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2.6 Mile Serrano Creek to Dimension Run  (California)      88 views  
          Route creator Rumpled  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 2.6 miles
Ascent: 178 feet
Time: 0:34 minutes
Ladder Points +5
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Route Time
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
30:425.2 mph7 

  Route Comments
Got the dogs out for a run again. Lagging as it's been a month since I've run with them. Picked up our Pooch25k with Week 2 Day 2. 6 x 90 sec run/2 min walk. We did 10.
Virtual Hawaii run, today I might have run from Kailua-Kona to the old airport. Also, trying to get the dogs running regularly; Pooch to 5k Week 1 Day 2. 8*60 sec run with 90 sec rest. We added on some more running to get back.
Out for a run to kinda get ready for my half marathon in about three weeks. It's gonna hurt.
Need to run more, and so do the dogs. Picking up from our old Pooch to 5k.
Getting in a last run with the dogs before heading up to SF for a half marathon.
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