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San Juan Super Loop #1  (California)      24k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.4
Technical:  6.3
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 50.8 miles
Ascent: 7,165 feet
Time: 6:01 minutes
Ladder Points +159
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This loop starts at the Trabuco Creek Road lot. Then to O'Neil and Tijeras Creek, back of Coto De Caza, cuts through the back of Caspers Wilderness park, and then takes you up San Juan trail and down Trabuco Trail. There's water at Coto, and Blue Jay Campground at the top of San Juan Trail, plan accordingly. Lot's of climbing with a big payoff at the end coming down Trabuco Trail. Of the 50+ miles 49 are 100% dirt, which is pretty nice for a loop of this size. Plus, roughly 28 miles of it is singletrack!

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
7:50:316.5 mph1 
7:45:006.6 mph1 
7:27:446.8 mph1 
 Route Creator 
7:00:587.2 mph1 
6:40:527.6 mph1 
 Napoleon D. 
6:34:007.7 mph1 
6:21:158.0 mph2 
6:16:048.1 mph1 
 Keith B 
6:16:008.1 mph2 
 josh smith 
6:15:168.1 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Got my butt kicked by a girl :/ Was a tough long day in the saddle but I managed especially after not riding as much lately. The MD is pretty torn up, need some rain soon.
Tricky ride with two bottles. Got water at the Coto horse stop and then at Blue Jay, worked out good. Saw EricF (same spot, haha) and I think Uphillrider at about 1:15 in coto. Oso has more ruts & is looser than I remember, but just the intial few climbs. I started this ride a bit late and was debating whether to go for it, but still had sun on San Juan and even the fireroad climb up to Trabuco, surprisingly. Saw one rider climbing up Trabuco.
Started to late got hot! I missed some of the O'Neil park. Oso is very tough steep loose and lots of rocks. Cold spring trail was awesome. Main divide after Blue jay is tough too. "Ride when you can walk if you have to"
a much harder 50 than the whiskey 50, although maybe not quite as fun.
Definately NOT the most efficient way to shuttle San Juan. :) GPS goofed a few times and didn't record entire ride due to having data recording set to "every second"
Bring a sandwich.
This ride was fun but it made me tired.
Nice to have met OTB Again, and for steeleboat and I to have run into so many of our buddies on the trail. Nice day for this route.
Launched this bad boy from Canada Vista park at 5am with Shine and steeleboat...really nice riding with you guys. Nice to meet oclaske, nstillwell, vt1ryan, and others on San Juan. Also met up with Sir Ian Rowsby and friends at Cocktail Rock for a bit. Had to split from Todd and Ken at CR and head up Old SJ, was pressing to make my daughter's softball game at 1pm and made it...sweet. Good times guys!
great ride, tried to relax more throughout the ride, felt fresher at the end and somehow beat my best. Saw one guy coming down san juan on a cyclocross bike. ...did 8 scoups (4 servings) of hammer sustained energy powder, one cliff bar, two gels, just right.
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