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UHR Harding Wind Terror  (California)      328 views  
         Edge 800     Route creator UphillRider65  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 11.6 miles
Ascent: 2,795 feet
Time: 1:35 minutes
Ladder Points +44
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From end of Modjeska ride up 6 mile of Harding and back down with 25-60 mph wind.

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Route Time
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:35:517.3 mph1 

  Route Comments
If there is no gale force winds.
A very difficult morning ride, started early to beat the heat but wasn't expecting the WIND. Got blown down 3 times by insane blasts of wind, once was blown 30-40 feet down the fire road, in the air, being hit by a head-on gust. A few spots had to hike the bike around a corner into the wind, the bike was being lifted off to ground by 50-60 mph gusts. Got to the last sharp turn before the top on the main climb and the wind was nonstop, decided it would be best to head back down. Very glad the wind had calmed down a bit, made it to the bottom with out any more injury. Have quite a few nasty scrapes but nothing serious. I have ridden in bad wind before but nothing quite like this.

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