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A13  (Arizona)      new route  
          Route creator shiftalot  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 11.3 miles
Ascent: 207 feet
Time: 1:17 minutes
Ladder Points +21
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New name A13. Old name G2_6.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:03:1210.7 mph77 

  Route Comments
no rso. StartTime=1354. [23026.FX9; 387.+102K=total; 2613. to tie Debby]. 170. Just before reaching the 6" strip of dry dirt, a Propane Truck went thru that area and scattered mud everywhere. Had to get off the bike and walk it thru. On the return trip I tried to get off the bike. My cleated bike shoes were mudded solid in the bike pedals and I could not get my shoes out of the pedals. Rode thru the mud and did a soft crash so that I could take my shoes off and then worked on getting the shoes out of the pedals. My pedals are half and half: accepting cleats on one side and anything on the other side. Used more energy pedaling because I am used to pulling up and pushing down with both feet. 103F GPS-Hi-Temp.
no rso. StartTime=1739. [27835.TK9; 284.+101K=total; 3716. to tie Debby]. 170. Went faster than usual to try to beat the thunder/rain storm. On the return from CoyoteSprings a 45degree rainbow was seen to the E. With about 2 miles to go in PHR, the wind started to pick up and the trip got slower. About 15 minutes after finishing, the sun was still out and a thunder storm and rain blasted (with thunder loud and close by). Within 45 minutes there was 7/8 inches of rain. The planned rides of A71 (dirt) and PHRBC (road )were wiped out.
no rso. StartTime=0903. [27240.GT9; 82.+101K=total; 3918. to tie Debby]. 171. Avoided all mud puddles but not any of the mud. The tires got fat but not fat enough to reach the front fork.
no rso. StartTime=1609. [26902.GT9; 733.+100K=total; 4267. to tie Debby]. 174. Windy. Occasional rain drops.
no rso. StartTime=1510. [22691.FX9; 607.+100K=total; 4393. to tie Debby]. 174. Windy.
no rso. StartTime=1125. [27643.TK9; 385.+100K=total; 4615. to tie Debby]. 176. Windy. 112F GPS-HI- Temp.
no rso. StartTime=1024. [27478.TK9; 220.+100K=total; 4780. to tie Debby]. 178. Little wind.
no rso. StartTime=0932. [27357.TK9; 44.+100K=total; 4956. to tie Debby]. 179. Windy.
no rso. StartTime=1121. [22403.FX9; 99846. total; 154. to tie Cherie]. 182. Windy=22-28G29-37. The dirt portion in Coyote Springs of 6.42 miles took 1hour04min06sec. The only tumbleweed that I could not avoid was masticated by the drive train. The direction of the wind kept changing between S and W.
no rso. StartTime=1057. [22216.FX9; 99659. total; 341. to tie Cherie]. 185.
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