temps weren't too bad on the way up, until you got into the exposed areas where the breeze was blowing....kinda chilly. Climbed into the clouds and misted on. Only saw a few other riders out. Took it easy on the Luge. Glad I was able to get out. Legs felt good....the rest of me, eh?!? Good ride though. 
Chuckwalla12/01/13Fun solo ride. 
bendres71111/28/13My first ride of the Luge. I never put my feet down to the dirt, no rest stops, even at the pipe, but I am exhausted afterwards. How in the world is someone doing this ride in 45 minutes? Can't wait to get some night lights and ride after work. 
GoneRiding11/25/13Good solo ride - pretty quiet out there on a Monday night. Saw 2 riders pretty far behind me just before I got to the last climb on STT and one rider getting ready in the parking lot as I finished. I thought the Luge was in pretty good shape and had fun blasting down with the lights on. 
big_guy11/24/13Cook's parking lot was closed today. Parked near Mojeska grade. Beautiful day to ride 
RollnStone11/22/13A few sprinkles and gusty winds at times. The trail is in good shape. A moto left his tracks in the mud including the Luge. Anymore rain and it will be too soft to ride. 
DONALD JACKSON11/20/13Alonso, Dave was chasing us 
Rumpled11/15/13Left about an hour early for the RnR Full Moon Ride. Started from Cook's since we didn't want to do the long road stretch as well. So, we didn't really do that ride as well. I think this was my first MTB ride since Over the Hump. Might be the first time I've cleaned Puke Hill at night. STT seemed to be swept clean of dirt and stones and down to bare rock. I haven't seen it like that before. Struggled on the Luge - balked at a couple of drops; out of practice. Nice warm evening - they're not night riding in short sleeves in Buffalo this time of year! 
blipstream11/11/13Morning ride with Ben... Bit chilly to start but warmed up nicely 
Ben Boronow11/11/13Monday AM ride with Ron. Did a little backtracking and rode the first extra credit single track on the left a little before the bar across the trail. Got passed by Ryan near the top of the steep climb. It was good to see him, again. 
DONALD JACKSON11/06/13Beautiful night, 9 
MTB Fiend11/06/13Sigh... another shorty ride, but damned glad to get it in. Another nice twilight but I was 10 min late and had to use my light on the Luge. Grrreat Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/05/13Making the best of time available, got this ride in just before dark, despite the later than intended start. Would have liked to have done more, felt strong tonight. Grrreat Ride! 
GoneRiding11/05/13The parking lot at Cooks was packed. A lot of the riders must have headed up to OC because most of the same cars were still there when we got back and we only saw 4 other riders that we passed on STT. Some good gusts of wind and the temps weren't bad at all. Didn't need the jacket I had in my back pack. Good ride with Troy and it felt like we had a pretty good pace going the whole time. Saw one small snake after hitting the dirt on STT. 
Ben Boronow11/03/13Sunday AM solo ride before church. Not many people out. Saw 1 other rider and 2 hunters. GPS battery was dead again. I was able to record the start and stop so at least I got my time. 
randalnelson10/30/13Wednesday Night ride with OC Bike Garage, Cory, Cameron, Chris and Chris. I Started early and waited at gate for a while, Chris got a pinch flat on way down the Luge. Beautiful clear night. 
MTB Fiend10/29/13Long or short, just a joy to get out. So, today I made best use of the time available and experienced a sensational twilight ride, right down to the last remnants of the day. Grrreat Ride! 
blipstream10/28/13Damp / Cool ride with Ben 
Ben Boronow10/28/13Monday AM ride before work with Ron. Drizzled a little on Santiago Canyon Rd, but was fine on Santiago Truck Trail. No mud. Fun ride. Did some backtracking and rode one of the single tracks off to the left that parallels STT. 
cecole110/24/13Cleaned the Luge section with no problems, gaining real confidence on this trail. Stopped to talk to some deer hunters halfway through. 
cecole110/24/13Hit my nuts coming down the Luge, forgot to lower the saddle! 
DONALD JACKSON10/23/13Another beautiful So Cal night ride. 6 of us 
Buffalo10/21/13Only a few cars at Cooks. Had it to myself. Beautiful, clear night. 
thatdave10/20/13Just Kevin Ed & I ... Beautiful day !! 
DONALD JACKSON10/16/13Big group, Diego,Jacks ride joined us. Tom joined us for some refreshments in the lot. OG's after 
randalnelson10/16/13Ride with OC BIKE GARAGE Nice night, lots of people out on the trail. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch10/12/13Nice cruise. Made it up the grade in middle chainring surprisingly as I'm fat and haven't been riding enough; I guess towing my daughter in the trailer has given me a little extra strength. Luge seemed worse, not better, than last time despite the recent rain. Huge group got to the flag just after us but opted to back up STT rather than drop Luge. Great weather, a little cold at the start but perfect at the top of the grade and after. Nice ride. Lots of time on my hands, going to start hitting it hard I think on Monday and whip myself back into shape. 
DONALD JACKSON10/02/13Dave Chris Adam Don Constatine great ride, 
MTB Fiend10/01/13Just a simple ride today. Surprisingly good pace right from the start. Usually takes me a bit to get in to the swing of things. Hung out for a solo Brew and Views while watching the sun set from above the Luge. Then, a vigorous descent on the RIP. Awesome! Now, a couple beers and a burger later, I, like many of you, sit and hammer on refresh. Good luck to those who want it! Grrreat Ride! 
Keith B10/01/13Afternoon spin with AB. Saw Geoff out there riding his cracked Ibis carbon. Jeremy appeared from nowhere on the luge. Not many weeks of post work riding left without lights. 
UphillRider6509/29/13Bone Hauler ride, and beat the heat. 
BigT09/29/13Maybe the cooler temps can be blamed for my better time. 
MTB Fiend09/26/13Rode the RIP - equal time for all bikes. Got it in quick, before the crowds. Short ride, yes, but no less a Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON09/25/13Beautiful night for a ride. I prefer day light, 
Dmac09/25/13Cold and ugly at the flag 
BigT09/24/13Ugh... I cramped... it was hot. For Pete's sake, I CRAMPED! On the Luge... Really? I'm sooooo out of shape. Love the new "not so smooth" choppy and more technical downhill at the end :) Keeps you awake. 
DONALD JACKSON09/18/13Charlie Adam and Abraham. Good times at OG after 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/07/13First night ride in a long time. 80 degrees out there tonight. Felt pretty good, but took it easy. Nice mellow pace, easy gear, stopped to take in the views. Wasn't a super clear night, but it was nice. Didn't have a nice cool breeze until the last climb. A few tarantulas but otherwise had the place to ourselves. My knee doesn't hurt when I ride but hurts walking, moving around and my shoulder and some cuts / trail rash are sore from my unplanned dismount this morning. Been a while since I've done 2 rides in one day. Luckily my riding partner tonight was off his prime form so I kept up well. I was falling asleep on the couch at 7pm, at Cooks at 8 and on the bike at 8:15. Fun ride. 
MTB Fiend08/22/13Oh my! Yeah, that kind of hurt. Feeling wanky and wonky right from the start. I mean, I did alright, but suffered a bit more than usual. Began to wonder if I should even be out there, of course, by the time I finished I was feeling much more better! Just kept on sucking down the water. Glad I wisely chose to keep it short at one loop. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON08/19/13Sunday around 11 am 
Keith B08/15/13After work spin with Andy. Haven't been down the luge in a few weeks and wow was it different, lots more rocks and craters. Pretty toasty out there. 
tweasol08/13/13After staying off the bike due to thumb injury finally was able to get out. No thumb pain! Swapped to flat pedals, this is going to take some getting used to! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/10/13Felt better than expected. Still not 100% and getting fat from lack of riding. Rear hub started failing up to Flag... The Path fixed it on the way home while I waited for $10! Love them. 
Dmac08/03/13lap 2 
DONALD JACKSON07/17/13Alonso, Adam, Chris Dave George Abraham, Don 2 started late on his SS 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/14/13Haven't ridden this since April. Great condition, no sand. Felt like I flew down some sections. Strava sucks now that some jerk(s) flagged a bunch of segments. I know that's not what riding is about, etc. But I used to enjoy that site. 
DONALD JACKSON07/10/13Adam, Ryan, Alonzo, Tanner,George Great ride, Mtbfiend stopped by for a cold one after his ride 
blipstream07/08/13Solo ride on the 4th 
DONALD JACKSON06/28/13Cooks was cooking, Adam and I after work 
OutSpokeNGrasshopper06/17/13Great to be back on the bike with a night ride. 
MoJo06/15/13Great Bday ride with good friends. "Recovered" at Cook's with some adult beverages :) 
MTB Fiend06/14/13Had to test out the newly rebuilt shock - worked great! Smooth. Not another soul out there. Quickie, but still a Great Ride! 
TBlazen05/30/13Memorial day ride to honor our fallen hero's..... Rode with Gene and many others. Thanks Gene for presiding over the flag ceremony! 
genusmtbkr505/28/13Joined STR Memorial Day Flag Ceremony. Great turnout in honor of all who lost their lives while serving our country. 
abeck05/22/13Just the Hans tonight with the rest of the crew at OTH. Got into a fight with the ground on luge. Fall down go boom. RIP helmet. 
DONALD JACKSON05/15/13Big Crew Tues ride. Enjoying the warm weather 
MTB Fiend05/13/13Waited for the last hour of the day and headed out. Aaahhh.. that peaceful easy feeling. Breezes were cool enough and my pace was sheer bliss. Thought about not even riding at all but went anyway. Those make for the best rides and this was no exception. Enjoyed some Brews and Views at the flag. Ended right at sunset. Great Ride!! 
JCampbell05/13/13Slow quickie! 
MTB Fiend05/10/13Aaahhhh... basking in the warm sunshine, finally. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON05/08/13Adam, Tony, KJ, Simon, Cedar, Abraham, Chris, Alonso, + Don2 running late, Dave met us in the lot, JD was out riding, OG was great 
MTB Fiend05/07/13Simply perfect conditions! Planned to do a double-looper but got about a 10min too late a start. VeloTraveler predicted it, and she was right, I flew up the hills! Without 50lbs of BoB rolling along behind me, even my heavy RIP felt ultra-light! Hung out at the flag and chatted with Keith and Ryan. Great Ride! 
Keith B05/07/13Quick spin after work. Trail had some muddy patches after this morning's heavy rain. Stopped to chat to Jeremy at the flag before getting my luge on. Felt all discombobulated at the top but got back into the groove further down. 
MTB Fiend05/03/13Super solo sunset sojourn, satisfies senses. eh... not my best effort. The ride was much more better today, nary another soul out there, brief Brews and Views, and finished just before dark. Big ride with BoB this weekend. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/02/13Only a handful of riders, but way too crowded for my taste. Thought I had left late enough. Live and learn. 
ThinkFast04/30/13Quick loop after dentist appointment. Solo 
MTB Fiend04/29/13Had to go, I just installed a new front tire on the RIP!. Still it was a late start, slow-roller recovery pace, and I had it all to myself! Just enough time for a Brews and Views quickie. Rolled in to the driveway just before dark. Great tunes! Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON04/24/13Armando, Adam, Jason, Chris, Simon, Dave, Ben , Don later, Scott/Cindy joined us at O G 
ThinkFast04/23/13Solo. Peaceful ride with perfect weather. That is until I hit the pavement on Live Oak. Had some bonehead in a car decide to pass the full size truck in front of him and almost hit me head on while I was coming down. Luckily I was hugging the edge of the road and was far enough to the right that I didn't become a hood ornament. Missed me by 2-3 feet. If I would have been in the center of the lane I would have been done. No way that bonehead saw me coming down. 
Red Ryder04/18/13Lunch Luge loop with Mark. Fun ride 'till my chain broke. At least it broke at the bottom of the Luge. I just jogged out and rolled back to the truck. 
DONALD JACKSON04/17/13solo ride around 5, 38/19 is to difficult for me. 
DONALD JACKSON04/17/13Armando on the CX , Adam, Dave Simon Chris, Luge is sort of lush 
STEVO CARRILLO04/17/13Solo late afternoon ride.. Headed out here early from work dropping off the Rwanda tees for next weeks event. Was the only truck in the lot at cooks when I left, when I finished wasn't a space to be had..Lol. Only saw one other rider on the paved step hill section before the dirt. Perfect temps but had a big head wind on the road. Didn't do so bad time wise considering I've only had a handful of days this year to ride. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch04/15/13Foggy morning ride. We thought about doing Old Camp but got to the Flag and decided to be lazy. Been a while since I had done the Luge. Cooks was taped off for some event even though we arrived at 630am and there were no cars or bikes parked there when we finished our ride. Parked at the base of Modjeska Grade Road. Thought it would hurt, but I actually made it up in middle comfortably and kind of pushed for a PR up it, but I must have started slower than I thought as it wound up being average. Dropped the bike off for service as my fork has been feeling crummy lately. Thinking of buying a Fox 34 140. 
spicolli197604/12/13Great Path night ride!!! 
MTB Fiend04/12/13The RIP rides again! Bought a used shock to keep my ride ridin' while the original shock is back at Fox. Rode a bit stiffer, nice on the climbs not quite as plush on the descent. A little tuning ought to fix that. Not another soul out there. Hung out at the flag for a good ol fashioned brews and views. Great Ride! 
ThinkFast04/11/13Solo ride after dentist appointment. 1 hiker, lots of wabbits and lizards. Beside that, I had the place all to myself. 
DONALD JACKSON04/10/13Adam, Chris Simon KJ Armando Calvin and Dave Grant and Don chasing perfect 
spicolli197604/07/13Great Thursday night Path ride. Looking forward to making this a regular ride. 
MTB Fiend04/05/13Missed 2 days due to the creeping crud! sigh.. that's 3 weeks in a row! Feeling much better now though and felt great out on the trail - downright joyous! Late start meant no "Big Ride" tonight, but its probably for the best. Finished at that magical twilight time. Surprised to see 2 other riders out there. Prepping now to support my buddy, DIRTULS out there at the big event. My training? Frothy brew and pizza! Now, how's that for a Great Ride!? 
tweasol04/03/13Lots of activity on Live Oak Cyn Road due to the incident with the teenagers 
Rumpled03/27/13Early evening ride on the luge. Just warm enough at the beginning and then just cool enought as we hit pavement at the beginning of darkness. Been forever since I've done the luge, just haven't made it out here with all the CC training. First time on a full suspension as well here. Overall, my best effort on this route. Cleaned Puke Hill easier (=less hard) than I ever have. Balked on a couple of drops on the Luge, lack of riding on it. Cleaned the two little climbs at the end as well. There are continuing parking problems at Cook's. Apparently they are taking photos of rider's cars as they are out riding to somehow check who comes in to be a customer. 
singlespeedrider03/22/13Nice night out there and the luge is fast and in great shape. 
DONALD JACKSON03/20/13Cara and Adam, where is everyone? Beautiful eve ride, Met up with Bobby and some other regs at the flag. OG after 
DONALD JACKSON03/13/13Bike Co ride 
Sicky T03/11/13Saturdays ride 
MTB Fiend03/10/13DST and all, and this is all I could pull out today? A short late afternoon ride. Ugh... smile, not really a bad day, per se. I did get some killer deals on expensive lightweight sh$t at REI used gear sale today. Thought about a second loop but hunger got the best of me and I made that left. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON03/06/13Misty and damp dirt. Big group tonight, great ride and the tacos were the best ever at OG Rode the vintage bike again. 
Keith B03/06/13Good paced ride with Andy. It was pretty cold with the wind blowing and the damp air. Plenty of folk heading up to Old Camp. Saw David out there who was headed up to OC for his 2nd time tonight. 
ZULU03/04/13Nice night ride, perfect temps. Only saw one other rider. Had a flat at the start but Stans sealed it only had to add air once. Good ride and great trail conditions. 
tweasol03/01/13Chase the rabbit! 
DONALD JACKSON02/27/13vintage Klein, painful decent, A good size BikeCo ride, saw lots of friends out riding last night. OG took good care of us with beer and tacos. 
MTB Fiend02/26/13Sweet crimson sunset slow-roller (again). So glad I did not attempt the "big ride" and opted for a late afternoon Luge cruise. I had no power, and I am pretty sure my tires were 5 lbs low (yeah, that's it). All good though, I had plenty of time to slow-roll it and simply enjoy the outdoors. Except the outdoors got real cold, real fast. Stopped to chat with D Jackson. Great ride! 
jbh6502/26/13the post pops are always the best with E especially on this route. first time down the luge on the ht and it was different for sure. got to the flagpole in a solid time but i felt like i rode with training wheels on the way down. good time though with E as usual. 
grimix02/24/13when in rome. 
DONALD JACKSON02/21/13Adam with Chris chasing us, Mikes Wed crew was out really nice shape, 37 in the lot after the ride 
MTB Fiend02/21/13Quick late afternoon ride. Too bad I could not get an earlier start, pretty nice day out. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej02/20/13SS. Lap 1. Solo ride. Pretty chilly at Cook's, but nice once up past the stables. Trail was pretty much dry. A couple of wet spots, but not really even any mud/puddles. Luge was nice and tacky. Saw a few hikers and 1 other rider. Good to be out in the daylight. Good ride. 
mtnbikej02/20/13SS. Lap 2. Nice mellow lap with Fiend. Only saw 2 other riders out. Breeze picked up a bit but wasn't bad. Amazing how some of the trail dried out between the 2 loops. Legs felt pretty good and enjoyed the velcro that was laid down on the Luge. Glad I am not out there after the sun goes down.....might be pretty damn cold out there. Good ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend02/20/13Simple and relaxing ride with mtnbikeJ. Thought it was going to be much colder than it was. Not bad considering I never really expected to get to ride today at all. Never been there, and I am sure Alaska is an incredible place and all, but for me - they can keep their cold air up there. Bring back the warmth! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/19/13hehe - Double-looper! Sounds so.. Hooked up with the group ride. This time it was cold for real and it got a little misty/foggy/cloudy near the top. Very few other riders out tonight. Good chow and good brews at Cooks afterwards. Warm and cozy. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/19/13Loop 1. Some of us had to work today. Corporate America does not think much of Washington and Lincoln. Started out from Cooks all bundled up from the cold. Got caught by mtbfan right from the start as she was near completing her big ride. Nice to chat a bit. By the time we parted ways at Modjeska Grade I was peeling layers. Nice peaceful ride, and I had plenty of time to enjoy it. Great Ride! 
TBlazen02/19/13good night ride with the B&G group...started to get a bit misty with some chill in the air; Saw some deer in the night 
DONALD JACKSON02/18/13Friday night. Didn't see anyone 
bikesurfski02/16/13Forgot to post this last Sunday--no rain predicted, apparently while climbing up to the Luge, it rained and left a slippery downhill, but "traction is highly over-rated," said a skilled rider once. By the way, that means something (like slower is better). 
MTB Fiend02/14/13Which way to go? Hang low out of the wind in Whiting? or trek on out to the Luge for solitude, sunset and views, and wind. Well, the wind was not so bad but the sunset was pretty good. (Views were muted). Climbed "the Goat" for a litte personal extra credit. The RIP found the flow for the descent and it was all good. Later light is good too, but it did get cold real quick. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON02/13/13Tony, Ab, Adam, Chris, Dave, Charlie, Don, Good times 
ThinkFast02/12/13Good ride with Tom and Jay. They had a good pace tonight, I was slow. Good to see Don before and after the ride. 
jbh6502/12/13a short but solid ride with tom and troy tonight. lots of insults but lots of laughs as well. good food/pops and conversation with tom at rudy's post ride 
GoneRiding02/12/13Good ride w Jay & Troy. Jay was pushing the pace a bit tonight but I was feeling pretty good to stay close behind. Donny J. was out there before we started and was still waiting for his group by the time we got back. Good seeing you Don. Taco Tuesday & brews back at Rudy's with Jay after the ride. Waitress told us that Rudy's is moving it's location down by Home Depot off of Bake Pkwy in a few months. 
DONALD JACKSON02/10/13Sat @ 4. it was perfect 
halfasst02/08/13Cold, wet and foggy up on STT, the Luge dirt was in great shape and actually warmer once we got there. Fun night ride. 
mtnbikej02/07/13SS. Quiet...foggy...misty...cold...warm. Had a little bit of it all. Saw no one else on the trail....not that we could anyway due to the fog and mist. Rode into it just after the top of the Grade. Were in it til about 2/3's down Luge. Trail was still dry, but would get moist. Just cruised with the wife. Was expecting colder temps, but surprisingly it was pretty nice. Even dropping down Live Oak wasn't the blast of arctic air it usually is. Good ride. 
MTB Fiend02/07/13Late enough start that I gave it second-thought. Glad I went though, really kind of surreal in the fog and clouds. Actually a bit wet on the "other side" as I dropped toward the Luge. Scurried on down just before needing lights. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/07/13Stopped in at the Cooks parking lot and before I knew it! - I became a, a... double-looper! Even while standing in heavy mist I was somehow convinced to go for another loop. Never mind that I was actually prepared for that. Weather made for some entertainment as the fog reflected our lights and dampened the trail. Came across a guy and his buddy who was lucky to be uninjured after launching from the most unfriendly trail section before Luge. I mean really lucky, like "buy a lottery ticket lucky". Now on the wet side of the ride, clouds and fog were making for semi-wet conditions until we were 1/4 of the way down the Luge, then it was perfectly nice again. No worries about unfriendly critters as Dave's brakes squeeled the whole way down. Thanks for the brews afterward, Keith. Great Ride! 
abeck02/06/13Lots of fog from the top down, handlebar light a must, relatively slow ride down the luge. Still plenty of grins. 
MTB Fiend02/05/13Solo, quiet, peaceful, foggy, not as cold as expected. Hung out at the flag a bit and took in the total silence while watching the clouds and fog swirl around. Pretty good flow on the Luge. Great Ride! 
Keith B01/31/13My first ride since the flu. Legs felt great but I was sweating like a demon and I'm not sure my balance was all that good either. Luge was in nice shape after the rain. 
DIRTULS01/30/13Tuesday afternoon ride: Second ride of the day. The climb up was great, not so great on the downhill. The small amount of mud spooked me. 
ThinkFast01/30/13Solo. Pushed myself a little harder than normal. 
abeck01/29/13Luge is drying out nicely; no other riders seen on the loop; first ride with new Gravity Carbon bars, nice so far. 
MTB Fiend01/29/13A very pleasent late afternoon ride with DIRTULS, at least when I could catch her. She was off right from the start and crushed the climbs. Way to go! Great ride! 
Ladera Mike01/29/13Fun solo night ride. Couldn't believe how many people were out there tonight. STT is a little tacky still and the Luge has a couple sneaky muddy ruts. Another day or two and she'll be in very nice shape. 
MTB Fiend01/28/13There are rides, and then there are better rides. What makes one ride better than another? Whatever you want. Today, it was all about the sensational trail conditions (all slop is avoidable, and no slop on the Luge), and the sunset. Got out a little bit earlier than usual to ensure I was in the right place at the right time. Rode the 1x9 just in case. We had quite the hour long storm cell about 1am, then it cleared within minutes. I could see the snow reflecting in the moonlight. Turns out he trail is in fine condition. So to burn a few minutes and calories I climbed Goat Hill and waited for it. It was a 5 WooHooHooHoo! descent down the Luge under bright fiery red skies (I'm in blue again, a most willing participant). Downright inspiring! So much so I got a little too happy and damn near rolled into the crevice jump at the top. The H/T was fine on the Luge, besides with this insane aura around me I was sure to be safe. Great ride made Greater! 
mtbfan01/24/13Nice night ride and the temps were just amazing. Never needed more than a Jersey. New light is working great, and at times I even forgot I was riding at night. Tons of riders coming up FU hill, and it was fun watching the lights getting closer. Had a JJ sighting at the bottom of the Luge. 
mtnbikej01/22/13SS. Not the ride I intended for tonight. Car trouble just before the ride meant I was an hour behind my normal time. Solo ride, so I decided to bust out a fast lap and see how quick I could do it. Pleasantly surprised by the time at the end. Not sure where I could drop a couple of more minutes. Was pretty chilly at the car and on the way up the canyon. By the time I reached the grade, it was really nice out. Great ride tonight after all was said and done. 
