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Maple Springs - Joplin  (California)      10k views  
          Route creator Cranx  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.3
Technical:  8.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 38.0 miles
Ascent: 7,858 feet
Time: 5:57 minutes
Ladder Points +138
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If you like lots of climbing over long distances with miles of technical, singletrack descending thrown in, then this is the route for you. You begin with a leg burning climb to Modjeska Peak, followed by a technical run down the ever daunting Joplin before you climb out of Old Camp and head down Santiago Truck trail and over to Harding for one last leg burner before heading back down Maple Springs. CAUTION: Maple Springs can have significant off-road vehicle traffic so watch your speed and take care when descending.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Route Creator 
6:33:205.8 mph1 
6:12:316.1 mph1 
 J Roth 
6:00:006.3 mph1 
 Ladera Dave 
5:40:206.7 mph1 
5:23:007.1 mph1 
-mtnbikej - Manual Post -
-Ladera Dave - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
1:45am start and watched the sun rise at Modjeska Peak. We added Santigo Peak as well for some extra credit. AMAZING RIDE!!!!
Ladera Dave05/09/09
Great ride with Sparky, Tahoe days from STR. missed all of the Traverse riders. Great weather.
This is a re-list of a route done earlier this year. Had the wrong route listed the first time.
J Roth07/23/06
Friggin' horse flies, seriously, little bastards.
Ladera Dave01/28/06
very cold midd 40's in the morning. Still great ride.
Another leg burner with lots of elevation and some great descending down Joplin & Santiago. Rode with Koke who's an animal considering he's only been riding a couple of months. Very cold much of the way also, avg. temp of 55 with a low of 36! Brrrrrr.

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