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Romero Canyon  (California)      25k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 2.70     Route creator Terry Best  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.4
Technical:  8.0
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 10.4 miles
Ascent: 2,461 feet
Time: 1:48 minutes
Ladder Points +54
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Route Directions 
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Romero Canyon's fire road is initially steep and under a tree canopy, but eventually transforms into a gorgeous singletrack as it ascends towards the Romero Canyon Road & Trail junction. From here you'll continue straight as the ascent becomes more technical and rocky en route to the summit of this route (the Romero Saddle). The initial descent (the upper loop) is fairly steep and loose with multiple surprising switchbacks and constant exposure. Meanwhile the lower loop's downhill gauntlet in Romero Canyon's creek system comprises of frequent obstacles in the form of challenging rock gardens and creek crossing. This route is definitely a 'must do' if you're in search of a challenging climb and daunting descent.

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2:56:003.6 mph1 
 Jumpin Jon 
2:06:005.0 mph1 
 Holy Roller 
2:00:045.2 mph3 
2:00:005.2 mph1 
 SantaCruz HellRider 
1:56:005.4 mph4 
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  Route Comments
Rode with Tony.
Holy Roller07/10/11
A great ride with DH Dave, his first time there, my 3rd, but first time using the Garmin downloaded directions that actually worked this time. The last ST to the top was a miserable hike-a-bike that was probably a 20% grade of very loose & rocky dirt. Beautiful weather, a great ride.
A great ride with Holy Roller, my first time here, a great uphill grind for 7 miles- the very last uphill push was a miserable hike a bike up very loose and steep hills. Met a local boy scout troop at the top and continued on the descent- VERY loose and difficult-beautiful views but a hard descent- Never again for me!
camped all week at carp st. beach. romero on thursday, cold beer and waves after. perfect.
Jumpin Jon07/02/10
1st ride here. Beautiful scenery, many photos. Will HAVE to do it again someday...... Nice ride with Rich!
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