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CK - 2016 Rwanda 25 miler - 3/4th of the route Training Ride  (California)      242 views  
          Route creator Congo Kid  
Route Overview

Overall:  6.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 18.9 miles
Ascent: 1,740 feet
Time: 1:55 minutes
Ladder Points +48
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This is the 2016 Rwanda 25 miler route but skips the Oso Parkway and Waterworks portion for a 19 mile total. Leave Applied Medical in RSM and head down to the church and into the Arroyo, through O'Neill, up to the cell tower and down Vista. Up Twisty Tire, to Plano Trabuco to Dove Canyon waterfall. Behind RSM Catholic HS and through Coto up to Chiquita ridge. At Antonio, cut into Tijeras Creek golf course and pop back to the gravel road in the arroyo and follow it back to the Church and then to Applied Medical.

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Route Time
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Congo Kid 
1:48:1910.5 mph8 

  Route Comments
Congo Kid10/09/21
SS - Nice temps out and felt good. Caught a guy on climb to cell tower. Cleaned that with no stops. Parked at Beebee park and cleaned climbing out of the arroyo too, so felt pretty good today.
Congo Kid08/02/21
SS - Nice and hot. Very few folks out today. Cleaned the O'Neill hill to the cell tower.
Congo Kid03/22/20
SS - Never seen so many bikes out with families on the trail as today. Most of these bikes hadn't seen daylight for 5 years as they've been sitting in garages. Bikes that had no business being in O'Neil and other parts of the route, but with the Corona Virus, everyone was out and about in the sunshine. Muddy in spots but not too bad.
Congo Kid02/29/20
SS today in nice temps. Saw Chris M. Also saw a coyote and big Doe in arroyo. Ran by the tail of a 3 foot rattler up on ridge of Chiquita trail. A bit early to be out of hibernation, don't you think? The guy reared up when I passed. Cleaned entire hill to O'Neill cell tower so felt good about that.
Congo Kid02/23/20
SS - cold out today and a bit muddy. A few stream crossings.
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