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Harding - Upper Holy Jim (Shuttle)  (California)      28k views  
          Route creator Keith B  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.8
Technical:  8.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 24.3 miles
Ascent: 4,347 feet
Time: 3:47 minutes
Ladder Points +94
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Excellent shuttle trip in the Santa Ana Mountains. Begin the ride with an eleven mile climb up a fire road that exposes you to the best possible views of Orange and Riverside Counties. Enjoy a hidden singletrack that carries you to the backside of Santiago Peak for the pudding, Upper & Lower Holy Jim singletracks. Upper Holy Jim is quite technical and steep with frequent switchbacks. Lower Holy Jim takes you deep down into the valley near the creek system, resulting in a lush green setting and smoother more-forgiving trail conditions.

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  Route Comments
Keith B03/11/12
Not feeling very robust today. Pretty much exhausted 20mins into Harding. Managed to push through though. Sarah practised Upper Holy Jim and ended up pretty much cleaning all the tricky drops and hairpins! The new smoothness to Trabuco Creek road, whilst being welcome nows means all the 4x4/SUV/Jeep toolbags can pin it leaving choking clouds of dust in the air.
I sure wish I could kick this stupid cold/sinus infection. It was kicking my butt all the way up. Lots of dozers and trucks grading Harding today. Trail is smooth but soft.
slow up03/28/10
W/roddy. Kinda windy.
Ross B04/08/07
Great time with Rob Mike and Eric. Enjoyed the relaxing pace on Good Friday. Jesus went through all the pain so we did not have to... Go tell somebody Jesus is alive. Happy Easter.
ian nickel02/10/07
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