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Motorway - Motorway (2x)  (California)      17k views  
          Route creator Cranx  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.1
Technical:  7.9
Bigger figure eightfigure eight
Distance: 41.5 miles
Ascent: 7,862 feet
Time: 5:11 minutes
Ladder Points +141
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If you're looking for a real leg burner then look no further. This route takes you up Blackstar to Main Divide before you take your first of two plunges down Motorway. Once at the bottom of Motorway you'll head back up on Maple Springs to the Main Divide again and back down Motorway for a double dip of one of the best singletrack decents in OC. One other plus to this route is that is gives you a great way to approximate the Counting Coup route without having to shuttle! CAUTION: When the gate is open at the bottom Maple Springs there is heavy 4x4/Motocycle/ATV traffic both up and down so be very cautious as they are not so.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
7:02:005.9 mph1 
 Route Creator 
6:12:056.7 mph1 
6:07:556.8 mph1 
 Big D.D. 
6:00:006.9 mph1 
6:00:006.9 mph1 
5:58:007.0 mph1 
5:57:367.0 mph1 
 quad damage 
5:55:027.0 mph1 
5:55:007.0 mph1 
 Shake Dust 
5:52:007.1 mph1 
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  Route Comments
This time I made it. MD is in bad shape from the road work it's like marbles on hard wood floor.
MTB Fiend03/18/14
I'm tired, and I am recovering via a beer IV. Spectacular day for such a big ride and effort! 4 of us started, 2 went their own ways on Maple Springs, and Dynamo and I did the figure 8. I've always wanted to do this route, but never figured I was good for it. All that training and riding in middle ring has really paid off. Riding the same hills in small ring, on a big ol' ride such as this, is very doable. I felt relatively strong the whole route. Temps were perfect for me! A few buggers out on Main Divide between 4C and MW, but not bad. Gates were all closed off after the paved section of MS, as the CNF was turning motorized traffic back. Sweet!! I feel deeply satisfied and confident I will do well on my first CC. Great Big Ride!
HT - This one has been on my to-do list for a long time but never had much desire to get it done. Wanted to see if I could get some good mileage in today so this was it. Rode most of the ride with Troy, Frank & Travis. Just me from 4-corners to MW for the last part of the ride. Pretty chilly and windy today but still nice out there. Good seeing Eric H. on Maple Springs. Lots of moto and vehicle traffic on Main Divide and Maple Springs. Just hope the legs continue to feel good through April 5.
Some pictures added to the new bike project blog. http://forums.mtbr.com/frame-building/foolys-major-glory-822434-4.html#post10918112
Its freaking hot! Unable to push due to the heat. Started an hour earlier than usual, good thing too. The climb up Blackstar was fine, but then the heat really started to pick up though Main Divide. Nice and slow up maple springs trying to keep cool.
Stopped near the base of Maple Springs to help Sten and Mark with a broken rear derailleur.
something like this. main divide still sucks. especially starting in the dark and missing my <edit: yeah we're not that close>
Pushed hard up Blackstar, suffered the rest of the ride though.
Phishin Paul03/25/12
I must have had 10 wardrobe changes today. Cold, hot, cold, hot, dry, wet. Only wet on the second Moto run. I saw the nasty stuff was moving in and skipped the peak. Glad I did. Broke my chain for the first time in years.
started early from the tree farm and got all the way to where the pipes used to be and noticed I forgot my bottles in my car. headed back to get them and lost 25-30 minutes of time. Good thing was that I didn't need my light at that point. Rode from Beeks over to Motorway and then up Maple with some of the Blackstar guys. Talked with Craig all the way up to 4 corners and then hung out there for 30 minutes or so waiting for my ride buddy who wasn't feeling it today.
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