DONALD JACKSON01/18/13Solo. beautiful night, lots of friends out on the trail last night. 
MTB Fiend01/17/13Errands, ugh.. Just enough time to get an early loop in, but no time for dilly-dally (whatever that means). Pulled it all together and enjoyed a solo sunset sojourn spectacularly! Not another soul. Wicked winds whipped wildly. Popped on the lights at the top and dropped on down. A little tough getting the flow, just not that used to Luge night rides anymore. Perfect timing. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/17/13Double-loopin' it. Got back in time to assemble with the group with a bit of time to spare. Nice to see Don J out there. Lucky guy, wish I could sport long-hair; any hair. Really nice temps out tonight. Good thing too, I was dragging the rear along this loop, but not by much. Nice to see Suz crushing the hills again. A good ride, indeed. Nah!! It was a Great Ride! 
mtnbikej01/17/13SS. Was promised summer time temps...wasn't exactly that, but much warmer than it has been. Wind seemed to pick up pretty good at times. We were in a nice window where we had the trail to ourselves. Fun ride with the guys....and my wife. Suz was pushing the pace...but it was all good. Good ride for sure. 
DONALD JACKSON01/16/1310 of us last night. 37 degrees, Nice temp for the beer. 
Phishin Paul01/16/13Last night. Planned on going to OC but got spooked solo night riding and turned around after the first big climb past the cave. Spiddey senses were tingling. 
tweasol01/10/13Cold & windy - Luge nice & tacky 
DONALD JACKSON01/09/13Curt Mike Kevin Adam Chris,,,Dave was playing catch up and Simon and Don were ahead of us. Og after was perfect. Jay and Eric rode B* and were at Og also. 
abeck01/09/13Tuesday night crew w Kurt 
Keith B01/08/13After work spin with Andy & Ryan. Temps weren't too bad once we got on the dirt. This was my 1st ride with my NiteRider 650 helmet light. I found it over powered my bar light and thus lost all the contours and contrast of the terrain. Might need to make some adjustments.....or buy a new bar light! 
abeck01/07/13Don S, Kurt and his buddy John. On my Nomad with new clutch derailler. 
MTB Fiend01/07/13Sweet solo scarlet sunset sojourn so satisfies! Such perfect timing! Awash in the twilight transition almost from start to finish. Very little wind, so much so I forgot it was a windy day. But plenty of color to enjoy. I was a very appreciative participant as I dropped down Live Oak. Sat up and put out the knee and elbow brakes to prolong the descent and bask in the majestic pastel blues, oranges and pinks. Gotta love that RIP! Such a Great Ride! 
abeck01/04/13Solo night ride on Nomad 
tweasol01/03/13Not sure what the deal is with parking at Cook's, so we parked near concourse park off Ridgeline. Other than that small complication, great ride with an old friend! Awesome weather too. 
MTB Fiend01/03/13Quick pace right out the gate, but J finally settled in to a more reasonable pace. Whew! Windy at times, and temps started dropping fast. Finished just at sunset. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/03/13Feeling loopy! Loop #2. Cold at Cooks, but finally warmed up half way up Modjeska Grade. Stopped at the summit above FU Hill to take in the gorgeous strip of scarlet sunset. Aahhh... the remnants of the day. Relaxed, it was a casual pace from then on out. Hung out at the flag and watched several riders descend. Finally, our turn. I'm just not used to night riding I guess. Could not get any flow on the Luge and on some turns my light was too bright and washed out the contrasts. But you know, I ain't complaining - spoke to a co-worker in Michigan today, he said it was a whopping 20 degrees where he is at. I told him I was going to do a night ride and he fell out of his chair! Double-loopers rule! Great Ride! 
GoneRiding01/03/13Good ride w Troy. Cool starting out but as usual it was fine once we started climbing. Nice views tonight and STT & Luge are in good shape. Good seeing Jeremy and Jason out there. 
mtnbikej01/03/13SS. Loop #1.....Guess I was setting a quick pace...my bad, just like to get the pavement outta the way. Was nice to get out in the sunlight....didn't have to put the arm warmers on...woohoo!!!! Felt hungry the whole time. Luge felt like I was on auto-pilot.....was good. Good ride. 
mtnbikej01/03/13SS. Loop #2...Pace was way more casual. Lots more stopping and hanging out. Grade sucks 2nd time around....but FU Hill wasn't so bad. Had to don the arm warmers for this loop. As great as i felt on the Luge on loop #1.....this one was a little rough. Lots of riders out. Toes were cold by the time we got back to Cook's. Is it springtime yet...I am tired of the cold. Good ride as usual. 
ThinkFast01/03/13Good times with Tom. Beautiful night to be out on STT. Great view of San Clemente Island and Catalina Island. Tom had a mechanical. 
DONALD JACKSON01/02/13Adam and I on an afternoon ride, Thanks for all the work being done on the trail 
MTB Fiend01/02/13Laying low leisurely Luge loop. Wild and windy. Kept it all casual like and cruised along with the tunes, singing out loud. Hung out more than once to take in the setting sun, then the race was on to make it home before dark. Went and picked up my birthday present to me - a new to me, B.O.B trailer! An impulse buy to be sure, but somehow I am picturing myself cruising in to the sunset - cooler and tent in tow. Thanks for all your hard work on the trail Kioti. Great Ride! 
proraptor01/01/13Nice chill ride with tim, delicious bourbon at the top 
abeck01/01/13First ride of 2013 with Don, luge was perfect condition after the recent rain and trailwork. 
Royster7101/01/13Mellow ride with Mojo there was a deathstar sighting! Thanks for all the work Jim.. Ran into him there. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/27/12It's beginning to feel a lot like winter... 37 degrees just before dawn this morning. As expected, the only mud was at Cooks. STT was Primo; Luge, as usual, was even better. Someone (Kioti?) dug a drainage runoff for the pond that was right before "Little Mustard a/k/a Puke or FU Hill"--brilliant! Worked like a charm, not a puddle anywhere near that spot. Not many puddles on STT and what were there were avoidable and a fingertip deep. No mud at the top of Luge. I've never seen Cooks so crowded that early on a weekday, probably because all the parks were still closed. Took it a little easy today both up and down but feeling much better after battling a head cold and sore back before Christmas. I'm coming out of that and hopefully will get at least one more big ride in before 2013. 
MoJo12/27/12Trail is in great shape! Best thing about this weather is being able to climb out of bed whenever you want. We finally made it to the trailhead @ 11:30. Total de-tox ride!! 
TBlazen12/27/12well, blew my back brake pads completely off the Yeti and tried to go down the Luge with only the front on a razor rotor.....ummm, learned a lesson today. Don't go down the Luge with no back brake! 
mtbfan12/20/12Nice morning solo ride, but the trail had a lot more muddy sections than the last time. For the most part, STT was getting pretty dry, though. The Luge was wetter, too and the rut in the center goes for a long way......I will wait another day the next time, but I had the day off. 
ThinkFast12/20/12Fun loop with Tom. Dirt is excellent. Beautiful post sunset view of Catalina Island from the flag. 
GoneRiding12/20/12Good quick ride w Troy - Didn't get as cold as we thought it might. Views were good, trail conditions great and a nice red sunset as well. 
MTB Fiend12/19/12Primo! conditions. Outstanding sunset. 1x9 bike ran ultra-smooth - Thanks Tim! as always. Nary a speck of mud out there! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/19/12We was double-loopers, we was! Me and mtnbikeJ. Outstanding conditions simply cannot be wasted. The red ribbon of sunset lingered forever, always something to appreciate. A little tougher this second time around, but the temps were not as miserable as anticipated. Constantly reminded I was riding a HT and not the usual squishy RIP. Constantly reminded. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej12/19/12Knew it was supposed to be cold tonight...so got out early....and it was still cool...not quite cold, but chilly. Felt pretty good. Expected to see way more mud...but it was dry pretty much everywhere. Several sections of the Luge have a nice rut down the middle. Was nice to get a day lap in. 
mtnbikej12/19/12Second lap....seemed warmer this time around. Felt even better than on the first lap. Conditions were the same as the 1st lap...but this time I knew where they were. Lots of cars parked when I got there for the first loop.....lots more when we returned from the second loop. Both were good rides. 
Keith B12/19/12Solo ride. Damn it was cold for the 1st 20mins and last 5mins. Saw Rob out there but other than that all was silent. Luge was in good shape but I wasn't feeling like blazing it. 
mtbfan12/16/12Started later, thinking the sun might come out. Riders came back, and their bikes looked ok, so off we went, despite the drizzle that started right when we took off. It got worse and more steady on STT, and the trail was getting really slippery. Normally, I wouldn't ride when it is wet like this, but we had no idea when we set out that it would get this way. Thought about turning around, but the thought of descending the slippery trail did not sound too good, so we went own the Luge. The Luge was actually pretty dry, considered how STT was and much better for descending. Still took it easy. Fun ride regardless. 
xcShane12/15/12Test rode a 429er. Pretty cool! 
Phishin Paul12/15/12Started around 415 tonight. Trail was great but some should have waited a little longer to let dry out based on tracks. Kioti was working on water run offs on STT. Thanks again for all the work. 
DONALD JACKSON12/12/12Adam Chris Dave Simon Don Mike Tanner Tony, Cool eve ride 
la_purisima12/11/12Started at 6 pm last night and didn't see one other person on the trail. Peaceful out there. Perfect conditions, especially on the upper part of the Luge, which is tacky and smooth. I worked hard on the climb and slow rolled the descent. I got a new helmet light (Lumina 650) and it works great. Light weight, no cords and it stays put. Highly recommended. Also recommended is the new Palomino ale at Cooks. Mmm. 
mtbfan12/11/12Nice evening with red skyline.....beautiful night ride. The Luge is in great shape. Take out Wahoos tonight to stay in and watch a movie. My new light is awesome. Luge was like riding it in the daytime. 
MTB Fiend12/10/12Sweet simple solo twilight ride, my favorite time of the day. Got all caught up in the orange hue, pretty cool. Great Ride! 
OTB_again12/06/12Very nice night; took a few xtra minutes at the flag to enjoy the evening. Always nice to see Donny J back at the cars and catch up a bit. 
DONALD JACKSON12/06/12solo ride on the way home, Eric was just finishing his ride. A great ride 
DONALD JACKSON12/05/12A big group tonight, Dirts soft, beers cold and tacos are always good at OG's Good to see Tom, Troy, Greg, Ben with Sculpin in hand 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/04/12I was dying to get back on the dirt and the parks are all closed. I figured STT/Luge would be good and I was mostly right--nearly ideal conditions mostly, but there were more puddles than I expected. The only real mud was at Cook's and the pavement at the top of the climbs after the Luge. The Luge itself was not muddy, which I figured--seems to drain pretty well. I think I would've gotten a PR going down but was having a little too much fun at the start and went too high on one of the turns towards the beginning and had to put a foot down and stop--almost OTB'd. Missed my PR by 15 seconds or so even though I wasn't really pushing it--just let if flow, at least after I almost ate it... STT will probably be ideal tomorrow--after the puddles dry up a bit. Must've been 30 of them, most of them not very deep. 
Phishin Paul12/04/12Luge is awesome right now. Kioti out working again tonight. Thank you sir! 
MTB Fiend12/04/12Sweet solo sunset ride. Real nice. Peaceful. Trail conditions were superb, except for a few mud puddles that were avoidable. Almost made it without lights, but opted on caution instead. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/04/122nd loop with friends. Quite the beautiful night out, temps were sensational for a Dec night. Lots of opportunity to gaze upon the lights and reflections below on this loop. Go with the flow and find something to entertain the senses, that's what I always say. (No, I don't). Really enjoyed the night sounds and views. Pace was fine by me! Great Ride! 
mtnbikej12/04/12Was nice to get out tonight....been fighting a cold, so wasn't sure how I would feel. Very casual pace allowed me to keep the HR down, so I felt great. Trail was in much better shape than I thought it would be. Was much warmer than anticipated as well. Good ride nonetheless. 
MTB Fiend11/29/12WooHooHooHoo! A ride not to be missed! Late afternoon ride, conditions were awesome! But the fog was the real highlight of this ride. Dense and dark, then all of a sudden - Pop! - I was above it all looking down upon a sea of fog. Exactly at sunset. So cool! Wanted to get down the Luge before dark, so I scooted along but was slowed way down because my glasses were all fogged up. Had to peer over the frames. Turned the light on for the last 100 yd descent before blacktop. The blacktop at the end was the sloppiest mud I encountered, but when I got home the bike was muddy enough to need a hose down. I love these adventurous rides, you never know what you're going to get. Truly, a Great Ride! 
RaulC11/28/12awesome trail conditions - very tacky on the luge descent. Good company with Ben, Steve & William 
MTB Fiend11/27/12Short slow-roller, just out enjoying the twilight. Very relaxing. Did much better on the Luge with the minimal natural light left. Natural beats synthetic any day. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON11/21/1220 plus riders tonight, Good times at Oggi's /Russ took good care of us. 
MTB Fiend11/16/12Another sensational super-solo twilight excursion. What an awesome time of the day, and time of the year, my favorite. Superb way to start off a huge week of riding adventure. Great Ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch11/15/12It's been a while since I've done STT/Luge. It was a great morning. Cold at the start right before sunrise but started shedding layers at the base of Modjeska Grade. Only saw two other riders, both of them women riding alone, one of them passed me on Little Mustard and went on to Old Camp. The descent to the Flag was fun--starting to feel more confident on the descents again. And the descent down Luge seemed to be my fastest in a long time. I felt good--like I was actively involved in the descent, not just a fat guy holding onto the handlebars for dear life. In the immortal words of the great poet MTB Fiend, Great Ride! 
vt1ryan11/14/12Night Spin 
DONALD JACKSON11/14/12after work quick loop, all extra credits fossil hill is in good shape 
MTB Fiend11/13/12WooHooHooHoo! Without question, one of the best descents ever on the Luge! All set to go to OC, but found myself smack dab in the midst of that amazing sunset twilight transition just as I got to the flag. The Luge was lit up in a blaze of orange, red, pink and I was dressed in blue! I'm going streakin! Made the right turn and treated myself to a sensational kodachrome Luge descent. Proud as a peacock! I go waaaayyyy back on the Luge, even have a photograph of an old sunset taken from the Luge. You know, long before the digital days. Strange how so much has changed, but then again... so little. In case you had your doubts, it was a ...Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/13/12Double-looper here! Met up with the 2 Daves, et al. for a second loop. Was not prepared for the swifter pace but felt plenty strong. Sure am enjoying this great So Cal Winter weather, certainly while it lasts. Gorgeous out there tonight. Nice to see other familiar faces in the parking lot. Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON11/13/12Simon Chris Bobby Tony Adam Mike KJ bike co crew 
MTB Fiend11/12/12Slightly late start, but I have this ride timed down to the minute. I gave it the effort when needed and cruised and enjoyed the ride when appropriate. Rode the RIP in the spirit of its namesake. Popped out at Live Oak as darkness encroached. Great Ride! 
UphillRider6511/11/12Fun morning ride with the Bone Haulers, quite cool at start 38F; broken ribs really bite, had to crawl down the luge. 
MTB Fiend11/08/12Woohoohoohoo! Sqeeked this one by "just in time". Beat the light, beat the rain - kind of. Love riding as the clouds swirl around me. Had the place all to myself. Very serene and surreal. Got to Live Oak just at dark, and as I dropped down the road here comes the heavy drizzle. Not quite wet on the road ride home - bike stayed dry! Yep! A Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON11/07/12Another beautiful night ride, about a dozen or more 
vt1ryan11/07/12night spin. Alot of night riders out tonight. Its getting colder out at night now. 
mtnbikej11/06/123 days in and I am already sick of it getting dark so early. Got out a little early....only 1 other car at Cook's when we left.....lot was packed when we returned. For once I felt great going up the grade....seemed like it was easy to turn the pedals over tonight. Just cruised the rest of the ride. Can't believe how terrible the Luge is.....really got me thinking about doing STT as an out and back. Temps were nice.....warm/cold/warm/cold. Even saw 3 deer on Santiago Canyon. Good ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend11/05/12Super solo sunset sojourn, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes spectacular, so sensational!. (10, S's are so easy). Caught the red sunset all throughout the climb. Sunset lit up Catalina like a super-volcano! Fall is a wonderful time of the year in So Cal. Awesome. Peaceful. Sigh... Doh! I still had 1 more switchback to complete. The race was on to beat the waning light to the bottom of the Luge and I did just that. Sparked up the taillight and the flasher headlight as I reached Live Oak. Dead City at Cooks - thought about a beer and a burger, but only for a moment. Succumbed to the onslaught of early darkness as I crawled home. You know? It was a... Great Ride! 
RollnStone11/04/12Early morning ride. Cold at the start but could feel the heat starting before we even got to Modjeska Grade Rd.. 
singlespeedrider11/02/12Luge took me down and beat up my shoulder pretty good. Good ride up to that point. 
DONALD JACKSON10/31/12Another great ride. Saw lots of friends out riding in the moon light. Oggies was a good time 
vt1ryan10/30/12Nice evening ride with some friends. Saw Donald Jackson with the other group. Alot of night riders out tonight 
Damon M10/27/1219:00 to gate 52:00 to luge 
Shigalert10/27/12Good ride with Ron, Jeff, Dave and Marcus. Made it round with only two brief stops and for the first time, no walking. Unfortunately I didn't put the bike back in the rack in the garage properly. It fell over and Mrs S ran over it with her car. Luckily only a busted seat (i think) 
One Flew OTB10/26/12Night ride with Bobby. Started up to old camp, but he went down on a rocky section just past the flag and hurt his ankle. Limped down the Luge and headed home. 
DONALD JACKSON10/24/12Paul Simon Dave Chris Tony Abraham Adam Linda. Patrick Jason Don was running late, Bike Co crew and Beers and gears were all out for a great ride. O Gs after and Russ took good care of us. 
mtbfan10/23/12Parked at the grade since I thought Cooks parking was off limits, but when we came down the Luge, the Cooks parking lot was packed. Must be just off limits on weekends? Great ride. Light is not working, otherwise, we might have gone up further. What is a good handlebar light these days anyways? Good food at Wahoos, and nice hanging out with Ryan and Keith for a bit. 
Keith B10/23/121st chilly ride of Fall. Jeff pushed me to the point where I could feel my back hurting - which I put down to the bars now being too low. We waited around for Ian but eventually decided he had gone down the Luge and not gone to Old Camp. Wahoo's beckoned. 
MTB Fiend10/22/12Me and Pumpkin Head. Hung and watched the sunset from the bottom of the Luge. The sun fell right in to the gap at the top of Live Oak, but when I got there it was already gone. Trail was in excellent shape, don't even have to wipe down the bike. Great ride! 
Ladera Mike10/21/12Nice solo afternoon ride. Not many people in the lot until I got back. Chatted with a hunter up at the flag. Trails are pretty nice right now. 
RollnStone10/20/12Early morning ride with a light mist. Slightly tacky on he Luge, but it needs more rain. 
MTB Fiend10/19/12A simple little sound-filled solo sunset sojourn. 1 other rider, who blew past me on the last switchback climb. But it was all good as I was just out for a lesuirely cruise. Marine layer rolled in and temps were cool, but the clouds remained at bay. Very peaceful, really. First time I have seen the "customer only" signs at Cooks parking. So? What do now? (Hint!: go buy a beer)! (I can envision a mass towing one of these busy nights. No, not really). Great ride! 
la_purisima10/17/12Fun loop yesterday. Felt great on the climbs. Lots of riders out enjoying a nice warm evening. Got passed by a guy on the Luge who was flying on a hardtail. 
DONALD JACKSON10/16/12Simon Adam Armando and dave started late. Ogies was good as usual 
tweasol10/14/12Short ride to calibrate my fitness- Results not good :P 
SAmtn10/12/12Great shape after rain 
DONALD JACKSON10/11/121st loop with Armando. 
DONALD JACKSON10/11/12Simon, Dave, Paul, Adam, Chris, Don and Tony were running latee Saw a Red Tail Hawk get hit by a car! on Santiago C road, aftert about 1 minute it flew away, Hard to believe it was alive never mind fly 
MTB Fiend10/11/12Rushed out shortly after work thinking I was out to beat the rain. Instead, a casual, beautiful, critter-ful ride. Stopped and chatted with a hiker who was marveling over a single Deer when the entire family of 5 Deer popped out, including a forkie. Nice. Weather held nicely, awesome mix of clouds and sun, surely a day not to be missed. The trail was bone dry. Great ride! 
Keith B10/11/12Charles and I rode with Ian, Rob and Geoff. Managed to dodge the rain. The trail was perfect for the most part but the mid and bottom parts of the luge were slightly slidy where all the surface dust had turned into some kind of slimey clay top coat. Looks like there is a sign in the Luge car park saying cyclists cars will be towed if they park there. 
MTB Fiend10/11/12Me, the double-looper. Taunted Mother-Nature and set out under much darker skies for loop #2. Kept climbing in to darker and darker skies while watching at least half a dozen cloudburste spread across Saddleback Valley and the LA basin. An awesome sight, especially the really, really dark one somewhere near Torrance (I think). The rain over El Toro seemed to never move, but the rain that approached from above is what got me. I thought I was home free as I summited the last climb, but it was wetter and muddier than I thought on the back side and the Luge. Near the top I was sliding a bit, strange sensation. By the bottom it was all dry again, well almost. Tch, Tch, the damage was done and I actually had to hose the bike down once I got home. On the ride home I was treated to an atomic orange sunset while riding in light rain. Awesome! I loved it! Great adventure! Great ride! 
singlespeedrider10/11/12Almost passed on tonight and glad I didnt, great conditions out there. 
RollnStone10/08/12Early Sunday morning ride with Jeff. 
tweasol10/05/12Saw some kids my age without helmets...tisk tisk 
la_purisima10/02/12First Luge loop in a while. Enjoyed it. The downhill is pretty dusty and choppy. Could use some rain to smooth things out. 
RollnStone09/30/12Ride with Jeff. He crashed on the Luge. 
RollnStone09/30/12Sunrise ride with Jeff. Going to be a hot one. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/29/12I don't remember ever feeling that strong on a bike before. Thought we were going to Old Camp so I held back a bit and yet still was surprised to be within 2-4 seconds of my PR's on the Modjeska Grade and FU hill climbs. My riding buddies felt like dropping down the Luge and it was better that I cut it short today to get home so we descended Luge. Lots of riders out today. Going to be hot, but was nice at 7. Think I had too much air in my tires and maybe fork as descending felt harsh today. Great ride, I hope this strength holds up a bit longer, it's making things fun and interesting. 
DirtyD09/29/12Great ride after my SECOND knee surgery:( Slow time, but happy to be back on the mountain! 
DONALD JACKSON09/27/12Adam, Armando, Bobby, Dave ,Simon, Tony, Abraham, Don, 
RollnStone09/22/12Early morning ride with Jeff. 
Damon M09/20/1218:50 to gate 51:00 to flag 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/19/12Good ride. Playing around with higher gearing again to see what it's like on this loop. I've done it in mcr before, but not 32x21--tough but doable up Modjeska Grade, I did shift down here and there to recover until "little mustard / fu / puke hill" then tried 32x21 on that hill. Made it most of the way but popped it down to small ring towards the end--didn't want to push it too much too soon. I think I could do it with a little more work, especially if I lose a little more weight. Not sure of the science behind singlespeed vs riding a geared bike / higher cadence but I'm having fun, getting stronger, gaining perspective / learning. Going down Luge on a hardtail for the first time was a learning experience as well--as well as a full body workout, more than normal. 
DONALD JACKSON09/12/12Adam Chris Dave Simon Don Paul Bobby Humid for sure. Ran out of daylight so the decent was pretty slow going 
BigT09/09/12I can't believe I ever did this in 53 minutes... Hot this morning. 
