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Redbox - JPL  (California)      17k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.3
Technical:  6.4
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 14.3 miles
Ascent: -4,800 feet
Time: 3:35 minutes
Ladder Points +50
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Warning - do not attempt this route without someone who has done it or with a gps file. Very easy to get lost..

A classic ride with a little bit of everything! Speed sections, technical, multi terrain, narrow, rugged, water, exposure, yucca plants, challenges of all sorts. 1300ft. of climbing.

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 captain crash 
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3:18:454.3 mph1 
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  Route Comments
DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TRAIL WITH A BIKE FOR NOW. Done on 7/16/2012. Trail peters out after you leave the Switzer Falls trail, and disappears just after you arrive at the creek. It *is* passable, but we averaged a half mile per hour lugging two bikes through, including a few waterfall passes, a jumping into a neck deep pool and tossing the bikes 15 feet into the river. Not something i'd like to have done alone. Also the bypass around the Brown Canyon dam is almost impossible to find, and it has collapsed at one of the gullys near the top. We had to wedge the bikes between the rocks and use them as braces to continue around the dam. Total time from Switzer to JPL was 7.5 hours. Again, i'll repeat, this route is NOT currently suitable for mountain biking. We actually started @ Redbox, which is ridable to Switzer, so long as you don't mind the PoodleDogBush on the upper section.
Does anyone know the current condition of this trail. It was still damaged and closed a couple of months ago due to the fires
Fun, long ride. Worth the trouble of shuttling.
Lots of mosquitos from Redbox to Switzer. Otherwise it was a great ride.
Some parts of this trail spook me!
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