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Maple Springs Santiago Peak  (California)      445 views  
         Edge 800     Route creator Old&InTheWay  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 25.9 miles
Ascent: 4,160 feet
Time: 7:15 minutes
Ladder Points +81
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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
7:15:593.6 mph1 
-Old&InTheWay - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
Nice dirt after the rain
Hero Dirt, Snow and Beautiful Sunset.
Maple Springs and first 1.3 miles of Main Divide above 4 Corners Graded. Not what it used to be.
Snow and ice 5200 ft. elev. and above.
Nice sunset view at the peak above the clouds.
7:30 AM start. Below Santiago Peak it was hot and hazy with some wildfire smoke in the mix. At the peak it was a pleasant 79 degrees and a clear blue sky with playful wispy rainbow making clouds. Was great to be there. The ride up and down was nice also. A few 4x4's, no hikers and no other bike riders.
Late start- 9:AM. 2nd ride on new Primer,asphalt section now way easier. Once on the dirt 93 degrees in the shade up to the peak . At 4C's next 4 miles zero shade. Basicly way too hot. Started pre hydrating for this ride on the day of the Blackstar Neoplatonic Ride and also wore water management sun blocking clothing and brought lots of water. Otherwise would not have made it to the Peak. At the Peak took 2 D-Ribose tablets, 2 B-12 tablets, 3 Source of Life Gold Chewable Nutrition tablets and 1 Hammer Nutrition Gel Shot. This combo is an excellent anti bonking kit. Guaranteed instant revitalization. Air conditioning on the way down.
Had a good time riding up Maple Springs and Main Divide on a demo Santa Cruz Carbon Tallboy 3. Was Enjoying all the greenery, flowers, electric blue sky and all the different kinds of clouds. Stopped a mile from Santiago Peak to take in the panoramic view. Along came a group of dark clouds. As they passed in front of the sun they exploded with firey mother of pearl iridescence, at one time surrounded by a rose petal like reef of illumination with a silver sun like an Eye of Ra in the center controlling the action. This went on for 20 minutes. Made it up to the peak and crused back down.
Monday sunset ride. Foggy above 4 Corners. 31 degrees at the Peak. One other Bike, a few Hikers and a bunch of Trucks, Jeeps and Motos. Bike got covered with dust.
Second ride of the day. Had to park 3/4 mile away from the gate but did not see a lot of people going to 4 C's or beyond. Again enjoyed talking with the people met along the way. A little too slippery in a few places, but overall condition excellent. Got to the Peak after sunset - 32 degrees. Great day it was.

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