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Fantasy Island (All loops but Valencia)  (Arizona)      14k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 3.20     Route creator ErikMM  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.8
Technical:  5.8
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 11.1 miles
Ascent: 1,518 feet
Time: 1:58 minutes
Ladder Points +33
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4 of the 5 Fantasy Loops (Lone Catus to X-Mas Tree to Burro Pit to Bo's loop). You must ride this if you ever pass through Tucson. It is the creation of a few local mountain bikers. It is a MTB amusement park of sorts. Everything is here (except a mountain-- it's in the foot-foot hills): fast flowy rolly 1 track w/ switchbacks, banked turns, STEEP drops, rocks, jumps, sand, CACTI, and a "halfpipe." FUN. It sits right next to one end of an Air Force base on State Trust Land (corner of Irvington and Harrison). Developers have been trying to plow it under for some time...come quick. You will never forget it.

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  Route Comments
Stoked to see it is still here, escaping development...hopefully it is here to stay...not much for climbing, but it is FUN-- a must ride if in Tucson...
Great 1 track. 1 way. signed. can't get lost. The ups and downs have eroded a bit since the last time I was here (lots-o-rocks). Don't know if the GPS caught the right ascent total because I went up and down some of them fast...and there were MANY quick uPS and DOWns...

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