MoJo09/09/12Rough night=late start=too hot to go to Old Camp! Oh well, that just means we get to pick up where we left off last night....and start an hour earlier! 
RollnStone09/09/12Early morning ride. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/07/12Haven't had good legs yesterday and today. New front tire felt great--Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35, but I can't believe bike tires are so expensive. But it felt much better than the Spec Purgatory. Think I need to reduce the air pressure in my front tire and my fork has been having some issues since just before I changed the tire. But definitely felt good on the descents. Just no legs today--even on the descents, my legs felt really tired & drained. Nice to get out there and get a ride in before work though. 
MTB Fiend09/04/12Errands always equate to a late start, shorter ride - bummer. I knew I had about an hour to make this ride with no lights and I pushed the pace to ensure it. Of course, I finished well under an hour, leaving plenty of time to hang out at the bottom of the Luge, suck my beer down and contemplate the colorful sunset. Slow-roll back to the homestead. Great ride! 
RollnStone09/03/12Ride w/Jeff again. Early morning start so it was cool. 
BigT09/03/12Ugh... mountain biking sucks. I need to do less fishing... maybe then my times would be better. I'm just gonna sell the bike. 
RollnStone09/01/12Ride w/Jeff. 
vt1ryan08/28/12Nice and toastiee tonight. There was no cool air tonight at all...... 
halfasst08/26/12Nice morning for a ride. Cool breezes on STT. 
BigT08/26/12OMG... That was embarrassing... Got halfway up and caught up with another rider so I thought I was doing pretty good, but he had a bent wheel and was missing a pedal, so my ego went to shit again. I have some work to do. Boy is the Luge an entirely different downhill ride now! Love all the new technical spots. Gotta pay attention all over again! 
RollnStone08/25/12Casual ride with Jeff. His first time on STT - Luge. No crashes so all was good. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/25/12Weird ride. Made it up the grade and 'little mustard' well but then, I'm embarassed to say, lost my rear brake pads on the descent to the Flag...didn't bend the pin so they would stay (Shimano XT's). Climbed back up and found them, surprisingly, but not the pin. Descended to the Flag with only my front brake, which wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Swapped the pin/pads to my rear brake for The Luge and made it down safely but I wonder if I would've been better off with Front brakes rather than rear going down Luge as I didn't feel as good with just rear as I did with just front--surprisingly. Felt good on the climbs and descents otherwise. 
vt1ryan08/23/12warm and humid tonight. Made it quick 
Keith B08/21/12Bit cooler tonight. The whole trail seems really torn up. Blasting down the luge I was laughing at how beat it seemed. The rain can't come soon enough. Ryan got a tack in his tyre towards the end. 
vt1ryan08/20/12felt the weather starting to cool down a little bit tonight. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/17/12Easy cruise, just spun easy. Hot out. Got passed by a really fast rider on a realy nice bike on the climb out of The Luge and he was a really nice guy. Holy chunky monkey, Batman! Luge is in bad shape. 
MTB Fiend08/14/12Another gorgeous super-solo ride - Thanks to OTH! Relaxing, recovery pace. Brews and Views and watched the shadows creep up the canyon walls. Good descent on the RIP, the climb? - not feeling it today. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend08/08/12A simple solo cruise, with an enjoyable Brews and Views break at the flag. Rode the RIP, each ride I am amazed at how well it climbs but just can't get it out of my head that it's my heaviest bike. Turn it down the Luge and she's a beauty! Actually needed my taillight for the ride home tonight. Love this weather! Great ride! 
MoJo08/06/12Had the place all to myself 
Lonnie08/05/12Great ride with the Bone Haulers. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/01/12Took it easy today up the grade, and easy pace the rest of the way but managed to keep it in middle. My riding partner saw two deer in the middle of the Luge but they ran up the hill and I never saw them. Pretty hot out there even at 6am. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/21/12Beat the crowd starting at 6am, full lot when we got back. Set a PR on Modjeska Grade, feeling good on the climbs still. Great ride. Broke a spoke at the bottom of The Luge. 
DONALD JACKSON07/18/12Tuesday crew, close to 20 riders tonight. Oggies took care after the ride. 
TrailDuster07/18/12Great Luge ride today! Just a small warning, i found a small dead fawn torn to shreds at the bottom of the luge. Kinda creepy with all the mtn lion talk lately! 
MTB Fiend07/17/12It's all I had time for, but well worth it. Not at all like yesterday, well except for the solitude, great weather and killer tunes - those were all as good as yesterday. No, today it was the engine that was failing. To add insult I dumped the new bike on the Luge. Same old story, front wheel washout. At least I was able to get a foot down and run it out over the bars. I guess even a big ol', wide knobby front tire cannot roll through the baby heads because I was staring at them. Stare at it and you will hit it, and I did. Ugh. Nothing hurt but pride, I shall ride again! Really quite beautiful out there today. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend07/16/12Recipe for ? - take "1 solo guy in a rush", add some "feeling really strong", add "more great weather", and blend it all together with "lots of great tunes". Then add a sprinkling of "new bike with more travel" and a dash of "let's see what this bike can really do" for extra flavor. Is that a recipe for ? disaster? injury? or a Great Ride!? For me it could have been all 3, but luckily the bike really can make a difference so it was just.. "a Great Ride"! 
Buffalo07/14/12Lizards, lizards, snake, lizards. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/14/12First time in a while I've tried to do STT in my MCR. Didn't set any speed records but felt pretty good and managed ok. Was hoping for better conditions on Luge from the rain but it must not have rained enough. I haven't seen Luge that bad in a while. Some interesting new ruts here and there on Luge, coming down from the Flag and the last little climb out. Started about 7am and it was HOT at the top of the grade onward and felt refreshing dropping back into the cloud cover coming down live oak. 
javarocker07/14/12Nice ride with Chris. Lots of riders. 
DONALD JACKSON07/11/12Rode the Compulsion for the first time, Quite a bit different then a hard tail SS. A good size group tonight, Good time at Oggie after. 
la_purisima07/09/12Lap two from yesterday. Slooow pace. 
la_purisima07/08/12Lap one. Hammer down the whole way. I think I lost 5 pounds in sweat on this lap. Hot out there. 
DONALD JACKSON07/04/12Elisio joined me and Don was running late, MTBFiend was at the flag and rolled down with us Oggies after 
tweasol07/04/12Same route, different day...happy 4th 
tweasol07/03/12Half day at work ,was nice out today. 
javarocker07/01/12Rode with Marco. The luge was fun. 
backsidemike06/29/124 guys passed me in first 2 miles. Crazy road climb to start. After that nice fire road/single track. Great views. Luge was gnarly downhill 
Lobotomized Sasquatch06/24/12Nice leisurely cruise. Warm out already at 7am. 
TBlazen06/23/12rode with Randy before John's ride... 
DONALD JACKSON06/18/12Sat afternoon on my way home from V Drive at Irvine Lake 
slopush06/18/12Father's Day morning ride w/ my Brother-In-Law. It sure got warm early. Saw three snakes, one mamma deer and her fawn. Pretty cute. 
cdemeis06/16/12Forgot to start GPS. Morning ride with Will and Austin. 
Ladera Mike06/16/12Evening ride after having to work today. Perfect temps and beautiful alpenglow on the mountains. Got distracted descending the Luge and ended up kissing the hillside pretty hard. First crash I've had in a while, luckily into some soft stuff. No injuries other than some scrapes, a sore wrist and my pride. Finished the rest of the track no problem. Got lucky there. 
PaulV06/15/12borrowed brent's niner for this one, it moves out! nice cool weather. 
ThinkFast06/14/12Nice ride with Tom. Good to see Keith, Sarah, and their crew out there tonight as well. I tore the side wall in my 2 week old rear tire coming down the Luge. Great weather for a ride. 
GoneRiding06/14/12Nice mellow pace tonight w Troy. Good seeing Keith & Sarah out there. Nice evening for a ride. Saw some trail runners out there as well. 
vt1ryan06/14/12Not much in the tank tonight. Made it a quick spin 
MTB Fiend06/12/12Late start due to errands. Real quick solo-istic loop, quite the blast, per se. Practicing that SS stuff, a bit concerned about the steeps but I forced myself to climb what I could and really shaved the time off. Knew it would not be too crowded out tonight (Thanks OTH!!) and was not disappointed. Super-solo all the way until the flag. Yes, it was, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/06/12Superb super-solo sunset sojourn soothes soul. Thought I had the place to myself until I came upon 3 equestrians (I had already noticed their "evidence"). Hung out at the flag and contemplated the day - as in "brews and views". Had great flow on the Luge, felt good. Could have been the great tunes too. Great ride! 
Lonnie06/02/12Solo ride early. Perfect conditions. 
vt1ryan05/31/12Nice big dinner after the ride at Cooks for 4 bucks. All you can eat. Worth every little bit 
Jaxx29er05/31/12My goal was to make it to Old Camp today, but ended up just doing the Luge again. I tried riding without my clip-ins and felt really comfortable and strong on the descents. I lost power on the climbs though. Couldn't even make it up the first hump of Modjeska. 
Jaxx29er05/30/12I finally got to ride the infamous Luge! I took it slow since it was my first time out there, but I understand why it's so popular. It is one of the most rewarding rides I've ever tackled. The climbing was fun and the descent was sharp. I can't wait to go again. Next time I may go unclipped though... we'll see. 
Nannook105/30/12Nice daybreak ride (7am), little traffic on trail. 
DONALD JACKSON05/29/12Monday morn ride with Ryan on our way home from LIB 
OTB_again05/29/12Good quick loop! 
MTB Fiend05/27/12Mid-day ride with my brother on the Canzo. He does not get to ride as much as I do and struggled a bit. Beautiful weather - finally! Wish I had more time for something a bit more epic. Got some exploring to do! Great ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch05/25/12Forecast said "slight chance of drizzle" (.02 in) so we went for it. It was fine until about "FU / Puke Hill" Passed a rider turning back on the last ascent to the Flag who said he didn't think it'd be worth it. He was the smart one. Luge right after a rain = Good. Luge During a rain = Bad. My least favorite ride on this loop. Probably my slowest ever descent and Live Oak was sketchy with morning commute traffic. Some poor souls just starting out when we got back to the car soak and wet with dirty bikes and filthy clothes. 
MoJo05/22/12Out w/Todd for this one. It was HOT!! Took our time and then hit Cook's for ice cold beers and taco Tuesday! 
MTB Fiend05/22/12Simplistic solo sunset sojourn sounds sensational. Or something like that. Late start meant I missed the various group rides. The climb was all sappy tunes that had me talking to the Tarantula and Hummingbhirds (of course, Hummingbirds in the wild are trippy), and the wildflowers. But hit me with "Highway Star" down the Luge and I suddenly found an aggressive side and caught what felt as though the perfect flow! Being the sensible guy that I am I backed off a bit, but only at the paved end. One of my better descents to be sure! Temps were perfect, trails near empty (Thank you, OTH!). Hmmm... one wonders what it will be like on the RIP9?... Great ride! 
TBlazen05/17/12Trying to push it a bit....ran into a crowd at the flag that I just met at Jeff Jacobson's party last weekend. Great to see everyone! 
Rumpled05/16/12Nice evening Luge ride. For some reason, I can only clean Puke Hill in daylight; did it again tonight. Probably my best Luge run ever, only 1 dab - scared the crap out of myself a couple of times, though. Really good night and nice talking to a bunch of guys at the end. 
DONALD JACKSON05/16/12Another great ride. 
ZULU05/14/12Nice warm SS ride to enjoy the views and weather. Trail is in great shape and the Luge is fast. 
Heathermarie905/13/12Quick ride w/JD & Matthias b4 the Wed ride. 
MTB Fiend05/12/12Quick super solo afternoon ride - did not see another rider until the end of the Luge. Rode a buddy's RIP9 - liked it alot. Climbs almost as well as my Jet9, but the longer travel fork felt nicer than my Jet. Great ride! 
vt1ryan05/08/12rode upon a nice size rattler last night right before the climb up heart attack hill. Surprised me a little bit and he would not move. Had to wait. Enjoyed the view 
DONALD JACKSON05/08/12Curt Adam, for a good ride , Chris and Joey almost cought us tonight . Some tacos and beer were waiting for us 
TBlazen05/07/12found my garmin ! 
MTB Fiend05/05/12Superbly solo late afternoon ride. Just a quickie before the "big" ride, but still a... Great ride! 
Keith B05/03/12Trail was somewhere between tacky and gloopy but so much fun. Ryan caught Andy & I up pretty quickly and got to try the Epic and the Scalpel out. Luge was super fun although there were some evil ruts forming. 
Andy Mc05/03/12With Keith & Ryan, trail was really nice! 
GoneRiding05/03/12Couldn't make it in time to meet Vickie & her group so I decided to go pretty hard and see if I could catch them at some point. A little mud out there but not bad at all. From some of the other reports I had gotten I thought it would be much worse. The luge itself was pretty much dry and fast and flowy. Caught the group as they were exiting onto Live Oak. Saw the "Fiend" out there as well. Good times back at Wahoo's afterwards. Nice seeing Ian & Rob there as well. 
mtnbikej05/03/12Another Thursday Night Ride....Small group.....everyone else must have thought it was too wet to ride....they missed out. Trail was dry for the most part...some wet spots. Luge was nice and sticky...some new ruts are forming. Bike is pretty much clean. Not many riders out. Mellow pace, fun group, good ride. 
Goat Carl04/29/12fantastic day today. watching the fog burn off from up top at the the flag. perfect ride for day after rwanda 50. thanks for going Dan. 
MTB Fiend04/27/12Casual evening solo cruise, with brews and views at the flag. Saw just 4 other riders. Felt good today, felt like..., like I could ride 50 miles tomorrow! So, I will! Hoping to win big in the raffle too. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/19/12Errands to run meant for a later start than desired, felt kind of rushed but in the end it was not. Got to the flag in plenty of time for a solo brew-n-view. Uneventful and quiet. Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON04/17/12Sore ribs from Sat, Adam joined me as he passed me on the luge 
gmann04/16/12early afternoon ride. perfect weather today. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch04/15/12Trail conditions were very good, just a few mushy / puddle spots on STT is all as expected. Tried to push my pace down the Luge and was pedaling towards the top and wound up losing my balance / striking a pedal--almost ate it but kept things upright thankfully. Broke my chain right before the descent to the flag. Beautiful day. Never saw so many people at the Luge and it was the first time ever that it kind of seemed crowded, but everyone was really cool and nice, as usual. 
MoJo04/15/12Gorgeous day. Ran into Serge on the trail and finished the ride with him. Leg is not 100% but certainly getting better. 
la_purisima04/15/12Awesome out there today. Lots of smiling faces, and for good reason. The trail was in the best condition ever and it was a warm sunny day. 
mtnbikej04/14/12Are you sure it rained yesterday??/ Trail was very dry. a couple of little puddles, no mud. My bike stayed nice and clean. No sign of mud or water on the Luge. Still getting over a head/chest cold. Could barely breath going up FU hill. A little chilly at times....only saw 2 other riders out there. 
Heathermarie904/12/12Quick ride after work today. Wanted ot go up to old camp, but looked at the clouds & said nevermind... hahaha. Luge is in awesome shape right now from the rains. :-)So happy to see Larry & Miss V in the parking lot :-) 
DONALD JACKSON04/11/12Han and I, Good ride did not see anyone on the trail. 
MTB Fiend04/09/12So many colloquialisms and metaphors at my fingertips, but still, in the end, it was all about a joy ride and a beer. Sweet solo sunset brews and views. Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON04/07/12Adam Chris was kind of warm this afternoon 
Lobotomized Sasquatch04/06/12Great weather and company. A small crash and flat in the group on the Luge but no one hurt. My legs and handling skills are starting to come back--felt better than expected on the climbs today and went down the Luge a lot faster. One of those rides where I wanted to go again right after it finished, but duty calls. Maybe tomorrow. 
DONALD JACKSON04/04/12Han and I, Vultures are all over that deer. 
blipstream04/04/12solo morning ride. 
randalnelson04/02/12The Path Sunday Morning MTB Ride only two other guys showed up. The Luge was in great shape even with the rain on Sunday night. 
mtbfan03/29/12Nice evening ride after work, and a pretty quick pace with Randy and Mark. Lots of riders started after we got back to the cars. 
Royster7103/29/12Nice riding with you Rox... Saw a few familiar cars at the start. On the way there just after Cooks there is a dead deer :( over the fence 
DONALD JACKSON03/28/12Adam, Han, almost without lights. Johnny and Abraham were hanging out after the ride. Tacos were almost better than the beer 
occlimber03/27/12Early morning ride before work 
TBlazen03/27/12back on the bike after Hawaii...Yikes! 
DONALD JACKSON03/26/12Still a few interesing sections. A quick loop with Han 
DONALD JACKSON03/25/12Sat eve with Ryan, Jim J was working, thanks its in excellent shape 
Enriquez03/25/12The ride before the storm with Bryan. Saw a Deer in the parking lot before the ride and finally met the legendary Jim doing some trail work. Great Ride! Video from yesterdays ride thru oneill, vista trail! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z4ZjuQs0zg 
EFFing Dude03/23/12Good ride with Mojo. Trail was in pretty good shape. 
vt1ryan03/22/12Nice and warm this evening. No jacket needed. Luge has been groomed a little bit. 
DONALD JACKSON03/21/12Adam and I, The LUGE is in the best shape ever thanks to Jim J. Tom joined us for Tacos and beer along with Joel and Ida 
Quikflip2703/21/123:58 dh 
blipstream03/20/12chilly afternoon ride, didn't see anyone on the trails 
TBlazen03/20/12rode with Dave yesterday...crisp clean clear air & Views! 
halfasst03/20/12Luge is in amazing shape. Trailwork was recently done and trail has been buffed out. Smoothest I've ever seen it. 
GoneRiding03/20/12Was thinking of doing a longer ride to OC w Troy but he had to cancel at the last moment. Ended up riding solo with the sun setting. Kept on thinking that this was definitely one of MTBfiends rides with the picturesque sunset. Had to stop and tighten up the cleat bolts. Luge was super flowy today. Really enjoyed the tackiness and fast turns. I'm guessing Jim J. was out there working on it and it shows - thanks! Hung out with Don J.(Iceman), Adam & friends afterwards at Oggies. Good times! Great ride! 
MoJo03/19/12Out with TDR. Trails in good shape. Only a couple of soft spots 
MTB Fiend03/19/12Simply sensational super-solo sunset sojourn. Not another soul? Unbelievable on such a glorious and gorgeous evening ride. Hung out at the flag, well prepared with my "brews and views". Captivating sunset but the real show was behind me. The hills were aglow in golden rays of sunshine, the stormy clouds a shining silver, and the glimpses of snow a lucent blue. Enjoyed the moment for a bit longer than I should have and dropped the Luge just minutes before sunset. (Neglected to bring any lights). Rolled in to the driveway moments before dark. Trail is bone dry and someone did some trailwork at the top of the Luge. (Thanks)! You just gotta know, these are the days not to be missed. Great ride! 
vt1ryan03/19/12Trail is in good shape after the ranin. A couple of wet spots but the luge is like butter 
Keith B03/19/12After work ride with Russ and Sarah. I was expecting a gloop-fest but the luge was in primo condition and had trail work just done to it. I slayed Sarah on the luge like usual. I am God on a bike. 
DONALD JACKSON03/14/12Sure is nice riding without lights. Solo on the Merida, last ride was Thursday, Sick with the flu 
vt1ryan03/12/12Nice before it got dark and then the cold set in real fast. 
blipstream03/10/12quiet afternoon ride 
Tick Magnet03/09/12Thursday night. Fun ride with Troy Matt and Tom. Played chicken with one of those trail birds a few times. 
Buffalo03/08/12My first time doing Luge w/o Old Camp. Just wasn't feeling it. 
vt1ryan03/08/12Nice evening ride. Nice weather. 
GoneRiding03/08/12Last ride before the UQ on Saturday. Good riding with Troy, Greg & Matt. Much nicer tonight compared to Tuesday. Hopefully all goes well on Saturday. It's gonna be one long day on and off the bike. Possible D.House sighting out there tonight. 
ThinkFast03/08/12Another beautiful night. Nice moonrise as we approached the flag. Rode with Tom, Matt and Greg. 
DONALD JACKSON03/07/12Merida felt nice on the decent. Close to a full moon, could climb without lights. Solo tonight 
tweasol03/07/12Rode into a headwind the entire ride -not cool. U.Q Saturday! 
OTHRIDER03/04/12Joined 25+ riders from STR to try a new route. Thanks for setting it up Neil! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/04/12Fun run today. Nice to be on a Stumpjumper 29er FSR again even though it's not mine but felt familiar. It had a 2.4 front tire which I really seemed to like down The Luge. I used to have a 2.3 on the front and recently went to 2.2 and didn't notice much of a difference. But the 2.4 today felt like it made the gravel/loose stuff go away. 
dave28703/04/12forgot to turn on GPS after flag. Broke a spoke on the Luge. 
Heathermarie903/03/12Thurs afternoon ride w/Will. Kept going back & forth btwn cold & hot today haha. 
mtnbikej03/02/12Thursday SS ride.....could stand for Seriously Suffering, or Slower than Snot. After a week off the bike due to nasty cold....wise idea to ride the SS first ride back. No power in the legs....walked part of FU hill. Spent the ride at the back of the pack. At least I felt good on the DH. Was cold, but could have been colder. Glad I got out....I think. 
singlespeedrider03/01/12Took a newbie to riding and night riding out. Easy pace 
Andy Mc03/01/12First time on the new bike on this route! And pleased to say quicker on most sections except down, but not any slower.........so thats promising. 
Keith B03/01/12Pretty chilly out there tonight. Jake and Andy seemed better dressed for the weather. Rode the Enduro again. Baron tyre felt great on the luge but I'm still not used to the super fast turning of the 26" after weeks on the big wheels. 
Jake c('.'c)03/01/12Nice night for a Luge ride. Rode with Keith B & Andy. Keith, thanks a lot for the tires & stuff!! Lap #1 of 2 laps tonight. 
GoneRiding03/01/12First ride after getting the flu at the end of last week. Felt good to ride but I was coughing quite a bit at times. Thanks for the ride Troy! Saw Vickie and her group out there including Jeremy & Diego. Saw Jake in the lot after our ride. Quite a few riders out tonight. 
Tick Magnet03/01/12Nice to ride with an old friend. The dirt was nice and the weather was great. Always fun to show someone new dirt. 
ThinkFast03/01/12Good ride with Tom. Legs felt tired but not sore after yesterday. Good to see Vicki and the Thurs SSer's.Tom sounded awful after being sick...so I tried to keep my distance :^) 
MTB Fiend03/01/12Early loop with the early SS group. Contrasting sun and clouds on the hills was inspiring. A little chilly too. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/01/12Regular SS group. Lots more riders out at this hour. Temps were dropping and it was getting breezier. Some poor guys MagicShine battery went dead at the top of the Luge. I gave him mine and rode with just my helmet light. Never realized how jittery the helmet light is, never got any kind of flow on the descent, but we all got down safely. A bit chillier this loop. Great ride! 
nuts4mtbikes03/01/12Another week, another SS Thursday, with the double SST to the Luge loop. First lap, Dwayne, Jeremy, and me...pretty quick, we were back to the cars in less than an hour. Little chilly, but geez it was still a beautiful day with my riding buddies! 
nuts4mtbikes03/01/12Second lap....even colder, but always full of laughs! Me, Jeremy, Dwayne, Rich, Larry and Jason. Glad I had my leg warmers.....cause, boy, it was cold. My hands were frozen by the time we got back to the cars.....should have worn my mittens ! 
DONALD JACKSON02/29/12Awesome ride with Adam, then some killer tacos/IPA 
Phishin Paul02/29/12Social ride with Dave and Jeff. Started to get some rain at the flag pole. It acted like it was about to snow. 
