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^Bell↓Yegr^WHrsthf↓EHrsthf^ElCariso^MD↓Bel  (California)      2k views  
          Route creator GoneRiding  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 39.1 miles
Ascent: 9,562 feet
Time: 8:31 minutes
Ladder Points +152
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Tough route - ↑Bell↓Yeager↑W.Hrsthf↓E.Hrsthf↑ElCariso↑MDivide↓Bell

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
9:11:484.2 mph1 
8:05:464.8 mph2 
7:11:125.4 mph1 
-ThinkFast - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
Great ride with Tom, Carl, Brian E, and Bob, who met up with us at the top of West. There was a running race heading up West as we were going up. Walked less than 100' on West, by far my best effort. Some snow on the Main Divide. East was in excellent shape. Wasn't as warm as we expected coming back out of Elsinore. Solid pace and felt fine all day. Good times.
Glad I finished but this one hurt today. Coming back up Main Divide & The Wall after climbing El Cariso did me in. Almost bailed down Trabuco but pushed on & met the guys at Pinos Peak. Thanks Troy for hanging back with me for the Bell descent. My whole body was aching towards the end of the ride. Not good. A jeep coming down El Cariso scared the crap out of Bob & me. Luckily it wasn't a close call but never saw him until we both came around a turn at the same time. Time for a new rear tire. I was sliding down Yeager & E. Horsethief. Had to replace the rear brake pads on E. Horsthief as well. Luckily I was carrying new set with me. Thanks Guys!
Great ride w/ Troy, both Brian's, Carl, Frank, Josh & Matt. Felt much better today then last week. Was better prepared w mustard packs, pickle juice & enduro lights. Never rode my bike to Lake Elsinore before but we were there today. E. Horsethief is a fun trail down. Just ask Troy! Good seeing NStillwell at the top of W. Horsethief. Somebody rolled their truck on Trabuco Creek Rd. as we were finishing up the ride. Oh too bad! Refreshments at Rose Cyn. Cantina afterwards hit the spot. Who wants to join us next week??
Big day with Trobe1,Thinkfast,Hermit,Tweasol,Frank,Carl B, and Brian E.Going up Bell is alot easier than Pinos. EHT is awesome. The climb up El Cariso and the wall to Pinos peak is a B@#$%..
Good times with the Saturday morning Loony's. After last weeks jaunt up Pinos, going up Bell wasn't too bad, or W Horsethief which was soon after. Fun times with Tom, Matt, Josh, Frank, Hippydude, Brian E., and CB. I got swallowed by a 3 foot deep rut on East Horsethief. Everyone but Tom got to enjoy the show.
Challenging but fun ride with the crew today. Finally got to check out East Horsethief...an awesome descent! Man, I'm super tired now. Great day, fellas!

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