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Harding - Motorway  (California)      22k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.1
Technical:  7.6
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 34.5 miles
Ascent: 7,250 feet
Time: 4:31 minutes
Ladder Points +129
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Route Directions 
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Begin this challenge with a 9 plus mile climb up Harding Truck trail. Once you reach four corners you'll begin an undulating traverse to the Motorway singletrack descent. The bottom of Motorway conveniently sets you up for an immediate 7 mile climb up Maple Springs to begin your final descent down Harding Truck trail.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
7:06:494.8 mph1 
6:05:265.7 mph1 
6:00:005.8 mph1 
5:55:005.8 mph1 
 Shake Dust 
5:30:006.3 mph2 
5:25:006.4 mph1 
 Damon M 
5:20:006.5 mph1 
5:18:006.5 mph1 
5:17:006.5 mph1 
 quad damage 
5:07:386.7 mph2 
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  Route Comments
Epic ride with Mike Hortichok on the Epics. Left my food at home and bonked on Maple pretty hard, but still loved this loop. Its BIG. Beautiful weather today.
Perfect day today, not to hot, not to cold, with a nice gentile breeze to keep you cool. A wasp found his way into my shirt down Harding, I tried to stop and let him out, but he was much happier hiding in my shirt and stinking me. It wasn't until I got to the bottom when I could take my shirt off that he finally flew away, leaving about 8 stinks on my left side and neck.
First big ride of the new season. Great weather today!
Didn't even get to the gate and busted my chain. Good thing I carry a chain tool and wrenches. Got going and felt pretty good all ride. The last few miles up Maple were a little warm.
Perfect day for a ride! The weather was great, and lots of beautiful women on the trails today. Pushed hard up Harding, smashed my best time so far, but paid for it the rest of the ride.
Another epic ride for the log book.
Great training ride before Turkey Day. I was surprised that I had a decent time up Maple Springs (1:18) after so much climbing....All in all a great ride!! Saw some very large paw prints going up Harding (near the bottom) with claws...I think that must be a large dog in retrospect.
Wow. I think I'm going to lay off Harding uphill for a while. Great ride, and I was making my goal times (1:46 to Harding Gate, 2:45 to bottom of STT) until the climb up Maple Springs past the guardrail. Then I could tell I was sucking wind. Here's to lowering the average time!! Thankful for having such fantastic riding available in OC!
Like every one else I also enjoyed great weather and tacky dirt. Not my best riding day regarding energy though. Rode with FOOLY who had to wait for me about 1/2 hour total during this ride. Ran into MTBFiend and ChrisTa. Really cool people.
Another Epic ride with Franchi. The downhill on Harding was perfect today, nice and sticky, like a dream. I saw a bobcat and a few folks from Geoladders too.
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