Heathermarie902/27/12Thursday night ride w/Will. Bike was acting funny still w/shifting problems, but turned out that wasn't the only thing. Started down the luge & my bars turned on a curve but front wheel didn't. Only some minor leg scrapes, but glad it did it at the top and not further down! That'll teach me to double check everything from now on! Great to see Miss V, Ritchie Rich & Dwayne out there! Miss you guys! 
Lonnie02/25/12Great ride with Ben, Bob S., Ron,and Jon A. 
nuts4mtbikes02/23/12Another excellent afternoon for a pre-lap before the 6:00 crew arrived. Thanks Larry and Dwayne for rolling early with me! 
nuts4mtbikes02/23/12Ahhhh, the 6:00 lap!! Why does the second one hurt ?? Had to talk Dwayne into sticking around....but he decided it was worth it after we were done!! Awesome to run into HeatherMarie.... Glad you are ok, Can't believe your bike wouldn't turn....Yikes!! 
JCampbell02/22/12Fun nighter with Hopkins and Johnny. 
DONALD JACKSON02/22/12Tom was heading out into the sunset as we got ready, Adam, Bean, Chris and another Chris joined us for a quick ride before the tacos and beer 
vt1ryan02/22/12Weather was nice and warm this evening. It is staying lighter out at night now. Legs felt good tonight 
ThinkFast02/22/12Quick after work loop. 
GoneRiding02/21/12Started out solo tonight. Just as I was heading out of the lot Don J. pulled up. I stopped and talked w him and another rider named Rod for a few minutes. Caught up to Sarah at the beginning of STT and rode to the flag with her. She continued up to OC. Good talking to you Sarah. Talked to a rider named Diego at the flag. Probably started 5 minutes before sunset so no night time bonus. There was a guy playing guitar and singing up on the grassy hill in the dark when I got back to my car. Great sunset tonight. Stopped and got a few pics while I was on STT. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ZwkUEBInYEPpzMqIa7FbaNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink 
DONALD JACKSON02/19/12The after party ride Good day good times 
halfasst02/19/12Fun ride with Larry H., Larry V. and his boys, Dave, and Russ. Tried out my new Stumpy 29er, love it! 
RYAN FOREST02/18/12Cold start, but great ride 
cdemeis02/18/12Morning Ride 
MTB Fiend02/16/12Super SS Thurs ride - thanks everybody! Great conditions, no mud, only ocassional wind, somewhat warm temps, and very few riders! Great ride! 
GoneRiding02/16/12Technically a solo ride but a Thursday night ride on the Luge always has lots of other riders out there. I think I counted 14 other riders that I went by. Did not get one bit of mud on the bike. There were just a couple of spots that were easily avoidable on STT and the Luge was completely dry. A bit windy but not bad. Possible LD sighting as I hopped over the water bar. First ride w new light. 
nuts4mtbikes02/16/12Met for a PRE-LAP at 4:30 before the regular SS Thursday crowd came at 6:00. Lap was a pretty quick one with Dwayne and Larry...thanks guys for hanging in the wind with me :-) 
nuts4mtbikes02/16/12Ah...the official 6:00 SS Thursday lap. Fun times with the regulars...Jason, Suzanne, Jeremy, Dwayne, and Rich. Thanks for coming out....the conditions were pretty good for as cold as it has been! 
mtnbikej02/16/12Nice ride tonight with the Thursday regulars. Trail was in great shape after the rains...nice and dry. Weather turned out to be very pleasant....a bit breezy, but the temps were comfortable. Not a lot of riders out. No complaints here. 
halfasst02/14/12Quick solo ride tonight. Non-stop since there was no one to hang out with. Quite chilly from the flag down. 
MoJo02/14/12V-Day Ride! Great ride, but it was COLD!! Great time with TDr (smokesignal)! Followed by great recovery-- Steak and wine! 
DONALD JACKSON02/14/12A solo ride, Two other guys climbing the grade, Felt good all the way, Oggies with Chris and Constatineafter and tacos 
GoneRiding02/13/12Great ride w/ ZipsBiker. We kept debating throughout the day if the weather would hold up. Turned out to be just right. Trail was not wet at all but the dirt was tacky. This ride seemed to go by fast. Felt really good out there. No rain the entire ride. Possibly saw another rider out in front of us. Just before we hit the water bar crossing there was some kind of animal on the trail in front of us. It was the size of a small bobcat but the tail was throwing us off. It seemed longer then a bobcats tail and didn't look bushy like a fox's tail. Had to get this ride in tonight because riding tomorrow night is not an option if you have a significant other. New Rear Deraill., hanger and chain. 
OTB_again02/10/12Fun and quick. Only 1 other rider out there. Nice to get out after a long week and stretch the legs before tomorrow's jaunt. 
mtnbikej02/09/12Where did all the people go....STT/Luge were a ghost town tonight. Only saw a couple of other riders. Temps were great.....super clear. Good ride. 
singlespeedrider02/09/12Quick little night spin. Great night out there. 
nuts4mtbikes02/09/12Standard SS Thursday route....small group, but fun. Thanks Jason, Suzanne, Craig and Dwayne, fun times as always. 
devodoc02/09/12Perfect night for a ride. Was somewhat surprised that we didn't see more riders out. Trail is in great shape. First ride with new rear tire. It seems huge compared to my last one. Might have to go back, although for some odd reason, I felt like I climbed much better tonight then I have in the past. I love my morning rides, but I might have to admit that I climb better in the evening... 
Phishin Paul02/08/12Beautiful night for a ride. Good times with Graham and Dave. 
DONALD JACKSON02/07/12TNR Adam Chris , Windy and full moon, Empty @ Cooks .Oggie's was on for the beer and Tacos 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/06/12Nice night for a ride. Only souls out there. Shorts and short sleeve weather in February. 
cleanbeater02/03/12Was a nice cool 47° when I got back to the truck, but felt great on STT. Lots of riders out. 
mtnbikej02/02/12Nice ride tonight....lot less crowded than last week. Temps were cooler, but still comfortable. Got out before the wind. Legs felt great. Just cruised. 
ocwannabe02/01/12Went up through Edison and east side of Whiting - no points for that. Saw the time when I got home and thought, wow, that was fast. Guess I don't suck at this anymore. 
DONALD JACKSON02/01/12Nice ride , alot of folks at Cooks Warm winter eve 
mtnbikej01/31/12Great ride tonight....wife finally got to try out the SS and loved it....did really well. Kinda cool out there tonight....not many folks out. Santiago Canyon Closed from Modjeska Canyon to Modjeska Grade....with all the cars taking the Grade as a detour, made the ride up a bit more treachorous than usual. 
Ladera Mike01/31/12STT and the Luge are in real nice shape. Tons of riders out tonight. Climbing Modjeska SUCKED. Santiago Cyn is closed and all traffic is detoured over the grade. Constant stream of cars and rode a good chunk of it on the gravel shoulder. Great ride otherwise. 
SCJim01/31/12Nice solo ride after work. 
tweasol01/30/12What a day...wish I could ride further 
H2oChick01/30/12A blustery ride with the Trail Angels. 
vt1ryan01/29/12morning spin. The weather got nice and warm really quick. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/28/12Surprisingly good conditions. Except for a couple breif points in the beginning, the wind was calm. Temps were high 50's / low 60's the whole time. Thought about doing Old Camp but neither of us felt like climbing for that long so we dropped down The Luge. Had to stop for a paramedic truck and firetruck coming down Modjeska Grade Road and never saw so many cars going up the road. Other than that and a group of hikers in the beginning, we didn't see another soul. Luge was almost ridiculously smooth in the beginning, I had to laugh--someone's been doing a lot of work on it. Still chunky in the middle/bottom but lots of fun. 
ZULU01/27/12Great day to ride. Nice views and tacky soil. really enjoyed the weather and nature. 
PaulV01/27/12sweet ride this morning, windier than expected though http://connect.garmin.com/activity/145067351 
mtnbikej01/26/12Wow.....talk about the conga line that was out on the STT tonight. Warm weather brought everybody out. Must have a been a line of about 20-30 going up the grade at one point. Good ride...felt great. Nice easy pace. Fun group. Wasn't even cold dropping down Live Oak. 
nuts4mtbikes01/26/12Beautiful night for a ride..... Lots of people tonight...... Fun to watch the long stream of lights ahead and behind ;-) 
DONALD JACKSON01/25/12Adam and Chris, Real windy, but a warm wind, high pressure moving in. Perfect dirt 
vt1ryan01/25/12Nice warm evening spin. Heavy Santa Ana winds along the truck trail tonight. Killer food at Cooks tonight. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/22/12A little gooey on STT, but Luge wasn't bad although I did get whacked with a branch near the red clay/rock turn toward the beginning of Luge at the top, which isn't that muddy. And I did go down after stopping to check my spokes--they were making a lot of noise today but were fine. A little too muddy; my bike is a mess but most of the problem was STT, which wasn't bad mostly but had some spots that were gooey enough to clog the tires. 
1speedgal01/22/12First time on bike in 2 weeks. Got a late start and saw tons of people at Cooks, lots of familiar faces on the trail. 
Keith B01/22/12Late afternoon ride with Jeff & Sarah. Even after advanced Yoga this morning then riding Holy Jim Trabuco Sarah smoked off and left Jeff & I. We put it down to her being more warmed up than us! I think we went round in about 50mins. Luge was perfecto - fun trying to catch Jeff. Cheers to whomever did the trail work! 
TBlazen01/22/12trail is in great shape...Not too wet; Some young fellow had a great pace following me up; I asked him if he wanted to pass and he said he had to wait for his Mom... 
vt1ryan01/22/12no leg power today but a fun afternoon spin. The sun was out and great weather. Trail is in good condition after the rain. Luge was sweet 
SCJim01/21/12Post from yesterday after work ride. Glad the trail is getting some rain. 
dauntlessjeep01/19/12Great ride tonight. Loads of peeps as usual parked at Cooks. 
GoneRiding01/19/12Thought it would just be a normal ride w Troy. We also started out with Jason & Jake. Right past Cooks I stopped and cleared a large burlap bag out of traffic so the cars wouldn't have to swerve around it. Then on the Luge came up on a rider who had gone off the side. Luckily he was ok. Told him to stop blazing new trails out there. Saw Fiend and some other familiar faces out there as well. 
ThinkFast01/19/12Great ride tonight. Thought it was going to be colder than it was. started with Tom, Jason and Jake. Lots of people out as usual for a Thursday night. When I got home I realized I forgot one of my shoes in the parking lot and luckily it was still there when I returned. New head light worked awesome, thanks for the info Greg. 
MTB Fiend01/19/12Enjoyable sunset sojourn. Felt good out the gate and that pretty much made for a swift climbing pace. Dropped down the Luge in the dark twilight - just enough light not to need a light, just dark enough to be glad my light is on. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend01/19/12Just 4 of us. Pace was perfect for me. A few real cold spots, like at the flag, but not unbearable. Drop down Live Oak did make my eyes water though. Great ride! 
mtnbikej01/19/12Good ride tonight. Legs felt really good. Cold, but not biting cold, except for a few spots. Lots of people out. Trail was damp in some spots. glad we decided to ride. 
DONALD JACKSON01/18/12Adam and Chris, 40 in the lot when we got back, Damp dirt was nice. Rode my Fuji Outland 
la_purisima01/18/12Good to get back on the trail after a few days off. The Luge is riding much better after the rain over the weekend. 
Phishin Paul01/18/12Man do I need new lights. 6 year old Nite Riders just not cutting it anymore. Rode with Dave and Jeff and a big pack crew. 
MoJo01/18/12Wrapped up this week's rides with a night ride with Michelle to the Luge...next stop-- 12 hrs of Temecula. Wow! it was cold out there. Only saw a couple of others out on the trail. Good ride! 
ThinkFast01/17/12Nice ride with Josh. I headed over to Bonsai and did a couple loops over there when we finished. 
tweasol01/17/12Good one with Troy today!! 
halfasst01/17/12Wow, really cold tonight. The warm air usually felt up on STT wasn't there! Luge is in great shape after the little bit of rain it received. 
Marcos01/16/12Cold night, low 50's 
Lonnie01/15/12Great ride with the Bone Haulers Larry, Mike V, Dave, and Beth. 
halfasst01/15/12Rode with Dave A. and Larry H. Lots of riders coming down STT today. 
MTB Fiend01/12/12Pleasant solo sunset ride. Surprisingly, no one out on the trail! Gusty winds were warm at least. Had a pretty good flow going on the Luge. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend01/12/12Enjoyable group ride. Doh! Forgot to turn on the Garmin until the end of all the climbing. Not going to make my ascent goals with mistakes like that. Tonights pace I could actually keep up with, that was nice. Gusty winds again, but at least it was still warm. Great ride! 
ThinkFast01/12/12Great ride with Greg and Scott. Nice to see V, Larry and the SS crew again. Rushak sighting as well. Nice weather again for a night ride, a few strong gusts of wind but a beautiful night. 
la_purisima01/12/12Great night ride on the single speed. Felt good. First time getting passed on a night ride, though. This is probably my 20th night ride -- surprised it took so long -- but I still don't like it! 
nuts4mtbikes01/12/12Fun, fast ride with the regular crew!! Jeremy, Jason, Suzanne, Rich, Heather, Larry... 
mtnbikej01/12/12Good ride tonight. Small group, but fun group. Felt pretty good. Temps were nice....much warmer than expected. Could have done without the wind. Luge is getting torn up....braking bumps are ridiculous. Lots of traffic on the trail. 
Fast Turtle01/11/12Rock n Road night ride 
tweasol01/10/12New chain finally settling into my old beat up drivetrain. If anyone tells you that you need new parts, don't believe them... just go ride.. 
la_purisima01/10/12I was planning on Blackstar tonight, but the access was closed. The bridges must be torn up. Good loop tonight -- I felt strong and kept a good pace. 
GoneRiding01/10/12Went out and met the RocknRoad group for the full moon ride. Not a big turn out but still quite a few other riders out as well. The guy with Niterider lights was nice enough to give me a shorter power cord for my battery. Was not feeling it tonight. Saw Don's van parked in the lot. 
DONALD JACKSON01/10/12Ryan and Chris rollled out another Tues ride, Good times in the lot, met Syd with his belt drive 
RaulC01/10/12Joined the Rock-N-Road night ride with Willam - nice ride 
SAmtn01/10/12Good times tonight with Kato, Fast Turtle, Mike, Manny, Veronica, and Ryan. Good meeting you Don. 
Rumpled01/10/12Eric and I hit out a little early from the RnR ride, knowing that most if not all of them would blow by me the slowpoke. They did. A pretty good night of climbing for me. Cleaned the Grade and then Puke Hill for only the second time, first at night. Chilly start, but all was warm by the time we hit dirt. Thought there would be more riders considering all the cars, guess Taco Nite is doing well at Cook's. Right before we struck a pedal in anger, the old man security guard came and kicked us out of the upper lot, saying it was for customers. Seems to me most customers prefer the Live Oak side. Ended up parking on Santiago Canyon road. Lost my wedding ring adjusting my brakes in the parking lot. I owe the eagle eyed teenage kid who found it a beer as soon as he's 21. My he find good MTB karma soon. Going down the luge was a bit slow. Guy in front of us broke his seat and we tried to help, but couldn't offer much. Eric flatted and we stopped for that. Lost my flow. 
ThinkFast01/09/12Solo after work ride. 
tweasol01/09/12Great sunset. Still having issues on 2x9 - climbed again in the big ring 
la_purisima01/09/12A+ conditions tonight. Big, bright full moon and crystal clear views. I've been doing this ride on the single speed lately, but tonight the full suspension was the call. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/07/12Forgot my front wheel last night at Cooks so I did another lap at dawn this morning. Had a better ride this morning than last night. Thanks Pathfinder for switching it up this morning. 
Enriquez01/07/12Fun time on the Luge! My buddy riding his brand spanking new Neon Green GT Sensor 2.0! I got to take the picture of the STR Girls at the flag. First ride with the KS seat post, loved it! Great Ride! 
tweasol01/06/12Having issues with my 2x9 so I spent the day climbing on my front 38 tooth and none of the lower 3-4 granny's - Ouch !! Plans to old camp went far out the window ... 
halfasst01/06/12Fun night ride with the SS group. Cold in the canyons, but very nice up on the ridge line. Lots or riders out. Good to see Thinkfast and Greg at the flag. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/06/12Saw a white owl on one of the last climbs before the descent to the Flag. My light came loose on the way down Luge, had to stop to fix it. Heard some rustling in the bushes and didn't zip of my saddlebag so my wallet and keys flew out but my riding partner got them luckily. Not my best ride, but it's always great being out there. Didn't see another rider out tonight, which I thought was weird. Maybe other riders have social lives... 
ThinkFast01/05/12Fun ride with Greg. The weather was perfect for a night ride. Hard to imagine it's January. We climbed to the second lookout and my light battery died. Greg had a crazy bright little flashlight that we strapped to my helmet that saved the ride. Good to see Kieth, Vicki and the SS Thurs Crew at the flag. Nice surprise seeing Scott heading out when we finished as well. 
MTB Fiend01/05/12Beautiful solo sunset loop. So awesome to see mtbkel44 back on the bike. Had enough light to make it 1/2 way down the Luge but took the safe approach and ran lights from the top. Good tunes. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend01/05/12Hooked up with the SS crew for a gorgeous night ride. I admit to using my gears, I like them! Big fun group tonight. Thanks for the Great ride! 
nuts4mtbikes01/05/12Good turn out tonight...Jeremy, MtbikeJ, Suzanne, Larry, Keith, Dave, Jason, and Rich!! Whew! 
mtnbikej01/05/12Good Ride tonight. SS Thursday. Fun group. Warmer than we all thought it would be. Seemed like a party at the flag pole. Felt good. 
GoneRiding01/05/12Rode with the Troupe crew from Tim's house. No jacket required tonight. Missed the SS crew and some others who were out there. Brews, grub and the fire pit back at Tim's afterwards. Fun night! 
la_purisima01/03/12Enjoying my new single speed. 
DONALD JACKSON01/03/12Beckett and Han. A good way to start 2012 
DONALD JACKSON01/01/12warm afternoon 
bikesurfski12/31/11Only my second ride in two weeks due to a nasty bug--beautiful day and hopefully renewed for a New Year--and wishing the same for you all. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/30/11Luge is always fun. Went a little faster than normal today I think. Luge is pretty chunky right now. Looking forward to some good rides this weekend and a great 2012. 
tweasol12/29/11Had this great idea to listen to movie soundtracks so I rode while listening to Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and James Newton Howard \o/ Ran into 3 guys stuck without any tools trying to change a tire - good thing I showed up. Nice meeting Sparky up there ! 
ThinkFast12/29/11Nice afternoon spin with Greg. Good to ride with you again. Saw Josh when I was getting ready. We rode up to the 2nd lookout above the Luge before heading back down. 
mtnbikej12/29/11Cold at Cook's....warm for the rest of the ride. Not many riders out tonight. Kinda quiet. Cruise pace...no need to push it. Luge is getting really choppy. Good ride nonetheless. 
DONALD JACKSON12/27/11Han Ryan all good times 
FijiRob12/24/11First Luge ride. Very fun. Killer views from the flag. Nice way to start the weekend! 
mtnbikej12/23/11Great afternoon for a ride. Got on the bike right at 4:00. Saw 2 other riders on the Grade, and one hiker on the trail....otherwise, we had the place to ourselves. Little windier than I thought it would be. Rode by sunset most of the ride. Got down the Luge with just a fraction of light. Watched a car nearly go head on trying to go around us down Live Oak....I guess us doing 40 MPH was not fast enough for them. 
vt1ryan12/23/11really chill ride this afternoon. Weather was nice and warm with a good breeze until the bitter night of cold sat in coming down live oak road. 
DONALD JACKSON12/21/11Han and I tonight, Outland was nice on the down. Winter is upon us but it was mild last night 
DIRTULS12/21/11Finally back to the Luge. Great ride. I have missed the Luge. 
Andy Mc12/20/11Riding with Kris & Scott, fell again, damm! 
MoJo12/19/11Headed out expecting to do a solo ride but was pleasantly surprised when i ran into Tom, Troy, and Scott and they let me tag along. Haven't ridden with these guys in a long time so it was nice to catch up!! 
ThinkFast12/19/11Good times with Tom, Monica and Scott. 
GoneRiding12/19/11Once again RocknRoad comes through in a pinch and helps me get my bike fixed. Troy met me at the shop and we ran into Scott there as well so he joined us. Once we got over to Cooks, Monica pulled up so we all rode together. Good riding with everyone. Threatened rain but we stayed dry. 
Brawnyman2212/15/11My first time out on this trail. Awesome ride. Trail was in good shape. 
1speedgal12/15/11Nice ride with Cheryl before going into work. 
BikeThisTrail12/15/11Got 2 flats 3.35 miles in and forgot bike pump! :( no fun 'hike a biking' 4 miles...lol 
vt1ryan12/15/11Nice to get a sweet ride in this afternoon before the rain hit. Trail is in great condition and is really fast. 
ThinkFast12/13/11Afternoon ride from home on the Niota. A couple puddles here and there on STT but the Luge was in great shape. Muddy spot on the pavement just before Live Oak was the worst spot. 
tweasol12/10/11Took my final, glad to be finished with this wretched Saturday class. Now I can finally do some long Saturday ride's again! Excellent conditions out there today !! 
Ladera Mike12/10/11Tried the Pitch on the Luge this morning. Was as crowded as it gets out there but just a perfect day. Heavier bike really slowed me down but was a fun ride none the less. 
Rumpled12/09/11One of my better Luge rides. Pretty cold at the start. By the time I got to dirt had to shed the jacket. Good temps for the rest of the ride to the flag. Windy at the flag and covered up for the downhill luge. Pretty clear night overall. Cook's parking lot was totally full, didn't seem like that many riders showed up for the RnR ride - maybe they all rode earlier? First ride with the new lite and the new crank and BB. All worked fine. Comp 1:27:12 ride time, 7.3 miles, 5.0 mph avg, 38.3 max (bombing down Live Oak) 1:42:58 total time, 238 kcal, Strava 758 kcal, 126 avg watts MMR 5.14mph avg, 986 kcal 
Andy Mc12/08/11A little night ride! 
cleanbeater12/08/11Cold start but perfect on STT. Dave finally got to break in his new Air9. Bike looks rad. 
MTB Fiend12/08/11Hooked up with the Singlespeed group for a swell ride! Jet9 continues to perform well - liking that. Amazing to me the drivetrain transfered over directly from the Blur, without so much as adding a link to the chain. Everything performing flawlessly - smashing! Temps were not so bad as evidenced by the multitudes of riders out tonight. Great ride! 
nuts4mtbikes12/08/11Excellent ride tonight with the usual suspects....MtBikeJ, Larry, Rich, Dwayne, Bob, Jeremy, and a great...surprise visit from Jeff...who was a bit tardy and had to chase us the entire way up to the flag!! Thanks for the giggles everybody!! 
loid12/08/11First time out riding @ night 
mtnbikej12/08/11Good ride tonight...as usual. Fun group. Seemed as though most in the group had some kind of issue...forgotten water bottle, dead/dying lights, brake rub, loose skewer, broken bottle cage. Keeps it interesting. Much warmer than advertised....until we got to the flag.....breeze was blowing and the temps were a bit chilly. 
DONALD JACKSON12/07/11Han and I. 37 degrees in the lot, nice moon and warmer with some elavation 
DONALD JACKSON12/05/11Warm afternoon ride felt good. Fuji 29 
vt1ryan12/04/11Nice new spin on the carbon epic today. Rides like butter 
mrsour12/03/11my first NIGHT ride 
ZULU12/01/11Really windy. 
