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Vision Quest - 2018 COURSE  (California)      113k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.5
Technical:  8.0
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 55.2 miles
Ascent: 11,200 feet
Time: 7:31 minutes
Ladder Points +223
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(Vision Quest Endurance Mountain Bike Race)

2020 - Canceled/fire (see Warriors Sundance race)
2019 - Canceled/fire
2018 - Canceled/fire

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2015 Cancelled due to fire

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
11:10:324.9 mph1 
10:31:325.2 mph1 
10:22:565.3 mph1 
10:12:245.4 mph1 
10:00:005.5 mph1 
 Ross B 
9:51:005.6 mph1 
 Dynamo D 
9:41:345.7 mph1 
9:30:005.8 mph1 
9:26:005.9 mph1 
9:20:005.9 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Dynamo D04/09/14
Lost front brakes after Upper Holy Jim. Super slow down Lower Holy Jim and Trabuco.
VQ #3
Phishin Paul04/05/14
Another one in the bag. Warriors, you put on your best event yet. That was my 8th Pow Wow and that one was hands down the best. The finish was so cool and my family and friends were able to hang out and cheer me across. I flatted going down MW for the first time in this event. That is what I get for going with XC tires. I loved the sunrise today along the Main Divide. So cool. If it wasn't for a major second wind going up Trabuco and WHT I would not have finished sub 8. Big thanks to my amazing wife for the pit crew and support. Also, I would not have been able to finish without the Pixie dust my girls threw all over me at MS check point. It carried me up the mountain and I sparkled the whole way. I even finished with a ripped rear der cable for the TCR out so I am sure it was the Pixie dust that carried me. Good seeing everyone out there today. Great job Tom on your first VQ. My buddy Jeff finished CC after not riding for over 2 months with a dislocated finger. Good on ya Man! Off to the fridge for another IPA to kill the pain.
SS. Where to begin. Felt like a kid on Xmas morning...couldn't wait to get started this morning....I usually work the event, so it was such a treat to ride it this year. Had a time goal, a plan set, and time splits for certain sections. Well the plan went to hell about 3 minutes into the ride. Got to Beeks about 13 minutes faster than planned...got bottom of MW about 25 minutes faster than planned. Even MS I was ahead of schedule. By the time I reached Aid Station #2, I thought there was a possiblity of a sub 7 hr time. Rolled out and headed out to Trabuco. Shortly after getting on the singletrack, the wheels came off...legs were dead. Did a lot of walking. Hit WHT split @ 11:00. HAB was a struggle today. MD to Trabuco Trail, was fighting off cramps and dead legs...more walking. Great rides down U/LHJ and Trabucco. MW got held up by a slow rider. Surpassed my overall time goal...and 2:30 faster than my last attempt. Was colder out there than anticipated.
That really hurt! First VQ for me after 4 CC's. Finally got that monkey off my back. I don't think I will sign up for VQ again. The Pow Wow is always a great event and huge thanks to the WS for the job they do. Saw lots of friends out there and rode a fair amount with Richie Rich, David, Frank and big thanks to my support guy Troy who was at both aid stations and did the WHT loop with me. My favorite part is picking off the riders as I descend UHJ, Holy Jim & Trabuco. Good seeing Phishin Paul out there and nice job! Nice to have my family at the finish line as well. Congrats to all finishers of both events.
Vision Quest #5. Awesome weather, perfect for a ride of this caliber. No mechanicals, crashes, just a day of average suffering. Was hoping for sub 8 hours but could not pull it today, slowed down too much on West HorseThief and beyond. The crash in the first 3 miles in the dark was a peloton splitter, someone went down right behind me and held up everyone, very reminiscent of Le Tour. Great day of pain!
First VQ, and thanks to the Warrior's Society for putting on an incredible event. It was handled expertly and I really appreciate all the hard work that went into this day. My goal was to finish, and although I didn't set any speed records mission accomplished. I can truly say I gave it all I had. Funny thing was I rode very strong for me up until the last check point. Then I unraveled going up WHT. 5 steps, rest. Repeat x what seemed like 1000 times. In a way it was cool, because I hadn't had to dig down really deep until that hike a bike...Lastly, very cool vibe on the course. Thanks for all the fellow riders for the encouragement...See you next year.
I am worked after this ride. Not the time I wanted but did the best I could on this day.
Thanks WS for another great event and Tim @Switchback cyclery for building me a great new bike that made it with no issues. The Parker finish was a perfect for some cooler time.
Alpine Rob04/07/13
The Warriors Society Rocked another VQ. It is always so much fun to see all of them out there. I have not ridden with anybody in too long. The Finish line area was really cool. I thought I was going to come in well under 6 hours but had to iron through cramps from Bottom of Motorway on. Remind me to ride on tires with tread next year, nothing like drifting all over on the descents. Eric thanks for the support bud.
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