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Telonics - Canyon Acres  (California)      32k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  
Route Overview

Overall:  7.9
Technical:  8.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 12.7 miles
Ascent: 2,203 feet
Time: 1:42 minutes
Ladder Points +55
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Route Directions 
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This route begins in the Aliso Woods Canyon wilderness park and takes you up and over into Laguna Canyon. The descent into Laguna Canyon, referred to by locals as Telonics is extremely steep and very technical. After a short road stint towards the coast through Laguna Canyon you will be faced with a grueling fire road climb up Canyon Acres. The final descents down Mathis and Dripping Cave provide for an excellent conclusion to an action-packed downhill-seeking ride. Warning: Upon reaching the bottom of Telonics it is critical that you do not trespass private property. See directions for details.

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  Route Comments
Good solo ride - not that many bikers out - legs felt sluggish in the beginning but felt good later on. Always enjoy Telonics and hit Car Wreck on the way back. New drivetrain(chainrings, casette, chain) now on bike, new rear pads, fixed rear spoke and trued rear wheel.
Perfect day in Aliso! Saw C. Williams at TOW. Been a while since I have been on Telonics, fun as usual & there are some huge jumps at the bottom off to the side. Canyon Acres is cleanable right now but I didn't have the legs for it today. Hit Car Wreck instead of Mathis. The road (AMWA rd.) by the church is now a 1 way coming in from Alicia. After my ride, saw a driver go against the signs and they got a ticket.
dirt is in great shape. lots of traction up CA
Canyon Acres climb was loose & hot but not to bad the rest of the ride. Front tire washed out twice and I hit the same part of my arm both times. Car Wreck is an automatic to finish this ride out. Sent garmin back today for a replacement. new front brake pads
slow up05/26/10
crashed twice in same spot trying to get thru telonics steep spot w/2 quick drops before luge. dang it, I need a new bike.
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