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The New Traverse 2012 COURSE  (California)      36k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.5
Technical:  6.3
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 46.0 miles
Ascent: 8,350 feet
Time: 5:48 minutes
Ladder Points +153
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"The New Traverse" Race - MAY 12th 2012
(Endurance Cross Country Mountain Bike Race).

Race Site / Registration

The race begins at Black Star Canyon Road (gate), up Black Star Canyon to the Main Divide Road, then traverses the Santa Ana Mountain range via the Main Divide Road hitting all the peaks (including Modjeska and Santiago Peaks) until it intersects with the Trabuco Canyon Trail (singletrack). Fast descent down Trabuco Canyon Trail to Trabuco Creek Road to the finish line at Trabuco Canyon Road.
The course will not go down Upper Holy Jim (same as last year).

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
8:30:215.4 mph1 
7:42:236.0 mph1 
7:31:006.1 mph1 
7:15:006.3 mph1 
7:07:146.5 mph1 
7:05:286.5 mph1 
7:04:566.5 mph1 
7:02:006.5 mph1 
 SantaCruz HellRider 
7:01:326.5 mph2 
7:00:006.6 mph1 
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  Route Comments
great event... glad i decided to go for it. Good to meet a few geo peeps and complete a tough weekend of training... gonna have some fun monday at sart and resting tomorrow for mom ;D good job sarah, nick and mark!
Good ride today! Enjoyed riding with Daniel and Sarah.
Gunny Bing05/12/12
Glad to have this one in the books. I only questioned why I signed up for this pain train 45 times.
knew i was in trouble when my left foot cramped on b*,wth.had to stop before the peak 2-3 times,which killed any hope of a pb.there's always next year....
2nd place 18-30 intermediate. Giving blood the day before probably wasnt the best idea.
My first Traverse, finished at 6:24. Thank you Warriors volunteers, so many people giving!
Cool and overcast for most of the ride. Felt pretty good. Missed my goal by three minutes. No flats or crashes.
2nd Traverse. Rode with a friend last year and we rolled in @8:22. Decided to ride Traverse solo this year and finished with a 6:39 incl. stopping for 20min to fix a cut sidewall with a $20 bill (all I had with me to plug the 1 inch cut)...someone (think it was Hammertime) at the finish line told me it is the best use of $20 that he could think of for the day, since it got me to the finish line. Could not have asked for better weather...and more helpful volunteers (especially Tim on his dirt bike riding next/past me several times encouraging me). A fun day in the mountains...THANK YOU WARRIORS! Thank you to FastTurtle for riding a Snicker bar all the way to 4C and then turn around. Splits 0:58 to Beeks, 2:29 to MW (incl 20min fixing sidewall cut), 3:26 to 4C, 4:26 to peak, 4:36 to LHJ, 5:53 to Trabucco, Total: 6:39. Almost forgot to mention, that I met Sjon at the finish line...he was easy to spot...he was the guy freezing because he forgot his jacket in the truck!
Tough day on the bike. Mechanicals, a crash and cramps to sum it up.
Alpine Rob05/15/11
Great day for a race, the weather in the morning must have scared a lot of people from coming. Had a good time despite the fact that I cramped right at the beging of the rocky climb to four corners, had issues through the race after that. Came in at 5:10, 10 minutes behind goal, but 30 minutes faster than last year. Thankyou Warriors for all the hard work and the long hours, you all rock! Sorry I did not stick around long, wanted to talk to you guys at the end, but got cold. So next time I am up there I'll buy the beer.
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