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Buffalo Creek IMBA Epic  (Colorado)      1k views  
         EDGE705     Route creator ErikMM  
Route Overview

Overall:  9.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 22.5 miles
Ascent: 2,618 feet
Time: 2:35 minutes
Ladder Points +62
Directions to 'Start'  

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There are bunch of other trails in the area that offer lots of rock drops and rolls etc., this version is... This version is definitely "epic." If you don't like smooth flowly rolly trails this is not for you, but it exemplifies the best of USFS trail spec design and layout-- rolling contour with lots of flow. FYI, there are over 40 miles of trail here, exactly what IMBA designates as "epic" I don't know, but it's all good. There are a few rock sections, but roots are more frequent. Other than that it is butter smooth incredibly awesome trail. Imagine SART or Prescott in the Rockies. Insane. Make sure you DESCEND Sandy Wash. If you can also descend Kitty, rather than climb it then make it happen...

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Route Time
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:35:208.7 mph1 

  Route Comments
bad ass
omg, this was awesome

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