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Coto - Caspers Badger Pass  (California)      20k views  
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Route Overview

Overall:  5.7
Technical:  4.2
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 24.5 miles
Ascent: 3,194 feet
Time: 2:49 minutes
Ladder Points +72
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It's a steep climb up to the top of Badger Pass, notice the elevation chart. There's a picnic table and shade at the top with views in every direction. This loop is similar to the Cougar Pass loop, but a bit longer with more ascent. No singletrack but great scenic fireroad riding in the middle of nowhere.

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  Route Comments
Route has been graded Oso is real loose making extra HAB. Badger is in great shape.
A bit more technical03/23/13
closest to the ride I did. Fun times with Brian, Frank, Tom, Troy. Frank is full of useful info!
Some HAB up oso and on Badger with some sand traps along Ortega. It was a great day for this route not too hot.
Keith B03/04/12
Finally ticked this ride off my to-do list! Oso climb was more like a hike-a-bike for me, not enough power in the legs and trail was too loose and rutted. Getting to the top was not fun and resulted in blisters. Awesome view from the top of the park as usual. 90F temps didnt help. Badger pass was a first for me - got crazy rocky in places and almost meadow like in others. Saw a dead animal of some sort - all that remained was the head and spine. Got stung in the chest by a bee, Found a lost dog on West Ridge, had a low level fly-by by a buzzard - lots of nature out there! Ham strings felt thrashed after yesterdays hiking and yoga class.
Rode out from the house, but didn't realize my gps was tuned off until after 6 miles into the ride. Actually rode 26.5 miles in total round trip, great day to ride a lot of riders out there. I think were all getting ready for the Rwanda 50.
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