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Horsethief - Trabuco (short loop)  (California)      9k views  
Route Overview

Overall:  7.3
Technical:  6.3
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 12.1 miles
Ascent: 2,926 feet
Time: 2:05 minutes
Ladder Points +56
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The bitter sweet route. Start with a climb up the lower part of Trabuco Trail, which is a hefty little climb. Then up Horsethief Trail where the heart really gets going and steep just never stops. For the aggresive, with double expresso gu's, portions of this ascent can be ridden, although it seems there's plenty of hike-a-bike for all. At the top the payoff is sweet. A few miles on Main Divide fire road then a 6 mile or so, all downhill, jaunt of pure singletrack, Trabuco Trail.

NOTE: This is called (short loop) because it doesn't include Trabuco Creek Road like Route 14 does.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Alpine Rob 
3:16:153.7 mph1 
2:13:085.5 mph1 
 Route Creator 
2:05:275.8 mph1 
 Jake c('.'c) 
2:04:145.8 mph1 
1:56:006.3 mph1 
1:55:006.3 mph1 
1:50:006.6 mph1 
 Ladera Dave 
1:40:207.2 mph2 
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  Route Comments
Off the bike for a couple months and it felt good to get back out. Running support for Tom's first VQ. Rode the last leg of the race with Tom and Frank. Well, most of it. I flatted and Tom finished alone. Frank had 3 flats after the top of WHT, so I finished with him. Good times.
Ladera Dave12/17/11
6 riders today, rain at the top of Trabuco, good food at the mexican restraunt afterwords.
awesome ride...passed a few hikers at the bottom of trabuco, but other than that not a soul in sight.
Ladera Dave03/05/11
ran into 50 runners from bluejay, awesome to see them, the weather was perfect
angry red squirrel10/22/10
combo hab n ride-no chupacabra sightings
angry red squirrel04/13/10
couldnt decide if i wanted 2 hike or bike today-so ended up doing both on this ride-rode the ht bike cuz its lighter 2 push,on the dh its a "boneshaker"did the route in reverse,cuz hrsthf is a biatch!!!
Byron B10/18/08
Holy, thats what I gotta say about this route.. not intended for any mtn biker really, unless you're into rock climbing and pushing up your bike while being attacked by the brush and lil nats. anyway, I wont be seing this route for awhile, maybe after some rain fall. Rode with the weekend crew, and didnt see one rider go up or down Horsethief, understandable tho..
Byron B10/18/08
in my mind this route in not intended for mtn bikers on the way-up, however, the down hill and views are great.
One of the hardest rides I have done to date, more climing than an Everest expedtion. Fell and landed on my handle bars with my chest, hurts like hell
Jake c('.'c)09/24/08
I'm never so happy to see Main Divide as I am when I'm nearing the top of West Horsethief and come around that bend to catch a glimpse of that crappy forest road. Less gnats today, yay!
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