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Counting Coup - 2018  (California)      36k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.6
Technical:  6.5
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 42.5 miles
Ascent: 8,627 feet
Time: 6:11 minutes
Ladder Points +145
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NOTE: For future races, including 2018, the course will stay on Main Divide till Lower Holy Jim, and NOT go down 'Upper' Holy Jim.

This route is used in the Counting Coup race put on each year by the Warriors Society to raise funds for trail advocacy. Expect some long arduous fire road climbs and wonderful singletrack descents. Blackstar Canyon leads you to a series of undulating climbs on the Main Divide fire road to Silverado Motorway's singletrack descent. Then up Maple Springs and back onto Main Divide and ultimately Santiago Peak. The Holy Jim singletrack carries you down to the final sprint along Trabuco Creek Road.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
9:16:484.6 mph1 
 Route Creator 
8:39:534.9 mph1 
8:21:345.1 mph1 
8:08:265.2 mph1 
8:05:005.3 mph1 
8:03:005.3 mph1 
8:00:005.3 mph1 
7:45:005.5 mph1 
7:31:585.6 mph1 
 Shake Dust 
7:30:005.7 mph1 
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  Route Comments
MTB Fiend04/08/17
Woke up after only 3 hours sleep, after going to bed angry because my Mac got nuked by an OS upgrade. But it was not raining, and I was ready for an adventure anyway. Got to the Tree Farm and only some light drizzle. Got lined up and now it's raining for real, and a bit cold too. Lots of frustrated folks climbing BS in muddy conditions. But the Fiend was throwing mud like a snow plow! I was riding when most others were dead stopped, their tires unable to roll and derailleurs caked. I was thankful for my good fortune. I cleaned the Fiend at the ball and rolled on. I was doing really well and made all the cutoffs with time to spare. Cool. But once past 4 corners I started to fade and walked the shale leading to Modjeska and then ended up walking up most of Santiago, or risk my legs locking up. Despite a really nasty descent off the peak, I still felt OK, and did well enough on HJ. My time was 2 hours longer than my 2014 CC, but I had a true adventure today. Great Ride! I'm beat!
Good to do a Warrior's event again.
So despite training more for this race than I ever have before, I had my worst time. Must have been the bronchitis I thought I was just getting over, but after this race, it's back. Oh well, still stoked I finished and there's always next year. Thank you Warrior's Society for hosting such a fun and well run event!
First time CC, was a lot of fun. Did great until MW. Then legs got heavy. Will go again next year
Mike Tyson once said "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." My punch in the face was MSprings. I was right on plan to the bottom of MW, but +18 min vs. plan to 4C. Heart rate, head - everything was working but the legs. All in all, I'm pretty happy for my first stab at this. A really great day for this, bottom of MW was crazy from all the supporters.
I really enjoyed my first CC. Everything went great except for Maple Springs to 4 Corners. That was a tough stretch. Got a good second wind after 4C and finished strong. Beat my goal by 12 minutes!! Thanks to my awesome wife for serving as my pit crew and to the WS for a first class event. Looking forward to next year.
Tough ride today dealing with dead legs. Glad I did CC this year, the VQ would have been impossible. Perfect weather today and Upper/Lower Holy Jim were awesome.
What a perfect day to do CC, and the trails were in awesome shape to boot! It was great seeing everyone out having a good time together and I rode better than expected. Took 25 mins off my time from the last time I rode it. Thanks to WS for putting on a first-rate event!
MTB Fiend04/05/14
WooHoo! First CC for me. Feeling tired, a bit battered, not really bruised, but sore nonetheless. Would have been a perfect ride had that bush near the bottom of UHJ not grabbed my handlebars and threw me down, hard. Of course, I was OK, but my super great mojo took a hit. I gathered myself and off I went. Seriously, I felt I did as best I could, although I am surprised to see I had 40 min of pause time (compared to my Edge800 ride time). No matter, I rode strong and had a good time doing it. It was, for me, a... Great Ride!
The route is in good shape the rain helped the dozer damage. I took UHJ hope it was not a short cut. It's in the best shape ever.
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