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Madonna Mountain: Rock Garden  (California)      13k views  
          Route creator kentonn  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.1
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 4.7 miles
Ascent: 1,121 feet
Time: 1:30 minutes
Ladder Points +22
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Route Directions 
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A fantastic ride located near downtown San Luis Obispo. You will enjoy excellent views of SLO and surrounding areas as you climb to the top, however. If you know this route, you will most likely be thinking about the fun you are going to have descending Rock Garden.

What can I say about Rock Garden? Well Rock Garden is the appropriate name for this trail. You'll see everything from babyheads to pumpkin size rocks and lots of them. Most will find it difficult to make this descent without using their feet several times to stabilize themselves. True 'over-the-bars' fun!

Once you have made it through the Rock Garden, you will experience smooth, rolling single-track that sweeps back and forth down the mountain. A truly great finish to an awesome ride!

Parking: Parking is available at the trail head. There are no fees for parking.

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PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:00:002.3 mph1 
 Route Creator 
1:38:302.8 mph1 
 S.L.O. Phil 
1:02:004.5 mph3 
36:007.8 mph1 
-S.L.O. Phil - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
S.L.O. Phil06/16/11
From home - Laguna - Rock Garden - Hike back up - Rock Garden - Lemon Grove - New Laguna trail. I bombed it down RG the second time. Following someone on a DH bike helps push the speed for sure.
S.L.O. Phil06/16/11
Another post-work Rock Garden ride. I saw the Lezyne guys at the top again, talked gadgets. Cool things to come..
S.L.O. Phil06/08/11
Lap 1: My new SJ EVO's first taste of dirt. And it was glorious.
S.L.O. Phil06/08/11
Lap 2: Not so glorious. I wrecked off the rock drop. I'm scraped up and sore. I put a nice slice in Jon's tire too, and maybe a dent in the rim (he let me borrow his wheel 'til my new ones show up.)
S.L.O. Phil03/18/11
Super fun ride. I was lazy last week and this ride got me out of my mental slump big time. hitting the rock drop wrong and scaring myself was a great way to start the day. Riding away from that was a trip.
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