MTB Fiend12/01/11Expecting a big turnout, I hoped to hook up with the Thurs SS ride, but ended up just me and mtnbikej. Winds were not too bad and temps warmed a bit from climbing. Forgot to turn my Garmin on until all the climbing was over so had a grand total of 71 ft of climbing for the route. The whole ride seemed to go by so quickly, riding with J is like that you know. Thanks for the ride J! Great ride! 
mtnbikej12/01/11Back on the SS after 2 weeks on the geared bike. First time on STT since Aug. injury. Felt like I was suffering a bit on the climbs. Not as windy as I thought it would be....however, every time I needed to stand and pedal, seemed like the wind would get stronger. Expected to see more riders, but was nice to not have to fight the traffic. WARNING!!!! There are 2 low branches on the LUGE...one is prettty thick, the not so bad. Glad I rode. 
mtbfan11/30/11Nice evening ride. Did not need lights until after FU. Beautiful views and not a soul out on my loop. Saw Rob, Geof and Jeff back at the cars, and the parking lot was filling up. Not cold at all. 
vt1ryan11/29/11Quick spin. Really cold at cooks and then it got nice and summer warm on the trail after the first climb. 
nuts4mtbikes11/29/11Good to get out for a little ride today, been a while since I've been on the bike. Thanks Rich, Larry and Dave...fun times as always. 
DONALD JACKSON11/29/11Armando Adam Chris 
Weekend Warrior11/27/11Great Day for a ride. Could see Santa Monica and LA like they were only a few miles away. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch11/26/11Was going to do B* but decided to do something else. Couldn't bring myself to do Maple Springs or a fireroad, so opted for The Luge. STT was nice, but The Luge is in bad shape--really chunky and loose in spots. Surprising to see this so quickly as I've ridden it a couple times recently and it seemed great. Not much wind, just the last ridge before the 2nd to the final ascent to the top. 
flyingbrian11/25/11rode woth steve 
Pathfinder11/22/11Trail is in pretty good shape following the rain. A little wet in patches, but overall a nice ride. Beautiful morning...and cold until the grade. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch11/22/11Thanks MTBFiend, you were right! Pretty ideal conditions out there today. A couple/few puddles on STT but only one in the usual 2nd corner or so at the top of Luge but not bad at all. Fast run down Luge. Great ride! But I need to either ride more or drink less beer / eat less as I'm growing a belly full of jelly... Think I'll ride at lunchtime, Aliso's open! ;) 
tweasol11/22/11Got out again on this beautiful day this time with Troy, Travis & Ryan. Good times ! 
MoJo11/22/11SC is in the shop so out came the Rivette. The HT always makes The Luge interesting 
ThinkFast11/22/11Lap 1 of 2. Rode with Josh, Travis and Ryan. Good to ride with you guys, it's been too long. 
ThinkFast11/22/11Lap 2 of 2. Ryan joined me for this one. Easier pace than the first lap. 
cleanbeater11/22/11New light setup makes Luge much smoother. 
Ladera Dave11/22/114 of us tonight, good riding with you Steve aka Vadar 
halfasst11/22/11Nice ride tonight with Larry H., and Mike. Nice temps on STT, but cold afterwards at Cooks. 
trailking@cox.net11/22/11Good ride...looks like everyone was getting in their pre-holiday ride in. 
SCJim11/22/11Cool wet ride. 
DONALD JACKSON11/22/11Adam Chris, soft dirt. good tacos and beer oggies 
Ladera Mike11/19/11Early night ride just after dark. Had to wait out some showers before the start then caught some sprinkles towards the end of the climb and down the luge. Cool but nice. Rear tire was losing air then flat when I got home. Still no luck uploading from the Edge 500. 
Keith B11/17/11Nice easy paced ride. I adjusted the Enduro seating position and it felt a bit better. Andy did an enormous wheelie and nearly went off the side of the train but luckily ended up in a ditch - luckily for him its harder to get the front end up on a 29er! Fun trying in vain to keep up with Kris down the luge - which was in primo condition. 
halfasst11/17/11Started out solo, met a new rider on STT, Chris. Rode with him to the flag. Ran into some other friends on the way up. Thanks for the mid ride beer at the flag Sharon! 
DONALD JACKSON11/16/11KJ and I had a nice quick ride 
Ladera Dave11/15/115 riders tonight. Nice and tacky 
ThinkFast11/14/11Solo spin. Got into the clouds at the last climb before dropping down to the flag. Only one other rider out and a tarantula. 
SCJim11/14/11Solo lunch ride before leaving town for the week. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch11/13/11Great ride with Pathfinder and my nephew. I think it was my fastest time down Luge ever, but the data looks a bit wonky...the elapsed time is too slow and the moving time is too fast. Oh well. Great ride. As I told the boys today, it's not about the "time", it's about the "time"... 
mtbfan11/13/11Nice unplanned ride with Karla and Marie. Original ride plan fell through and we got a late start, so we just did the Luge. Trail was in perfect shape. Saw a lot of familiar faces out. Andrea, Cheryl and Dave came down from Old Camp as we reached the flag, so we all descdended the Luge together. Nice day out. 
genusmtbkr511/11/11Big group going up to retire the flag at the Luge in honor of Veteran's day. Thanks to all who came out to ride. 
DONALD JACKSON11/10/11Adam , Tom ,a quick loop 
Quikflip2711/10/11W/ Danny on his first luge ride. Lonely but fun 
Ladera Dave11/10/11Awesome turn out for the Night Rider demo night over 30 riders. Perfect weather tonight, Thanks Rock and Road. 
Keith B11/10/11Forgot my shoes and had to drive back to get them. Lots and lots of riders out tonight. Caught Sarah, Lynn, Kris & David up jsut past the flag where Sarah's small chainring had somehow lost 3 of its bolts. Zip-tie quick fix allowed her to get back down. 
cleanbeater11/10/11Weather for night riding does not get any better than this... lots of people out. 
tweasol11/09/11GREAT ride. 
halfasst11/08/11A little chilly tonight. Rode with Dave A., Gary, Greg and Larry. Ran into Trobe and Don afterwards, good to see you guys. 
GoneRiding11/08/11Was able to hook up w/ Don J. & his buddy Adam. Thanks guys. Good seeing Kris F., Keith & Larry as well. Thanks for the brews after the ride Don! 
MTB Fiend11/07/11Super-solo slow-roll sunset cruise. Very peaceful late afternoon ride. Sure was cold at the house, but not bad at all on the trail. Trying out some new layering gear. At first I thought it might be too heavy for the temps but as it got dark it felt just right. Helped out another rider on the Luge and aired up his Crossbike tires. Trail is mudless, get out and ride. Great ride! 
cfeliciano11/07/11Nice afternoon ride with Paul. Trail was in great shape..little to no mud or puddles. 
grimix11/06/11Ran into Miles again. Was going to use another 2 hours I had free to ride, and popped a Rocktane right before rain came. Now I'm home amped up looking out the window. 
sixfoot611/06/11Saturday afternoon ride; beautiful day out. 
Enriquez11/06/11Slippery when wet...didnt feel comfortable the whole ride. So-So RIDE! 
Lonnie11/06/11Great ride early before the rain started. Larry's Sunday group including, Larry, Dave, Beth, Todd, Greg, ScottV, Greg, Miles, and Brad. Super conditions. Rain started just as we finished. 
bikesurfski11/06/11Chilly ride, tacky trail--no muddy/slippery spots--and ended the ride at sunset after dropping down through the clouds--nice to get a ride in, and it was perfect. 
1speedgal11/05/11Nice ride with Cheryl and Dave after the rains. Went for some tasty beverages and food at Rose Canyon afterwards. good times. 
Heathermarie911/05/112nd luge run for the day. So nice I had to do it twice! :-) Ran into some hunters hiking up the luge with their rifles and full camo gear on. Feelin a cold trying ot settle in. Hope it clears up b4 next weekend! 
Damon M11/04/11Ride from Tim's house 
ThinkFast11/04/11Rode from home. First, over to Tim's house, then over to the Luge. Nice looking up and watching a stream of lights heading down the Luge. Tom's getting his riding legs back. You know, the ones that are scarred and bloody :) 
SCJim11/03/11First time on the Luge since April. What a great trail. Glad I got to see the big hole in the trail at the top before riding at night! 
Ladera Dave11/03/117 riders tonight, good to see the Troopers out. good food afterwords. 
GoneRiding11/03/11Good ride with Team Troupe along with a few others including Thinkfast. We started near Trabuco Hills HS for some extra mileage. I took a spill near the top of the Luge when my front tire washed out. My leg looks like it has been through a cheese grater. Good times! 
ZULU11/02/11Nice night for the STT and Luge. It was great temps, a little windy at the ridge but great ride with a good group. 
DONALD JACKSON11/01/11A good solo ride tonight, Quite a few riders out theretonight 
MTB Fiend10/31/11Did not feel much like riding all day. Sore and sinus headache - aarrgghh! At the last minute I opted to give it a go and felt good most of the ride. Legs finally felt good just as 98% of the climbing was over. Sweet sunset descent on the Luge despite chopped up trail conditions. In the end, I was quite glad I dragged my sorry butt out and about. Great ride! 
RoughRiderR10/28/11Nice short ride w/Jeff, Keith and Andy. 29er felt pretty good. i am getting used to the crap getting beaten out of me. 
Jake c('.'c)10/28/11Shakedown ride for my rebuilt Epic. New Chain, Ring, pivot bearings, chainstay, shock & fork seals, and grips ..and the bike still has some issues. I think it's time for a new bike. MTB Fiend sighting. 
MTB Fiend10/28/11Beautiful solo early evening ride. My own PBV (private brews and views) and watched the sensational sunset. Then the race was on to make it home before dark. The sky was a sensational pastel pink as I dropped down Live Oak. Made the turn at Cooks and it was nearly dark. Great ride! 
Andy Mc10/27/11First Night ride in XX years, thanks Keith, Ryan & Jeff, it was fun, if a little slow! 
Keith B10/27/11Quick blat mostly in the dark. Ian tweeked my Enduro suspension before the ride and for the most part it felt alot better - especially at speed. This was Andy's first night ride in years - I think he liked it tho! 
DONALD JACKSON10/26/11Solo Monday, Caught Doug and Mike going down the Luge , 
DONALD JACKSON10/26/11Troy, Tom, Han, Armando, Adam A great ride then some tacos and beer, 
MoJo10/25/11Done in 0:53. Got into the clouds just before The Luge and it got COLD and wet. 
ThinkFast10/25/11Tom and I hooked up with Don and his crew for this one. A little wet driving out but not bad at all on the trail. I had to milk a low battery on my light - had just enough juice to make it down the Luge. Tom and I talked to a cop after the ride who let us play around with his night vision goggles, those things are awesome! 
GoneRiding10/25/11My wife informed me the other day that she is not real thrilled with me doing solo night rides. Can't really argue with that one. Luckily Troy was able to get out for this one as well. Finally hooked up with Don J. & his crew. Been seeing his van parked on my last few rides and must have been just missing him. Good seeing you Don! A really cool cop stopped to talk w/ Troy & I after the ride and he let us check out his night vision binoculars. Very cool. 
BikeThisTrail10/23/11If anyone lost car keys today, they are hanging on fence at entrance. :) 
Enriquez10/23/11Took my buddy Jesse up the Luge for his first time. Our only mistake was not wearing a light colored short sleeve shirt. Yikes, very warm. GREAT RIDE! 
vt1ryan10/22/11morning spin. Alot of riders this morning. It was 20 degrees warmer when I got to cooks. 
Lonnie10/22/11Great ride with Todd, Ben, Jeff R, and Bill. 
vt1ryan10/21/11Nice evening ride last night. Weather was perfect. Everything was a smooth ride. 
DONALD JACKSON10/20/11Han, Ryan, Armando, Dons bikes 
Ladera Dave10/20/11Lots of riders tonight, good seeing Peter and Daniel from Frank's group. 
singlespeedrider10/20/11Forgot to start garmin right away. Foggy out there and just took it easy with TL 
Kimo10/19/11Another great night ride....even with the three flat tire repairs on friends bike :-) 
Kimo10/18/11Anotehr great night ride with the group! 
ThinkFast10/18/11Rode from home and hit dirt and pavement along the way making the loop a little under 20 miles. Rode the Niota for the first time since VQ. 
MoJo10/18/11Took David out for his first time on this trail. fun, quick pace. Then hit Cook's for a couple of post ride adult beverages :) 
GoneRiding10/17/11Usually don't ride on Monday nights but my wife gets back in town tomorrow so I decided to ride tonight. Driving out to Cook's I started thinking about a solo night ride plus the fact it is not a popular riding night out there and there was no one at home to tell them where I was going. So I did the smart thing and sent a text to Thinkfast and told him where I was going. Didn't see another person at all. Even Cook's was quiet, no cars in the parking lot when I got back. Thanks for having my back, Troy. 
tweasol10/16/11Solo. Saw Travis on Live Oak Cyn road and we talked for a bit. 
jbh6510/16/11afternoon spin with troy. All the energy either one of us really had. the luge is in good shape but a little rain wouldn't hurt. thanks troy 
ThinkFast10/16/11good ride with Jay. 
DONALD JACKSON10/13/11solo loop, at sunset. 
DONALD JACKSON10/13/11Full moon, Han, JD, Joe C, A nice warm eve ride 
GoneRiding10/13/11Started solo but finally caught up to Vickie's SS group at the flag pole. Had thoughts of going to OC but a beer at Cooks with friends easily persuaded me to make a right at the Luge. One tarantula sighting. Good seeing some people I haven't seen in a while. 
Ladera Dave10/13/114 of us tonight, awesome full moon still, good seeing you Troy. 
JD15810/12/111st solo lap before riding with Don. 
MTB Fiend10/11/11I love pumpkin anything. But now I feel a stronger kindred connection to my favorite fruit. For now, I surely know, how it feels to have body and soul carved from within, only the shell of my former self, and left with only an untrue grin. 
vt1ryan10/11/11Nice warm evening ride. Nice full moon tonight 
JD15810/11/112nd lap. Hanging with Don, Chris, and Joey. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch10/10/11Fun run with Jeff. He's getting much faster up and down. 
GoneRiding10/10/11Lap 1 - pushed hard in order to be back in time to meet Troy for another loop. Didn't see any other riders. Nice evening while the sun went down. 
GoneRiding10/10/11Good ride w/ Troy - legs felt better than I thought they would from the first lap. We saw 1 tarantula - had the trail completely to ourselves. Didn't even see anyone else in the lot at Cooks. 
ThinkFast10/10/11Always nice riding with Tom. Beautiful night for a ride. Weather was perfect, clear views, moon was almost full, no need for any extra layers. 
Ladera Mike10/10/11Perfect night for a ride. Started around 7:45 and had the trail to myself. Tons of moon light tonight. 
cleanbeater10/09/11Ride 2 of 2 on Friday. 
vt1ryan10/09/11Quick evening spin before darkness sat in. 
vt1ryan10/08/11Quick morning loop. Got a little warm this morning. Alot of roadiees out on the bike today 
MoJo10/06/11Trail was nice and tacky. Legs were "flat", zero fire power. 
Ladera Dave10/06/118 of us tonight, nice and tacky, good seeing Flying Brain, great food afterwords. 
nuts4mtbikes10/06/11Small crowd tonight, Me, Terri, Rich and Bob. I think the cold kept everyone away!! 
DONALD JACKSON10/05/11KJ Jason Han SurferGuy. A slight sign of dampness on the trail 
mtbfan09/30/11Perfect quick ride back after fighting a bad cold for almost a week. Made it in 55 minutes....really nice to push it. Beautiful sun setting... 
vt1ryan09/28/11Nice evening ride after work last night. No a soul out on the trail except for the flag standing tail. Gets dark now at 6:50pm. Got to hustle to get rides in until my bike lights are found. 
ZULU09/27/11Perfect temps for a night ride. No moon, lots of stars and nobody else on the trail. 
Kimo09/27/11Great evening for a night ride. 
Kimo09/27/11Practicing night laps for my race in November. Beautiful night. Perfect weather and trail conditions. 
ThinkFast09/27/11Legs were a bit sore after yesterdays run in the hills. 
MTB Fiend09/27/11Just enough time for a quickie late afternoon ride. Made even quicker by a squeeky seat post! (You can't outrun that, but I tried). Rolled in to the garage in near record time and immediately applied some grease to that annoyance. Great tunes, Great ride! 
Pathfinder09/25/11Perfect night. Cool temps. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/25/11Nice night for a ride. Easy cruise on The Luge. My 2nd time at night, my 2 companions' 1st time. We all made it safely. Met a couple of great guys at the first gate, was one of their's first times and he made it up Modjeska Grade w/o stopping on a 1x9. Kind of wondered where they were when we finished, saw them coming back up to Cook's from the wrong direction--one of them broke their Turner frame. Hope they get treated well by Turner. Let me ride the other bike, a Niner M.C.R. (1x9)--seemed like a nice frame / bike. Didn't seem that heavy for steel. Orig was going to do Old Camp but decided to take it easy today as I'm battling a pretty good head cold right now--almost didn't ride at all. 
ZULU09/23/11Awesome weather for a night ride. Perfect temps and ran into a few cool other guys at the flag. Great ride with a great group. Good Times, Primo! 
Kimo09/23/11Great night for a ride. Weather was perfect trail was great. Good company. Even stopped to replace my brakes at the flag :-)....Thanks to my riding friends 
JCampbell09/22/11Nice night out. 
Jake c('.'c)09/22/11This was my 2nd Luge lap tonight, without Old Camp this time. 
DONALD JACKSON09/21/11Adam and I, night riding makes it interesting. Oggies after for some IPA and tacos with Chris 
MTB Fiend09/15/11Should have gone to Maple Springs as planned. Slightly later start than anticipated but managed to stay ahead of the masses. STT and the Luge are pretty chopped up - damned Gophers! Great ride! 
Lonnie09/15/11Great ride into the darkness with Todd. 
Ladera Dave09/15/1110 riders tonight, it was good seeing my 24 hour racing friends from LaHarba. 
vt1ryan09/14/11Nice evening pace tonight. Had to hustle before darkness set in 
rushak09/13/11Had to cut my ride to Old Camp short. Shock was not holding air and made for a real sloppy ride down the luge. 
portolavet09/13/11Long day at work. Too late to go up Harding, decided to go for a fun Luge and save my energy for tomorrow. 
portolavet09/12/11Double fun today. 
genusmtbkr509/11/11Great turnout for OMR's "Ride of Silence" for 9-11 victims 10 years ago to date. 
DONALD JACKSON09/10/11Rode with Armando for the first time since 8-10 Was not even damp, but no dust. Hail and some rain at 9 am in MV 
MTB Fiend09/10/11Sensational fall afternoon ride. No TStorms for me, no sirreee! Super solo ride. Intended to do Old Camp, but the siren sound of of Smashed Pumpkin beer, steaks and ??? lured me down the the Luge. Feeling stronger every day! Great ride! 
vt1ryan09/08/1194 degrees at starting time of 6:30pm. Nice warm evening ride. Keeps the body nice and warm. 
MoJo09/08/11Night ride with Dan and Randy. Started about 7:45 and the temperature was perfect. Had the trail to ourselves. 
portolavet09/06/11Quick stop at the luge before hitting the limestone canyon group ride. Hot day but always fun. 
Ladera Mike09/06/11Late ride on a warm summer night. Avg temp was 80.5 according to the Edge even though I started after 8. Broke a spoke on the rear rim comin down the Luge. 
MoJo09/01/11quick pace 
Jake c('.'c)09/01/11Spotted a weird black snake with white horizontal pin stripes. As soon as it saw me it took off like a bullet. Never seen a snake move so fast. Anyone know what it might have been? I started up STT towards old camp but my phone was just going off. Stupid responsibilities. I don't wanna grow up. 
vt1ryan08/25/11SS night. The heat is on 
Heathermarie908/25/11Wed Velosport ride Definately warming up out there! 
prerunner13208/24/11Had some lighting troubles in the beginning, but ride was good after that. Got a flat right at the flag and didnt have a tube. Going down the luge wasnt that fun at all. 
prerunner13208/24/11Had a late start. Was pitch black by the time we got to the flag. Had no lights. Interesting way down using only moon light. 
Jake c('.'c)08/23/11I pushed pretty hard on this one but still ended up 3 full minutes slower than my PB on this route. I passed a girl on the grade and she caught me just before the end of the climb. 
One Flew OTB08/21/11Midday run up to the Luge. Hotter than I expected. Vacation and illness have taken their toll ... time to get riding again! 
javarocker08/20/11Nice ride with Jonathan. 
mtbfan08/17/11Great evening ride to dial in the new drive train. Did not give me any problems this time, and I made it in under an hour, which is a good time for me. Pretty hot out there. 
vt1ryan08/16/11Nice traction on my new back Specialized Captain tire for my SS tonight. The back tire just grabs now. Nobody on the trail tonight. 
Lonnie08/15/11Great ride with Larry, Miles, Beth, Cliff and Jeff. 
vt1ryan08/13/11Quick spin with Twitch this morning. Thanks for the call. 
RaulC08/13/11great night ride and after party at Cooks with jay, Todd B, Todd H, Todd S(ken), Nicolaas 
Boerseun08/13/11Ride 2 of 2 : 2nd ride for the day...Welcome back from Africa full moon night ride with Steeleboat, RaulC, THanson, JCarr, Shine. Good to see that Shine's shoulder is getting better. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/11/11Luge is chunky right now. 
DIRTULS08/11/11I was not feeling this ride, still having issues with my friend the Luge. Good company tonight. Don't know what was up with the druken cowboy and his dogs. But, he ran me off the trail and laughed. I did not mind the chilly air as I was occupied with my issues. Hopefully they will be gone soon. 
MoJo08/10/11Dawn patrol with Dan. The plan was Old Camp, but I was still too sick this am to continue so we called it at the Luge. 
mtbkel4408/10/11thanks ChrisTA for forgetting your shoes on the Limestone ride so you could ride later with me... Yeah. 
MTB Fiend08/10/11What month is this!? Freakin' cold tonight! Got a late start and as the clouds came in so the did the cold temps. As I climbed goat hill beyond the Luge, I came across a cowboy and his 2 dogs. I guess my recent people polarity issues carry over to dogs too. His 2nd dog simply would not pass me and instead literally turned tail tucked and ran the opposite direction! The cowboy had to get off his horse, coax the dog near him and physically drag the dog past me. I was stopped and off the trail. Weird! Not at all sure what to think of that! But that's not all. We opted to turn around instead of OC because of the cold. Here comes the cowboy back up the trail. Again the dog freaks out but gets around me on his own. the cowboy stops to chat a bit (he was a bit tipsy we think, OK alot tipsy). Suddenly his horse starts to go off making all sorts of noise and stomping about all the while staring ME down with HUGE eyes! Holy Crap! What's the matter with me!? I'm a nice guy! Really! Weird ride! 
portolavet08/09/11Quick ride after work today. 
Enriquez08/09/11Perfect weather this evening on The Luge...6 pm start! saw 4 nite riders heading out about the time we got back...maaaaybe one day I will try a nite ride :) 
mtbkel4408/08/11started out with others but had to stop at the luge to go to work. i was glad since it was hot already! 
mtbkel4408/07/11almost went otb on the luge, but saved it. solo ride. 
Weekend Warrior08/06/11Great ride after being off the bike for 3 weeks. 
thatdave08/06/11Kevin,Dave,and I. And I pulled a calf muscle before the ride!! 
vt1ryan08/03/11Nice warm evening ride. 
Jake c('.'c)08/01/11Planned on riding to old camp but I just wasn't feeling it today. I rode a mile or so after the flag and turned around. 
SAmtn07/29/11Last minute ride with Manny, Mike, and Jeff. Luge has some gnarly spots right now. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/28/11Easy cruise this morning. Foggy out. Luge is a bit Chunky right now and a little loose up top--slid around a bit descending from the Flag and just after, but saved it. 
RaulC07/27/11William;s first time; easy pace 
ThinkFast07/25/11Quick spin just before sunset. 
cleanbeater07/24/11Good ride with NO GO. 
flyingbrian07/23/11rode the nomad and flatted at the top of the luge , had to walk most of the way down. 
Rowsby07/22/11Thursday night with Geof. Met Keith B at cooks but he was road riding. 
mtbkel4407/21/11i was S.A.S. per usual. chased ChrisTA. The new fork and wheel seem ok on my inherited Trek Fuel. Off to Mammoth now. 
