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7 Sisters  (California)      10k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  
Route Overview

Overall:  9.8
Technical:  8.1
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 39.0 miles
Ascent: 5,815 feet
Time: 3:10 minutes
Ladder Points +141
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This clockwise training loop consists of 7 out-and-back climbs along the way that are all quite steep (up to 20% grades), locals refer to this ascent training loop as The Seven Sisters. Begin at the Aliso Creek Trailhead off Awma Rd and head south on Alicia to begin the journey. 1st Sister: Highlands Ave - turn around point is Niguel Rd. 2nd Sister: Pacific Island Dr - turn around point is Flying Clouds Dr. 3rd Sister: Pacific Island Dr (south end starting from Crown Valley) - turn around point is Talavera Dr. 4th Sister: Nyes Place - turn around point is Capistrano Ave (the Moulton Meadows Park sign). 5th Sister: Bluebird Canyon Dr to Summit Dr - turn around point is where Summit meets La Mirada St. 6th Sister: Thalia St then right on Temple Hills Drive - turn around point is Alta Laguna Blvd. Upon descending Temple to Thalia make a right on Wendt Terrace which merges straight into the 7th Sister: Park Ave - turn around point Alta Laguna Blvd.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
3:59:379.8 mph1 
3:48:2910.2 mph1 
3:47:0010.3 mph1 
3:46:1710.3 mph1 
3:35:1610.9 mph2 
3:34:0010.9 mph1 
3:30:0011.1 mph1 
3:24:3511.4 mph1 
3:19:2211.7 mph1 
3:15:0912.0 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Every time this ride gets a bit easier for me. Felt great the whole way.
Felt awesome today. Nice to do a ride like this and have something left in the tank at the end. Nice breeze and great views.
Battle with Sol on the Sisters. Score was 5 to 2 in the end. The new Pina Team was flawless except for a flat on PI. Great ride today.
This ride was a great challenge. Felt great until Summit, which was a struggle. Park was real rough. No power left at all for that one. Looking forward to doing this one again.
Good group ride of 8. Got the speed wobbles going down PID which sucks, kinda made me pucker on some of the other descents. Good stuff but need to get a new set of brake pads after this....nice views for sure...
It took me 4 years of riding this biatch and on my 16th attempt I finally broke 3 hours. Conditions were perfect today and it took everything out of me.
Find me a bed! Nice ride, the ocean looked so blue. The temps were perfect. The company was great. Much better than the first time here.
Keith B01/28/12
Did not feel up to this from the start this morning but soldiered on. After the 3rd climb my pulse wouldnt go up so high and I felt pretty much exhausted. Nye's Place was insanely steep. No clue how people do it without compact cranks. Thalia wasn't so bad but Park finished me off. Started to feel better after a PB+B+H sandy at the Orange Inn. Need sleep. Next time I'm taking the 29er and heading back through Aliso Woods. Probably the hardest road ride I've ever done although 'Worlds End' in Wales is up there with this.
nice day to ride the sisters!! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/122256644
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