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Limestone Canyon Irvine Conservancy Ride  (California)      1k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 3.20     Route creator Lonnie  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 10.5 miles
Ascent: 1,392 feet
Time: 1:33 minutes
Ladder Points +29
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Limestone Canyon Irvine Conservancy Ride

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:43:256.1 mph1 
1:33:116.8 mph3 
1:30:007.0 mph2 
1:23:427.5 mph3 
1:23:037.6 mph2 
1:18:008.1 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Good night ride. Lots of pretty quick people, I was the anchor. Surprisingly cool in the canyon to start, surprisingly warm up on the ridge. Trail was mushy and slow in spots. Saw a lot of lion tracks on cactus, almost looked like it had been pacing.
Great ride with Todd, Mike V, Ben, Jon, Bob S, Tony, and Sergeil. Too bad Ben's frame broke and he had to walk back from the Sinks.
RC Full Moon Night Ride. Big group out on a chilly night. Had to HAB up three of the climbs, still working on cleaning those; especially in the dark. Had a pretty good time on the singletracks, about the best I've done on them. Comp 1:33:32 ride time, 9.9 miles, 6.3 mph avg, 20.3 mph max, 1:55 total time Strava 6.3 mph avg, 758 kcal, 117 avg watts MMR 6.44 mph, 1049 kcal
IRC Full Moon ride, 18 riders. Finally made it round with no HAB or spin outs. Enjoyed the BS round the "campfire" after.
Great ride with the Bone Haulers and Chupacabras
Last nights IRC Full Moon ride. Not quite this as we went up Sand Trap instead of Hicks Haul. About 20 riders. Thanks Docents.
IRC Ride. This route plus to/from Loma ridge via Hicks Haul from Toll road start.
IRC Limestone Ride Big group of 19 riders, 5 of them docents. Pretty warm start and overall a good ride. Hills, as usual; stuck it to me. Shig really powered up the Wall. Bunch of mechanicals slowed the overall pace. Still finished right at dark, lights not needed. My first time on the singletracks, they were about at my comfort limit, might not have gone as fast if Steve wasn't right behind me sweeping. Congrats on Dirtuls getting her first lead done without issues. Typically, my GPS batteries died on the gravel on the way in, costing me about a third of a mile - so I used this route. Comp 1:33:11 ride time, 10.1 miles, 6.5 mph avg, 22.2 mph max, 2:15:43 total time, 575 kcal, .16 lb Strava 123 watts MMR 6.46 mph avg, 1049 kcal
Fun IRC evening ride with a good crowd of 19 riders. Despite a couple of mechanicals we made it back before dark. Managed to clean three hills for the first time. Thanks Docents.
MTB Fiend07/18/11
Fun ride with a great group! Congrats to DIRTULS for her first lead docent ride. She is going to be a legendary docent! Thanks to all the docents and guests - tons of fun! Great ride
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