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Chino Hills- Twin Peaks  (California)      10k views  
          Route creator martink111  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.4
Technical:  3.9
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 11.2 miles
Ascent: 1,785 feet
Time: 1:28 minutes
Ladder Points +38
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This ride lets you pick up the two highest points in Chino Hills, and two of the best singletracks in the park, Gilman and Bovian. Starting from Rimcrest Dr, follow South Ridge to San Juan Hill. On the return, take Bovian Delight down to four corners, then go west on Telegraph Canyon. Once you reach Sycamore Trail, follow it up to North Ridge, and proceed west until you reach the intersection of the Gilman Peak Trail. Follow the Gilman Singletrack trail from the peak down to Telegraph and return by way of Cheat-street.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:04:005.4 mph1 
2:03:005.5 mph1 
1:40:006.7 mph1 
1:40:006.7 mph1 
1:16:578.7 mph1 
59:4211.3 mph1 
58:3711.5 mph5 
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  Route Comments
Great visibility on a classic trail. Gilman Trail is closed to bikes (who knew) so continued on Telegraph Rd. instead.
Same mileage and distance...lots of hikers and bikers on a great afternoon.
Great ride...knarly wind on North Ridge.
First time on the HiFi 29. Incredible handling!
rode with the guys from work. they are a bit slow but it's cool.
I broke in my new, 2011 Specialized Camber Comp on this trail and beat my best time by 4 minutes. Sweet bike! I've only owned hard tails so this bike is a dream to ride.
I felt like Whiting Ranch was not good enough of a workout on Sunday so I had to ride Monday. Excellent after work ride. It only took me one hour so I shaved off 15 minutes from the first time I rode this.
Morning Ride- rode with camera, tripod, and one lens 27.4 mph max
Wow, Morning ride with Justin, got caught in the rain, tires filled with mud. We both fell from the slippery conditions; Justin broke his chain and front derailleur and shoes filled with mud and water. Potentially great trail though, just take little canyon trail, not easy street. (the ranger warned us)
How should I illustrate this ride for my fellow geoladderians? From the moment we clipped in the MTB Gods anointed us with their holy water at first in a gentle manner then just a constant annoyance. The mud should be considered the antagonist of the story as our tires became caked with mud so thick it prohibited the tires from actually spinning. No joke. After I broke my de-railer and chain at the farthest point from the truck I proceeded fall but had an amazing dismount. Gotta love MTB.
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