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Aliso Creek Trail- Aliso Woods Park to Cooks  (California)      1k views  
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Route Overview

Overall:  6.3
Technical:  5.2
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 25.8 miles
Ascent: 1,056 feet
Time: 1:39 minutes
Ladder Points +55
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Start at the Aliso Regional Park parking lot and take the paved bike trail towards Cook's Corner. Ride to Cook's Corner. Turn around and head back to the Aliso Regional Park parking lot. Watch out for pedestrians and dogs on the trail.

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PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:14:1511.5 mph2 
1:52:3413.7 mph1 
1:31:0017.0 mph6 
 Congo Kid 
1:27:1017.7 mph21 
-Jocko - Manual Post -
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid02/14/21
Cool and sunny out. Lots of folks out today. Too many without helmets - kids and adults alike. Too many e-bikes whizzing around too.
Congo Kid01/31/21
Nice temps when sun was out, but chilly when cloudy. Nice leisurely ride after 2 weeks off the bike. I saw more electric bikes than regular bikes. A few guys were whipping past people at 25mph at least. These are mopeds, pure and simple. It's out of control. I saw at least 40% of everyone on the bike trail today without helmets. Kids, adults, kids with adults, you name it. Amazing....
Congo Kid12/06/20
Nice day for a ride. Long time since on road bike. Extra credit; rode from home so another 5 miles today.
Congo Kid03/03/19
Ride 1 of 2 today -A break in the rain so couldn't climb any MTB trails so decided to get some road riding in. Not as many folks out as I thought. Cloudy towards Cooks so headed that way first. Hit 2-3 miles of rain on the return then it stopped for the duration.
Congo Kid02/19/19
Nice ride with KJ. Cold but a gorgeous day with sun shining and blue skies. Fun to draft off of someone. He did well on the gravel bike.
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