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Judean Foothills: Adulam - Kanim singletrack  (Israel)      2k views  
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Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  5.0
Bigger figure eightfigure eight
Distance: 19.2 miles
Ascent: 2,149 feet
Time: 3:14 minutes
Ladder Points +52
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As one of the singletrack crown jewels in Israel, this classic ride is shorter than the epic to enable mere mortals to enjoy it as well. The ride starts at the Paz gas station, climbs to the start of the Adulam Trail singletrack (green) and continues southward until Bet Borgin. After that take the new east-to-west Kanim singletrack trail (black). All trails are sculpted professionally and tons of fun. Navigation is trivial with clear Nature Society colored signage throughout the ride. The trails consist of long singletrack sweeps taking you down one valley and up the next hill with breathtaking fun. The trails are so well engineered that there is no need to dismount on ascents or descents. DIRECTIONS: Take Highway 38 south past the Elah Junction (at Highway 375). Park behind the gas station (come early as it fills up quickly) and have fun.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:27:147.8 mph8 

  Route Comments
Cloudy and cool on this Adulam classic ride for 7. Got a bit separated and wound up doing the Kanim singletrack finale twice.
Rode the triple singletrack option of Adulam - Kanim - Massua. Great weather for the 11 who rode. The finale is fast and wonderful cycling past the green vineyards.
Great ride combining Adulam, Kanim, and then cutting west to Park Britania to ride the new Massua singletrack with a group of 3.
Beautiful, relaxed riding along this classic trail. Cut north at Bet Borgin for the 8 riders who came.
Due to rain, some of the slicker singletracks were substituted for parallel dirt roads. Temperature was ideal for the 3 who rode.
Awesome day for a ride with 7. Did a few variations on the main ride. Started in Srigim, then explored brand new singletracks in the Nechusha Forest in the south-eastern portion of the ride. where hey have potential but still need maintenance.
Hot easterly winds kept things cool for the 12 who rode. Extended the ride a bit southward on the Adulam Trail extension then rejoined the Kanim Trail for a great finale. Total climb was over 2,500'
Got an early start before the heat. Most of the riders did Kanim in the opposite direction. Will remember that for next time.

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