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Whiting Ranch Grand Tour  (California)      9k views  
          Route creator Cranx  
Route Overview

Overall:  6.2
Technical:  5.8
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 10.5 miles
Ascent: 1,938 feet
Time: 1:26 minutes
Ladder Points +40
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This route throws everything Whitng Ranch has to offer at you all in one ride. With lung & leg burning climbs up Mustard and Dreaded Hill and exciting singletrack descents down Cactus and Vulture View, plus all of the other sections of trail not mentioned, you're sure to get a great workout and have a lot of fun in the process.

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 Keith B 
2:03:005.1 mph1 
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1:45:006.0 mph1 
 Route Creator 
1:41:306.2 mph1 
1:40:006.3 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Ride# un0..Fun stuff, even got a PR on dreaded.
Congo Kid01/16/10
Rode solo. Cool to start, then warm up Dreaded Hill. Cleaned it. Quite a pull to do that hill. :-) Lots of hikers out today, and not too many MTB'ers. Last good ride before the 3 big storms hit in the next day or so.
ko kidd01/11/10
got lost for min so time maybe alittel off
Congo Kid10/24/09
Fun ride today with my son. Warmed up quickly and felt it on the Mustard hill climb and baked pretty good climbing Dreaded Hill. Didn't feel too strong today - must be the residual from last week's Springville CA Fat Tire Classic race. Didn't ride all week, and paid for it today I think. Trails in pretty good condition, though more rain is needed.
One Flew OTB09/03/09
Solo after work in the heat. Just cruised, slow up Dreaded. Felt tired today.
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