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Harding - Joplin Trail  (California)      48k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.1
Technical:  8.5
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 23.4 miles
Ascent: 4,320 feet
Time: 3:31 minutes
Ladder Points +89
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Route Directions 
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Joplin, one of OC's most challenging descents, is quite steep and rocky (well worth the climb though!). Expect nearly 12 miles of fire road climbing before the Joplin singletrack. Upon reaching the bottom of Joplin you'll end up at Old Camp. After a brief climb you will reach the Old Camp clearing to begin the final (and longest) descent down Santiago Truck Trail to conclude the loop.

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4:52:124.8 mph1 
 Gerry Lattimer 
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  Route Comments
Fast Turtle01/04/14
Joplin was pretty rocky in many sections. HAB many of the section with the hardtail.
Almost knocked off the bike by the strong winds
First leg of this ride was the Harding TT....got a 1:18....a PB on my SS by 6 minutes...All in all a great day on the bike...congrats to all who participated! There were some sick fast riders out there today.
Great time out there, totally smashed my best time 1:04-1:06ish on the Harding Truck Trail Time Trial(forgot to start the gps, that why I manual posted. Meet nharper on the trail coming down Joplin. Good job out there today, and congratz on your division win!
Great adventure ride with Hammertime ! cold conditions and slippery trail made this a hummdinger with a couple of slips and one tangle up with my bike ! my bike almost had me say uncle (; I even saw dan riding like he"d been drinking and I must have looked really silly ...rain got super hard towards the end and there was a river in modjeska canyon ! good times anyway !!
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