ThinkFast07/18/11Solo. Squeezed this one in before dark. 
Kimo07/17/11Quick morning ride with the group. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/15/11Misty morning ride, was soak and wet by the end from the brush on the sides of the trail and the mist in the air. Bike looks like a powdered donut, but the trail was good shape. Luge is a bit chunky, realized I rode it with my rear shock on firm (brain) last time so I opened it pu at the top of the descent to the flag. Somehow managed to OTB in the first creek crossing at the bottom of the Luge right into the side of the cliff, put my front hand down onto my front wheel but I am ok as is my bike. 
vt1ryan07/14/11solo evening spin 
MTB Fiend07/14/11Slipped a sunset evening ride in, that is, since the sun was kind of enough to finally come out. Started out at a moderate pace, but felt better as the climbing began. Climbed to the flag from the other side, a bit more challenging. Of course, no one saw it. Dropped down Live Oak with the setting sun. Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON07/13/11Adam and I on the SS's Nice cool eve Oggies for some tacos, Han joined us 
4_chew_nut07/13/11Evening ride with JP. Felt good, but both of us had a sore knee; my left knee was swollen on Tuesday morning and the only thing it could have been from was riding on Monday. Stood up more than normal to reduce the knee stress. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/12/11The trail is smooth and fast right now. I've felt and done better on the climbs, but beat my personal best down the Luge by nearly 15%. 
ThinkFast07/12/11Easy after work spin. Weather was nice today. 
MoJo07/12/11Great company and great conversation kept the pace higher than we expected. Very fun ride! Post dinner and cocktail to top it off. Now home to watch the TDF :) 
DIRTULS07/12/11TA Taco Tuesday Ride. I failed to visit the flag pole and the Luge for a few months and the trail paid me back dearly. Guess I have to show this trail more love. Right now the Luge and I have a not so loving relationship. 
tweasol07/11/11Rode with Bison and his new '11 Enduro. Good times 
One Flew OTB07/10/11Quick solo spin after getting my bike fixed at Rock N Road. Pretty warm out there today! 
tweasol07/09/11Most Excellent Sunset weather ! Might have to do it this way more often... 
Phishin Paul07/08/11Not as hot as I thought it would be last night. 
Rowsby07/07/11Monday Morning ride with the gang. It was hot by 8am! 
Heathermarie907/06/11TA Taco Tuesday ride. Fun laid back group. I missed the Luge :-) 
Ladera Mike07/04/11Summer night ride after a long day of barbecuing. Still warm but way better than riding in the heat. Great ride. 
RoughRiderR07/03/11Grandios plans were set out to ride old camp and then maybe whiting after but bksubs had to tend to the farm. Good ride with jeff and ian. good to just do a short loop and talk shop with the boys. 
BigT07/01/11After work ride. Just before sunset. Lots of people out. No heel pain. :) 
A bit more technical07/01/11a little warm, otherwise nice! 
TREE06/30/11Another after work loop trying to get the legs motivated. 
TREE06/29/11Monday ride with DMAN. We did not see another bike on the trail the entire time. I don't think I have ever ridden the Luge without being passed at some point on my journey to the flag. Great temps. 
mtbkel4406/29/11quick ride with the wife. finished right before dark. Off to Mt. Pinos on Friday a.m. Woohoooo!!! First timer there. Hope it is as fun as they say it is.... 
DONALD JACKSON06/28/11Rode my Hammer with a 32 / 17 & a pinner 700 c x 35 tire. Cooks was going off, 
mtbkel4406/25/11darn it was hot. always fun flying down the luge. great to be joined by Mark C. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch06/25/11Foggy at dawn. One of those days where you're riding above the clouds on STT. Beautiful wildflowers--I could smell them. Might be my imagination or my frame of reference has changed, but it seems like STT & The Luge are smoother. I don't know if that's due to trailwork or because I haven't been riding it as much. Made for my fastest time down The Luge despite having to stop twice--once to get a bee out of a vent in my helmet and once for a hiker coming up The Luge. 
luvmammoth06/25/11Nice night ride with the wife tonight. This was our first night ride with our new Magicshine lights. They worked great and you can't beat the price, thanks geomangear. 
JTuttle06/23/11Fun ride with Skinny! Good to be back. Bike needs some love! 
DONALD JACKSON06/23/11Team Velo sport wed ride. A good size group , looks like everyone had a good time, 
Burgemeester06/22/11A late night ride with Steeleboat and Slopush. I was hoping to carry on to Old Camp, but Slopush decided enough was enough and conviced us to head down the Luge instead! 3 skunks, and a cold beer were the order of the day! Thanks Lads, and next time we WILL forge up to OC!?! 
SKINNY06/22/11Last ride before going in for knee surgery on Friday. bleh! 
slopush06/22/11Did this ride last night w/ Steelboat and Burgemeester. Very warm temps. Saw three skunks but only got a whiff of one of them. Got back to Cooks at 9:50 PM to find three guys just getting ready to ride up to the flag. It was 10:30 before they got going. Now that's a night ride! 
ThinkFast06/21/11so(s)lo(w)...a bit on the warm side this afternoon. 
MoJo06/19/11Good group ride. 
luvmammoth06/17/11First night ride! Rode with my wife, Deadweight, Calepic, and Rogerdodger. Good lights equal fun, bad light eqaul scary. Fortunately, everyone but me had good lights. 
mtbkel4406/15/11fun ride, but warm. 11 am start time. no one out there. I so love my old Blur on this trail. Way more fun than the 29er on the Luge. I love the squish... Don't think I will ever part with that bike. 
vt1ryan06/14/11Nice warm spin on the SS tonight 
mtbkel4406/10/11fun misty morning ride with cheryl, pamela and umm... someone else, i forget. please, someone cut back the bushes. Jim?? We got soaked on the climb. 
Andy Mc06/09/11Second ride on a Epic Comp 29, it needs to lose some weight, question is do we have enough money to do that! 
ThinkFast06/08/11Quick after work loop. Felt good. 
portolavet06/07/11Nice lunch break!! 
vt1ryan06/07/11Saw two riders climbing luge tonight. Good job 
RollnStone06/05/11Casual pace ride. STT could use a good brushing, the plants are closing in (except for the Luge which is in great shape). 
mtbkel4406/05/11should of spent less time at the Serfas bike swapmeet and more time on the bike... Oh, well I got a few great deals. 
STEVO CARRILLO06/05/11Morning ride with Lonnie, Beth, Dave, Myles and Kim C. Ist time on the Luge in sometime, nice to get out and enjoy it with friends. Met up with Doug G afterwards in the parking lot and had a nice chat. Thanks all.. 
Lonnie06/05/11Beautiful ride with the Sunday group Dave, Beth, Miles, Stevo, and Kim. The Luge is a floral garden with an awesome single track. Bright wildflower colors are everywhere. 
MTB Fiend06/04/11A little bike maintenance and then a casual late afternoon ride. Great Serfas bike swap meet today, got some killer deals on clothing but did not find the parts I need. Great ride! 
mtbkel4406/02/11met ChrisTA on her mile 27 at the gate of STT. I was on mile 1. She tried to coherce me into going to Old Camp, then Whiting. Naww. I was up for a quickie only. Saw one angry red rattler that coiled and rattled at me. I hate reptiles... 
rider5706/01/11jack, laci, my dad and i hit it it was sick. 
jack5706/01/11my sister ran over a snake. 
cleanbeater06/01/11Good ride with Dave. Lost my rear brake 1/2 way down Luge... that was "fun". 
crazylaci05/31/11first time ran over a snake. 
Kimo05/31/11Great ride after work. Rode with the fast guys today! The boys kicked my butt in a good way! 
MTB Fiend05/31/11Really radical red Rattler really rattles rolling rider! Came upon my closest encounter with a Rattlesnake ever on my MTB! I am guessing we both surprised each other as he was coiled, rattling and ready to strike - just as, get this!, my down stroke nearly hit his head. I never saw him strike and I don't think he did, as my pedal stroke (middle/middle) moved me quickly ahead! Wow! that was real close. Small head, so I am guessing 2 footer maybe. Whew! Thought about what I would have done for the rest of the ride. Not much you can do. I have seen many Cougars and other larger wildlife, never been all that concerned. This encounter was scarey! Ahh... but still a great ride! (Did not get bit)! 
MTB Fiend05/31/11Second loop. The first loop was not all that fast and this second one was even slower. No power. Started feeling a bit stronger just as the climbing was all over! But that's OK as I was really groovin' on the wild flowers. Yellows and Whites are going off big time, next should be the Reds and Blues. Saw what looked like Violet poppies, in abundance on the first loop. On this second loop they had closed up and were barely visible. Very few riders out - keep on racing! Great ride! 
halfasst05/29/11Stopped by to demo a Specialized, but when we got there they were packing up saying it was too muddy. Actually the luge was in great shape, one very small area of mud near the top, but otherwise perfect! I think the demo team was getting tired of cleaning the bikes! 
ZULU05/28/11Rode the SS today and it was getting a little loose and rocky on the climbs but still in good condition. Managed to loose by multi-tool, CO2 and inflator somewhere after the steple gate and before the drop down to the flag. Keep your eyes open for me. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch05/28/11Lots of Mustard, etc. in spots made STT narrow. The descent to the Flag almost looked like it had been swept, as did the Luge. Still some loose rocks, etc. but it almost seemed like it had been cleaned up a bit / made easier. Might be my imagination as it's been a while since I've done this loop. Great weather and ride! 
cleanbeater05/27/11Ride 2 of 2 with Slowride. Great day to be out. 
hansolo05/26/11Mellow ride with KJ and Johnny C. Don changed his ghetto tubeless setup with bigger tires at home and finally made it up above the Luge...climbing backwards to catch us! Nice one DonJackson! 
BigT05/26/11So far so good. Achilles is a little tight. Stretching is in the plan. Time sucked. Multiple rests. Ugh... Back on the bike... finally. Amazing how quick I pooped out on the wall. 4 months off the bike takes a toll for sure. A TEN F*ING POUND TOLL!!! 
MTB Fiend05/25/11Local yokel sunset ride. Finally found fabulous full-filling fast, fun, flow - among the flowers of the Luge. (eh.., "f's" are hard). Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON05/24/11reverse 
rider5705/21/11my dad and I rode, it was great dirt. cant wait to go back. The luge is so awsome. 
hinds5705/21/11darrin,aberham,and I we barely made it before the sun went down. 
SKINNY05/21/11good to be back on the bike.. 
hinds5705/21/11rider and I kid rode great. 
TBlazen05/20/11great ride with some friends... 
Boerseun05/19/11Ride 1 of 2 : SS - 
Boerseun05/19/11Ride 2 of 2 : SS - 
MTB Fiend05/19/11Loop 1 - super solo, saw a couple of riders at the flag is all. Tried to do a quick pace because I was in a bit of a rush, but my legs would have none of it! No strength, no power, no matter how I tried to force it. Settled in and enjoyed the ride. Sun came out, that helped brighten things considerably. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend05/19/11Toughest ride I've done in a very long time. More tough rides ahead. 
hansolo05/18/11Good Ole Luge with very few peeps out. Rode with Adam and DJackson then Oggi's! Great night! 
Keith B05/17/11Although it drizzled all morning the trail was bone dry. Someone had done some trail work on the luge and cut back alot of the bushes but there were places where their 'modifications' clearly weren't positive. 
Andy Mc05/17/11First Time in X years, [good choice Keith] route changed a little on the Luge, time not including breaks was 1:04:30 
mtnbikej05/17/11Had I not been rained out at work this morning....you would be hard pressed to convince me that it rained, considering how dry the trail was. Last minute decision to go for a ride. Got to Cooks at 6:40. Knew I had a litttle over 1 hour of daylight. Only saw 3 other cars. Temps were pretty cool. Pushed the pace. Some of the trail is overgrown, and other spots that were overgrown have died and fallen back. Only saw 2 runners on the trail, otherwise I had it all to myself. Only time I put a foot down was to put my jacket on at the flagpole. Very nice ride tonight. Glad I decided to go. 
DONALD JACKSON05/17/11Thanks for brushing the Luge! Adam and Chris for a typical good time 
cleanbeater05/16/11Good push with NO GO 
DONALD JACKSON05/15/114 riders were ahead of me and must have been caught in the rain, It was slick in sections, Left a pick on the trail 
MTB Fiend05/14/11Sweet super solo ride. Intended to head out to Old Camp but turned around at the top of Goat Hill as the clouds were a bit more wet than I was interested in. Cool though. Not another soul out there - had the whole place to myself. Chores in the AM, kayaking mid-day (much nicer at the beach today), MTB in the afternoon - Great day! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend05/14/11One loop was not enough, so I opted for a double-looper. Still trying to stay under the wettest clouds, but they were not cooperating. So still, so calm - very peaceful and serene. Second loop and never saw another soul. My own private Idaho. Hung out a bit and took it all in. Great ride! 
Kimo05/12/11Great afternoon ride. Came across a snake 3/4 of the way down the Luge had to pull over and let him cross the trail. 
Kimo05/12/11Great weather for a mid afternoon ride. 
DONALD JACKSON05/11/11Adam Curt, Chris, Andy & Eric from S L Tahoe, with the BikeCo crew. Good times at Rudys 
ZULU05/11/11Super easy nice ride just enjoying the breeze, the view, and the ride. Had a cool encounter with a big red rattler down the Luge. Good ride. 
JD15805/11/11Rode the SS. Getting in a quick ride. Heard something rattling with the bike on STT...forgot to tighten up the chain adjuster last night...oops!! 
vt1ryan05/10/11Nice to be back on the SS again. Need to build some power and strength again. 
Kimo05/07/11Great ride. Trail conditions were great. Bike rode great after some minor adjustments. 
ZULU05/07/11Nice day to ride the Luge on the SS. The trail is in great condition and the Luge is fast and sweet. 
surferguy24th05/05/11I was running late so half of my ride was catching up to the group. Once I met up with them it went by fast because of the short route but great to see all the old race buddies and some new people. Nice to be able to ride out here during the weekday. 
Heathermarie905/05/11Wed Velosport ride. 22 riders tonight and a few first rides down the luge Yay! :-) 
MTB Fiend05/05/11Earlier start than usual (by about 20min), can't be late anymore - not cool. Quite still out. Other than myself, there was nothing larger than a lizard moving - well, up until the climbing was over. Saw Toro and his buddies at the flag - again. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend05/05/11Loop 2 - ahh.. Brews and Views (almost gave up on it). Much cooler on this loop and equally vacant on the trail. Nice breezes at the flag. Had absolutely no flow on both Luge descents - hate that! oh, but still... a Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON05/04/11Adam and Chris, xcontrol carbon. 
DONALD JACKSON05/04/11Velo Sport R n R Wed ride, Good size group today 
Twitch05/04/11Nice ride with vt1ryan. Always good to see Don J out there. 
vt1ryan05/04/11Quick spin with twitch tonight. Good pace. Felt good and strong. A lot of people out on a warm evening 
vt1ryan05/03/11Tonights evening ride was awesome with the warm weather. 
DONALD JACKSON05/02/11Carbon x control and cobalts with gears 
MTB Fiend04/29/11aaahhh... a sunset soaked, light-hearted solo ride in the last hour of light, sweet. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/28/11Loop 1 - Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/28/11Loop 2 - Great ride! 
mtbkel4404/28/11nice evening ride with MTBfiend and Sharon. Had an upset stomach the whole ride...Musta been the beer tasting I did at lunchtime... 
DONALD JACKSON04/27/11Kyle and his buddy, Calvin, Bean Some mechanicals but still a good ride. 
DONALD JACKSON04/27/11Andy, Adam, Chris, Calvin, Moe Adams hanger broke so he had to turn back, thanks for the beer 
SCJim04/22/11Lunch Luge ride. Watch out for new small rock slide 2/3 down. Passable but a new obstacle as it wasn't there yesterday. 
RoughRiderR04/22/11was tired as i tired to follow keith. good ride overall. decent was fun w/daylight 
MTB Fiend04/21/11Loop 1 - late start, rush rush. Tunes were good, but not fast enough. Rush rush. 
MTB Fiend04/21/11Loop 2 - despite my efforts, tardy again. Rush rush - no time for Brews and Views, got to beat the sunset. 
DONALD JACKSON04/20/11Cal and Chris, Still loving the cool weather, Trails in great shape 
Keith B04/20/11After work blast with Ryan. I'm liking the Enduro alot right now. Luge was primo - had fun chasing Ryan down after my traditional slower start on the gravelly bit at the top. Need to drop some air out of the fork for next time. 
vt1ryan04/19/11I pulled a 55 min ride today but I just cant beat that time right now. Its the downhill that slows me down. O well just keep enjoying the luge. Its like butter. 
Ladera Mike04/19/11Went out and laid down a 51 minuter tonight. A personal best by almost 3 minutes. Middle ring on everything but Modjeska and puke hill. Goal is to dip into the 40s by summer. Spooky riding up into the clouds with lights on. Hardly anyone out there tonight. Started just after sunset but was the last car in the lot. 
cleanbeater04/16/11Ride 1 of 2 today, with Dave. 
mark189004/16/116pm start,saw no one.just me,the izards and wabbits.. 
ZipsBiker04/15/11Good solo warm up ride 
ZipsBiker04/15/11Path Thursday night ride. 
tweasol04/15/11Fun ride with Edgar today. A little hot, not too bad. 
portolavet04/15/11Nice ride with Tweasol. Will post the URL for the downhill video later this afternoon. 
Ladera Mike04/15/11First ride in a while due to a nasty cold and trying to get my front derailleur issue sorted out. Ended up throwing a new XT on today, problem solved. Awesome night to be out for a ride. 
vt1ryan04/14/11Good pace tonight. Legs felt strong 
grendal04/13/11Had a burb flat about 1/2 down the luge. Took two inflates to get it fixed as inflate valve was broke. I have never worn knee pads on the luge. Think I might going forward. 
Marcos04/12/11Big rattel snake on the trail 1/2 mile in from the gate. 
MoJo04/12/11Mike's Bday ride. Fun ride with Mike, Laura, and Daniel. Post ride cocktails rounded out the evening :) 
Lobotomized Sasquatch04/12/11First night ride on STT/Luge. Slower by roughly 10% or so from my usual; is that normal? Lots of riders out, so I gave it a whirl solo but there were riders in front and behind me so I felt relatively safe on this loop, but that is admittedly not ideal. Not sure I'll go solo at night again. 
DONALD JACKSON04/11/11The DH bike is always a chore to get up the hill, Adam was at the Irvine Lake mud run so he met me for a loop. nice warm afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON04/11/112nd loop solo on my SPOT 
RoughRiderR04/11/11forgot to stop the gps after the ride. it was raining out. i turned around before i made it to the dirt. i saw jeff and figured i should carry on. glad i did. the luge was slippery at the top. 
BikeThisTrail04/10/11Nice to see so many people out riding today! 
Rowsby04/10/11Saturdays ride- Santa Cruz Demo day at the BikeCo. Got to try a carbon Nomad and I see one in my future ;-) 
MTB Fiend04/08/11Super silent solo somber singletrack sojourn. Got this ride in before it got all clear and sunny looking out. Trail is perfectly dry, nary a speck of soil on the bike. Real cold, real windy, real dramatic. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/07/11Very quick, cold, windy, awesome solo ride. Did not see another rider. Maybe it was the ominous stormy clouds. Maybe it was the relentless cold wind. Maybe other folks just are'nt as lucky as me. Got this ride in under the rain radar. Great ride! 
A bit more technical04/07/11Glad to get out before the rain. windy! 
ZULU04/06/11Quick loop on the SS to shake up the morning. 
cleanbeater04/06/11NOGO set the pace today. Legs a little tired from pushing this ride yesterday, but still a good time. 
Royster7104/05/11Took out christian his first time on the Luge. I got all the way over to the grade and relized I forgot my helmet... Oops .. Tried to keep my self under control. I felt a bit silly. Ran into greg from R and R and couple others... 
Lobotomized Sasquatch04/05/11Rode with my nephew--his 2nd time. 
vt1ryan04/05/11Evening spin with Donald Jackson and his crew. Nice spin on the SS 
cleanbeater04/05/11Think my GPS is toast. Great afternoon to ride, and Luge is in the best shape I've seen it. 
DONALD JACKSON04/05/11Merida trans mission is for the luge, Andy Chris Elisio VTryan 
mtbkel4404/05/11last minute solo ride. I was super pressed for time. An angry red rattlesnake scared the bejeezes outta me about 1 mile up from the gate. I wasn't sure what it was. I heard a loud scuffle/brush moving, then I saw it coiled. It was a fatty. At least it jumped back away from me... 2 other riders five or more minutes behind me heard it and saw it too. I about wet myself... Then a tarantula, then gophers peeking out of holes inches from my tires. Then lizards, a squirrel and even a rabbit. Dang, I like nature, but this was too much. Give me morning rides where I don't see all these critters, especially snakes. Was gonna ride tomorrow afternoon, but forget it. Too scary. 
gmann04/04/11kept going after coming down from old camp. felt good until the last 2 climbs, then turned into a slug. fun descent down the luge. 
vt1ryan04/02/11Nice Friday evening spin. Easy ride 
Tick Magnet04/02/11Slow ride today, too much good food for lunch and I paid for it on the hill. 
ZULU04/01/11Perfect weather to ride. The view was awesome and the trail was tackey and fast. Best conditions in a while. It was so nice out that I had to slow down the pace and enjoy that fact that I was riding. Smaile on my face the whole day now! Please remember to slow down and appreciate the rides sometime. :-) 
Silverback04/01/11Great ride at dusk. Adding two minute for not starting the Garmin in parking lot, otherwise this would have been a PB. 
vt1ryan03/31/11Warm evening ride. Nice 
TrailMonkey03/31/11ride with Ted 
A bit more technical03/31/11nice and warm 
Ladera Dave03/31/115 riders on a hot night. Good food after words. 
MTB Fiend03/31/11Loop 1 - oh so nice to have hot weather again. Late start meant I had to keep the pace up. Everything is nice and dry. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/31/11Loop 2 - Brews and Views. Oh, so relaxing. We hung out to the last minute and descended with just enough light not to need lights. Perfect! Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON03/30/11Adam Andy Chris KJ, A fast pace even with some mechanicals, Best part is with no lights, Saw some friends in the lot. 
cleanbeater03/29/11Garmin died on me. Rode with Dave, NOGO & Twitch. 
Ladera Mike03/29/11First ride in almost two weeks due to a vacation and all the rain. Late start at 8:30, last car in the lot. Suprisingly warm tonight. 
ThinkFast03/28/11Solo. Went down the Luge with Mad Man Morgan who was at the flag. Saw Monica at the cars. Still a bit soft in spots but overall the trail is OK. 
vt1ryan03/28/11STT is in great shape. Luge is absolutely like butter. Was able to get a ride in and finish at 7:15pm without lights. 
SuperDutyDave03/27/11quite muddy today 
devodoc03/26/11Under cloudy skies and an occasional drizzle we suited up and headed out for what we thought would be an uneventful ride - we were right, it was. 
FRANCHI03/26/11Early morning ride. Still foggy with some mud puddles. A nice creek along The Luge descent. 
Lonnie03/26/11Great ride with Ben. 
Jocko03/25/11Just as Tuesday evening, did this ride Thursday evening cause most other places are closed due muddy conditions. Nice ride with Bob, Dave and GT. 
SCJim03/25/11Wet and wild after work ride. Trail in great shape. 
DONALD JACKSON03/25/11DH bike makes this a little longer ride, Great conditions, still a little mud in spots 
SKINNY03/25/11not too muddy.. go get some. 
DONALD JACKSON03/24/11Tuesday night, only Han showed. Oggies after for the tacos and IPA 
flyingbrian03/24/11rode with torps 
Jocko03/23/11With GT - First ride on WFO in over 3 weeks. 
ThinkFast03/23/11Solo ride on the Niota. Trail is in good shape, a couple wet spots in usual places but they were smaller than I was expecting. Rode from home which added an extra 10 miles. 
