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Holy Jim - Joplin Trail  (California)      62k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.7
Technical:  8.1
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 24.2 miles
Ascent: 4,923 feet
Time: 4:03 minutes
Ladder Points +98
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This is a great way to the top of Joplin. Up Holy Jim, then Main Divide fireroad almost to the peak. Take a sharp right onto a singletrack shortcut down to the top of Joplin. Joplin to Old Camp, down the Luge then left onto Live Oak pavement and back to the car at Trabuco Creek.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
5:20:004.5 mph1 
 Phishin Paul 
5:04:004.8 mph1 
5:00:074.8 mph1 
4:40:295.2 mph3 
4:37:205.2 mph1 
4:30:005.4 mph1 
 Ross B 
4:30:005.4 mph1 
4:29:015.4 mph2 
4:23:555.5 mph2 
4:20:005.6 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Almost a year since I have been to the peak. Suffered a bit on the climb but Joplin is so worth it. Hung out at the peak for a little bit. Fun ride with Troy, Vino, Frank, Matt and Brian.
Joplin never gets old for me. Lots of fun today all the way down with Vino. Started out with Greg, Mark, Vino and we had Jeff & Geoff join us as well. Mark came back down HJ and at the top of Upper HJ the 2 Jeff's took off due to time constraints. Vino & I went to the peak while Greg took off down UJ. Turned out to be a great day out there. Talked to MTBJ at the top of UHJ before he continued on his long ride.
Bailed out on the ride yesterday. Slept in a little this morning and started around 9:15. Bugs started getting bad around mile 4 on TCR which is where they are doing some major construction. Glad I had the bug net with me. Saw 1 biker coming down HJ as I was climbing and 2 others coming down from the peak while taking a break at the top of UHJ. Temps were nice and cool on the mountain.
Sir Plankton06/20/15
This route was excellent. The Trabuco road at the start is a great warm up. THe main divide is a killer but worth the connection effort. Joplin is one loose trail! Bigger tires next time for me... I ran a 1x11 with a 32 up front. Next time, I'll put a 30 on. Joplin is kind of overgrown and I've never seen so much poison oak. Would recommend arm coolers for that reason. The Luge is awesome!! Joplin is super loose and rocky. Bring TWO tubes! Also, Upper Holy Jim is really tough going uphill - I would just stick to the fireroad (as per this route)and save yourself for Joplin, as this takes some focus...
It's Saturday so this was the logical choice. Parked at the Path so that I could make sure I had a parking spot for the benefit raffle put on by Andy Lightle for John Potts. Good seeing everyone there. There was a group of about 40 trail runners who were starting at Holy Jim this morning. Probably had about 15 cars pass us on Trabuco Creek Rd. as we pedaled in. Only had 4 runners go by heading up HJ. Good running into CB out there and he finished the ride with Ben, Vino and myself. One spill in the rocky chute on Joplin. Good seeing Ian out there as well.
Fun ride today with Mark, Tom, Vino and Carl.
Enjoyed this route so much last week that I wanted to go out and do it again today. Thought this would be a solo ride but Frank showed up at the same time which worked out well. Saw 2 big, seperate groups of hikers both 25+ on our way up Holy Jim. They were all polite and when the timing was right we were able to get by. Saw another group of boy scouts at the top of HJ who were hiking to the peak. Then on Joplin saw a rider named Larry who I talked to back in November at the top of Trabuco. This guy is on a 90's era fully rigid and is out exploring trails like Bell Ridge and Joplin. I admire his sense of adventure. Another great ride!
First ride to the Peak of 2015. Good times with Troy, Ben & Greg. Ran into a few familiar faces out there who were doing the same route. Went back & forth with a few groups of hikers who all had a good pace going. They all made it to the peak as well. Clouds were moving fast at the peak. There was a group at the top of Joplin waiting for some trail runners who started at Crystal Cove and were heading to the peak. Impressive. Joplin was great as usual. Found an I-phone near the top of Cadillac and Troy was able to track down the owner after the ride. Beer back at Rose Canyon tasted so good! Another great day on the bike with friends!
Good times doing "Frank's Loop" with Tom, Ben and Greg. Quite a few others had the same idea. Cold and windy at the peak.
Great ride with the "Sat Crew" Tom, Troy and Greg. Lots of hikers and riders on the trail today. Kinda cold and windy at the peak. Other than that it was perfect conditions!!!
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