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2013 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda - 25 Mile Route  (California)      12k views  
         EDGE705     Route creator One Flew OTB  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 29.1 miles
Ascent: 3,072 feet
Time: 3:25 minutes
Ladder Points +78
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New for 2013. Start at Oakley building then make your way to Aliso Creek bike trail up towards Cooks. Right through the tunnel, then through O'Neill, Robinson Ranch, to Tijeras Creek trail by the Dove Canyon Waterfall. Down Tijeras to the Arroyo Trabuco and back through O'Neill. Nice intermediate route touring the RSM area.

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 Ben Boronow 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid04/05/15
Rode alone today as Animal Jim got a head cold. Did the West Ridge route when I hit Dove Canyon, so was very tired for the last climb to the cell tower.With nobody to pace me, I could tell I was a lot slower, plus the jump in miles was a factor. Saw the Cooper clan at O'Neill for a BBQ - wished I could have stayed instead of slugging up to the dreaded cell tower. Long day in the saddle for sure. Tons of folks out training for the Rwanda ride, as I asked most out there. There will be one less rider on 4/25: a guy wiped out at bottom of Chaquita trail near the toll-road. He was planning to ride the 50. Busted arm or clavicle as it was in a sling. Fire Dept. was trying to figure out how to get ambulance there. This was one ride that I kept asking myself if I should make my life easy and just do the 25 miler.
Congo Kid03/28/15
Rode with Animal Jim and JP. Both had been training and done a recent metric century in Solvang, so I was solidly the pokey today with not much saddle time the past few months. Cool at start then warmed up nice. Stream crossings weren't too bad at all. Saw a nice 4 foot gopher snake in Whiting and a 3.5 foot rattler on Chiquita ridge. Good times, but legs were noodles by the last climb to the cell tower.
"25 mile" version of 50 mile ride for Rwanda.
Pretty hot ride for me. Pretty hard, too. A bit of HAB in the beginning especially. Overall, a fun day. A good event for some good causes. Some suggestions for the future - organize the parking better, have some chairs and shade, let people know the food will cost. I never saw any food trucks, were they there and gone before I got in?
Ben Boronow04/28/13
Great Rwanda ride with Lonnie, Steve, Bob, Muzzy, Jeff & Tom. Enjoyed riding with you all. Perfect weather.
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