SCJim03/23/11Fun solo lunch ride. Trail in great shape. 
MTB Fiend03/23/11Watched the TWC.com weather all day. The hourly indicated the rain was coming but it appeared there was time to squeeze a ride in. Got out on STT and looked up to see the rain was a coming! This fiend was pedaling furiously! Started raining, only a little bit, just as I was climbing out of the Luge. Second time the same jerk driver cut right in front of me as he entered Santiago Estates (Black Escalade, of course). One of my fastest loops ever! Great ride! 
bikesurfski03/22/11The Luge is in tacky, non-muddy perfect shape--just let 'er rip. A little cool on the descent, as usual. Some snow on the top of Santiago Peak. Squirrels scurrying all along the trail--guess they're getting their runs in before tomorrow night's rain. All the other parks are closed today. Awesome powder day today at Mt. Baldy, three feet of new powder and skiing down to the parking lot. They opened chair 4 and the line on chair 3 cleared out. 
Silverback03/22/11Rode at dusk, very nice evening. 
Royster7103/20/11Got one in before the rains... Nice riding with you Mojo, Anthony and Dan! 
MTB Fiend03/20/11Got to Cooks and realized the weather was still holding so I opted for a 2nd adventure. Normally, I don't like the wind and tend to fight it. Today, I was able to completely relate to the wind's wild, rambunctious, and free spirit. Wished I could have stayed out longer, but really did not want to get caught in the rain. Great ride! 
vt1ryan03/20/11Cold breezy morning ride. Nice tail-wind up the pavement road. Made the ride in before the rain. 
MoJo03/20/11Fun group ride and timed it perfect- began to rain just as we hit Live Oak. Good times with Roy, Dan, and our "newbie" Anthony :) 
portolavet03/19/11Quick luge before riding blackstar with Karl and company. 
SuperDutyDave03/19/11Demo'd a Pivot Firebird--nice bike 
dandrews03/18/11Was going to old camp and my 4ti pedal broke in half, almost crashed. Fun, kinda, going down the luge on one leg. 
Manuel71403/18/11Awesome lush green backdrop as we motor along. 
ThinkFast03/17/11After work spin. Saw Doug heading back down STT. 
MTB Fiend03/17/11Stupid stupid Garmin. Ever since one my riding buddies shared that his Garmin Edge would completely discharge after indicating "Battery Charging Complete" - mine started doing it too. Pull it off the PC after supposedly charging all night and when I go to turn it on - nada. Power is so drained, it is necessary to charge it for a bit from the wall before the PC (USB) will even recognize it again, let alone charge it. Frustrating. Anyway, I digress. I should just be happy I got this first loop in today, and I am. Rode the green Blur, but not really because of the day - more out of necessity. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/17/11Loop o' two. Brews and Views. Brought a light, but opted for cat-eye instead. A little slower, but much more raw. A little tough when going under the trees at the very end. Pays to know the trail! Cat-eyed it down Live Oak and back to the truck too. Finished at real dark. Great ride! 
vt1ryan03/16/11Nice evening ride tonight. Felt really good and strong in the stumps tonight. 
ThinkFast03/15/11Started solo. Steve and Ted caught up to me at the gate and we rode together to the flag. They continued up to OC. Good to see you guys! 
Lonnie03/15/11Solo ride just before sunset. Met anohter solo rider from Utah who had never been on the Luge. He had fun just like a local. His name was Dan. 
MTB Fiend03/14/11Super solo sunset singletrack sojourn. Saw just one other rider, and just 2 cars at Cooks. No Garmin for this ride, somehow drained the battery after claiming a full charge. Steady, but casual somewhat recovery pace. Hung out at the flag, enjoyed the colored hues of the waning sunset light. Oh yeah, and a brewski too! Figured it was time to head on home as lights in the valley below started to sparkle. Made it back home just at dark. Great ride! 
ocbiglar03/13/11The Luge with a little extra! Great day. Luge is in great condition. to all of you who worked on the trial just after the rains back in Jan. My hats off to all of you. 
hinds5703/11/11darrin and I, warm night. 
mtnbikej03/11/11Thursday SS Ride: Great night for a ride....temps were warm....didn't see any riders ahead of us, saw some light behind us....no one at the flag pole when we got there. Only 6 of us tonight. Legs felt like concrete. 
OTB_again03/11/11Warm up ride before tomorrow's walk in the park. Nice to meet Dan from the Linked crew, and a rider named Girard who stopped and lent me his chain tool. Perfect weather today. 
MTB Fiend03/11/11Superb super solo ride. Had the whole place to myself - my own private Luge. Hung out at the flag and had a brewski. Great ride! 
Tick Magnet03/10/11I like the features added to the Luge, thank you. 
vt1ryan03/10/11Nice warm evening ride. Nice and brezzy up at the flag. 45:20 to the flag tonight on the SS. 
Rowsby03/10/11Just JJ and I. Pre Ultraquest ride, feel good but I know it's going to be a long day! 
MTB Fiend03/10/11Loop 1 - just moseying along. Did not see another soul out there. That's cool too. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/10/11Brews and Views! Especially brewey and viewy. Lots of folks out. Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON03/09/11Adam Chris Cal and his friend Kyle. Rode my DH bike and Cal borrowed the hammer. Some socializing in the lot after then Oggies after was a god time, 
TrailMonkey03/08/11Ride with Brain and Friends. flatted in the parking lot 
proraptor03/08/11New Personal best....a little mud but the traction is awesome 
Ladera Mike03/08/11Solo night spin. Pushed it a bit and set a new PB for the route. Packed at the lot tonight. Perfect night riding weather. 
hinds5703/07/11Greg,Marcos,Darrin, and I lots a fun. 
DONALD JACKSON03/07/11SS 25, Really fun ride, Jim and some of his friends were working the choppy lower section, TT 
One Flew OTB03/06/11Tim's first night ride. Not another soul on the trail. 
ZipsBiker03/06/11Nice ride with TC. I can't remember the last time I've ridden this in daylight. 
proraptor03/06/11Nice And cold at the flag 
hinds5703/04/11Darrin,Marcos,Greg and I luge was syill real wet. 
rider5703/03/11my best time so far. 
A bit more technical03/03/11Fun times! 
Keith B03/03/11After work ride with Ian, JJ and Daniel. Rode the dirt section ahead of those guys on the Epic at a pace that didnt strain my back too bad but kept me ahead of them by almost a minute to the bottom of the Luge. Some dude in a helicopter hovered over the top part of the luge watching us ride down. Fun ride. 
Ladera Dave03/03/115 riders tonight, trail was great shape 
MTB Fiend03/03/11Very busy afternoon, although prepared, I was surprised to be able to squeeze this first loop in. Caught up to a couple of buddies hanging out at the flag. Not quite as sloppy at the top, but still plenty wet. Plenty of other riders out. Good tunes - Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/03/11Loop 2 - Brews and Views. What's with the fog and clouds? Makes for an awesome ascent but a tentative descent - at least for us mere mortals. A bit cold this time around. Great ride! 
hinds5703/02/11Darrin,Marcos,Rider, and I. luge was real wet. 
Rowsby03/02/11Slow loop with Jeff Bruck. 
DONALD JACKSON03/02/11On the way home, Sweet ride in daylight, Tossed some dirt in the rut hoy 
spartticus03/02/11rode w/ 2 other friends who continued on to old camp.... perfect temps! 
Tick Magnet03/02/11Nice ride on the trail today. First ride after the flu, felt better than expected. Two other people on the trail, I was soaking in the views and enjoying the ride. The Luge is a little wet in spots but still in great shape. 
Rowsby03/01/112nd loop of the evening, the Luge was so fun but a little wet at the top. 
FalseSummit03/01/11Mid-afternoon casual cruise with Tom. Temps and views don't get any better! 
ThinkFast03/01/11Solo after work ride. Had to take it easy on the Luge, jammed thumb didn't like all the bouncing. 
mtbfan03/01/11Beautiful evening for a ride. Lots of cars in the parking lot. Luge was a little muddy at the top still. Did not need lights until descending the Luge. Not too cold tonight. 
TomG03/01/11Too cold for Old Camp tonight. It's way sloppy at the top! 
halfasst03/01/11Nice ride tonight with 5 others. A little sloppy at the top of the Luge, but otherwise trail is in good shape. 
KeepsWhatHappens03/01/11Good TNR tonight with Keith, Larry, Chip, ScottV, and Doug. Good to ride with you guys as always. Luge was sloppier up top than I was expecting. Pretty squishy and slippery in places. 
DONALD JACKSON03/01/11Andy and Chris, Oggies was great 
Twitch02/28/11Upper Luge was a little sloppy, not too bad. Saw Donald J drive by as I was rolling out of Cooks. 
devodoc02/27/11Was dying to get out so was glad to hear the reports on the condition of the Luge. Yeah, it is pretty sloppy at top but what a great trail. Went down hard at the bottom - broke my visor and my watchband (really?) For a moment I thought I broke my nose. Kinda scary how fast the ground can sneak up on you. 
vt1ryan02/27/11Nice afternoon spin. Trail is in good condition after the rain. The top part of the luge is still pretty muddy. The rest is prime 
ADanFool02/27/11Intended to get to old camp, cable/derailer issues turned me around 1/2 way up first steep section after the flag. F'n hate mechanicals. 
One Flew OTB02/27/11Fun cruise with my son Tim. First time on the bike for him in quite a while. Fun to ride with him again! 
hinds5702/25/11late start 9:15pm good pace, lucky to get it in before the rain. 
ZULU02/25/11Sqeezed in this hot lap before the rains hit. 
proraptor02/25/11cold but nice night out at the luge. Be careful on the downhills leading to the flag as there are some puddles. 
SCJim02/25/11One more in before the rain hits. 
Rowsby02/25/11Cold but fun before the rain ride with Keith B and Rob. Luge was killer! 
Keith B02/25/11Afternoon beat-the-rain ride with Ian and Rob. Rob clobbered his rim coming down to the flag then had a chain breakage after the luge. Luge felt sketchy to me as it had begun raining 10mins back when Rob was fixing his flat and my RaceKings didnt like the gloopy mud and clay. Good to get out and hit the dirt though :-) 
MTB Fiend02/25/11Whew! Squeezed a ride in before the rain (snow?). Started drizzling just as I reached Live Oak. Streets were wet by the time I pedaled back up to the homestead. Lots of other riders out, but plenty of elbow room. Great ride! 
Lonnie02/24/11Great solo ride. 
mtnbikej02/24/11Temps were much warmer than I thought they would be...never got cold. Decent number of riders out. Had more legs than I was expecting. 
MTB Fiend02/24/11Too late a start - rush, rush, finished in 54 minutes but still managed to enjoy the sunset hues. Chilly to be sure. Sweet silly grin flow on the top of the Luge carried all the way through. One of my faster times too. No matter, it's all about the ride. Despite the rush this was a.... Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/24/11What a difference proper preparation makes. Should have changed into a dry jersey, but the group (as small as it was) was waiting. Cold the whole climb. Added some dry layers at the top but the damage was done, just plain old cold - and no power either. I was quite relieved once the climbing was over and we opted to skip the "brews" part of the "brews and views" ride. Thanks to my small group for your patience! Even with the cold and near bonk.... Great ride! 
DIRTULS02/24/11Great ride. Wish I could have went to Old Camp but not enough battery power. Better adventure than yesterday :). Finally getting over my cold I think I rode it out of me yesterday. 
Boerseun02/23/11SS - Late night, night ride with Burgemeester. 
DONALD JACKSON02/23/11James, Chris and Andy on a chilly Tues ride, Rudy's was excellent Rode the Hammer for the second time 
hinds5702/23/11rider and I had a good pace on the climb, but going down he crashed broke the mount on his light and didn't know it. so that led to the second crash. not hurt ready for thursday. 
rider5702/23/11crashed twice,hip brused ready for thursday. 
TBlazen02/23/11Chris and I almost ran into a big fat SKUNK; Road with Donald and Andy as well....Taco's hit the spot! 
JRA02/23/11Great social ride with Kelly,Denise and John;great weather for riding. 
KeepsWhatHappens02/22/11Good to finally ride with Denice again after her crash last year. As always a good ride with ChrisTa and Mtbkel44 as well. We also ran into David aka Kishme at the top and bottom of the Luge and chatted a bit. Good to see you again David. Hope you VQ is smooth and easy! 
Ladera Mike02/22/11Not much of a better way to end a tough, long day at work than a spin aroud the Luge. Late start at 8:20 but the lot was full. Didn't see anyone else on the trail though. 
Burgemeester02/22/11SS. Late night ride with Boerseun. We were going to head up to Old Camp, but I basically had to bully the farm boy into heading down the mtn! I mean...What's better - an uphill, or a downhill with cold beer waiting?!?! No brainer! 
mtbkel4402/21/11great ride with KWH, ChrisTA, and flanneryd. Nice to get out after the rains. Been doing tons of trail walks with the dogs, but I had to get a ride in... 
A bit more technical02/21/11Fun second lap with ben and tom. 
A bit more technical02/21/11First lap 
MTB Fiend02/21/11Quickie little afternoon ride. Went up the Goat Hill to the next lookout above the Luge and then turned around. Awesome views, very few riders out, and incredibly superb conditions! Great ride! 
Manuel71402/21/11Great 1st rip for Tom on his new S-Works Epic. Olson and I were drooling. Great conditions on the ride and the Luge was incredible. 
SuperDutyDave02/20/11Flat tires make me sad 
Lonnie02/20/11Spectacular ride with Todd. The trail is in great shape. 
bikesurfski02/20/11Chilly out there this afternoon, but I was prepared after yesterday on San Juan. Passed by an archer who was carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows. Asked him "Have you bagged any mountain bikers yet?" He said, "No, they're pretty quick." 
El Chupacabra02/19/11Solo Sauturday spin... 
Silverback02/19/11Got a loop in between storms. Really nice and the Luge is holding up well with the recent rain. 
hinds5702/18/11darrin and I rode a large and XL tallboy, switched back and fourth great bike. 
rushak02/18/11RnR full moon ride. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/18/11One more before the rain starts. Trail looked a little different since Tuesday morning, seems like a few more and wider ruts but nice and tacky and in good condition overall. 
JD15802/18/11RnR full moon ride. 
Rumpled02/18/11RnR Full Moon ride, Eric and I left a few minutes early so we weren't dead last the whole way. Good night for a ride before the Live Mega Doppler 7000 Storm Watch! Live at 11! happens. Got passed by the main group and then they stopped to regroup (or was it so they could pass me twice?) Trail in great shape after the light rain of the day before. A chilly night but once I was riding, I was totally warm. Only got chilly again in the parking lot with beers. Cleaned Modjeska Grade again but couldn't on Puke Hill. Looked for Shig while getting ready, but didn't see him, he ended up catching us at the Live Oak pavement. Comp 1:30:35 ride time, 7.8 miles, 5.1 mph avg, 39.2 mph max, 1:51:27 total time, 303 kcal, .08 lb MMR 990 kcal, 5.0 mph avg 
mtbfan02/18/11Nice ride with Mark before the rains. Trail was in great shape!! 
Byron B02/18/11RNR Full Moon Ride. Finally, back on the MTB.. Met a few people and had a great time.. climbing was fun, however, I felt like a goon coming down. Totally need to work on my DH skills. 
vt1ryan02/18/11Front seals on my front shock are being rebuilt so Twitch was generous to let me borrow his Bianchi 29er SS and took it for my first SS sping. Sweet ride but its a complete workout for sure. Once I got to the flag the rain came down hard. Slid all the way down the luge. 
SKINNY02/17/11trail is in great shape.. little to no mud.. go get some! 
SCJim02/17/11First ride on the Luge in a while. Trail was in great shape, though I held back a bit on the DH. No need to be a wimp like me. Let it run! 
MTB Fiend02/17/11Thought I was going solo to Old Camp but hooked up with a buddy to the flag and wussed out because I was cold. Had a pretty good flow going down the Luge. I just could not get it out of my head how lucky we are to have a trail of this type right here in my own backyard. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/17/11Double-looper today. Again, thought I was going solo for this ride when mtnbikej pulled up as I putting on my headphones. He was the only singlespeeder to show up for their weekly craziness. Off we went, he set a mean pace. No brews & views tonight, instead I was busy adding another layer as the temps were plummeting. Yet another... Great ride! 
Ladera Mike02/17/11Still had a blast tonight, but had to stop twice on the climb to pump air in the leaking front tire. Then had to swap out the tube at the flag. First time I've done that in the dark. Sure glad I had the arm warmers bombing down Live Oak. 
mtnbikej02/17/11Good ride tonight....trail doesn't even look like it got rained on. Temps were warmer than I thought they would be. Nice to chat with MTBFiend on the ride. Kinda quiet...not a lot of riders. No other riders at the flag when we got there. 
Twitch02/17/11SS. Solo. Felt good, nice pace. There wasnt many people out riding tonight. 
Shigalert02/17/11Rock n' Road Full moon ride, or rather for me watch the tail lights up ahead ride. Met Rumpled and Eric at bottom of Luge who sensibly had set of a little bit before the group. Quick beer with them in a completely empty Cooks parking lot after. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/15/11Trail is in great shape. Took a new rider for his first time on STT/Luge. Funny, it was only just over a year ago that I did it for the first time and only 6 months or so since I cleaned it for the first time. He loved it and did better than I did the first time, even made the drop from the flag and only had one unplanned dismount on The Luge and fortunately he had padded up a little and was fine. Big smile at the end--he's hooked... 
vt1ryan02/15/112nd lap. Was going to old camp but didn't look good weather wise 
vt1ryan02/15/111st lap 
DONALD JACKSON02/15/11MISty. Adam chris Mike, Rudys after with a bunch of us. 
JRA02/14/11Nice morning ride with Kelly. 
gmann02/14/11when i got back to the parking lot at cook's, my legs felt good so I kept going. Made it through the first half feeling good, but the last couple climbs were slug-like. 
KeepsWhatHappens02/14/11Nice afternoon ride with jbh65. Great riding conditions. Great ride! 
jbh6502/14/11good solid jaunt with KWH. To steal the most often used words on GL's "great ride" 
mtbkel4402/14/11just me and chrisTA. Good ride. 4th day in a row and I am done. Stick a fork in me... 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/13/11Nice easy spin with neighbor. Feeling strong and good. Great weather and views. Only one other rider and a couple hikers. Trail in great shape. 
Oly02/13/11Good after work ride with Joe. 
TREE02/12/11STR ride, 30 riders strong. Good turn out. 
proraptor02/12/11STr newbie ride at the luge. We had 29 people. had a lot of fun 
Rumpled02/12/11STR Newbie Luge Ride - great turnout, 29 and a third people. A great crowd of trash talkers, newbie helpers and ham sandwich eaters. Great meeting so many people and putting faces to names. My best day at the luge. Best time, cleaned the grade legitimately, cleaned Puke Hill, very few HAB's, lots of dabs elsewhere - no crashes on the Luge and cleaned the two uphills at the bottom of the luge. Maybe it's easier in the daytime? Or is it all the people along for the ride? Or is it all the breaks we took? Or maybe not trying to chase my much faster friends all the time? Comp lost sensor for a bit - 17.0 mph max, 268 kcal, .07 lb, 1:19:07 ride time, 6.8 miles, 5.1 mph avg, Strava 1:17:52 ride time, 3:24:01 total time, 5.6 mph avg, 34.8 mph max MMR 923 kcal, 5.68 mph avg 
rjames9102/12/11STR newbie ride. Relaxed pace, a few mechanicals, good times. Thanks, Proraptor and all the others. Nice to have some guidance when tackling a new route. 
Ladera Mike02/12/11Really nice night for a ride. 6:30 start. Cool at Cook's but warm on the ridge. Some nagging mechanicals slowed me down a bit. 
mtbkel4402/12/11nice ride with my wife. She was strong. I couldn't catch her. 
portolavet02/11/11Nice to be back in Orange County once again. Great weather. Nice quick ride at lunch. 
FallAgain02/10/11hiked to old camp before and planned to ride to old camp for the 1st time, but once i got to the flag i realized that i will not make it. the wind is not your friend. 
vt1ryan02/10/11Good Pace for me today 
mtnbikej02/10/11Vicki's SS Ride: Good ride tonight.....felt ok at the start, felt better as we went along. Cold start, warmed up, then the wind began to blow. Not as many riders out tonight...guess the colder weather is keeping them indoors. My wife was kickin' ass climbing tonight....1x9 is definately making her stronger. 
MTB Fiend02/10/11Loop 1 - solo sunset ride, started out cold and windy, much improved once on STT. Had one of those awesome feeling grins by the time I reached the bottom of the Luge. It just felt right. Met up with a buddy at the bottom too. Cool sunset colors at that one spot. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/10/11Loop 2 - the now infamous, "Brews and Views ride". Try it sometime, most relaxing indeed. The excited bunch of Singlespeeders hooked up with us at the flag. Always fun to watch this enthusiastic bunch, especially as they drop the Luge in a blaze of lights and joy! Winds finally died out some, but it was still plenty cold. Great ride! 
RoughRiderR02/10/11Good ride with the Jeffs. did extra credit. bit of a hammer but was fun. Taco tuesday! 
hinds5702/09/11Rider and I had a great ride a bit windy at the top,but a good night overall. 
proraptor02/09/11Night ride.....Sure was windy at the top 
Kimo02/08/11Great afternoon ride. Perfect weather. Trail looking good. 
GoneRiding02/08/11Kind of a last minute decision to head out to Cook's. On the way saw Thinkfast on his bike. Turned around, asked him if he wanted to join me and off we went. Was thinking about Old Camp but needed to get back home. We hit the Luge at a pretty good pace and it is really fun right now. Saw Ian getting ready to head out in the parking lot as I left. 
ThinkFast02/08/11Dropped my van off to get the fluids changed and decided to ride my bike home (a couple miles) in my work clothes. Tom spotted me at a stop light and pulled over, then we were off to do the Luge. I hit Bonsai and rode to the shop to P/U van when we finished. Good thing I grabbed my pack and gloves for the ride home or I might have missed out. Thanks Tom! 
DONALD JACKSON02/08/11Han was late so Adam & I rode. We were only ten minutes ahead Rudys after with the tues 
DONALD JACKSON02/07/11Solo , 49 degree 
Ladera Mike02/07/11Solo night spin. Accidentally hit the stop timer button instead of the lap button once I hit the flag. Stats are estimates. Luge is running real fast right now, great shape. Picked up a rear flat by hitting that rock/curb too fast right before you turn on to Live Oak. 
cleanbeater02/06/11Got a call on my way home from blackstar, on to ride 2 of 2 with NO GO, Twitch, Skinny & vt1ryan. 
vt1ryan02/06/11Nice morning ride with Twitch,NO GO, Skinny, and Gary. The heat came on real fast, but it was nice. 
MTB Fiend02/06/11Casual loop with my brother. He has not ridden the Luge in over 15 years! Personally, I think the Luge is in the best shape it has ever been. Great ride! 
TREE02/06/11Sunday morning... was a great day outside! 
proraptor02/06/11Took a friend for the first time took a lot of breaks. Weather was perfect! 
Twitch02/06/11SS. Nice loop today with SKINNY, NO GO, vt1ryan and Gary. 
MoJo02/06/11Luge is looking good 
hinds5702/05/11Darrin,Marcos and I had a cool night. Dirt was great. 
allstar02/05/11quick morning ride 
DONALD JACKSON02/05/11M3 DH bike on a warm afternoon 
hinds5702/04/11Darrin road his new HD for the first time. Marcos pushed my heart to 184bpm. Lots of fun. Then did another lap with guys from the Path. 
hinds5702/04/11Second lupe of the night. 
MTB Fiend02/04/11Sweet solo sunset cruisin. Added Goat Hill to the upper lookout above the flag for a little extra credit. Watched the sunset a bit and off I went. Made it home just at dark - perfect! Great ride! 
