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PHRBC: PHR79&Area B  (California)      new route  
          Route creator shiftalot  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 12.1 miles
Ascent: 187 feet
Time: 1:13 minutes
Ladder Points +22
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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:01:1611.8 mph131 

  Route Comments
no rso. StartTime=1204. [27846.TK9; 295.+101K=total; 3705. to tie Debby]. 170. Ride 1 of 3. 103F GPS-Hi-Temp. Drove to inspect parts of CoyoteSprings. Too muddy for an A71 ride or anything longer. Heavy rains and Thunder Storms expected every day and night for the next week or so.
no rso. StartTime=1703. [27857.TK9; 306.+101K=total; 3694. to tie Debby]. 170. Ride 2 of 3.
no rso. StartTime=2146. [22772.FX9; 317.+101K=total; 3683. to tie Debby]. 170. Ride 3 of 3.
no rso. StartTime=2209. [27354.GT9; 262.+101K=total; 3758. to tie Debby]. 170.
no rso. StartTime=2007. [27317.GT9; 225.+101K=total; 3775. to tie Debby]. 170. 85F-72F-78F GPS-Temp. The start was very windy with lightning in all directions. The rain drops started to fall followed by medium rain which stopped after 40 minutes. Didn't get soaked and did get wet. Was careful with puddles and slick streets.
no rso. StartTime=2230. [22761.FX9; 159.+101K=total; 3841. to tie Debby]. 170. Slight wind, then it got windy and the temperature dropped as a storm was approaching. Lightning in all directions, primarily in the 90 degree arc from SE to SW. Too far away to hear any thunder.
no rso. StartTime=1658. [27802.TK9; 104.+101K=total; 3896. to tie Debby]. 171. A few sprinkles.
no rso. StartTime=2216. [27174.GT9; 16.+101K=total; 3984. to tie Debby]. 171.
no rso. StartTime=2224. [27141.GT9; 983.+100K=total; 4017. to tie Debby]. 171.
no rso. StartTime=2009. [27086.GT9; 928.+100K=total; 4072. to tie Debby]. 171. Windy.
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