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Jesusita Loop  (California)      20k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.7
Technical:  8.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 8.4 miles
Ascent: 1,983 feet
Time: 1:41 minutes
Ladder Points +41
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Route Directions 
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Jesusita trail can be surmounted from either trailhead (West or East). Expect some very exciting technical riding with frequent exposure but glorious views of Santa Barbara and the harbor. We highly recommend performing the loop in a counter-clockwise direction (short ascent and a long enjoyable ride down!).

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  Route Comments
Time is estimated since I started at the beach and forgot to check the time when I got to the trail head. After HAB up a lot of Tunnel trail going up, I wish I would have gone down that side. But the Jesusita side was no let down. Tunnel would have been more technical. At Inspiration Point, I asked a hiker for directions. He pointed me to a small going down the face of Inspiration point. Having never been there, and verifying the trail on his GPS, I took it. Big mistake as the trail quickly disappeared after a very steep, rocky, bush-wacking descent.
Climbing Jesusita at the 1st half involved a lot of hike-abike. Foothill Rd. was closed for construction. Detour added 0.7 mi. Trail directions were the Best.
On the recommendation of others, I rode this route backward (counterclockwise). I think it is better that way. This is a very technical ride, more for Joplin junkies. Lot’s of hike-a-bike stream crossings. Easy to find the route without GPS. Not worth a trip up, it's almost half asphalt, but a good one if you’re already in Santa Barbara
Ladera Dave01/31/09
Great ride with a Local rider,Thanks
Nice ride on the local trails. To bad I don't live here anymore...
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