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Hicks Haul Road TT 02-05-11  (California)      279 views  
          Route creator Rumpled  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  1.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 8.2 miles
Ascent: 784 feet
Time: 0:41 minutes
Ladder Points +20
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Route Time
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
41:1012.0 mph2 

  Route Comments
IRC Docent led low key Time Trial over and back on Hicks Haul Road. A bit of a headwind climbing on the return leg made it slightly more difficult than normal. I was hoping to improve my time, but I was slower than last time by about 15 seconds. I had about 41:30 ride time, Jill had 41:37. Good weather for the ride, just cool enough and a mix of cloud cover and sun. Comp (with runout) 8.29 miles, 11.4 mph avg, 37.5 mph max, 43:15 ride time Strava has 8.3 miles (with runout) and 916 feet climbing, max speed 36.9 mph, 11.5 mph avg, 242 watts RwGPS max grade 20.6% MMR 11.85 mph avg, 332 kcal
IRC Hicks Haul Road TT Nice cool morning for a closed course TT. GPS 8.36 miles, 36.6 mph max, 11.8 mph avg, Comp 41:52 ride time with runout, 8.57 miles (need to change for road tires) 12.3 mph avg, 37.9 mph max My timing 41:10 for TT, Jill timed me at 41:06 Strava 42:20 time, 11.7 mph avg, 39.0 mph max, 233 watts MMR 349 kcal

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