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Coal Canyon - Blackstar  (California)      37k views  
          Route creator K0KE  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.3
Technical:  5.7
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 35.1 miles
Ascent: 5,971 feet
Time: 4:05 minutes
Ladder Points +120
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This route starts near the Green River Golf Course (off the 91 Fwy). The entire route is fire road with an ascent up Coal Canyon on the "out" leg and an ascent up Blackstar on the "back" leg. This is a great training ride.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Route Creator 
7:10:334.9 mph1 
5:24:006.5 mph1 
 Lobotomized Sasquatch 
5:20:566.6 mph1 
5:11:006.8 mph1 
5:09:006.8 mph1 
5:00:007.0 mph1 
5:00:007.0 mph2 
 MTB Fiend 
4:59:567.0 mph1 
4:55:007.1 mph1 
4:51:047.2 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Started at the tree farm. The wind wasn't too bad. Lots of riders on Coal.
Bottom line: This ride sucked! Not sure if I was just having a bad day, or this is just a tough ride...probably a combination of both. Good ride if you ever want to know what it's like to ride on Mars or the Moon. Super rocky loose red sections, and super fine white sandy sections as well. Started from Blackstar side...on the way back I almost turned around a rode back down Coal Canyon to call the wife for a pick up.
Feeling lazy this morning, off to a late start. Paid for it having to ride in the full heat of day. Had to cut short my planed ride due to the heat.
Rode from my house and left at O'Dark 30 to meet SAMtn, Fast Turtle and others at Blackstar....great ride. Ran into Boersun and Burgemeester too....good to catch up with everyone.
Good solo ride. weather was nice, windy though. i didnt see a soul out there.
Late start on the GPS add 5 min to time. One flat leaving Sierra Peak heading back to Blackstar. Great weather for the ride, nice and cool. HF P
good tough ride,saw only 1 guy running on coal and chased a coyote on sierra.all the glory to JESUS.
I was not in shape for today's ride. Nevertheless I was able to finish it. (Mind over matter type of thing) Besides that, all good. Happy to be alive!
Rode this late yesterday before the rains...did it in reverse starting with the BS climb. Was cold, cloudy and windy at the higher elevations...did not have enough cold gear with me for the descent down BS. First time on Coal and certainly one of the tougher 6 mile climbs into the hills.
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/29/11
Started at Blackstar. Took it real slow up Blackstar, thought I'd have plenty in the tank left to make it back up Coal but that wasn't the case--turned into a sufferfest climbing up Coal. Maybe there's a reason that the route puts the Coal climb first... I've never been so happy to see Beeks' place than when I was about to start my final descent. But I was so out of it, I managed to fall hard into a rut right after the gate. Thought I broke my leg at first, but that was luckily not the case. Couldn't put much weight on my right leg, so I descended Blackstar like a bump on a log which, given the new trail features from the rains, was less than ideal. Probably took me 45 minutes to an hour to descend. I don't know because my Garmin died climbing up Coal. Silver lining is that I met some really great people today and received some much needed encouragement from a guy descending Coal near Sierra--gave me just what I needed to make it up. This will be my longest ride for a while...
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