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SART 50 Super Shuttle  (California)      3k views  
         EDGE705     Route creator rushak  
Route Overview

Overall:  10.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 49.2 miles
Ascent: 3,827 feet
Time: 5:32 minutes
Ladder Points +120
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Starts from Wildhorse Meadows Road/Trail and connects up with SART for the epic adventure down the mountain. Fast/Flowy singletrack that has everything to offer. This is what mountain biking is all about! Even though it's a shuttle, it still packs quite a punch with ascent.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
5:32:268.9 mph1 
5:32:048.9 mph1 
-rushak - Manual Post -
-Jake c('.'c) - Manual Post -
-Sjon - Manual Post -
-Despacio - Manual Post -
-mark1890 - Manual Post -
-Hammertime - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
great day out with Mark, sjon and dad...other than ripping another sworks tire (yep sidewall as usual) and having to ride back to the truck after a couple of miles ..then continuing on with a crow tire i had in the truck. got to watch plenty of shows, including my dads front wheelie tail whip around a switchback. and marks detour late in the ride, right into some rough bushes.
Had a really great time on this one. Felt good the whole day except after that piece of apple crumb pie I ate from the restaurant. Saw some bruises, blood and another cheap tire from the others. 10+ fun factor!
Great ride today with Mr Agitate ,Hammertime and Sjon. daniel blew a tire early and the first part of trail had lots of trees down and stream damage .... glad we did it but Jenks lake shuttle is alot more fun and doesnt take nearly as much time ! Weather was great though and the their was hardly and whining !!Mark was on fire today and showed off his skills to the whippersnappers (:
ditto what jr said,begining of rte was a mess,oh well.otherwise fun day,took one small detour into the bushes...
Because it's EPIC!...minus the last 10 miles.
Epic ride with an epic crew. Thanks to James, JD, and Jake for making this ride. Everyone did great with no major problems for the whole ride minus the running out of fluids with 10 miles to go. That part sucked. The additional singletrack at the end is pretty overgrown.
Jake c('.'c)08/02/10
These trails are amazing! When you look at the elevation profile it may seem like a long downhill run with a couple of little climbs, but trust me, this ride was a serious challenge. Miles of amazing singletrack, beautiful scenery, & lot's of exposure. I'd suggest you PM someone who has ridden this before attempting this route. Big thanks out to Jason, James, & John for everything.
This is an amazingly epic ride with incredible ST. Great adventure with Jason, JD, and Jake. The last 10 miles is very overgrown and not great for this time of year.
One of the best rides Ive done!! So much singletrack and awesome views. Stream crossings were much needed to cool off. Make sure to stash water or bring more than you think youll need. Last 10 miles without water were brutal but we were all sharing the same fun and pain. Epic times with Rushak, James, and Jake.

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