FallAgain02/04/11enjoyed the late afternoon on the bike 
proraptor02/03/11Awesome night Ride but super cold 
ThinkFast02/03/11Lap 1 of 2. Rode with Mark as he test rode a Rocky Mountain Slayer. I felt kinda crappy most of the ride, but that seems to be the norm these days. Brake issues seem to be all worked out thanks to R&R MV. Saw Zungu flying by on STT. 
ThinkFast02/03/11Lap 2 of 2. A few others out on this lap. 
A bit more technical02/03/11First time riding the luge with nothing else. What a great ride with Troy. Rode a rocky mtn slayer. Wow! 
JD15802/03/11Set out to do OC but ended up losing my water bottle early on and just did the Luge loop..think its time to invest in a new cage and also not run into signs and tip over..haha! 
halfasst02/03/11Vicki's SS ride. Group of 10 tonight. Good ride, except it was very cold, didn't linger at the Flag for long. 
SCJim02/03/11Quick lunch time ride. Saw nobody. Felt good but the legs were feeling it from yesterdays ride. 
Ladera Dave02/03/11Lots of riders out tonight 
mtnbikej02/03/11Vicky's Thurs. SS ride. 10 riders tonight. 50 degrees to start, got colder then warmed up, before getting cold again. Didn't hang out long at the flagpole, just kept going. Off to Arizona for the weekend. 
KeepsWhatHappens02/03/11Glad I finally got to join Ms. Vickie's S I N G L E S P E E D Thursday ride @ Cooks via the Luge. Great group of 10 riders braved the chilly low 40s temps. Stoked to finally ride with WhiteChocolate after his long hiatus from public riding. Good times @ Cooks afterward like the #goodolddays 
DONALD JACKSON02/02/11James, Chris, Michael, Good ride tonight, 
hinds5702/02/11nice night gusty wind at the top, but not bad everywhere else. this is my best time 57min. 
RoughRiderR02/02/11Great ride with Jeff and Tom. Pretty cold out. Jeff's light failed right before the luge. Trail conditions were a little muddy but overall good traction. 
TBlazen02/02/11Just a wee bit cold... 
SCJim02/02/11Windy after work ride. Was that ice on a puddle at the top of the climb? 
MTB Fiend02/02/11Short sweet solo sunset ride. Saw just 1 other rider. Not as windy as expected. Great ride! 
Rumpled02/02/11A night ride with Eric and Dan - thanks for waiting up for me guys. Very cold bombing down Live Oak. Chilly and a bit breezy tonite, but not bad Santa Anas as feared. I was able to clean Modjeska Grade with a little switchbacking until a car drove up past me on the closed road. My light is really proving itself to not be adequate and gave me fits about not being able to see well and caused some confidence problems. I endo'd at the same spot I have before just a few switchbacks above the creek at a nice, slow speed. The large fallen tree at the creek crossing at the bottom was a surprise to me, so I ran into it and tore up my shin on an exposed branch end. Comp 7.7 miles, 5.2 mph avg, 39.7 max, 1:42:10 total time, 323 kcal, .09 lbs, 1:27:11 ride time MMR 1017 kcal 
ZULU02/01/11Easy legg stretcher 
mbscotty02/01/11Course different since after the rains in December. There's been many slips outs, especially on the trail that is exposed to the weather from the south. Have to bike over a lot of packed mud slides to get through. Slows your time down. 
Kimo02/01/11Great Sunday morning ride. Really liking how the Luge is now after all the rain. 
RoughRiderR02/01/11Great ride with the Jeffs. did taco tues at mesa after. went a bit further toward old camp with Geoff. 
hinds5701/31/11rider and I had a 8pm start and it was great warm and clear. 
hinds5701/31/11rider jack and I got going around noon and it poured we got soaked very slippery. still fun. 
MTB Fiend01/31/11The low rider ride - low-key, low-intensity, all on the down low. Saw 1 other rider, the infamous Kioti. Caught the awesome sunset hues on the lower section, then the magic was gone. Great ride! 
ZULU01/31/11Rode this and it is fast, tacky and almost perfect. Only a few damp areas. I rode fast with a few buds and enjoyed a cold one at Wahoos after. 
Ladera Mike01/31/11Solo night ride. Trail is tacky but in great shape. No mud. Cold tonight, 44 degrees at finish. 
DONALD JACKSON01/30/11DH bike 
SAmtn01/29/11Nice ride with Mike and his co-worker from MN. The guy surprised both of us, keeping up on a rented bike with flat pedals. Must have been a 100 people on the luge today. 
Tick Magnet01/29/11Lots of people on the trail today. Everything is in great shape, especially the luge. 
Cougar Bait01/29/11D, Tenny. Cool morning ride. 
hinds5701/28/11warm night, marcos rode with a weak light or a candle im not sure. 
Ladera Mike01/28/11Night ride on the luge after work. Great way to start the weekend. Lots of night time trail runners on STT this evening. 
allstar01/27/11legs still tired for ride with 9er 
DONALD JACKSON01/27/11Nice and windy, a nice head wind made the climb tough. Saw a few riders on the luge having some fun 
SAmtn01/27/11Boerseun and I chased a bunch of guys from Oakley up STT. This after warming up on Dreaded. 
Lonnie01/27/11Spectacular ride with Mike M, Andre, and Julian. The Luge is more fun than ever! 
Phishin Paul01/27/11Second ride but this time with Dave and Jeff. Dave rode my SS and was missing his rear suspension coming down Luge. Fun ride. 
mtnbikej01/27/11Nice SS Thursday ride tonight. Only 4 of us showed up....I was the only one on a SS. Lots of riders out. Temps were warmer than I thought they would be. Wife was breaking in the new 1x9. Gotta get her light fixed. 
MTB Fiend01/27/11The sweet solo sunset ride. Sun was setting just as I dropped in to the Luge. Ahhhhh.. basking in the orange and pink hues. Very subdued, good pace too! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend01/27/11The group night ride. Brews and views. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Starry, starry night. Great ride! 
Boerseun01/27/11Plan was to head to OC, but SAMtn "seized" his new steed up and we had to freewheel him down the Luge...great times! 
Boerseun01/27/11Got SAMtn down the hill and decided to try and hit a quick Luge...caught up with Andrew near the STT gate and rode the rest with him...told him about GL. 
DONALD JACKSON01/26/11Cal, Adam, Han, the lot was empty? Rudy's after the ride. 
jb_29er01/26/11Luge in great shape... 
DONALD JACKSON01/25/11Intense M3 DH bike. Sunday afternoon, Sure was smooth down the luge compared to a hard tail 
DONALD JACKSON01/25/11Monday dusk ride 
SCJim01/25/11A great way to end a work day is to fly down the Luge. 
DONALD JACKSON01/24/11Brought my shovel and filled the mud rut 
SCJim01/24/11First time on the Luge since the rains. Trail in great shape. THANKS TO ALL for the great work! 
ThinkFast01/24/11Easy spin after work. 
cfeliciano01/24/11Night ride with Paul, Mike, and James. 
Pmcmasters01/24/11Night ride with Chris, Mike and James. 
jpotts01/23/11nice ride for richie rich's birthday 
Dmac01/23/11quick run today, Revo bikes in parking lot. 
devodoc01/22/11Beautiful morning - a little brisk heading up Santiago Canyon but peeled the outer layer at the top of Modjeska Grade. The Luge just keeps getting better. Fun stuff... 
xhuskr01/22/11wow was the lot crowded...a new 3rd lot seemed to appear. first time on stt/luge since the rains...great conditions and luge seems to have become more fun...slow on 1st lap and a BIT quicker on 2nd lap. 
xhuskr01/22/112nd lap...climbed better and descended better...January in CA...life's rough 
SKINNY01/22/11here we go around the merry-go-luge, the merry-go-luge, the merry-go-luge, here we go around the merry-go-luge early in the morning.. 
Cougar Bait01/22/11D, Tenny. Cool morning ride. 
blipstream01/22/11first ride of the year, tons of folks out today 
halfasst01/21/11Great ride with a large, fun group. Happy Birthday Richie Rich. 
iFrankie01/21/11Social night ride with The Path Bike Shop. Great ride everyone! SS. 
Ladera Mike01/20/11The Luge at night. Sweet! Must have been about 20 riders up at the flag when I got there. Perfect night for a ride. Busier than your average Saturday morning. 
randalnelson01/20/11RockNRoad Moonlight Ride Good Times! 
slopush01/20/11Thanks to Rock n Road for putting on these night rides. NewNick, RaulC, myself and many others enjoyed it! 
mtbkel4401/20/11stt again... quick ride b4 work. 
Rowsby01/20/11Fun ride with the boys; JJ, Sanbagger, Sanford, Bill and Keith B It's been too long Keith! 
MTB Fiend01/20/11Brews and Views! Rode the now silent Blur. Nice to get out on a f/s again. Wind seemed to follow us around the loop. Back at Cooks it was calm but cold. Great ride! 
Keith B01/20/111st ride of the New Year for me. Ian and the Jeff's were all hauling ass. Had to lay it all on the line to stay with them. 4weeks of sitting around eating cakes isnt the best thing for fitness clearly! Luge was plenty different - had no idea what was going on in the dark! 
mtnbikej01/20/11Thursday Night SS ride.....turned this week into Rich's birthday ride. Wine and Cheese at the flagpole. 20+ riders in our group. Temps were nice, wind picked up from time to time. Full Moon was great. 
devodoc01/20/11First night ride in a long time. Need to clear up the calendar so that I can get more of these in - perfect temps and the full moon was pretty cool. Actually did some of the climb only by the light of the silvery moon... 
genusmtbkr501/20/11Birthday ride for Richie Rich. Good times. 
TBlazen01/19/11First night ride down the Luge with Donald, Chris and Ryan; Was a Blast ! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/19/11Wow, the wind and warm weather have dried out STT and parts of the Luge nicely. Some new ruts here and there, but even better than last time I rode it. The trail is going to need a little more work here and there, but it's in good shape all-in-all. Time to start riding it a little faster and being less skiddish about what's around the corner, although that's probably partly due to all the road biking I was doing during the rains. 
One Flew OTB01/19/11Solo ride since the gang were all busy. Pushed pretty hard. It's been a long time since I did just the Luge. Misty most of the way. 
One Flew OTB01/19/11Lap Two. Just cruised this one. Met Donald Jackson at the second "gate" - Good seeing you out there Donald! Awesome view of the clouds below once you broke through them with the moon shining down ... only we mountain bikers get to see this stuff! 
RaulC01/19/11Joined Rock-N-Road night ride with Slopush and Nick T. 
Rumpled01/19/11I took off early for the RnR ride to actually be in front of some people. It was an odd kind of ride, foggy and misty making the lights light up the mist. Then climbing above the fog and seeing Modjeska Canyon socked in and a beautiful full moon above. Descending back down thru the fog on the luge was also interesting making for tough sightlines. Comp 1:24:54 ride time, 7.7 miles, 5.4 mph avg, 35.2 max, 326 kcal, .09 lb MMR 990 kcal 
Manuel71401/19/11RNR Moonlight niteride. Good times. Funny tip overs for both Vero and myself. 
rushak01/19/11RnR full moon ride. 
JD15801/19/11RnR Full Moon ride. 
ZULU01/18/11Nice relaxing SS ride after work. The Luge is in good shape and the repairs look like they will hold up for years. Thnaks for all the trail work folks. :-) 
RoughRiderR01/18/11First mountain bike ride of the year! Cant believe it has been so long. Great ride with Jeff, Geof, Kona Dave, and Jeff. Finished well under 50 minutes. riding with the jeff's made me realized i have lost some fitness and that they have gained some. Was great to get out. 
DONALD JACKSON01/18/11Armando, Calvin , Bean 4;45 ride, A great ride, moon is a amazing, 
DONALD JACKSON01/18/11Chris, Ryan and James still warm and moonlight , Rudys was a good time. 
Cougar Bait01/17/11D. Beautiful morning ride. Perfect way to start the day--felt much better than Saturday's ride. 
Dmac01/17/11Sunday's ride 
Kimo01/17/11Great Sunday morning ride with most of the usual group. Weather was great and trail is getting better every day 
Kimo01/17/11Nice after work ride before the sun went down. Great company 
slopush01/17/11Mellow morning ride w/ Mkumny, THanson, RaulC, Fast Turtle, SAmtn and his son Aron. RaulC, Thanson and I had to point the bikes downhill at the flag but the rest went to the top. Having to go to work to pay the bills really sucks sometimes : ) But the Luge is in great shape so at least I went to work with a smile on my face! 
RaulC01/17/11Good ride with Todd H, Slopush, Paul B, Steven P - met up with Sydney & Aaron at the flag. 
Ladera Mike01/16/11Great ride this morning. Rode with Krisztian and Rick to the flag, they continued to OC. Luge is in very nice shape. Huge thanks to all who did trail work. Need to get back in to shape and do this more often. 
RUTINTED01/16/111 of 2 times up and down. Slow but fun ride with the boys!Timmy,thanks for the draft. 46 mph 
RUTINTED01/16/112 of 2 fun, slow ride! 
SKINNY01/16/11Lap 1 with rutinted and golf whiskey 
SKINNY01/16/11Lap 2 with rutinted. 
DirtyD01/16/11Great weather, lots of bikes and hikers out. 
proraptor01/16/11Fun Ride this morning 
devodoc01/16/11Got to sneak a quick one in before dinner. Lovin' this trail. 
Heathermarie901/16/11Was driving home from Maple Springs & saw riders heading to STT, so I decided to stop for a quick ride! :-) 
karldi501/16/11Fun ride today with Richard. Tried to ride at Whiting but the park is stil closed - so we did the luge instead. Some folks did a great job repairing the trails, the luge a little different, we liked it even more than before. Things are very green now - looking out from the ridge the rolling green hills looked almost like Ireland. 
evan kraus01/16/11descend and climb are much slower after the recent rains, trail is good though 
evan kraus01/16/112nd lap 
devodoc01/15/11The trail just keeps getting better. Only a couple of "interesting" areas but really nice and fast. A little more crowded at 7:00 am than last week but just as packed at Cook's at 8:00. I saw the "security guard" moving cones to let people park closer to Cook's - that was cool. 
Cougar Bait01/15/11Tenny. Labored but good ride. Gotta lose the extra weight... argh. 
singlespeedrider01/15/11Lap two. Getting warm and was not a fan the second time up puke hill but great day non the less. 
Shigalert01/15/11OCHHH started at Saddleback Elementary today so did the Luge from there, with the usual beers etc after. 
ADanFool01/15/11Me and everyone else today. 
Rowsby01/14/11Rode with JJ to the flag, he kept going to Old Camp but I was just not feeling it tonight. Nice weather! 
vt1ryan01/14/11Went to Blackstar this morning but the wind was not worth the fight. Luge is in pretty good shape. At the bottom it has been re-routed. 1 of 1 
vt1ryan01/14/112 of 2 
Manuel71401/14/11Introduced Daniel to the great outdoors of "the Luge." Trail is getting better everyday. 
FRANCHI01/14/11Maximum visibility today. Able to see the birds at Catalina Island (Well not really but almost) 
Heathermarie901/13/11First luge ride since the rains. Liking the changes mother nature & all of the fabulous trail workers made. Thank you all! :-) Gorgeous day, so I snuck out during the afternoon for a ride. Workign in the evenign to make up for it! Good seeing everyone in the parking lot! I think I was there an extra hour and a half being a chatty cathy! LOL! 
JD15801/13/11After work night ride. 1st lap of 2. Saw very few people out on this lap. Cant beat the weather for January and so glad to be riding this loop. 
JD15801/13/112nd lap. Ran into lots of people this time around. Good to see everyone out pedaling. 
MTB Fiend01/13/11Loop 1 - rode the Blur. Unfortunately, it too is experiencing drive train and squeek issues. Not surprising after a couple of muddy rides. But, still, a Great ride! 
mtnbikej01/13/11THursday SS Ride. Very busy place tonight. Looked like the 405 at rush hour. Temps were very nice. Legs were sore from last night. Luge is getting much better...way more fun than before. 
halfasst01/13/11Lots of fun tonight with a big group out on the trails. Weather and views were great! Nice to see everyone enjoying the Luge. 
MTB Fiend01/13/11Loop 2 - aaahhh... my favorite, the Brews and Views ride. Someone in the group set a strong pace, tough as it was it did put us at the flag before the crowds. After descending the Luge, looking back, the view of 10 or more riders descending was an awesome site. Tailgating fun at the end is always good. Great ride! 
GoneRiding01/12/11Good ride w Jay today. Nice day out there. Third day in a row for me hitting STT & The Luge. Really liking the slight changes on the Luge. A couple of beers and good conversation back at Cooks afterwards. Saw the Dude's van parked in the parking lot. 
ThinkFast01/12/11Busy day but nice to sneak in a quick ride between this and that. Lot's of cars at Cooks. 
Silverback01/12/11Nice evening ride, Lots of folks on the trail 
Dmac01/11/111st ride of 2011 - Yeahhh !! 
Rowsby01/11/111 Lap of the night. Rode with Chris from R&R on his new 29er. 
Rowsby01/11/112nd Lap with the three Jeff's. Good hard rides tonight! 
DONALD JACKSON01/11/11Adam ,Chris, Ryan , a great ride warmer temps, and no more mud. Nicholas and Brandon were heading up the hill for some fun. Rudys tacos and beer was good 
Royster7101/10/11Nice ride with you Tom. Seems to be drying off. The new sections are interesting. Ate at Cooks afterwards some girl was giving a show. 
GoneRiding01/10/11Good ride w Roy. First time hitting Luge since the rain hit. We didn't get muddy at all but there are a few spots on the Luge that are still a little slick. Real nice day out there today. Burger & brew back at Cook's afterwards. Just before leaving the parking lot I saw a rider that I met yesterday who was parked next to me yesterday at San Juan. 
ThinkFast01/10/11quick spin after work. My first time on the Luge since everything changed. Big thanks to everyone who has helped work to restore the trail. 
MTB Fiend01/10/11Sensational solo sunset, smooth sinewy singletrack, soulfully satisfied senses. I boldly charged through the Closed Signs on Modjeska despite a couple workers parking their tractor and trucks there. I was racing daylight and had no time for niceties. Rode the Blur and felt strong and smooth. Got some great sprints in, which helped to place me perfectly on the Luge at sunset. Felt great, the trail is so smooth now. Great ride! 
mtbkel4401/10/11Just Sharon and me. She wanted to try out the luge in the daylight for the first time since all the slides. She did great and she had ZERO rear brake. No pads at all (gotta get off the bike from time to time to get maintanence done, girl), but maybe something up with the brake fluid as well. The lever was hitting the grip...Sketchy, but she was cool and did it with no problem. My 2nd ride for the new year... 
Jocko01/09/11Started as part of the Justin Imhof Recovery Fund MTB ride, but we decided to get away from the mob scene there to join the throngs heading up the STT. 
RUTINTED01/09/11GREAT JOB to all that fixed all the slides. 
SKINNY01/09/11Hey, I was only 24 minutes slower than Manny's fastest lap.. 
randalnelson01/09/11First time at night, was fun. Went with Mohammad,it was his first time ever on STT and the Luge. We had a an awesome ride! Thanks to all who worked on the trails. 
ADanFool01/08/11Definitely a different ride in 2011 
devodoc01/08/11Great to get back on the bike after a longer than wanted layoff. Got this in early before the crowds hit - parking lot was overflowing when I got back to my car at 8:00. Great conditions - hats off to all those who have been involved with trail maintenance. 
SKINNY01/08/11I have never seen the parking lot so full.. I was lucky to find the last spot. STT and Luge are in great shape.. bike stayed pretty clean.. Props to last weekends work crew.. they did a great job on fixing up the trail. 
cfeliciano01/08/11Great ride with Paul after long hiatus. Luge was in great shape...thanks to all those who worked on it! 
Pathfinder01/08/11it had been a while and I expected worse, but the Luge was in surprisingly good shape and a blast to ride. Should get better as it dries out a bit more. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/08/11Thanks for all the trailwork for those who made this rideable. STT for me was trickier than the Luge, but I haven't been on the dirt in 2011 until today so I was definitely rusty... The Luge was in great shape--only a couple muddy spots but I cleaned the whole thing(slowly), except for a spot I slid out on in the beginning for braking too much--user error. Never seen so many cars at Cooks except for Project Rwanda. 
cleanbeater01/08/11Good ride with Dave. Clouds moved in and got cold at the end. Luge is in great shape... thanks to all who worked it back into shape. 
Damon M01/08/11Maiden voyage on Santa Cruz Tallboy 
halfasst01/07/11SS Thursday. About 10 in the group tonight. Luge was a bit spongy near the top but not much mud sticking at all. A little slippery in a few spots was all. 
spartticus01/07/111st time on dirt w/ my "new" SS! Converted my old steel '96 Gary Fisher Marlin (rigid) during the December monsoons. Who needs a gym when you have s SS?!!? 
DONALD JACKSON01/06/11Didn't see anyone riding but quite a few in the lot, Had a cold one with Rumpled and Eric , 41degrees in the parking lot. 
Lonnie01/06/11Great ride tonight with Mike V, Mike M, and Muz. Slow going but the Luge is more fun than ever. Thanks volunteers for all the work! 
El Chupacabra01/06/11Great ride with Lonnie, Bandito and the Mayor. Many thanks to those who made the Luge ride-able!!! 
Weekend Warrior01/06/11Luge in Excellent Shape. 
mtnbikej01/06/11SS Thursday ride back in action. Temps were much warmer than we all planned on. Trail is drying out pretty well. Still some soft spots, but no mud up to the Luge. The Luge on the other hand is pretty dry.....EXCEPT for a few hundred feet just past the first saddle where the trail is wet and soupy....plus there are a few spots of soft mud....not bad, the bike was pretty clean at the bottom of the trail. The mudslides have definately made the trail fun again...added some character and some new challenges. 
DONALD JACKSON01/05/11Han and Becket for another typical Tuesday night, Rudys tacos wereexcellent 
portolavet01/05/11The trail looks better each day, thanks to all the guys that sacrificed themselves last Sunday. Great work guys!! 
Phishin Paul01/05/11Finally on the board for 2011. Luge looks great and I love the new finish. Many thanks to all of those who put in hours Sunday. 
Fast Turtle01/05/11Was going to go to Old Camp but decided it was better to do the Luge before dark and then to the route again. 
Fast Turtle01/05/112nd lap. Was glad I did the Luge in the light on the first lap before attempting in the dark. 
Silverback01/05/11Nice night ride. The Luge is getting back in shape. Thanks all who have helped keep this ride alive. 
Rumpled01/05/11Getting on the board to start 2011. Tough ride for me tonite. My light was pretty weak and so was confidence. STT was much rockier than my previous rides. The luge was a bit too wet still in spots. I was struggling and went OTB at one point. Big thamks to all those who did the repair work on the trail, you could see lots of areas that had been damaged. Saw a few interesting sinkholes as well. Forgot to add, first time I've cleaned Modjeska Grade - it helped that the road was closed and I switchbacked up the steepest sections. Overall, a decent ride, just not my best day. 
DONALD JACKSON01/04/11A slippery ride, all that hard work is paying off. 
ericfoltz01/04/11Still pretty wet up there. Good to see ChrisTA out there. 
9er01/04/11Perfect weather. Saw a few others out. 
MTB Fiend01/04/11Solo sunset ride. Trail is drying out in most places but still wet in many. Top of the Luge starts out fast and fun and then becomes a slippery slop of sludge for about 100 yards. After that, generally dry. The hard work from all the trail work volunteers really made a big difference and the Luge is 100% rideable again. (Thank you, all!) Great ride! 
DONALD JACKSON01/03/11A real good turn out to work on the STT and the luge, I Had a great time riding after all the work, It really is amazing how much was accomplished. A great day on the Luge 
jpotts01/02/11two chain breaks and my brakes went out on the front. planned on going to old camp and check the conditions but my bike just wasn't happy. So went down the luge...in such bad shape. this is not a useable trail currently. walked a lot. 
Weekend Warrior01/02/11Rode after 3 hours of digging and moving rocks, but WOW! What a difference Trail Maintenance makes. Thank you to all that showed