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A22sp  (Arizona)      new route  
          Route creator shiftalot  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 11.4 miles
Ascent: 208 feet
Time: 1:18 minutes
Ladder Points +21
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New name A22sp. Old name G6_9sp.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:07:0010.2 mph70 

  Route Comments
no rso. StartTime=1652. [27423.TK9; 110.+100K=total; 4890. to tie Debby]. 179. Still windy.
no rso. StartTime=1418. [22458.FX9; 99901. total; 99. to tie Cherie]. 182. A little bit of wind.
no rso. StartTime=1443. [22282.FX9; 99725. total; 275. to tie Cherie]. 185. Windy.
no rso. StartTime=1513. [22080.FX9; 99523. total; 477. to tie Cherie]. 183. No rides yesterday. Too much smoke. No mountains visible in any direction. The Crooks Fire was 22% contained yesterday and then today it is 16% contained because the fire extended to the S and to the W. There was no smoke to the SW and clockwise to the NE. For the other 1/2 either the mountains were in a smoke haze or completely invisible. The air on the routes was clear of smoke.
no rso. StartTime=1519. [27247.TK9; 99127. total; 873. to tie Cherie]. 175.
no rso. StartTime=2044. [21662.FX9; 98918. total; 1082. to tie Cherie]. 175.
no rso. StartTime=1526. [21442.FX9; 98698. total; 1302. to tie Cherie]. 177.
no rso. StartTime=2120. [26715.GT9; 97463. total; 2537. to tie Cherie]. 180.
no rso. StartTime=1650. [26890.TK9; 97235. total; 2765. to tie Cherie]. 178.
no rso. StartTime=1553. [20295.FX9; 96996. total; 3004. to tie Cherie]. 180.
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